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Reading by Tina Pastusic
Year Read:
Adams, Alva R. 1879 1961 Same stone as Ida May S. Adams
Adams, Ida May S. 1890 1966 Same stone as Alva R. Adams
Adams, Roland 08-Mar-36 06-Dec-56  
Anderson, Marjorie M. 1908 1990 Same stone as Robert F. Anderson
Anderson, Robert F. 1906 1997 Same stone as Marjorie M. Anderson
Armstrong, Lenore M. 1904 1985  
Ashcraft, Lena Quick   Can’t read  
Ashcraft, Leory February 14, 1856 No date on stone Same stone as Nettie and Ola L. Their
Ashcraft, Nettie September 23, 1875 No date on stone Same stone as Leroy and Ola L. Their
Bailette, Azariah July 24, 1819 January 14, 1890  
Baker, Hannah Quick   April 3, 1890 Aged 76 yrs; wife of Daniel Baker
Banning, Florence N. 1882 1947 Same stone as Howard K. Banning
Banning, Howard K. 1878 1934 Same tone as Florence N. Banning
Barnes Ella November 30, 1850 29-Jan-06 Same stone as Erskine H. and Roenna M. Barnes
Barnes, Emma   December 9, 18?? Can’t read  
Barnes, Erskine H. September 14, 1850 20-Jun-09 Same stone as Ella & Roenna M. Barnes
Barnes, Roenna M. April 1, 1876 December 9, 1880 Same stone as Ella and Erskine H. Barnes
Barton, Elizabeth   June 19, 1868 Aged 74 yrs; same stone as Leonard Barton
Barton, Leonard   November 15, 1871 Aged 82 yrs; same stone as Elizabeth Barton.
Bates, Jane Quick   June 5, 1872 Aged 86 yrs 2 mo and 26 days; same stone as John W. Bates
Bates, John W.   March 29, 1864 Aged 79 yrs and 5 Mo.; same stone as Jane Quick Bates
Bates, Mary E. May 18, 1830 11-Feb-01 Same stone as Paul Bates
Bates, Paul September 21, 1828 No date on stone Co. A. Same stone as Mary E. Bates.
Birney, Adaline June 29, 1840 02-Aug-19 Wife of Hiram Birney; same stone as Hiram, Harry N. and Rachel Brown Birney
Birney, Agusta M. July 31, 1839 June 5, 1841 Same stone as Newton A. Mary, Henry & Lurany Birney
Birney, Augusta VerBryck August 20, 1858 22-Sep-04 Wife of Jas. W. Birney
Birney, Clark   January 7, 1860 Aged 52 yrs.
Birney, Eliza Jane Morrow February 21, 1843 January 14, 1868 Same stone as G.H. & Elizabeth Bowman Birney
Birney, Elizabeth Bowman March 27, 1847 15-Jun-15 Same stone as G.H. & Eliza Jane Morrow Birney
Birney, G. H. January 17, 1837 02-Dec-17 Co A 141 Regt. PA Vol; same stone as Eliza Jane Morrow & Elizabeth Bowman Birney
Birney, George E. July 23, 1878 July 13, 1895 Same stone as Mary E. Birney
Birney, Harry N. March 11, 1872 20-Nov-00 Same stone as Rachel Brown, Hiram and Adaline Birney
Birney, Henry June 7, 1806 September 18, 1899 Same stone as Lurany, Agusta M., Mary, Newton A. Birney
Birney, Hiram October 2, 1844 January 29, 1894 Same stone as Adaline, Harry N, and Rachel Brown Birney
Birney, James W. February 22, 1844 25-Nov-08 Corporal Co. G 50 Regt PA Vol Inf
Birney, John B.   No dates on stone Private Co. A. 8th Regt. U.S. Inf.
Birney, Lurancy September 15, 1807 April 13, 1887 Same stone as Henry, Agusta M., Mary, Newton A. Birney
Birney, Mary November 25, 1829 October 20, 1833 Same stone as Newton A., Agusta M. Henry, & Lurancy Birney
Birney, Mary E. November 5, 1850 10-May-06 Same stone as George E. Birney
Birney, Newton A. May 29, 1842 November 1864 Same stone as Mary, Agusta M. Henry & Lurany Birney 
Birney, Rachel Brown September 24, 1871 05-Aug-19 Same stone as Harry N., Hiram and Adaline Birney
Birney, Sarah   March 1, 1852 Wife of Clark Birney aged 33 yrs.
Black, Andrew S. 1966 1974 Beloved son of James & Diana
Bonner, Cornelius F. September 30, 1891 10-Jul-75 S2 US Navy
Bonner, L. Jeannette October 18, 1898 01-Apr-97  
Brown, Jesse   November 8, 1864  
Brown, John P.   March 20, 1862 Aged 3 yrs 9 mo 20 days
Brown, John P.   July 8, 1874 Aged 72 yrs; same stone as Urania Brown
Brown, Kathryn E. 07-Jul-30 15-Jan-97 Same stone as Robert R. Brown
Brown, Robert R. 03-Jan-30 14-Mar-93 Tsgt US Air Force Korea; same stone as Kathryn E. Brown
Brown, Urania   June 14, 1895 Aged 85 yrs; wife of John P. Brown same stone.
Burdick, Leona F. 14-May-03 06-Nov-78  
Burke, Baby Girl   30-Jun-39  
Burke, Eleanor 1914 1989 Same stone as Robert W. Burke
Burke, Eudora Fitch 1875 1956 Same stone as Marjorie M. Burke
Burke, Marjorie M. 1910 1997 Same stone as Eudora Fitch Burke
Burke, Robert W. 1913 1999 Same stone as Eleanor Burke
Bush, Emily A. 1846 1906 Wife of John Bush
Bush, Francis   January 16, 187? Son of John & Emily
Bush, John 1846 1914 Co A 3rd Reg P.V.
Bush, William M. 1873 1892  
Capwell, Burr September 22, 1867 No date on stone Same stone as Ray Birney Capwell
Capwell, Ray Birney   22-Jul-15 Aged 48 years and 7 days; Wife of Burr Capwell 
Carr, Della Morrow 24-Jan-13 07-Dec-43 Same stone as Francis H. Carr
Carr, Francis H. 18-Apr-04 04-Oct-86 Same stone as Della Morrow Carr
Casselbury, Charles H. 1862 1949 Same stone as Maria E. and Daniel M. Casselbury
Casselbury, Daniel M. 1895 1908 Same stone as Maria E. and Charles H. Casselbury
Casselbury, Maria E. 1866 1951 Same stone as Charles H. and Daniel M. Casselbury
Cassotti, John 16-May-19 21-Sep-91  
Catline, Eunice   June 30, 1870 Aged 74 yrs 6 mo 20 days
Chalker, Lenthil A. November 25, 1858 March 14, 1897 Same stone as Louise Chalker
Chalker, Louise January 9, 1865 06-Oct-39 Same stone as Lenthil A. Chalker
Chrysler, Shelly Marie 15-Feb-68 15-Feb-68  
Conant, Amanda   February 17, 1895 Aged 67 yrs; wife of Alphonso Conant; same stone as Eugene
Conant, Eugene   March 28, 1890 Aged 45 yrs; same stone as Amanda Conant
Conant, Nellie Q. 1876 1938  
Corbin, Daniel O.   February 21, 1861 Son of O.H. and Harriet Corbin; 18 years 9 mo & 1? Days; Co. K 50th Reg. PA Vol
Crandall, Susan M. Quick   May 6, 1874 Aged 29 yrs 5 mo. ; wife of Gilbert B. Crandall
Crandall, Josephine   September 24, 1866 Aged 5 yrs 5 mo.
Crawford, LeLam 1922 1997  
Crawford, Leontine 1900 1974  
Crich, Charles 19-Feb-02 21-Jul-84 CWT US navy; Same stone as Evelyn R. Crich
Crich, Evelyn R. 28-Mar-04 06-Dec-87 Same stone as Charles Crich
Croft, Linda L.   1954  
Culp, Pearl 1902 1951  
Davies, Benjamin   September 7, 1880 Aged 78 yrs 8 mo 15 days; same stone as Elizabeth Mack Davies
Davies, Elizabeth Mack   August 7, 1889 Aged 75 yrs 3 mo; same stone as Benjamin Davies
Decker, Harmon   August 24, 1898 Co. A. 57 PA Vo.; can’t read age
Detrick, Baby   No dates  
Detrick, Betsey A. Miller January 1, 1837 28-Nov-14 Same stone as Reuben Detrick
Detrick, Burton S. 1875 1955 Same stone as Mary C. and Stuart
Detrick, Charles S.   May 21, 187? Aged 10 yrs 4 mo 27 days; same stone as Children of Reuben & Betsey A. Detrick
Detrick, Donald L. 1929 1935 Same stone as Mabel M. and George L. Detrick
Detrick, Elizabeth J. 1861 1923  
Detrick, Frances L. 1876 1926  
Detrick, Franklin P. 25-Oct-16 19-Aug-88  
Detrick, George L. 1885 1956 Same stone as Donald L. and Mabel M. Detrick
Detrick, John E.   June 26, 1878 Aged 19 yrs 5 mo 27 days; same stone as children of Reuben & Betsey A. Detrick
Detrick John F.   September 1, 1891 Aged 9 yrs 10 mo 3 days; 
Detrick, Lydia   May 18, 1878 Aged 14 yrs 8 mo 10 days; same stone as children of Reuben & Betsey A. Detrick
Detrick, Mabel M. 1897 1965 Same stone as Donald L. and George L. Detrick
Detrick Maude 1891 1965  
Detrick, Minnie   May 15, 1878 Aged 6 yrs 3 mo 4 days; same stone as Reuben & Betsey A. Detrick
Detrick, Myrtle I. 1897 1936  
Detrick, Perry C.   May 16, 1878 Aged 11 mo & 3 days; same stone as children of Reuben & Betsey A. Detrick
Detrick, Peter M. 1860 1929  
Detrick, Reuben March 31, 1831 March 26, 1895 Same stone as Betsey A. Miller Detrick
Detrick, Reuben W. 1890 1974  
Detrick, Stuart 1905 1909 Same stone as Burton S. and Mary C. Detrick
Detrick, Susie A. 1892 1951  
Dodge, Bertha 1877 1948 Same stone as Myron Dodge
Dodge, Charles 1855 1934 Same stone as Ella B. and Daniel Dodge
Dodge, Daniel 1884 1953 Same stone as Charles and Ella B. Dodge
Dodge, Ella B. 1859 1933 Same stone as Charles and Daniel Dodge
Dodge, Myron 1870 1938 Same stone as Bertha Dodge
Dodge, Nelson   July 25, 1878 Aged 3 years 2 mo. 12 days.; son of Wallice and Orice Dodge
Dodge, Orice H. Ely March 23, 1840 13-Nov-03 Same stone as Wallice Dodge
Dodge, Susan H.   April 3, 1862  
Dodge, Wallice July 25, 1833 06-May-15 Same stone as Orice H. Ely Dodge
Douglas, C. Henry 1878 1940  
Douglas, Clara M. 1925 2001 Same stone as Samuel E. Douglas
Douglas, Paul E. 1940 1940  
Douglas, Roy 1891 1976  
Douglas, Samuel E. 1918 1998 Same stone as Clara M. Douglas
Douglass, Hattie L.   July 1894 Aged 8 years & 6 mo.
Douglass, J. P.   18-Mar-02 Aged 57 yrs; Co. C 57 Pa. Vol.
Douglass, Johnney R.   October 16, 1884 Aged 6 mo & 5 days
Dyer, David Elliott 01-Oct-62 13-Apr-85  
Dyer, Samuel E. 1915 1994 Same stone as Helen R. Dyer; married 60 yrs.
Eckert, Mary J. 1852 1901 Wife of John Eckert
Eberlin, Michael Thomas 12-Aug-82 17-Oct-86 Son of Richard & Joan
Eberlin, Thomas B. 04-Sep-28 23-Nov-01  
Ely, Aaron December 16, 1805 May 8, 1887 Same stone as Abigail Dodge Ely
Ely, Abigail Dodge March 16, 1806 October 26, 1879 Same stone as Aaron Ely
Ely, Daniel 1842 1919 Co 1 6th Reg. PA RES
Ely, Jefferson   No dates Co. K 58 PA Inf.
Ely, Marria Baggott   January 30, 1892 Aged 50 yrs 9 mo 16 days; wife of John P. Ely
Ely, Mary H.   Can’t read broken Wife of John P. Ely; aged 26 yrs 6 mo 12 days
Ervin, Ruth A. 1908 1988  
Fenton, Anna B. 1875 1941  
Fenton, George I 14-Apr-05 01-Jul-77  
Fenton, Lewis 1875 1941  
Fenton, Lucy B. 1883 1958 Same stone as Peter Fenton
Fenton, Peter 1874 1953 Same stone as Lucy B. Fenton
Fenton, Raymond 07-May-03 23-Nov-75  
Fenton, Wm. H.   No dates Co. C or G 141 NY Inf.
Fitch, Betsey 1817 1879 Wife of Gideon Fitch
Fitch, J.H.   1918 Co. K 58 Rt. P.V.
Fitch, Mary M.   November 10, 1879 Aged 6 yrs 10 mo 18 days daughter of Geo H. ? can’t read
Flanagan, Robert G. 24-Jul-17 23-Dec-74 SSgt Army Air Forces
Franklin, Albert L. 16-Oct-27 12-Feb-00  
Franklin, Anna E. 1878 1974 Same stone as Frank M. Franklin
Franklin, Burton C. 17-Sep-13 16-Mar-94 Tec 4 US Army WWII
Franklin, Edward F.   June 9, 1872 Son of Charles B. & Roena Franklin
Franklin, Eudora J. 1903 1981 Same stone as Sheldon P. Franklin
Franklin, Frank M. 1871 1950 Same stone as Anna E. Franklin
Franklin, Harry G. January 30, 1881 10-Aug-65 PA Pvt BTRY F2 Regt Arty Spanish Amer. War.
Franklin, Mary Elizabeth 1883 1975  
Franklin, Sheldon P. 1899 1979 Same stone as Eudora J. Franklin
Franklin, Stephen D. 23-Mar-54 24-Nov-85  
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