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1880 Federal Census Records for  Chemung County NY 
City of Elmira  - First Ward

1880 City of Elmira Census - First Ward

Nearly 2000 People in this Census Transcription For City of Elmira - First Ward
A View of Broadway in Elmira - undated
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Transcribed by Carlton Wolfe
City of Elmira, First Ward
Enumerated June 12, 1880 by W. A. Kingsbury
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21         Thomas  7 M son at home NY NY NY
        Bownight Ruby 85 F widow housekeeper NY NY NY
        Weaver Frank 16 M   laborer NY NY NY
  380 180 219 Hall  J. M. 37 M hus piano tuner KY    
          Julia  36 F wife housekeeper NY NY NJ
          Ella M. 5 F dau at home NY KY NY
  390 181 220 Bedell S. P. 47 M hus retail grocer NY NY NY
          Lucy E. 46 F wife housekeeper MI NY NY
          Cara 22 F dau at home NY NY MI
          Bayard 6 M son at home MI NY MI
        Pratt C. B. 49 M broth-in-lw wido/store clk NY NY MI
        Donahue Mary 20 F   servant Ireld Ireld Ireld
        Bedell Eunice 19 F sister cashier NY    
  402 182 221 Fitch Orson H. 68 M hus farmer NY NY NY
          Frances 54 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY
          Hester M. 36 F dau at home NY  NY NY
          Maggie R. 24 F dau at home NY  NY NY
        McDonald Peter  21 M   servant NY NY NY
  408 183 222 McDowell J. L. 58 M hus fire/life ins.agt NY NY NY
          Clara  48 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY
          Boyd 22 M son NY NY NY
        Edsall Hattie 23 F dau at home PA NY NY
  420 184 223 Fay Clarrisa 36 F widow housekeeper NY NY NY
          Laura E. 16 F dau at home NY NY NY
          Edwin M. 4 M son at home NY NY NY
        Mead  Elisabeth 72 F mother wido/at home NY NY NY
  452 185 224 Gardiner E. D. 60 F widow housekeeper NY Ireld NY
        Weale Mattie 27 F   servant NY Eng NY
  466 186 225 Dumars P. R. R. 60 M hus editor PA   PA
          Herietta 49 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY
  470 187 226 Roosa A. P. 54 M hus com. frwr. NY    
          Amanda 50 F wife housekeeper NY    
  470 187 227 Nye G. M. 63 M hus com. frwr. MA MA MA
          Catharine 61 F wife housekeeper MA MA MA
          George B. 26 M   book keeper NY MA MA
          Jennie E. 18 F NY MA MA
  502 188 228 Minier T. L. 60 M hus retired banker PA Germ  
          Sarah B. 55 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY
          Maxwell 25 M son coal dealer NY PA NY
        Maloney Ellen 40 F   servant Ireld Ireld Ireld
        Cross Gerrge 40 M   servant MD MD MD
  506 189 229 Atkinson W. A. 50 M hus coal dealer ME ME ME
          C. E. 49 F wife housekeeper ME ME ME
        Campbell Edger 29 F son-in-law coal dealer NY ME ME
          Allice  25 F dau at home PA ME ME
        Webster Mary E. 73 F moth/wido boarder ME ME ME
        Webster Pauline 51 F sister at home ME ME ME
        Shiearn Carrie 24 F   servant Can Can Can
  514 190 230 Barker Fred 41 M hus hdwe.merch't. ME ME ME
21         Emma C. 32 F wife housekeeper ME ME ME
22       White John W. 71 M father-in-lw wido/ret.mer. ME ME ME
          Isabella  36 F sister-in-lw at home ME ME ME
          Marietta 25 F sister-in-lw at home ME ME ME
        McNerny Susan 38 F   servant Ireld Ireld Ireld
  520 191 231 Fish Wilber W. 45 M hus merchant PA PA PA
          Eliza 40 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA
          Wilbur P. 11 M son PA PA PA
          Edwin C. 4 M son at home PA PA PA
        Sharpe Ella 18 F   servant PA NJ PA
        Winnie Orella 25 F   servant NY CT CT
        Johnson Peter 21 M   servant NY    
  524 192 232 Carey William F. 43 M hus at home NY NY Scotld
          Ella J. 39 F wife housekeeper MA MA MA
          Susan 15 F dau NY NY MA
          Alice F. 1 F dau at home NY NY MA
          Margerette 68 F moth/wido at home Scotld Scotld Scotld
        Mack Bridget 36 F widow servant Ireld Ireld Ireld
        Mastin Kate 46 F   nurse NY NY NY
  528 143 233 Hoffman John S. 68 M hus real est. dlr. NY PA NY
          Lydia S. 56 F wife housekeeper NY Ireld NY
          Allosie 30 F dau at home NY Ireld NY
        Whiting Sarah 62 F sister at home NY Ireld NY
        McCarthy Mary 26 F   servant Ireld Ireld Ireld
  608 144 234 Dewitt Sutherland 50 M widower express agt. NY    
          Charles 23 M son express clk. Can NY NY
          Anna 20 F dau at home NY NY NY
        Barrett Maggie 38 F   servant Ireld Ireld Ireld
  622 145 235 Fletcher O. M. 41 M hus lumber dealer NH    
          Frances 30 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY
          Fredie 11 M son NY NH NY
          Mamie 10 F dau NY NH NY
  622 145 236 Sutton William W. 29 M hus car shop wkr NY NY Eng
          Lottie F. 29 F wife housekeeper NY NJ NY
          Corra 1 F dau at home NY NY NY
        Cadmus John A. 69 M father boarder NJ NJ NJ
  628 146 237 Mosher Humphrey 44 M   butcher PA NY NY
          Susan 46 F sister housekeeper PA NY NY
        Wilson Edwin 22 M nephew clerk PA NY Ireld
  630 147 238 Beers E. O. 51 M hus dep.sheriff NY PA NY
          Mary A. 49 F wife housekeeper PA NY NY
        Renny Mary 21 F   servant NY Eng Wales
  634 148 239 Bartholmew  Lewis 42 M hus flour mill NY    
          Mary 43 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY
          Matie 20 F dau at home NY NY NY
          Josie 11 F dau IN NY NY
  636 149 240 Ingersoll O. N. 54 F widow housekeeper NY    
          Seeley E. 28 M son store clerk NY NY NY
  640 150 241 Williams J. W. 58 M hus rolling mill wk NY Wales NY
          Pamelia 57 F wife housekeeper NY    
22         Mary 13 F dau NY NY NY

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 03/21/2002
By Joyce M. Tice