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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Compiled 1988 - Previously Unpublished, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1901-1905 by Mary Kingsley.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. 

Copies sent by James Streeter, Retyped by Pat Mott Gobea, Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2011

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1901 2-Jan D Hagar, Afton H. d. last eve. In Mansfield. Killed by a train, age abt. 47 yrs. Bur. Lambs Creek. Sur. By 3 ch. Thurston G., Alice & a baby, bro. Fred Hagar of Canoe Camp
1901 24-Apr D Hager, Mrs. Horace d. last week Elk Run, mother of Hubert of Lambs Creek
1901 25-Sep D Hamilton, Frank d. Canon City, Col. Formerly of Covington, son of Mrs. U. A. White
1901 30-Jan D Harkness yongest child of Dr. & Mrs. Harknes d. Tues. at Mainesburg
1901 8-May D Harvey, Mrs. Emeline d. 3 May 1901 at her sons, Minor B. Harvey in Corning, N.Y. age abt. 60
1901 24-Apr D Hastings, Hiram S. d. last Sun. age 73 yrs. Of Wellsboro. Sur. By 1 dau. & 1 son
1901 2-Oct D Hatfield Baby d. of W. H. Hatfield age 11 mos. At Roseville. Bur. At Watson Cem., Roseville. Funeral last Fri.
1901 25-Dec D Higgins, Mrs. Martha P. d. Mon. at Mansfield age 73 yrs. "heart", widow of James Higgins of Ulster, Pa. Left 3 son & 4 daus., 1 dau. Is Mrs. Allan P. Sherman of Mansfield
1901 20-Nov D Hilfiger, Oscar d. last Fri., funeral at Mainesburg, d. of cancer. Left 1 son, 1 dau. & 1 bro. & sis.
1901 30-Jan D Hoaher d. Tioga Junction 18 Jan. 1901 age 18 yrs. Dau. Of Orrin & Julia Hoaher
1901 2-Jan D Hodges, Mrs. Ellen Buckbee d. Philla. Last eve. Age 53 yrs., of pneumonia, wid. Of Hiram Hodges. Sur. By 1 dau., Sarah Orinds, 2 sis., Mrs. Samuel Sherman of Rutland, Miss Louisa Buckbee of Nelson, 2 half-bro. George & Joseph Harding & 1 half sis. Miss Mertie Harding.
1901 17-Apr D Holden, Reuben d. 3 Apr. 1901 at Seatle, Wash. Was bur. There. B. Mansfield 16 Aug. 1829, youngest of 9 ch. Of Daniel L. & Lida Lownsberry Holden. Others were Eliza Stratton, Lucy Bailey, Daniel, Isaac, Dewitt, Clinton, Geo., John A., all dec. Horace of Elmira. His own 5 ch., D. N., Andrew & Arthur of Seattle, Bert of Nome, Alk., Mrs. Lucy Conant of Subsba, Tenn. Left here abt. 1880.
1901 23-Jan D Holton, Mrs. Mary d. Ridgebury, N.C. Dec. 30, 1900, wid. Of Thomas Holton of Jackson Center
1901 16-Jan D Hooker, Mrs. Anna d. last Thur. At Somers Lane of consumption
1901 20-Nov D Hopkins, Mary Blackman d. Knoxville age 65 yrs. On 10 Nov.
1901 18-Sep D Horton, Mrs. Frederick d. San Francisco, Calif. Left infant dau. She is dau-in-law of Elias Horton of Mansfield
1901 17-Apr D Hughes, John d. Morris Run last Sat. res. Of Blos, father of Dr. Wm. & Miss Mae Hughes. Mine accident
1901 29-May D Hunter, Mrs. Lucius d. Charleston yesterday of pneumonia. Leaves 1 adpoted dau., 1 sis. Mrs. J. F. Pitts
1901 30-Jan D Hurley, Will d. of Corning. Bur. Wellsboro. Nephew of Jack Kelley
1901 30-Oct D Jackson, Amasy d. last Sat. Sullivan Twp. funeral at State Road Church. Old settler
1901 14-Aug D James, Alfred T. d. Mon. at Wmspt. Age 63 yrs. B. Marsh Creek, Pa. res. Of Bloss. Many yrs. Wife, sis. Of D. A. Walker of Mansfield, 1 son, Walter R., 2 daus., Cora & Mrs. Middlebrook of Mich.
1901 27-Feb D Jessup, Henry d. Sun. (Covington News)
1901 31-Jul D Keating, Frank d. last Fri. night at Blossburg of Heat prostration on R.R.
1901 22-May D Keeney, Mrs. Hiram d. last week, Mon. of Middlebury leaves 8 ch.
1901 13-Feb D Keifer child of Rev. Keifer d. at Bloss last Sun. (memb. Croup)
1901 21-Aug D Ketchum, W. F. of Wellsboro d. Fri. night at Bath, N.Y. age abt. 30 yrs. On R.R. Tracks
1901 25-Dec D Kezer, Mrs. Morgan d. Westfield. Left: 1 son, bros. James & Charles Tubbs
1901 6-Nov D Knapp, Clinton d. last Sat. at Danville Hosp. Age abt. 24, unmarried. Bur. At Somers Lane. Grandson of late Clinton Holden of Mansfield
1901 25-Dec D Knights infant dau. Of Frank Knights d. Thurs.
1901 28-Aug D Knox, Geo. d. last Wed. at Knoxville in his 88 yr.
1901 27-Feb D Lamb, Gad A. b. Lambs Creek 20 Jan. 1826 to Daniel & Clarissa Hibbard Lamb., 1 0f 7 ch. M. 1852 Miss Hannah Cooper had 6 ch.: Howard dec., Emerson dec., Ross of Wis., Ada of Dakota, Arthur of Bath, N.Y. & Mrs. Wm. (Ensy) Downing of Binghamton, N.Y. Mrs. Lamb d. 1884. Sur. by bro. Fred & D. B., sis. Minerva, Cornelia & Maria. He d. last Thurs. Bur. Lambs Creek Cemetery
1901 29-May D Larrson, Samuel d. Blossburg recently age 56 yrs.
1901 13-Feb D Laruem, Joseph d. Covington Twp. at sis., Mrs. Conneley
1901 17-Jul D Lawrence, Owen d. (pro. Last Sat.) in Rutland Twp. of tumor, son of Welby Lawrence
1901 18-Sep D Lawrence, Wm. d. Thurs. at Mansfield age 73 yrs. Bur. Lawrence Corners Cem. Left 4 daus.: Mrs. F. H. Luckey of Sylvania, Mrs. C. B. Rorapaugh of Wellsboro, Mrs. G. H. Baker & Mrs. Charles Richards both of Covington; 2 sons, Welby of Rutland Twp., Dr. Frank of Elmira. Had res. in Rutland Twp. for yrs. 
1901 15-May D Lay, Orrin d. yesterday Grays Valley, Sullivan Twp. Shot him self. Left 3 daus. 1 son. Wife was dau. Of Lafayette Squires. He was son of James Lay
1901 29-May D Leonard, Thomas d. Bloss recently age 80 yrs.
1901 24-Apr D LeValley, Leonard C. d. recently in Covington, old respected res.
1901 25-Sep D Lewis, Miss Mary d. last week at Canton age 22 yrs. Dau. Of Dr. Lewis
1901 11-Dec D Lindsley, Mrs. Wm. d. last Tues. at Phila. (operation) bur. Mansfield. 1st hus. Was Daniel Clark of Mann Creek
1901 13-Mar D Longwell, John D. d. Sun. age 83 yrs. At Roseville of a stroke
1901 6-Nov D Loveland, Old Mr. d. Sat. at his son-in-law, Delos Roblyer of Rosevlle. Bur. Troy. Where he res. & ran a carding mill
1901 27-Feb D Lowman, Mrs. Marie d. 17 Feb. 1901 age 76 yrs. At her daus. In Troy, Mrs. Herrick McKean
1901 10-Jul D Manter, Mrs. Olive d. last Sat. Tioga Twp. age abt. 80 yrs. Bur. Mill Creek Cem. D. of paley. Sis. Of Mrs. Errin Ingalls and step-mother of Mark Manter, both of Mansfield. Widow of Thomas Manter
1901 15-May D Marshall, Rev. Wm. d. May 3, 1901 at Faulkland, Del. Former Episcopal rector at Mansfield, age 83
1901 16-Jan D Marvin, Ricahrd S. or E. d. Sun. in Covington abt. 78 yrs. He was a life long res. Of Covington. He was a son of the late Tillie Marvin, who had 21 children. He is survived by 1 son.
1901 24-Jul D Mather, Mrs. -- d. last Thurs. at Bath, N.Y. Former resident of Lawrenceville, mother of Charles & Cornealus of Elmira
1901 22-May D Maxwell, Mrs. Thomas d. Bossburg of cancer
1901 11-Dec D McCann, Mrs. John d. recently at the home of her dau. Mrs. Thomas Lloyd in St. Marys, Pa. former res. Of Fall Brook
1901 18-Sep D McClure son of Dean McClure d. of a fall
1901 10-Jul D McInroy, Ruth age 3, dau. Of James of Elmira, Jul. 4, 1901. Burned to death in Elmira. Bur. Catlin Hollow Cem.
1901 15-May D McInroy, Kenneth Son (infant) d. May 1, 1901. Father Robert McInroy of Mardin. Bur. Catlin Hollow Cem.
1901 20-Mar D McKean, Mrs. Nancy d. Troy, Pa. The oldes of 12 ch. Of Wm. & Polly Brace. They came from Vt. To Springfield, Pa. in 1896. She m. James McKean 9 Nov. 1837. Sur. By 3 ch. Lucy, Lauretta (Mrs. Mark McDowell) & Randolf, all dead. She left 3 bro., 1 sis., 1 half sis., 3 grandch. Mrs. Lucy Snedeker, James McKean of Elmira, Charles McDowell of Mansfield
1901 11-Sep D McNeal, Meter d. last week in Caton, N.Y. Was the step-father of W. A. Rumsey of Mainesburg
1901 4-Dec D Meeker, G. M. d. at Mitchells, funeral there last Sun. His dau. Miss Ida Meeker
1901 17-Apr D Meip, Rev. Geo. d. in Geneva, N.Y. last Thurs. of a stroke. Was once Presb. Minister in Mansfield
1901 28-Aug D Merrick  The dau. Of Hon. Walter Merrick d. last Thurs. age 10 mos.
1901 2-Jan D Miller, William d. Lawrenceville last Sat. age abt. 68 of brain ailment. Sur. By son Charles of Chicago and dau. Mrs. Geo. T. Locey of Lawrenceville
1901 30-Jan D Moore Wm. H. d. last Sat., age 60 in Charleston of heart failure. Bur. Charleston. Bro. Of John L. of Lambs Creek, sis. Mrs. C. P. Fuller of Morris
1901 27-Mar D Moore, Mrs. Jeremiah (Sarah Harvey) d. 23 Mar. 1901 Richmond Twp., 3 Apr. 1901 age 70 yrs., 1 mo., 8 days. B. Armenia Twp., Bradford Co. 15 Feb. 1831. M 25 Oct. 1851. Bur. Schodas Cem. Sur. By 3 sons; Clarence, Willard & Jeremiah Jr. Aldelbert dec.
1901 29-May D Morehess, Geo. d. at Corning 2 wks. Ago. A res. Of Nelson
1901 20-Nov D Morley, Mrs. L. E. d. 11 Nov. at her dau. In Troy, Mrs. C. A. Montgomery, age 73 yrs., 7 mos. Wid. Of Charles Henry Morley. Sur. By 8 ch., 33 grandchildren
1901 4-Sep D Morris, James W. 57, d. in Phila. 1 Sep. Son of the late Joseph & Sarah E. Morris of Mansfield. B. Mansfield 25 Jul 1844. M. 9 Mar. 1871 to Miss Josephine R. Ambler of Danbury, Ct. who d. 1892. Sur. By 2 ch. Joseph P. & Sarah, sis. Mrs. Kate Swan. Funeral in Mansfield
1901 19-Apr D Munch, George d. Mon. in Mansfield of pneumonia. Had been here 9 yrs., came from Monroeton. Left 6 ch. 5 dec.
1901 23-Jan D Newcomb, Mrs. Wellington d. Nelson of heart ailment
1901 30-Jan D Niles, Russell 72, d. this day at Painter Run. Bur. Lawrence Corners Cem. He was the stepfather of Mrs. H. C. Jones of Lambs Creek
1901 23-Jan D Niles, Edward age abt. 80, d. last Fri. in Tioga Twp. Sur. By 2 sons; Dr. Augustus & ---Niles of Tioga Twp.
1901 9-Oct D Niles  The infant dau. Of Wilson Niles bur. At Lawrence Corners Cem. Sun.
1901 13-Mar D Obourn, Mrs. Emma Bell Kellogg d. last Fri. Wife of Lewis W. Obourn, dau. Of Oliver Kellogg of Monroeton, PA. B. Bradford Co., m. at Canton in 1881, came here 1891. Sur. By 4 ch. - Lee, John, Nicholas, Mary age 2; 1 bro. & 2 sis. Bur. Oakwood Cem.(Actually bur. Prospect Cem.) D. of pneumonia & Pleurisy
1901 3-Jul D Odell, Miss Cora 27, d. last Turs. In Richmond Twp. of a mastoid abscess. Dau. Of Mrs. Horace Odell. Left 1 bro. Living in Lodi, N.Y. and 1 sis. Mrs. M. A. Cleveland. Bur. Goodall Cem
1901 24-Jul D Owens, Mrs. Charles H. d. last Sun. at Mansfield age abt. 60. Bur. At Hope Cem., Mansfield. Left 1 son, Ray
1901 18-Sep D Owlett The infant son of Thomas Owlett of Mansfield, age 9 mos., d. last night, cholera infantum. Bur. Keeneyville
1901 1-May D Packard, Mrs. Rebeckah d. Covington yesterday, age 105 yrs. At her sons J. J. Packard
1901 20-Nov D Paine, Dr. C. F. d. May - of stroke, age 59 yrs.
1901 27-Feb D Painter, Mrs. Francis d. 16 Feb. 1901, N.Y.C of consumption, age abt. 31. Bur. Muncy, Pa., left 1 son, Kenneth age 8 yrs., M.N.S. Class of '89
1901 30-Oct D Peck, Marjorie d. last Sat. age 12 yrs., appendix, at Blossburg, dau. Of Ray Peck
1901 1-May D Phelps, Mrs. Floyd d. Sat. at Canoe Camp, Covington twp., age 47 yrs., left infant son, 2 daus., 1 other son, bur. Hope Cem., Mansfield
1901 20-Mar D Pierce, Cora d. Troy, Turs. Night
1901 2-Oct D Presit Dau. Of Mr. & Mrs. Presit of Sodas, Richmond Twp., d.
1901 13-Feb D Read, Mrs. Henry d. Corning, N.Y. (a few days since), a former res. Of Delmar Twp.
1901 18-Dec D Richart, Mr. & Mrs. d. last Sat. at Austinville age abt. 60 yrs.; a flood
1901 13-Feb D Ripley, Wm. B. d. last Sat. at upper Lambs Creek age 71 yrs. Sur. By 2 daus: Mrs. Walter Cruttenden of Wilkes-Barre; Mrs. Willard Warters of Lambs Creek; adopted son, Leon; & half bro. J. F. Ripley of Harrisburg. Bur. Hope Cem., Mansfield
1901 12-Jun D Ritz young son of Geo. Ritz in Sullivan Twp., d. yesterday of Cholera & fantum
1901 27-Feb D Rockwell, Att. Delos d. Sun., funeral yesterday
1901 25-Dec D Rockwell, Horace W. d. last Mon. at Monroeton, a native of Tioga Co., left 2 sons, 3 daus.; 1 dau. Is Mrs. C. H. Beach of Richmond Twp.
1901 27-Mar D Rodgers, Miss Gertrude d. Mon near Mansfield age 22 yrs. D. of peronitis, sis. Of Newton Rodgers. Bur. Jackson Twp.
1901 23-Jan D Rodgers, George d. 14 Jan. 1901 in Elkland of heart disease, formerly of Mansfield. He was m. to Anna Mosher of Sylvania who d. 1898. Sur. By 3 sons: Finley of Troy, Charles of Co., John of Elkland; also 2 adopted daus.: Mrs. Addie Oneil of Delevan, N.Y. & Mrs. W. A. Waddell of Atlanta, Ga.
1901 6-Nov D Rose, Mrs. Susan d. Sat. at Roseville age 77 yrs., wid. Of Warren Rose; left, Mrs. Jerome Benson, Mrs. C. W. Kelley, Martin Rose, all of Roseville, also Mrs. Mary Updike, dec'd.
1901 6-Mar D Rumsey, Mrs. Ripley d. Fassett, Pa. 26 Feb., b. Jackson Twp., sister of Wallace Garrison
1901 24-Jul D Rundell, Burton B. d. Mon. in Elmira of heat, age 33 yrs. Bur. Hope Cem., Mansfield; 2 bros.; Edward of Elmira, 1 sis.; Mrs. C. F. Shaw of Tama City, Io., mother res. In Mansfield
1901 2-Jan D Rutty 18 yr. Old son of Samuel Rutty, bu. Yesterday, d. of Jaundice at Hills Creek
1901 20-Mar D Ryon, Hon. John W. d. last Tues. at Pottsville, native of Elkland & former res. Of Lawrenceville; sur. By 2 ch. By lst wife; Frank J. & Mrs. Gerard Hobast; 2 ch. By 2nd wife; John W. & Robert
1901 20-Mar D Sawyer, Mrs. E. A. d. Sun of last week at Dundee, N.Y. sis. Of Dr. James Mastin of Westfield
1901 11-Sep D Scott, Mrs. Laura Ann bur. At State Road Cem. Last Sat.
1901 16-Oct D Scouton, Andrew G. d. --, funeral last week Tues., at son Charles H. in E. Charleston. Bur. Sweet Cem.
1901 24-Jul D Sechrist, Ellis d. Fri., Morris Run, age 23 (Carobic Acid)
1901 24-Apr D Seelye, Joseph d. last Wed. age 20 yrs. At Lawrenceville, struck by train
1901 13-Feb D Shaff, Mrs. James d. Keeneyville, youngest dau. Of Amos Rowley. Sur. By 6 ch.
1901 24-Jul D Shaff, Uncle Steven d. Keeneyville age 92 yrs. Left 5 ch.
1901 6-Feb D Shepard, Mrs. Eleanor Ann d. Sun. 3 Feb. age 71 of pneumonia in Mansfield. Hus. S. J. Shepard. Bur. Spencer, N.Y. Sur. By 2 daus.
1901 10-Apr D Sherwood, Mrs. Hiram Electa Jane Faulkner) d. 6 Apr. age 81 yrs., 6 mos., 4 days at Mansfield. 1 of 8 ch. Of David & Bethia Faulkner who came here 1836. M. July 1835 Hriam S. Sherwood. No ch. Left 1 sis., Mrs. Freeman Gaylord of Mansfield & Edwin Faulkner, Presho, N.Y.
1901 9-Jan D Shore, Daniel S. d. Wellsboro age 90 yrs. Father of Mrs. Sarah Smith, Mrs. F. E. Watrous both of Wellsboro, Mrs. Henry Holmes of Powling, N.Y. & Dr. Henry Shore of Kan.
1901 14-Aug D Sidman, Arthur C. d. Mon. at Scarboro Beach, Ma. Age abt. 38 of Typhoid, wife was Ella Brooks of Mansfield. Left 1 dau., Marjorie & 1 son. Bro. Edward of Syracuse. Funeral at Tully, N.Y.
1901 11-Dec D Sine, Miss d. age 86 yrs. At Hoytville. Sis. Of Dr. S. W. Sine of Same
1901 27-Feb D Smead, E. A. of Tioga d. (aged & respected)
1901 20-Mar D Smith, Henry N. d. last week Tue. Age 68 yrs., Stanford, Conn. Son of late H. E. Smith of Tioga. His home was in Trenton, N.J.
1901 15-May D Smith, Henry  d. Sat., of E. Charleston. He was aged
1901 1-May D Smith infant of Emerson Smith d. at Roseville
1901 1-May D Smith, James d. -- bur. At Chandlersburg. (Lawrence Corners item)
1901 1-May D Smith, Vincent  d. 29 Apr. of E. Charleston. Left 11 ch.
1901 26-Jun D Smith, Mrs. Fred d. at Lawrence Corners. Funeral last Wed. dau. Of David Stone of Painter Run
1901 27-Nov D Smith, Mrs. J. B. d. Lawrenceville (Lenora Chapman) 15 Nov., dau. Of late Samuel Chapman
1901 2-Jan D Soper, Mrs. Josephine  of Roseville d. last Wed., of Throat Ailment. Sur. 2 daus., May Soper & Mrs. Monro
1901 13-Feb D Soper, Mrs. Anna E. d. 3 Feb. near Elk Run, age 60-65. Wife of D. A. Soper. Bur. Windfall, Pa. 1 dau.; Mrs. Mary Morse of Smithfield, Pa.
1901 4-Dec D Squires, Warren d. in Towanda age 76 yrs., left 1 son, George
1901 7-Aug D Starkey, John d. last week Thurs. at Middlebury
1901 31-Jul D Stewart, Robert W. d. last Wed. at Lawrenceville age 71 yrs., a native of County Clare, Ireland
1901 23-Jan D Stickler Samuel Stickler's dau. Age 6 mos., d. Millerton
1901 22-May D Stone, Warren d. a few days ago of appendicitis of Westfield
1901 30-Jan D Strait, Mrs. E. Bert d. near Mansfield today age 30. D. of pneumonia. Sur. By 3 small ch., bur. Sylvania
1901 30-Jan D Strang, Daniel of Cayutaville, N.Y. d. at son Frank's in Westfield 22 Jan. age 86 yrs., sur. By 2 daus. & 3 sons 
1901 23-Jan D Streeter, A. S. d. in Lawrenceville of pneumonia. Bur. Westfield where he had resided
1901 29-May D Sturdevant, W. B. d. near Jobs Corners last week, Tues. Left some daus., 1 is Mrs. W. H. Garrison
1901 27-Feb D Swain, Mrs. d. Columbia, home of G. Besley, pneumonia
1901 20-Nov D Sweet, Richmond d. Mon. near Austinville age abt. 52 yrs.; left, 1 son & 2 daus. 1 dau. Is Mrs. Samuel Rockwell of Sullivan Twp.
1901 5-Jun D Thomas, Dr. I. C. d. Adrian, Mich. Last Thurs., former principal M.S.N.S., d. of Appolexy, left 3 daus., Mrs. Howard Hutchins of Oberlin, Oh. (Jennie), Helen & Grace. He was b. 14 June 1835 Erie, Pa., m. 10 Sep. 1863 Minnie A. Baker of Morence, Mich.
1901 30-Oct D Thomas, Royal d.
1901 23-Jan D Tillingahst, Judson d. Watkins Glenn age 81 yrs. In Lawrencville of heart diseas. Formerly of Millerton
1901 20-Feb D Van Dussen, Benjamin B. d. last Wed. at Ilion, N.Y., native of Farimington & one time M.S.N.S.
1901 4-Sep D Verrill, Prof. Henry d. Mammoth Hot Springs, Wyo. Last Thurs. in his 27 yrs. Of Typhoid. Only sur. Son of late Prof. Charles H. Verrill of Mansfield. Prob. Bur. Mansfield
1901 7-Aug D Walker, Mrs. Minerva J. d. 1 Aug. at Mansfield, bur. Hope Cem., age 56 yrs., 8 mos., 20 days. Widow of Nelson S. Walker who d. 1890. Left: Wm., Jessie, & Mrs. Harry Sherman; 1 sis. Mrs. Rose Kritzer, 2 bros: John W. Davis of Buffalo, George Daivs of Mansfield, mother & stepfather, O. A. Bartlett
1901 30-Jan D Webster, James d. last night Delmar Twp., former res. Of Mansfield
1901 27-Feb D Webster, James D. d. 29 Jan. 1901 Shippen Twp., b. Sullivan Twp. 24 May 1834, son of Allen Webster, in 1861 m. Miss Mary Matteson of Dundee, N.Y., she d. 1868; left 2 sons, Judd L. & Murwin. James m. 2nd 2 Apr. 1871 Miss Permeria Perry, dau. Of Marvin & Laura Perry. They had Walter M., Allen J., & May (d. young). Moved to Shippen 1875. He also left 3 bros.; Wm., Burt & Oreo and 2 sis.: Rhoda & Mrs. Nosh Bradway
1901 13-Feb D West, Mrs. P. d. Keeneyville age 76 yrs., Aung Mary), sur. By 4 sons & 1 dau.
1901 9-Jan D Westbrook, Mrs. B. L. d. last Sat., age 64 yrs., at Tioga. Sur. 1 son: Ted & daus., Alta & Mrs. Rena Firth. Bur. Evergreen Cem., Tioga. Also leaves 5 sis., 1 bro., Captain B. B. Mitchell of Troy, Pa.
1901 6-Nov D Wheeler, Isaac d. Rutland Twp., 12 Nov., age abt. 80 yrs. Bur. Roseville Cem., b. Mass. 10 Apr. 1822, came to Pa. age 14, m. 1 Feb. 1844 Miss Polly Busten, d. of cancer. Left: 4 sons, 1 dau., 1 bro. In Ill.
1901 9-Oct D White infant son of Merton d. yesterday
1901 3-Apr D Whiting, James d. Mon. at Mansfield, age 13 yrs., 2 mos., 12 days, brain fever, son of Dr. Isaac Whiting. Bur. Frost Settlement
1901 18-Sep D Whitteker, Mrs. Seth d. Thurs. morn. Canoe Camp Creek
1901 2-Jan D Whittet, Charles F. d. in Buffalo, N.Y. last Thur., age 19, b. in Wellsboro, grandson of Charles Fairman
1901 27-Feb D Williams, Mrs. Joseph d. Wellsboro of Asthmatis trouble, left sons: George W. of Wellsboro & H. L. of Elmira, N.Y.
1901 13-Feb D Willous, Mrs. Kitty Knox d. at Ulysses age 30 yrs., diphtheria, only dau. Of W. B. Knox, granddau. Of Charles Toles of Wellsboro
1901 29-May D Wilson, Charles of State Line, N.Y. d. recently. Just turned 91
1901 2-Oct D Wilson, R. F. "Rant" d. near Wellsboro, former res. Of Mansfield
1901 11-Dec D Wood a ch. Of Lamont or Layton Wood d. Lambs Creek, Bur. Lawrence Corners Cem. Burned
1901 6-Nov D Wood, Mrs. Mary d. Mansfield last Thurs., heart trouble, wid. Of Sam Wood of Maple Hill, near Cherry Flats. Bur. There. Left: Miss Mary Wood of Mansfield, Mrs. A. J. Stage of Nelson, Mrs. Charles Reynolds of Farmington, H. M. Wood of Delmar, William of Mich., George Wood of N.Y.S.
1901 2-Jan D Wood, Mrs. Viana Benson d. Roseville 16 Dec. 1901 age 65 yrs of the grippe. B. near Asutinville, m. Ezra Wood in 1854. He d. 1887. Buried Roseville. Sur. By son E. E. Wood of Roseville, 2 daus.; Mrs. Leonard Hall of Roseville, Mrs. Jay McClure of Jackson, 3 bros. & 4 sis.
1901 14-Aug D Wood, Mrs. Burr d. last Thurs. in Armenia Twp., Bradford Co., 69 yrs. Bur. Covert, dau. Of Jesse Smith, late of Rutland Twp., sis. Of Mrs. Mary Brace, Geo. & Horace Smith all of Mill creek. Left 5 ch.
1901 8-May D Yohn, John d. Galeton Sat. in railroad accident
1901 29-May D Youmans, Mrs. Fred d. Armenia. Funeral at Canton last Fri.
1901 25-Dec D Zimmerman, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. Zimmerman & others d. at Clintontown, near Galeton of smallpox. She was dau. Of Dwight Ripley of Richmond Twp.



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