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In Their Own Words - Diaries and Letters of our Ancestors
Photo by Joyce M. Tice January 2007
Diary Transcribed by Joyce M. Tice
Copyright 2007
Preface and More Rosina Diaries
1874- Rosina Smith of Sullivan Township
In 1873, Rosina and Will completed building a new house and moved into it. I believe, but have not proven, that it is this house just up the road on Ames Hill and closer to Mainesburg than their former house. Until recent years this house was in the ownership of Rosina's descendants. In 1874, Rosina & Will tore down their older house. Rosina's brother, Vaughan, was still working on painting and papering in the new house during this year's diary.

Revision: January 2010. I now believe that the new house built in this year is NOT the one on Ames Hill shown above, but the house on Robbins Road where Archie and Gladys Robbins lived in later years. The house on Ames Hill was purchased by her great grandson Rex Chamberlain from Paul Reynolds. It was not in the family many years as I stated above. The house built in 1874 was sold to Archie Robbins in 1901 and wa sin the family for parts of three generations. it is now just recently sold out of the family.

As I continue on through the years of Rosina's life transcribing her words, these "names" that I have been working with for the past fifteen years become people with lives and personalities. It has always been and remains my goal in Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project to understand these people in the context of their time and place. The diaries have brought them into focus in exactly that way for me. While I am eager to move on to all the years for which we have record, I also regret those diaries that have fallen by the wayside, the missing years. Perhaps some day they too will find their way to me, and we can fill in the blanks.

I will link people to biographical detail on first mention in each year's diary. I will also include photos where available

Rosina Smith Diary

Mainesburg, PA


Jan 1 – Thursday

We all went to the burg. Took Vaughn & his turkey. Got this book, some oysters, broom for Florence. Uncle John went home. Lida stayed all night

Jan. 2 – Friday

I wove some. Will went to Miltons. Mr. Taylor called. gave Will five dollars. Orrin went home with Lida.

Jan. 3 – Saturday

Mr. Tinkham called here. Will & Orrin drove Lon to burgh.

Jan. 4 - Sunday

We all stayed at home all day. Will & Orrin went to Gardners. Billy H. Come here, stayed all night.

Jan. 5 – Monday

I wove. Will Stayed at home. Lyman called here. He had been to Dr. White’s.

Jan. 6 – Tuesday

We stayed at home. I wove some

Jan. 7- Wednesday

Will went to George’s. Eph come here. Orrin went home with him. Vaughan come here, also Johnathan. Billy B. Stayed here all night.

Jan. 8 – Thursday

Will stayed at home today. I wove.

Jan. 9 - Friday

Will & Orrin went to Father’s. Mary & Vina called, got quilt frames. Johnathan called.

Missing pages

Jan. 16 – Friday

Will & Lyman took Father some corn. Warren called here.

Jan. 17 – Saturday

Warren brought Burt’s boots over here. Orrin, Ellen, Jule come here today. Will took me to the burgh.

Jan. 18 – Sunday

We stayed at home today

Jan. 19 – Monday

Will went away to Amander’s sale. Vaughan come up, stayed all night. Finished weaving – 4 weeks.

Jan. 20 – Tuesday

Will & Vaughan went to the burgh. John Harvey come & got six & half bushel ear’s corn. Will took loom home. We went to the burgh at night.

Jan. 21 – Wednesday

Will went to the burg - got horses shod. I went to Ephraim’s. He went, drove sheep off the hill.

Jan. 22 – Thursday

George Smith drawed up some coal. Will & George went after calves. Will Stevens unloaded the coal.Will stayed all night.

Jan.23 – Friday

Benjamin & Bartlett put up eave spouts. Will & George at home. George stayed all night.

Jan. 24 – Saturday

Will took calves to Robbins lot. We went to Lymans. Jule & baby came home with us. (Baby is probably Nancy’s baby named Rosina and called May)

Jan. 25 –Sunday

Bige come to tell us about Granma. Will went on Robbins lot. Charlie come down. Will went up to look for cow.

Jan. 26 – Monday

Will helped Stevens drive nag to George. ??? called.Pedler called here. Lida stayed all night.

Jan. 27 – Tuesday

Will, Louisa & I went to Granma’s funeral. Called to G. Tanner’s. Orrin’s folks come & got the baby. [Orrin Smith and his wife, Lydia Hill, Adopted Rosina May Soper, and she grew up as May Smith.]

Jan. 28 – Wednesday

Will, Ephraim, & Billy took oats to Mansfield. We washed.

Jan. 29 – Thursday

We went to Mansfield. Got oilcloth, etc.

Jan. 30 – Friday

Will & I went to the burgh, took papers [?] Jule went to Ephs. Hannah come home with us. We got Sausage, 27 lbs.

Jan. 31- Saturday

Louisa had ten & half lbs tallow. Will went to the burgh. Charlie come here, also Martha R.

Feb. 1 – Sunday

Orrin come over after Jule. We stayed at home today.

Feb. 2 – Monday

Will went to the burgh. Lyman come back with him, got Nancy some Medacine $1.60.

Feb. 3 – Tuesday

Joseph called here. Vannck ?? brought home black colt. Orrin went to Mr. Robbins.

Feb. 4 – Wednesday

Henry & Sylva were here. Vaughan come up today. I washed.

Feb. 5 – Thursday

Martha called here. Vaughan is whitewashing chamber. Mr. Taylor called, got 2 lb. Butter. Will went to the burgh at night.

Feb. 6 – Friday

Vaughan papered Jule’s room. Palmer Hill stayed here all night.

Disciples Church in Mainesburg burned in 1917. It stood on the SW corner of intersection in Mainesburg that is now vacant, used as a lawn.
This congregation is not mentioned in either the 1883 or 1897 histories. It is mentioned in the 1899 Directory as the Church of Christ with 1876 as the date of formation. The building was not erected until after that. This mention in Rosina's diary indicates presence of the congregation prior to that time. The church building was erected in the 1890s or later. I will add a date when I find one. 
The 1875 map of Mainesburg shows a blacksmith shop on this corner.

In 1882 they had a benefit for fund raising which may have financed the building. In Wellsboro Agitator and Rosina's Dec 1882 diary where they went to the "Christmas Tree."

Feb. 7 – Saturday

A Plesant day, a Sleigh ride. Vaughan did not feel well. Will & I took him to the burgh. Disciples baptised today. Got me cloth for rapper [wrapper].

Feb. 8 – Sunday

meeting day. Will & Orrin went to Father’s. Florence & I stayed alone. A very plesent day.

Feb. 9 – Monday

I sewed some. Will went to the burgh. Lyman come over, worked half day. Bige & Clare here in eve.

Feb. 10 – Tuesday

Will Birthday 31. Will chopped some. Lyman worked today, went home at night.

Feb. 11 – Wednesday

Vaughan come up today worked half day. Made picture frames. Will chopped some.

Feb. 12 - Thursday

Vaughan worked today. Lyman come over. Will & Lyman went after Stephen. P. come over & stayed all night, George called. got tobacco. I washed.

Feb. 13 – Friday

Will paid Stephen. We went to Orrin’s & Lyman took Stephen over to see Nancy. Mark & wife were to Orrin’s. Vaughan stayed at our house. Eph & Louise come here. Vaughan went home at night.

Feb.14- Saturday

Will went in woods. Went away at night. Children & I went to Josephsin evening. Charlie was here today.

Feb.15 – Sunday

Will & Orrin went to Joseph’s, had tooth pulled. Then went to Eph’s & Father’s. George called here. Henry Lawrence come here.

Feb. 16 – Monday

Johnathan called here. Will & Julius chopped wood in afternoon. Vina called here. Two men come and got begga (rutabegas) Bige called.

Feb. 17- Tuesday

13 years since Pa died. Election day. Will went to the burgh. Julius done chores. Otis for constable. Julius stayed all night.

Feb. 18 – Wednesday

Cyrus Rumsey come here. Vaughan come up, worked. Will went to Fathers to weigh hay for Perley, Mr.Taylor. Calvin & Josephus called. Will drawed load of ice for George. Julius chopped –

Feb. 19 – Thursday

Will, George, Perly, Julius cut wood on Robbins lot. Orrin brought Jule over home. Vaughan worked.

Feb. 20 –Friday

George Harvey worked half day. Julius & Will worked. Uncle John’s folks come here. John’s went away, also Vaughan.

Feb. 21 – Saturday

Will went to Hodges sale. Mr. Taylor got three lbs. butter. Bige called here.

Feb. 22 – Sunday

We stayed at home. Will & Orrin went to Warren’s

Feb. 23- Monday

Will went to the burgh. Vaughan come up, went & helped Ephraim build arch. Bige, Philetus, Billy H. called. George Harvey and Julius half day.

Feb. 24 – Tuesday

Martha called here. Will, George, Julius worked in the woods. Vaughan worked in fournoon, went home. Lida & Dennis was here. Ellen & Ella W. come, stayed all night.

Feb. 25 – Wednesday

Ellen, Ella went home. Vaughan come up, went back to get coal. Julius worked half day. Lida come up to help me.

Feb. 26 – Thursday

Owe Pedler $6.75. Will & Julius are drawing wood. Six week Pedler called this morning. Bart called. Will tapped trees. Dennis come up, stayed all night.

Feb. 27 – Friday

Julius drawed wood. Ephraim, Vaughan, Ellen & I went to W.W. Welch funeral 0227.

Feb. 28 – Saturday

Will & Will Stevens drawed hay. Julius drawed wood. Ephraim come & got hog. Mary & Vina called. Lyman, Mr.Taylor, Will went to the burgh at night.

Mar. 1 – Sunday

16 hams to George’s. First day of March. Will, Orrin, Florence went to Father, got 14 milk pans, ten tap pans. We went to Lyman’, got pans. To Orrin, 24.

Mar. 2 – Monday

Julius & Will are to work in Tap bush. Vaughan worked for Eph, come up stayed all night. Martha & Mate called.

Mar. 3 – Tuesday

Will & Julius boiled sap. IsaacWesley come up. Vaughan went home with him. Orrin, Ellen, Jule, Nancy were over here. Martha & Mate were here.

Mar. 4 – Wednesday

13 years since Ma died Julius went to the burgh in fournoon, got him some boots. He worked in afternoon. Vaughan worked at wagon box. Julius went to party.

Mar 5.- Thursday

Girls got little wagon. Bill E. called, borrowed ten dollars. Vaughan is making wagon box. Will & Julius boiled sap.

Mar. 6- Friday

Vaughan worked. Will went to Spencer’s Mill. Orrin went to Father’s. Took Molasses [0306]& sugar, 16 lbs. Florence went to Joseph’s. Julius chopped.

Mar. 7- Saturday

Shelled corn. Julius chopped. Wilber got buttermilk. Will went to the burg with Vaughan. William bought oats. Harvy boys four lbs. butter. Will went to the burgh at night.

Mar. 8 – Sunday

Cal Dewitt brought some bags 22. Mr. Taylor called. Will & Orrin went to Father’s. Florence & I stayed at home.

Mar. 9 – Monday

A cold day. Julius come up. Vaughan come up. So cold they can’t work much. Cal Dewitt called for bags.

Mar. 10 – Tuesday

Will & Julius drawed sap wood. Martha come over here. Vaughan went home. Will & Orrin went to Joseph.

Mar. 11 – Wednesday

Will has gone to draw oats to Mansfield. Julius helped load. Julius split wood.

Mar. 12 – Thursday

Will drawed two load to Mansfield. Lyman called here. Julius helped load. Orrin went to Eph. Vaughan come up, stayed all night.

Mar. 13 – Friday

Will drawed load oats to Mansfield. Ellen come up help me. Julius done chores, went home in middle of day.

Mar. 14 – Saturday

Frank called, eat dinner here. Will drawed load oats to Mansfield. Julius helped load, done chores. Vaughan went to Eph’s. Martha called here.

Mar. 15 – Sunday

Ellen went home. George called. George borrowed one Hundred dollars. Orrin, Ellen, Jule come over here. Billy called here. Will, Orrin went to Warren’s.

Mar. 16 – Monday

Will went to Doud’s, bought Steers. Vaughan come up. Julius worked, boiled sap. Lida come up, stayed all night. Vaughan worked.

Mar. 17 – Tuesday

Julius boiled sap. Will went to the burgh. Cal & Will called here, eat dinner. Vaughan worked at House .

Mar. 18 – Wednesday

Olive stayed all night. Will & Julius boiling sap. Vaughan worked. Martha come & helped me. Will & Vaughan drove cow to Mainesburg for Gil Welch.

Mar. 19 – Thursday

Cal called for [?] 6 lbs. Mary & Vina called here. Mr. Harvy 2 lbs. butter. Vaughan worked. George, Bart, Julius were here. Will & Julius fixed door yard. Frank stayed all night.

Mar. 20 – Friday

Will, Julius boiled sap. Vaughan worked. Mary called for Olive. Hannah come here.

Mar. 21 – Saturday

Mary and Vina called here. Vaughan worked. Julius split wood & boiled sap. Orrin brought Jule home. Mrs. Robbins, Clars, Pedler Taylor. Will went to the burgh. Julius, Bart & Orrin stayed in the woods.

Mar. 22 – Sunday

Billy H. come here. Will & Orrin went to Father’s. We stayed at home.

Mar. 23 – Monday

Will, Julius boiled Sap. Vaughan come up. Isaac come up with him. Vaughan went home. Wilber was here.

Mar. 24 – Tuesday

Mr. Taylor called. Julius cut wood. Will helped Sugar off. Jule put down carpet. Ephraim called here.

Mar. 25. – Wednesday

Josephine [0325]moved up on hill. Julius cut wood. Jule washed. Will & I wentto the burgh Vaughan come up, worked. Isaac come up here. Will took Jule to Ephs. She stayed all night. Martha called.

Mar. 26 – Thursday

Isaac went home. Will & Julius boiled sap. Vaughan worked on house. Jule come home. Will & Orrin went to Ephs. Bill E. Came-paid $10 dollars.

Mar. 27- Friday

Vina come got milk. Will, Julius drawed wood to Fathers. Martha Smith called here.

Mar. 28 – Saturday

Cal had 7 pans. Will, Julius boiled sap. Vaughan made Shelves. Will let Vaughan have $29 dollars. Will went to the burgh. Frank come up here.

Mar. 29 – Sunday

We all went to Lymans after Jules, Frank. Eulalia come home with us.

Mar. 30 – Monday

Wesley & Eliza come over after Eulalia. Will boiled sap.Jule went to Taylors. Vaughan come up at night. Vina called here.

Mar. 31- Tuesday

Will & Vaughan took down corn house. Francescame here a visiting.

April 1 – Wednesday

Orrin went to Ephs. Will went to the burgh & to Father’s. Frank called here. Ermina & children come up here. Mary & Vina called here.

April 2 – Thursday

??? – Will & Florence went to Fathers. Will went to the brugh. Ermina, Children stayed today, all night.

April 3 – Friday

Will drawed manure. Loaded hay for T. Monroe. Will took Vaughan’s folks home. Cal & Josie came here in eve.

April 4 – Saturday

We all went to Troy but Orrin went to Ephraim’s. Got chairs to Sylvania. Mr. Taylor paid Will $10.

April 5 – Sunday

Martha called here. Will & I went to Frank Strait’s funeral [0405] with Cal & Josie. Called to George’s. Billy come here also. Chauncey stayed all night.

April 6 – Monday

Will gone to the burgh. Chauncey gone out in the world alone.[0406] Vaughan came up in afternoon. Mr. Austin stayed all night.

April 7 – Tuesday

Mr. Robbins called for butter. Vaughan papered. Will boiled sap in fournoon. Albert boiled sap in afternoon. Will dragged for George. Clara R. got milk. Vaughan went to Lodge.

The Odd Fellows Hall (I.O.O.F.) was built in Mainesburg in 1874. Like so many other lodges, the cost was paid by renting out the lower floor for a store and Post Office. Most people in the area today refer to this as the old store or the old Post Office, not understanding that it is the Odd Fellows Hall. Lodge meetings were held on the second floor, and after the Grange building burned in 1917, the Grange (P.O.H.) also met on the second floor of this building. 

The building still stands (2007), but is in very poor repair. 

Scrapbook Items on History of lodge

April 8 – Wednesday

Lyman boiled sap half day. Vaughan come up. Will went to Fathers to drag. Joseph called to change some money. Hannah come up, stayed all night. Chauncey stayed all night.

April 9 – Thursday

Will plowed at Fathers. Vaughan papered Kitchen. Martha called, got some butter, 4 * quarter. Frank called. Lyman went home.

April 10 – Friday

Snowed - foot deep. Put down carpet. Vaughan made brackets.

April 11- Saturday

Vaughan & Will put down carpet, blacked stove. Will Stevens got Sleds. Vaughan went home. Vaughan had dollar half.

April- 12 Sunday

We stayed at home. A very plesant day.

April 13 –Monday

Will, Jule & I went to the burgh to Vaughan’s. Taylor called. Mary, Vina called to get milk.

April 14 – Tuesday

Will, Children & I gathered sap. Orrin come over. Martha called, paid for butter. Frank stayed all night.

April 15 – Wednesday

Joe called to see Will. Vaughan come up to work today. I sugared off. Jule went to Josephs. Clara called. Tore down old house.[0415]

April 16 – Thursday

Will & Vaughan are to work in sap bush. Joseph called for lumber out of old house.

April 17 – Friday

Snow this morning. Orrin come over after straw, went back, left his wagon. Will Stevens, jarolomon [0417] here in evening.

April 18 – Saturday

Vaughan emptied pans. Will drawed hay. Lyman come over. Will & I went to the burgh, took tub, Jule rode to Eph’s. Vaughan went home.

April 19 – Sunday

We stayed at home. Will & Orrin went to Father’s. Lewis Pierce called.

April 20 –Monday

Joseph called this morning. It is a rainy day. Jule washed. Will went to Bemish Law Suit. Bill E. fixed clothes [w]ringer.

April 21 – Tuesday

Will dug cellar. Mary & Vina called this morning. Orrin came over, got straw.

April 22 – Wednesday

Vaughan & Wesley come up this morning. Vaughan worked in Sapbush. We went to Mansfield.

April 23 – Thursday

Vaughan hung pictures etc. . It rains today. Orrin come over to see about Nancy. Will went to the burgh. Wesley went home.

April 24 – Friday

Will & Vaughan made wall & Sellar [cellar] clean[?]. Jule went to Ephraim’s. Orrin went to Eph’s for Frank, Mary & Vina called. Vine Smith

April 25 – Saturday

Will went to a Law Suit at Squires Vaughan went home.

April 26 – Sunday

We stayed at home

April 27 – Monday

Washed. Will drawed some straw to Vaughan’s, got some hay to Eph’s. Orrin come over. Jule home with him. Billy H. stayed all night.

April 28 – Tuesday

Mary & Vina called here. Will drawed Hay from Eph’s, Vaughan went fixed door for Ephraim. He went home in afternoon. Dennis come up here. Billy stayed all night.

April 29 – Wednesday

Orrin brought Jule home. Billy went away. [Than?] called here.

April 30 – Thursday

Will went to the burgh. I went to Joseph’s . Mrs. Dodge come home with me. Stayed all night. Cal had our wagon.

May 1- Friday

Vaughan brought Louisa & Hannah up here. Will made fence.  We all went to the burgh. Took Louisa home. Sent for Elmira Paper. [newspaper subscription]

May 2 - Saturday

Will, Jule & Vaughan went to move Nancy’s things to Vaughan’s. Children & I stayed at home. Jule stayed to Vaughan’s.

May 3 – Sunday

Will & Orrin went on Robbins lot. Than come down here. Will, Children & I went to Vaughan’s after Jule.

May 4 – Monday

Father called here. Will worked up there. Plowed. Parden, Orrin got Lamb.

May 5 – Tuesday

Orrin went to Warren’s. Will sowing oats on Hill. Lyman called here. George worked dor Will. Martha was here a visiting. Childs called here $5.25

May 6 – Wednesday

Will plowed our garden & by the House. Ellen come up here. Will & I went after the baby. Lyman & Burt stayed all night.

May 7 – Thursday

Will drawed hay from Eph’s. Will & I went to Mansfield, got bolstered sofa.

May 8 – Friday

Will, Bart sowed oats here, I filled pillows.

May 9 – Saturday

Will, Bart worked up to Father’s. We went to the burg, took tub 32cts. Nerva came home with us.

May 10 – Sunday

Will went away to Robbins lot. Will & I went to Orrins. They were gone. Nerva went back to Ephraim’s.

May 11- Monday

School commenced. Betsey Rose teaches. Will & Bert worked to Father’s. Will went to the burg in afternoon. Vina called here. John Ludington stayed all night.

May 12 – Tuesday

Will & John worked to Father’s planting potatoes. Jule went to Cal Dewitt’s. Lyman came here also. Orrin brought corn.

May 13 – Wednesday

Amander called. Vaughan come up, worked. John Ludington half day. Bart dragged corn ground. Joseph come down here.

May 14 – Thursday

Mr. Knapp come over. Will marked corn ---. Bart & John planted corn in afternoon. Will & I went after Nancy.

May 15 – Friday

Lida came up. Will went and dragged for Ephraim. John & Bart planted. Vaughan painted. Will went to Eph’s after ladders.

May 16 – Saturday

Will went to Eph to work. Vaughan went home. Orrin went to Eph. Martha Robbins called here. Will went to the burgh.

May 17 – Sunday

Father come down here. We took Nancy to Vaughan’s then went to Orrin’, took May.

May 18 –Monday

Will went on Robbins lot. Jule went to the burgh with Will.

May 19 –Tuesday

Pedler called. Will made pen for Dick. Worked for George in afternoon. Vaughan painted outside.

May 20 – Wednesday

Will & Burt have gone to Father’s to draw stone. Vaughan is setting grape & quince. He went home in afternoon. Orrin & Ellen come & brought May here.

May 21- Thursday

Will & Bart are to Father’s drawing stone. It rained some.

May 22 – Friday

Will & Bart are to Father’s drawing stone. Wilber comer & got some Sugar. Than got auger & [???] washed today.

May 23 – Saturday

Will & Bart drawed stone. Vaughan & Wesley come up, painted some. We went to the burgh, took tub butter .25 cts.

May 24 – Sunday

Will, Florence & Orrin went to Father’s. Lyman brought Sammy over here.

May 25 – Monday

Will took hog to Father. We went to the burgh. Took tub for father.

May 26 –Tuesday

Father called here. Will & Bart are helping George plant corn.

May 27 – Wednesday

Will is to work at Fathers. Bart worked till after dinner. I went to Joseph’s. Grandy drawed stone here.

May 28 – Thursday

Will fixed cellar. Than come, brought tools home. Tom Monroe paid money for Father.

May 29 – Friday

O. Grandy worked. Florence, May & I went to Ephraims. Will took Father’s money to him. Frank, Ellen & Nerva come up here. Billy Richman (Richmond?) stated here.

May 30 – Saturday

Lonzo Grandy worked today. Will & Jule went to the burgh. Harmon, Mr. Knapp were here. Vaughan was here. Will & I took him home.

May 31 – Sunday

Will, Children & I went on Robbins Lot.

June 1 – Monday

Will went to Mansfield to Sawmill. Father came here. Grandy worked at Cellar.

June 2 – Tuesday

Melinda funeral. Will went after Scraper. Lyman come here. Will & I took May over to Lymans.

June 3 – Wednesday

Will & Joseph worked on road. Grandy worked at cellar. Vaughan come up today, helped in cellar

June 4 – Thursday

Will & Joseph worked on road. Jule went to Josephs. Will went after cultivator.

June 5 – Friday

Will worked on Road half day. Bige worked in afternoon. Cultivated corn.

June 6 – Saturday

Vine called here. Will, Jule & Orrin went to Troy. George paid Will $24 dollars. Will & I went to the burg. Took Father codfish.

June 7- Sunday

We all went to quarterly meeting on State Road. Warren Rumsey got some corn. Will went to Father’s to carry nails.

June 8 – Monday

Washed, Will & Bige cultivated corn. Betsey Rose stayed all night.

June 9 – Tuesday

It rained. Will & Bige planted corn over. Will went to the burgh. Florence & I went to Josephine’s. Mary & Vina.

June 10 – Wednesday

Will plowed some. He went to the burgh at night. Martha & Orrin, Betsey Rose stayed all night.

June 11 – Thursday

Will worked on Borough road in fournoon. Plowed in afternoon. Martha was here in fournoon.

June 12 – Friday

Will worked on Borough road. Martha & Betsey called here.

June 13 – Saturday

Will, Jule & Frank have gone to Mansfield. Took firkin of butter .28. Than called here for cultivator. Uncle Annanais & wife stayed all night.

June 14 – Sunday

Will went after Lyman’s heifer. Uncle Nais folks went away. Cal, Jose went.

June 15 – Monday

Will worked on Borough road. Bige worked till ten o’clock. Grandy called. Than got plants.

June 16 –Tuesday

Pedler called. Will went to Ephs to get plow. Bige & Will plowing out corn. Jule gone toEphs. Will & I went to the burgh.

June 17-Wednesday

Will went to the burgh. Martha went with him. It rains. We sewed some.

June 18 – Thursday

Otis got $10 dollars tax. Father called here. Will went up there to plow out potatoes. Clara got butter. Nancy come home with him. Josephine & Martha are here.

June 19- Friday

Will plowed buckwheat ground. Sewed some. Cal pony ran away to the barn. Nancy is here.

June 20 – Saturday

Will sowed buckwheat. Bige worked. May, Nerva, Martha come here at night. Nancy is here. Will went to Joseph’s.

June 21 – Sunday

Will, Orrin went to Father’s. We stayed at home. Nancy is here.

June 22 – Monday

Will, Bige are plowing out corn. Father is hoeing. Nancy is here. We went to the burgh. Martha called.

June 23 - Tuesday

Bige, Father worked. Will took father home. C. Childs called. Nancy is to bed. Will went with Milton.

June 24 – Wednesday

Will & Bige worked to Father’s in potatoes. Will went to the Burgh to Mill. Lyman come here. Nancy is here.

June 25 – Thursday

Will went to Mill.. Man bought eggs. Bill E... Nancy is here.

June 26 – Friday

I went to Ephs and to the burgh. Will went to Mill. Jule went to Eliza’s. Nancy stayed here.

June 27 – Saturday

Bert come here to see his Ma. Will went to Troy took firkin butter. Mr. Ames rode up with him. Bill E. & Bige drawed timber away. Will went to the burg, took Nancy. Nerva come up here.

June 28 – Sunday

Warren & George were here today. Will, Nerva & I went over after Jule. Nerva went back to Ephraim’s.

June 29 – Monday

Will mowed some here. Bige worked. Joseph fixed barn. Manford worked a little while.

June 30 – Tuesday

Will, Manford & Bige worked to Father’s. Martha called here. Will went to old House.

July 1- Wednesday

Will, Manford & Bige worked to Father’s & drawed in our Hay. Orrin & I went to the burgh. Mrs. Robbins got soap grease. Vina called here.

July 2 – Thursday

Will, Manford & Bige are to work at Father’s. Martha & Betsey called here.

July 3 – Friday

Bill E. called here. Manford & Will fixed gates on Robbins lot. Will, Manford & Bige worked at Father’s til three o’clock. Billy called, also Lida. Will, Manford, Martha, Nerva went to Eph’s.

July 4 – Saturday

Will, Jule, Orrin, Florence, Lida and I went to Troy to Circus.

July 5 – Sunday

Will & Orrin went to Bill E. Mr. Taylor called here. Orrin, Ellen, Lydia come here.

July 6 – Monday

Will, Manford, Bige, Garabrant went to Father’s to work at Hay. We washed.

July 7 – Tuesday

Martha & Eli rode out. [0707] Will, Manford, Bige, Garabant worked to Father’s today. Jule went to ---. May, Betsy Rose stayed here all night.

July 8 – Wednesday

Will, Bige, Manford, Garabant worked at Father’s. Ray, Florence went to school. Orrin brought Louisa up here. Will & I took her home. Martha called.

July 9 – Thursday

Will, Manford, Garabrant worked to Father’s. Bige worked in garden little while. Manford & Garabrant worked half day, went home. Will went to Tom Smith (my house - JMT).

July 10 – Friday

Rain today. Rich Ashley brought Aunt Roslinda here. Will worked in garden. Will & Manford raked hay a little while. The last day of school. Lida, Hannah, D--- come here.

July 11 – Saturday

A rainy day. Will stayed at home. Aunt Roslinda was here.

July 12 – Sunday

Lyman & Burt come here. We all went to State Road. Took aunt to Uncle Jim D.

July 13 – Monday

Will & Orrin went to Father’s. Jule washed. Martha, Alice Hart called here.

July 14 – Tuesday

Orrin went to Father’s. Will, Garabrant, Bige, Manford worked to Father’s. Bige took horse up. Bliss & Wm. Dewitt called here.

July 15 – Wednesday

Will, Bige, Manford, Garabrant worked to Father’s. Bige Horse. Mrs. Robbins come got salt. Charlie Child called. Jule went to burgh.

July 16 – Thursday

Will, Bige, Manford, Garabrant. Orrin went to his Granpa’s. Florence & I went to Eph’s. Dennis brought us home.

July 17- Friday

Will, Grabrant, Bige, Manford worked at Father’s. Jule went to Troy in stage.

July 18 – Saturday

Will, Garabrant, Bige, Manford worked to Father’s. We went to the burgh. Bige stayed all night.

July 19 – Sunday

Orrin went took Mother some tobacco. George T. & George Harvy called here. Will went after cheese. I went to Eliza. Martha called.

July 20 – Monday

Will, Garabrant, Manford. Bige worked at Father’s. Jule come home. Will brought machines down here.

July 21 – Tuesday

Will went after Waggon & cradles. Garabrant, Manford, Bige. Enos L. Called here.

July 22 – Wednesday

Bige, Manford, Garabrant, worked here & to Father’s. Taylor, Milton Man eat supper here, drawed hay. Lydia, Josephine called here.

July 23 – Thursday

Bige, Manford, Garabrant, Taylor worked at wheat & hay. Drawed in wheat. Horses run away. Martha called here.

July 24 – Friday

Manford, Garabrant, Bige, Taylor. Bige half day. He raked after supper. They worked on Robbins lot in afternoon.

July 25 – Saturday

Will, Garabrant, Bige & Manford. Taylor worked on Robbins lot. Burt Taylor was here. We went to the burgh in evening.

July 26 – Sunday

We stayed at home –it rained.

July 27 – Monday

Will, Jule & I call Dewitts. Went to Peleg’s berrying. Children stayed to Father’s.

July 28 – Tuesday

Will & Orrin went to the burgh. Louisa come home with them. Joseph fixed bbls for us. Manford called here. Will took L. home.

July 29 – Wednesday

Will went to Lon’s. Father come here, brought $25. Manford called here.

July 30 – Thursday

Will went to Father’s build chimney. Childs called here, paif him fifteen dollars.

July 31 – Friday

Will, Jule, Ellen & I went berrying to Mill Creek. Children stayed at J.W.R. Eph called in evening.

Aug 1 – Saturday

Rained very hard. George paid Will twenty five dollars borrowed money. Will paid Miller Clark for Clark at Mansfield. We went to the burgh – got button Floss.

Aug 2 – Sunday

Will, Florence, Orrin went on Robbins lot. Milton come here to get Pullies. Will & Edd come here got salt for cattle. Billy H. came here. Manford had $20 dollars..

Aug 3 – Monday

Ephraim called also Mr. Taylor. Will went to Fathers. He worked for Ephraim in afternoon

Aug. 4 –Tuesday

Will worked for Eph. I went to Josephines’s.

Aug 5 – Wednesday

Will worked for Ephraim. Mrs. Warren Rumsey [Matilda Richmond] come here. Martha was here at night.

Aug 6- Thursday

Will went to the burgh. I went to C.M. Douds. Nancy come home with us.

Aug 7 – Friday

Will mowed weeds. Orrin, Ellen come here. Nancy is here. Will salted Tom’s cattle.

Aug. 8 – Saturday

Will, Jule, Nancy & I went to Uncle John’s. Louisa came here, we was gone. Will went to the burgh.

Aug 9 – Sunday

Will went away. We all stayed at home. Eli Mc. & Martha rode out at night.

Aug 10 – Monday

Washed, churned, etc. Will worked to Father’s cutting oats. Nancy is here.

Aug 11 – Tuesday

Will & Warren finished cutting oats in fournoon to Father’s. Ephraim cradled here in fournoon. Frank, Mr. Taylor, Warren in afternoon. Will & I went to Wesleys Will went to [Troy or Judge]

Aug 12 – Wednesday

Will worked to Fathers in oats. Ephraim, Frank, Taylor, Bart. Nancy is here. rained

Aug 13 – Thursday

Will went to Tom’s. Tom was here. Sanford & Emma were here. We went to the burgh. Nancy is here.

Aug. 14 – Friday

Will went up home & to A.G. Palmers. We went to Wesleys. Nancy is here. Father was here also Josephine.

Aug 15 – Saturday

Will went up home to work. Wesley brought Esther over here. Eulalia come over in afternoon. Nancy is here.

Aug 16 – Sunday

Louisa 40 years old. Will & the children went up home. Billy H. was here. We went got Bberries. Nancy is here.

Aug 17 – Monday

Nancy is here. Taylor,Warren, Bart, Willie. Father worked here get in oats. Mary Taylor & May was here. We took them home. Chauncey

come home with us.

Aug 18 – Tuesday

Will went after cattle to R?? Dennis got rakes. Nerva come up here. Chauncy & Hosmer stayed all night. Billy Richman called.

Aug.19 – Wednesday

Washed. Will & Orrin went to Ephs to work. Chauncey went home to stay.

Aug. 20 –Thursday

Will & Orin went to Eph to work. Nerva & I went berrying. Jule went to Ephs. Chauncey come after his clothing. Nerva went to Ephraims.

Aug 21 – Friday

Will built fire in meadows. I was sick. Miller Clark come tried butter.

Aug 22 – Saturday

Nerva come up. Will took Jule over to Orrin’s. Father home here. We went to the burgh.

Aug 23 – Sunday

Nerva went to meeting. Than come got apples. Will, Florence went to Fathers. Billy called. Nerva come up here.

Aug 24 – Monday

Will took father to Miller – 4 firkins 32 cents. We went to Troy. Vaughan painted.

Aug 25 – Tuesday

Will plowed for wheat. Childs called here. Vaughan painted today.

Aug 26 – Wednesday

Will is plowing. Vaughan worked half day. Will went to Josephs.

Aug 27 – Thursday

Will plowed, dragged. Bart worked half day. Than brought my Rapper. Mary called.

Aug 28 – Friday

Bart & Will drawed manure. Nerva went to burgh. Orrin went with her. Vina called here. Mary & Mina called.

Aug 29 – Saturday

Will worked on wheat ground. Nerva come up at night. Will & I went to the burgh.

Aug 30 – Sunday

My birthday – 34. Will went away. Billy called here.

Aug 31 –Monday

Threshers stayed all night. Will & I went to the burgh. Got wheat to Edd Maines. Took corn to Vaughan. Vaughn come up & painted. Nancy went home with him at night. Mary called get papers.

Sept. 01 – Tuesday

Sandord Leiby (?) thrashed. Frank, Chauncey, Bart, Milton, Frank Clark, etc. Will helped Milton. VWS painted. Orrin brought Jule home. Vine called. Father come here, brought some money.

Sept 02 – Wednesday

Will & Orrin went to Ephs. They went fishing on Mill Creek. We washed. Vaughan painted.

Sept 03 – Thursday

Will drawed manure half day. Bart worked half day up to Father’s.

Sept 04 – Friday

Will worked to Father’s. Bart worked today. Jule went to the burg. Nerva went away to Eph’s.

Sept 05 – Saturday

Will worked up to Father’s. Eph come & got corn. We rode to the Picnick.

Sept 06 – Sunday

We stayed at home. Nerva come up here. Frank come here at night.

Sept 07 – Monday

Sterne Ashley called here. Nerva 20 years old. Washed today etc. Mary Robbins got coffee. Will worked up home. The children went with him. Jule went to Orrin’s in stage. Will went to Milton’s.

Sept 08 – Tuesday

Hannah come up here. Will & Frank Clark worked to Father’s. Will went to the burgh. Got horses shod. J.W. Austin come home with him to get money. Thirty dollars. Billy eat Breakfast.

Sept 09 – Wednesday

Will & Frank Clark worked to Father’s. Children & I went to the burying ground. Nerva went away.

Sept 10 – Thursday

Will went to Eph’s to get his cradle. Borrowed sacks. Frank Clark is cutting buckwheat & corn. Vina called here also H. Austin. Nerva come back at night.

Sept 11 – Friday

Jule come home. Will took Stove to Mansfield. Frank Clark is cutting Buckwheat. Frank & Chauncey went home at10 o’clock. We went to the burgh.

Sept 12 – Saturday

Will & Eph went fishing on Mill Creek. I drove cattle to Robbins lot.

Sept 13 – Sunday

Will, Nerva, children & I went to Louise Smiths funeral at Chandlersburg. Jule went to meeting with Cal & Josephine.

Sept 14 – Monday

Will & Bart drawed Buckwheat. Vaughan & Isaac come up here, painted half day. Will, Jule & I went to Troy.

Sept 15 – Tuesday

Will went up home – took some pears. We all went to Picnic at Bakerburgh.

Sept 16 – Wednesday

Rained – Will went to the burgh, [&] up home. We washed etc.

Sept 17 – Thursday

Rains. Will went up home. I went to the burgh. Ellen come home with me. Will got Peaches. Hellen Palmer come here, stayed all night.

Sept 18 – Friday

We all went to Hatt Ashley’s funeral.

Sept 19 – Saturday

Will plowed, drawed load wood. Frank took Nerva home. Jule rode with them to see May. Wesley came up here.

Sept 20 – Sunday

Florence M birthday – 4 years old. Will, Children have gone to salt cattle. Jule come back today. Will & Jule, Children brought me over to Orrin’s.

Sept 21 – Monday

Orrin took Ellen & I to Troy. We come to Elmira. Stayed to Binghamton all night.

Sept 22 – Tuesday.

Cold morning. We come to Montrose in fournoon. Come in stage to Harford. Esther met us at the village. Got to Esther’s about eleven o’clock.

Sept 23- Wednesday

Plesant day- to Esther’s today. Mr. Sweet went to Binghamton to get shoes. We went to the teachers room. Mrs.Dean & Gertie called at Esther’s.

Sept 24 – Thursday

A plesant day. At Esther’s today. We went on the hill. Mr. Sweet went to Lecture at Harford. Ellen & I stayed to Esther’s all night.

Sept 25 – Friday

Will Jones & Esther took us to Montrose Depot. Will, Jule, Nerva, children met us to Troy.

Sept. 26 – Saturday

Will, children went to the burgh. We went to Bloss. Frank stayed all night.

Sept 27 – Sunday

We stayed at home today. Lynn came here. Cline stayed all night.

Sept 28 – Monday

Will plowed dug potatoes. Went to P. Clarks. Washed, etc. Father called here.

Sept 29 – Tuesday

Vaughan, Welch, Bart helped draw old House. Vina called here after papers. Mrs. Pitts, Rose J—ll stayed all night.

Sept 30 – Wednesday

Orrin W. birthday 9 years. Warren D &Welch finished drawing old house. Will & Bart went to Father’s to gather apples. I went toEphs to get hopps [?]

Oct 1 – Thursday

Will went to Father’s to gather apples. Jule & Nerva went to Sing. Mr. Rarick called here. Will went to Warren Rumsey. Frank came up – stayed all night.

Oct 2 – Friday

Will has gone to gather apples. Josephine come down here. Will went to Garabrants.

Oct 3 – Saturday

Will went to Mill. Hannah come home with him. Jule & Nerva went to Sing. Orison, Frank & Gusta come here. Nerva went to Sanfords.

Oct 4 – Sunday

Will, Jule, Children & I went to Orrin’s. Will went to Amandas & Gardners, Taylors.

Oct 5- Monday

We washed. Will worked up home. Mary R. called here.

Oct 6 – Tuesday

Will dug potatoes up home. Florence & I went to Ephraim’s. I went to the burg. Martha called here, Will went to Lodge.

Oct 7 – Wednesday

Frank came up here. Will & Jule went to the burgh, got Nancy. I milked. Children went to the burgh.

Oct 8 – Thursday

Ephraim came here got thirteen dollars. Will went up home. Frank come then to plow for him. Will come down here to work. Josephine called here. Nancy is here today.

Oct 9 – Friday

Frank plowed to Fathers. Will fixed hog yard. Tom called here. Nancy is here.

Oct 10 – Saturday

Will went to Jim Welch. Frank plowed to Father’s. We went after his clothes. Bart called here. Nancy is here. Will went to the burgh at night.

Oct 11 – Sunday

Will & Orrin went to Tom’s & drove cattle. Frank went away. Orrin, Ellen, Lydia come here. Will, Nancy & Jule went to Dr.White’s. Cal called here.

Oct 12 – Monday

Frank & Will worked to Father’s. Florence & I went to Warren Rumsey. Nancy & Jule stayed here.

Oct 13 – Tuesday

Frank & Will are to work at Father’s. They come down here brought quinces and peaches. Nancy is here.

Oct 14- Wednesday

Will went to Ephs after Pigs. Frank husked corn. Joseph called here. Nancy is here. Mary brought glass for me.

Oct 15 – Thursday

Father stayed all night. Frank is plowing at Father’s. Will & Father are Husking corn. Orin went got griddle mended & clock key. Nancy is here.

Oct 16 – Friday

Frank plowed to Father’s. Father & Will husked corn. He stayed all night. Vina come after Jule. She helped then quilt. Nancy is here.

Oct 17 – Saturday

Frank, Will & Father Husked. Orison Dodge come after Father. Jule went to Ephs. Frank went to the burgh. Nancy stayed here.

Oct 18 – Sunday

Orrin & Ellen come over. Jule went home with them. Frank went away. Jule stayed to Vaughans. Nancy is here.

Oct 19 – Monday

Will & Father husked corn. Frank plowed at Father’s. Nancy is here.

Oct 20 – Tuesday

Nancy is here. Will, Father & Frank worked at corn. Chauncey come here helped draw corn in afternoon. Louisa called out doors. Will went to Lodge.

Oct 21 – Wednesday

Father went home. Frank plowed, went away at night. Chauncey went to singing school. Chauncey husked corn. Mrs. Bill E. called here. Nancy is here.

Oct 22 – Thursday

Will & Chauncey husked corn. Nancy is here. Frank plowed to Father’s fournoon, here in afternoon. I washed. Mary called for thread.

Oct 23 – Friday

Robbins girls brought [??] Wesley come up here. Will, Chauncey husked corn. Frank plowed in fournoon, went away in afternoon. Harvy boys called. Will went to Mansfield got stove. Nancy is here.

Oct 24 – Saturday.

Will, Chauncey, Orrin went to Troy after coal. Nancy is here today.

Oct 25 – Sunday

Will went after chesnuts. Nerva & Orison come here. Nancy is here.

Oct 26 – Monday

Nancy is here. Frank come back & Husked corn. Father & Chauncey Husked. Will plowed. Chauncey half day. Martha Called here.

Oct 27 – Tuesday

Will plowed some, took corn toFathers. Chauncey worked. Frank & Chauncey went to Miltons in Eve. Orrin brought Jule home. Nancy stayed with us.

Oct 28 –Wednesday

Hannh come home with Orrin. Chauncey worked to Cal’s. Nancy is here. Frank plowed. Will went on State Road to see colt. Frank & Chauncey went to singing school.

Oct 29 – Thursday

Frank plowed. Will buried apples. Jule went to Joseph’s. Chauncey worked for Cal Dewitt. Nancy is here.

Oct. 30 – Friday

Nancy is here. We washed. Frank plowed. Will worked at corn & went to the burgh. Mary & Vina called here. Frank, Chauncey went away in evening.

Oct.31- Saturday

Frank plowed in fournoon. Went away in afternoon. Will plowed. Mary, Vina & Jennie. Nancy is here.

Nov. 1 – Sunday

Will & Orrin went to Father’s. Chauncey come here. Frank & Chauncey went to the burgh. Nancy is here.

Nov. 2 - Monday

Chauncey went away. Frank come & got some clothes. Will is plowing. Bertha called here. Will, Orrin, Jule went to Mansfield. I went to Bill E. Nancy stayed alone.

Nov. 3 – Tuesday

Florence & I went to Ephraim’s. Will worked to Father’s. Nancy is here. Chauncey come here stayed all night.

Nov. 4 – Wednesday

Nancy is here. Will went to get Horses shod, plowed Father’s garden. Chauncey went to A.L Palmers after point. Jule went to Josephines. Will went to Tom’s.

Nov 5 – Thursday

Will & Chauncey drawed stone. Nerva come up here. Nancy is here.

Nov 6 - Friday

Will, Chauncey drawed stone, plowed, scraped. Jule, Nerva, Nancy went to Ephraim’s. Chauncey went to the burg to a party.

Nov.7 – Saturday

Will plowed, scraped around the house. Chauncey went away in the afternoon. Will went to the burgh at night.

Nov 8 – Sunday

Will went to Father’s & Milton’s. Lyman came here also Frank. Jule went away to Orrins.

Nov 9 – Monday

Rainy morning. Will, Chauncey drawed apples to cider mill. Mrs. Dodge was here. Will went to the burg. Chauncey worked today.

This building on Mill Road south of Mainesburg is on the location of the cider mill in 1875 map.
It may be the same building. Photo by Joyce M. Tice 2004

Nov. 10 – Tuesday

Will drawed load wood, drawed cider, plowed some. Lida come up here. Will went to Grange. [1110] Chauncey went to Bill E. Got axe ground.

Nov. 11 – Wednesday

Chauncey cut wood on Robbins lot. Will plowed. I washed. Jule come home today.

Nov. 12 – Thursday

Will & Chauncey drawed wood at Father’s. Joseph got bbl.

Nov. 13 – Friday

Will plowed. Chauncey went to the burgh, got cheese. Jule went to Cal’s. Mary brought us ten lbs.meat.

Nov 14 – Saturday

Will plowed. Hannah come up here. Will & I went over to trade. Will & Chauncey went to the burgh.

Nov. 15 – Sunday

Father come down. Will & Orrin went to skin calf. Billy H. Come here. Jule went to Eph’s. Frank & Gid stayed here all night.

Nov16 – Monday

Will plowed. Chauncey went to Harrisons.

Nov.17 – Tuesday

Will plowed. Chauncey went to Jonathan L.

Nov. 18 - Wednesday

Will plowed. I washed. Lyman come here. Chauncey went to the burgh. Martha went to Party.

Nov. 19 –Thursday

Will is plowing. Chauncey went to Bartletts. Orrin went to Father’s & Eph’s. Will picked Turkeys.

Nov.20 – Friday

We picked Turkeys. Joseph called here. Frank & Chauncey come here. Will & Children went to the burg, took Turkeys. Frank stayed all night.

Nov. 21 – Saturday

Will & Frank went to Troy after load Coal. They went to the burgh at night. Chauncey come home with them.

Nov. 22 – Sunday

Will & Orrin went to Father’s. Louise & Jule come up here. Cal Dewitt called here.

Nov. 23 – Monday

Gid called here, Frank, Chauncey went to Jason W. to cut wood. Will drawed manure. Orrin’s school commenced.

Nov. 24 – Tuesday

Will went to the burgh, fixed fence, etc. Levi Robbins called here. Will went to Lodge. Gid come back with Orrin.

Nov.25 – Wednesday

Will went to mill for his folks. Orrison come here to see about thrashing. Chauncey come back at night.

Nov. 26 – Thursday

Will & G. Gardner killed hogs. Chuncey helped. Will went to the burgh. Florence went to her Granpa’s. Chauncey went to the burgh.

Nov. 27 – Friday

Father came to see about thrashing. Jason W. called here. Will went to Orvis’s got a Sheep. He went to the burgh. Florence went to Eph’s. I took meat to Joseph’s. Chauncey come here, stayed all night.

Nov. 28 – Saturday

Will, Chauncey & Orrin have gone to Father’s to thrash. Vina brought sugar. Martha called here. Jule come home at night. Frank, Gusta, Ella come here.

Nov. 29 - Sunday

Will stayed at home. Frank & the girls went away. Chauncey went away.

Nov. 30 – Monday

Will & I took Jule to Eph’s & went to the burgh & called to Father’s, got Sage.

Dec. 1 – Tuesday

Will & I went to Jason W, got Sheep. Mother died today. Will went up there at night.

Dec. 2 – Wednesday

Will & I went to the burgh. Jule came home with us.

Dec. 3 – Thursday

We went to Mother’s funeral. Jule stayed at Father’s. We eat dinner there. Jule stayed all night.

Window at right is in Mainesburg Methodist Church. Sponsored by Elizabeth Thomas' sons, Andrew Jackson Smith and George Smith.
Photo by Joyce M. Tice February 2007
Dec. 4 – Friday

We washed today. Will went to Wm. Squires after sheep. We went to Father’s after Jule. Billy Richmond come here stayed all night.

Dec. 5 – Saturday

Will & Orrin went over to grange to get boots. Will went to the burgh at night.

Dec. 6 – Sunday

Will & Orrin went to Father’s – a rainy day. Orrin was sick.

Dec. 7 – Monday

Ella Pitts stayed here. Will went after the Dr. for Orrin. Will 7 Florence went to George’s after buckwheat. Joseph called. Dr. Maine was here. Will & Jule went to the burgh.

Dec. 8 – Tuesday

Ella Pitts went to Whitneyville. Will went to Mansfield. Jule cleaned pantry. Will went to Lodge.

Dec. 9 – Wednesday

Will helped Ephraim thrash. Jule went to Joseph’s.

Dec. 10 – Thursday

Will worked for Eph. Minister & P.p. smith called here. Edd Rumsey, Frank come here, stayed all night.

Dec. 11 – Friday

Will worked to Eph’s. Frank & Jule went to Troy. Frank, Jule went to Joseph’s. Nancy came home with Will.

Dec. 12 – Saturday

Frank went to Jim Cud[worth]. Nancy is here. Will & Gid thrashed buckwheat. Will went to the burgh. I was sick.

Dec. 13 – Sunday

Than come here. Will went up after sheep. Chauncey, Frank & Dewey was here also billy H. Nancy is here.

Dec. 14 – Monday

Jule washed & sewed some. Will went hunting to Bill E. & Joseph’s. Nancy is here.

Dec. 15 – Tuesday

Nancy is here. Vina called here. Jule went over there. Will went to the burgh. Palmer Hill come home with Jim. Will, Palmer, Orrin went over to grange. Tillie Strong was married.

Dec. 16 – Wednesday

Jule went to Ephraim’s. Nancy is here. I sewed some. Will went hunting.

Dec. 17 – Thursday

Will & I went to the burgh. Nancy stayed here. Uncle Billy R called here.

Dec. 18 -– Friday

Will went to the burg. Florence & I went up to Father’s. Nancy stayed alone.

Dec. 19 -– Saturday

Nancy is here. Milton called here to get (illegible) of Orrin’s clothes. Gid helped clean Buckwheat. Will went to the burgh at night.

Dec. 20 -– Sunday

Will went up home. Nancy is here. Dennis brought Jule home. Frank & Jimmy Cudworth come here. Will went to Gardner’s.

Dec. 21 -– Monday

Will & I went to Troy. Jule went to Flatts. Nancy & Orrin stayed here at home.

Dec. 22 – Tuesday

Nancy is here. Will & I went to Father’s. They killed a hog. Jule went to Josephs. Call, Josephine come here in eve. Will went to Lodge.

Dec. 23 – Wednesday

Orrin come here. Will Jule Nancy Florence went to the burg to Ephraims. Frank come here.

Dec. 24 – Thursday

Jule come home. Frank went to theburgh.Will children & I went to Christmas tree.

Dec. 25 – Friday

Jonathan called here. Will went to the burgh. Jule went to Josephs.

Dec. 26 – Saturday

We all went to Orrin’s. Nancy come up here. Eulalie come home with us.

Dec. 27 - Sunday

Will & I took Eulalia over to meeting. Nancy & Jule stayed home.

Dec. 28 – Monday

Rains today. George got pans & knife. Will took Jule over to Wesleys. Nancy is here.

Dec. 29 – Tuesday

Will went to Father’s & to the burg. Than come here to get pattern. Will went to Lodge. Nancy is here.

Dec. 30 – Wednesday

I washed. Will went to the burg to Squires Dr. Nancy is here

Dec. 31 – Thursday

Will went to Fathers, to Squires & to meeting at the burg. Chauncey come home with him. Nancy is here.

Jan 01 – 1875 – Friday

Lida come up here. Alonzo Smith was here. Will went to Father’s. Chauncey went away with gun. Will went to meeting.

Jan 02- Saturday

Will went Hunting. Chauncey & Hosmer called here. Garabrant called here with picture. Frank come home.

Jan 03 – Sunday

Wesley brought Jule home. Will & Orrin went to Father’s. Frank went away.

Several pages of memoranda follow.

0227 - William W. Welch lived on location where I lived as a child though not in same house.  Married to Mary McConnell. He was first cousin of Rosina and Vaughan on the Harding line. Their Harding mothers were sisters. Buried Wood Cemetery
0306- Molasses in this context refers to Maple Syrup, not the cane molasses we call by this name.
  0315 – CPI adjustment – 1868 = 40, 1982 = 290, 1998 = 475 : 1982 = 100 – Nov 2006 = 201.5
  This means the cow walked to Mainesburg with the men behind her.
0325 - Josephine Smith married Calvin Dewitt 20 NOV 1873
0405 April 5 - F. B. Strait (SRGP 19021) Buried at Bakerburg Cemetery
0406 - April 6 - Chauncey Smith, son of Louisa & Ephraim would only have been 8 years old at this time. Apparently he did not stay out long as he appears in the diary again two days later.
0415 - April 15 – Apparently a lot of the work this year on the house was to build a new one. The 1873 diary is missing,so we have a gap. I believe is it the house on Ames Hill. . Rosina’s brother, Vaughan, apparently did a lot of the carpentry.
0417 Albert Joralemon courted and married Julia, Rosina’s sister who lived with her.
  Isaac Squires was Justice of Peace.
  This may be the time at which Lyman and Nancy broke up. He went to Nebraska and remarried by 1877.
  32 cts probably refers to a price per pound. Since butter was usually taken out in a firkin, the tub may refer to maple sugar, although later she refers to taking butter in a tub.
  Betsey Rose married Isaac Doud Jan 1874.
  Dick may be horse.
  Melinda Richmond, wife of Frank Beebe. SRGP 5576
  Farmers helped keep their own roads in repair and got credit on their taxes.
  This was the brief period when Mainesburg had separated politically from Sullivan Township.
  Bert Soper was son of Nancy SMITH “Soper” who was estranged from her husband, Lyman, at this time.
   Note that the school term that began May 11 has ended July 10. At this time, the youngest children attended the summer session and older children  attended about two months of school another time of year leaving them free for farm work in the summer.
  John Smith & Harriet Reynolds lived on Rutland Hill on the Sullivan-Rutland boundary.
0707 Eli McConnell died 1877 at age 51. He was married ,I believe at this time, to Lydia who did not die until 1897. Needs investigation.
  Blackberries in this season.
  Will “goes away” so many Sunday afternoons without explanation I have to wonder if he was attending the poker games my great-great grandfather, Amos Mudge, was reputed to hold in his barn on Sunday afternoons.
  JesseW.Austin (SRGP 03026)
  Probably Ames Hill which was close to their house.
  Tool for harvesting grain.
  No doubt traveled by train.
  Soldiers Orphans School at Harford. The one in Mansfield was moved here, also, but not until1890.
  Orrin Orison Dodge (SRGP 09143) married to Rosina’s sister Juliette.
  Sophronia Woodward (SRGP 06749) married to William ”Bill” E. Robbins.
1110 - On 1875 map grange building is near Philetus house which would be near wher ethe now exisitng Route 6 ineersects Robbins Hill [Now called Aumick Road] This was before th egrange building was built in Maiensburg that burned in 1917.
  Jonathan Leiby, husband of Frances Smith, daughter of Philetus.
  Jennie Smith, another daughter of Philetus, married to Hubert Bartlett in 1884.At this date Bartletts would be Hubert’s parents, Ruel Bartlett and Mary Jane Gitchell..
  Diantha Smith, sister of Philetus and Ephraim, cousin of Will, married to Jason Watkins. See Daniel Burton 1870 diary for more on Diantha & Jason.
  Will’s mother, Elizabeth Thomas, wife of Charles Smith.
  Buried Ames Hill Cemetery near her own house.
  A. Matilda Strong SRGP 09569
  This is a stretch of relationship. Will’s aunt Anna Smith was married to Isaac Richmond and he had a brother William. Isaac was an uncle by marriage, but not his brother. On the other hand, William’s wife was named Nancy, but her surname is not known. Perhaps she was another aunt of Will. We also do not at this time have information on the family of Will’s mother, Elizabeth Thomas. Perhaps that is the root of the relationship.
Letter from Rosina May Soper, alias May Smith, alias Mrs. Allen [undated scrapbook clipping]

Mrs. Allen Writes About Old Times
Caption under picture - Mansfield Fair in the Horse and Buggy Days
Mrs. Dora Dewey, our State Road correspondent, has loaned us a letter from Mrs. William L. Allen, of Brooklyn, NY, which will set many of the older residents of this area to reminiscing on the old horse and buggy days of the Mansfield Fair. Mrs. Allen is a former State Road girl. She was Miss Mae Smith.
The letter follows:
Dear Dora,
You will not know who is writing to you unless I explain myself. I am the girl that Mr. & Mrs. Orrin Smith brought up, his sister's daughter. They were real father and mother to me.
You will recall the dappled gray horses going past Lime Smith's and sometimes stopping at Aunt Laura Ann's to let me stay with her while they drove to Mainesburg for groceries. "Happy long ago." I just love your State Road items and look for them the minute the Mansfield Advertiser arrives. Julia Bullard Smith Jones sends it to me for my Christmas.
I must tell you what a thrill your writing of you and Willard and the other couple racing to the Mansfield Fair, and your experiences, gave me. I laugh every time I think of it and it brought right back to my mind our experiences. We got up just a little bit earlier on that eventful Thursday of the Fair and mother had two chickens all fried the day before and nice cream biscuits and all the rest packed in our big round cheese box. Father picked out a nice place there on the bank in Smythe Park and we all helped mother to serve. Then father would always help mother up. Oh, what a good time we had.
I have regretted many times that I did not cut our your write-up and save it for my scrap book.
I do not suppose that you would have an extra copy of that writing.
I am sorry "Blackie" had to grow old and leave you. I often thought that I would like to send her some feed for doing such a wonderful job for you and then going to the door to tell you about it. And your nice kitty. Too bad it was shot. I love a nice cat and always had one on the farm. They know a lot more than most people give them credit for.
We had a good many good times at Uncle Edd Dewey's home. We can never forget that dance hall, with our beaux, can we?
I was immersed in the creek just below the road. Alice Rose stood on the bank and sang. On the bank also were my Sunday School teacher, Mrs. William Webster, and Cola and Nellie Smith. Of course, Walter was there, too.
My husband died a year ago. Recently my brother from Lincoln, Neb., has come to live with me. I may come out home this Fall and if I do, will surely stop to see you if you are up at your home.

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Published On Tri-Counties Site On 02/01/2007 
By Joyce M. Tice
Transcribed by Joyce M Tice
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