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Name of Cemetery:    Mt. Hope Cemetery
Read By:  Kaye and Ty Kumpula, Spencer, NY
Date Read:   July. 2001
Typed By:   Pat SMITH Raymond
Location:  VanEtten, NY
Other comments:
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Jayne Kenneth A. 1933 1999    
Eddy Gerald J. 1924     FATHER
Eddy Mark A. 1961 1988   SON - On stone w/Gerald & Gloria M.
Eddy Gloria M. 1927     MOTHER
Pompa Orist L. Sep.9.1921 Mar.16.1987   S1 US Navy, WW II - Military marker
Pompa Orist L. 1921 1987    
Pompa Delores L.       On stone w/Orist L.
Miller Tina Marie Feb.17.1981 Mar.14.1981    
Daws Ronald W.,Sr. 1954      
Daws Ronald W. Jr. 1977 1993   On stone w/Ronald Sr. & Shirley A.
Daws Shirley A. 1956      
House S.R. Dec.24.1896 Mar.11.1974   Pvt. U.S. Army
Berkley Helen R. 1922      
Berkley Roger R. 1920 1979   On stone w/Helen
Hollenbeck Carlton 1944 1999    
Harris Joan C. Berkley 1960 1998    
Wolski Wanda H. 1898 1983   "A Very Special Lady"
Keene Kenneth L. 1900 1987    
Jayne Byron W. Dec.1957 Aug.1995    
Jayne Betty A. 1932 1985    
Jayne Vincent A. 1928     On stone w/Betty
Jayne David L. 1926      
Maki Axel J. 1890 1968    
McCann Angella L. 1916 1977   "In Loving Memory"
Jayne Beverly J. 1935 1976    
Rorick Lydia Cornwell Mar.1.1929 Jun.8.1984    
Rorick Willis 1906 1967    
Lynch Clarence 1879 1939    
Lynch Leona 1872 1938    
          "In Memory of Clyde Brady"
Pickett Carmen 1837 1919    
Longcoy Louisa 1847 1915   w/o Carmen - On stone w/Carmen
Pickett Anna M. 1868 1937   On stone w/Carmen
Pickett Leona S. 1872     On stone w/Carmen
Pickett Laura G. 1884     On stone w/Carmen
Shedden Herbert E.       Rest of stone in ground - unreadable
Shedden William H.       Rest of stone in ground - unreadable
Banfield Lucy West 1849 1918   MOTHER
Banfield Arthur B. 1836 1918   FATHER - On stone w/Lucy
Menge Joseph A. Dec.21.1890 Apr.22.1960   New York S. F1 US Navy WW II
Menge Viola K. 1899 1997    
Gates Laura P. 1884 1963    
Gates Milton J. 1882 1976   On stone w/Laura P.
Cranmer Alfred 1838 1919    
Cranmer Malinda R. 1841 1923   w/o Alfred - On stone w/Alfred
Cranmer Stephen 1874 1935   On stone w/Alfred
Cranmer Mary 1878 1933   w/o Stephen - On stone w/Alfred
Cranmer I. J. 1868 1931    
Cranmer George 1877 1952    
Cranmer Charles 1880 1954    
Jayne Anna H. Woernley Apr.30.1910 Mar.12.1989   MOTHER
Woernley Raymond M. 1919 1920   SON
Woernley Augustus 1874 1962   FATHER
Woernley Miriam C. 1876 1936   MOTHER
Bowman Fern Brady 1900 1987    
Bowman Albert F. 1895 1965   On stone w/Fern
Shirley Allen E. May 5.1917 Mar.7.1976   SSGT. US Army WW II
Ennis Jerome B. 1855 1917    
Ennis Joan D. 1854 1925   (4 sm.stones near-Father, Mother, John, Libbie
Tracey Amelia 1856     Born in Ireland
Tracey George F. 1889 1918   Her son-Killed in action St.Mihiel, France
Goldsmith Julian 1855      
Clapp Ida V. 1858     w/o Julian - On stone w/Julian
Goldsmith Lillian G. 1883 1912   On stone w/Julian & Ida
Morland Thelma 1917 1917    
Morland Bert Sr. 1888 1926    
Morland Chancey 1921 1944    
Morland Portia 1894 1957    
Saunders Earl Rogers Oct.29.1921 Mar.4.1995   US Navy - WW II
Saunders Catherine D. Aug.13, 1927      
Saunders John Rogers Mar.1.1956 Mar.14.1980   Sgt. US Army
Brock David P. 1962 1979    
Macafee Helen C. 1907 1969    
Macafee Edgar T. 1902     On stone w/Helen
Bogart Helen E. May28.1903 Jan.24.1967    
Austin Robert Leland Dec.23.1927 May25.1985   Sgt. US Army WW II
Austin James D. Sr. Mar.4.1934 Dec.29.1972   CPL US Army Korea
Dugolinsky Max F. 1892 1973    
Dugolinsky Eva Weaver 1896 1974   w/o Max F. - Same stone
Bailey Charles E. 1898 1970    
Bailey Dorothy 1912 1964   On stone w/Charles
Nelson Oiva 1917 1967    
Pratt Mary R. 1898 1967    
Pratt Rexford V. 1904 1967    
Gardner John  1953 1967   "Mountain Boy"
Gardner Douglas H. 1923 1976    
Gardner Golda J. 1926      
Gardner Joseph L. 1949 1976   SP5 US Army Vietnam--Avid Nascar Fan
Mattson Stefanae Stadler 1921 1996    
Mattson James D. Sr. 1958 1967    
Mattson John 1914 1986    
Pratt Nellie C. 1936     On stone w/Richard M.
Pratt Richard M. Jul.8.1933 Aug.2.1989   Cpl. US Army Korea - Married Jul.9.1955
Royce Carl 1904 1994    
Lyons Robert H. Nov.2.1916 Jul.23.1999    
Lyons Friederiki Mar.20.1922     On stone w/Robert
 Subj:  Mt. Hope Cemetery, Van Etten, NY.
Date:  10/14/2003 1:25:22 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Sheri SDAF)

Dear Joyce,

Just wanted to let you know on your site I found a mistake.  My Dad's name is James E. Austin, Sr. Not James D.  Thanks.  Also, if you need it, my Grandpa,
Edgar T. MacAfee died Nov. 29, 1971.  The stone-cutter never cut the death date in the stone.  Thanks.
S. Austin

Subj:  Mt. Hope Cemetery, Van Etten, Chemung County, NY
Date:  01/17/2004 12:25:30 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Nancy Tweedie)

Dear Joyce,

I would like to add some names to this cemetery list.  I visited the cemetery August 22, 2003 looking for my Bogart ancestors:

Lydia H. Bogart 1823-1904
Edwin Bogart 1840 - 1895
Catherine, his wife, 1836-1886

Bryon F. Armstrong 1862-1896
Margaret Bogart, his wife, 1866-1937

Leroy Van der Bogart, 1845-1924
Mary E., his wife, 1840-1920

Fred F. Dunbar 1864-1928
Nellie Bogart, his wife, June 26, 1886, age 19 years, 3 months and 13 days

J. Van Der Bogart, August 25, 1879, age 31 years, 4 months and 27 days

Ira W. Bogart, August 2, 1858 - December 6, 1882, Ira Westbrook Van Der Bogart, son of James M. Van Der Bogart and Harriet E. Middaugh

James M. Bogart, August 11, 1902, 82 years
Harriet E., his wife, May 4, 1909

George O. Bogart, 1854-1950 (son of James and Harriet)
Cynthia L., his wife, 1858-1926
Nellie I., daughter, 1878-1880
Jay, son, 1881-1881
Gracie, daughter, 1888-1889
Lewis, son, 1889-1965

Thank you.  Would you link my name to these in case anyone else is looking for them?

Thanks, Nancy Tweedie

June 2008
Hi Joyce,
I find your sites very informative and would like to add some of my family info for Mount Hope Cemetery, Van Etten NY.
This is info for my aunt and uncle.  They are the daughter and son of Helen E Bogart whose name is already listed.

Charles G Bogart
DOB: 4/10/25   DOD: 12/28/06

Marilynn L Bogart
DOB: 12/13/36   DOD: 8/9/07

Thank you for your assistance.
Wanda A Grover

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 09/02/2001
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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 09/02/2001
By Joyce M. Tice
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