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Photo in Reynolds Cemetery
by Joyce M. Tice
May 2007
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Located in south central Rutland township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania near the Sullivan township line in the northwest corner of VanNess Hill crossroads. The oldest marker with an inscription is dated 1837 for Almeda Reynolds. Markers copied August 1982 by J. Kelsey Jones.
 Submitted by and printed with permission of J. Kelsey Jones November 1997
This cemetery is in abominable condition at this time (October 2001) Tombstones are toppled, briars and other brush have taken over. Many tombstones are buried and broken. Very poor condition. This is located at the crossroads north of  Tears Corners (Sullivan Township) in the most southern part of Rutland Township.
May 2007- The Doxtaders have cleaned up the cemetery. Millie Doxtader note : Mike and Walter Sherman set up the stones, the township brought in some dirt and Mike has been filling in the “sunken” parts of the cemetery with the use of Dean McKay tractor. It really looks like a cemetery now and it is almost done. Maybe we may even have some family members stop,which would be great.
 THANKS to those who did  this. Terrific!!!  Mike and Walter Sherman are Reynolds - Smith descendants. Millie and Mike Doxtader are not related to anyone in the cemetery so they deserve special credit for taking responsiblity for this little burial ground next to their house. See updated photos at bottom of page.
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 ALLEN W. Allen d. Apr 28, 1885 89y 4m 5d

Prudence wife of Wm. Allen d. Feb 12, 1847 42y 8m 8d

    1. H. Allen June 2, 1827 Dec 30, 1886
Elizabeth B., wife of Wm. H. Allen d. Jan 30, 1865 30y 4m 18d Victor son of Wm. H. & Eliz’th B. Allen d. Dec 10 1862 _y _m 2d (broke and portion missing)

Mary Violet dau of W. H. & Eliz’th B. Allen d. _________ 3y 2m (broke and portion missing)

ARGETSINGER ___________ son of J. G. & Eli___ Argetsinger d. Sept 27, 1856 _______ (broke and portion missing)

AUSTIN Lydia wife of Stewart Austin d. Oct 23, 1846 43y 1d

Anna dau of Stewart & Eliza Austin d. Oct 10, 1830 1y _m _d (broke and portion missing) BACON Louisa _., wife of Lewis Bacon d. July 21, 1849 31y 5m 28d

BRONSON Celia Bronson 1845-1928

HUBBELL Rebecca A., wife of Albert J. Hubbell d. Jan 15, 1855 25y 9m 13d

PEARS Charles Pears d. Sept 1, 1849 59y

Sally wife of Charles Pears d. (remainder of marker has disintegrated)

PHILLIPS Mary M., dau of Solomon & Eunice Phillips d. Feb 13, 1855 14y 1m 23d

REYNOLDS Almeda Reynolds d. Apr 10, 1837 17y 7m 27d

Ezra B. Reynolds d. Dec 3, 1888 54y

Margaret wife of Bennett Reynolds d. Mar 6, 1888 72y 1m (this is a four-sided monument which has toppled from its foundation and the underside was unreadable) Orin son of Bennet & Margaret Reynolds d. Jan 13, 1854 17y 8m 3d

Sarah J., wife of H. M. Reynolds d. Apr 15, 1876 34y 10m 21d

Bertie C., son of H. M. & Sarah J. Reynolds d. Feb 20, 1869 7m 7d

Melissa d. Aug 3, 1873 67y 4m 19d wife of Methuen Reynolds

Argalus M., son of H. M. & S. J. Reynolds d. ___ 6, 1864 2y 10m 10d (broke and portion missing) M. D. Reynolds AE 72 born 1846 (footmarker M.D.R. GRAT WARS 1918) William H. Reynolds 1850- [1927]

Sallie A. 1848-1918

SMITH John Smith 1814 1902

Harriet 1825 1906

Celia L., dau of John & Harriet N. Smith d. Apr 7, 1852 5m

TAYLOR Donald V. M. Taylor July 18, 1931 May 1, 1932

October 2001 photo at left
May 2007 above

Photos at left and above taken April 2007 during cleanup./
Many thanks to Millie and Mike and all who helped them take the Reynolds Cemetery from a briar patch back to a neat burial ground.  The stone for baby Colie Smith, son of Addie Makeley and Emerson Smith, was uncovered during the April cleanup. Died April 28 1901 aged 3 months and two days. - Emerson Smith Diary Entry

Published on Tri-Counties
25 NOV 1997
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