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Name of Cemetery:    Mt. Hope Cemetery
Read By:  Kaye and Ty Kumpula, Spencer, NY
Date Read:   July. 2001
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  VanEtten, NY
Other comments:
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Gondolf Karl 1893 1984    
Gondolf Elizabeth 1897 1981   On stone w/Karl
Rumsey Eva M. 1893 1982    
Rumsey Raymond E. 1891 1985   On stone w/Eva M.
Rumsey F. Marguerite 1920      
Hall Doris M. May 5.1923      
Hall Purl S. Mar.10.1916 Sep.26.1988   On stone w/Doris
Shoemaker Ann M. 1936 1991    
Shoemaker Merton H. 1935 1991   On stone w/Ann
Andrews Russel R. 1927      
Andrews Eulanie 1930 1996   Married Oct.8.1948--On stone w/Russel
Nelson Doris G.Wright Dec.15.1935 Jul.27.1998    
Nelson George William Sr Oct.31.1935 Oct.28.1991   On stone w/Doris
Alderman Charles "Chuck"G. Mar.2.1929      
Alderman Laurence D. Jun.1.1907 Apr.26.1992   On stone w/Charles
Spivey Matthew J. 1973 1996    
Spivey Vance R. 1950 2000    
Rumsey Ralph Gerald May19.1922      
Rumsey Incel Pearson Jan.22.1925 Mar.15.1986   On stone w/Ralph
Getman Jerome Hudson Aug.17.1857 Feb.20.1920    
Getman Charlotte Ann Oct.8.1857 Sep.5.1917   On stone w/Jerome
Rumsey George Byrd Feb.4.1890 Sep.15.1959   FATHER
Morey Marie Getman Rumsey Nov.14.1896 Feb.21.1993   MOTHER
Rumsey Robert Eugene Jun.8.1917 Nov.12.1917    
Dunbar Minor I. 1839 1910   MONUMENT
Dunbar Susan A. 1840 1934   MONUMENT
Dunbar Floyd D. 1869     MONUMENT
Dunbar Jennie M. 1867 1933   MONUMENT
Van Etten James C. 1860 1918   MONUMENT
Van Etten Emma R. 1861 1931   MONUMENT
Chaffee Glen E. 1889 1974    
Chaffee Jennie M. 1900 1971   On stone w/Glen
McGhee III John A. J. "Jon Jon" Sep.19.1963 Oct.28.1900   "Beloved Son & Brother"
Shilling Lena D. 1900 1978    
Shilling John D. 1885 1971   "Rest in Peace" - On stone w/Lena D.
James Gary Russel Apr.7.1941 Sep.7.1998    
James Kim Michelle Jan.30.1965 Jul.29.1971    
Swartwood Orson A. 1893 1980    
Swartwood Grace B. 1888 1974   On stone w/Orson
Fay William H. 1856 1927    
Fay Sarah A.Jennings 1854 1915   "His wife" (w/o William H.)
Banfield Anna Fay 1879 1926    
Banfield Roscoe P. 1879 1926    
Hamilton Gordon K. Jul.15.1948 Aug.15.1997    
Mack Lewis Alfred Sr. 1947 1983   "Lewdie"
Bellinger Robert T. Feb.27.1942 Jul.25.1992   Loving Husband and Father
Mack Betty 1954 1971    
Mack William H. 1929     On stone w/Betty
Mack Billie 1932 1985   On stone w/Betty
Fedock Andrew 1917 1980    
Fedock Eva 1912     On stone w/Andrew
Webster Ella Mae   June. 1946    
Miklovits Alice M. 1889 1957    
Web  Elizabeth 1879 1966   (Possibly Webster)
Wright Helen 1927 1974    
Wright Elmer Mar.25.1924 Mar.18.1980   Cpl. US Army WW II
Wright Lucille 1910 1985    
Webster Dorothy "Dot" Apr.24.1925 May30.1997   "Beloved Wife"
Briggs Margaret Grace Dec.26.1954 Jun.6.1999   "Meg, Maggie, Auntie Meg"
Fedock Metro Sep.22.1920 Aug.14.1971   Pennsylvania PFC US Army WW II
Wright Herbert L. 1922 1998    
Wright Walter E. 1926 1988    
Wilbur David Lee 1954 1986    
Wilbur Bonnie G. Sep.17.1953 Aug.9.2000   "Beloved Mother"
Green Gardner S. 1848 1915    
Green Elma E. 1848 1915    
Green Mary F. 1885      
Green Fred G. 1868 1917    
Daly Miles L. 1856 1934    
Daly Bessie 1865 1928   "His Wife" w/o Miles L.
Carr Frances Daly 1894 1925    
Allen Isiah (sp?)   1927    
Allen Mary L. Star 1839 1918   "His wife" On stone w/Isiah
McFall Freida A. 1923      
McFall Doroush H. 1920     On stone w/Freida
McFall Dick 1944     On stone w/Freida
McFall David W. 1969 1980   "Beloved Son"
McFall Robert Neal Feb.24.1953 Oct.18.1972   New York SN US Navy Vietnam
Gage Cooper        
Gage Harry T. 1880 1941   On stone w/Cooper
Gage Iva M. 1882 1974    
Conroy Teresa Gage 1907 1960    
Cooper Susie 1862 1938    
Cooper William H. 1851 1925   On stone w/Susie
  ENNIS - DENMARK        
Denmark Lauren M. 1885 1918   Pvt. 1st Co. Med. Dept. Camp ??, PA
Denmark Virginia H. Feb.22.1917 Jan.10.1999   New York
Denmark Monroe F. May 12.1915 Feb.27.1957   New York-Commander US Navy WWII -Korea
Denmark Della R. 1892 1983    
Denmark Arnold E. 1890 1971    
Denmark Natrale 1917 1917    
Denmark Harold 1916 1946    
Denmark Monroe  1867 1945    
Denmark Addie E. 1872 1956    
Ennis Locenda M. 1862 1930    
Ennis Alfred W. 1848 1925    

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 09/02/2001
By Joyce M. Tice