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Following are the names of volunteers who have expressed an intention to assist in the cemetery readings in our three counties. The top portion are the intentions of those who attended the April 2002 meeting. Below are extracts from emails I have received from various individuals. If you are intending to help with any of the cemetery work this summer, please notify me at As time goes on and specific dates are developed, we will post them here so that others can chip in. You may contact me or the assigned contact below to express your intention to help. PLEASE do not use these addresses to ask when something will be finished. These people do not need pressure from eager consumers of our work. These are for posted here for use of those who help only and for communications and coordination between and among those volunteers.. (See Also general note at bottom of page.)
What Where When Followup Email
Phil Herman East Herrick     Will work on the difficult stones that were not read on present listing,
Joan Edsell (done)
Phil Herman  Beaver Meadows        
St. Fracis Xavier Overton Done Needs to be typed
Wyalusing Wyalusing
Sherry Nichols Maple Grove Horseheads DONE Retype Office records
Linda CR  Prospect Mansfield      
  Oakwood Mansfield DONE     
Middlebury area
Connie Petris Work with Ken, etc.        
George Farr   Chemung County   Obtain Boyd lists not already on site  
Pat Raymond East Canton
Pat Gobea Partner with Pat Raymond        
Anna Bell Rice Work with Pat Raymond & Ken        
Betty Cary   Westfield & Clymer Cemeteries 
Faith Cary Partner with Betty        
Eleanor Hurler Partner with Betty        
Jim Avery Will come all the way from Vermont
Merryall Cemetery Records  Bob Hay Submitted. Pat SR has to type July 2005      Also includes Ballibay and Merryall Maps 
Michael Roberts Willing to work at Tioga Point Athens   Note 3/17/2002
In a message dated 10/2/2007 10:13:43 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
Hello Joyce!

   One of the people that I have recently referred to
the site discovered my contact information for help at
Tioga Point Cemetery
( was my isp
address a long time ago.  This is my correct active
address: .

  I would also once more like to thank you for what is
my opinion "The Great Library" of the region.  I hope
this letter finds you, and finds you well.


M. D. Roberts Jr.

Jennifer Hatch
Replaced by Deb Champion Luchaco
Ukrainian Cemetery Athens   Note 3/17/2002
Done and Submitted - Needs to be formatted for site 
Shary Hansell Litchfield Township     Note 4/2/2002, 7/30/02, 15 MAY 2005
Elaine Frey  Granville  Granville    Audit Earlier listing on Site   
Liberty, Ogdensburg
Joyce Rubens Pine Valley Started, partially typed.
Stephen Deming Evergreen Cemetery Tioga Wants to get Records for site (5/20/2002) 
Elaine Poost Camptown, Merryall, Overpeck, Ballibay 
Email address no longer good May 2005
  (Stethers, Lonnie) Camptown 
Rita Boyden State Road Cemetery Sullivan Summer 2003 & 2005
Shawn Woodard  Help where needed
Faith Cary, Eleanor Boardman and Flora Parks , Betty Cary Westfield area Subj:  Cemeteries 
Date:  5/14/2003 1:17:16 PM Eastern Daylight Time 
From: (Betty Cary)
Faith Cary, Eleanor Boardman and Flora Parks plan on continuing to read and enter cemeteries in the Westfield area. 
Betty Cary
Peter Lupowski St. Mary's  Blossburg, 
Patricia McDonald Highland Cemetery Elkland pattyteach
Lynn Bower East Lawrence 2006
Kathy Manchester Jones Neath, North Orwell 2006
Carolyn Sick Orwell Valley 2007
Allis Hollow 2008

Lyle Rockwell
North Orwell 2008
Lyle Rockwell Neath 2008
I have listings for the following, but they are not on the site yet.
Who What Where When Followup Email
Connie Covey Wysox Cemetery Records 2001 (connie covey)
Eloise Wilson Tioga Point Athens Summer 2002 Entirely revised and typed. I need to get it to the site. DONE - I need to get it to the site
Betty Cary Krusen Updates Done
Tillman Hill (Track Down) Chemung Mike Tuccinardi  Note 11 Jan 2002
Miller Cemetery Big Flats I have the Mabel CRAMER Wood readings and photos - Need to get to site. 
Hi All Volunteers and Potential Local Volunteers,

Following our annual meeting today, I have posted a page outlining the expressed intentions of those who attended for this summer's cemetery readings. For those who attended, please check the listing to make sure I recorded your intentions accurately. Also check for overlaps and duplications as I did see a couple of entries where someone else has expressed an interest. Talk to each other in such cases - email addresses are included. Coordinate. the page is presently in the What's New April page of the Online Research Library at

For those who could not attend the meeting, whether you have helped before or never and want to, let me know so I can add you to the list and aid in coordination. As we progress, actual dates will be posted so that anyone can drop in to help for the day or an hour.

This will only work if you keep me informed and if I keep up with it. I have included expressed intentions from some who have written me earlier. Some declare intentions and then do not follow up. If you need to be added in any way or deleted, notify me.

These email addresses are for the coordination of volunteers ONLY and not to be used to ask when something will be finished for our consumers. Please do not apply pressure to these people who work for the fun of it and the love of the area and its people. For helpers only.

We look forward to another productive summer of progress in recording the cemeteries of our area for the benefit of the many of you who can not be here with us. If any of you from elsewhere want to spend your vacations helping - welcome!!!  The listing will help make you aware of what is happening when.

Come one, Come all.

Joyce M. Tice  Tri-Counties Genealogy & History 

2003 Volunteers
Jobs Corners Cemetery - Denny Hyde - (Jan 2003)
Pat Wainwright will help Sherry at Maple Grove and at Woodlawn
Woodlawn - Talk is flying - Maybe !!! (Ken, Sherry, Pat SR)

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 4/21/2002
By Joyce M. Tice
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