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1880 Federal Census Records for  Chemung County NY 
City of Elmira  - Fourth Ward

1880 City of Elmira Census - Fourth Ward -Part 2 of 2

Nearly 3500  People in this Census Transcription For City of Elmira - Fourth Ward in Two parts
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City of Elmira, Fourth  Ward
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1 206 1 1 Palmer George W. 54 M hus carpenter NY NY NY EAST CHURCH ST.
          Mary E. R. 49 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY  
          Lillian 18 F dau at home NY NY NY  
          Minnie F. 17 F dau at home NY NY NY  
          George R. 15 M son NY NY NY  
          Carrie Bell 13 F dau at home NY NY NY  
        Taylor Jennie M. 15 F   servant NY NY NY  
        Gillet Solaman 76 M widower Noble Mfg.Co. CT CT CT  
          Louis 25 M gr. son Noble Mfg.Co. NY NY OH  
        Watrous Nancy 84 F sist-in-lw housekeeper CT CT CT  
        Stephens Carrie 48 F   music teach. PA PA PA  
        Credon Mary 28 F   servant Ireld Ireld Ireld  
  306 3 3 Hart Ira F. 50 M hus editor NY NY MA  
          Marion 52 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY  
          Fannie E. 27 F dau at home NY NY NY  
        Dewey Mary 38 F widow servant NY NY NY  
  462 4 4 Pratt Elizabeth 44 F widow housekeeper NY CT CT  
          George D. 24 M son telephone ex. NY NY NY  
          Fannie S. 41 F sist-in-lw at home NY NY NY  
          Gaylard S. 25 M boarder store clerk NY NY NY  
        Havemyre Edward  26 M boarder cigar maker NY NY NY  
          Carrie 22 F boarder   NY      
        Danalo Henry  50 M broth/wido canal contrac NY NY NY  
        Lucy Mary 25 F   servant NY Ireld Ireld  
  468 5 5 Holmes Lemuell 31 M hus dry goods dlr. NY ME NY  
          Imagen 28 F wife housekeeper NY Scotld NY  
          Robert A. 7 M son at home NY NY NY  
          Lemnell 6 M son at home NY NY NY  
          Edith 3 F dau at home NY NY NY  
          Harry 4m M son at home NY NY NY  
        McCann Nelly 20 F   servant Can Ireld Can  
        Richie Kate 15 F   servant NY MA MA  
  213 7 7 Covert Sidney 41 M hus grocer NY NY NY MADISON AVE.
          Phebe  41 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY  
          Jennie 10 F dau NY NY NY  
        Cole David 68 M fath-in-lw wido/tanner NY NY NY  
  209 8 8 Redington John 70 M hus comm. agent PA MA VT  
          Caraline 56 F wife housekeeper NY NY Can  
          Volly 31 M son blacksmith NY NY NY  
          Edward  22 M son painter PA NY NY  
        Golden Charley 25 M boarder printer NY NY NY  
        Baldwin Frank 24 M boarder lawyer NY NY NY  
  207 8 9 Booth Elijah 30 M hus teamster NY NY NY  
          Katharine 20 F wife housekeeper Eng Wales Wales  
          Elizabeth 1 F dau at home NY NY Wales  
  155 9 10 Gregerory Isaac N. 42 M hus printer NY CT NY  
          Angie 36 F wife housekeeper MI NY NY  
          Louisa 19 F dau NY MI NY  
          Merritt 15 M son printer NY MI NY  
1       Chara Sarah 26 F   servant PA Ireld Ireld  
2 153 10 11 Gregg William H. 50 M hus physician NY NY NY  
          Fannie M. 41 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY  
        Thornton Lidia 21 F   servant NY MA Eng  
  115 11 12 Velder Teckler 52 F widow housekeeper Austria Austria Austria  
          Valeria 26 F dau at home NY Austria Austria  
          Julius 14 M son store clerk NY Austria Austria  
        Lenard Lora 23 F boarder   NY Ireld NY  
        Kluge Fred 26 M boarder tailor Saxony Saxony Saxony  
        Rachell Adolp 30 M boarder painter Prussia Prussia Prussia  
        Zeizer Carl 33 M boarder painter Switzld Switzld Switzld  
        Sullivan Daniel 31 M boarder tailor Eng Ireld Ireld  
  159 12 13 Dewitt William P. 65 M hus gun smith DE DE DE  
          Betsey 60 F wife housekeeper VT VT VT  
          Lucindy 37 F dau at home NY DE VT  
          Edward  35 M son hay presser NY DE VT  
          Julia  28 F dau housekeeper NY DE VT  
          Roscons 19 M son gun smith NY DE VT  
        Smith Lillian 26 F dau widow NY DE VT  
          Lillian 3 F gr. dau at home NY DE VT  
        George James 40 M boarder upholsterer Eng Eng Eng  
        George Louise 30 F boarder wife Eng Eng Eng  
        George James 9m M boarder son NY Eng Eng  
        Murdock Alexander 46 M boarder lawyer/hus Scotld Scotld Scotld  
        Murdock Phebe  46 F boarder wife NY MA MA  
        Davidson Mrs. 28 F widow  milliner/board ME ME ME  
        McGlone Mary 14 F   servant MA Ireld Ireld  
  113 13 14 Smith Harry J. 26 M hus carpenter NY NY NY  
          Bell K. 26 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY  
        Mattinson Delia 21 F   servant NY NY NY  
  111 14 15 Weyman William 53 M hus   NY      
          Semanthy 60 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY  
        Willson Bell  29 F widow boarder PA NY CT  
        Fenner Jennie 35 F wido/board dress maker PA NY NJ  
        Janes William 20 M boarder blacksmith NY      
  109 15 16 Anhalt Abraham 38 M hus wool/hide dlr. Prussia Prussia Prussia  
          Lea 30 F wife housekeeper Eng Prussia Prussia  
          Charles 6 M son at home NY Prussia Eng  
        Slatteray Lizzie 18 F   servant NY MA Ireld  
  107 16 17 Trout Miles 39 M hus blacksmith PA      
          Adelia 36 F wife housekeeper NY Halifax MA  
          Fannie A. 15 F dau NY PA NY  
          Jennie L. 11 F dau NY PA NY  
          Stephen M. 6 M son at home NY PA NY  
        Laburt Charles 18 M boarder blacksmith NY PA NY  
  102 17 18 Russell Charles 52 M hus tea/coff.merch NY NY VT FOX STREET
          Urma J. 57 F wife housekeeper NY VT MA  
          Frank N. 27 M son store clerk NY NY NY  
          Preston 16 M son store clerk NY NY NY  
  104 18 19 Knickerbeker James 40 M hus hackman NY NY NY  
2         Sarah 39 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA  

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 3/1/2003
By Joyce M. Tice