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 Subj:  Elmira Telegram 1890
Date:  04/20/2004 10:52:33 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Sherry Vossoughi)

Good Morning Joyce,
Attached are 480 names mentioned in Elmira Telegram  in the year 1890.  At the end of the year the paper did a review of the year.  I have typed this in Excel. Most of these are deaths but some other incidents are also mentioned. Hope you can find good use for this on the site. The site is looking wonderful!
Sharron Vossoughi
Modesto, CA
Surname 1st Name Date Place of Death Comments on Incident
CATLIN Thomas 6/19/1890   Death
TERRY Mrs. Charles A. 6/23/1890   Death
KILLAIN Miss Sarah E. 6/24/1890   Death
ENOCH Mrs. Hiram 6/24/1890   Death
CHAPMAN Mrs. Herbert 6/24/1890   Death
PERRY Andrew J. 6/25/1890 Near Addison Fatally injured.
WILCOX Col. E. M. 6/27/1890   Death
Barker,Rose& Gray   6/30/1890   Gutted by fire.
FRANCIS Thomas 6/30/1890   Death
HYDE Mrs. Mary  6/30/1890   Death
GILES Joseph W. 7/2/1890   Death
WISNER Mrs. Col Edw M 7/2/1890   Death
HAMMOND Mrs. Jason E. 7/2/1890 Rochester Drowned
FURMAN Jane 7/4/1890   Commits suicide. 
Unknown man   7/5/1890 Near Big Flats Killed by cars near Big Flats.
WALL Mrs. Margaret 7/7/1890   Death
HULL Harry S. 7/8/1890 Rochester Editor of the the Bath Courier dies.
MILLER Mrs. Maria M. 7/10/1890   Death
ROGERS Mrs. John 7/10/1890 Elmira NY  Killed by falling from window of bldg cor Market & State St.
Five women   7/10/1890 Owego, NY Unnamed women killed by trains at Owego.
BELL  William 7/15/1890   Commits suicide. Of Wellsburg.
WARREN Herbert 7/16/1890   Held of charges of 1st degree murder in Elmira.
WANNICK Frank 7/16/1890 Elmira Train #12 kills him and John Howter
HOWTER John 7/16/1890 Elmira Train #12 kills him and Frank Wannick.
ENGLIS Miles 7/16/1890   Death. Of Van Ettenville.
LUCY Timothy F. 7/17/1890   Death
SPIER John 7/17/1890 Near Elmira Drops dead while at work near this city.
COLEMAN Harvey 7/18/1890   Shot by Simon Tinklepaugh.
BUTLER Mrs. Bosa 7/18/1890   Death. Of Pine Valley.
CARPENTER Mrs. Julia 7/20/1890 Buffalo Death. Formerly of Elmira
GREEN Mrs. E. J. 7/21/1890   Death
RHINESMITH Godfrey 7/21/1890   Death
MERITHEW George B. 7/21/1890 Elmira Killed in Northern central yards.
EDGETT Martin L. 7/24/1890   Sudden death.
HENDRIE R. C. S. 7/25/1890   Death
BIGGS John Sr. 7/25/1890   Death
PALMER M. W. 7/27/1890   Death
BROOKS John Quincy 7/27/1890   Death. Of Horseheads.
SHOEMAKER J. M. 7/28/1890   Resigns as fire commissioner
VAN NORT J. F. 7/28/1890   Appointed fire commissioner.
SKINNER C. W. 7/28/1890   Death
MARSHALLS Hannah H. 7/28/1890   Death
JENKS Mrs. Charles  7/29/1890   Death
LYON Silas B. 7/31/1890   Death
LUNDERGAN John 7/31/1890   Death
SMITH James 8/1/1890   Death. Of Wellsburg
WEAVER Mrs. Mary 8/1/1890   Death
VOORHEES Andrew 8/1/1890   Death
BILLETTE Mrs. J. Frank 8/1/1890 Middletown, NY Death. Of Elmira.
GROOM Mrs. Lucinda 8/1/1890   Death.
SMITH Mrs. Arad T. 8/2/11890   Death
MULFORD Frank 8/3/1890   Death. Of Horseheads.
GROOM Mrs. Andrew 8/3/1890   Death
HANSON George B. 8/3/1890   Commits suicide. Of Van Ettenville.
AYRES A. W. 8/4/1890   Death
DOBELL De Yalson 8/4/1890   Death
NORMAN Mrs. Mary A. 8/5/1890   Death
BIGGS Mrs. John  8/6/1890   Death
SMITH E. J. 8/6/1890   Death
EDSALL David A. 8/6/1890 Arnot-Ogden Hospital Death
DENSON Prof. Bennett S. 8//6/1890 Washington DC Death. Formerly of Millport.
DAVIDSON Joseph B. 8/7/1890   Death
CLARK Rev. Francis 8/8/1890 Buffalo Death. Formerly of Elmira
CAHILL Rev. John T. 8/11/1890 Masilsion, Ohio Death. Formerly of Elmira
BRILES Edward 8/13/1890   Death
KONHONSKI Mrs. Mary 8/13/1890   John Plaski murderously assaults and almost kills her.
DEMPSEY Miss Ella 8/16/1890   Death
CARNEY Mrs. Mary 8/16/1890   Death
CLINE Mrs. Ellen 8/17/1890 Rathbun House Falls 3 stories thru a doorway to ground at Rathbun Hs & killed
BARNES Mrs. Naoma W. 8/18/1890   Death. Of Van Ettenville.
PRATT Mrs. Ransom 8/20/1890   Death.
HOLKE Albert 8/20/1890 Elmira Thrown from wagon and killed. Of East Elmira.
FINLEY Mrs. Michael 8/21/1890   Death. Of Pine City.
NICHOLS Mrs. Malinda 8/21/1890 Austinville, PA Death. Formerly of Elmira
ARMSTRONG William A. 8/21/1890   Death
JOHNSON Mrs. Oliver 8/21/1890 Elmira, NY Stricken w/paralysis and dies. Of Big Flats.
BIRMINGHAM Mrs. Mary 8/22/1890 Elmira, NY Death. Of Penn Yan
HARMAN James 8/23/1890 Cleveland, OH Death. Formerly of Elmira
HOYT Mrs. Louisa 8/23/1890   Death
FITZPATRICK Mrs. Hugh 8/25/1890   Death. Of Corning.
BEERS Mrs. Alice 8/25/1890   Death
DALYRAMPLE Dennis Sr. 8/26/1890   Commits suicide.
SIMPSON Jacob 8/27/1890 Hornby, NY Death. Formerly of Elmira
McDONOUGH James 8/28/1890   Death
GETCHELL Mrs. Edward 8/28/1890 Detroit, MI Death. Formerly of Elmira
TUBBS Miss Hattie S. 8/28/1890 Hornellsville Death. Formerly of Elmira
ROCKWELL Mrs. Phoebe 8/29/1890   Death
Electric railway   8/30/1890   Railway opened.
BOPP Mrs. Jacob 8/30/1890   Death.
BIRMINGHAM Mrs. Mary 8/31/1890 Buffalo Death. Formerly of Elmira
CONEILY Patrick 8/31/1890 Near Baden Baden Killed by the cars. Of Newark Valley, NY.
CLAIR Pierce 8/31/1890   Death. Of Pine Valley.
MATHEWS Fletcher H. 9/1/1890 Brockport Death. Formerly of Elmira
NORTH Mrs. H. B. 9/1/1890   Death.
THOMPSON Mrs. Emeline 9/2/1890 Williard Death. Of Elmira.
HOLLY William  9/2/1890   Shot by John Murray
WIGHTMAN A. M. 9/2/1890   Death. Of Horseheads.
REESE Burton E. 9/2/1890   Death
LINDSEY Ebenezer S. 9/3/1890   Death
VAUGHAN Mrs. Eliza H. 9/4/1890   Death
JARDINE Miss Lizzie 9/5/1890 Denver, CO Death. Formerly of Elmira
STRADER John 9/5/1890 Pueblo, CO Death. Formerly of Elmira
FASSETT Truman 9/5/1890 Canton PA Death. Brother of N. P. Fassett
JONES Munn 9/7/1890   Death
O'BRYON Mrs. Lida A. 9/7/1890   Death
SLAGHT Louis 9/8/1890   Death
DEVINE Mary J. 9/9/1890 Middletown, NY Death. Of Elmira.
AVERY William 9/9/1890 Nr Oak Ridge Killed by the cars nr Oak Ridge Crossing of Lehigh
Chemung River   9/10/1890   Flooding does much damage ot property.
POWELL Thomas 9/11/1890   Death
BURNS Mrs. Bridget 9/13/1890   Death
SQUIRES N. M. 9/14/1890   Death
CROSS Mrs. Margaret 9/14/1890   Death
LILLIS Miss Margaret 9/15/1890   Death
RZEMINSKI Mrs. Joseph 9/17/1890   Death
MORSE Dr. B. W. 9/17/1890   Stabbed by Hiram B. Locke over a line fence.
CAMPBELL Abijah 9/17/1890   Death
BOLAND Mrs. Mary 9/18/1890   Death
TINKLEPAUGH Simon 9/20/1890   Returns to this city and is arrested.
WALL John 9/20/1890   Killed by the cars.
BOWMAN Mrs. Bertha 9/24/1890 Denver, CO Death. Formerly of Elmira
JENKINS Mrs. Jonathan 9/25/1890   Death
HARRIS Walter 9/25/1890 Tacoma, WA Death. Formerly of Elmira
VAN GORDEN Jeremiah 9/26/1890   Death. Of Breesport.
DECKER David 9/27/1890   Death
HART William D. 9/28/1890   Death 
WELDNER Mrs. William J. 9/28/1890   Death
LOVELL John 9/29/1890   Death. Of Horseheads.
ROCKWELL H. H. 10/1/1890   Nominated for member of assembly in this district by democrats.
BISSELL Mrs. Mary 10/3/1890   Death
DOLAN Mrs. Margarette 10/5/1890   Death
MARVINS Mrs. Eliza B. 10/5/1890   Death
O'DANIELS Mrs. Jane 10/6/1890   Death. Of Southport
CHERRY Charles 10/7/1890   Death.
WOOD John N. 10/7/1890   Death. Of Chemung.
GOLDSMITH Stephen 10/8/1890   Death. Of North Chemung
SLATTERY Mrs. William 10/8/1890   Death.
HAMER Howard S. 10/9/1890 Buffalo Professor. Death.
OWENS Morris 10/9/1890   Death
DOUGHERTY James M. 10/9/1890   Death. Formerly of Elmira
LLOYD Dr. 10/9/1890   Mary Anderson's insane admirer kills Dr. Lloyd of Kings Co. LunaticAsy.
RIFFE Mrs. James 10/9/1890   Death
MAXWELL Billy 10/10/1890 Bath Soldiers' Home Death
ROBINSON Mrs. N. H. 10/11/1890   Death
O'DEA William S. 10/12/1890   Death
DEMPSEY Mrs. Richard 10/14/1890   Death
SHERRY Charles 10/14/1890   Death
SHEIVE Leeman B. 10/16/1890   Death. Of Job's Corners
CLARK Mrs. William 10/16/1890   Death
BURKHART John 10/16/1890 Arnot-Ogden Hospital Died of injuries rec'd on railroad near Big Flats.
SMELTZER Harry 10/17/1890   Death
BENNETT Mrs. L. B. 10/18/1890   Death
EILENBERGER Mrs. Mary E. 10/18/1890   Declared innocent of murder of William R. Edwards.
BRIDGEMAN Mrs. Henry S. 10/18/1890   Death. Of Wellsburg.
WHITE Jerome B. 10/19/1890   Death
ENNIS Mrs. Harriett B. 10/19/1890   Death
BAKER Richard 10/20/1890   Death
Samuels Bottling   10/20/1890   Destroyed by fire
FAIRCHILD Mrs. E. B. 10/21/1890 Oklahoma O. T. Death. Formerly of Elmira
EDWARDS Miss Lyn 10/23/1890   Death
FRENCH Robert 10/23/1890   Police Constable. Commits suicide.
CONNELLY Jeremiah 10/23/1890   Death
STATES H. C. 10/27/1890   Death
TROUT A. J. 10/28/1890 Williamsport, PA Captain. Death. Formerly of Elmira.
WELLS Henry B. 10/30/1890 Mesilla Park, NM Death. Of Elmira.
FOSTER Mrs. Nellie M. 10/31/1890   Murdered by William E. Decker
GIBSON William L. 10/31/1890   Death
BOWMAN Nelson 10/31/1890   Death. Of Big Flats.
HOWELL Mrs. Mary 11/1/1890   Death
BUDD Helen 11/2/1890   Death. Of Southport Corners.
LaFRANCE Lem 11/3/1890 Middletown, NY Death. Of Elmira.
BILLINGS David 11/4/1890   Commits suicide.
SHAY Robert 11/4/1890   Arrested as accessory in Foster murder for secreting Wm Decker
SHAY  Benjamin 11/4/1890   Arrested as accessory in Foster murder for secreting Wm Decker
RUTAN Joel 11/4/1890   Arrested as accessory in Foster murder for secreting Wm Decker
CALL Miss Jeannie 11/5/1890 Millville NJ Death. Of Elmira.
O'BRIEN Daniel  11/5/1890 Chicago, IL Death. Formerly of Elmira
DECKER William E. 11/6/1890   Captured in the town of Catlin for murder of Nellie Foster
GALLIVAN James 11/6/1890 Pittsburg, PA Death. Formerly of Elmira
TAYLOR Edward 11/7/1890   Death
ANDRES Mrs. Mary 11/8/1890   Death
WHEATON Calvin S. 11/9/1890   Exonerated by meeting of conductors of charges by Wm P Daniels
GOHRING Louis 11/11/1890 Jamestown Commits suicide. Of Elmira.
WOODWARD Mrs. Emeline 11/11/1890   Death
ROCKWELL Mr. 11/12/1890   Elected to Congress
REEDER Gideon A. 11/12/1890   Killed by a fall from his wagon. Of Big Flats.
BENSON C. A. 11/13/1890 Elmira, NY Killed at Water St crossing of the Erie RR. Of Pine Valley
ALLEN W. S. 11/13/1890   Erie Station Agent at Corning suspended for financial crookedness.
SWAYZE Miss Mary A. 11/13/1890   Engaged to Prof.Wm.Bishop,elopes w/Lewis Erumback of Brooklyn
SATTERLEE A. S. 11/17/1890   Appoionted street commissioner.
ANDERSON Wesley 11/18/1890   Death
PIERCE Arthur L. 11/19/1890 nr Willawanna PA Dead body of he and Lou Woodward found in woods.
WOODWARD Louis 11/19/1890 nr Willawanna PA Dead body of he and Arthur L. Pierce found in the woods.
MILLER Tony 11/19/1890   Polander. Attempts suicide by cuting his own throat.
MAINEY Patrick 11/20/1890 Wood Demarest's Farm Found dead in pool on Demarest's farm.
BEARDSLEY Mrs. Calista J. 11/20/1890 Perth Amboy NJ Death. Of Elmira.
LEAVITT Mrs. Clarissa 11/21/1890 Elmira, NY Death. Of Waverly.
AGAR Wilson W. 11/23/1890   6 wks previous on death bed confessed to murder of Pittsburg gambler
BATEMAN Mark J. 11/23/1890   Sudden death.
FLYNN Thomas 11/24/1890   Death
FISH Mrs. Sarah J. 11/25/1890   Death
WILLIAMS John 11/25/1890   Death. Convict at Reformatory.
HOWARD Thomas 11/25/1890   Death
HOPPE Mrs. Louise 11/27/1890 New York (City?) Death. Of Elmira.
SHEPPARD Mrs. David 11/27/1890   Death
SHEPPARD John 11/27/1890   Death
HAWKES Nicholas 11/28/1890   Death
LANGDON Mrs. Jervis 11/28/1890   Death
KLINE Henry 11/29/1890   Death
BENT Edward P. 11/29/1890 Gloversville, NY Death. Formerly of Elmira
MOTLEY Mrs. Thornton N. 11/30/1890 New York (City?) Death. Formerly of Elmira.
MEAD Jennie 12/2/1890 Arnot-Ogden Hospital Death.
BROWN John 12/2/1890   Death
NICKERSON Mrs. Rhoda 12/2/1890   Death. Of North Chemung
PIERCE Arthur L. 12/4/1890   Coroner's jury find victims came to death by means unknown.
WOODWARD Louis 12/4/1890   Coroner's jury find victims came to death by means unknown.
HAMILTON Mrs. Eva 12/5/1890   Charged for passing off waif as child of late Robert Ray Hamilton.
MANN Joshua 12/5/1890   Charged for passing off waif as child of late Robert Ray Hamilton.
SWINTON Mrs. A. 12/5/1890   Charged for passing off waif as child of late Robert Ray Hamilton.
HENDY Guy 12/6/1890 Napoleon, MI Death. One of oldest families in this valley.
WORRALL George 12/6/1890 Ogden, UT News rec'd of his death.
NICHOLS Draper 12/7/1890   Death
PITIHEE Lyman 12/8/1890   Death
DEPEW H. S. 12/8/1890 St. Louis, MO Death. Formerly of Elmira.
Mattress Factory   12/10/1890   Mattress factory on W. Clinton St. destroyed by fire.
KEATING Daniel  12/11/1890   Found guilty in slaying of Wm. Joslyn. Sentenced to 5 yrs.
FITZSIMMONS Mrs. Alice 12/11/1890   Sudden death.
Metzer's Packing Hs   12/11/1890   Destroyed by fire
GROOM Andrew 12/12/1890   Death.
MOREHOUSE Joseph 12/12/1890   Death. Of Wellsburg.
FINN Daniel  12/12/1890 Bath Soldier's Home Death. Of Elmira.
THORN John 12/13/1890   Death

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