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Transcribed by Carlton Wolfe
Formatted by  Joyce M. Tice
You're absolutely right. Hay bales were not that shape in 1880, but we have to make do with what we can get now.
Nelson Township
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10       Elisabeth 69 F   mother-in-law NY NY NY
  68 69 Hoyt David 63 M hus farmer PA NY PA
        Sarah 60 F wife housekeeper Eng Eng Eng
  69 70 Parks Joseph 35 M hus RRstation agt NY Ireld Ireld
        Lucinda 27 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY
        Lee 7 M son   PA NY NY
        William 11m M son   PA NY NY
  70 71 Loop Albert M. 62 M hus physician NY NY NY
        Sophia 43 F wife housekeeper NY PA NY
        William 22 M son mill hand PA NY NY
        Markie 10 M son   PA NY NY
        Wallace 7 M son   PA NY NY
      Bogart Samuel 76 M wido/board farmer NY NY NY
  71 72 Bates Adaline 41 F div. farmer PA CT MA
        Joseph 9 M son   PA NY PA
  72 73 Coates Timothy 27 M hus farmer PA PA PA
        Helen 26 F wife housekeeper PA PA NY
        Willie 2 M son   PA PA PA
        Myra 4 F dau   PA PA PA
  73 74 Pierce William 55 M hus farmer NY NY NY
        Adaline 46 F wife housekeeper NY NH VT
        Nora 24 F dau school teach. PA NY NY
  74 75 Goodrich Henry 36 M hus farm laborer NY NY NY
        Elisabeth 32 F wife housekeeper IL Eng Eng
        Frances 8 F dau   IL NY IL
        David 6 M son   IA NY IL
  75 76 Stewart Warren 53 M hus farmer NY CT MA
        Sally Ann 51 F wife housekeeper NY CT CT
        Delia 27 F dau housekeeper NY NY NY
        Bert 23 M son farm laborer NY NY NY
        Willie 21 M son sawmill hand NY NY NY
        Ida 14 F dau   PA NY NY
      Loop Dora 7 F gr. dau   PA NY NY
  76 77 Rowley Benson 33 M hus farmer PA NY NY
        Jane 29 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY
        Myrtie 9 F dau   PA PA NY
10       Willie 1 M son   PA PA NY
11 77 78 Elleston Nathan 33 M hus trackhand RR NY NY NY
        Angeline 27 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY
        Stella 2 F dau   PA NY NY
  78 79 Bostwick Marshall 35 M hus section boss NY Ireld Ireld
        Emma 35 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY
        Nellie 7 F dau   PA NY NY
        Ella 5 F dau   PA NY NY
        Henry 3 M son   PA NY NY
  79 80 Taft Daniel 65 M hus farmer NY RI CT
        Amanda 60 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY
        Henry 31 M son farmer NY NY NY
        Josephine 27 F dau-in-law housekeeper PA NY PA
  80 81 Baxter Dewitt 35 M hus merchant NY NY NY
        Sarah 36 F wife housekeeper PA CT MA
  81 82 Richardson Alonzo 52 M hus farmer NY Eng Eng
        Amanda 44 F wife housekeeper PA NY NY
        Fabaian 26 M son trackhand RR PA NY PA
        Cassius 20 M son day laborer PA NY PA
        Cora 11 F dau   PA NY PA
      Stanley Mary Ann 68 F widow mother-in-law NY NY NY
  82 83 Goodrich James 48 M hus day laborer NY NY NY
        Cemantha 37 F wife housekeeper NY NY MA
        Nettie 18 F dau   NY NY NY
  83 84 Boltum Jerome 38 M hus hay dealer etc PA CT NY
        Mary  39 F wife housekeeper NY MA NY
        Freddie 10 M son   PA PA NY
      Willis Freddie 45 M servant day laborer NY NY NY
      Russell Sarah 29 F servant housekeeper PA NY PA
  84 85 Gillette Ralph 53 M hus dentist LA    
        Alice 37 F wife housekeeper Can Can Can
        Cassius 20 M son cadet NY LA PA
        Bert 17 M son   NY LA PA
        Ralph 7 M son   Can LA Can
        Leona 5 F dau   PA LA Can
  85 86 Baxter George H. 55 M hus farmer/grocer NY CT NY
        Clara 48 F wife housekeeper PA CT CT
        Nora 29 F dau   PA NY PA
        Tella 25 F dau   PA NY PA
        Calvin 19 M son   NY NY PA
      Gates Manley 13 M nephew   PA PA PA
  86 87 Loop Albirt Jr. 32 M hus painter PA NY NY
        Maggie 14 F wife housekeeper PA NY NY
  87 88 Strait Perry 46 M hus stone mason NY NY NY
        Emily J. 45 F wife housekeeper PA VT PA
      Wiles Lantie 14 M nephew   PA NY PA
        Lorilla 64 F mother widow PA PA PA
  88 89 Knapp William 60 M hus farmer NY NY NY
11       Sally Ann 54 F wife housekeeper PA Scotld Scotld

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By Joyce M. Tice