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Quick's Bend Cemetery, Wilmot Township,  Bradford County, Pa

Quick's Bend CemeteryPartial Listing

Read by Alice W. Matson April 2000
Typed by Cole Goodwin
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Information gathered at the Quick’s Bend Cemetery, Bradford Co. Pennsylvania on April 8, 2000 by Alice W. Matson, Wyalusing, Bradford Co. Pennsylvania:
Date : April 2000
Compiled by Alice W. Matson, Submitted by Cole Goodwin
If you are including the information which I gathered at Quick's Bend Cemetery, it is NOT complete.  Cole Goodwin had asked me about his Quick  ancestors and I only transcribed those stones which had a direct bearing on the people he was looking for.

However, I should be getting a map of the cemetery shortly from the head of the Cemetery Association, Jane Dietz.

This is a PARTIAL Listing for this cemetery - For a complete listing see Quick's Bend Cemetery
Stanley A Quick   1875 1934
Susie H. Detrick wife of Stanley 1882 1951?
Stanton Sigler   7/24/1869 12/12/1912
Bertha Quick wife of Stanton 9/29/1862 05/11/1959
Blaine Quick Sigler son of 3/13/1894 03/04/1908
James Quick   unsure if date was 6/27/1847
  Death or birth  
Hannah  wife of James unreadable  
Paul Quick   6/3/1799 1/4/1871
Mary C Quick wife of Paul 12/6/1810 1/17/1898
Harvey M Quick son   9/13/1879
Grant Quick   7/15/1872 06/20/1936
  Spanish War Vet    
Harry A Quick probably son 06/14/1905 03/23/1920
No wife found      
Asa M Quick   3/27/1836 02/05/1908
Mary E Quick wife 7/23/1840 8/13/1915 ?
Grace Quick daughter 7/29/1878 11/01/1908
Cornelius Quick aged 81 yr 4 mo 1 d death 5/3/1864 
Urany Quick aged 66 yr 7 mo   8/31/1847
Miriam Quick 2 wife aged 52 yr 11 mo 9 d 11/4/1856  
Hannah Quick wife of David Baker aged 76 yr  4/3/1890
No David       
Riley Quick aged 70 yrs   9/5/1890
S. Wallace Quick   1856 1935
Mary Emma Quick wife of Wallace 1865 1947
Ralph C. Quick son 09/06/1919 died aged 19 days
John S Quick Co. C 203 Pa Vol 11/17/1837 7/28/1890
Polly Quick wife 6/1/1834 5/30/1892
J. Rodney Quick son 12/1/1879 2/10/1880
Pauline Quick Morrow wife of George 1873 1968
George W. Morrow   1867 1947
Thomas R Quick   1879 1941
Lettie Frank Quick wife of Thomas 1887 1976
William Clinton Quick Co. B 84 PA Vol 1/2/1840 05/02/1910
Eliza J Quick wife of William 10/27/1847 01/06/1933
George E. Morrow 141 PA Vol aged 63 yr 8 mo ?day 07/25/1905
Sterling Quick   1820 1893
Sally M Quick  wife of Sterling 1830 1923
Frances Ann Quick daughter a child, dates unreadable  
Ludlow Quick son 1851 1927
Sally Quick wife of John M Quick age 77 yr 10 mo 9 d 8/15/1873
John D Quick son aged 3 yr 20 d 8/14/1832
Ludlow son aged 5 yr 1 mo 24 d 8/18/1832
Phebe Ann daughter aged 4 yr 6 mo 16 d 3/24/1814
Twin Infants     2/29/1819
Gaylord J  son aged 9 yr 3 mo 17 d 8/19/1832
Melissa daughter aged 7 yr 2 mo 9 d 8/14/1832
Father, John M no headstone      
George Quick   aged 74 yr 4 mo 6 d 4/10/1882
Jane wife of George aged 80 yr 9? Mo 12/5/1889
Clarissa A Quick wife of Bernard aged 41? Yrs 4/3/1832
No other stones in area, no Bernard      
Susan M Quick wife of Gilbert B. Crandall  29 yr 5 mo 5/6/1834  
Josephine Crandall daughter 9/21/1806  unreadable
  Child’s stone    
No stone for Gilbert B. Crandall      
Miller Quick   8/25/1845 06/15/1903
Lucy L Quick wife of Miller 11/4/1844 05/31/1911
Large headstone, unreadable, definitely Quick, back bears inscriptions for ? Billy, Joe(y), Pat      
Thomas E Quick Co. A 141 PA Vol 3/25/1840 4/19/1881
Elizabeth K Quick wife of Thomas 1841 1898
Eva Quick daughter 10/1/1866 10/31/1889
In a message dated 3/14/2010 9:29:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
Hi Joyce,
This message concerns:

I am the great granddaughter of Samuel and Mary Emma HORTON Quick who are buried in Quick's Bend Cemetery with at least 2 headstones for children.  I noticed that Ralph C. Quick was listed as their son and decided to do some checking.  According to his death certificate, Ralph Cole Quick was actually their grandson and the son of Horton and Anna COLE Quick.
The second headstone located next to Ralph C. Quick, which wasn't reported on the cemetery listing, is for:
Marie A. Quick 1916 - 1917
Marie's parents were Erastus and Minnie Marie CLARK Quick.
I should also mention that I was just accepted into the DAR with James Quick (28 Jan 1753 - 27 Jun 1847), who is buried at Quick's Bend, as my patriot.  So I am very interested in the history of the area.
I am attaching Mary Emma Horton Quick's obit and photos of the 3 headstones.  I hope they are useful and that I am doing this correctly as I know keeping up the website must keep you very busy.  I appreciate all the information you've made available.  It's been very useful.
Please feel free to either write or call at the address and number below if you have any questions.
Thanks for all you do,
Lois Walsh
Cortland, NY

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 14 APRIL 2000
By Joyce M. Tice
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