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Wetona Cemetery Obituaries
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NAME OF CEMETERY:    Wetona Cemetery
READ BY:     Ken Chapman, Charlotte Stevens, Pat Raymond
DATE READ:    June 22, 1999
TYPED BY:      Pat Raymond
LOCATION:  Keir Hill Road T-700 - Sharp Corner off Wetona Rd. Onto Keir Hill Rd. (Dirt Road)  .3 miles on right

Last Name First Name Birth Date Death Date Age Relationship/Comments
Ayres Helen Mar.18.1903 Dec. 1. 1979   w/o Scott W. Jackson
Bailey Sophia D. May 22.1849 July 16.1906   w/o Martin Harkness
Bailey Alice E. Nov.21. 1852 Jan.27.1944    
Bailey Daniel J.   Aug.29.1883 56yr.8mo Our Family Circle is Broken
Bailey Sophia D.   Oct. 7.1911 81 yrs  
Bailey Juliaett   Oct.16.1854 18 yrs. d/o Alvin & Julia Baily
Bailey Alvin   Oct.10.1882 86 yrs h/o Julia Bailey
Bailey Julia   Apr.28.1877 80 yrs w/o Alvin Bailey
Bailey Harvey E. July 10.1843 June 26.1897    
Bailey Sarah Lyman   Sep.16.1888 37 yrs
Bailey A. W.   Sep. 5.1891 71y 8mo GAR Marker
Bailey Lydia Grace Nov.16.1825 Nov.29.1910   w/o A. W. Bailey
Bailey Ambrose G. Sep.14.1844 Jan.22.1916   h/o Lola A. Bailey
Bailey Lola A. Williams July 22.1848 Jan.29.1898   w/o Ambrose G. Bailey
Baldwin William H. Aug.22.1865 Nov. 1. 1896    
Bascom Harrison       Co. K 53 PA Inf. GAR Marker
Beach Stanley A. 1872 1958    
Beach Laura Bell 1874 1943    
Beach Finley N. 1881 1937    
Beach Martha A. 1844 1928   MOTHER
Beach Ira Dallas 1844 1926   FATHER
Beach Ray D. 1886 1940    
Beach Laura W. 1884 1943   w/o Ray D. Beach
Beardslee Lyman W. Feb. 2. 1856 Mar.23.1872    
Beardslee Lewis Apr. 1. 1854 Nov.24.1854    
Beardslee Tolman D.   July 12.1890 64-9-12 h/o Clarinda
Beardslee Clarinda   Sep. 7.1894 66-1-15 w/o Tolman D.
Beardslee DeJane 1873 1958    
Beardslee Florence R. 1879 1967    
Beardslee William G. 1900 1980   Married June 6. 1922
Beardslee Mary Jenkins 1903 1993   w/o William Beardslee
Beardslee Betty Jean   Jan.13.1933   d/o Wm. & Mary Beardslee
Blodget Nellie Cranmer 1868 1894    
Braund J. Elwood Dec. 4.1923     
Braund Leatrice F. July 13.1929    w/o J. Elwood Braund
Breese Delbert C. Jan. 7. 1919 Sep. 9.1971   Penna CPL US Army World War II
Brooks Susie M.  Nov.10.1854 Feb.11.1908   w/o Finley N. Hubbard
Carpenter Mary J.    Jul.25.1840   w/o Philander Hagerman
Carpenter Mariah L. Jan.16.1831 Dec.22.1897   w/o W. B. Sherman
Castner Eva Cranmer 1864 1937    
Cleveland Q. E.       Co. L 141 NY Inf. ?WWI Marker/Probably should be GAR Marker
Cleveland Clarissa   Nov. 2.1869 78-8-23 w/o Daniel Cleveland
Cleveland Polly Ann Nov.19.1842 Apr. 2.1843 4m 14 da d/o Quartus & Esther Cleveland
Cleveland Nellie July 13.1857 Dec. 7.1858   d/o Quartus & Esther Cleveland
Cleveland Clarissa Nov.19.1842 Mar.24.1844 1y 1m 4d d/o Quartus & Esther Cleveland
Cleveland Augusta S. Oct.18.1950 Oct.21.1850   c/o Quartus & Esther Cleveland
Cleveland Emily Oct.16.1838 Mar.15 1840 1yr 5mo d/o Quartus & Esther Cleveland
Cleveland Clarrissa   1938   h/o Minnie Tracy
Cleveland Daniel    May 16.1878 26-8-0 GAR Marker
Cleveland Anna E. 1845 1929   w/o Samuel S. Sargeant
Cleveland(?)         Stone next to Clarissa Cleveland-initials P.A.C.
Cleveland(?)         Stone next to Clarissa Cleveland-initials D.O.C. GAR Marker & Flag
Cooper Lonnie A. 1873 1926    
Cooper Lillie M. 1875 1947    
Crandall Ransome 1820 1896   h/o Abigail
Crandall Abigail 1814 1874   w/o Ransome Crandal
Crandall Alice 1851 1862   d/o Ransome & Abigail Crandal
Cranmer Albinus 1829 1891   FATHER
Cranmer Mary Sargeant 1841 1918   MOTHER -Stone says: Mary Sargeant Cranmer w/o Abner F. Packard
Darrow L. Riley, Jr. Jan. 3. 1929 1929    
Decker Perry Aug.18.1850 Jan.28.1913    
Decker Lydia B. Williams Jan.12.1856 May 18.1911   w/o Perry
Decker Louis 1890 1957    
Decker Eliza 1896 1959    
Decker         WWW Stone w/Flag next to Decker
DeWitt Florence A.  1872 1948   w/o John W. DeWitt - Florence A Fanning
Dickerson Nellie J. June 28.1869 Feb. 7.1885   Same Stone as Daniel Grace (see below)
Dickinson Daniel C. 1789 1882   h/o Christiania C.
Dickinson Christiana C.Clark 1795 1852   w/o Daniel C.
Dickinson Elizabeth H. 1827 1892   d/o Daniel C. & Christiania C.
Dickinson Levi S. Oct.28.1823 Mar.31.1915   h/o Lucy T.
Dickinson Lucy Tracy Jan.14. 1830 May 3. 1913   w/o Levi S. Dickinson
Dickinson Caroline   Mar.11.1984    
Dickinson Clarissa A. Aug.13.1861     w/o Alexander
Dickinson Caroline   Sep.18.1872 46-10-22 w/o S. E.
Dudley Robert Jun.16.1833 Dec.18.1900    
Dudley Maryette Sep.17.1820 Jan.26.1894   w/o Robert Dudley
Durnin Michael J. 1949 1968   OUR SON
Fanning Lloyd Melvin 1879 1953    
Fanning Mary Harris 1882 1951    
Fanning Jennie Sturges 1882 1915    
Fanning Octa Marie June 5. 1901 Nov.21.1905   d/o L. M. & Jennie E. Fanning
Fanning Kester A. July 10.1903 Nov.23. 1904   s/o L. M. & Jennie E. Fanning
Fanning David C. Feb.15.1811 Mar.15.1903    
Fanning Antis B. Apr.28.1815 Sep.11.1870   w/o David C. Fanning
Fanning Melvin D. Jul.15.1842 Mar.13.1905   Co. C 7th P.V.C. GAR Marker
Fanning Mary E. Sep.20.1850 June 3.1888   w/o M. D. Fanning
Fanning Infant daughter   Aug.12.1871   infant daughter of M.D. & Mary E. Fanning
Fanning Elizabeth Mar.31.1860 Nov. 1.1942   w/o M. D. Fanning
Fanning Florence A.  1872 1948 56y 8mo w/o John W. DeWitt
Fletcher Franklin 1847 1921   h/o Juliatt Rumsey Fletcher
Fletcher Juliatt Rumsey 1847     w/o Franklin Fletcher
Ford Clifford I. 1898 1971    
Ford Temma W. 1892 1965    
Fuller Edith 1897      
Gage Jenny L. 1897 1991    
Gates Brunette  1854 19--   w/o Samuel P. Parmenter

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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By Joyce M. Tice
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