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Photo of Pumpkin Hill Cemetery 
by Joyce M. Tice
April 1998
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Located on the east side of Pumpkin Hill Road in Rutland Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Markers copied April 1979 and again November 1982 by J. Kelsey Jones. Note from Joyce M. Tice: This cemetery is in extremely poor condition, possibly beyond restoration. It has grown up to woods. Stones are either on the ground or leaning against trees which have displaced them, many are broken. Recently the stones of Phil Tice and his wife Amanda Sutton were on the ground under bee hives which had been placed on top of them. I believe they have been removed at the request of my father, but it is difficult to even find many of the stones at this point. It is even very difficult to navigate in the cemetery and climbing more accurately describes the way one has to move through it. 
 List submitted by and printed with permission of J. Kelsey Jones, November 1997, minor revision 2009 
Cemetery is in abominable condition and the landowner is willing to work with us to get it cleaned up. 
Biographies and Obituaries

Located on the east side of Pumpkin Hill Road in Rutland Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Markers copied April 1979 and again November 1982 by J. Kelsey Jones. This cemetery was perhaps begun by the Wood family as the cemetery is on warrant parcel 1373 settled in 1810 or earlier by Lemuel Wood and Salome Gregory. Their son Solomon Wood has the oldest dated marker in the cemetery. The obituary of Amanda Sutton wife of Philip Tice states she was buried in Rutland Cemetery.

B_________ M. B. (this is only a footmarker and there is no evidence of the headstone unless the marker for Matilda Benson some distance away belongs with the footmarker)

BARNHART John son of Artimas & Annis Barnhart d. Sept 20, 1849 1y 6m 4d

Lyman son of Artimas & Annis Barnhart d. Oct 17, 1849 8y 5m 11d

BARTEN Laura S., wife of Oliver Barten d. Nov 16, 1862 24y 8m

BENSON Jacob Benson Jr. d. Apr 2, 1874 62y 7m 3d

Sally wife of Jacob Benson d. Mar 25, 1873 66y

Matilda wife of Otis S. Benson d. Apr 26, 1877 62y 3m 23d

She was a kind and affectionate wife a

fond mother and a friend to all

Roxanna Benson d. Feb. 26, 1904 82y 8m 14d (no marker - Tioga County death record: b. Rutland buried Pumpkin Hill dau of John and Phebe Harr Benson) COOK Hiram Cook d. Sept 27, 1871 70y 9m 11d

Lucinda Cook d. Aug 11, 1872 61y 6m 27d

Elmer son of G. J. & Eleanor S. Cook d. Mar 2_, 1875 8y 6m 25d (marker cracked and portion of date is unreadable)

Emmet son of G. J. & Eleanor S. Cook d. Dec 29, 1867 1y _m 29d (marker broke and portion is missing)

Mertie L. 1874-1885 (located near Cook markers with no surname on marker, but Cook descendants indicated that this was a Cook marker)

DECKER Minerva wife of J. M. Decker Sept 17, 1841 Oct 1, 1880

DIX Rosa dau of G. E. & Mary A. Dix d. Mar 28, 1874 3m 28d

ESTES Elias H. Estes d. Nov 6, 1865 16y 11m 29d

JOHNS Ella dau of S. S. & Rosetta Johns d. May 8, 1877 7y 2m 18d

OSGOOD Sarah J. Osgood 71y 25d

PETERS Lester Peters Apr 17, 1812 Dec 3, 1851

SLADE Caroline Slade 1835-1883

STOUT Jacob C. Stout d. Oct 18, 1867 67y

J. T. Stout d. May 15, 1863 43y 3m Polly Stout d. Apr 27, 1893 74y 1m 20d

Jacob B. Stout d. Oct 26, 1875 31y 2d

Lydia Ann Stout d. Aug 12, 1861 18y 8m 29d

Hattie Stout d. Apr 1, 1890 30y

Harry son of Hattie Stout d. June 6, 1890 6m

R. M. Stout d. Jan 11, 1874 23y 3m 22d TICE/TISE Philip Tice d. Jan 21, 187_ __y 8m _d (stone badly deteriorated)

Amanda wife of Philip Tise d. June 23, 1894 80y

Oliver A., son of Philip & Amanda E. Tice d. Jan 1, 1862 18y 2m 25d

UPDYKE Abram I. Updyke d. Oct 1, 1864 83y 9m

Delana wife of A. I. Updyke d. July 25, 1873 68y

Lorren son of Abram & Delana Updyke d. Aug 13, 1863 23y 11m 27d

Ada F. Updyke Oct 8, 1869 Jan 4, 1874

WOOD Solomon Wood d. Mar 6, 1848 64y 5m

Caroline wife of Solomon Wood d. Jan 29, 1870 86y

Stephen H. Wood d. Mar 16, 1872 62y 11m 4d

Polly wife of S. H. Wood Dec 25, 1811 Jan 21, 1892

Ellen H., wife of H. D. Wood d. Dec 7, 1874 28y

Caroline Drury who died in 1870 is buried here under married alias of Carolline Wood 
She lived 1784 - 1870.
Gould Family may be buried in a Gould Family Cemetery on Pumpkin Hill.

Eli Gould d. 1820 or 1821. His widow Abigail Thomas removed to Ohio with some of her children.

Gardner Gould son of Eli Gould and Abigail Thomas d. 1861 (probate filed 9 Oct 1861).

Eunice Benson wife of Gardner Gould d. May 4, 1894 (Mrs. Gould died at Albert John’s on Bailey Creek, buried Pumpkin Hill Cemetery (Mansfield Advertiser, May 9, 1894).

Patience Benson wife of Philander Gould d. Oct 12, 1880 Rutland.

Philander Gould son of Eli Gould and Abigail Thomas died 1881 buried Pumpkin Hill.

Hi Joyce,

In Pumpkin Hill Cemetery http://www.rootsweb.com/~srgp/cemt/pumpkin.htm

I copied - Sally wife of Jacob Benson d. Mar 25, 1873 66y

I either copied the date incorrectly or the inscribed date cannot be correct as she is related to have been born 1817 daughter of Dr. Ezra Wood and Rachel Rumsey.

I find for Ezra Wood and Rachel Rumsey in several internet locations the following:

b. 24 OCT 1776 CT
d. 11 OCT 1839 Rutland, PA

b. 29 SEPT 1780 Redding, CT

Joel WOOD b. 20 JAN 1799 Hubbardton, VT
Son WOOD b. 14 AUG 1801 Hubbardton, VT
Daughter WOOD b. 11 JUN 1802 Hubbardton, VT
Son WOOD b. OCT 1804 Hubbardton, VT
Draquilla WOOD b. 12 OCT 1805 Hubbardton, VT
Stephen WOOD b. 18 FEB 1810 Hubbardton, VT
Louis WOOD b. 31 DEC 1812 Hubbardton, VT
Son WOOD b. 12 APR 1814 Hubbardton, VT
Sally WOOD b. 26 JUL 1817 Hubbardton, VT
Hannah WOOD b. 24 JUN 1820 Hubbardton, VT
Charity WOOD b. 29 SEP 1826 Rutland, PA

Since the above are complete dates one assumes they came from a family bible or Vermont vital records.

Dr. Ezra Wood left a Will and from the names in the Will it is known the above family is for the same Ezra Wood. For her marker to be correct the year would be 1878 and the age 60 years.

You may want to put a note on the Pumpkin Hill Cemetery page.

J. Kelsey Jones - February 2007

Abstracts from the Pumpkin Hill Cemetery copied by J. Kelsey Jones March 2007

I do not copy the entire deed as for my purposes there are only about 5 sentences out of 50 that mean a whole lot in terms of establishing time lines, location, etc., but can send to you.

However, here is the good stuff and still transcribing so there are more names that help to establish that some families were in the area by late 1813. Note the William Ford below. L. Wood would be Lemuel Wood, D. Nichols would be David Nichols, etc.

Amounts against the estate of Alvin Bacon late deceased in favor of Eben Bacon:

28 Sept 1813 – going to Wellsborough to see about the administration of sd estate expenses included $6.40

12 Oct 1813 – going to Wellsborough with the bail $9.00

12 Oct 1813 – expenses at the same time $5.00

12 Oct 1813 – expenses for the letter $2.93

20 Oct 1813 – collecting the goods and attending with appraisers $2.00

20 Oct 1813 – seventeen dollars paid to the appraisers $17.00

20 Oct 1813 – 25 cts paid to Esqr Lamb for qualifying appraisers $.25

20 Oct 1813 - $5 for court fees $5.00

20 Oct 1813 – Registers fees for guardian letter $1.50

20 Oct 1813 – two dollars and fifty seven cts paid to Howd Spaling $2.57

20 Oct 1813 – sixty two cts paid O. Canfield $.62

20 Oct 1813 – nineteen dollars and fifty eight cts paid to W. D. Bacon $19.58

20 Oct 1813 – six dollars 31/100 paid Wm Ford $6.31

20 Oct 1813 – three dollars paid to L. Wood $3.00

20 Oct 1813 – fifty cts paid it D. Nichols $.50

20 Oct 1813 – fifty cts paid to S.

20 Oct 1813 – sixteen dollars and forty seven cents paid to H. Ross $16.47

20 Oct 1813 – fifty cts paid to J. Franklin $.50

20 Oct 1813 – 25 cts cts paid to C. Barns $.25

20 Oct 1813 – 26 dollars paid to John Smith $25.00

Published on Tri-Counties  25 NOV 1997
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