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Peters Cemetery 2007
Farmington  Township, Tioga County, PA
by Joyce M. Tice 2007
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Name of Cemetery: Peters Cemetery
Read By: Linda C. Reese
Date Read: October. 2007.
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Location: Farmington Twp., Tioga Co. PA - Located on State Road
Other Comments: This cemetery is in poor condition.  Many stones are down, broken and missing. About a third of the graves have no markers at all. If it wasn't for one person, this cemetery probably wouldn't even be mowed.
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Allen Lilborn 4/5/1793 3/20/1871   b.Richmond, NH/d. Richmond, Pa.
Allen Jerahmul   4/11/1864   In his 94th year
Allen O. M. 1820 1894   On marker w/Jerahmul
Allen Varmun   12/28/1875 65 yr On marker w/Jerahmul
Allen Lamira   12/7/1877 65 yr On marker w/Jerahmul
Taylor Wm. 2/27/1840 3/20/1889   On marker w/Jerahmul
Taylor Mary 1/10/1863 48y w/o Winslow-On marker w/Jerahmul
Potter Eliza       w/o M.C. - Rest of stone gone
Potter Eve       w/o ??-Rest in cement
Carl Abraham   6/21/1876 82y4m27d  
Stevens David   2/7/1872 61y1m  
Stevens Cordelia 5/28/1812 11/20/1896   On marker w/David
Hammond Emily A.   9/29/1854   w/o Lewis - Rest of stone gone
Wright Asahel    4/3/1867 77y5m14d  
Wright Temperance   11/17/1865 76y5m5d On marker w/Asahel
Redfield Mary 1817 1893   w/o Levi
Redfield Levi 1807 1861   On marker w/Mary
Beard Walter S. 1900 1918   s/o J. N. & L.
Beard Wm. R. 9/22/1819 2/19/1890    
Beard Ruth Ann 8/10/1822 4/29/1889   On marker w/Wm. R.
Beard John N. 1857 1930    
Beard Lillie 1871 1945   w/o John N. - On same marker
Sherman George E. 1843 1921   Co. F 4th Reg. NY Art.
Meade Homer K.   2/11/1942   Pa Mech. US Army
Hunt Harry   7/23/1890 22 mo s/o Geo. & Mary
Patterson L. C. 8/18/1833 8/18/1891   Co. A 104th NY Vol.
Petters Emma 8/18/1859 7/10/1924    
Petters John W. 1860 1886    
Petters Lena   9/23/1875 5y1m8d d/o J.E. & Priscilla
Petters J. E. 10/18/1834 3/23/1896    
Petters Priscilla Smith 8/12/1837 2/18/1923    
Petters Joseph   7/17/1878 75y10m8d  
Petters Eliza   8/18/1880 80y3m20d w/o Joseph
Petters Charles E. 7/13/1867 7/8/1886   s/o J.E. & P.-died in Africa
Rowley Orlando 11/22/1803 5/22/1882    
Patterson Lucious C.   7/18/1891 54y11m Co A NY 104 Vol.
Pierce H. 1837 1922    
Pierce Hellen 1836 1900   w/o H. - On same marker
House Carlos H. 11/8/1812 12/11/1887    
House Adelia 7/28/1824     w/o Carlos - On same marker
House Willie C. 1857 1923   On marker w/Carlos & Adelia
House Bertha B.       On marker w/Carlos & Adelia
Mortimer Carl H.       On marker w/Carlos & Adelia
Mortimer M. Hazel       On marker w/Carlos & Adelia
Dalton Martha Diantha   10/28/1858 19y7m2d d/o Peter
Dalton Samantha       On marker w/Martha
Cass Willard 1817 1895    
Cass Esther 1822 1850   w/o Willard - Same marker
Cass Olive  1817 1885   w/o Willard - Same marker
Cass Martha R.   8/8/1853 5y9m28d d/o W & E.L.-Broken-Hard to read
Burton William R.C. 7/22/1960 3/27/1993    
Burton Sheila K. 3/29/1962     On marker w/William
Phoenix Debrah 1805 1872   w/o Richard
  Betsy       Rest unreadable/may be Betsy Stokes
Chamberlin Deborah M.   8/13/1845 42y1m4d w/o Chandler
Chamberlin Isabella   3/11/1886 71y9m2d "The grave of my mother-C.Chamberlin
Chamberlin Calvin   1/11/1859 88y9m26d  
Peters Mary P.   10/31/1851 15y15d d/o Joseph & Eliza
Peters Lydia N.   2/4/1852 22y6m5d d/o Joseph & Eliza
Cady Ruth    7/1/1850 57y8m25d w/o Lemuel
Cady Betsey        w/o Abner-Rest of stone gone
Cady Erastus 4/18/1834 10/27/1900    
Cady Harriet   12/4/1877 39y4m11d w/o Erastus - Same marker
House Clarence M.   3/12/1856 8y7d s/o Carlos & Adelia
Pierce Catharine Place   5/19/1899 81 yr  
Palmer Jennie L.   5/30/1878 27y5m22d w/o C.K.
Cass Marian 1/9/1893 11/8/1896   d/o H.L. & E.A.
Cass Gertrude May 5/10/1880 6/26/1882   d/o H.L. & E.A.
Cass Susie 2/17/1874 7/22/1876   d/o Marcus & Elizabeth-Stone bad
Cass Marcus W. 1/15/1849 2/11/1893    
Cass Elizabeth 1846 1936   On marker w/Marcus W.
        4d All that's readable-Stone about gone
Grover S. D. 5/16/1816 9/21/1891    
Grover Emeline 8/6/1827 2/14/1895   On marker w/S.D.
Kizer C. M.       Co L 189 NY Inf.
Kizer Leown S. 1859 1917    
Kizer Adelia 1864 1908   w/o L. S.
The following  stones are thrown in a pile in the woods. They have been put there sometime since the reading in 1972. Following are the ones I have pulled from the pile as of Oct. 2007. They are whole or broken, and some are in very bad shape
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Russell Orrin   1/4/1887 85 yr  
Hobson Charles 1863      
Hobson Emma 1884 1915   On marker w/Charles
Pierce Fanna   1/8/1878   w/o John V.
Stokes Margaret   10/9/1846 14y9m14d Children of Johnathan & Betsey
Stokes Ransom P.   9/19/1846 4y10m12d On above marker
Stokes Johnathan   5/20/1868 66y3m29d  
Cady Catharine       w/o Chester - Rest of stone gone
Vandusen John H.   11/27/1862 45y5m23d  
Cady Almyra   1854   w/o Amasa
Stokes Esther J.   11/26/1860 39y10m11d s/o Johnathan
Stephens Susan M.   8/8/1858 29y w/o Washington - Rest of stone gone
      6/5/18??   25 or 7 y-8m20d- Rest unreadable
House Mortimer M. 1/23/1908 3/28/1981 73 yr This info from Burial Permit
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Published on Tri-Counties 17 AUG 2008
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