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1870 Armenia Township Census
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Transcribed for Tri Counties by Paul E. Newell
Formatted by Joyce M. Tice
Enumerator: V. M. Wilson
Date Enumerated: June 1-4, 1870
Photo from Warren Nash Collection
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Household 01 11 21 31 45 55 61 71
      Agnes F. 40 F Keeping House     New York    
      Agnes E. 19 F Teaching School     Penna    
      Mary V. 17 F Teaching School     Penna    
      Hanah 15 F       Penna    
      Adaline F. 13 F       Penna    
      Burdette 7 M       Penna    
      Henry W. 2 M       Penna    
      Edwin O. 25 M       New York    
46 46 Green John J. 51 M Farmer 7,500 200 New York    
      Sarah 55 F Keeping House     Penna    
      Charles 22 M Farm Laborer     New York    
      Jarvis H. 20 M At Home     New York    
      Emma E. 10 F       New York    
    Richmond Homer 17 M Farm Laborer     New York    
47 47 Burnham John 34 M Farmer 1,500 500 Penna    
      Ealelia 31 F Keeping House     New York    
      Frank 7 M       Penna    
      Eva B. 1 F       Penna    
      Eliz 27 F Teaching School     Penna    
49 48 Burnham Alba 66 M Farmer 2,000 800 Conn    
      Sally M. 57 F Keeping House     Conn    
50 49 Jackson Richard 37 M Farmer 1,200 100 Vermont    
      Lydia 11 F       Penna    
      Dina S. 8 F       Penna    
      Margaret 6 F       Penna    
    Cooley Mary 30 F House Keeping     Penna    
51 50 Richmond John 55 M Farmer 600 200 New York    
      Sarah M. 55 F Keeping House     New York    
52 51 Sweeney John 42 M Farmer 2,000 800 Penna    
      Hannah 44 F Keeping House     Vermont    
      Stephen 20 M Farm Laborer     Penna    
      John 16 M At Home     Penna    
      Lela A. 10 F       Penna    
      Robert 6 M       Penna    
      William 2 M       Penna    
53 52 Burnham Joel 50 M E. Minister 1,400 500 New York    
      Huldah 52 F Keeping House     Penna    
      Josie P. 8 F       Penna    
      Ella 16 F       Penna    
      David 14 M At Home     Penna    
54 53 Yeumans John 49 M Farmer 2,000 500 New York    
      Adeline 45 F Keeping House     New York    
      Levi 24 M Farm Laborer     Penna    
      Louisa 10 F       Penna    
      Lydia 5 F       Penna    

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 08/21/2003
By Joyce M. Tice