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Explore Local History One Township at a TIme in Tioga & Bradford Counties  PA & Chemung County NY

  Westfield Township & Westfield Borough
in Tioga County, Pennslvania
Westfield Township Histories
Westfield Township was Formed 1821 from Deerfield
Westfield Borough was Formed 1867 from Westfield Township
Westfield Borough shows as Priestville in the early Bingham Estate Map
Westfield Township History 1883
Westfield Borough History 1883
Biographies 1883
Westfeld History 1885
Westfield Township History 1897
Westfield Borough History 1897
Biographies 1897
1976 Westfield - The Bicentennial
Westfield Township Articles
Scrapbook Clippings Page 199
Scrapbook Clippings Page 200
1892 - Pioneer Life in the Cowanesque Valley
Township Postcards & Photos
Potter Brook Overview and Hotel
Westfield Railroad Station
Post Offices
Potter Brook PO
Westfield PO
Cowanesque Valley PO
Villages Past & Present
Westfield Township Census Records
1800 Census, Tyoga Township, Lycoming County
1820 Deerfield Census
1830 Westfield Township Census
1840 Westfield Township Census
1850 Westfield Township Census (REL)
1850 Westfield Township Census (FM)
1860 Westfield Township Census
1870 Westfield Borough  & TowshipCensus
1880 Westfield Township & Borough Census
1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 Volunteer Needed
Westfield Township Directories
1899 Westfield Borough Directory
1899 Westfield Township Directory
1908 Tioga County Directory -Westfield Borough
1908 Tioga County Directory -Westfield Township
Township Tax Records
1812 Delmar Taxables
Westfield Township Cemetery Records
GPS coordinates are included in the top title of each cemetery page
Champlin Cemetery 1970s
gps 41.92805-77.51999
Krusen Cemetery (1970)
gps 41.91931-77.54456
Champlin Cemetery Obituaries Krusen Cemetery Obituaries
Champlin Cemetery 2003 Krusen Cemetery (2000)
Farm Cemetery on Plank Property
gps 41.91231-77.48132
Howland Cemetery
gps 41.91710 -77.48162
Craig Cemetery [destroyed] Lost Cowanesque Cemetery
41.91660 -77.56910
Handy Cemetery 
gps 41.91178-77.47912
Potter Brook Cemetery (Pioneer) 1972 Potter Brook Cemetery (Pioneer) 2002
Potter Brook Cemetery Obituaries gps 41.91376-77.60513
Riverview Cemetery at Potter Brook 2002
gps 41.91171 -77.60632
Riverview Cemetery Obituaries
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery ca 1974 Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Obituaries
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery 2004 gps 41.92779-77.52896
King (Upper Jemison) Cemetery 1970s King (Upper Jemison) Cemetery Obituaries
King (Upper Jemison) Cemetery 2006 gps 41.89493 -77.47549
Swimelar Cemetery 1970 Swimelar Cemetery Obituaries
Swimelar Cemetery 2006 (ca 46 burials) gps 41.88306 -77.50175
Joseph Swimlar Burial Ground 2011 (ca 11 burials)
Weeks Cemetery [Clymer side of boundary] John and Francis Warren Burial Ground
gps  41.93623 -77.49201 
GPS Coordinates:
41 55 40 N 77 31 09 W - Champlin Cemetery
41 55 41 N 77 31 40 W - Mount Pleasant Cemetery
41 55 08 N 77 32 41 W - Krusen Cemetery
41 52 58 N 77 30 08 W - Swimley Cemetery
41 54 41 N 77 36 23 W - River View Cemetery
Westfield Township Schools
1900 Westfield Township Teachers & Directors 1900 Westfield Borough Teachers & Directors
1901 Westfield Township Teachers & Directors 1901 Westfield Borough Teachers & Directors
1902 Westfield Township Teachers & Directors 1902 Westfield Borough Teachers & Directors
1903 Westfield Township Teachers & Directors 1903 Westfield Borough Teachers & Directors
1904 Westfield Township Teachers & Directors 1904 Westfield Borough Teachers & Directors
1905 Westfield Township Teachers & Directors 1905 Westfield Borough Teachers & Directors
1907 Westfield Township Teachers & Directors 1907 Westfield Borough Teachers & Directors
1875 School Districts
1. Upper Jamason School District
2. Lower Jamason School District
3. Round Top School District
4. Cowanesque Valley District
5. Champlin School District
6. Mill Creek School District
7. Leonard School District
8. Cronce Brook School District
Westfield Borough School District
1898 Schools
Phillips Station School
Round Top School
Cowanesque School
Westfield School
Potter Brook School
1900 High School at Westfield
Westfield Township Business Histories & Photos
Stott Stone Quarry
1898 Tioga County's First Incubator
1899 Westfield Business Directory
Helvetia Milk Plant and Eberle Tannery
Photographers in Westfield Borough & Township
Ernest Kimball, Photographer Greenfield of Westfield
The Crown of Westfield Claude C. Kimball. Westfield
Hotels in Township
New American House
Smith's Hotel
Wstfield Township Organizations
1899 Westfield Societies
2002 Crary Hose Company
 Gerald G. Griffin Post 519 American Legion is Formally Organized.  At a meeting of former service men in the G.A.R. rooms in Westfield, on April 15, a post of the American Legion, to be known as the Gerald G. Griffin Post No. 519, Westfield, Pa., was organized. The following officers were elected to serve for the ensuing year: Commander, Leroy W. Clow; Adjutant, Arthur B. Kelts; Treasurer, Walter G. Clark; Service Officer, Rex W. Dimmick; Employment Officer, Reid Weidman; Chaplain, Charles Mack; Historian, Rea P. Outman; Athletic Officer, Arthur Gridley; Sergt-At-Arms, Clarence Doran. The Gerald G. Griffin Post is organizing with 51 charter members, however with the large number of former service men in the vicinity to draw from, it is expected soon to have a membership of over two hundred, says the Free Press.  (The Agitator: Wellsboro, PA, Wednesday, April 28, 1920)
Westfield Township & Borough  Churches
Histories, Records, Photos
1899 Church List From Directory
Westfield Family Bible Records
Cady - Hoover Record King - Carpenter Bible
Clark - Baker Family Bible Rushmore - Baker Family Bible
Champlin Family Bible [2010] Rushmore - Wyatt Records
Westfield Township Families & Individuals,
Genealogies, Photos
1906 Death Cert. Lloyd R. Huyler
John Eldridge Harvey age 102
King - Hoover Family History
Westfield Township Resident Photo Album
King-Howland Family Reunion 1901
Linda CORNELL Reese Family Photos
Population Statistics
1887 Westfield Borough = 579
1887 Westfield Township = 907
1891 Westfield Borough = 1128
1891 Westfield Township = 1261
1900 Westfield Borough = 1180
1900 Westfield Township = 1115
County Population Statistics 1810 - 1992
In a message dated 6/24/2007 7:18:13 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
      I am the recording secretary for the Westfield Area Historical Society and my wife is the treasurer. The society purchased a building on main street in 2005 and we are in the process of making a local museum. It was an old building and needed many repairs. We are getting closer to opening and plan to have a least a couple of exhibits ready for the annual Westfield Days celebration to be held on August 3,4, and 5th.
     We would more than welcome any help from you that you are willing to give. Our membership per year cost $5. and a lifetime membership is $50. If it is your desire to be a member you can send the money to my address. Our meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of the month and for July the date is the 18th at 7pm at our building 151 W. Main Street.
Dick Vargeson
145 Walnut Street
Westfield, Pa. 16950