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Photos by Joyce M. Tice September 2001
This 2001 reading both updates and corrects this 1985 listing
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Name of Cemetery:    Sylvania Cemetery
Read By:  Ken & Kevin Chapman, Pat Raymond, Janet Peters Ordway and Glen Taylor.
Date Read:   August. 2001.
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Sylvania, Bradford County, PA
Other comments: They are looking for volunteers to help with upkeep of this cemetery
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS SRGP ID (1)
Added by JMT
SECTION 1          
Allen Rescum       Co. H 50th NY Eng. - GAR Marker & Flag
Bristol D. C.   May31.1881 53y2m6d   74862
Watkins Mary VanGORDER   Jan.22.1894 84 yr w/o Abel Watkins
Watkins Abel Jul.3.1806 Sep.24.1880    
Wood Francis   Oct.23.1875 21y2m s/o John B. & Julia P. GAR Marker
Gilhy Laury   Nov.6.1886 16 y  
Wood Julia P.   1829?   w/o John B., Stone grown in tree
Wood John B. 1827 1893   Pvt. Co. C 171 Regt. PA Mil.-Gov. Stone - GAR Marker & flag
Wood Francis H.   1875 23y 2m s/o John B. & Julia P.
Wood Margaret   Oct.21.1900 2y6m7d d/o C.M. & S.J. Wood
Ballard James J. May14.1876 Jan.7.1895    
Ballard Frances R. 1851 1930    
Ballard Adelbert D. 1846 1920    
Ballard James        Side Stone
Ballard Ruby J. 1893 1947    
McCollum N.H. Apr.2.1798 Oct.12.1871    
McCollum Rebecca A. Sep.27.1859 55y11m29d w/o N.H. McCollum
Ruggles John D.   May26.1871 38y1m9d GAR Marker
Burritt Ely M.   Oct.4.1870 2y4m1d 2nd s/o Francis H. & Louisa A.
Burritt F. Heman 1832 1917   FATHER
Burritt Louisa A. 1838 1918   MOTHER - DAR Marker
Burritt Frank E. 1863 1926    
Card Florance B. 1872 1959   DAR Marker
Card J. Thorton 1906 1933    
Card Marie S. 1903 1990    
  C.B.       Small stone
Dann Phidelia   Jun.5.1880 59y6m10d w/o Ezra Dann
Bailey Clarinda   Feb.16.1880 67y27d  
Bristol Sylvester M. Aug.21.1833 Mar.5.1907   h/o Eliza J.
Bristol Eliza J. Aug.28.1847 Aug.17.1923   w/o Sylvester M.
Bristol Carrie 1875 1938   No Surname--Bristol Plot
Bristol Charles 1863 1940   No Surname--Bristol Plot
Gilkey Joseph W.   Nov.1.1874 23y8m Stone broken
Bixby Polly   Feb.11.1853 71y6m1d w/o John 
Bixby Lucinda   Jul.27.1866 60y7m17d w/o John Bixby, Jr.
Bixby John   Sep.27.1866 89y ??m No stone this reading-Info from prior reading
Bradford Eliza E. Coggleshall   Apr.6.1837 28y w/oCharles J.Bradford-Stone erected by son
Bradford Charles 1800 1863    
Bradford Elizabeth 1810 1876   His wife - On stone w/Charles
Thayer Ella B. 1850 1932    
Bradford Charles O. 1844 1930    
Richmond Frances E.   Oct.12.1862 7y9m12d d/o Obadiah & Sarah E.
Richmond Nellie E.   Aug.9.1862 5y5m18d d/o Obadiah & Sarah E.
Ballard H.A.   Nov.9.1874 47y7m5d "Horace" - Burritt/Ballard Stone
Burritt Ely    May19.1885 79y4m19d "Ely-Father" - Burritt/Ballard Stone
Burritt Lydia C. 1841 1931   Burritt/Ballard Stone
Burritt Esther   Mar.28.1875 63y7m25d w/o Ely, "Esther-Mother"-Burritt/Ballard Stone
Burritt Iry   Jan.20.1872   "Infant son" - Burritt/Ballard Stone
Ballard Phebe R. 1844 1926   Burritt/Ballard Stone
Miller Thomas R.   Feb.17.1865 42y10m17d  
Watkins Charlotte B.   Feb.24.1888 64 yr  
Miller Freddie   Apr.6.1864 8mo3d ? s/o T.R. & C.B. Miller
Miller Vine L.   Feb.11.1864 3m18da ? s/o T.R. & C.B. Miller
Miller Franklin   Jan.26.1884 25y2m  
Miller Charles D.   Mar.18.1866 52y6m2d  
Strait Lydia Caroline   Jan.18.1842 20y3m27d d/o Samuel & Rachel
Jackson Maria D.   Jul.27.1867 35y6m1d w/o Andrew Jackson
Jackson Willard E.   May10.1862 1y1m8d s/o Andrew & Maria-On stone w/Maria
Jackson Sibil   Apr.18.1864 57y6m22d w/o Andrew 
Strait Rachael   Apr.23.1864   w/o Samuel Strait
Tracy Dr. Elijah G. 1825 1910   Lg.Stone "Tracy-Smith"--Sep.stone "EGT"
Tracy Juliette S. 1832 1910   Lg.Stone "Tracy-Smith"--Sep.stone "Juliette"
Smith David L. 1793 1891   Lg.Stone "Tracy-Smith"--Sep.stone "Father"
Smith Clarissa B. 1792 1881   Lg.Stone "Tracy-Smith"--Sep.stone "Mother"
Smith Martha P. 1829 1908   Lg.Stone "Tracy-Smith"--Sep.stone "Martha"
Smith Emeline V. B. 1834     Lg. Stone "Tracy-Smith"
Rolison Charles W. 1858 1937    
Roloson Lurancy A. 1861 1923    
Roloson John J. Mar.10.1820 Nov.2.1893    
Roloson Elizabeth D. Oct.7.1830     On stone w/John J.
Roloson Glenn E. 1893 1949    
Greenough Ora C.Roloson 1898 1993    
Wheeler Cynthia A. 1838 1927   Also has separate stone-Same info 74893
Wheeler Susan 1876 1881   On stone w/Cynthia Wheeler 74897
Howell Obadiah H. 1840 1901   On stone w/Cynthia Wheeler 74896
Howell Ada R. 1859 1900   On stone w/Cynthia Wheeler 74895
Bristol Franklin 1867 1933   "Frank" - FLT Holder 74894
Strait Oliver Cole Jan.20.1830 Jun.17.1912   s/o Wm & Mary Ann
Strait Harriet Hickock Apr.28.1841 Mar.29.1919    
Bradford Alice S. 1880 1935   Rebekah Marker
Bradford Floyd I. 1879 1941   On stone w/Alice - FLT Marker
Preston Marsha Elaine   Aug.20.1949   "Aug.20, 1949 - Our Darling"
Williams Julia S. 1908 1978    
Williams Eli E. 1907 1966   On stone w/Julia S.
Fuller Maud 1894 1915   d/o Emma Fuller
Mosher Margaret Oct.12.1837 Jan.13.1889   w/o M. D.
Fuller Margaret 1898 1899   d/o Emma Fuller
Fuller Samuel G. 1862 1945    
Fuller Emma Mosher 1873 1940    
Scouten William Mar.8.1820 Mar.31.1891   FATHER on Side Stone
Scouten Hulda J. Sep.21.1844 Feb.27.1892   MOTHER on Side Stone
Simmons Hettie S. Oct.16.1868 Mar.6.1941    
Simmons Norton K. Dec.8.1903 Apr.30.1941    
Simmons Richard Apr.6.1869 May15.1909    
Scouten Jennie Jan.23.1873 Sep.16.1965   JENNIE on Side Stone
Hager O. S. Nov.13.1819      
Hager Hannah B. Sep.27.1831 Mar.25.1893   w/o O. S.
Button Inez E. May15.1891 Dec.19.1892   "Our Baby" d/o Miles & Lizzie
Moore Delbert S.   Jul.30.1877 17y8m25d s/o J.R. & Sarah
Canedy Rose M. 1873 1927   DAR marker near Footstone
Canedy Samuel M. 1869 1943   On stone w/Rose M.--Footstone separate
Canedy John S. 1897 1937   On stone w/Rose--Footstone:Corp.Med.Corps
Canedy Nellie R. 1859 1941   "MOTHER"
Canedy John R. 1840 1916   "FATHER"
Canedy Harriet A.   Jan.25.1875 33y2m10d w/o J. R.
Button Russell Jun.22.1809 Dec.2.1884   "OUR FATHER"
  Blank Stone        
  "Father"       GAR Flag
Bailey E. G.   Mar.17.1891 66y2m10d  
Ripley Alf'd       Co. H 15 NY Engrs
Rogers Mary J. 1865 1905    
Bell R. Lena Jan.9.1900 Jun.9.1900    
Mosher Hugh   Jan.17.1873 41 yr Stone broken--Name is Best Guess??
Rogers George May10.1812 Jan.18.1901   "FATHER"
Rogers Rosanah Apr.4.1825 Jun.25.1898   w/o George
Mosher Hugh       Co. D 23 NY Inf --GAR Marker
Canedy Beatrice Wilson Nov.6.1900 Jan.8.1914    
Cooley Maryett   Jul.19.1873 40y3m w/o Charles L.
Canedy William M. 1866 1933    
Canedy Mary H. 1873 1923   On stone w/William M.
Canedy Ernest T. Jun.27.1907 Feb.28.1908   s/o Wm. & Mary
Hager W. Milo 1831 1914    
Hager Freddie   Jul.9.1871 4y14d s/o Wm M. & Susal
Hager Susan R. 1840 1918    
Hager M. E. 1861      
Hager Mary F. 1861 1899   w/o M. E.
Bullard William A. 1860 1946    
Bullard Hettie G. 1877 1959    
Bullard Rev. Walter 1803 1888    
Bullard Nancy 1825 1911    
          FIELD STONE
Cannedy Comfort   Mar.20.1875 69 yr  
Smith Minnie M.   Mar.30.1870 3 yr d/o Cyreness & Letty
Kiff Freddie   Aug.31.1876 9m 4d s/o Wm. & Harriett M.
Kiff William W.   Dec.8.1889 47y3m  
Kiff Defrancie   Jan.8.1862 12y11m d/o A. & R. Kiff
Kiff Andrew   Mar.21.1888 92 yr FATHER on Side Stone
Kiff Rebecca   Nov.16.1898 91y6m19d w/o Andrew - MOTHER on Side Stone
No Name   Jan.8.1862 12y10m22d Near Kiff, Stone broken
Bixby Adelma 1845 1916    
Bixby W. O. 1832 1907    
Robbins Julia  1832 1919    
Peck Jane E. Mar.20.1831 Aug.4.1869 38y4m15d w/o Hezekiah Peck-Age also on separate stone
Peck Fanny Feb.8.1844 Apr.7.1881   w/o Hezekiah Peck - On stone w/Jane E.
Peck Hezekiah Nov.7.1826 Aug.25.1882   On stone w/Jane E.
Peck Fanny E. Apr.3.1881 Apr.22.1881   d/o H. & F. Peck--On stone w/Jane E.
Griffin Clark Mar.13.1818     FATHER on Side Stone
Griffin Lucinda Jun.22.1821 Aug.18.1898   MOTHER on Side Stone-On stone w/Clark
Peters Emma  Feb.22.1853 Apr.27.1875   d/o Lester & her guard.Harry Smith
Smith Sophia   Apr.26.1885 70y3m14d w/o H. Smith "Gone but not forgot"
Smith Linnie Oct.20.1868 Nov.16.1869   s/o H. P. & S. J. Smith
Peck Floyd P. Mar.13.1860 Apr.17.1893   Husband stone away from lg. Peck Stone
Peck Seth Apr.17.1829 Mar.3.1869   On stone w/Floyd P. Peck
Peck Juliette  Sep.1.1833 Jun.3.1907   On stone w/Floyd P. Peck
Blakeslee Electa A.   Nov.23.1894 61 yr w/o Edwin Blakeslee
  FATHER       Next to Electa's large stone-No other name
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/27/2001
By Joyce M. Tice
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