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King or Upper Jemison Cemetery, Westfield, Tioga County, PA
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Photo by Joyce M. Tice
May 2006
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The following list is part of the Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions . Reprinted with Permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd. Material typed and formatted for the web by Linda ZAPF Cracraft and Joyce M.  Tice.

Located on Route 249, going north from Little Marsh and Phillips Station.

Copied by Lola WETHERBEE  Franke of Wellsboro in the 1970s.

Note from Joyce May 2006 - This earlier reading placed this cemetery in Chatham Township. It is very definitely in Westfield, just west of the township line.

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Surname Given Name Birthdate Deathdate Ages Inscription or Note  
KING Lorenzo K. May 13, 1852 Feb. 15, 1927      
  Ada E. July 15, 1859 June 8, 1936   his wife  
SPRAGUE Lewis 1862 1918      
SPRAGUE Hiram 1834 last date uncut      
  Mary K. 1840 1901   his wife  
RICE S. M.       Co. E. 96th N.Y.Inf. Gov. Marker and flag  
RICE Harriett 1815 1907   wife of Sylvenus RICE Mother
SPRAGUE Page       Co. F. 2nd Pa. H. A. GAR Flag  
SPRAGUE Thomas May 5, 1799 Aug. 6, 1874      
  Keziah Nov. 3, 1807 July 8, 1881   his wife  
MACK Harrison Oct. 22, 1819 Nov. 2, 1864      
  Lucina Mar. 27, 1842 -- not cut   his wife GAR flag here
CHAMPLAIN Lilly S.   Sept. 13, 1886 aged 6 yr. 2mo. 13 da. dau of W. H. and S. E. CHAMPLAIN  
MACK Levi 1863 1940      
  George W. 1818 1865      
  Nancy 1825 1904   his wife footstones- Mother and Father
Marker by tree, too far buried to read           Footstones - W. B. D. F. 13----1808

Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
King or Upper Jemison Cemetery, Westfield, Tioga County, PA
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Name of Cemetery: King or Upper Jemison Cemetery
Read By: Linda C. Reese
Date Read: January. 2006
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Location: Westfield Township, Tioga County, PA
Other Comments:
Photo by Joyce M. Tice  - May 2006
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
King James R. 1896 1976   W.A.C.R. U.S. Army WW 1
King Agnes E. 1903 2002    
King Lorenzo K. May.13.1852 Feb.15.1927    
King Ada E. Jul.15.1859 Jun.8.1936   w/o Lorenzo K.
Sprague Lewis 1862 1918    
Sprague Hiram 1834 Uncut   G.A.R.
Sprague Mary K. 1840 1901   w/o Hiram - On same marker
Rice S. M.       Co E 86th N.Y. Inf. (GAR Marker)
Rice Harriet 1815 1907   w/o Sylvenus
Sprague Page       Co E 2nd PA H.A. (GAR Marker)
Sprague Thomas May.5.1799 Aug.6.1874   GAR Marker
Sprague Keziah Nov.3.1807 Jul.8.1881   w/o Thomas - On same marker
Mack George W. 1818 1865   GAR Marker
Mack Nancy 1825 1904   w/o George - On same marker
Mack Levi 1863 1940    
Champlain Lilly B.   Sep.13.1886 6y2m13d d/o W.H. & S.E.
Mack Harrison Oct.22.1819 Nov.2.1864    
Mack Lucina Mar.27.1842 Uncut    
  W.B.   Feb.13.1898    

Published on Tri-Counties  14 FEB 1999
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