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Photo by Joyce M. Tice  July 2001

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Cemetery located between Troy Pa and Sylvania Pa on the Porter Rd. Starting at back (East) going from North to South. This is on the  Columbia Township / Troy Township line, Bradford County, PA. We have determined that it is most likely on the Troy side of the line.
Note from Fay: Now that Pat and gang have done the Hunt Cemetery, I found the old reading. You have it in Columbia Twp. I took school census up there a lot and from the Hunt Cemetery, just toward Sylvania and before the other houses, the Troy Borough line ends and Columbia starts. Small point, but  sometimes necessary.
Name of Cemetery:    Hunt Cemetery
Read By:  Ken Chapman, Kevin Chapman, Pat Raymond
Date Read:   July 21. 2001
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Between Troy and Sylvania on Porter Road, Troy Twp., Bradford County, PA
Other comments: Original reading by Fay TILLER Morgan
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
ROW 1          
Ferguson Alfred   Jun.18.1869 24y6m6d  
Ferguson Henry   Jun.30.1873 62y2m5d  
Pierce Walter A. Aug.15.1868 Nov.25.1883    
Pierce Elizabeth J.   Mar.20.1873 38y11m9d Wife of Albert A.. Pierce
Pierce Cora Alida   Sep.5.1861   Infant d/o Albert & Elizabeth Pierce
Pierce Nancy   Jul.23.1847 54 yr w/o Jarvis B. Pierce
Pierce Jarvis C.   Apr.24.1841 20y11m9d Stone on ground in bad condition
Burt Ezekiel   Dec.17.1838 26 yr s/o Hannah & Ezekiel Burt
Burt Hannah   Oct.4.1868 85 yr w/o Ezekiel Burt
Fuller Lurana   May22.1865 84 yr w/o Noah Fuller/d/o Isreal & Hannah Pierce
Fuller Noah   May 2.1852 84 yr  
Pierce Hannah   Apr.5.1839 77 yr Wife of Isreal Pierce
Pierce Isreal       R.I. Mil. Rev. War (No dates)
ROW 2          
Ayers Abigail   Apr.17.1845 23y2m21d w/o Lorenzo Ayres--Top of stone broken off
Our list originally said 1825, but a descendant is certain it should be 1845]
Ayers W. S.       Co. B. 191st Pa. Inf.--GAR Marker & flag
Baldwin Charles   1865    Co. D 7th Pa. Cal. -- GAR Marker & flag
ROW 3          
Furman Grace   Feb.24.1889 9m 18d d/o Charles & Annie Furman
Preston Levi Jan.1.1849 88y6m18d  
Preston Levi   Sep.20.1873 67 yr Stone has sunk quite badly
McKean Randolph Jun.3.1842 Sep.12.1891   Died at Columbus, GA
McKean Helen   Feb.20.1879 7m20d d/o P. R. & Frank McKean
McKean Lucy   Jul.3.1841 2y8m3d d/o James C. & Nancy McKean
McDowell     Jan.18.1866   child of M.A. & Lauraette McDowell
McDowell Robert   Jul.18.1870 11m2d Double stone unreadable now/Info from previous reading
McKean James C. Jun.25.1814 Feb.25.1889    
McKean Nancy Brace Jun.27.1814 Mar.10.1901   w/o James - Same stone
ROW 4          
McKean Benj. Esq.   Jul.6.1818 59y1m5d  
McKean Elizabeth  Sep.26.1871 ?35yr? w/o B. McKean Esq.
Stevens       80 yr On ground-bad condition/Info from previous reading
Stevens Lista M.     72y10m16d On ground-bad condition/Info from previous reading
Mosher Stephen P.   Sep.29.1860 ?26y10m28d On ground-bad condition/Info from previous reading
Steevens Myron   Aug.1.1856 16y11m9d s/o Joel and Caluslu (Surname spelled w/2 e's)
Ballard Nathaniel   Nov.1.1861 16??m3d On ground-bad condition/Age info from previous reading
Ballard Susannah   Jun.27.1847 67y1m11d w/o Nathaniel Ballard
Ballard Benjamin M.   May29.1850 21y1m25d s/o Myron & Thankful Ballard--On ground
Ballard Mary Ann   Apr.15.1845 20y2m4d d/o Myron & Thankful Ballard--On ground
Ballard Myron F.   Mar.24.1844   s/o Myron & Thankful Ballard-Stone in bad condition
Ballard Lucy A.   Oct.20.1842 1y5m19d d/o Myron & Thankful Ballard-Stone in bad condition
Ballard Lucy A. May 1.1841 Oct.20.1842   On Spire
Ballard Myron F. Jul.12.1843 Mar.24.1844   On Spire
Ballard Mary Ann Feb.11.1825 Apr.15.1845   On Spire
Ballard Benjamin M. Apr.5.1829 May29.1850   On Spire
Ballard Addison M. Aug.30.1833 Feb.28.1853   On Spire
Ballard Myron Feb.16.1800 Jan.16.1878   On Spire
Ballard Thankful Apr.4.1799 Jun.22.1882   w/o Myron - On Spire
ROW 5          
Bradford  W.C.   Feb.10.1898 88y11m6d Bradford Spire
Bradford Harriet M.   Oct.1.1891 65y3m w/o W.C. Bradford - On Spire
Bradford Juliette C.   May 11.1853 4y8m Bradford Spire d/o W.C. & Harriet M.
Bradford Jane E.   Jun.5.1859 19y6m Bradford Spire d/o W.C. & Juliett (Sure this should be Harriet)
Calkins B. M.   1850?? 41 yr Stone broken and on ground
Calkins Jane    Apr.30.1864 71y4m w/o John Calkins
Calkins John   Sep.26.1879 89y2m  
Calkins John 1790 1879   Newer Marker-Same John as above
Calkins Jane McKean 1793 1864   Newer Marker-Same Jane as above
Calkins Benjamin M. 1815 1859   Newer Marker-Same stone as John & Jane
Calkins Sarah T. Card 1819 1909   w/o Benjamin-Same stone as Benjamin
Calkins Caroline   Nov.13.1853 25y2m13d w/o Newbery E. Calkins
Calkins Julia   Jan.23.1852   d/o Newbery E. & Caroline--Stone under tree
Decker John H.   May30.1843 2 yr s/o Andrew & Nancy Decker
Decker Nancy T. Oct.27.1864 38y2m13d w/o Andrew Decker
Preston Lucy M.   Sep.12.1867 68y10m23d w/o Ebenezer Preston
Preston Eben   May16.1860 64y1m Stone on ground 
Preston Martha   Oct.24.1852 71y1m12d w/o Levi Preston
Preston Levi Jun.13.1760 Jan.1.1849   Col.Allen's Regt. Rev. War Marker & Flag
Preston Colburn Mar.29.1792 May30.1881   PA Pvt.Capt.Knapp's Co. NY Vol.-War of 1812
Preston Sally Mar.17.1799 Aug.21.1863   w/o Colburn Preston (Photo of Sally & Colburn)
ROW 6          
Stephens Cassie   Aug.1.1862 1y8m c/o ? Stephens
Stephens Burton   Dec.28.1861 6y6m c/o ? Stephens
Stephens May   Dec.28.1861 1y2m c/o ? Stephens
Stephens Achsah   Jan.23.1874 40y2m10d w/o P.C. Stevens 
Stevens Philander C. Jan.1.1832 Feb.6.1918   NOTE: Spelling changed
Stevens         BROKEN STONE
Preston T. L.   Dec.12.1877 26y3m2d  
Preston Infant       s/o T. L. & Mary Preston
Preston Wrexie B.   Jul.9.1871 15y? d/o W. & Rozina Preston
Preston          PRESTON SPIRE
Preston Wrexie B. Nov.5.1860 Jul.9.1871   PRESTON SPIRE
Preston Laura Aug.9.1858 Nov.5.1890   PRESTON SPIRE
Preston Marshal Nov.18.1863 Nov.23.1899   PRESTON SPIRE
Preston William W. Sep.20.1821 Nov.29.1883   PRESTON SPIRE
Preston Rozina Dec.16.1828 May9.1895   w/o William W. -- PRESTON SPIRE
Hickok Ruth   Mar.18.1850 69 yr w/o Stephen Hickok--Stone sunken
Hickok Stephen    Nov.9.1849 77 yr  
ROW 7          
Preston Eben L.   Sep.12.1915 63 yr GRANDPA on top of stone
Preston Phoebe M.   Oct.18.1892 40y8d w/o E. L. Preston
Preston Jennie May   Apr.28.1877 7y1m7d d/o E. L. And Phoebe M. Preston
Preston Annie Adell   Apr.22,1877 5y2m d/o E. L. And Phoebe M. Preston
Preston Susan E.   Apr.21.1879 41 yr w/o Levi C. Preston
Preston Levi C. Apr.24.1824 Aug.23.1884    
Brown Lucy Preston 1872 1939   Rests in her father's arms
Brown Francis P. 1904 1944    
Preston Ella Louise   Aug.7.1879 4y2m Youngest d/o L. C. & Susan E. Preston
Wheat Mary Emeline Preston 1859 1919   Beloved wife of Charles Erwin Wheat
Wheat Susan Eveline Oct.25.1883 Jan.21.1961   d/o Charles E. Wheat Sr.
Hickok Francis A. Dec.14.1862 Nov.22.1931    
Hickok Albert H. Mar.31.1864 Oct.31.1941   On stone w/Francis A. Hickok
Hickok Mary E. Aug.28.1900 Mar.14.1981   On stone w/Francis A. Hickok
Hickok Edwin C. Jun.21.1902 Mar.14.1981   On stone w/Francis A. Hickok
Also in Mountain Lake Cemetery with wife Carrie
ROW 8          
Furman Floyd   Feb.11.1862 6y2m s/o Alvin & Susan Furman
Furman Susan Aug.22.1836 Apr.11.1886   w/o A. Furman
Berry Lucy Jul.17.1882 Aug.3.1901    
McEwen Elizabeth Hunt Preston 1869 1946    
Hickok Arthur F. 1893 1957    
Hickok Annalee 1891 1966    
Gernert Donald E. 1949 1968   NOTE:Donald took name of Gernert after his mother married Ken Gernert
ROW 9          
Bowers Nina 1892 1909   Death date from previous reading-Tree now grown across date
Bowers Susie C. 1862 1957    
Bowers Jacob H. 1859 1928    
Bowers Marguerite 1906 1960    
Bowers Ernest G. 1894 1946    
Witwer Neil E. 1955 1980    
Wilson Leslie L. Nov.8.1907 Nov.21.1983    
ROW 10          
Ballard Mary A.   Dec.11.1865 49y8m25d w/o Joseph--Ballard Spire
Ballard Joseph   Oct.9.1882 72y7m12d Ballard Spire
Hickok Frank L. Oct.20.1930 Jun.6.1994   CPL. US Army Korea Flag & Marker--On stone w/Albertis
Hickok Albertis R. Dec.29.1934     Married Nov.5.1955--Back: Our Children-Judy L. 1958, Amy J. 1960, thomas F. 1964, Gerald W. 1967
Sherman Brent Wayne Nov.23.1964 Oct.19.1986   He gave "The Gift of Life"
Root Gregory James Apr.6.1970 Nov.21.1995    
ROW 11        
Harris Daniel   Mar.28.1882 66y5m Stone next to driveway all alone
In a message dated 11/3/2011 8:47:22 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

Hi Joyce,

I copied the markers in this cemetery in September 1983 and have corrections and additions:

Nathaniel Ballard died Nov 1, 1861 82y 10m 3d

Susanna wife of Nathaniel Ballard died June 27, 1847 67y 4m 11d

Myron F. son of Myron & Thankfull Ballard died Mar 24, 1844 9m 12d

All of the individual markers for the children of Myron and Thankful have her named spelled as Thankfull

All markers have W. G. Bradford vs W. C. Bradford as indicated on the 2001 reading

B. M. Calkins died Aug 23, 1859 41y (other marker inscribed 1815-1859 which would indicate perhaps 44 yrs vs 41 yrs at death)

Caroline M. wife of Newbery E. Calkins died Nov 13, 1853 25y 2m 13d

Nancy T. wife of Andrew Decker died Oct 27, 1864 38y 7m 18d

Will send other corrections/additions as time permits.

J. Kelsey Jones

Note stone at left. It is nearly surrounded by the tree next to it and will eventually be completely lost (Until the tree dies)
August 2007 - Joyce

I know I am not the first nor the last to thank you for such a superb gift - your love of genealogy shines thru & we thank you so much.

My g.g.grandfather, Lorenzo Ayers was first noted in Bradford Cty when the Brad Settler recorded his marriage at Canton 16 Sep-1824 to Abigail Smith,
daughter of William Smith.  Rev. David Randall (Methodist) who performed the marriage, held property in proximity to William Smith.  Bible records indicate Lorenzo was born 05 May 1802 in NY.  Wm. Smith's wife was Abigail McCracken.  Her sister, Lucy Hudson Smith married Thomas Baldwin and lived at Columbia Crossroads, where Lorenzo & Abigail set up house.

Abigail died 07 Apr 1845 & is buried in the Hunt cemetery out of Troy (the published record displays the wrong date of death taken from her headstone, which I have personally verified twice).  Next to her is William S., her son, who fought in the Civil War.  I have recently applied for his records.

After her death, Lorenzo married Elizabeth Catherine Fuller, born in Ridgeberry to Lemuel.  Her antecedents go back to 1638 when her ancestor followed his brothers who arrived on the Mayflower from Reddenhall Parish in Norfolk - lovely church.  I have pictures of Lorenzo & Elizabeth as well as Lydia Elvira, the eldest daughter of Lorenzo & Abigail.  She married Jabez Preston & after his death & the death of her sister Mary, married Mary's husband Elisha Fanning jr & lived her life in Bradford Cty.

Upon their marriage, they left for IL with many of her family, taking with them I presume, as they all ended up there - Amanda Fuller who was married to Nathaniel Campbell (Ridgeberry), Royal Fuller who was married to Priscilla ?, Peninnah Fuller who was married to George Bartholomew (antecedents back to a Hessian mercenary who I am also related to), Sally who was married to a McCormick.

Unproven but I am presently thinking Lorenzo may have been a son of Andrew Ayers sr (1830 census) who had a son Andrew & appears to have a son Moseman or Moses.  1850 census shows Moses having an 8 yr old son Lorenzo.  All were born in NY place unknown at this time.  As a Jacob Oliver Ayers was buried in the family graveyard in NE (1799-1885) I also believe he may be a brother to Lorenzo.

Also my g.grandfather, Solomon, had a son Moses who lived only a short time.

My father was born in NE but moved to Canada in 1901 & I live in Kimberley, BC.  Cheers for now & thanks again.

Norm & Donna Ayers

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 0828/2001
By Joyce M. Tice
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