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Hi Joyce:

I have over the past  year been attempting to compile information on burials in the Standing Stone Cemetery. I have an alphabetical record of burials from 1944 to present.  I have same information done by years.  I also have a listing of the veterans in the cemetery and also a record of those buried in cemetery from 2000 to present.  You are welcome to any and all of this information if you find it helpful.

Fred Hunt
Standing Stone Cemetery Association.

Tombstone Listing 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 Burial Records 1944-2000 2000-2003 Obituaries
Last Name First Name Lot # Birthdate Date of Death
Montgomery Paul C. 160B 04/18/1918 08/27/2000
Hunt George L. 212 01/01/1924 11/06/2000
Meteer Retha Eileen Pickering 206 06/13/1917 11/12/2000
Wolfe Sr. Ernest Edward 160A 07/15/1912 01/24/2001
Vernes Luella Hotaling May 252 03/14/1909 04/11/1901
Johnson Kathleen Lois Yates 316A 08/24/1955 04/20/2001
Stevens Sara Frances 243 06/05/1915 05/12/2001
Hotaling Marilyn E. Welty 252 03/07/1936 09/23/2001
Wolfe  Ruth Alberta 160A 12/04/1917 09/29/2001
Clark Sarah Lundy 256 12/26/1923 02/20/2002
Wright Sandra Dunean Stephens 319 05/20/1946 05/08/2002
Lundy Floyd T. 256 01/31/1913 08/26/2002
Koontz Alan 322A 03/22/1960 09/29/2002
Wolfe Robert E. ( Bob) (C) 160A 09/03/1941 11/09/2002
Kithcart Daniel F. 234 07/13/1918 11/21/2002
Hotaling Lester H. 252 03/06/1907 06/11/2003
Cashdollar Alberta Mae Howard 153 07/27/1933 07/08/2003
 Subj:  Standing Stone Burials for 2003
Date:  01/15/2004 7:44:06 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Fred Hunt)

Hi Joyce:  I am not sure how many of the following you have under Standing Stone Cemetery in Bradford County so will include all five.  I am sure you do not have the last three.
    1.  Lester H. Hotaling- Born 3/6/1907; died 6/11/2003 lot 252
    2.  Alberta Mae howard Cashdollar b.7/27/33 d. 7/8/03 lot 153
    3. Pauline Hitchcock Montgomery  b. ?? d. 12/02/03 lot 160B
    4. Benjamin Franklin Jr. b. 7/14/26 d. 12/17/03 buried in lot 251
    5. John W. Brown  b. 9/14/25  d. 12/31/03  burial lot 229

Both Benjamin Franklin and John Brown were veterans.

Hope this information helps.

Edward Zeidler's ashes were also interned at the cemetery sometime in 2002.  He was born in 1929 and died in 2002 but don't know the month and day.

Fred Hunt
Standing Stone Cemetery

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 21 OCT 2003
By Joyce M. Tice
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