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1880 Federal Census Records for  Chemung County NY 
City of Elmira  - Second Ward

1880 City of Elmira Census - Second Ward -Part 1 of 2

Nearly 3100  People in this Census Transcription For City of Elmira - Second Ward in Two parts
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Transcribed by Carlton Wolfe
City of Elmira, Second  Ward
Enumerated June 9, 1880 by M. P. White
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Census records are very often difficult to read because of handwriting, microfilm quality, and spelling issues. Our early census takers were not as well educated as we'd like them to have been, and even the people bearing the names often could not spell them with the same consistency we are accustomed to in this era. The census taker wrote what he believed he heard as well as he could. These have been transcribed for you to the very best or our abilities given the difficulties mentioned. Please be tolerant of what you would consider "mistakes." If you can recognize the names you are looking for, then it is a success. If not, then you may want to find a place where you can view the originals so that you can judge for yourselves. Excessive attention to outmoded spelling issues is the sign of a beginner in family research. Those of you who have been at this a while are well aware of the "spelling errors" in our early records and have learned to take them in your stride. 
21 105 143 211 Sellner Barney 57 M hus tailor Prussia Prussia Prussia  
          Marl 57 F wife housekeeper Prussia Prussia Prussia  
          Eddy 10 M son NY Prussia Prussia  
          Mary 23 F dau at home NY Prussia Prussia  
          Dora 19 F dau at home NY Prussia Prussia  
  103 144 212 Gappee Martin 50 M hus brick yd. wkr. Germ Germ Germ  
          Anne 50 F wife washwoman Germ Germ Germ  
          Katie 60 F moth-in-lw widow Germ Germ Germ  
  115 145 213 Tobin Edward 47 M hus cooper Can Ireld Ireld EAST FIRST STREET
          Mary 46 F wife housekeeper Ireld Ireld Ireld  
          John 21 M son printer PA Can Ireld  
          Mary 18 F dau at home Can Can Ireld  
          Alice 16 F dau at home Can Can Ireld  
          Edward Jr. 15 M son printing office NY Can Ireld  
          Patrick 13 M son NY Can Ireld  
          Nora 12 F dau NY Can Ireld  
          Catherine 9 F dau NY Can Ireld  
          Elizabeth 7 F dau NY Can Ireld  
          Daniel 10m M son at home NY Can Ireld  
  113 146 214 Hamilton Charles 50 M hus plan.mill wkr. ME ME ME  
          Mary 50 F wife housekeeper NY ME ME  
          Lena May 13 F dau NY ME ME  
          Willie 11 M son NY ME ME  
  105 147 215 Mann Michael 55 M hus has no work Ireld Ireld Ireld  
          Bridget 55 F wife housekeeper Ireld Ireld Ireld  
          James 19 M son store clerk NY Ireld Ireld  
          Michael 17 M son NY Ireld Ireld  
        Kennedy Johanna 18 F niece housekeeper Ireld Ireld Ireld  
        Sullivan Daniel 50 M widower plumber/board Ireld Ireld Ireld  
        Kelly John 24 M boarder shoe shop wk MA Ireld Ireld  
        Conroy Thomas 28 M boarder wk.rolling mill Ireld Ireld Ireld  
        Carmoddy Dennis 45 M boarder cooper Ireld Ireld Ireld  
        Moore Alex 60 M boarder stone mason Ireld Ireld Ireld  
  103 148 216 Washington Sarah 22 F boarder laundress NY OH    
        Bell Hank 35 M hus laborer NY NY NY  
          Aurilla 33 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY  
        Dorsey Katy 11 F dau at home NY NY NY  
  109 149 217 Harris Elisha 36 M hus laborer VA VA VA  
          Elizabeth 39 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY  
        Bailey Jane 25 F   servant NY NY NY  
  111 150 218 Woods Emma 27 F     DC DC DC  
  101 151 219 Chalker James 38 M hus laborer NY Eng Ireld  
          Jane 40 F wife housekeeper NY      
        Moore Andrew 17 M step-son laborer NY      
  101 152 220 Boland Mary 34 F   boot fitter Ireld Ireld Ireld WEST FIRST STREET
          John 14 M son bootblack etc. NY Ireld Ireld  
          Mary 10 F dau at home NY Ireld Ireld  
          Thomas 9 M son at home NY Ireld Ireld  
  101 152 221 Harris Eliza 34 F   housekeeper NY NY NY  
21         Mary 17 F dau at home NY NY NY  
22 104 153 222 Thompson Maria 63 F widow housekeeper CT      
          Edward C. 26 M son cartman NY Eng CT  
          Sarah I. 23 F dau-in-law housekeeper NY NY MA  
          William  1 M gr. son at home NY NY MA  
          Fred 16 M gr. son omni-driver NY      
  104 153 223 Vincent Rebecka 70 F widow carpet weaver NY NY NY  
  108 154 224 Cummings James 64 M hus brick mason Ireld Ireld Ireld  
          Ann 55 F wife housekeeper Ireld Ireld Ireld  
  108 155 225 Traver John 35 M   laborer NY NY CT  
          Sarah 72 F moth/wido housekeeper CT Eng CT  
          Betsey 64 F sister-in-lw boarder NY NY NY  
  112 156 226 Munson Lydia 65 F   housekeeper NY MA NH  
          Eunace 79 F sister  housekeeper NY MA NH  
  114 157 227 Saunders Edwin 40 M hus boot maker MA MA MA  
          DeEtta 38 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY  
          Harry 7 M son NY MA NY  
  116 158 228 Guion Mary L. 43 F   housekeeper NY VT NY  
        Adams John Q. 43 M boarder book keeper NY NY NY  
    159 229 Norton Ellen 55 F widow washwoman Ireld Ireld Ireld  
  210 160 230 Morse Racius 35 M widower stationary NY NY NY  
          George W. 7 M son at home NY NY NY  
          Racius Jr. 4 M son at home NY NY NY  
  226 161 231 Pettit Jennet S. 40 F widow servant NY NY NY WEST SEVENTH STREET
        Sullivan Bridget 23 F   servant NY Ireld Ireld  
        Norton Norman R. 64 M widower wk.rolling mill NY NY NY  
          Emma 30 F dau housekeeper NY NY NY  
          Hannah 26 F dau at home NY NY NY  
          Grace 24 F dau at home NY NY NY  
          Fanny 14 F dau NY NY NY  
  222 162 232 Boak James C. 51 M hus yd.masterERR NY NY NY  
          Emily 48 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY  
          Carrie L. 23 F dau at home NY NY NY  
          James L. 12 M son at home NY NY NY  
  216 163 233 Jenkins George A. 26 M hus painter NY NY NY  
          Luie 26 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA  
  219 164 234 Sherman James 32 M hus cabinetmaker Eng Eng Eng  
          Alice 29 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY  
          Willie 12 M son at home NY NY NY  
          Minnie 4 F dau at home NY NY NY  
          Dora 2 F dau at home NY NY NY  
          Kitty 1m F dau at home NY NY NY  
  219 165 235 Mahaney Matt 32 M hus coachman PA Ireld Ireld  
          Mary 30 F wife housekeeper NY Ireld Ireld  
          Mary 4 F dau at home NY PA Ireld  
          Susie 2 F dau at home NY PA Ireld  
  217 166 236 Waugh Elizabeth R. 61 F widow housekeeper MA Eng RI  
        Lionard Ada 25 F boarder housekeeper PA PA PA  
  212 167 237 Brophy P. H. 50 M hus   NJ Ireld Ireld  
22         Emily N. 40 F wife housekeeper OH Eng Eng  

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 7/4/2002
By Joyce M. Tice