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Directory of Tioga County, Pa.

Township Church Organized .. Pastor in 1899 Address
Bloss Arnot Puritan Congregational 1887 Rev. Rees J. Rees Market, Castle Garden
Bloss Congregational (Landrus)   Rev. R. J. Rees Landrus
Bloss Swedish Congregational  1885 Rev. Chas. Wideberg Market, Castle Garden
Bloss Christ Episcopal 1874 Rev. Jonathan W. Miller Main cor Church
Bloss Swedish Lutheran 1879 Rev. Carl J. Youngberg E street, Coketown
Bloss St. Matthews Catholic   Rev. George J. Lucas, D.D. Main, Castle Garden
Blossburg Congregational ( English) 1886   West Side Williamson n Lynd
Blossburg First Congregational (Welch) 1840 No Pastor Ruah n Carpenter
Blossburg First Baptist 1863 Rev. W. B. Brown Williamson cor Carpenter
Blossburg St. Andrews Roman Catholic 1841 Rev. Geo. J Lucas, D.D. Granger cor Seymour
Blossburg Jewish Congregational Bnai Israel   Rev. Jacob Perlman Odd Fellows Hall
Blossburg St. Mary's ( Polish Roman Catholic)   Rev. B. Dembinski Granger ab Nevius
Brookfield Baptist 1848 F.A. Field r 19 1-2 n 19
Brookfield Free Baptist 1861 Rev. H. Beam r 7
Brookfield Methodist Episcopal 1818 Rev. E.G. W. Hall r 7 n 11
Brookfield Methodist Episcopal 1852 Rev. J.S. Brown r 1 n 2
Charleston Baptist (Dartt Settlement) 1854 A.C. Bennett Dartt Settlement
Charleston Methodist Episcopal ( Round Top) 1863 Henry Wilkins Round Top
Charleston Methodist Episcopal ( East Charleston)   W. C. Claugh East Charleston
Charleston Methodist Episcopal 1857 W.L. Clough r 16
Charleston Methodist Episcopal (Cherry Flats)   W.L. Clough Cherry Flats
Charleston Welsh Congregational 1840 Harry Wilkins  
Chatham Free Will Baptist (Chatham Valley) 1846 No Pastor at present Chatham Valley
Chatham Methodist Episcopal ( Little Marsh) 1855 John M. Drake Little Marsh
Clymer Baptist 1871 Rev. H. C. Allen  
Covington Methodist Episcopal 1809   S. Williamson
Covington Church of Christ (Disciples) 1829 Rev. Lion J. Reynolds W. State
Covington Presbyterian  1841 No resident Pastor S Williamson cor Gerald
Covington Methodist Episcopal ( Cherry Flats) 1877 Rev. William Clough Cherry Flats
Covington Baptist ( Cherry Flats)   Rev. A. H. Wynkoop Cherry Flats
Covington Adventist ( Cherry Flats)   No Pastor  
Delmar First Baptist ( Stony Fork) 1894 Philander Reynolds Stony Forks
Delmar Free Will Baptist ( Draper) 1876 No Pastor Draper
Delmar Baptist ( Marsh Creek ) 1880 Rev. A.C. Bennett r16 cor 24
Delmar Methodist Episcopal 1876 Rev. Harry Wilkins r 70
Duncan First Baptist 1873 Rev. William Young Main St. Antrim
Duncan First Presbyterian (Antrim) 1887 No regular Pastor B Street, Antrim
Duncan St. John's Catholic ( Antrim) 1877 Rev. M.J. Manly A Street, Antrim
Duncan Swedish Lutheran ( Antrim) 1879 Rev. J. Beausang B. Street, Antrim
Duncan Trinity Episcopal (Antrim) 1872 Rev. S.W. Derby Main, Antrim
Elkland Methodist Episcopal  1879 John Segwalt  N. Buffalo
Elkland Presbyterian 1835 T.C. Eason W.Main
Farmington Methodist Episcopal ( Pleasant Valley ) 1883 Rev. Ray Eckerson r 3 cor 5
Farmington Methodist Episcopal ( Farmington Hill ) 1845 Rev. D.E. Stiles  r 46
Farmington Presbyterian (Farmington Hill ) 1844 Rev. W.C. McCormack r 47 cor 45
Fall Brook St. Thomas Episcopal 1864 Rev. Frank Marshall Main Street
Fall Brook St. John's Catholic 1874 Rev. George J. Lucas  Catawissa Street
Gaines Methodist Episcopal ( Marshfield) 1850 Rev.E.D.Compton r 14
Gaines Free Will Baptist 1860 Rev. J.H. Lyons r 14
Hamilton Primitive Methodist ( Morris Run) 1864 W.H. Russell Front St.
Hamilton Catholic ( Morris Run ) 1882 Rev. George J. Lucas Water St. Morris Run
Hamilton Swedish Lutheran ( Morris Run) 1888   Mill St.
Hamilton Welsh Baptist ( Morris Run) 1864   off Front St. Morris Run
Jackson Methodist Episcopal ( Millerton) 1848 Rev. P. J. Bull  Millerton
Jackson Baptist ( Jackson Summit ) 1884   Jackson Summitt
Jackson Baptist ( Jobs Corners) 1870   Jobs Corners
Jackson Baptist ( West Jackson ) 1841   r 27
Knoxville Deerfield Baptist  1886 Rev. C.F. Frame Alba corner Maple
Knoxville First Methodist 1815 Rev. E.G.W. Hall  
Knoxville Presbyterian 1888 No Pastor E.Main
Knoxville Union Church 1851 Rev. Loronzo J. Westfall N. Water
Lawrenceville Methodist Episcopal 1831 Lyman F. Mulhollen James street
Lawrenceville First Presbyterian  1824 William Hansom N. Main street
Lawrenceville St. John's Episcopal 1841 Rev. J.W. Skottom Mechanic street
Lawrence Christian   Rev. Frank Curlett r 12
Liberty Boro Methodist 1842 Rev. Isaiah J. Ruser Water street
Liberty Boro Evangelical 1830 Rev. I. S. Shortess Water
Liberty Boro Evangelical Lutheran 1827 Rev. David B. Lau Main
Liberty Township Hart Lutheran ( Hartford) 1820 Rev. D.B. Lau r 31
Liberty Township Sebring Lutheran 1860 Rev. D. B. Lau r 16
Liberty Township Sebring Union 1863   r 17
Liberty Township Union 1863 Rev. S. I. Shortess & D.W. Miller r 44
Liberty Township United Evangelical   Rev. D. W. Miller r 24 cor 19
Liberty Township Evangeline Association   Rev. S.I Shortess r 20
Mansfield First Baptist 1840 Rev. Lucius M Gates  
Mansfield St. James Episcopal 1865 Rev. Frank Marshall Wellsboro cor St. James
Mansfield Methodist 1845 Rev. E. Judson Rosengrant First street
Mansfield First Presbyterian 1870 Rev. Edwin E. Riley  
Mansfield St. Andrew's Roman Catholic of Blossburg 1887   Pitts block 
Middlebury Baptist ( Crooked Creek) 1820 C.A. Bennett Crooked Creek
Middlebury Baptist ( Keeneyville) 1840 J.C. Warren Keeneyville
Middlebury First Baptist ( Hammond ) 1894 A. C. Bennett Hammond
Middlebury Free Will Baptist ( Crooked Creek)  1888 Rev. Jasper Warren Crooked Creek
Middlebury Methodist Episcopal ( Keeneyville) 1892 Rev. Uri Mulford Keeneyville
Middlebury Methodist Episcopal ( Niles Valley) 1888 Rev. Irvin W. Hill Niles Valley
Middlebury First Methodist  1881 Rev. Irvin W. Hill Middlebury
Morris Methodist Episcopal ( Blackwell) 1859 Rev. Daniel Grover r 17 1-2
Morris Methodist Episcopal ( Mt. Pleasant) 1893 Rev. Daniel Grover  r 11
Morris Baptist ( Baptist Hill) 1870 Rev. William Young  r 13 1-2
Morris Methodist Episcopal ( Hoytville) 1861 Rev. Mr. Budd r 14
Morris Union ( Nauvoo) 1870   r 10
Morris Methodist Episcopal 1892 Rev. I. J. Reecer r 9
Morris Sacred Heart Roman Catholic ( Hoytville) 1883 Rev. John Balceircz r 14
Nelson Methodist Episcopal 1867 Rev. Herman L. Brockway r 15
Nelson Presbyterian 1844 Rev. H. Armstrong  
Osceola Methodist Episcopal 1828 Rev. Jon Segwalt  
Osceola Presbyterian 1830 Rev. Thomas Chalmers Easson  
Richmond Christian ( Canoe Camp) 1884 Leon J. Reynolds Canoe Camp
Richmond Methodist Episcopal ( Lambs Creek) 1883 C. E. Sutton Lambs Creek
Rutland Baptist ( Bailey Creek) 1859 Rev. Silas G. Brundage r 35
Rutland Union ( Rutland Hill)   Rev. William Jacques r 50
Rutland Methodist Episcopal 1870 Rev. Wm. Jacques r 20 cor 34
Shippen Methodist Episcopal ( Ansonia) 1857 Rev. Fred J. Doane Ansonia
Shippen Methodist Episcopal ( Middle Ridge)   Rev. G. W. Doane r 5 cor 6
Sullivan Baptist ( Mainesburg)   Rev. J. A. James Mainesburg
Sullivan Free Will Baptist 1830 William Burrell r 30
Sullivan Baptist ( State Road) 1836 Rev. J. A. James r 53
Sullivan Church of Christ ( Mainesburg) 1876 W.I. Burrell r 42
Sullivan Methodist Episcopal ( Mainesburg) 1841 H.E. Hyde r 42
Sullivan Methodist Episcopal ( Elk Run) 1864  H. E. Hyde Elk Run
Sullivan Union ( State Road) 1860 Rev. H. E. Hyde r 47 cor 46
Tioga First Baptist 1842 Rev. C.W. Crowel Baptist street
Tioga First Presbyterian 1852 Rev. William C. McCormack Broad street
Tioga St. Andrews Episcopal 1840 Rev. S. W. Derby Main street
Tioga Methodist Episcopal 1826 Rev. E.A. Anderson Main street
Tioga St. Mary's Catholic 1861 Rev. Michael Manley Walnut street cor Center
Tioga Free Methodist ( Painter Run)   Rev. C.J. Hessler Painter Run
Union Church of the Holy Cross   Rev. Hugh Garriety r 41
Union Union ( Ogdensburg) 1889 no Pastor r 28
Union North Union Disciple   Rev. U. A. White r 18
Union Baptist 1844 Rev. Lawrence Grover r 23 cor 13
Union Methodist Episcopal ( Roaring Branch) 1870 Rev. Robert L. Armstrong r 44
Union Methodist Episcopal 1873 Rev. R.L. Armstrong r 36 cor 33
Union Seventh Day Adventist     r 37 cor 33
Union Methodist Episcopal ( Stull) 1850 Rev. R.L. Armstrong r 39 cor 31
Ward Methodist Episcopal 1881 Rev. Smith r 25
Wellsboro First Baptist  1868 Rev. Newell L. Reynolds Central ave cor Pearl
Wellsboro First Baptist 1873 J. C. Warren Waln street
Wellsboro First Methodist Episcopal 1801 Rev. E.C. Dodge Main cor Queen
Wellsboro First Presbyterian 1843 Rev. Dr. A. C. Shaw Main cor Morris
Wellsboro St. Paul's Episcopal 1838 Rev. William Heakes Pearl cor Charles
Wellsboro St. Peter's  1873 Rev. M.J. Manley Pearl street
Westfield First Baptist   Rev. S. Austin Field Westfield
Westfield Methodist Episcopal 1830 Rev. W. D. Peet Church n Elm
Westfield St. John's Episcopal 1882 Rev. J. C. Skottowl East Church
Westfield The German Evangelical Luther Zion   Rev. William E. Rommel Rugaber building
Westfield Universalist  1887   Church street above Elm
Westfield Wesleyan Methodist 1846 Rev. Richard Mallett Maple street
Westfield Methodist Episcopal 1830 Rev. W.D. Peet Main street Cowanesque

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By Joyce M. Tice