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Broadacres Farm Cemetery, Charleston Township,  Tioga County, Pennsylvania - 1969

Photo by Joyce M. Tice
November 2005

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The following list is part of the Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions– Volume 4 . Cemetery read and published 1970s.

Reprinted with Permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd.
. The cemetery was read by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd  1969 See Also 2005 Reading  Below
Route 58014 , Shumway Hill Road

The County Farm, known as Broadacres, erected 1859, has a burying ground. Across the plowed ground two or three stones can be seen. We copied 84 stones and there are as many there that did not have monuments or were identified. This was once, part of the Caleb AUSTIN Farm. Copied May, 1972 by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd and. William Ladd, R. D. 3, Box 116, Wellsboro, Pa. 16901.

Many graves sunken and with no stones - These are all granite stones 4 inches wide, 4 in. thick, 36 in. long. 15 inches thick

Surname First Name Birthdate Deathdate Age Inscription
GARDER Myrtilla 1855 1936
KILBOURN Della Feb. 28, 1895 age 14 years
FURMAN David 1820 March 10, 1893 aged 73 years
HALE Mary Nov. 6, 1892 aged 99 years
SHAW J. B. Oct. 30, 1899 or 1892 aged 73 years
LINK Simon Oct. 22, 1892 aged 89 years
NASH Nancy July 29, 1892 aged 80 years
WEEKS Charles July 9, 1892 aged 41 years
#10 Grave, no stone
DECKER Dennis Aug. 1, 1892 rest of stone sunk
PALMER Charles Jan. 25, 1892 aged 90 years
GILES H. S. Sept. 6, 1892 aged 85 years
BRIGGS E. Apr. 29, 1892 aged 29 years
ROBBINS Mary E. Apr. 30, 1892 aged 61 years
#17-22 no stones
SMITH Mary  Dec. 29, 1891 aged 64 years
ROCKWELL Ashel Sept. 20, 1891 aged 79 years
SOPER Rhoda Oct. 29, 1891 aged 75 years
MITCHELL Parmelia July 12, 1891 aged 82 years
SIMMONS W. H. June 6, 1891 aged 3 weeks
OSBORN Joseph Feb. 21, 1891 aged 72 years
six or eight stones missing here
MOSIER Mary Aug. 24, 1889 aged 66 years
GREENWOOD Isaac Apr. 24, 1890 age 81 years
BLANCHARD Philetus Aug. 31, 1889 aged ----
BICE Westley Sept. 7, 1889 aged 47 years  (This may be RICE)
BROWN Lucy Jan. 22, 1889 aged 78 years
THOMAS  G. W. stone buried
TRAVER Solomon July 19, 1890 aged 80 years
ABPLANALP John -- rest of stone buried
SLY Harvey 1890 ---- rest buried
LLEWELLAN Evan Apr. 30, 1890 aged 56 years
NASH Edwin Apr. 18, 1890 aged 80 years
AMES David Sept. 18, 1888 aged 76 years
LOVE Robert Sept. 3, 1888 aged 80 years
GREENLEAF George Aug. 23, 1888 aged 60 years
FLETCHER Rosetta July 29, 1888 aged 51 years
BAKER Joseph  Aug. 29, 1894 aged 82 years
SHAFF Angeline Nov. 28, 1894 aged 74 years
NELSON Oliver Aug. 7, 1894 age 75 years
SMITH Ezra July 6, 1894 age 75 years
GEORGE Joseph  June 2, 1888 aged 62 years
HORTON -----  on top of stone
These stones have first name on top of stone.
SIMMONS Andrew May 1, 1888 aged 67 years
MATTISON Hiram or Horam Apr. 5, 1888 aged 79 years
HUTCHISON Henry Feb. 28, 1888 aged 68 years
OGLEY Harriett Jan. 9, 1889 aged 6 months
STENESTAUB Michael Jan. 13, 1895 aged 73 years (may be 78 years lzc)
NELSON James rest of stone buried
GETTER Pheoba Nov. 8, 1892 aged 55 years
HAYNER J. W.  Apr. 2, 1895 aged 76 years
NELSON Matilda May 7, 1894 aged 75 years
PAGE Levi Apr. 16, 1895 aged 69 years
MCCORMICK William -----  stone buried
MADISON Julia May 13, 1895 aged 94 years
STYTES A. J. (STYLES)  Mar. 24, 1895 aged 77 years
MOORE Oscar Sept. 13, 1895
BOWEN Joseph Oct. 27. 1895 aged 50 years
Many graves here with no stones
SMITH William Dec. 5, 1895 aged 83 years
ALLEN Olin  Jan. 20, 1896 aged 3 years
BREN Simon Jan. 31, 1890 aged 74 years
BOLEN Thomas May 8, 1896 aged 45 years
WELSH John  Sept. 21, 1896 aged 76 years
SAGE Sampson Oct. 12, 1896 aged 53 years
SMITH Smith Oct. 17, 1896 aged 65 years
JOHNSON Patrick 1875 1929
FRISK Charles A. 1858 1929
HANDY Angeline Feb. 7, 1890 aged 40 years
Lavina Hogancamp & Simon Florey (unmarked graves)
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 Floyd Winne died Thursday at the Blossburg hospital.  Burial Saturday in the Tioga County Home cemetery.  (The Agitator: Wellsboro, PA, Wednesday, February 22, 1928)

Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Cemetery Section
Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Broadacres Farm Cemetery, Charleston Township,  Tioga County, Pennsylvania - 2005
County Farm - Broad Acres Cemetery 2005
Read By: Linda C Reese
Date Read: Nov. 2005.
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Location: Tioga Co. Charleston Twp. On Shumway Hill Rd. across from County Jail on County land
Other Comments: 10% of space has tombstones, rest has unmarked burials, several rows of sunken graves
Note from Joyce: The little cemetery in the front of Country Terrace - Broad Acres Nursing Home is NOT the Broad Acres Cemetery. That is the Austin Cemetery. This one is up the hill across from the jail. It is easy to confuse them because of the locations.
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Kilbourn Della   Feb.28.1895 14 yr  
Furman David   Mar.10.1893 73 yr  
Spencer W. E.   Nov.25.1892 84 yr  
Hale Mary   Nov.6.1892 29 yr  
Shaw J. B.   Oct.30.1892 79 yr  
Link Simon   Oct.27.1892 89 yr  
Nash Nancy   Jul.29.1892 80 yr  
Weeks Chas.   Jul.9.1892 41 yr  
NEXT ROW          
Gump (?) Richard   Feb.10.1895 81 yr  
Davis Henry   Jun.15.1893 65 yr  
Brown Sabra   Apr.24.1893 40 yr  
Zoff Fred   May.29.1893 56 yr  
Reynolds Gilbert   Nov.10.1893 64 yr  
Robbins Mary E.   Apr.30.1892 61 yr  
Briggs E.   Apr.29.1892 29 yr  
Biles H.S.   Apr.6.1892 65 yr  
Inglehardt C.   Aug.5.1892 80 yr  
Palmer Chas.   Jan.25.1892 30 yr  
Decker Dennis   Jun.1.1892 52 yr  
NEXT ROW          
Warner Geo.   Jul.7.1892 81 yr  
Calder James   Jan.30.1892 92 yr  
Smith Mary   Dec.29.1891 54 yr  
Rockwell Ashel   Sep.20.1891 79 yr  
Soper Rhoda   Oct.29.1891 75 yr  
Mitchell Permelia   Jul.12.1891 82 yr  
Simmons W.H.   Jun.6.1891 3 wk  
Osborn Joseph   Feb.21.1891 72 yr  
Greenwood Isaac   Apr.24.1890 81 yr  
NEXT ROW          
Nash Edwin   Apr.19.1890 80 yr  
Lewellan Evan   Mar.30.1890 56 yr  
Bly Harvey   Feb.27.1890 79 yr  
Abplanalp John   Feb.23.1890 21 yr  
Traver Solomon   Jul.19.1890 80 yr  
Thomas G.W.   Jan.19.1889 68 yr  
Brown Lucy   Jan.27.1889 78 yr  
Bice Westley   Sep.7.1889 47 yr  
Blanchard Philetus   Aug.31.1889 73 yr  
Moshier Mary   Aug.24.1889 66 yr  
NEXT ROW          
Ames David   Sep.18.1888 76 yr  
Fletcher Rosetta   Jul.29.1888 51 yr  
Love Robert   Sep.3.1888 80 yr  
Greenleaf George   Aug.23.1888 60 yr  
George Joseph   Jun.2.1888 62 yr  
Mattison Morton   May.15.1888 79 yr  
Simmons Andrew   May.1.1888 67 yr  
Mattison Hiram   Apr.5.1888 79 yr  
Hutchison Henry   Feb.28.1888 86 yr  
Coley Harriet   Jan.9.1888 6 mo.  
Jackson Homer   Feb.12.1894 34 yr  
Burk Elizabeth   Jan.6.1894 80 yr  
Baker Joseph   Aug.29.1894 82 yr  
Shaff Angeline   Nov.28.1894 74 yr  
Nelson Oliver   Aug.7.1894 75 yr  
Smith Ezra   Jul.6.1894 75 yr  
Cetter Phoebe   Nov.8.1894 75 yr  
Stenestaur Michael   Jan.13.1895 72 yr  
Nelson James   Aug.24.1894 38 yr  
Page Levi   Apr.16.1895 69 yr  
McCormick William   Apr.24.1895 46 yr  
Madison Julia   May.13.1895 94 yr  
Thomas Margaret     84 yr No dates
Styles A. J.   Mar.24.1895 77 yr  
Moore Oscar   Sep.13.1895 69 yr  
Bowen Joseph   Oct.27.1895 50 yr  
Smith William   Dec.5.1895 83 yr  
Allen Olin   Jan.20.1896 3 yr  
Bren Simon   Jan.31.1896 74 yr  
Bolen Thomas   May.8.1896 45 yr  
Welch John   Sep.21.1896 76 yr  
Sage Sampson   Oct.12.1896 53 yr  
Smith Samual   Oct.17.1896 65 yr  
Handy Angeline   Feb.7.1890 40 yr  
Frisk Charles A. 1858 1929    
Garder Myrtilla 1855 1936   Grave not found in 2005
Johnson Patrick 1875 1929   Grave not found in 2005

Published on Tri-Counties 01 SEP 2003
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