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1939 July 05 Thursday

Walters Fifth Birthday!

Pictures on this page were taken at the birthday picnic Eldridge Park.

Guests -- Ted, Helen, Gordon and Bernice.

Menu -- Macaroni and salmon salad, radishes, cheese and corn beef sandwiches, fruit Jell-O and birthday cake with pop drink.

Walter rode pony, merry-go-round and sea serpent boat on the lake. Stayed and saw the moving pictures. Did not get home very early and Samson boys got very tired -- Ted included.

1939 July 09 Sunday

Emily Dalrymple and Lionel Wagner married. Helen, Ted and Walter attended. They returned early. Helen took over a carload of roses in the morning. Mr. and Mrs. Hiltz up toward night, also Will and Satie.

1939 July 10 Monday

Clipping -- Wagner's buy Parsons Farm. Bud and Emily Wagner purchased the Nathan Parsons place, home of the late Burr Parsons.

1939 July 13 Thursday

Home Bureau Picnic at Lakeside Park.

Took the baby and he very good. Had a large attendance and a wonderful dinner. Walter and Helen went in swimming in the afternoon. So very dry and hot.

1939 July 14 Friday

Found it had rained in the night -- everything quite revived.

Went to Grange in the evening. Rode down with Ted. Went over and viewed the new Dann house before Grange. Third and fourth degrees conferred on Will and Mina Tuma, Lillian and Joe Kaccourek. Had ice cream and cake for refreshments. Ollie Benjamin in charge. I rode home with the Tumas.

1939 July 16 Sunday

Quite cold and very windy and so dry. I went with Harry for a ride in the afternoon. Went over Mallory Hill to Jackson Creek to Breeseport, then to North Chemung and over the hogback into Erin. Stopped at Lon's. Mira very bad with lame knees and legs.

1939 July 17 Monday

Clipping -- Grange Association picnic at Monument.

Charlie and I went with Amel and Lily. Had a nice evening. We stopped at the Manhattan on the way home for ice cream etc.

1939 July 20 Thursday

Clipping -- Obituary Mrs. Rosella Perry of Pine Valley.

Mrs. Perry was Mrs. Burrell's sister. Her husband started to give his gun to Ted Lawrence, who set in a car in front of the Perry home and Mrs. Perry was talking with them. The Gun had a random bullet and as Perry carried it toward the car, he accidentally discharged it. The big dumb dumb passing through Mrs. Perry's leg. She died from shock and loss of blood on the way to the doctor's office.

1939 July 22 Saturday

The monthly district meeting of the Dairymen's League in library in Elmira.

Charlie and I attended -- drove Ted's car. The new director gave very educational talk based on his recent visit New York offices and attendance at directors meeting. Myra Rogers and I only associates present. We stopped in Horseheads and done some trading and ate some ice cream. All these farmers wondering how they can keep their cows with no pasture. Not much hay and no prospect of corn owing to awful drought.

1939 July 26 Wednesday

Clipping -- Jury Today Expected To Get Gibbs. -- One of the cases our grand jury worked on.

1939 July 28 Friday

Regular Grange Meeting

Walked as far George Turner's and then rode with Benny in his 1929 Ford touring car -- a real treat, seemed like old times. A nice meeting with only a few present. The Juvenile Grange put on their degrees and several subordinate members joined. The Veteran Helpers 4 H. Club put on their play for the program -- the play very good. Actor's -- Blanche Mosher, Ruth Banks, Virginia and Rebecca and Rachel Conklin, and a dark girl named Mann. I rode home with "Chick" Very, (Nathen Vary's son). Grasshoppers so awful! Just eating everything -- Gardens, oats, buckwheat etc.

1939 July 29 Saturday

Clipping -- Miss Rosecrans Becomes the Wife of Laurence Scott.

1939 July 30 Sunday

Picnic of old-time residents of District Number 9 at MacDougall's.

Begin raining at four o'clock and continued most of the time until one o'clock -- then cleared off beautifully so we ate dinner out of doors. Most of the folks came. Have a wonderful dinner and grand time. Will and Satie stayed up for the evening.

Those present -- Grace, Virgil and Marion, Edna, Grace, Lula and Mrs. Birch, Grace Lent, Jenny Beardsley, Jay, Corine and Leonore, Will and Satie, Julia and Marian Parsons, Phyllis and Harold Gee, Jesse, Lena, Emma and Arthur Banks. Everyone had a good time and wanted to get together again next year.

Clipping -- Obituary of Miss Ella M. Briggs of Millport.


1939 August 01 Tuesday

Clipping-- Many Friends Pay Loving Tribute To Miss Ella Briggs's

Miss Briggs was postmistress in Millport and participated in a number of County activities. Millport Cemetery.

1939 August 02 Wednesday

Spent the day with Julia Parsons, by invitation, at her home at 806 Southport St. Helen and the kids took me down and Ted came for me after work at five o'clock. A very enjoyable day -- seemed good to talk over old times. A very hot day, 90° in the shade.

Clipping -- The nation's oldest cow died in Bath at age 23.

Clipping -- Obituary of Miss Madeline Blauvelt, 39, of Erin.

1939 August 03 Thursday

A day at Will's cottage on Keuka lake. wrs -- Will was a brother of Charles, Bernice's husband.

Helen took Walter, Gordon and Marion and I up to the cottage for our annual day's visit. I fished most of the day. Caught 12 little darlings -- Rockies, Sunnys and Perch. The others all went in bathing. I failed as other company came, so we left. Had a picnic dinner with the family. Rained a hard shower during the p.m. We came home via Wayne, Tyrone, over the hill to Watkins. Stopped at Pitchers a few minutes.

1939 August 04 Friday

Had a wonderful rain -- rained hard most of the forenoon. Just in time to save the corn and potatoes -- if the grasshoppers leave any. They are the worst in years, just mowing off the gardens, young buckwheat, and working on corn -- and sweet corn destroyed and even eating the potatoes in the garden.

1939 August 05 Saturday

Clipping -- Kahler Announces Candidacy For Assembly Post

Oscar Kahler, prominent Big Flats farmer, will run for Chemung County Assemblyman

1939 August 06 Sunday

Expected the Brimmers and Pitchers, but David had chickenpox so they could not come. Joel has sore legs decided he had better rest them, so only Lulu and Robert made the trip. Had a nice visit. Menu --. Pressed veal and chicken, creamed potatoes, summer squash, vegetable gelatin salad, pickled watermelon rind and ice tea, coffee, ice cream and cake.

1939 August 07 Monday

Picture -- Berneice and Lulu standing in the MacDougall yard.

Caption - "The way the cousins look at this time."

Lulu Bennett Pitcher picture and Berneice Reed MacDougall -- Lulu daughter of Elizabeth Reed and Theodore Bennett. Bernice daughter of Lawrence Reed and Emmaline Webster.

1939 August 08 Tuesday

Clipping -- Body Of Missing Erin Man Is Found Near Towanda, PA.

Philip Smith, 64, missing since February 6, was found. He was brother of Myra Smith, wife of Lon MacDougall. They live in Erin.

1939 August 09 Wednesday

Picture -- Walter Samson and Bob Brimmer taken in the MacDougall front yard.

1939 August 10 Thursday

Helen's shower for Emily.

Hurried all morning to get last-minute preparations done. Several could not come. Had a nice time and Emily received a nice lot of gifts. Menu for refreshments -- Salad (gelatin with big black cherries and nutmeats), several kinds of sandwiches (cheese, egg and sandwich spread, potted meat and cottage cheese with apricot jam and nuts. Iced tea and tapioca dessert made with pineapple and with peaches and cream and fancy cakes and coconut macaroons.

1939 August 12 Saturday

The Gang and Bradt's outing on Kayutah Lake

Al and I went over at three o'clock and went out to try our luck. A terrific south wind, so the lake was too rough for any luck., Helen, Marjorie and the children came at six o'clock. Had our supper and Ted and Al fished, Helen, Marion and Walter swam. Marge and I attended babies.

1939 August 13 Sunday

Went to Lakeside Park at night Helen, Marian and Walter took a refreshing swim. Ted, Gordon and I looked on.

1939 August 14 Monday

Very hot and very dry again. Helen, Marian, Walter and I drove to Watkins Glen after supper and took the Captain Palmer boat ride. $.50 adults children $.25. A very interesting trip lasting 50 minutes. The Salt Works and how it operates, history of the lake and its fish, Indian legends, etc. All finely explained by the Captain over a loudspeaker. Very lovely music when he was not talking. Crossed the lake above Glenn Eldridge. The spot light played on the rocks and banks making everything beautiful. Saw the painted rocks with some of the original Indian figures discernible. Went through a part of the Glen later -- some sight under the new lighting system.

1939 August 15 Tuesday

Helen, Marian, Walter and I went to Watkins Glen in the evening to see the Italian fireworks. Found a good parking place at Lakeside Park and sat on the beach and had a fine view of the fireworks. A very, very large crowd of cars in town. Difficult get started for home on account of the traffic.

1939 August 16 Wednesday

Clipping -- The Passing of a Mansion. The Langdon Mansion is being razed.

1939 August 17 Thursday

Herbert Rosenkrans fell into the mowing machine knives while he and Roy Chappell were getting fodder corn and cut his right arm very badly. Both cords cut off in great chunks of flesh cut out. Chappell took him to Arnot Ogden Hospital.

Clipping -- Obituary for Miss Emily Jane VanNortwick, 83, of Horseheads. She was a sister of Mrs. George Egbert of Horseheads.

1939 August 20 Sunday

MacDougall -- Fishel picnic at Taughannock Park.

All drove into the parking place at the same time. Helen, Marian and Walter took a swim before dinner. Had a sumptuous feast. Menu -- Rolls, cold veal, ham and Spam. Two kinds of salad, jelly, olives, beans, two beautiful cakes, peach, apple and cherry pie and cheese and fruit. Swell lemon and orange ade to drink. In the p.m. the men took a walk and Grace and us took a speed boat ride -- our first experience -- some thrill. Came home quite early -- tired but happy.

1939 August 21 Monday

Picture -- Those present at the picnic.

Charles McDougall holding Gordon Samson, Berneice MacDougall, Sadi MacDougal, William MacDougall, Virgil Fishel, Marian Fishel, Grace Fishel and Harry MacDougall, Walter Samson -- picture taken by Helen Samson

1939 August 22 Tuesday

Clipping -- Reformatory Head Barely Escapes Death. Dr. Frank L. Christian, Elmira Reformatory Superintendent, was stabbed by an inmate.

1939 August 23 Wednesday

Clipping -- Bert R. Sherman of Elmira Heights displays a 24 pound salmon caught in the Adirondacks.

1939 August 28 Monday

First Day of the Fair

Helen and I took the baked stuff to the fair -- forgot some and had to come back and then took plants too, quite a job

1939 August 29 Tuesday

Went to the fair a few minutes to see if we got any prizes. Found first house plants, second rock plants and it is not clear if the following place entries included rolls -- steamed brown bread -- fried cakes -- spice cake -- whole wheat yeast bread -- baking powder biscuits.

Clipping -- West Hill Woman Again Wins Contest

Mrs. Irene Rhodes of West Hill won the New York State Home Bureau Foundation Public Speaking Contest in Syracuse, repeating her victory in 1938.

1939 August 30 Wednesday

Charlie and I attended the fair. Went in the forenoon. Watched the horse judging until noon, then went to the car -- had Ted's car -- and ate our lunch. Menu -- Egg and cheese sandwiches, cold tea, bananas and little pies. Then each spent the p.m. as desired. I sat in the car which was near the tracks and watched the races. Emily and Bud Wagner with us most of the p.m. and had supper at six o'clock. Menu -- Sandwiches, yard long hot dogs, coconut snowballs, crackers and bananas. Visited the Oldroyd's across the track where they were camping in their car. Visited with a lot of friends and went up to the grandstand at eight o'clock for the evening show, one of the best reviews we have ever seen -- many other interesting features. Set with a bunch of Veteran folks.

1939 August 31 Thursday

A Day at the State Fair in Syracuse

Lily and Amel invited us to go with them. Started about 7:00 AM. Went via Lansing, Locke, Skaneateles and Solvay -- a lovely ride. The fair very good. Had dinner on the grounds. Very hot and dusty. In the afternoon Lily and I did the women's building and studied the flower exhibits. Met the men at the Indian Village. Started home about four o'clock. Came back through Syracuse and Cortland. Bought two dish ferns and a cactus. Had a very fine day.


1939 September 08 Friday

Grange Wiener Roast

No business session. Had an outdoor fire to roast wieners over, and coffee and tables on porch. Not many there, but had a swell time. Helen, Ted, Walter and I went. After the supper went upstairs and sang and played games. Cost to each person 12 1/2 cents.

1939 September 09 Saturday

Clipping -- Construction of Horseheads new Post Office to be completed soon.

1939 September 10 Sunday

Clipping -- Executioner Robert G. Elliot Dead

1939 September 14 Thursday

Home Bureau Rally at Hall

Had a picnic supper at 730, followed by a program. 120 present. I had charge of program -- consisting of tableaux, songs by Hugh Albee, a boy soprano, and Mrs. Rhodes winning speech "The State of the Farmer In World Peace". Had a very enjoyable evening. Charlie went to supper and to a League meeting in Horseheads.

1939 September 15 Friday

The hottest day! 92° in the shade. So dry that the heat was particularly hard to stand.

1939 September 16 Saturday

Still hot but more of a breeze, so one could breathe better.

1939 September 17 Sunday

Rained a little in the morning and got cooler all day. Quite a cold night. Harry, Walter and I took a ride after dinner. Went up the Geneva Road to Lakemont -- got some grapes -- then Dundee. Called at Uncle Will's. He much better after his operation. Went via Cole's Corners over the hill and then to Sugar Hill and Townsend and back through Johnson Hollow. A fine ride. The hills very beautiful - bright day -- sunny with deep shadows from the clouds.

1939 September 18 Monday

A light frost in the morning -- the first of the season.

Clipping -- A salvage task without parallel has been completed by bringing the Squalus to the Portsmouth Navy Yard.

1939 September 19 Tuesday

Clipping -- Chauncey B. Hammond was the guest speaker at Booster Night at the Veteran Grange.

1939 September 20 Wednesday

Clipping -- Chester Moore was promoted by the Elmira Bank and Trust Company.

1939 September 21 Thursday

Clippings -- State police bloodhounds trace Miss Evelyn Reed along the lake front. -- Home Bureau members enjoy tableaux and addresses. The Cheathams' from New Bedford Massachusetts are visiting the Ramsteins in Veteran.

1939 September 22 Friday

Booster Night at Veteran Grange

I Rode down with Mrs. Chappell. Not a very large crowd -- Only nine visitors. A fair program. I Talked on the "Seven Founders of the Order". Had a nice time. Our Assemblyman, Chauncey Hammond, talked on the effect of the present war on the US farmer.

Clipping -- 100+ Yates County School Students Begins Search for Miss Evelyn Reed.

1939 September 23 Saturday

Meeting of Dairymen's League in Elmira

Charlie and I attended. Myrna Rogers and I the only associate delegates present. The meeting very un-interesting and ordinary. Went around and did a little shopping in the city -- also in Horseheads. Mrs. Rogers started plans for a district luncheon.

1939 September 24 Sunday

Now again we find Great Britain and France into the same gigantic struggle. No supplies have been purchased here yet. Here is another prayer for peace -- God grant it may be more effective than it was in 1914. If our good old US can only stay out of the conflict!

Clipping -- 25 years ago, September 24, 1914 -- Representatives of Great Britain and Franc were in the US buying horses for the war effort. 100,000 horses were wanted. -- G. Archie Turner's pacer was winning money at the races -- Pres. Wilson issued a proclamation for a day of peace.

1939 September 25 Monday

Clippings -- Obituary for Mrs. Daisie C. Van Name, 71, of Horseheads. -- The body of Miss Evelyn Reed, 14, was found.

1939 September 27 Wednesday

Had the first good rain since last spring. Rained all night Tuesday and continued all day Wednesday. 1.95 inches fell -- still not a trickle running in the creeks. Newtown as dry as a field - the first time many ever saw it this way. However it was a saving for the winter grain and grass immediately began to get green. The worst drought ever known in this section. The government furnished grass seed those who have lost all of the year's seeding. Charlie seeded his wheat field but fears the rain too late to give it sufficient growth to stand the winter.

1939 September 28 Thursday

Clipping -- Sad Mystery Solved

The most horrible crime that this community has ever experienced. Excitement ran high and the man was taken out of the county for his examination. God help the parents to retain their reason through such an awful experience. Later -- Trial a tedious affair -- guilty verdict and he sentenced to be executed December 17.

1939 September 30 Saturday

Farm and Home Bureau picnic on Harris Hill

A dark foggy rainy day. Helen and the boys and I went to the picnic. The men had to attend the Republican caucus. Had a wonderful time at the picnic -- a big crowd there. Had stunts etc. for different Granges all the afternoon. Gordon a very good baby. Charlie nominated for assessor for four years. I went to the Democratic caucus in the evening. Charlie took me, I nominated for school director.


1939 October 01 Sunday

Clipping -- Obituary of Frank J. Campbell, 69, Orchard St., Horseheads.

1939 October 06 Friday

House warming at the new Dann homestead.

The neighbors planned a surprise for the Donald and Gerald Dann families -- it was a complete surprise. A nice crowd there. Took sandwiches and cake. Went all through the new house. A nice two family house. Played cards and games. Helen, Walter and I attended. The men all too tired to get ready. Got home at 12:30. A nice warm day.

1939 October 08 Sunday

Warm in the morning grew some colder. Rain and thunder and lightning most of the afternoon and evening - so will look for more nice warm weather. Home all day and no callers.

1939 October 12 Thursday

Gordon's one-year birthday. He celebrated by walking a few steps alone. He weighs 19 1/2 and very healthy, happy and sweet. He had a very beautiful little birthday cake. Four teeth and two more narrowly through.

Picture -- Gordon and his new bright red snowsuit that Grace sent him for his birthday.

1939 October 13 Friday

Home Bureau at the Hall

Went down for dinner. Took the children. Helen came back home to get the men's dinner out of the oven. Lily and Lena Carman had charge of the dinner. Menu -- Chili con carni, rolls, salad and apple pie with whipped cream. A nice large attendance. Mrs. Runey gave a lesson on washing and blocking knitted garments. Came home early.

1939 October 14 Saturday

Pomona Grange at Veteran Hall

Met after dinner -- had business session and the election of officers and delegates. Same officers retained mostly. Delegates - Irene Rhodes, Mr. Callear, Lily Ramstein and someone from Sullivanville. Had supper at 7:30. We Veteran ladies furnished scalloped ham and potatoes -- had a very nice supper. In the evening the fifth degree conferred on candidates. Had a very wonderful time. Charlie working in the potatoes so would not go.

1939 October 15 Sunday

Trip out to Wayne

Helen, the boys and I drove out in the afternoon. The Pitchers away but the Brimmers arrived too, so we had a nice visit. Got some grapes at Reading. The country very beautiful but the leaves falling very fast.

1939 October 16 Monday

National Grange Association at Log Cabin

Helen and I attended. Ollie Benjamin rode over with us. 35 members present. The program was in charge of Mrs. Williams -- Mrs. Charlotte Burren told of her trip to Europe and Irene Rhode's gave her prize-winning speech. Had a lovely supper and a very nice time.

1939 October 17 Tuesday

George Carpenter (Mary MacDougall's brother) died.

A very cold or rainy day. Froze quite hard at night -- some potatoes injured, in some places quite badly.

1939 October 18 Wednesday

Quite cold, but bright. I went around with Oscar Kahler -- candidate for member of assembly, and introduced him to the Bohemians, etc. Did not get back till after dark. Got acquainted with a lot of new people.

1939 October 21 Saturday

Clipping - 60 mile wind capsizes boat near Dresden.

While getting dinner I noticed a very peculiar cloud formation over Seneca Lake -- an inky black cloud with a white balloon like cloud suspended from It. The above shows what it was.

1939 October 22 Sunday

A queer morning with several showers. Nice and clear in the afternoon. Harry and I over to see Satie Couch. She quite well, but as goofy as ever. Went from Alpine over Swartwood hill to Erin -- stopped to see Myra a few minutes, then over of the hill past Dotys' on the Ithaca Road - went past yesterday's fire on the old Lou Breese farm and old house owned by John Vargo.

1939 October 26 Thursday

Clipping -- Honor for birthdays, aggregating 302 years. Deals with birthdays in the Stow family.

1939 October 27 Friday

I attended a Family Life Conference in Home Bureau rooms -- Dr. Wylie in charge. The lessons on mental capacity. Lessons started with a memory tests. Very instructive but hard to take back to the group. Went with Mrs. Issacs to the Empire Lunch for dinner. Poured all the PM -- something terrific about the time Helen met me. Had a visit in Mr. Woodward's office. We went to Grange in evening. Bread baking contests. Mrs. Hilton first, Mrs. Benjamin second, Mrs. Samson third. Mrs. Turner and Mrs. MacDougall the goats.

1939 October 28 Saturday

Sub District Meeting

Associates called to meet at 10 AM. Seven women present. Helen took me down. Forgot my lunch so went to lunch with Mrs. Straitor and Mrs. Squires at the Empire. Had a swell dinner. I attended the regular Sub-District meeting in the afternoon. We got home quite early - got groceries and Elwood's store.

1939 October 29 Sunday

Clipping-- "Uncle Sam moved into new home." The new Horseheads Post Office is dedicated.

1939 October 30 Monday

Clippings -- Obituary of John Lewis Egbert, 47, of Horseheads. He is survived by his wife, Ethel Egbert.


1939 November 02 Thursday

Veteran Grange Annual Chicken Pie Supper

Mrs. Saunders chairman. I made cabbage salad in the afternoon, and had charge of the pantry and Julia helped me Not as many as usual. Helen and Walter, also Harry, came for supper. We watched the dancing until quite late.

1939 November 03 Friday

A cold night 25° -- 20° and even lower reported. Froze hard - cars suffered a lot.

1939 November 04 Saturday

Mrs. Runey, home demonstration agent, and Mrs. Wigland called to arrange a radio broadcast in which I was to participate with Mrs. Runey.

1939 November 05 Sunday

A bad day in the afternoon. Quite a lot of snow fell. About 6 inches at Hornell. Mr. and Mrs. Samson, Mildred and George came down -- Got here about 12 o'clock. They stayed until Ted came at five o'clock. Had a bad slippery time to go back.

1939 November 06 Monday

Picture -- Carrie Clark taken in 1935. Sent in a letter received today.

1939 November 07 Tuesday

General Election

Matt Lewis elected over John Sterling. All else both in town and county went Republican. Regret Mr. Kahler's being defeated. Charlie elected assessor for four years -- his first venture in politics.

1939 November 09 Thursday

Home Bureau at Grange Hall

Went with Lily -- had the business meeting before dinner. A nice crowd. Mona VanWhy and Annabelle Van Duzer dinner committee. Menu -- Whole wheat rolls, savory spaghetti, raw vegetable salad, jam fruit cup and fancy cakes.

Gave a lesson one on "Mental Capacity" after lunch. Started with a memory test. Everyone seemed to enjoy the meeting. Went down to Agnes after the meeting with Lily, then on down to get Amel.

1939 November 10 Friday

Regular Grange meeting -- Election of officers. Helen and I went to Grange - also the Juvenile Granger, Walter. Not many there. No one, as usual, wanted offices. Officers elected: Master -- Wayne Mack; Overseer -- Charles Very; Steward -- Robert Turner; Assistant Steward -- Richard Saunders; Gate Keeper --- Jack Saunders; Chaplain -- Olive Benjamin; Lecturer -- Hugh Wheeler; Sec. -- Ed VanDuzer; Treasurer -- Ernest Benjamin; Ares -- Celia Vary; Pomona -- Ruth Banks; Flora -- Blanche Mosher.

1939 November 11 Saturday

Pomona Harvest Supper at Seely Creek.

Helen took me down to Julia's after dinner. We went down to Seely Creek to help get ready for the Harvest Supper. Began serving at 6:30. Had a good big crowd -- about 200. Had the potato contest on seed furnished by F. B. last spring. I got third on quality. Mrs. Hammond of Big Flats won first in bread baking contest. Mrs. Hilton received third. Had a fine program consisting of drills, little pageant and an address by Timothy Thomas, Assistant Steward of the State Grange. I came home with Amel and Lily.

1939 November 12 Sunday

A dark squally day. Helen, the kiddos, Charlie and I went for a nice long ride -- out by trailer camp on through Pennsylvania, down past Petersons, then on to Millerton, up the hill past Frank Blys, down by Charles Brown's, onto Sagetown Road, up past Antes, over Dutch Hill to Elmira. A wonderful ride. Not home until after dark. Went up around Strathmont on way home. Never knew before of the beautiful houses up there.

1939 November 15 Wednesday

Mr. and Mrs. Harl Loven have moved to the old St. John place on the Middle Road which they recently purchased from Charles Lawrence. They plan to restore the old homestead to its former condition. They purchased many parts of the old Langdon home in Elmira, which is being razed and will incorporate them in their repairs, one item being a mantel from Mark Twain's bedroom. Mrs. Loven is the former Helen Prentice of Horseheads.

1939 November 16 Thursday

Supper for Farm Bureau Committeeman and wives of Veteran at Grange Hall.

Supper served by Veteran -- all of the Town Committeeman, except Clarence Rowe. After supper Ernest Benjamin explained new plans for work for ensuing year. New allotments of territory were explained and cards of soil conservation participants given up to be solicited for membership. Supper in charge of Lily Ramstein and Edna Turner. Menu -- Roast pork, mashed potatoes, dressing and gravy, molded salad on lettuce, jam, applesauce, peas, rolls -- Mince pie and coffee.

1939 November 17 Friday

Met with other two County Nominating Committee at Home Bureau Office. Mrs. Frank Wigsten chairman. Mrs. Charlotte Curren. Discussed at length all of the proposed name is selected. Mrs. Marion Rhodes, Mrs. Frank Bly and Mrs. Mason alternates. Mrs. A. B. Curren and Mrs. Force. Did some shopping after that meeting.

1939 November 20 Monday

Study Club at Mrs. Stevens

Had a dinner at 6:30. Menu -- Scalloped oysters, rolls, cabbage salad, jelly, coffee, scalloped potatoes, and two kinds of cake. After supper had a lesson on "Scars of Childhood", a very interesting discussion. 15 women present.

1939 November 23 Thursday

A warm, nice day. Everybody worked all day. We had our scalloped oysters for dinner and a roast chicken at night when Ted could be home. Charlie plowed with the tractor on 25 acre lot on the Hill. WRS -- this was Thanksgiving Day.

1939 November 24 Friday

Regular Grange Meeting

Clipping -- Veteran News -- This news item refers to a meeting by the Home Bureau Study Club, regular meeting of the Veteran Grange and that the Roy Chappell family entertained a large company of relatives on Thanksgiving.

1939 November 25 Saturday

Dairymen's Sub District Meeting

Charlie and I went down in the morning. He had to take his oath of office as assessor. I did a little Christmas shopping. We met at the Empire for dinner. Had a nice meal. Went over to Sears and visited with Barchets -- Over to the Library to the meeting. A very interesting meeting. Plans being made for a big meeting on January 10 -- 11th. Saw Grace Parsons in the library. Helen and I went down to the city in the evening to shop but could find no parking place. Came back to Horseheads and did some there.

1939 November 29 Wednesday

Mrs. O. M. Wixon died at her home at 1001 Hoffman St. She leaves two daughters, Miss Isabelle Wixon and Mrs. Frank Edson, five grandchildren and a brother M. B. Heller. Funeral is Friday at 2:30 PM. Rev. Lillian Chapman of Big Flats will officiate. Mrs. Wixon was the oldest living alumna of Elmira College and a lifelong member of Chemung Valley and Pomona Granges, and had been a member of the National Grange for 65 years. She was 88 years of age.

1939 November 30 Thursday

Clipping - "Wayne Couple feted on 41st anniversary". Mr. and Mrs. Joe pitcher were recognized upon their anniversary. Attendees are listed in the clipping.


1939 December 1 Friday

Clipping --An the article about the razing of the Langdon mansion in Elmira

1939 December 2 Saturday

A joint installation of Granger officers of Chemung Valley, Seeley Creek, Horseheads and Veteran. Also Seely Creek and Veteran Juveniles. Mr. C. Rumsey of Enfield did the installation -- he gave the entire ceremony without a note -- his 160th installation. Helen installed as Juvenile Matron. Had a very delightful evening. And saw so many old Granger friends. We did not go to supper. Brought home 25 pounds of sausage the market had ground for us. A very foggy drive home - getting colder.

1939 December 4 Monday

Study Club at Martha Saunders

Nice day. Helen, Annabelle and I rode with Lily. 16 women there. Phoebe Dann gave the lesson "Scars of Childhood", continued. Had a very enjoyable evening and some fine discussions.

1939 December 5 Tuesday

Edna Turner's mother died.

Clipping -- Kenneth Chappell buys store of Frank H. Giles.

1939 December 6 Wednesday

Annual Farm and Home Bureau Meeting at Horseheads Grange Hall

Charlie and I rode down with Lily. 16 women there. H. E. Babcock spoke a tirade against the government as usual. Mrs. A. E Brigdon present and spoke in the afternoon. The Home Bureau will stage a 20 year celebration. Those taking part were -- Miss Easterbrook, Mrs. Wigsten, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Knapp Walsh, Mrs. Breese, Mrs. J. S. Wells. A very enjoyable meeting. Had a fine dinner. I fixed a centerpiece for Edna's club, and they received the third prize.

1939 December 7 Thursday

Home Bureau Broadcast

1939 December 8 Friday

Trip to Wellsboro with the Benjamin's to attend Tioga County Pomona Grange -- Pennsylvania. Charles Mosher also went and Rush Lewis, the State Grange speaker. Stopped in Mansfield and got a lunch at noon. Our county put on the program, a play. A Rhode's monologue and Mr. Lewis's speech. Stayed there for supper. Went the wrong way out of the place and had to go back and start over -- drove 25 miles getting ready to start home. Have a lot of fun -- a very enjoyable day. Grange night in the Veteran, but was too tired to go. Got back at 8:30. Helen's first night as matron.

1939 December 12 Tuesday

Another milestone on life's journey. (57th Birthday) Quite well and very happy, my grandsons a great comfort. Walter five years tall and slender. Gordon 14 months today. Short and chubby with red cheeks. Running all around and into all kinds of mischief.

Clipping -- Obituary of Mrs. Emma F. Hamilton, Sayer St., Horseheads - 78 years of age

1939 December 14 Thursday

Clipping - Veteran News -- Edna Turner went to Trumansburg because of her mother's illness and death -- Mrs. George Spalding. Other clipping items address 4-H. and Grange activities.

1939 December 16 Saturday

Clipping -- 25 years ago, December 17, 1914. A shoe factory in Horseheads burned - Snow creates problems for firemen who have to drag cart loaded with hose and other firefighting equipment.

1939 December 17 Sunday

A dark warm gloomy day. Charlie, Helen and the boys and I went out to Wayne in the afternoon to take the Christmas gifts. Had a nice visit and brought back many interesting packages to help our Christmas Day. Lulu not feeling very well. Came home over the hill to Watkins - got home before dark.

1939 December 21 Thursday

Clipping -- Obituary of Mrs. Hattie G. Oldroyd, 58, who died at home in a Horseheads. She was the mother of Corine, wife of Jay MacDougall.

1939 December 22 Friday

Christmas party of the Grange

We drove Harry's car. There were 50 adults and all the juveniles present. Had a nice program under the direction of Hugh Wheeler -- new Lecturer. Another delightful evening. I got a pink pitcher and hankie. Had candy, popcorn balls, and all kinds of fruit.

We went to Karl Brooks in p.m. and got a 17 pound live turkey -- got stuck in the snow giving up their hill. Did our last grocery shopping and called at all Oldroyds. No one home but Jay and the kids.

1939 December 23 Saturday

Regular Subdistrict Meeting of the Dairymen's League

Charlie and I drove Ted's car. Had a nice meeting -- three women there. Worked till 10:30 PM getting last minute Christmas things done.

1939 December 24 Sunday

Will and Sadie came about 11:30, and Fishels arrived soon after. Had our dinner at 12:15. Menu -- Roast ham, salad, squash, parsley potatoes, mince pie, cheese, cranberries, etc. Grace, Virgil, Sadie, Will and I went to Mrs. Oldroyd's funeral in p.m. A large funeral and many beautiful flowers. Fixed food for buffet lunch. Walter and Marion trimmed the Christmas tree which they had helped Harry cut in the PM. Lily and Amel down for the evening, also Will and Sadie stayed for supper. Having a lot of fun with our first effort serving buffet fashion. Another lovely evening -- this Christmas season being filled with such lovely times. The ground quite white which made everything seem nice.

Clippings -- Obituary of Mrs. Ella M. Westlake of Horseheads. Obituary of Mrs. Hattie G. Oldroyd of Horseheads.

1939 December 25 Monday

Not quite as cold, but very windy. Put our turkey in over at eight o'clock. Had our tree and presents before dinner. Everyone got things they wanted. Walter and Marion very much thrilled over everything. Ate at 1:30 - the turkey very delicious. The Samsons started for Cortland right after dinner. Fishels stayed till four o'clock. Quite blustery on the road - some slippery. Took a rest and then washed a wagon load of dishes. Charlie and I waited up till the folks came home -- they arrived at 11 o'clock. With two sleepy tired boys and enough presents to fill two Santa Claus packs. A glorious Christmas -- the best in years and years.

1939 December 28 Thursday

The coldest day of the season so far. 6° below zero at 6:30 AM. The paper stated that there was skating at Waneta, Lamoka and Keuka Lakes. Helen and I went to the city to shop for Jay's family. Found some bargains at Newberry's fire sale. Very cold around town. I went to County Clerk's Office to copy some old mortgage records to clear up the title on the farm we sold Amel Ramstein.

1939 December 31 Sunday

Quite cold. Expected Jay's family here for dinner, so baked pies and got dinner ready, and they did not show up till 1:30. Had dinner, gave them their presents and they departed -- a short but sweet visit.

Memo Page 4 1940

Christmas memories of 1939

Poem on Lulu's can of mincemeat.

A little late I surmise -- but maybe for New Year's you want mincemeat pies.

Mother says I'm a trifle tart -- so you'd better taste than me right at the start

If it's quite a sweetness you desire -- add some sugar and I'll rate higher

My ingredients you'd never guess -- apples of course but what of the rest?

My choicest bit a secret must be -- but when you see mother she may tell on me.

If you want to keep me just set me away -- as I am now I promise to stay.

For mother planned that I'll keep well -- so she put me in water as hot as --

And I boiled and boiled till I thought I'd die -- so now no bacteria will venture nigh.

Presents sent to Wayne -- Lulu -- cranberry jam, mincemeat, picture of us two old gals, two little vases, and silk stockings; Joel - handkerchiefs cheeks; Theodora -- face powder; Elmer -- handkerchiefs; Marilyn -- boy doll; David -- two books on fishes; Robert two books and the Wizard of Oz.

What I and Charlie gave for Christmas in 1939

Helen -- bracelet, necklace, and gloves, record book, five little vases, candy, thermometer.; Ted -- one dollar toward field glasses and one third interest in jacket; Charlie -- one third interest in jacket; Harry -- one of a half pounds of horehound candy and three pairs of socks; Grace -- a set of bowls, pitcher, two little pitchers, bracelet; Virgil -- three pair of socks and 2 pounds of cheese; Marian -- three books, image, necklace and bracelet; Lulu -- mincemeat, jam, two little vases, large picture of her and I and silk hose; Joel -- handkerchiefs; Elmer -- handkerchiefs; David - two books on fishes; Robert -- two books and the Wizard of Oz.; Marilyn -- Doll, and Lulu -- toilet set, nightdress.

What I received:

From Helen -- lovely knitting bag and two glass shelves for my plants.; Harry -- cheese board and cutter; Grace -- juice extractor and knife holder; Virgil -- lovely big raisin colored handbag; Marian -- syrup pitcher; Lulu -- big flower container filled with potpourri and tablecloth; Theodora - onion chopper; Brimmer children -- soap; Gordon -- little shoe and Handkerchief; Walter -- change purse; Aunt Lou -- lovely cut work bureau spread.


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