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In Their Own Words - Diaries and Letters of our Ancestors
1868-1911 Rosina Smith of Sullivan Township
Photo by Joyce M. Tice December 2006
 Copyright Joyce M. Tice 2007
This abandoned road bed, an extension of Ames Hill Road, is marked by the double row of trees. This is where Rosina lived in 1868 and where all the events described in the diaries occurred. The stone walls her husband Will and his helpers worked on so painstakingly in 1868 are gone, sold to developers who buy them and take them to "city folks" for their gardens. Everything is a commodity when one does not respect history or the people who made it.

Preface by Joyce M. Tice

It is a rare and wonderful privilege to transcribe these diaries of my neighbors who were here in the community where I now live so long before me. Although I never knew the people whose lives they record personally, I have studied their lives and their interconnected relationships for many years. There is a linked chain of familiarity. My grandparents, born in the 1890s, knew them or knew people who knew them. The grandchildren of the young people in Rosina’s 1868 diary were the old people of my childhood.

They are the fabric of the farming community that existed here in Sullivan Township in the nineteenth century. Some of these people are my ancestors, and some are their neighbors. I can do what few others could in this time so far distant from their own – that is to recognize most of them by their first name or even their nickname when they walk across these pages. I can visualize their houses, so often now just grass grown stone foundations or run down remains of buildings. In some cases I have been able to collect photos of the houses as they once were from living descendants both locally and throughout the country. I can imagine them walking into houses that remain in the neighborhood. I need only look out the window or drive around the corner or over the hill to be exactly where they lived. When I am transcribing the diaries I am there with them in my mind. Sometimes they even walk right into my own house, built in 1858 by the older brother & sister-in-law of Rosina’s husband, where I now sit transcribing the movements of their daily lives.

Historians operate in a time warp, but still it takes my breath away when I am working along and one of my own great-great grand parents stops in to visit on the page. And even more I am stunned when the diarist walks right into this very house, as has happened, and sits down in the room where I now sit pounding away on this laptop. So many years intervene to make us invisible to each other though we inhabit the same space. Time is a strange dimension. It seems we should be able to just reach through it and it is so disappointing that we can not. How wonderful it would be if we could truly lift the veil of time and have a good chat face to face and voice to voice. They could answer so many questions if only we could ask. Their written words in diaries and letters are their only voice now, and we must listen closely to the words they left behind.

The diarists remind me in the fullness of their own lives and the activities that they must fulfill to keep themselves going, that I too will someday be just words on a page. Perhaps you will know me only by the words I am writing now, and when you read this my name may already be inscribed along with theirs in the cemetery up the road. It pleases me so much to have the opportunity to take their words out of the attics where they have spent more than a century and pass them and the community they lived in on to you so that you can know them and it as I do. Maybe even fifty years from now another person not yet born will sit in this same room and read these words that have passed from the diarists of the past to readers of the future through me. It would be the thought or time equivalent of the mirror image of the mirror image that goes on infinitely.

Every historian fantasizes about what it would be like to go back in time and visit the people we study. These diaries are our vehicle for doing that.

We tend to think that because we are living and they are not, that our lives have more importance. As historians we come to understand our equality in the total span of time. I can look out my window on the bleakest, gloomiest day and be grateful to be alive because these diaries make me ever conscious that our lives, too, are brief. The hardships of their lives make me appreciate the luxuries and comforts that we enjoy. And conversely, when I watch the news and see people in parts of our own nation's crowded cities enduring gang violence and drive by shootings and the horrors of overcrowding and polluted air, I think these simple, hard working country people, with their self sufficient life styles and extended family and community ties, had better lives indeed. If I had to choose between those two options, I know where and when I would want to live.

Seeing these people walk through the pages of these diaries in the course of their daily business gives them so much more life and personality than we can see on the sterile pages of census or tax records. These diaries are the ideal conduit by which I can present the community and neighborhood genealogies of Sullivan Township. I have always approached genealogy at the community level rather than the family or name line level. This is the perfect opportunity to present it in that way and to showcase the many photos I have collected since I began Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project in 1992. A presentation with this level of annotation is extremely labor intensive for me. But I want you to know these people and understand their interconnectedness in the same way I have come to know them over the years I have studied them. I have lived on the same piece of the planet where they spent their lives, and they are all around me.

On this property there is a little piece of land on the other side of the creek that can only be reached by walking through water or from the land of a neighbor. My grandfather used to tell my father that it was only there to hold the rest of the world together. I think that is terribly profound, and it reflects the way I feel about Sullivan Township and its people. It is an essential part of the whole, and these diaries show us how and where it fits in as time flows past us.

Rosina was first cousin of Emerson Smith whose diaries also are included on this site. Her diaries cover twenty years of her life with gaps along the way. The collection also includes two of her son's and two of her daughter in law. Perhaps more of these diaries are stacked in another attic someplace. We can only hope that someday they will find their way back home to be included with these. 

A few prefaratory notes on cultural practices in Rosina’s world:

People worked and lived in extended family and neighborhood groups. In this early time the economy operated on a combination of barter exchange and cash, and the diaries were part of the record keeping. You will see those exchanges of goods and labor on an almost daily basis on these pages. They also acted as bankers to each other with small loans or notes. The stores did the same, and I have many of the local store ledgers to illustrate these transactions here in my Sullivan Township Museum. In fact, in the case of some of the visits to the stores or trades-people recorded in the diaries, I have the ledgers to show the transaction.

Meals were breakfast, dinner, and supper, and that remains the pattern in rural areas to the present day. The road that Rosina and Will lived on was at that time a direct thoroughfare from Elk Run, then called Chandlersburg, to Mainesburg.  When Route 6 was built in the 1920s, the road was closed off and abandoned. The double row of trees remains to show where it was as an extension of Ames Hill which still exists. This may account for the large number of people from the direction of Chandlersburg who ate dinner, the noontime meal, with them on their way to or from Mainesburg.

Rosina mentions only the non routine tasks that she, her sister, and her husband, and the hired help perform. She does not mention that the cows are milked daily and all the livestock fed. She does not mention the hours spent daily in meal preparation or baking, all of which were routine. She occasionally mentions churning butter, and she sells quite a bit to neighbors. She occasionally mentions doing the washing, never the ironing. She is more likely to mention the seasonal activities such as planting, harvesting, building, etc. She records regularly who comes and who goes.

When Rosina visited a house in the neighborhood she usually referred to it by the name of the man even though she would have been visiting the woman in the house. This was not just her custom. I see it in diaries even much later than hers. When Rosina visited her sister, Louisa, she said she was going to Eph’s or Ephraim’s, Louisa’s husband. I have even seen an obituary where it was written that a woman died in the house of her husband. Some of this mentality lingers at the dawn of the 21st century when we see adult women who do not have their name listed in the phone book, one of the rites of passage to adulthood, and expect other people to know who their husband is to contact them. Remnants of the femme covert customs, such as the name loss at marriage, although no longer universal, continue to the present time.

In this era before telephones news traveled by word of mouth. Many of the visitors who drop in to Rosina’s house are there on farm or family business or there to purchase goods. Some of the frequent visitors are the young people of the nearby farms who, no doubt, are conveyors of neighborhood news. I can actually see that many people would find the comings and goings in this neighborhood as uneventful and, let's be frank, boring. Having worked with the family histories for the past fifteen years I feel that I know these people far better than I know present day residents here. I find it quite interesting when Jule comes back from Troy with a sewing machine or when Will goes down to Eph’s to get the ladders to paint the new house (1874). Knowing the houses and the roads, I see myself riding along visualizing all that is happening in a fairly accurate context.  Most of you who read my transcriptions will have to make up the pictures in your head from scratch. I will include pictures where I can to help you do that.

Most people are mentioned in the diary by first name, nickname or sometimes just initials. I can usually recognize them immediately, but in some cases the name is too common to be sure which person she is talking about. There are several Elizas, several Matildas who might drop in. If I can be sure, I'll say which it is. If not, I have to leave the annotation out. Again, I will establish a link to the biography page the first time a person appears each year. After that I assume you too can recognize the person by name.

One of the readers of these diaries observed that Will & Rosina went to Troy more than Mansfield which surprised her. Mansfield is a closer shopping town than Troy, but when the trip was to Troy, they often took butter to sell. Bradford County was famous for its butter which was shipped to New York City and elsewhere. I think that is the reason for going to Troy rather than Mansfield. Butter was taken in two standard measures, a firkin was 56 pounds. I do not know the weight assigned to a tub. When Rosina mentions the price they received, it was by cents per pound and varied from .28 to .37 or more. They also sold butter to J. Miller Clark in Mainesburg, but I think the price may have been lower than they could get in Troy.

I have transcribed as Rosina wrote including the ungrammatical idioms such as the use of come instead of came for the past tense. This was her diary and she was writing it for herself. She never considered that the world might read her words more than a century after she wrote them. If that had been her intent, I am sure she would have taken better care, and would have presented her life for publication. I find it necessary to interject a few commas that she did not, particularly when she gives a series of names, some with first name only and some including surnames. There is no way you, the reader, could ever make sense of that without some commas. I have developed a database of over 80,000 people since 1992 in my Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project to help me identify them and sort them out.

Year Summary
Biographies Brief Biographies of people mentioned in the diaries
Map 1875 Atlas Map of the area near Rosina’s house. Large - Might load slowly if you have a slow connection.
1868 Rosina Rosina Smith (age 28) and her husband Will Smith (separate Smith lines of Sullivan) lived on Ames Hill with their son Orrin (age 3), and Rosina’s sister Julia (Jule - age 21). Will builds a stone wall. All the relatives of both and all the neighbors passed through these pages as the year progressed. 
1874 Rosina Rosina (age 34) and Will finish off a newly built house and move in. Daughter Florence has joined the family. Nancy & Lyman are separated, and Nancy moves from house to house of her siblings. Her babies are passed around among the aunts and uncles.  Apparently a good surplus harvest year because Rosina and Will were still selling hay and oats in Spring 1875 to other farmers who had run out. Rosina makes a trip to Montrose by train to visit. Will's mother, Elizabeth, dies at year's end. 
1875 Rosina Nancy continues to struggle with her grief and chronic depression over the marital breakup. Rosina and family move in with Will's father, Charles, following the death of Will's mother. Jule remains in Rosina’s house and manages the dairy chores. Niece Frances Rumsey stirs things up. Elizabeth's Estate is settled with some ongoing contention. Rosina & Will go back and forth between the two houses to keep both farms and both households going. Jule & Albert marry.
1876 Rosina Jule and Albert live in Rosina's house when year starts. Rosina & Will continue to live with Charles until February when they move back to their own house, Charles with them. Manford & Phebe move into one of Will's & Rosina's houses on the hill.  Lots of going back and forth - up and down. One of the barns burns in the Spring. Jule & Albert move. Nancy moves over on State Road, probably with her mother-in-law. Frank & Vira move into Charles' house. Charles goes a-courting. Nancy's young son dies. The Circus comes to Troy. Charles gets mad at grandchildren and moves to Isaac's. Centennial - Family goes to Philadelphia celebrations. Charles gets married & moves back to his own house. .
1877 Rosina A routine farming year. A barn raising at Otis Robbins. Another of the barns burns just after the harvest in November. Tiger goes a courting and has to be escorted back home - twice. Margaret buys a farm.
1878 Rosina Rosina & Will & Vaughn visit relatives in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Full accounting of the travel routes and modes of transportation both ways. Trains, Steamboat, Stage, & Livery - mass transportation 1870s style. Nancy not getting any better. 
1882 Rosina Nancy is in the county home. Albert & Jule live with Rosina and Will. 
Feb - Family moves to Jackson County, Minnesota where Rosina's Uncle Welch Ashley had founded Jackson in 1865.
1884 Orrin Orrin courts Alice Barney in Minnesota and returns to Pennsylvania in September. He uses various codes in his writing to camaflouge his words. 
1885 Rosina Dec. - Orrin & Alice marry in Minnesota. Family returns to PA
1886 Alice Alice is homesick for Minnesota and her ma. She exchanges letters with her mother. Her mother comes for an extended stay and the birth of Alice's first baby, Bessie.
1886 Rosina
1887 Alice Alice weans the baby, visits her mother in Minnesota, returns to Pennsylvania
1887 Orrin
1888 Rosina
1888 Orrin  bcc
1890 Rosina
1892 Rosina bcc
1895 Rosina
1901 Rosina
1903 Rosina
1904 - 1909 R,
1910 Rosina bcc
1910 - 1911 R.
1975 Bessie bcc

Cast of Characters
Brief Statistics of people mentioned in Rosina’s Dairies - In order by name - surname at birth. A link in the SRGP ID column will be to a photo of the person if I have one. Photos may not be at same age as when mentioned in diary.
I am already working on subsequent diaries so there will be people added here whom you do not yet see in the diaries I have published so far. They will come along later.

Fan & Kit are the horses, and Tiger is the dog.
SRGP Name B/D Mother Father Spouse / Marriage date Relationship to Rosina Buried Comments
81955 Angeline ?  1823-1868 Joseph Ballard Mainesburg Cemetery
11112 Martha 1830- Hickock, Scofield, Charles Smith Mother Martha after 1876. 
03223 Marinda Aldrich 1849-1910 Hannah McConnell Noah Aldrich Wallace Updyke Watson Cemetery Teacher 1875
Allen, Henry Prospect Cemtery Lawyer Allen
11180 Thomas Ames 1787-1875 Mary Carver Thomas Ames Harriet (Hannah) Haven Neighbor
03910 Floyd Ashley 1837-aft 1908 Deborah Hickock Forest Ashley (Jr.) Arminda Dodge Sullivan Resident
04986 Rich Frank Ashley 1830-1903 Deborah Hickock Forest Ashley (Jr.) Eliza JANE Dewey Married to Rosina’s cousin State Road Cemetery
04988 Sterne A. Ashley 1839-1930 Deborah Hickock Forest Ashley (Jr.) Harriett Bradford. Maryett Fletcher Local Resident Mainesburg Cemetery
10359 Ella Austin 1862-1868 Martha E. Davenport Joseph Austin Local Child Mainesburg Cemetery
09327 Hobby Austin 1792-1883 Hannah Buckley Daniel Austin Martha Uncle (How?) Mainesburg Cemetery Who is Martha,perhaps the answer to the Uncle title. 
09294 Joseph Ballard 1810-1882 Mary Bowman
Angeline ?
Rebecca Comfort
Local Resident Hunt Cemetery
13490 Mary Barnes 1816-1892 Mary Ezekiel Barnes Anson Palmer Sullivan Resident King Hill Cemetery
16950 Ruel Bartlett 1832-1890 Flavilla Day Eli Bartlett Mary Jane Gitchell Local Resident Mainesburg Cemetery
John Blain Minister
D. E. Blain Methodist minister 1874-1876 at Mainesburg
74158 Erastus Bosworth 1855-1875 Jane Isaak Bosworth
09526 Harriet Bradford 1844-1874 Mary Merrill Joseph Bradford Sterne Addison Ashley Mainesburg Cemetery Hattie
David Brown
05462 Frank Bryant 1857-1875 Lois or Sarah Richmond William W. Bryant Wood Cemetery
16669 Daniel Cease 1851- Alvaida Woodward Stephen Cease Rose Corning?
09732 Colie M. Clark 1868-1886 Tillie Fox J. Miller Clark Prospect Cemetery
09731 J. Miller Clark 1841-1907 Fanny Fitzgerald Elijah P. Clark Tillie Fox Mainesburg Merchant Prospect Cemetery
09765 Sam Clary 1840-1917 Charity McCollon John Calary Adeliza Ford Local Resident Austin PA
37629 Sylvia Congdon Diantha Covert Simon Congdon Henry Lawrence
07239 Ben Connelly 1853-1924 Martha Smith Michael Connelly Philetta Watkins, Emma Wolcott Local Resident Constable 1877
06932 Marietta Cooley 1844-1934 Mary Ann Bulkley John Cooley Charles Strange Local resident Gray Valley Cemetery
07949 Roswell Crippen 1818-1891 Elizabeth Worden David Crippen Julia Harding Married to Rosina's Cousin on Harding line Watson Cemetery Also First cousin once removed on Worden line.
40638 Arnold Crumb 1814-1893 ? Lamphere Wm. T. Crumb Martha Holton Jobs Corners Cemetery Peddler
05639 James Cudworth 1826-1892 Anna Doud James Cudworth, Sr. Lydia Whittaker Sullivan Resident Mainesburg Cemetery
07036 Albert. Dewey 1845-1893 Fanny Loomis Allen Dewey Emaline Provin Local resident King HIll Cemetery
07038 Edwin Dewey 1821-aft 1910 Rebecca Joseph Dewey Elizabeth Soper State Road Cemetery
07024 Emery Dewey 1835-1909 Asenath Harding James B. Dewey Mary Sturdevant Cousin to Rosina Minnesota
George Dewey Two possibilities
07078 Harry Dewey 1854-1934 Harriet King Sanford Dewey Angeline Ford (1875) Sullivan Resident
04987 Lydia Jane Dewey 1837-1876 Asenath Harding James B. Dewey Rich Frank Ashley Cousin State Road Cemetery Jane
05858 James B. Dewey 1805-1890 Hannah Babcock James Dewey Asenath Harding Uncle by marriage King Hill Cemetery Uncle James D
07029 Sarah Dewey 1848-1893 Asenath Harding James B. Dewey Isaac Whiting Cousin
04611 Walter Dewey 1821-1884 Fanny Loomis Allen Dewey Cytheria Welch married to Rosina’s cousin King Hill Cemetery
07462 Blanche Dewitt 1868-1916 Frances Maine Joseph DeWitt Lyman Reynolds State Road Cemetery
07803 Calvin Dewitt 1853-1923 Mary M. Albert Caleb DeWitt Josephine Smith Neighbor Mainesburg Cemetery
07809 John  W. Dewitt 1850-1918 Mary M. Albert Caleb DeWitt Kate Maine, Julia Cudworth Neighbor Wetona Cemetery
07807 Joseph Dewitt 1846-1912 Mary M. Albert Caleb DeWitt Frances Maine, Martha Smith Mainesburg Cemetery
07259 Cyrus M. Doud 1837-1883 Phoebe Hayden Munson E. Doud Myra Sophia King Local Resident
07254 Daniel R. Doud 1826-1892 Phoebe Hayden Munson E. Doud Polly Jelliff Local Resident State Road Cemetery
.07255 George Washington Doud 1828-1897 Phoebe Hayden Munson E. Doud Lavina Rockwell Local Resident State Road Cemetery Washington Doud
06152 Helen Doud 1859-1932 Amanda Packard Peleg Doud Daniel R. Rumsey (1880) Local resident Mainesburg Cemetery
06778 Lafayete Doud 1836-1871  Electa Rumsey Alvah Doud Clarissa Jaquish Local resident Mainesburg Cemetery
06736 Lorenzo Doud 1825-1901 Electa Rumsey Alvah Doud Mary Ann Rumsey Local Resident Mainesburg Cemetery
09382 Lucien Doud 1855-1927 Mary King Peleg Doud Frances A. Smith (1878) Local Resident
06814 Omar Doud 1844-1919  Amanda Packard Peleg Doud Charlotte Watkins (1864) Local resident State Road Cemetery
07256 Peleg Doud 1831-1879 Phoebe Hayden Munson E. Doud Mary A. King Local Resident State Road Cemetery
07258 Thomas Doud 1835-1903 Phoebe Hayden Munson E. Doud Mary Jane Squires Hotelkeeper in Mainesburg Mainesburg Cemetery
07088 Rhoda Drake 1804-1891 Samuel Soper Nancy's Mother in law. Mrs. Soper
18964 Bradford Edgeton 1821-1903 Lois Brown David Edgeton Eunice Squires Ames Hill Cemetery
06809 Edward Fish 1821-1894 Sally Monroe Robert Fish Sarah Cudworth Mainesburg wagon maker Mainesburg Cemetery Was county sheriff at one time
08132 George Fletcher 1827- Eleanor Conklin Humphrey Fletcher Almeda Fellows Sullivan resident
07880 Marriet Fletcher 1850- Sterne Ashley Ett
07272 Angeline Ford 1848-1885 Loretta Spencer Argalus Ford Harry Dewey (1875)
08992 Tillie Fox 1842-1899 Deborah Rickard John Fox Miller Clark (1861) Prospect Cemetery
49747 Ben Frost 1845- Happylonia Brown James F. Frost Kittie Klaer
01906 Lavinia Gailard 1831- George W. Smith Aunt by Marriage Aunt Lavinia
15087 George Gardner 1852-1911 Eliza Ramsdell Gershom Gardner Emma Cook  Neighbor Gray Valley Cemetery
09196 Gershom Gardner 1817- Eunice ?  George Gardner Eliza Ramsdell Neighbor
09193 Leander Gardner 1842-1922 Arispa Clark Gardner Fanny Shelton (1875) Neighbor
Garrabrant Sells Photos? Name only shows in Chemung County. May be peddler.
02252 Alonzo Grandy 1846- Deziah Rumsey Gilbert Grandy Martha Mattison (1876) Lonzo
07099 Noah Grandy 1831-1900 Deziah Rumsey Gilbert Grandy Nancy Lucas Local Resident Mainesburg Cemetery
07642 Jane Gregory 1829-1896 Daniel Gregory George Maine Mainesburg Resident Mainesburg Cemetery

SRGP Name B/D Mother Father Spouse / Marriage date Relationship to Rosina Buried Comments
09716 Hall, Charles W.  1865- Sarah Utter William B. Hall
03065 Elizabeth Hall 1807-1875 Susanna Kindred Richard Hall Jasper Smith Will's aunt by marriage State Road Cemetery Aunt Betsey
12256 Amy Harding 1847-1900 Eliza Provin Josiah Harding Adam Richter (1867) Rosina's Cousin
11815 Darwin Harding 1824- Permelia Hayden Joseph Harding Lucinda Smith, Zilpha Nichols Rosina's Cousin
12258 George W. Harding 1855- Eliza Provin Josiah Harding Artibell Mills Rosina's Cousin
18917 Isaac Harding 1830-1899 Permelia Hayden Joseph Harding Rosina's Cousin Illinois
11789 Josiah Harding 1814-1891 Love Mayhew Samuel Harding Eliza Provin Uncle North Union Cemetery Uncle Josiah,
 Uncle Sigh
18924 Josiah Harding 1840-1907 Permelia Hayden Joseph Harding Rosina's Cousin Wood Cemetry
01899 Loretta Harding 1810-1861 Love Mayhew Samuel Harding Isaac W. Smith (1829) Mother (deceased) King Hill Cemetery
12255 Lucy Harding 1843-1878 Eliza Provin Josiah Harding George Soper Cousin
11786 Mehitable Harding 1802- Love Mayhew Samuel Harding Asa Howe (1823) Aunt
12259 Perry Harding 1857- Eliza Provin Josiah Harding Rosina's Cousin
Samuel Harding
07619 Simeon Harding 1812- Love Mayhew Samuel Harding Uncle to Rosina Sim
02909 Alice Hart 1858-1948 Amelia Pierce Daniel Hart George Rumsey Neighbor Mainesburg Cemetery
02904 G. Henry Hart 1865-1927 Amelia Pierce Daniel Hart Euphemia Jones Neighbor Mainesburg Cemetery Henry H
07178 Bell Harvey 1861- Clara John Harvey Sullivan Resident
68721 Fred Harvey 1867-1938 Sarah Kriner George W. Harvey Myrtle White Michigan
14953 George Harvey 1844-1931 Sarah M. Jewell Isaac Newton Harvey Sarah Kriner Michigan
14952 John N. Harvey 1837- Sarah M. Jewell Isaac Newton Harvey Clarissa Cleveland, Ermina Welch
11181 Hannah [Harriet} Havens 1796-1881 Thomas Ames Michigan
09292 George Hawkins 1854- Diantha Baxter Riley Hawkins
09293 James Hawkins 1856- Diantha Baxter Riley Hawkins
mh Margaret H Possibly Hawkins
09289 Riley Hawkins 1828-bef 1880 Diantha Baxter Sullivan Resident
10078 William Hawkins 1843- Billy H.
01914 Frances ELLEN Hill 1838-1892 Alpha G. Palmer Garwood Hill Orrin Smith (1854) Sister in law King Hill Cemetery Ellen
08331 Lydia Hill 1842- Alpha G. Palmer Garwood Hill Orrin Smith
09127 Palmer Hill 1844- Alpha G. Palmer Garwood Hill Local Resident
51887 Joseph Hoard 1852-1925 Sarah Margaret Elliott Oakwood Cemetery Insurance Agent in Mansfield
09476 Keturah Hodges 1818-1868 Sally Shearman Nehemiah Hodges George F. Smith Aunt by marriage Hodges Burial Ground
02102 Adaline Horton 1845- Margaret Doty Thomas Horton Lyman Richmond Married to Will'sCousin
11826 Asa Howe 1794-1875 Eunice Buck Asa Howe Mehitable Harding (1823) Uncle by marriage Elder Howe
03765 Peter Hulslander 1813-1891 Elizabeth Cox Jacob Hulslander Amanda Rose Soper Sullivan Township Resident Hulslander Cemetery
05191 Thomas Hulslander 1862-1943 Eunice Squires Thomas J. Hulslander Elizabeth Crippen Nebraska Tommy
08983 Charles Jaquish 1823-1907 Clarissa Reynolds Joseph Juaquish Elizabeth Walker Frost Settlement Cemetery
19540 Douglas Johns 1802- Aaron Johns Avis Benson Rutland resident
07598 Seeley Johns 1800-1875 Aaron Johns Miriam Burns
74830 William Johnson 1815- Elizabeth Sullivan Township Resident
04952 Edward T. Jones 1862-1933 Margaret Smith Benjamin Jones Ames Hill Cemetery
03680 Benjamin Jones 1835-1904 Edward Jones Margaret Smith Neighbor [married to Will's niece] Ames Hill Cemetery
01922 John Albert Joralemon 1854-1912 Elizabeth Albert John H. Joralemon Julia Smith (1875) Brother in law King Hill Cemetery Albert
08409 John Kelley Knowlton 1856-1934 Elizabeth Kelley John C. Knowlton Louisa Mae Smith Married toWill's Niece Prospect Cemetery Kelley
lam Lamkin Methodist Minister
07476 Caroline Landon 1822-1884 Jasper Smith State Road Cemetery Aunt Caroline- second wife of Uncle Jasper
08100 Henry Lawrence Sylvia Congdon
00678 Thomas H. Lewis 1834-1899 Calista Mudge Decius Lewis Lovisa Laura Dewey Alba Cemetery
11127 David Lovell 1853- Ann
11122 Phoebe Lovell 1854- Ann Manford Robbins Iowa
09405 Amander Ludington 1828-1896 Phoebe Rose Wm. Ludington Jr. Matilda Fuller (1850) Local Resident West Branch Cemetery (Delmar)
09061 Enos Ludington 1846-1923 Phoebe Rose Wm.. Ludington, Jr. Amanda Robbins Neighbor
09842 John G. Ludington 1860-1941 Matilda Fuller Amander Ludington Ruth Thayer, Ella Neighbor Sylvania Cemetery
04786 Perley Ludington 1852-1938 Matilda Fuller Amander Ludington Three wives Neighbor Sylvania Cemetery
26463 Elvira Lunn 1855-1908 Delanie Peterson Wilder Lunn Frank Smith (1875) Vira
10830 Charlotte Lunn 1853-1929 Delanie Peterson Wilder Lunn Fred Fellows State Road Cemetery Lotta
07690 Melissa Mabie 1838-1904 Elizabeth ? Levi Mabie Milton Shaw Neighbor
07657 Ed Maine 1830-1922 Nancy Spencer John Maine Three wives Mainesburg resident Mainesburg Cemetery
06808 George Maine 1826-1897 Nancy Spencer John Maine Jane Gregory Mainesburg Physician Mainesburg Cemetery Dr. Maine
06807 Grace Maine 1862-1912 Jane Gregory George Maine James Cudworth Mainesburg Cemetery
00192 Amos Mansfield 1800-1888 Betsey W. Fiske Amos Mansfield Eliza Thompson, Hettie Dewitt Methodist Minister - Rutland Hill Wood Cemetery
02257 Louisa Mansfield 1830-1874 Eliza Thompson Rev. Amos Mansfield Albert Guthrie Smith Local Resident (Elk Run) Smith Family Burial Ground
12991 Cheney C. Maynard 1858-1957 Emily Gardner Orwell Maynard Betsey Ann Webster (1880) Sullivan Resident Wellsboro Cemetery Chene
08529 G. Ingham Maynard 1854-1938 Mary Cleveland Cyrus Maynard Flora Smith Married to Will's cousin once removed Ing
Shubael Maynard
07138 Charity McCollon 1811-1900 Phoebe ? Thomas McCollon Joshua Smith (Jr.) Step Mother to Ephraim, Philetus, Olive, etc. Died Troupsburg NY
05361 Eli McConnell 1825-1877  Sally Gray James McConnell Sr. Lytta Neighbor Mainesburg Cemetery
04958 Lepha McConnell 1842-1907 Hannah Bryant Justus McConnell Jonathan Smith Sister in law Prospect Cemetery
07288 Bateman Monroe 1815-1900 Mary Childs Bateman Monroe Four wives Farmer in Sullivan Township Columbia Valley Cemetery
02582 Thomas R. Monroe 1843-1894 Dorcas Card John B. Monroe Asenath Cole Sylvania Cemetery
06844 Fordyce Morgan 1840-1911 Betsey Black Dennis Morgan Julia Smith State Road Cemetery
00216 Amos Mudge 1815-1897 Asenath Crissey Ira Mudge Lucy Bronson Neighbor Ames Hill Cemetery Great Great grandfather of Joyce
00164 Cornish Mudge 1805-1896 Asenath Crissey Ira Mudge Caroline Squires Sullivan Resident State Road Cemetery

SRGP Name B/D Mother Father Spouse / Marriage date Relationship to Rosina Buried Comments
03186 Elisha Rich Orvis 1842-1918 Celestia Rich Eleazar Orvis Ella Lufannie Squires (1886) Local resident Gray Valley Cemetery
07205 Eliza A. Orvis 1840-1904 Celestia Rich Eleazar Orvis Wesley B. Reynolds Local Resident Watson Cemetery
07210 Eulalia Orvis 1857-1882 Miranda Wilkins Eleazar Orvis State Road Cemetery
07204 George Orvis 1837-1916 Celestia Rich Eleazar Orvis Nancy Rose (1876) Local resident State Road Cemetery
07203 Margaret Orvis 1838- Celestia Rich Eleazar Orvis Seymour Rhinevault Mainesburg Resident
77219 Seth W. Paine 1810-1892 Clement Paine Troy Resident Oak Hill Cemetery  
09125 Alpha Palmer 1815-1876 Lydia Case Stephen Palmer Garwood Hill Local resident King Hill Cemetery
51639 Anson Palmer 1813-1869 Lydia Case Stephen Palmer Mary Barnes Sullivan Township Resident King Hill Cemetery
09137 Lester Palmer 1822-1893 Sophia Taylor David Palmer Adaline Provin Sullivan Township Resident King Hill Cemetery
07063 Nancy Palmer 1820-1903 Sophia Taylor David Palmer Lyman Dewey Sullivan Township Resident King Hill Cemetery
09741 Baldwin Parkhurst 1832-1888 Marian Speer Dexter Parkhurst Celia Maine Merchant in Mainesburg Mainesburg Cemetery
09746 Eugene Parkhurst 1853 - Rosilla Fox Philemon Parkhurst
07093 Charles Pierce 1837- Sally Phillips Charles Pierce Martha --
05390 Lewis Pierce 1840- Sally Phillips Charles Pierce Anjanetta Ludington, Rose ?
03712 Myron Pierce 1844-1918 Sally Phillips Charles Pierce
09516 Charles Reitz 1840-1912 Louisa ? Matilda Monroe (1871) Local Resident Prospect Cemetery
01839 Harriet Reynolds 1824-1906 Phebe Bennett John Reynolds John Smith Rosina's aunt by marriage Reynolds Cemetery
09036 Lucy Reynolds 1825-1873 Manda Peck Lyman Reynolds Joseph Robbins Neighbor Ames Hill Cemetery
12615 Wesley Reynolds 1843-1922 Anna M. Argetsinger Norman Reynolds Eliza Orvis Sullivan / Rutland resident Watson Cemetery
05563 Albert Richmond 1827-1897 Anna Smith Isaac Richmond Sally Scouten Cousin to Will Ames Hill Cemetery
08937 Ananais Richmond  1824-1910 Anna Smith Isaac Richmond Hannah Strange (1869) Cousin to Will Prospect Cemetery
07012 Fred Richmond 1865- Adaline Horton Lyman Richmond Jessie Niles
05571 Isaac Richmond 1807-1877 Daniel Richmond Anna Smith Will's Uncle by Marriage Ames Hill Cemetery Uncle Isaac
04061 Isaac H. Richmond 1848- Sally Scouten Albert Richmond Margery Smith Cousin to Will
05577 Lyman Richmond 1843-1896 Anna Smith Isaac Richmond Adaline Horton Cousin to Will Watson Cemetery
05574 Matilda Richmond 1835-1891 Anna Smith Isaac Richmond Warren Rumsey Cousin to Will Mainesburg Cemetery
05675 Melissa Richmond 1831-1911 Anna Smith Isaac Richmond James Ruggles Cousin to Will Glenwood Cemetery
10026 William Richmond 1797- Daniel Richmond Brother in law of Will's Aunt Anna SMITH "Richmond" Uncle Billy Richman - not really an uncle as far as I know.
07144 Abijah Robbins 1858-1921 Sophronia Woodward William E. Robbins Martha Warburton (1880) Neighbor Big Pond Cemetery Bige
06732 Ahas Robbins 1789-1877 Meltiah Hill William Robbins Betsey Gloyd Neighbor Probably lost Robbins Burial Ground "Uncle Ahas" - Elders in area often called Uncle
09038 Amanda Robbins 1846- Lucy Reynolds Joseph Robbins Enos Ludington Neighbor
09398 Calvin Robbins 1850- Lucy Reynolds Joseph Robbins Neighbor
07145 Clarissa Robbins 1860-1934 Sophronia Woodward William E. Robbins Orson Wilson (1877) Neighbor Columbia Valley Cemetery Clara
06531 Dexter Robbins 1809-1880 Polly Richards Amariah Robbins Mary Edgeton Neighbor Ames Hill Cemetery
06768 Eliza Jane Robbins 1842- Sophronia Woodward William E. Robbins Orrin H. Seaman Neighbor
George Robbins
09035 Joseph W. Robbins 1820-? Betsey Gloyd Ahas Robbins Lucy Reynolds Neighbor Joseph, Joe W.
04481 Lavina Robbins 1862- Lucy Reynolds Joseph Robbins Neighbor Vina
06731 Levi Robbins 1830-1925 Betsey Gloyd Ahas Robbins Electa Doud Sullivan resident Mainesburg Cemetery
06773 Lois Robbins 1848- Mary Edgeton Dexter Robbins Teacher 1876 Minnesota
09399 Manford Robbins 1854- Lucy Reynolds Joseph Robbins Phoebe Lovell Neighbor
09400 Martha Robbins 1856- Lucy Reynolds Joseph Robbins Frank Crandall (1875) Neighbor
09401 Mary Robbins 1860- Lucy Reynolds Joseph Robbins Neighbor
06772 Otis Robbins 1846-1912 Mary Edgeton Dexter Robbins Addie Ruggles {1875) Glenwood Cemetery
07017 Rosetta Robbins 1855-1897 Electa Doud Levi Robbins Teacher 1878
06748 William E. Robbins 1819-1898 Betsey Gloyd Ahas Robbins Sophronia Woodward Neighbor Ames Hill Cemetery Bill E., blacksmith, gunsmith. 
07151 Betsey Rose 1853-1914 Jane Morgan Russell Rose Isaac Doud Prospect Cemetery Teacher 1874
06183 Warren D. Rose 1850-1938 Laura Morgan Elliot S. Rose Alice Gray Local resident State Road Cemetery
05670 Ada Ruggles 1853-1933 Mary ?  Archibald Ruggles Otis Robbins (1875) Glenwood Cemetery Addie
05668 Archibald Ruggles 1830-1922 Sally Lewis Orrin Ruggles Mary ? Local resident Glenwood Cemetery
05800 Alonzo Rumsey 1825-1945 Jerusha Kelts Seth S. Rumsey Eliza Costley Local resident Mainesburg Cemetery Lon
05624 Artemus Rumsey 1832-1905 Jerusha Kelts Seth S. Rumsey Mary Smith married to Will's sister Mainesburg Cemetery Art
05866 Barton Rumsey 1859-1938 Matilda Richmond Warren Rumsey Lydia E. Smith Son of Will's cousin Mainesburg Cemetery Bart
06901 Charles Rumsey 1837-1929 Sarah Gitchell Noah Rumsey Jr. Matilda Gifford
Angeline Ely
Local Resident Mainesburg Cemetery Charley
03468 Cyrus Rumsey 1826- Elizabeth Ludington Oliver Rumsey Nancy J. Welch Local resident
05878 Frances E. Rumsey 1855-1914 Mary Smith Artemus Rumsey Will's niece Mainesburg Cemetery
06903 Joseph B. Rumsey 1841-1951 Sarah Gitchell Noah Rumsey Jr. Lucy Ripley, Susan Crittenden Neighbor
05865 Julius Rumsey 1856-1956 Matilda Richmond Warren Rumsey Electa Scouten (1875) Son of Will's cousin Mainesburg Cemetery
05880 Kate Rumsey ca 1870- Mary Smith Artemus Rumsey Holcomb & Ingullis Will's niece
06519 Levi Rumsey 1821-1875 Betsey Ford Smith Rumsey Sophia Williams Local Resident Mainesburg Cemetery
06357 Minnie E. Rumsey 1869-1948 Lydia Smith William Rumsey Leander Austin Mainesburg Cemetery
05634 Seth S. Rumsey 1805-1880 Asenath Doud Jeremiah Rumsey Jerusha Kelts Local resident Mainesburg Cemetery
05793 Warren Rumsey 1854-1907 Jerusha Kelts Seth S. Rumsey Matilda Richmond Local resident- married to Will's cousin Mainesburg Cemetery
05868 Wilbur Rumsey 1862-1947 Matilda Richmond Warren Rumsey Maude Lucy Wilson Son of Will's cousin South Dakota
09436 Harmon Scouten 1854-1919 Mary Jane Seely Ira Scouten Estella Shelton Neighbor Mainesburg Cemetery
Ira Scouten Mary Jane Seely Neighbor Mainesburg Cemetery
59392 Joshua Schermerhorn 1838-  Lucina Maryetta Sullivan Resident
13884 Lydia Seaman 1862- Eliza Robbins Orrin Seaman Asa Frank Wilson, Sturdevant Sylvania Cemetery Have undated obit but no tombstone record
09007 Charles E. Seeley 1849- Emily Burley George Seeley Sally Shelton Local Resident
09002 George Seeley 1805-1879 Isaiah Seeley Emily Burley Local resident Seeley Burial Ground
07888 Lent Seeley 1814-1882 Isaiah Seeley 3 wives Local resident Mainesburg Cemetery
04742 Clayton Seymour 1868-1951 Ellen Seymour George Seymour Minnie Welch Neighbor King Hill Cemetery
05069 Clyde Seymour 1870-1953 Ellen Seymour George Seymour Cora Kennedy Neighbor
05063 Ellen Seymour 1833-1906 Sarah Dutton Julius Seymour George Seymour Neighbor Mainesburg Cemetery
05065 Mary Seymour 1857-1943 Ellen Seymour George Seymour Francis Bartlett Neighbor Mainesburg Cemetery
07695 Bertha Shaw 1863-  Melissa Mabie Charles Milton Shaw Fred Bryan Neighbor
07676 Charles Milton Shaw 1836-1909 Jane F. Seaman Daniel M. Shaw Melissa Mabie Neighbor Mainesburg Cemetery Milton
07674 Daniel M. Shaw 1808-1884 Sarah Hawes Joshua Shaw Jane Seaman Neighbor Mainesburg Cemetery
07697 Elmer Shaw 1870-1946 Melissa Mabie Charles Milton Shaw Florence Tears Mainesburg Cemetery
07680 Freeman Shaw 1843-1934 Jane F. Seaman Daniel M. Shaw Mainesburg Cemetery
07692 Annette Shaw 1861-1947 Melissa Mabie Charles Milton Shaw Samuel Smith Neighbor Mainesburg Cemetery Nette
03843 Asa Slingerland 1837- Mary Baker Tunis Slingerland Frances Sperry (1859) Local resident

SRGP Name B/D Mother Father Spouse / Marriage date Relationship to Rosina Buried Comments
29113 Addison Smith Ananais Smith Cousin to Will
04492 Adelaide Smith 1853- Marilla Lewis Dennis T. Smith Charles Johns Daughter of Will's Cousin
02203 Albert G. Smith 1828-1912 Marjorie Genung Arad Smith Louisa Mansfield Local Resident (Elk Run) Smith Family Cemetery
01948 Alonzo Smith See Orrin Alonzo Smith
27888 Ananais Smith 1810-1877 Sarah Joshua Smith (Sr.) Sally ? Will's Uncle Cayuta NY
04475 Andrew Jackson Smith 1829- Elizabeth Thomas Charles Smith Juliette ? &
Adelaide Holden
State Road Cemetery Jackson, Jack
05572 Anna Smith 1800-1879 Sarah Joshua Smith (Sr.) Isaac Richmond Will's Aunt Ames Hill Cemetery Aunt Anna
02138 Arad Smith 1800-1889 Eunice Whitney Capt. Isaac Smith Margery Genung Chandlersburg resident Smith Family Burial Ground
04493 Belviette Smith 1855-1931 Marilla Lewis Dennis T. Smith Andrew Parker, Ellery Wilcox Daughter of Will's Cousin Big Pond Cemetery
04062 Byron Smith 1849-1940 Sallie Chandler Charles G. Smith Maria Smith Married to Will's Cousin Gray Valley Cemetery
04259 Charles Smith 1799-1885 Sarah Joshua Smith (Sr.) Elizabeth Thomas (1822) Father in law Ames Hill Cemetery Called "Father" by Rosina
14791 Charles  Smith 1851-1936 Juliette ? Andrew Jackson Smith Nephew to Will State Road Cemetery Charlie
04488 Chauncey Smith 1856- Louisa Smith Ephraim Smith Phoebe Strong (1882)
Ella M Lawrence (1887)
03691 Cornelius Smith 1846-1931 Ann (Nancy) Welch Obadiah Smith Martha Smith Cousin of Will Gray Valley Cemetery
00162 D. T. Smith (Tom) 1824-1894 Sarah Joshua Smith (Sr.) Lucretia Welch Older brother of Will Ames Hill Cemetery Settled land & Built House I live in.[JMT]
00017 Deke Smith See  Matthew Richard Smith
05071 Dennis Smith 1864-1954 Louisa Smith Ephraim Smith Mayme Tomlinson Nephew Mainesburg Cemetery
04469 Diantha Smith 1836-1913 Lydia Clark Joshua Smith (Jr.) Jason Watkins Cousin of Will Watson Cemetery Prominent in Daniel Burton Diary
04482 Edgar Smith 1861-1920 Lepha McConnell Jonathan Smith Addie Decker Will's Nephew Prospect Cemetery
04489 Ellen Loretta Smith 1859- Louisa Smith Ephraim Smith Isaac Borden Niece
00547 Emerson Smith 1861-1922 Harriet Reynolds John Smith Addie Makeley Cousin of Rosina Lawrence Corners Cemetery Several of Emerson's Diaries are on site. 
09481 Emma Keturah Smith 1848-1892 Keturah Hodges George Smith Sanford Smith Cousin to Will Second of Sanford's Four wives
01916 Ephraim Smith 1827-1909 Lydia Clark Joshua Smith (Jr.) Louisa Smith (1852) Brother in law, Cousin to Will King Hill Cemetery
10828 Florence Smith 1870-1951 Rosina Smith Will Smith Harry Brown (1894) Daughter Canton
01991 Frank Smith Catherine Andrus Silas Smith Rosina's Cousin
01946 Frank M. Smith 1853-1892 Harriet Reynolds John Smith Ada Beardslee Rosina's Cousin Baptist Hill Cemetery
04487 Franklin Smith 1854-1932 Louisa Smith Ephraim Smith Elvira Lunn (1875)
Charlotte Heron
Nephew Mainesburg Cemetery Frank
03205 George Smith 1832-1908 Elizabeth Thomas Charles Smith Mary Tears Will's Brother Gray Valley Cemetery
09475 George F. Smith 1814-1896 Sarah Joshua Smith (Sr.) Keturah Hodges, Amelia Wilson Will's Uncle Watson Cemetery Uncle George
01896 George W. Smith 1820- Annis Worden Jesse Smith Lavinia Gailard Rosina's Uncle Missouri? Uncle George
05072 Hannah Rosina Smith 1866-1962 Louisa Smith Ephraim Smith George L. Lay Niece Sylvania Cemetery
03702 Herman Smith 1868 Jane Smith Mordecai Smith Alice/Edith Wood
04525 Hiram E. Smith 1871- Ermina Welch Vaughn Smith Lucy Redington Nephew
04499 Hosmer Smith 1857- Roxy Scouten Philetus Smith Elnora Brady Cousin to Will - once removed  
03183 Huldah Smith 1833-1899 Elizabeth Hall Jasper Smith Isaac Squires Cousin to Will Gray Valley Cemetery
04474 Isaac Smith 1826-1892 Elizabeth Thomas Charles Smith Julia Ann Strange Will's brother Gray Valley Cemetery
01891 Isaac W. Smith 1807-1861 Annis Worden Jesse Smith Loretta Harding (1829) Father (deceased) King Hill Cemetery Referred to as "Pa" by Rosina
04523 Isaac Wesley Smith 1866-1933 Ermina Welch Vaughn Smith Josephine Sains Wesley
02218 James T. 
1852-1901 Lucretia Welch D. T. Smith Luella Searles Cousin to Will Ames Hill Cemetery
04484 Jason Smith 1868-1933 Lepha McConnell Jonathan Smith Gertrude Baker, Addie Rumsey Will's Nephew Owego NY
03066 Jasper Smith 1805-1884 Sarah Joshua Smith (Sr.) Elizabeth Hall Will's Uncle State Road Cemetery
04501 Jennie Smith 1861-1901 Roxy Scouten Philetus Smith Hubert Bartlett Wills cousin once removed Mainesburg Cemetery
01482 Jesse Smith 1786-1871 Annis Worden Grandfather Wood Cemetery
01840 John Smith 1814-1902 Annis Worden Jesse Smith Harriet Reynolds Uncle Reynolds Cemetery Uncle John
04477 Jonathan Smith 1839-1904 Elizabeth Thomas Charles Smith Lepha McConnell Will's brother Prospect Cemetery John
04504 Josephine Smith 1854-1921 Mary Tears George Smith Calvin DeWitt (1873) Will's Niece Mainesburg Cemetery
01921 Julia Smith 1847-1909 Loretta Harding Isaac W. Smith Albert Joralemon (1875) Sister King Hill Cemetery Jule
04521 Loretta Smith 1869-1885 Ermina Welch Vaughn Smith Niece Died in Kansas - Typhoid Rettie
16297 Louisa Mae Smith 1861-1946 Louisa Smith Ephraim Smith John Kelly Knowlton Niece Prospect Cemetery Lida
01915 Louisa Smith 1835-1918 Loretta Harding Isaac W. Smith Ephraim Smith (1852) Sister King Hill Cemetery
04519 Luella Rosina Smith 1863-1930 Ermina Welch Vaughn Smith Wilber Smith Niece Lewie
04496 Lydia Smith 1851-1916  Roxy Scouten Philetus Smith William Rumsey (1869)
Barton Rumsey (1891)
 Neighbor  Mainesburg Cemetery
03645 Lyman R. Smith 1843-1920 Elizabeth Hall Jasper Smith Charlotte Welch (1866) Cousin to Will State Road Cemetery
04503 Martha Smith 1846-1916 Mary Tears George Smith Joseph DeWitt Cousin of Will
04471 Mary Smith 1835- Elizabeth Thomas Charles Smith Artemus Rumsey Will's sister
01942 Matilda Caroline Smith 1847-1929 Harriet Reynolds John Smith Elisha Nash Cousin of Rosina Prospect Cemetery Til
00017 Matthew R. Smith 1840-1903 Eunice Northrup Wilson Rufus Smith Polly Comfort  Sullivan Township Resident Wood Cemetery Deke Smith. Great great grandfather of  Joyce
01892 Morris Smith 1809-1898 Annis Worden Jesse Smith Matilda Gaylord Uncle Watson Cemetery
01917 Nancy Smith 1838-1924 Loretta Harding Isaac W. Smith Lyman Soper (1855 div 1870s) Sister King Hill Cemetery
09479 Nehemiah Smith 1844- Keturah R. Hodges George Smith Francella Palmer Cousin to Will
00183 Obadiah Smith 1815-1905 Sarah Joshua Smith (Sr.) Ann (Nancy) Welch Will's Uncle Gray Valley Cemetery Uncle Obadiah
03225 Olive Smith 1835-1913 Lydia Clark Joshua Smith (Jr.) Isaac Young (1858), Andrew Squires (1872) Neighbor, Cousin to Will Gray Valley Cemetery
02848 Orrin W. Smith 1865-1955 Rosina Smith Will Smith Alice Barney (1885) Son Glenwood Cemetery In later diaries called OWS
01913 Orrin Smith 1830-1904 Loretta Harding Isaac W. Smith Frances ELLEN Hill (1854)
Lydia Hill
Brother King Hill Cemetery
01948 Orrin Alonzo Smith 1856-1938 Harriet Reynolds John Smith Sarah Styres Cousin to Rosina Mainesburg Cemetery Lon
03705 Oscar Smith 1854-1920 Louisa Mansfield Albert G. Smith Corning ?
04465 Philetus Smith 1825-1905 Lydia Clark Joshua Smith (Jr.) Roxy Scouten Neighbor, Cousin to Will Mainesburg Cemetery
01920 Rosina Smith 1840-1918 Loretta Harding Isaac W. Smith Will Smith (1864) Self King Hill Cemetery Diarist
01930 Sanford Smith 1838- Matilda Gaylord Morris Smith Four wives Cousin (double) Mainesburg Cemetery
01856 Silas Smith 1825-1876 Annis Worden Jesse Smith Catherine Andrus Uncle Whittaker-Jaquish Cemetery Uncle Silas
01894 Tristram Smith 1816-1898 Annis Worden Jesse Smith Sally Burton Uncle Wood Cemetery
01912 Vaughn W. Smith 1832-1895 Loretta Harding Isaac W. Smith Ermina Irene Welch (1861) Brother King Hill Cemetery Carpenter
04485 Victor Smith 1871- Lepha McConnell Jonathan Smith Will's Nephew This is the source of the name Vic Corners  for the intersection at the top of the hill  on road to Mainesburg. [Seymour Hill & Ritz Road/Gardener Hollow]
01898 Warren Smith 1830-1916 Annis Worden Jesse Smith Melissa Davies (1854), Julie Davies (aft1861) Uncle Columbia Valley Cemetery
04478 Will Smith 1843-1911 Elizabeth Thomas Charles Smith Rosina Smith (1864) Husband King Hill Cemetery
03172 William Harrison Smith 1859-1939 Lucretia Welch D. T. Smith Antoinette Squires Will's Nephew Gray Valley Cemetery Will - Born in the house I live in. 
04517 William Harrison Smith 1841-1910 Elizabeth Hall Jasper Smith Viola E. Squires Will's Cousin Harrison

SRGP Name B/D Mother Father Spouse / Marriage date Relationship to Rosina Buried Comments
01918 Albert H. Soper 1856-1912 Nancy Smith Lyman Soper nephew King Hill Cemetery Burt
07072 Elizabeth Soper 1827-1898 Rhoda Drake Samuel Soper Edwin Dewey State Road Cemetery
12262 George Soper 1841-1914 Levi Soper Lucy Harding Arbon Cemetery
07574 Lyman Soper 1829-1913 Rhoda Drake Samuel Soper Nancy Smith (1855 div 1870s) Brother in law Nebraska
09450 Mary Jane Soper 1930-1902 Rhoda Drake Samuel Soper Roswell Webster Community member State Road Cemetery
07538 Rosalinda Soper 1802- Melinda Rose Roger Soper Theodore Harding Aunt by marriage Aunt Roslinda
26447 Rosina May Soper 1873-1954 Nancy Smith Lyman Soper William Allen Niece King Hill Cemetery May
07930 Samuel Soper 1872-1876 Nancy Smith Lyman Soper Nephew King Hill Cemetery Sammy
09282 Ashman Sperry 1811- Louisa Dewey Sullivan Resident
09284 Frances Sperry Louisa Dewey Ashman Sperry Asa Slingerland
03224 Andrew Squires 1845-1927 Permelia York Judson Squires Lydia Smith. Olive Smith Sullivan Resident Gray Valley Cemetery
03212 Emily C. Squires 1866-1929 Mary J. Wilson Lafayette Squires Orrin Lay, Bert Holcomb Local Resident Gray Valley Cemetery See Emma's diaries, also.
03160 George Squires 1833-1905 Charlotte Barrows Wm. S. Squires Mary Jane Smith married to Will's Cousin Gray Valley Cemetery
03162 Isaac Squires  1830-1906 Charlotte Barrows Wm. S. Squires Huldah Smith married to Will's Cousin Gray Valley Cemetery Justice of Peace
03165 Lafayette Squires 1842-1891 Charlotte Barrows Wm. S. Squires Mary J. Wilson Local Resident Gray Valley Cemetery Several Diaries on site. 
03163 Lloyd Squires 1835-1908 Charlotte Barrows Wm. S. Squires Philena Wheeler Local Resident Gray Valley Cemetery
03229 Seymour Squires 1848-1913 Huldah Judson Squires Alice VanNess Rutland Resident Gray Valley Cemetery
09723 George Stauffer 1834-1897 Magdalena ? Elias Stauffer Alice M. Dewey Mainesburg Merchant Mainesburg Cemetery
06931 Charles Strange 1835-1892 Hannah Burt Marcus Strange Marietta Cooley (1864) Local Resident Gray Valley Cemetery Constable in Henry Card Papers
06945 Ezekial Strange 1837-1898 Hannah Burt Marcus Strange Laura Mosher Local Resident Gray Valley Cemetery Zeke
06946 Hannah Strange 1839-1898 Hannah Burt Marcus Strange Annanais Richmond (1869) Local Resident Prospect Cemetery Second of 3 wives of Annanais R.
06955 Mary Strange 1869-1966 Marietta Cooley Charles Strange Morrison Rose Gray Valley Cemetery Mate
03595 George Tanner 1822-1897 Cynthia Carter Peleg Tanner Jane Mansfield Rutland Township resident Watson Cemetery
04258 Elizabeth Thomas 1806-1874 Charles Smith (1822) Mother in law Ames Hill Cemetery
74957 Charles Tinkham 1862- Harriet Randall Tinkham Local Resident
63076 Randall Tinkham 1812-1888 Thodocia Palmer Calvin Tinkham Harriet Local Resident Mainesburg Cemetery
04264 Olive E. Updyke 1841-1909 Delana Benson Abraham Updyke Isaac Nelson Tears Local Resident Mainesburg Cemetery
07401 Jason Watkins 1835-1914 Jerusha A. Rice Grandason Watkins Diantha Smith Rutland resident Watson Cemetery Prominent in Daniel Burton Diary
18250 Mary Ellen Watkins 1860-1926 Diantha Smith Jason Watkins Nathan Benson Will's Niece Watson Cemetery Ella, Ellie
09449 Roswell Doud Webster 1823-1889 Betsey Doud Roswell Webster Mary Jane Soper Community member State Road Cemetery
00184 Ann Welch 1817-1898 Nancy Hakes Nathaniel Welch JR. Obadiah Smith Will's aunt by marriage Gray Valley Cemetery Aunt Ann
03644 Charlotte Welch 1846-1914 Rosilla Rich James Welch Lyman Smith (1866) State Road Cemetery
03617 Elmer Welch 1851-1940 Susanna Cudworth Josiah Welch Ella Irene Smith (1875) Local Resident Mainesburg Cemetery
03918 Ermina Irene Welch 1845-1931 Philena Dike Hiram Welch Vaughn Smith (1861) Sister in law King Hill Cemetery
03478 Gilbert Welch 1847- Lucy Ayres Daniel Welch Kittie Frost Gil
03861 Hiram Welch 1815-1897 Hannah Doyne Samuel Welch Philena Dike Local Resident State Road Cemetery
03465 James Welch 1814-1895 Nancy Hakes (?) Nathaniel Welch Rosilla Rich State Road Cemetery
03463 Josiah Welch 1817-1883 Nancy Hakes (?) Nathaniel Welch Jr. Susanna Cudworth
00163 Lucretia Welch 1821-1891 Nancy Hakes (?) Nathaniel Welch Jr. D. T. Smith Ames Hill Cemetery
03641 Lucretia Welch 1844-1905 Rosilla Rich James Welch Ira Fanning (1868) Glenwood Cemetery Criscia
04943 Steve Welch 1843- Lucy Ann Palmer Jefferson Welch
59979 Thaddeus Welch 1834- Laura Bryant Leonard Welch Virula
02376 William W. Welch 1828-1874 Abigail Harding Harry Welch Mary McConnell Cousin Wood Cemetery Lived on location where I lived as a child
65388 George Westbrook 1808-1880 Louisa ?  Prospect Cemetery Monument
18768 Francis White 1778-1885 Mary Snover Roseville physician Watson Cemetery
09183 Emeline Whiting 1858-1946 Almira Gates Nathan Whiting Frederick Wilcox (1877) Emma
09180 Isaac Whiting 1844- Almira Gates Nathan Whiting Sarah Dewey
07201 Miranda Wilkins 1821-1890 Clarissa Nehemiah Wilkins Eleazar Orvis State Road Cemetery Widow, spins wool
02935 William Wilson 1823-1891 Elizabeth Predmore James Wilson Jr. Salome Howe (1847) of Rutland Watson Cemetery
? R. Woodard
38516 Isaac Woodburn 1830-1906
Sarah Philena Doud Local resident Mainesburg Cemetery
06749 Sophronia Woodward 1824-1896 William E. Robbins Neighbor Ames Hill Cemetery
01481 Annis Worden 1789-1874 Margaret Gray Isaac Worden Jesse Smith Grandmother Wood Cemetery
09423 Gideon Young 1857-1937 Olive Smith NOT Isaac Young Catherine Miller Nebraska
Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project by Joyce M. Tice - database of Full Population Study begun in 1992 by JMT tacking BOTH ancestors and descendants of residents of Sullivan and Rutland and surrounding Townships in Tioga and Bradford Counties. It includes well over 80,000 individuals all over the country with ties to this area.
Below are photos of people who appear in Rosina's Diaries. 
Rosina’s Mother & Sisters

Loretta Harding
Julia Smith
Nancy Smith

Rosina’s Grandparents
Jesse Smith & Annis Worden

Rosina’s Children

The only I picture I have so far of Orrin is this one with Mel Palmer in 1941 - Orrin on Right.
Mel Palmer married Julia's daughter Jennie
Florence at right

Relatives of Rosina

Rich Frank Ashley & Lydia Jane Dewey with child, Mary.
Jane was first cousin to Rosina
Ellen Loretta Smith
Niece of Rosina

William W. Welch
First Cousin of Rosina
Hannah Rosina Smith
Rosina’s Niece

Caroline Matilda Smith "Til"
First Cousin of Rosina
Addie Makeley & Emerson Smith
Emerson was first Cousin of Rosina

Warren Smith & Second wife Julia Davies
Rosina's Uncle

Relatives of Will
LGW Photos
Elizabeth Thomas Charles Smith

Ephraim Smith
First Cousin of Will
Philetus Smith
First Cousin of Will

Olive Smith (photo not proven)
First Cousin of Will
Gideon Young
Son of Olive at left
First Cousin once removed to Will

William Harrison Smith 1859-1939
Nephew of Will
First person born in my house
My father, Leslie M. Tice, was last - 1921

Jennie Smith
First cousin Once removed
Hosmer Philetus Smith
First cousin Once removed

Matilda Richmond
First Cousin to Will
Charlotte Welch & Lyman Smith. 
Lyman was Will's Cousin
Maria Smith, Cousin of Will, with husband Byron Smith and sons,
Delbert, Raymond, Ross [age order]
Isaac H Richmond, Cousin of Will, with wife, Margery Smith, and children Ina, Colin, Ruel, Florence

Huldah Smith
Cousin to Will
Isaac Squires
Justice of the Peace, Husband to Huldah Smith

Ella Lufannie Squires
Daughter of Huldah Smith
Elisha Rich Orvis
Husband of Ella

Mary Jane Smith
Cousin to Will
George Squires
Husband to Mary Jane

Melissa Richmond
Cousin to Will
James Ruggles
Melissa's Husband

Robbins Family - Next Door Neighbors

William E. Robbins
Sophronia Woodward
Joseph W. Robbins

Levi Robbins (1830-1925)
Levi Robbins house on road now called Hemlock Hill in western part of Sullivan Township


Hannah Strange
Married to Will's Cousin
Ezekial Strange 1837-1898

Charles Milton Shaw
Melissa MABIE "Shaw"

John W. DeWitt
Julia CUDWORTH "DeWitt"

Leander Gardner
George Gardner

Peter Hulslander
Asa Howe

Rhoda Drake "Soper" 1804-1891
Mary Jane Soper & Roswell D. Webster

Matilda Fuller & Amander Ludington
Marietta Cooley & Charles Strange 1864
Gustin Photographer, Troy

Daniel Rumsey Doud 1827-1892
Matthew R. Smith "Deke" Smith 1840-1903
Great Great Grandfather of Joyce

George Seeley
Lent Seeley

Mary Jane Squires
Thomas Doud
Hotel Keeper in Mainesburg

Jane Mansfield of Rutland
George Tanner of Rutland

Rev. Amos Mansfield

Electa Scouten
Julius Rumsey
Son of Will's Cousin Matilda Richmond

Harmon Scouten
Estella Shelton

Arad Smith
Of Chandlersburg (Elk Run)
Dr. George Maine

Ellen Seymour
Apologies - Photocopy of photocopy
Seymour family has promised better -
encourage Linda to follow through
George Seymour

Mary Jane Wilson
Lafayette Squires

Philena Wheeler
Lloyd Squires

Ben Connelly
Older than when in these diaries
Floyd Ashley
Sterne A. Ashley
Sterne A. Ashley - Maryett Fletcher & Child

Olive Eliza Updyke
Isaac Tears

Salome Howe & William Wilson
Edwin Ruthven Maine of Mainesburg with his Cyclone Weeder that he invented

Charlotte Watkins and Omar Doud, who were newlyweds when these diaries were written, celebrate their fiftieth anniversary with another marriage ceremony- 1914. I can recognize their attendants as Jesse Austin and Christine Watkins.Rosina herself lived until 1918 and may be among the wedding guests shown here. 
Map of Rosina’s Neighborhood 1875
On this map I (Joyce) live at the very top where it says D. T. Smith. Rosina and Will lived in the left center where the roads cross in an X. In 1868 they were in one of the W. Smith locations to the right of that X and in 1874 had moved to the Wm. Smith location left of the Cem. icon [Ames Hill Cemetery]. Route 6 now cuts through this and changes the relationships.
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Published On Tri-Counties Site On 01/27/2007 
By Joyce M. Tice
Transcribed by Joyce M Tice
Copyright 2007 - Joyce M. Tice