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Newton Cemetery

Town of Veteran, Chemung County, New York

Read by: several different people; sent in by Tim Rodabaugh 
Date Read: Unknown 
Typed by: Debora M. Vanhook Park 

Photo by Joyce M. Tice July  1999

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The Newton Cemetery is located in the Town of Veteran, Chemung County, New York. It is situated two miles east of Sullivanville on the west side of County Route 15. It is also known as the Van Duzen (Van Duser) , East Sullivanville or Sand Bank Cemetery. Variations in spelling surnames, reading dates and other details occur when different compilers record data under varying circumstances, such as weather and stone cleaning materials. The following list is a combination of records made at different times by several different people.

The following information comes from Tim Rodabaugh:
Dated 12/29/1998, to Joyce M. Tice:
This should give folks more information. I live very near to this cemetery and am descended from A.J. & Phoebe Hammond Hammell and Henry & Frances H. Smith. I go to the cemetery to mow a few times during the summer.
Tim Rodabaugh
391 Dann’s Blvd.
Horseheads, New York 14845-7250
Last name First name Birthdate Deathdate Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
AC MOODY John N.    5/14/1865   (Probably should be MOODY) 
AC MOODY Nancy       Wife of John AC MOODY
ALLEN Edith 7/20/1852 5/13/1890   Daughter of Stanley G. & A.F. ALLEN
ALLEN G. Stanley 1860 1929    
ALLEN James   2/3/1837 66y 11d  
ALLEN Minnie   6/20/1886 9m Daughter of S.G. & A.F. ALLEN
ALLEN Rev. Daniel J.  1836 1925    
ALLEN Ruth 1837 1913   Wife of Rev. Daniel J. ALLEN
ALLEN Emma J. 1858 19??   Wife of Rev. Daniel J. ALLEN
AXTELL Levi 2/16/1803 1/15/1881    
AXTELL Betsey Ann 10/13/1807 2/3/1876   Wife of Levi AXTELL
BALES Abram 1827 1904    
BALES Lucinda   10/2/1885 51y 4m 13d Wife of Abram BALES
BALES Samuel   10/2/1862 18y 12d  
BALES Ida       No data
BALES Elizabeth   5/7/1857 86y 7m Wife of Peter BALES
BALES Jessie 7/9/1874 8/7/1893    
BALES Jennie   8/22/1890 33y 3m 12d Wife of Oscar BALES
BALES Sarah Elizabeth       Wife of Charles SNYDER; see entry for SNYDER, Sarah Elizabeth BALES
BALES William 1854 1919    
BALES Addie A.  1860 ?    
BANNISTER James 1845 1896    
BANNISTER Arlene G. 1849 1896   Wife of James BANNISTER.
BANNISTER Artie G.       No data
BANNISTER Harriet 1847 1931    
BENNISTER Delphine 1851 1940    
BANNISTER Eliihu C. 1840 1930    
BANNISTER Mary L.  1839 1914   Wife of Elihu BANNISTER
BANNISTER Baby   10/27/1863    
BANNISTER Lee J. 9/9/1888 10/2/04   Son of J.L. BANNISTER
BANNISTER Emiline       Wife of O.D. SMITH; see entry for SMITH, Emiline BANNISTER
BANNISTER L.A.       "Mother". No dates.
BANNISTER Daisy       Daughter of J. & L.A. BANNISTER. (Here, but no stone.)
BANNISTER Sanford 1/7/1808 1/19/1888    
BANNISTER Lucinda Carey 9/14/1807 12/19/1888   Wife of Sanford BANNISTER.
BARINA Silvester 1860 1929    
BARINA Hermine 1869 1949    
BARLOW Lorenzo   7/18/1877 49y 3m 7d  
BARLOW Elia   8/11/1856 2y 3m Son of Lorenzo & Martha BARLOW
BARLOW Freddie       Son of Lorenzo & Martha BARLOW
BARLOW Mary A.       Daughter of Lorenzo & Martha BARLOW
BARLOW Cyrus W.    8/30/1851 16y 10d Son of E.I. BARLOW
BARLOW Philena   3/12/1898 6m  
BARTON John  1837 1915    
BARTON Mary 1839 1914   Wife of John BARTON
BATES Warren 1845 1927    
BATES Eliza M. MATHEWS 1846 1925   Wife of Warren BATES; see entry for MATHEWS, Eliza M.
BATES Lola G. 1873 1924   Daughter of Warren & Eliza BATES
BATES Gertrude   3/28/1853 72y Wife of Benj. GOOWDIN. See entry for GOOWIN, Gertrude BATES
BATES Isaac   3/19/1859 47y 7m 11d  
BATES Gertrude   4/29/1866 49y 10m 2d Wife of Isaac BATES
BAXTER Enoch 1776 8/1/1855 79y 4m 9d  
BECKWITH Mary Ann 10/22/1840     Wife of John McDowell HAMMOND; see entry for HAMMOND, Mary Ann.
BENJAMIN Charles F. 1855 1942   "Brother".
BENJAMIN Helen A. 1865 1951   "Sister".
BENJAMIN John F. 1823 1897   Co. I, 15 NY Vol. Eng's.
BENJAMIN Mary A.  1831 1914   "Mother". Wife of John BENJAMIN.
BENJAMIN Hattie 1862 1935    
BENJAMIN Lorenzo (or Leonard) 9/6/1829 1/11/06    
BENJAMIN Samuel C. 9/6/1829 1/11/06    
BENJAMIN Laura A.   4/6/1875 18y 3d See entry for RAFFERTY, Laura, wife of Delell RAFFERTY
BENJAMIN Minerva HOWARD 7/22/1832 1/3/06   Wife of Samuel C. BENJAMIN; see sntry for HOWARD, Minerva
BOOTH Sylvania   10/5/1878 83y Wife of Daniel PRATT; see entry for PRATT, Sylvia BOOTH
BOTSFORD Charles W. 12/15/1850 6/11/1870   Son of E.B. BOTDFORD (OR- son of Isaac BOTSFORD)
BOTSFORD Lois B.   12/6/1861 34y 8m 8d Wife of Nelson BOTSFORD
BOTSFORD Nelson  2/14/1815 6/10/1890    
BOTSFORD Elizabeth 10/20/1828 7/18/1852   Wife of Isaac BOTSFORD. See entry fo HOWELL, Elizabeth, wife of Isaac BOTSFORD
BOTSFORD Nathan   12/4/1861 82y  
BOTSFORD Hannah   3/26/1857 772y 7m 21d Wife of Nathan BOTSFORD
BOTSFORD Catherine S. STEVENS 3/31/1824 3/14/04   Wife of Nelson BOTSFORD. See entry for STEVENS, Catherine S.
BOZZARD, Abbott     11/4/1867 24y 4m 23d Son of Simon & Hannah BOZZARD
BOZZARD, Abbott Simon   12/9/1868 48y 2m 24d  
BOZZARD, Abbott Julia   6/22/1863 35y 9m 1d First wife of Simon BOZZARD
BOZZARD, Abbott Hannah   9/26/1865 41y 6m 8d Second wife of Simon BOZZARD
BREESE Addie H.   9/16/1875 3m 8d Daughter of M.G. & A.D. BREESE
BREESE Sarah C.   8/23/1864 28y 5m Daughter of Gilbert & Nancy VAN HOUTON; wife of Azareah F. BREESE; see entry for VAN HOUTON, Sarah G., wife of Azareah BREESE
BUSH Edith V. 1871 1947   "Mother". Wife of Eugene BUSH
BUSH Eugene 1867 1943   "Father".
BUTTERS Cornelius L. 3/9/1807 1/10/1892    
BUTTERS Sarah A.  10/10/1806 10/13/1890   Wife of Cornelius BUTTERS
BUTTERS George H.   2/21/14 79y 17d Co. B, 14th NY H. Art.
BUTTERS Isaac 3/1/1777 10/19/1847 70y 7m 19d  
BUTTERS Elsie 9/1779 12/24/1861 83y 3m (or82y) Wife of Isaac BUTTERS
BUTTERS John   2/23/1865 61y 3m 19d  
BUTTERS Elizabeth   11/27/1858 50y 2m 12d Wife of John BUTTERS
BUTTERS Hannah E.   8/26/1876   Daughter of Cornelius & Sarah A. BUTTERS
BUTTERS Lewis   1/27/1844 27y 3m 31d  
BUTTERS William A.   3/8/1843 1y 3m 2d Son of Jacob & Lucy BUTTERS
BUTTERS Sylvester A.   12/26/1861 11y 2m 20d Son of Jacob & Lucy BUTTERS
BUTTERS Lucy A.    1/12/1857 40y 11m 6d Wife of Jacob L. BUTTERS
BUTTERS Sarah A.    10/4/1891 72y 7m 19d  
CAMPBELL Henry K. 1862 1917    
CAMPBELL Nellie W. 1865 1904   Wife of Henry K. CAMPBELL
CAREY Lucinda 9/14/1807 12/19/1888   See entry for BANNISTER, Lucinda CAREY
CARPENTER Daniel D.   7/11/1897 77y Co. A, 1214 NY Vol.
CASTERLINE Amanda   2/2/1877 49y 8m 2d Wife of Eri CASTERLINE
CASTERLINE Harriet   3/20/1889 58y Wife of Henry CASTERLINE
CASTERLINE Ida   11/7/1868 14y 13d Daughter of Harriet & Henry CASTERLINE
CASTERLINE Margaret 1872 1922    
CASTERLINE Ira   1923    
CASTERLINE Benjamin   6/7/1868 85y 10m  
CASTERLINE Sarah   10/2/1875 87y 4m 19d  
CHANTY Maryette 11/1843 3/3/1858 15y 2d Children of John CHANTY
CHANTY Charles F. Aug 1845 3/19/1864 18y 7m 12d Children of John CHANTY
CHANTY Charry M. Aug 1859 10/2/1878 19y 2m Children of John CHANTY
CHANTY Carrie E. Aug 1859 9/30/1861 2y 1m 8d Children of John CHANTY
CHAPMAN Arthur 10/15/1853 2/7/10    
CHAPMAN Lois  8/22/1867 9/11/38    
CHAPMAN William 1826 1873    
CHAPMAN Louisa 1832 1904   Wife of William CHAPMAN
CHAPMAN Charles 1850 1918    
CHAPMAN Elvina W. 1858 1948   Wife of Charles CHAPMAN
CHAPMAN Charles   12/2/1841 49y 4m 24d  
CHAPMAN Elizabeth   12/1/1860 66y 16d Wife of Charles CHAPMAN
CHAPMAN Hannah M.   2/26/1843 21y 1m 26d Daughter of Charles CHAPMAN
CHAPMAN Amanda   10/30/1859 20y 2m 10d Daughter of Charles & Elizabeth CHAPMAN
CHASE J. Arthur 1848 1925    
CHASE Loretta J. 1842 1900   Wife of J. Arthur CHASE
CHASE Mial D.   2/9/01 84y 4m 28d  
CHASE Rachel   8/12/07 84y 5m 1d Wife of Mial CHASE
CHASE Abel J.   2/21/1863 15y 11m 3d  
CHASE Lydia L.   2/25/1863 8y 3m 10d  
CLARK Carrie M. 1870 1891    
CLARK Claudia 1887 1891    
CLARK Cora L. 1890 1891    
CLARK Leroy J.   4/30/1846   Son of Dyer & Elizabeth CLARK
CLARK Mary Jane   8/26/1848 1y 4m 2d Daughter of Dyer & Eliabeth CLARK
COE Daniel    1/1/1865 76y 6d  
COE Ruth   4/3/1859 72y Wife of Daniel COE
COE George    7/19/1854 43y 3m 19d  
COE Lillian May 10/28/1881 9/7/05    
COE Harry 11/28/1885 12/13/1890    
COE Reuben T. 1853 1929    
COE Adeline 1853 1941   Wife of Reuben COE
COE Marchant   10/11/1842 1y Son of George COE
COE Smith T.   2/25/1843 1y Son of Newton & Sylvia COE
COLEMAN Eunice (Unice)   4/22/1843 79y 9m See entry for VAN DUZER, Eunice COLEMAN
COMPTON Sarah   10/9/1839 62y 10m Wife of Langstaff COMPTON
COMPTON Lucinda 11/14/1828 2/24/04   Wife of Wm. COMPTON
COMPTON William 3/10/18292 11/9/1892    
COMPTON Andrew J. 1/6/1852 3/26/14    
COMPTON Nathaniel   10/23/1885 82y  
COMPTON Mary Jans   10/19/1847 17y 6m Daughter of N. & K. COMPTON
COMPTON Anna VAN SICKLE   2/10/1842 63y Wife of Stephen COMPTON; see entry for VAN SICKLE, Anna
COMPTON Louisa A.    9/10/1836 17y 2m 6d  
COMPTON Daniel   3/17/1835 19y 7d  
COMPTON Mary J.   10/9/1853   Note that this date is the only date given, whether it be death or birthdate is actually unknown. See entry for HOLLOWAY, Mary Jane COMPTON
COMPTON Norris M. 1836 1919    
COMPTON Mary L.   5/8/10 70y 5m 27d Wife of Norris COMPTON
COMPTON Johnson B.   3/4/1856 23y  
COMPTON Peter   11/13/1886 73y 5m 21d "Father"
COMPTON Amy C.   3/8/10 90y 4m 25d Wife of Peter COMPTON
COMPTON Sarah   10/9/1839 62y 10m Wife of Langstaff COMPTON; duplicate of above
COOK  Susan   12/4/1876 39y 2m 24d Wife of B.W. COOK
COOPER Albert 6/4/1847 7/1/28    
COOPER Carrie V. 1871 1927   Wife of Calton COOPER; see entry for HAMMOND, Carrie
COOPER Fanna L.       See COOPER, Greta J.
COOPER Greta J. 6/22/1877 11/11/1894   Daughter of Al & Fan COOPER; (called Fanna, Fannie)
COOPER Calton       No data
CRONKRIGHT Henry  9/15/1807 5/1/1891    
CRONKRIGHT Lydia L. 12/22/1811 5/8/1897   Wife of Henry CRONKRIGHT
CRONKRIGHT William A.        Unknown dates. A sailor.     Edith V. Bush's birth name was Longcoy.  She was the daughter of William and Louisa Longcoy.  And I noticed you don't have 2 names listed as being buried in the cemetery.  I discovered the grave stones when I visited the cemetery last summer.  They are Charles Axtell born June 26, 1837 and died October 1908.  Sarah A. Axtell was born August 1840 and died February 1920.
Stacey L. Rozell

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 27 JUL 1999
By Joyce M. Tice

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