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Transcribed for Tri Counties by David Bailey 2005
Formatted & Published by Joyce M. Tice 2005
Joyce's Search Tip - January 2008
Do You Know that you can search just the Census Records on the site by using the three county level Census  buttons in the Partitioned search engine at the bottom of the Current What's New Page

You can further limit your search by choosing the find all words option and entering a year or township name along with your surname. Remember that alternate spellings of surnames WILL affect your search results.

Census records are very often difficult to read because of handwriting, microfilm quality, and spelling issues. Our early census takers were not as well educated as we'd like them to have been, and even the people bearing the names often could not spell them with the same consistency we are accustomed to in this era. The census taker wrote what he believed he heard as well as he could. These have been transcribed for you to the very best or our abilities given the difficulties mentioned. Please be tolerant of what you would consider "mistakes." If you can recognize the names you are looking for, then it is a success. If not, then you may want to find a place where you can view the originals so that you can judge for yourselves. Excessive attention to outmoded spelling issues is the sign of a beginner in family research. Those of you who have been at this a while are well aware of the "spelling errors" in our early records and have learned to deal with them. If you have a comment that you think is important for a particular entry send it to me with the EXACT page URL and I will place your note at the bottom of the page.
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1. Page; 2. Dwelling #; 3. Family #; 4. Age; 5. Sex;  7. Occupation; 8. Real Estate value; 9. Personal Property value; 10. Birthplace; 11. married in year; 12. In School; 13. Cannot read or write.
* Indicates illegible or questionable reading.
1 2 3 NAMES 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
19     Richard Lee 32 M   farmer     PA      
      Emily 20 F         PA      
      Emaline 15 F         PA   X  
      James Tuton* 15 M         PA   X  
  1442 1315 Nathaniel Horton 50 M   farmer 3500 500 PA      
      Mahala 28 F         PA      
      Frederick 6 M         PA      
      Frances 4 F         PA      
      H Vroman 23 M   farmer   100 PA      
      Samantha 24 F         PA      
      Kellen* A 6/12 F         PA      
  1443 1316 Simeon Chapman 61 M   farmer 700 300 PA      
      Polly 56 F         PA      
      Elias 21 M         PA      
      Levi 19 M         PA      
      Charles 17 M         PA      
  1444 1317 George Carlton 26 M   day laborer     PA      
      Lucy 24 F         PA      
      Edward F 5 M         PA      
      Edmond F 5 M         PA      
  1445 1318 Rollin Wilcox 48 M   farmer 7000 600 PA      
      Porter 18 M   farmer     PA      
      Huston 16 M   farmer     PA      
      Frank 15 F         PA   X  
      Harriet 12 F         PA   X  
      Frances 25 F         PA   X  
      Hannah Dekay* 17 F   domestic     PA      
      Sheffield Wilcox 77 M   farmer     RI      
      Alonzo Ross 37 M   farm hand     RI      
  1446 1319 Lewis L. Jones 48 M   farmer 400 100 PA      
      Lydia 30 F         PA      
      Ida 8 M         PA   X  
      Edna 7 F         PA   X  
      * 5 M         PA      
      Lilly 3 F         PA      
  1447 1320 Hannah Wilcox 40 F   farmer   100 PA      
      Edwin 22 M         PA      
      Delphine 17 F         PA   X  
      James 14 M         PA   X  
      Eunace 13 F         PA   X  
20     George 10 M         PA   X  
      Benj 45 M         PA      
  1448 1321 Amanda Wilcox 43 F         PA      
      Adalaide 17 F         PA      
      Louisa 14 F         PA   X  
      Harriet 11 F         PA   X  
      M____* 9 M         PA   X  
      Augusta 7 F         PA   X  
      Estella 4 F         PA      
      Jessie 1 F         PA      
  1449 1322 John P Ormsby 38 M   day laborer 300 100 PA      
      Hannah 40 F         PA      
      J W Wilcox 20 M         PA      
      Ann A Ormsby 10 F         PA      
  1450 1323 Kaurry* Wilcox 48 M   farmer 3000 500 PA      
      Luan 30 F         PA      
      Armeda 12 F         PA   X  
      Dora 11 F         PA   X  
      Elizabeth 7 F         PA   X  
      Emma 5 F         PA   X  
      Brunett 3 F         PA      
      Freman 81 M         RI      
      Clarinda 67 F         RI      
  1451 1324 Daniel Kellogg 47 M   farmer 2500 400 CT      
      Eliza 43 F         PA      
      Mary E. 16 F         PA   X  
      Florence[NB Lawrence] 14 M         PA   X  
      Francis 12 M         PA   X  
      Irene 9 F         PA   X  
      Ida 5 F         PA      
      Louise 3 F         PA      
      Joseph Hatch 19 M   day laborer     PA      
      G M Granmer* 41 M   constable   200 PA      
  1452 1325 Wm Babcock 46 M   day laborer   50 PA      
      Olive 40 F         PA      
      Delphine 16 F         PA      
      Hubbard 18 M   day laborer     PA      
      Ford 13 M         PA      
      William 10 M         PA      
      Newton 8 M         PA      

Published on Tri-Counties Site on 5/6/2005
By Joyce