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 Subj:  Elmira Telegram 1890
Date:  04/20/2004 10:52:33 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Sherry Vossoughi)

Good Morning Joyce,
Attached are 480 names mentioned in Elmira Telegram  in the year 1890.  At the end of the year the paper did a review of the year.  I have typed this in Excel. Most of these are deaths but some other incidents are also mentioned. Hope you can find good use for this on the site. The site is looking wonderful!
Sharron Vossoughi
Modesto, CA
Surname 1st Name Date Place of Death Comments on Incident
HILL "Dell" 1/1/1890 City Hospital From Injuries rec'd on RR at Columbia X Roads PA
HORTON C. F. 1/1/1890    
ATWATER Dwight 1/1/1890    
HILL William 1/1/1890    
OBERHAUER Miss Gabrielle 1/1/1890 New York (City?) Shoots herself because she was jilted by Wm Brill
DALEY Daniel T. 1/3/1890 Wilkesbarre, PA (Formerly of Elmira)
BROWN David B. 1/5/1890    
KNIFFIN Mrs. Doren J. 1/5/1890    
HOFFMAN Mrs. John Smith 1/5/1890    
Three unnamed men   1/5/1890 Wellsboro, PA Construction Train on Fall Brook RR goes thru bridge
BRITENBAKER Mrs. Jacob 1/5/1890    
CURTIS Miss Alice A. 1/6/1890    
LEARY Bartholomew 1/6/1890 Kane, PA  
WHITE Ella 1/6/1890   Escapes from jail
HOLLAND Randolph 1/6/1890    
RUDDY Thomas A. 1/7/1890 Rochester Formerly of Elmira
CLARKE Sylvanus M. 1/8/1890    
PARRY Jane 1/8/1890    
EDWARDS William R. 1/10/1890 E. Church St. Shot by Mrs. Mary E. Eilenberger at her home.
EILENBERGER Mrs. Mary E. 1/10/1890   Arrested for murder of Wm. R. Edwards
KOONTZ Simon 1/10/1890   Commits suicide
Bell Boy   1/11/1890 Versailles, Ky Burned to death
RYAN John 1/11/1890   Death
LOGGIE Russell 1/11/1890   Death
GOODMAN Dr. F. W. 1/11/1890   Death
SPILLAN Mrs. John 1/12/1890   Death
HALEY Miss Nellie F. 1/14/1890   Death
KEAVEN Officer John 1/15/1890   Assaulted and brutally beaten by a gang of thugs
GRAVES Mrs. Harry T. 1/15/1890   Of Millerton, PA
LEARY Arthur 1/15/1890 Elmira, NY Sudden death. Of Ridgebury, PA.
EILENBERGER Mrs. 1/15/1890   Indicted for murder in the 1st degree by grand jury.
FRASER S. D. 1/15/1890 Otisville, NY Formerly of Elmira
HOLDEN Fox 1/19/1890   Death
SMITH Isaac S. 1/19/1890 Syracuse NY Formerly of Elmira
WALSTER Conrad C. 1/19/1890   Letter Carrier. Arrest on a charge of rithing? Letters.
KENNING Charles 1/19/1890   Death
McNEIL Mrs. John 1/20/1890   Death
NELSON John 1/21/1890   Death
COVELL Robert 1/21/1890   Death
LUCY Mrs. Dr. T. F. 1/21/1890   Death
THOMPSON Mrs. Thomas C. 1/21/1890   Of Big Flats
STAGE Chancey 1/22/1890 Elmira, NY Found dead on Davis St.
CARNAHAN Miss Allie M. 1/22/1890   Death
DONGE?Y Mrs. Manda 1/22/1890   Of Sullivanville
WILSON James 1/24/1890   Death
WEBB Frank W. 1/24/1890   Injured by the cars.
GARDNER Mrs. Hannah I. 1/24/1890   Death
WEBB Frank W. 1/25/1890 Elmira, NY Dies from his injuries.
MERRIAM Albert 1/25/1890   Of Wellsburg
SICKLES Mrs. George 1/25/1890   Death
ROBERTS Henry S. 1/26/1890   Death
FLANNERY Thomas  1/27/1890   Death
BURDICK W. P. 1/28/1890   Death
HAMILTON Mrs. Henry W. 1/29/1890   Commits suicide
SATTERLEE Elias B. 1/30/1890   Death
GOLDSMITH Benjamin 1/30/1890   Death
Unnamed passengers   1/30/1890 Owego, NY Five passengers hurt in an Erie Wreck
NAGLE Miss Anna 1/30/1890   Death
LOVEJOY R. H. 1/30/1890   Death
FRENCH Lyman 1/30/1890   Death
LATHAM E. A. 1/31/1890   Died of injuries received in Owego wreck
ROGERS Mrs. Maria 1/31/1890   Death
BECHTOL Fred C. 1/31/1890   Of Schenectady. Dies from injuries rec'd from John Griffin
BURGETT William K. 1/31/1890   Death
TILLSON Mrs. James 1/31/1890   Death
ROMER Miss Gertrude 2/1/1890   Death
BOWLEY Mrs. Levi 2/1/1890 Elmira, NY Death. Of Wellsboro, PA
POMEROY Eleasor 2/1/1890   Of Troy PA. Arrested for embezzling of niece Mrs. Fanny Dampf
CLARK Miss Hattie 2/2/1890   Death
STILSON Mrs. William 2/3/1890   Death
BAILEY William 2/3/1890   Death. Of Pine Valley.
RUMSEY Milo H. 2/4/1890   Death
BALDWIN Mrs.Enev(Ency) 2/4/1890   Death
GRADY Mrs. Annie 2/5/1890   Death
HOLLERAN James 2/6/1890   Death
CLARK Miss Nettie 2/7/1890   Death
QUINLAN Michael 2/7/1890 Jersey City Death. Formerly of Elmira
PRATT D. R. 2/8/1890   St. Paul Distilling Co.wins verdict in St. Paul agst D. R. Pratt of Elmira
POMEROY Eleasor 2/10/1890   Criminal proceedings against him are dismissed.
AYRES Edward H. 2/10/1890   Death
CUSHING Joseph W. 2/10/1890 Susquehanna, PA Commits suicide. Formerly of Elmira.
LOTT Allen 2/10/1890   Death. Of Van Ettenville
MONROE Andrew 2/10/1890 Arnot Ogden Hos. Death
BERRY James W. 2/12/1890   Death
HALL Mrs. S. W. 2/12/1890   Death
PULFORD Arthur D. 2/14/1890   Death
MILLER William 2/15/1890   Death
South Waverly Bank   2/15/1890   Dec handed down in favor of stockholders of wrecked So. Waverly Bank
DELKY Charles 2/16/1890   Death
GAMPER Louis 2/16/1890 Patterson NJ Death. Formerly of Elmira
SHIELDS Mrs. Peter 2/16/1890   Death.
CLARK Horace 2/17/1890   Death
PHELPS Edwin Howard 2/17/1890   Death
DARYEA Virgil Y. 2/18/1890   Death
SMITH Samuel S. 2/19/1890   Death
PICKERING Mrs. Silas 2/19/1890 New York (City?) Death. Formerly of Elmira
RUSSELL Mrs. Eliza E. 2/21/1890 Elmira, NY Death. Of Des Moines, Ia.
TREADWELL Gordon W. 2/21/1890 Colton, CA Death. Formerly of Elmira
TICE Jacob 2/21/1890   Death
KEANE John 2/23/1890   Death
CARMODY Mrs. Michael 2/23/1890   Death
Stuart & Beach   2/24/1890   Costly fire in Stuart & Beach's and adjoining stores.
MAILEY John 2/25/1890 Junction City, KS Death. Formerly of Elmira
WOOD Asa 2/27/1890   Death. Of South Creek
SCHAEFFER Rev. Josiah G. 2/28/1890 Rochester Death. Formerly of Elmira
LITZELMAN John W. 3/1/1890 The hospital Death. Brakeman
McMILLAN Henry H. 3/2/1890   Death.
ANDRUS Mrs. Laura 3/3/1890   Death
KIMBALL John H. 3/3/1890   Death
EINSMAN Miss Amanda 3/4/1890   Death. Of South Creek (This could be KINSMAN)
MERICLE Mrs. Hannah I. 3/4/1890   Death
DALYRAMPLE Mrs. Sarah A. 3/4/1890 Oswayo, PA Death. Formerly of Elmira
FRAWLEY Martin 3/5/1890   Death
WARREN Mrs. Electa W. 3/5/1890   Death
EDSALL Mis Hattie 3/5/1890   Death
CARRUTHERS John 3/5/1890   Death
CURRAN Mrs. Thomas C. 3/8/1890   Death
DEMPSEY Patrick H. 3/9/1890   Death
DAY T. S. 3/10/1890   Death. Of the Town of Horseheads.
McNEVIN Miss Maria 3/10/1890   Death
ANDERSON Harry 3/11/1890   Died from injuries rec'd by the cars.
BILLINGS Joseph H. 3/11/1890   Death
SMITH Howard M. 3/11/1890 Buffalo Death. Former Mayor of Elmira.
DeWITT Mrs. J. M. 3/12/1890 Buffalo Death. Formerly of Elmira
ROOT Captain 3/14/1890   Case against him dismissed at Watkins
GRIFFIN Frank W. 3/14/1890   Escapes from jail at Schenectady where he was chgd w/murder.
PALMER A. M. 3/16/1890 Havana Death. Formerly of Elmira
ROBERTSON Mrs. S. S. 3/17/1890   Death
BERTHOLF Miss Carrie A. 3/17/1890   Death
HARRINGTON Thomas E. 3/19/1890   Death
WALSH William 3/20/1890   Death
NEWMAN Albert 3/21/1890   Death
O'NEIL Mrs. Owen 3/23/1890   Death
WRIGHT Peter 3/23/1890   Death
DAHOU Mark T. 3/23/1890   Death
DURANT Mrs. Rachael L. 3/23/1890   Death
ROSENBAUM Lehman 3/27/1890   Death
WAGNER Mrs. Amelia 3/28/1890   Killed by the cars
MURPHY Hollister S. 3/29/1890   Death
HUEGEL Mre. Edward 3/30/1890   Death
MIXTER Horace 3/30/1890   Death
THOMAS N. Spencer 3/30/1890   Death
ANDREWS John 4/1/1890   Death
DeVOE Col. Frederick A. 4/1/1890   Death
ADAMS Edward L. 4/1/1890   Appointed deputy collector of Internal Revenue for this district.
MEAR Miss Mary A. 4/2/1890   Death
LOVE  James 4/2/1890   Death
REAGAN Mrs. Catherine 4/2/1890   Death
LIBOLT George B. 4/4/1890   Death
MARVIN Henry 4/8/1890   Death. Of Pine City.
BRONSON William H. 4/8/1890   Death
STONE Mrs. D. J. 4/8/1890   Death
DECKER Samuel T. 4/9/1890   Death
MEAR Thomas 4/10/1890   Death
BERTRAM Sister 4/10/1890 Academy of Our Lady of Angels Death. Order of the Sisters of St. Mary
BREESE Mrs. John 4/11/1890   Death. Of Horseheads.
BATSON/BETSON Mrs. Sarah A. 4/12/1890   Death
MEYER Miss Katie 4/12/1890   Death
SADLER Frank B. 4/13/1890   Death
EASTERBROOK R. B. 4/13/1890   Death
CAMPBELL Thomas 4/15/1890   Death
KENNEDY John 4/16/1890   Death
McCAFFREY Mrs. Robert S. 4/17/1890   Death
GERE Andros 4/17/1890   Death. Of Chemung
McDONALD John 4/18/1890   Death. Of Hendy Creek.
BOSWORTH Harry 4/18/1890   Death. Of Chemung
O'DONNELL Mrs. Arthur 4/19/1890   Death.
HOGAN Daniel  4/20/1890 Prob. Chemung River Remains found in the river.
DeWITT Miss Lucy 4/20/1890   Death
BOORAM Mrs. S. D. 4/20/1890   Death. Of Horseheads.
A. Sellner & Co.   4/21/1890   Clothing store closed by the sheriff.
CAMPBELL Charles 4/22/1890   Death
STILES William H. 4/22/1890   Death
REAGAN Jeremiah 4/23/1890 Harrisburg Death. Formerly of Elmira
HUNT Mrs. Eden 4/24/1890   Death. Of Erin
AYERS Mrs. Emily 4/25/1890   Death
ROBINSON Edward 4/25/1890 Waverly, NY Death. Formerly of Elmira
LLOYD Reese 4/26/1890   Death
GONZALES William 4/26/1890   Death. Of Wellsburg
DEWITT Charles G. 4/27/1890 Owego, NY Death. Of Elmira.
HOPKINS Thomas H. 4/29/1890   Death.
JOSLIN Mrs. Sarah M. 4/29/1890   Death. Of Chemung.
NIXON Mrs. J. LeRoy 4/29/1890   Death. Of Horseheads.
BATES Col. J. S. 4/30/1890   Sudden death. 
OWENS Mrs. Anna 4/30/1890   Death
VAN NORDEN Doctor 5/1/1890   Installed as president of the college.
CUMMINGS Mrs. Mary E. 5/2/1890   Death
WENTWORTH Mrs. John B. 5/2/1890 Buffalo Death. Formerly of Elmira
BIXBY E. D. 5/2/1890 Olean Death. Formerly of Elmira
HATHAWAY Mrs. Helen Chase 5/3/1890   Death.
KOHN Mrs. Nancy M. 5/4/1890   Death.
GRAY Hiram 5/6/1890   Death. Ex-judge.
LEAVITT John 5/7/1890   Death.
FLYNN Patrick  5/9/1890   Death
WOOD Mrs. Sarah F. 5/11/1890   Death
CATLIN Mrs. Thomas  5/13/1890   Death
KELLY Mrs. John 5/15/1890 Wyandotte, KS Death. Formerly of Elmira
C. J. Langdon & Co.   5/16/1890   Their Nelson shaft at Shamokin burned.
BREESE Bert 5/16/1890 Johnstown, PA Shot by Fred E. Decker.
CONGDON Sarah 5/19/1890   Death
Public Stock & Grain   5/19/1890   Office in Elmira closed.
DECKER Fred E. 5/19/1890 Rathboneville, NY Killed by the cars. Of Elmira.
PIPPE Michael 5/19/1890   Killed by the cars. Of Elmira.
Chemung River   5/20/1890   Floods and caused considerable damage in and about the city.
WELSTER Conrad C. 5/21/1890   Sentenced to two years imprisonment.
FARLEY Mary J. 5/21/1890   Death
PNILER Mrs. Rebecca 5/21/1890   Death
AYRES Mrs. Jacob J. 5/22/1890   Death. Of Wells, PA.
YATES Mrs. 5/22/1890   Death
KENNAN George  5/27/1890   Lectures at opera house.
COMFORT Mrs. Myrtella 5/29/1890   Death. Of Wellsburg.
MURPHY Mrs. Winfield 5/30/1890   Death.
MERCER Mrs. Anna M. 5/30/1890   Death
BROOKS Florence Fisher 6/1/1890   Death
KNIGHT Mrs. Frank 6/1/1890   Death
BUTLER William F. 6/4/1890   Death
STRATTON Mrs. Luzelia 6/4/1890   Death
MILLER Hector L. 6/4/1890   Death
WHITING Mrs. Sarah F. 6/5/1890   Death
RYAN Charles J. 6/5/1890   Death
ETTENBERGER Charles 6/7/1890   Death
ENOCH Hiram R. 6/8/1890 Washington DC Death. Formerly of Elmira
MARVIN Seth 6/9/1890   Death. Of Town of Southport.
RHODES Nathanial 6/9/1890   Death.
WILLIAMS Charles 6/9/1890 Ithaca Killed by the cars. Of Elmira.
DEISTER John 6/10/1890   Death
BOTSFORD Nelson 6/10/1890   Death. Town of Veteran.
COE S. N. 6/11/1890 Canton PA Death. Formerly of Elmira
WARREN J. Frank 6/13/1890   Killed by his son Herbert while engaging in quarrel with his wife
DEYO Isaac S. 6/14/1890 Woods nr Lockwood Remains found in Woods nr Lockwood NY.
VAN ALSTINE A Keeper 6/16/1890   Convict Coleman makes a murderous assault on him at reformatory
NEWMAN Mrs. Mortimer 6/16/1890   Dies under mysterious circumstance. Hus arrested and released.
NEWMAN Infant child 6/16/1890   Dies under mysterious circumstances. Father arrested & released
SMITH Mrs. William H. 6/17/1890   Death. Of Big Flats.
TEED C. F. 6/18/1890   Death
BURNS John 6/18/1890   Death
HALL Charles T. 6/18/1890 Binghamton Death. Formerly of Elmira

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