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by Joyce M. Tice
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From Volume 3 of Tioga County Cemeteries 

Printed with permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd

Located on Orebed Road off Route 6, near Mansfield. Copied by Wedall Cordell Holmes and also by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd of Wellsboro.
Note from Joyce M. Tice - This cemetery is NEAR Orebed Road but not on it. See directions below on the 2005 listing. It should more appropriately be called Schodac Cemetery rather than Orebed Cemetery. It is entirely possible that when the 1970s listing was done, the roads were not clearly marked. I am leaving the name here because it was published in 1970s as Orebed and that information is needed for cross reference to the correct name of Schodac Cemetery. Deeded as Schodac Cemetery.
Surname First Name Birth Date Death Date Age Inscription/Remarks
Buck Sarah M. 11/23/1880 39 yr.9 mo.2 da.  Wife of William E. Buck
Cleaveland Angelina 7/3/1848 1/18/1895
Cleaveland Malon S. 1/13/1841 11/20/1898
Cleaveland Bart V. 4/23/1880 8/1880
Cleaveland Jay R. 2/2/1886 3/28/1896
Dyke Matilda 1883 1930
Dyke Clydie C. 3/3/1885 3 yr. 10 mo. Son of E.A. and C.E.
Hart Adam 7/30/1823 Believe this date of death
Hart Lydia 3/20/1837
Hart James E. 1861 1950
Hart Eva 1865 1944
Harvey James R. 1827 1864
Harvey Mariah 1830 1905
Hayes Grace 4/19/1885 Infant dau. of Edgar E and Mary A. Hayes
Hayes Belva Louise 2/25/1915 Infant dau.of Frank and Janie M.
McConnel Dallas 1858 1918
McConnel Carrie 1872 1951 His wife
Moore Jeremiah 1867 1944
Moore Minnie Champaign 1873 1955
Moore Jeremiah R. 5/18/1830 6/19/1902
Moore Sarah B. 2/15/1831 3/22/1901 His wife
Moore Clarence  1861 1913
Moore Betsey A. 1860 1937
Moore Milton 1880 1895
Moore Sarah 1889
Moore Bind M. 1880 1942 No last name
Smith Martha H. 1836 1905
Smith  Albert 1833 1881
Smith  Anthony 1835 1882
Smith  Charles 1876 1888
Smith  Ceva G. 1/14/  2 mo.  Dau. of Anthony and Emogene
Smith  Alfred 1833 1899
Smith  Rebecca 1842 1905 His wife
Smith  George A. 1877 1904 Their son
Smith  Edith E. 4/1/1879 6 yr. 6 mo. Their daughter
Smith  Chester  1829 1903
Smith  Mary 1835 1920 His wife
Sumner Ralph F. 5 /6/ 1913 1/25/1959
Sumner Mary H. 1885 1921
Sumner Earl A 1884 19??
Sumner Randall W. 1837 1906
Sumner Julia 1846 1920 His wife
Sumner Omer P. 1871 1924
Sumner Eva V. 9/19/187? 2 yr. 9mo. 21 da. Dau of R. W. and Julia S. 
Vermilyea William H. 1879 1945 Father
Vermilyea Vivian Hart 1889 1943 Mother
Vermilyea Helen A. 1917 1918 Daughter
Watkins Seth Sherman Watkins 1842 1906 Father

Name of Cemetery:    Schodac Cemetery 2005
Read By:  Linda CR
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Date Read:   May.3.2005
Location:  Richmond Twp, Tioga County - 100 ft from Corner of N. Schodac & Hollow Rd. (Old Rt.6) on Schodac Road
NOTE: Well maintained-Stones in good shape, but older stones are getting hard to Read
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Dyke Matilida 1883 1930    
Sumner Ralph F. May.6.1913 Jan.25.1959   Pa TSgt HQ Det 103 Med D.N. WWII BSM
Moore Jeremiah R. May.18.1830 Jun.19.1902    
Moore Sarah Feb.15.1831 Mar.22.1901   His wife On stone w/Jeremiah
Harvey James R. 1827 1864    
Harvey Mariah M. 1830 1905    
Moore Jeremiah R. 1867 1944    
Moore Minnie Champaign 1873 1955   On stone w/Jeremiah R.
Sumner Earl A. 1884 1969    
Sumner Mary H. 1885 1921   On stone w/Earl A.
Sumner Randall W. 1837 1906    
Sumner Julia A. 1846 1920   His wife - On stone w/Randall W.
Sumner Omer R. 1871 1924    
Sumner Eva V.   Sep.19.1870 2y9m21d d/o R.W. & Julia S.
Hart James E. 1861 1950    
Hart Eva M. 1865 1944   On stone w/James E.
Hart Adam Jul.30.1823     Co. A 171st Pa Vol.
Hart Lydia M. Mar.20.1837     On stone w/Adam
Smith Chester 1829 1903   Co A 171st Pa Vol
Smith Mary A. 1835 1920   His wife - On stone w/Chester
  Willis E. 1861 1919    
Harvey Ursula M. Apr.7.1859 Sep.11.1893    
Harvey Alice R. Jul.20.1885 Oct.13.1885   On stone w/Ursula M.
Harvey Mary U. Sep.8.1893 Oct.7.1893   On stone w/Ursula M.
Smith Ceva G.   Jan.14 2 mo d/o Anthony & Emogene
Smith Charles 1876 1888    
Smith Anthony 1835 1882    
Vermilyea Richard E. 1948 1983    
Vermilyea Elwyne E. Apr.10.1922 May.6.1993    
          Broken Marker--Unreadable
Smith Alfred 1833 1899    
Smith Rebecca 1842 1905   His wife-Same stone as Alfred
Smith George A. 1877 1904   Their Son--Same stone as Alfred
Smith Edith E.   Apr.1.1879 6y6m Their Dau--Same stone as Alfred
Watkins Albert G. 1869 1899    
Watkins Mary Tubbs 1865 1936   On stone w/Albert G.
Tubbs Mary Jane 1865 1936    
Smith Albert  1833 1881    
Smith Martha H. 1836 1905    
          Base Broken--Foot stone B.V.C.
Cleveland Angaline Jul.3.1848 Jan.18.1895    
Cleveland Malon S. Jan.13.1841 Nov.20.1898   On stone w/Angaline
Cleveland Bert V. Apr.23.1841 Aug.1880   On stone w/Angaline
Cleveland Jay R. Feb.2.1886 Mar.28.1896    
Bird M. 1880 1942    
Moore Clarence 1861 1913    
Moore Betsey A. 1860 1937   On stone w/Clarence
Moore Milton 1880 1895   On stone w/Clarence
Moore Sarah 1889      
Dyke Clydie C.   Mar.3.1885 3y10m s/o E.A. & C.E.
Buck Sarah M.   Nov.23.1880 39y9m2d w/o William E. Buck
          Stake - No marker
Watkins Seth Sheridan 1842 1906   Father
Bailey Mildred E. 1920 1972    
Bailey Lawrence J. 1905     On stone w/Mildred E.
Vermilyea William 1879 1945   Father
Vermilyea Vivian Hart 1889 1943   Mother - On stone w/William
Vermilyea Helen A.Wandal 1917 1918   d/o William & Vivian
Bailey Ella S. 1919 1975    
Hayes Grace Apr.19.1885   d/o Edgar & Mary A.
Hayes Belva Louise Feb.25.1915   d/o Frank & Janie M. - On stone w/Grace
McConnel Dallas 1858 1918    
McConnel Carrie 1872 1951   His Wife - On stone w/Dallas
Note: Clarence Smith was moved to Oakwood by his wife Mary  (Twp. Cem.Records)  

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 17 DEC 2003
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