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Cemetery Listings - Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Photo by Joyce M. Tice 27 APR 2005
CLEVELAND (Goodall) CEMETERY also Pratt Cemetery

CLEVELAND (Goodall) CEMETERY also Pratt Cemetery


From Volume 1 of Tioga County Cemeteries - 1969-1970 

Published with permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd 
Tom Wetmore of Wellsboro retyped this for the Tri-Counties Site November 1997

Located on Route 660 
Cleveland Cemetery 2005 Listing Cleveland Cemetery Obituaries
Churchill John 10/19/1821
Churchill Jane E. 12/4/1822 1884 w/o John
Cleveland Selena 10/6/1844 1899
Cleveland Reuben 4/15/1832 1901
Cleveland Lois 3/13/1834 1870 w/o R. H.
Cleveland Harriett 3/19/1834 w/o R. H.
Cleveland Merton G. 1868 1921
Cleveland Carl 1873 1921
Cleveland Anne E. 2/19/1872 1901 w/o Carl
Cleveland  Clara S.  1874 1916
Cleveland Geo. H. 11/20/1890 Age 31
Cleveland Louisa d/o G. H.
Cleveland Eliz. 1890 Age 11 mo.
Crosby Hopkins 3/4/1806 1876
Dyke Asa 1886 Age 86
Dyke Jane 1889 Age 71  w/o Asa
Fenton Arthur L. 1/24/1869 10/31/1873 s/o C. W. & L. W.
Fenton Corp. Chester W. Co. F. 11th Pa. Cav.
Goodall William 1817 1872
Goodall Sophia 1827 1881
Goodall Samuel 1850 Age 10
Goodall Eugene 1840 1888
Goodall Clara no Date
Goodall Volney 1860 1906
Goodall George W. 1884 1905
Goodall Henry 1868 1899
Goodall Anna M. illegible
Goodall Lenny - - - - - - - - Children of Thomas and O. R.
Hubbard Delos 10/1/1815 1894 b. Hartwick, Otsego Co.
Hubbard Hattie L.  10/18/1846 1874
Odell Horace 10/31/1833 1900 GAR
Odell Mary L. 1/9/1835 1928
Spoor M. M.  4/29/1810 1885
Spoor Sally 3/18/1823 1905 w/o M. M. 
Whitaker Ari 12/24/1821 1879
Whitaker Martha 7/21/1828 1916 w/o Ari

March 2005 - LCR read this cemetery again and I (JMT) checked to confirm where she found differences from the original listing.
Actually the original listing does not have full dates in some places so I will place the entire re-reading here in tombstone order rather than alphabetic. It is important to see who is buried next to whom, information which an alphabetic listing loses..

Name of Cemetery:    Cleveland Cemetery - A.k.a. Goodall Cemetery [a.k.a. Pratt Cemetery and I can not imagine why]
Read By:  Linda CR
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Date Read:   April. 26.2005
Location:  Richmond Township (Near John Deere Dealer) Rt. 660

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Spoor M. M. Apr.29.1810 Jan.29.1885    
Spoor Sally A. Mar.13.1823 Apr.28.1905   w/o M. M.
Whitteker Ari Dec.24.1821 Mar.18.1879    
Whitteker Martha Jul.21.1828 Apr.22.1916   w/o Ari
Odell Horace Oct.31.1833 1900   WW I Marker (Misplaced - should be Civil War)
Odell Mary J. Jan.9.1835 Jun.18.1928    
Hubbard Hattie L. Oct.18.1846 Apr.30.1874   War of 1812 Marker here (Don't know where it goes)
Hubbard Delos Oct.1.1815 Mar.20.1894   Born in Hartwick, Otsego Co., NY
Hubbard Ebenezer 1786 1876   Pvt.Capt.Steere's Co. War of 1812
Crosby Hopkins Mar.4.1806 Dec.23.1876    
Fenton Corp. Chester W.       Co. F 11th PA Cav - GAR Marker
Fenton Arthur L. Jan.24.1869 Oct.31.1873   Drowned - s/o C.W. & L.E. Fenton
Sherman W.E. Nov.28.1828 May.27.1891    
Sherman Catharine H. Oct.15.1838 Mar.27.1891   w/o W. E. (On same stone)
Sherman Burton 1868 1936    
Cleveland Vina Odell 1857 1947    
Cleveland Fred L. 1883 1916    
Odell Cora Edna 1874 1901    
Dyke Jane   Apr.26.186? ?y?m28d  
Dyke Asa Mar.8.1886 86y2m28d On stone w/Jane
Cleveland Wm. R. May.1.1830 May.23.1897    
Cleveland Selena Oct.6.1844 Sept.11.1899   On stone w/Wm. R.
Churchill John Oct.19.1821      
Churchill Jane E. Dec.4.1822 Mar.2.1881   w/o John
Cleveland Reuben H. Apr.15.1832 Jan.11.1901    
Cleveland Harriet Mar.19.1831     w/o Reuben
Cleveland Lois M. Mar.13.1834 Jun.7.1870   w/o ?
Cleveland Merton G. 1868 1921    
Cleveland Clara S. 1874 1916    
Cleveland Carl 1873 1921    
Cleveland Anna E. Feb.19.1872 Apr.28.1901   w/o Carl Cleveland
Cleveland Baby Apr.22.1901 Jun.10.1901   On stone w/Anna E. Cleveland
Cleveland George H.   Nov.20.1890 31y2m Small stone tipped over L. A. C.
Goodall William 1817 1872    
Goodall Sophia 1827 1881   On stone w/William
Goodall Volney 1860 1906   On stone w/William
Goodall Samuel ?? 16.1851 ??y11m  
Goodall George W. 1834 1875    
Goodall Eucenie 1840 1888   On stone w/George
Goodall Henry 1868 1899   On stone w/George
Goodall Clara May       On stone w/George
Goodall Anna M.       Unreadable--2Children below on same stone
Goodall Lenny   Feb.5.1878 1y?? Children of Thomas & C.R. Spencer Goodall
Goodall Fred T.   Jan.28, 1878 8y24d?? Children of Thomas & C.R. Spencer Goodall
  Thomas 1825 1907   New Marker
Goodall Celia 1840 1925   New Marker
  No Name 1858 1912    
          Unreadable Stone
Goodall Lora May   Oct.11.1866 2y9m d/o ?????
Punlished on Tri-Counties November 24, 1997.