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St. Andrew's Cemetery, Blossburg Borough, Tioga County, PA - 2008
Photos of St. Andrews
by Joyce M. Tice 
19 MAY 2001
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Name of Cemetery: St. Andrews Cemetery
Read By: Linda C. Reese & Joyce M. Tice
Date Read: January. 2008
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Formatted and Published by Joyce M. Tice 02 December 2008
Location: Blossburg, Tioga County, PA
Other Comments: On Rte. 2017 in Blossburg, stay on Main Street all the way.
GPS: 41.66570 -77.05637
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Section A          
Feeney Michael 1873 1930    
Feeney Ann 1877 1930    
Feeney Kathryn 1885 1957    
Feeney Owen 1846 1895    
Feeney Margaret 1853 1923    
Just a Base          
Scullin Martin   7/6/1872 25y8m  
Feeney Mary Ann   10/7/1873 1y1m26d d/o Owen & Margaret
No Surname Ellen 1875 1958    
Collins John   9/14/1875 10m14d Children of Daniel & Catharine
Collins Michael   1/15/1875 7y2m15d Children of Daniel & Catharine
Brennan Thomas 1835 1911    
Brennan John T. 1878 1952    
Brennan Bridget       No dates
Brennan         Father-Mother-Thomas-Mary-No dates
No Surname Patrick James       No dates
Clisham Margaret   5/6/1884 4m8d Children of Stephen T. & Jane-Same Marker
Clisham Stephen T., Jr.   2/9/1889 1m13d Children of Stephen T. & Jane-Same Marker
Clisham Catharine   10/6/1875 7m26d Children of Stephen T. & Jane-Same Marker
Clisham Jane   8/16/1882 6m7d Children of Stephen T. & Jane-Same Marker
Skelly Ellen Lee   7/8/1875 41 yr w/o Patrick-On same marker
Skelly Patrick James 9/11/1825 8/27/1900   From Co. Loncford, Ireland
Skelly Patrick H. 1868 1956    
Ryan Thomas     53 yr Born Upper Church Co., Tipperay, Ireland
Ryan Ellen   10/26/1885 48 yr w/o Thomas of Fall Brook-Native of the Parish of Upper Church Co. Tipperary, Ireland, On marker w/Thomas
Hayes David   5/18/1900 60 yr  
Kerwan William 1885 1910    
Kerwan William   9/15/1893 37y10m On marker w/above William
Kerwan Sarah M. 1859 1933   On marker w/above William
Kerwan Catherine E.   8/9/1882 1y1m On marker w/above William-c/o Wm. & Sarah
Kerwan Julia   12/4/1890 10m  On marker w/above William-c/o Wm. & Sarah
Tuckey Thos.   1/3/1878 64 yr  
Tuckey Mary Ann   3/17/1897 70 yr w/o Thomas - On same marker
Doherty Ellen Blake   12/15/1876 58yr w/o John
Birmingham Paul P   12/25/1878 35 yr Died Christmas Day
Hyde Johanna 1813 1889    
Milliken Margaret Robinson 1861 1924    
Ely Michael 7/24/1829 1/1/1890    
Ely Mary  1/10/1832 3/20/1915    
Ely Victor 8/4/1852 7/1/1887    
Ely Victor 9/1/1879 8/26/1899    
Clemens Ida Ely 1863 1912   w/o Frank
Videan Aminda Ely 1859 1935   w/o Mack
Ryan John J. 1900 1968    
Ryan Margaret A. 1872 1933    
Ryan Michael A. 1862 1922    
McCarthy Jeremiah B. 1850 1919    
McCarthy Cordelia 1855 1917    
McCarthy Elizabeth 1885 1918   Sister
Kerwan Edward P. 1867 1935    
Kerwan Jane Cowley 1868 1939    
Ryan Martin 1911 1918    
Ryan Thomas F. 1854 1935    
Ryan Patrick   8/18/1876 68 yr  
Ryan Margaret   9/22/1890 70 yr w/o Patrick-On same marker
Kiley David 1844 1926   Born Askeaton Co. Limericy, Ireland
Kiley         Late Serg. Co C 12th & 21st US Inf.-Same Marker
Kiley Maria 1840 1915   Born Stakeston Co., Roscommon, Ireland-On marker w/David
Hammond Margaret 1855 1926    
Carr John   7/30/1881 65 yr  
Carr Michael   2/9/1882 28 yr "His son" - On marker w/John
Carr Ellen   10/9/1881 8m18d Children of John & Agnes - Same marker
Carr Mary   8/8/1882 6y1m15d Children of John & Agnes - Same marker
Hyland Mary A.   10/7/1882 34 yr w/o Stephen
Quigley Margaret 1/26/1839 5/31/1872   w/o Robert
Murray Mauric Wm.   9/2/1883 4y8m24d s/o Wm. & Hannah
Cunningham Charles   8/13/1877 11y7m  
Cunningham Elizabeth M. 1843 1908    
Dwyer Patrick   3/8/1888 66 yr  
Dwyer Edward P.   10/20/1882 26y6m13d s/o Patrick & Mary-On marker w/Patrick
Dwyer Mother     83 yr  
Smaglinski Marcy Anna 3/20/1845 9/2/1913    
Robinson Charles   10/13/1877 74 yr  
Birriolo Raymond J. 1880 1963    
Birriolo Anna M. 1884 1955   On marker w/Raymond J.
Dacey Timothy 1829 1892    
Dacey Ellen R. 1844 1888   On marker w/Timothy
Dacey Jerry       c/o Timothy & Ellen - Same marker
Dacey Mary       c/o Timothy & Ellen - Same marker
McDonnell Catherine Reilly   1907   w/o Malacki
McDonnell Malachi   1906   On marker w/Malacki
McDonnell Thomas F.     1y s/o Catherine & Malachi - Same marker
McDonnell John M. 1879 1961   Colonel US Air Force-s/o Catherine & Malachi - Same marker
Cunningham John   3/24/1933    
McMahon Hannoda   12/31/1880 88 yr w/o James
Clohessy James   10/4/1914 74 yr  
Clohessy Bridget   9/19/1901 61 yr w/o James
Clohessy John   12/29/1935 68 yr  
Conley Anna M. 11/21/1874 7/26/1904   w/o Henry
Birriolo Family       No other information
Smith Leo J. 5/3/1893 4/30/1897   s/o P. & K.
McCarty Mary E. Ryan   2/2/1885 39 yr  
McCarty John J.   5/6/2895 46y5m24d On marker w/Mary E.
McCarty George   11/29/1877   Their Children - On same marker
McCarty Gerald   2/14/1881   Their Children - On same marker
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