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Brookside Cemetery, Gaines Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania 1969

by Joyce M. Tice 2008

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Name of Cemetery:    Brookside or Furmantown Cemetery, Gaines Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Read By:  Lola WETHERBEE  Franke, Wellsboro, PA
Date Read:   1968
Typed By:   Linda ZAPF Cracraft
Location:  Located at Rexford Crossing, also known as Furmantown Cemetery
Other comments: Six or seven painted white crosses and many flat field stones throughout the cemetery
Surname First Name Birth Date Death Date Age Inscription, Relationship, Comments
Lynch John M. 1878 1939
Lynch Sarah Jane COOK 1866 1928
Lynch John  1848 1929 Father; Co. F. 1st Conn. Cav.
Lynch 1840 1899 wife of John Lynch
Gregg Randolph Sept. 25, 1884 ----- Dad and Mom Gregg, on stone
Gregg Ethel E. June 21, 1900 Oct. 10, 1961
Solveson Fred 1862 1949 Father
Nelson T. G. 1876 1899
Leipold Frederic A. 1889 1946
Leipold Matilda 1889 1960
Feiro Jehoiakim 1837 1904
Jordan J. H. 1854 1898
Jordan Jennie 1886 1909 dau of J.H. and Rosa
Jordan Edna E. Aug. 7, 1891 Feb. 11, 1892 dau of J. H.and Rosetta
Jordan Charles 1883 1905
Jordan Catherine Bellamy 1906 1933 dau of Charles and Alice
Swanson B. August 1860 1941 Father
Swanson Augusta C. 1856 1941 Mother
Swanson Jennie Infant
Swanson Walfred J. 1887 1966 Son
Schramm Jennie Feb. 18, 1886 Feb. 18, 1886 d/o B. and N. Schramm
b. and d. Feb. 18, 1886
Whittaker Nellie May July 26, 1883 Jan. 24, 1886 d/o Thomas and Jemima Whittaker
Whittaker William M. Mar. 5, 1885 Oct. 15, 1895 s/o H. R. and M. J. Whittaker
Whittaker Mary J. May 16, 1856 Oct. 27, 1899 wife of H.R.
Furman Jennie V. Nov. 23, 1886 Aug. 2, 1887 d/o Wm. M. and H. L.
Furman C. Glenn 1889 1908
Manning Wm. 1851 1922
Eggler Joseph Addison 1902 1942
Duell Wm. E. 1818 1888
Duell Phila J. 1836 1915 his wife
Duell Jesse F. Apr. 18, 1895 Oct. 18, 1918 killed in action Argonne Forest, France
Co. K. 7th Inf.
Darling Walter C. July 9, 1854 July 17, 1897 s/o Joseph and Helen Marian (Swope) Darling
Darling Cora Amelia DUELL note by Lola Franke-"There is no marker but I know that Cora Amelia Duell, wife of Walter C. Darling is buried here."
Rexford Kenneth 1923 1925
Rexford Joyce A. 1930 1933
Rexford Baby 1960
Simmons Sarah M. 1886 aged 69 years
Woodard Jacob Jan. 1, 1889 Mar. 20, 1889 s/o J.C. and H.A. 
McCollum Maudie M. Oct. 17, 1886 Mar. 6, 1887 d/o F. and N. 
Howd Lucius B. July 20, 1860 ae 19 yrs. s/o G.W. and Any
Howd Amy Jan. 20, 1860 aged 43 yrs. wife of G.W. Howd
Howd Mary E. May 20, 1861 age 17yr. d/o G.W. and Amy
Howd George W. Aug. 10, 1865 age 17yr. s/o G.W. and Any
Perry H. Melissa June 11, 1857 Nov. 6, 1872 d/o J.N.
Gunske Herman Feb. 2, 1887 1887 s/o Herman & Lena
Whipple Mariln Kay 1943 1946
Whipple Lewis J. 1894 ----
Whipple Esther S. 1897 ----
Whipple Irving F. Sept. 2, 1924 Feb. 3, 1944 Cpl. U.S.Marine Corps W.W. 2
Feiro Arthur I. 1879 1951
Feiro Lula M. 1883 ----
Larrison William H. 1860 1951
Larrison Delia M. 1858 1919
Larrison Edith V. 1898 1936
Kelts Rixford C. 1855 1938
Kelts Anna I. 1856 1931
Rexford Charles L. 1866 1940
Rexford Nellie M. 1880 ---- his wife
Rexford Marion E. 1906 1918 dau
Rexford Harold G. 1920
Rexford Delos D. 1844 1909
Rexford Emma S. 1848 1932
Jones Donald D. Aug. 15, 1903 Feb. 9, 1904 s/o R.K. and May
Jones Myrtle Apr. 5, 1894 10-25-1895 d/o R.K. and May
Jones Ruth Aug.9, 1892 Feb. 19, 1893 d/o R.K. and May
Jones Harold Jan. 6, 1891 Mar. 28, 1891 s/o R.K. and May
Furman William B. Sept. 1, 1900 aged 82 years
Furman Mary Dec. 4, 1823 Dec. 21, 1883 w/o Wm. B.
Furman Mary Almeda S. Jan. 28, 1867 aged 3yr. 1mo. 17da. d/o Wm. B. and Mary
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