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Scanned & Formatted by Joyce M. Tice 
Retyped by Cindy Duffek

Charleston Township Directory.

For explanations, &c., see page 13.

Post office address Charleston unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis)

Abernethy Fred C (Crooked Creek) r 5, now serving in Co K 5th Pa volunteers

Abernethy George (Crooked Creek) r 5, farmer

Abernethy Joseph W (Crooked Creek) r 5, now serving in Co K 5th Pa volunteers

Abernethy Robert (Mardin) r 5, farmer 65

Abram Peter L (East Charleston) r 24, farmer leases 40

Abrams George H (East Charleston) general blacksmithing

Adams Erwin J (Crooked Creek) r 4, dairy 20 cows, wool grower 85 sheep, farmer 400

Apgar Bessie (Wellsboro) r 46, emp county farm

Apgar Mark (Round Top) r 48, farmer leases of Morris Smith 80

Apgar Seeley (Round Top) off r 49, laborer

Ashley Forest J (East Charleston) r 27, dairy 14 cows, breeder of Thoroughbred

Shropshire sheep 40 head and thoroughbred O I C swine, farmer 200

Atherton Charles D (Wellsboro) r 17, farmer 44

ATHERTON CLARA (Wellsboro) r 30, widow Joshua, farm 51 and on r 18, 50

Atherton Dexter D (Wellsboro) r 19, farmer 20

Atherton Orson L (Wellsboro) r 32, wool grower 100 sheep, live stock dealer and farmer

156 and works for Clara Atherton 50

AUSTIN CHARLES T (Wellsboro) r 16 (Reese & Austin) manuf of full cream cheese,

dairy 7 cows, farm 100

Austin Nathan (Wellsboro) r 17, dairy 10 cows, farmer 101

Austin Hiram J (Wellsboro) r 20, dairy 12 cows and farmer 100 owned by wife

AUSTIN JAMES K (Wellsboro) r 20, carpenter, dairy 6 cows, farmer 70

AUSTIN LEROY G (Wellsboro) r 20, farmer

Austin, Nancy E (Wellsboro) r 43, widow Nathan

AUSTIN NELSON G (Wellsboro) r 16, cheese maker

Austin S Caleb (Wellsboro) r 17, farmer, 110

Avery George W (East Charleston) r 25, farmer, 65, owned by Martha

Avery Martha (East Charleston) r 25, widow George W, farm 65

Badman James (Crooked creek) r 4, wool grower, 50 sheep, farmer, 106

Bailey Bert C (Niles V alley) r 16, thresher, hay presser, feed and shingle mill

BAILEY CHARLES G (Crooked Creek) r 4, carpenter and builder

Bailey Horace R (Niles Valley) r 16, farmer, 99

Bailey Julius M (East Charleston) r 24, farmer, 45

Bailey Lewis H (Wellsboro) r 17, carpenter, farmer, 70

Bailey Ward (Mardin) r 6, lumberman

Baity Stillman F (Wellsboro) r 46, farmer, works on shares for Darwin Thompson of

Wellsboro, 150

Baker Wellington (East Charleston) r 24, laborer

Baldwin Charles H (East Charleston) r 24, wagonmaker

Barber John A (Wellsboro) r 46, emp county farm

Bean Charles W. r 21, works on shares for L L Bailey of Wellsboro, dairy 25 cows and

farm, 364

Bellinger Abigail (Wellsboro) r 31, widow John

Bellinger Edgar (Wellsboro) r 31, farmer, leases 65

Bellinger James H, r 23, carpenter and farmer, 100

Bellinger Morris (Wellsboro) r 34, laborer

Bellinger Norman (East Charleston) r 12, farmer, 20

Bellinger Otis (Wellsboro) r 46, emp county farm

Benedict Daniel P (East Charleston) r 26 cor 28, farmer, 120

Benedict Harry A (Mardin) r 8, farmer with Lewis K, 80

Benedict Lewis K (Mardin) r 8, farmer with Harry A, 80

Benedict Mary M (East Charleston) r 24, widow James C

Benedict Willis M (East Charleston) r 26, farmer

Benjamin Gaylord W (Round Top) off r 48, farmer, 111

BENNETT ANDREW C (Charleston) r 30, pastor Charleston Baptist church and Baptist

Church at Hammond

Bennett Charles O (Niles Valley) r 1 1-2, h and lot

Bennett Edwin, r 13, farmer 100

Bennett Lovina, r 13, widow Martin

Bennett Luella I (Crooked Creek) r 1 1-2, school reacher

Bennett Mortimer (Niles Valley) r 16, laborer

Beuter Frederick (East Charleston) r 38, farmer, 100

Beuter Henry M (East Charleston) r 24, works on shares for N W Mastin of Wellsboro,


Beuter William (East Charleston) r 38, farmer, 50

Bliss Charles E (Round Top) r 59, farmer, 69 (100

Bliss Dwight S (Round Top) r 61, farmer, 40 and leases of Nancy

Bliss Floyd (Round Top) r 48, cor 59, clerk

Bliss Lloyd (Round Top) r 59, farmer, 80

Bliss George (Round Top) r 58, farmer, 80

Bliss John J (Round Top) r 61, farmer, 60

Bliss Nancy (Round Top) r 61, widow John S, farm 100

Bliss Stephen W (Wellsboro) r 34, farmer, 75, owned by William T.

Bliss William T (Wellsboro) r 34, farmer, 75, h and lot

Bliss William V (Round Top) r 62, farmer, 40, and works on shares for Lettie Johnson


Bockus James A (Brownlee) r 63, farmer, 29, and with James E. Robb of Galeton 106

Bockus Philander (Round Top) r 45, dairy 6 cows, 41 sheep and farmer, 105

Bolt John (Wellsboro) r 32, laborer

Borden George S (Niles Valley) r 1, farmer, 200

Bowen Arthur (Round Top) r 47, farmer, 50

Bowen Benjamin (Niles Valley) r 1 1-2, laborer

Bowen Daniel E (Cherry Flats) r 43, farmer, 90

Bowen David (Cherry Flats) r 50, farmer, 50

Bowen David M (Cherry Flats) r 42, farmer, 75

Bowen Ellen (Cherry Flats) r 42, widow of John J, farm 200

Bowen Isaac (Cherry Flats) r 50, h and lot

Bowen Jane (Cherry Flats) r 22, widow Thomas J, farm 135

Bowen John A (Cherry Flats) r 38, farmer, 103

Bowen Joseph (Cherry Flats) r 50, farmer 105

Bowen Lloyd (Round Top) r 48, works estate of T E Jones, 80

Bowen Thomas E (Cherry Flats) r 36, supervisor and farmer, 60

Bowen Thomas R (East Charleston) r 26, farmer, 97

Bowen William (Cherry Flats) r 38 1-2, farmer, 90

BOWEN WILLIAM J (Round Top) r 49, thresher and hay presser, veterinary surgeon,

dairy 14 cows, 40 sheep, farmer, 40 and with Stephen E of Ridgeway Pa 97

Bowen William J Jr (Cherry Flats) r 50, farmer, 118

Bower William (Crooked Creek) r 4, farmer

Boyce Orin P (Cherry Flats) r 52, laborer

Bratt Millie (East Charleston) r 24, widow James

Brooks Arthur M (Wellsboro) r 46, farmer

Brooks George D (Wellsboro) r 46, farmer, 86

Brooks Otis H (Wellsboro) r 33, farmer, 63

Brown James A (Cherry Flats) r 41, laborer, h and lot

Bryant Sarah A (Round Top) r 45, widow Jesse, h and lot

Burns School District (Cherry Flats) r 43

Burnside Elmer E (East Charleston) r 26, laborer

Butler C Gibson (Wellsboro) r 14, farmer 40

Butler Thomas J (East Charleston) r 23, farmer, 20

Calkins Ephraim W (East Charleston) r 23

Campbell, Eugene C (East Charleston) r 23, farmer, 80

Card Henry J (East Charleston) r 27, farmer

Card Henry S (Wellsboro) r 35, farmer, works on shares for Francis Wingate, 87

Carpenter Harry (Round Top) r 62, farmer

Carpenter John (Brownlee) r 64, farmer, 60

Carpenter John E (Round Top) r 61, h and lot

Carpenter Luther (Wellsboro) off r 46, farmer, 20

Carpenter Mary C (Niles Valley) r 1, widow Truman C, farm 72

Carpenter Nelson (Round Top) r 61, laborer

Carpenter Peter M (Round Top) r 61, laborer

CARPENTER TRUMAN E (Middlebury Center) r 1 (Starkey & Carpenter of

Middlebury) carpenter, millwright and farmer, 52

Carpenter Wallace (Round Top) r 62, farmer, 40

Carson William (Round Top) r 62, farmer, 200

Catlin B Frank (Wellsboro) r 16, laborer, h and lot

CATLIN EDSON J, Lieut (Wellsboro) r 30, Lieut Co K 5th Pa Vols, now serving in war

with Spain, farmer, 53, and 51 owned by Clara Atherton

Catlin Hollow School Dist No 5 (Wellsboro) r 16

Catlin Mary (Wellsboro) r 16, widow De Laune, h and lot

Catlin Samuel W (Wellsboro) r 2, farmer, 50

Chapman William (Brownlee) r 64, farmer 157

Cherry Flatts School Dist No 14 (Cherry Flats) r 52

Christenot George (Wellsboro) r 33, farmer 80

Christian Church, r 4, no pastor

Claus Byron J (Wellsboro) off r 61, farmer, 135

Claus Charles B (Round Top) r 56, dairy 6 cows, farmer, 25, and 50 owned by Martha E

Claus Martha E (Round Top) r 59, widow Benjamin F, farm 50

Claus Nancy L (Round Top) r 45, widow Nelson, farmer, 65

CLEMENS BURTON (East Charleston) blacksmith, wagonmaker and farmer, 61

CLEMENS DECATOR M (East Charleston) r 11, thresher and farmer, works on shares

for Mary A, 80

Clemens Francis (Mardin) r 7

Clemens Frank I (Mardin) r 7, farmer, 96

CLEMENS FRED J (East Charleston) carriage maker, repairing and painting

Clemens George (Mardin) r 7, farmer, 45

CLEMENS MARY A (East Charleston) r 11, widow Martin V, apiarist and farmer 80

Clemens Samuel (Mardin) r 7, farmer, 100

Cleveland Charles (Round Top) r 61, farmer, 10

CLOSE EDD G (Round Top) r 48 cor 59, postmaster, manuf and wholesale dealer in full

cream cheese also dealer in general merchandise, public telephone and farmer, 30

Clough William L (East Charleston) r 24, pastor M E church East Charleston, Catlin

Hollow and Cherry Flats

Collins Eleanor (East Charleston) r 22, widow George

Collins Erwin C (East Charleston) r 22, farmer, 70

Collins George E (Wellsboro) r 46, farmer, 63, and works on shares for Chester Converse

of Wellsboro, 240

Collins Luther S (East Charleston) r 23, carpenter, wool grower, 80 sheep, farmer, 140

Coolidge George W (Wellsboro), r 61, farmer, 100

Coolidge Leon G (Wellsboro) r 60, farmer

Coolidge Wilbur (Wellsboro) r 60, farmer, 140

Coolidge William B (Round Top) r 47

COOLIDGE WILLIAM V (Wellsboro) r 46 1-2, farmer, 150

Copley Claude (Crooked Creek) r 4, farmer

Corwin Henry A (Wellsboro) r 44, farmer, 120

County House (Wellsboro) r 46

Cruttenden Ernest (Mardin) r 9, laborer

Culver James A (Cherry Flats) r 67, farmer, 60, owned by Catherine Smith of Wellsboro

Culver Riley M (Wellsboro) r 34, carpenter and watch repairing, h and lot

Culver School Dist No 9 (Cherry Flats) r 59

Culver Timothy B (Round Top) r 56, carpenter and farmer, 116

Dartt George S (Wellsboro) r 28, farmer, 73

DARTT J GILLIS r 21, farmer, 90

Dartt Orville W, r 20, farmer 61

Dartt Sadie, r 21

Dartt Settlement School District No 4, r 21

Dartt William H, r 29, farmer, 100

Davies Gertrude (Cherry Flats) r 50, school teacher

Davies Thomas J (Cherry Flats) r 50, school commissioner, dairy 10 cows, farmer, 140

Davis Frank M (Wellsboro) r 16, laborer

Davis George F (Middlebury Center) r 44, dealer in agricultural implements, farmer,

works J Reese estate, 106

Davis John R (Round Top) off r 48, farmer, 113

Davis Levi M (Wellsboro) r 16, farmer 34

Davis Thomas L (Round Top) r 49, dairy 7, farmer, 168

Dawson Charles (Round Top) r 45, wagonmaker, h and lot

Dawson Fred J (Round Top) r 47, laborer

Dawson George S (Round Top) r 45, apiarist, 150 colonies, farmer, 35

Dawson Juliette (Round Top) r 47, widow John J, dairy 9 cows, farmer, 80

Day Emery A (Round Top) r 63, farmer, 43

Day John (Round Top) r 59, laborer

Dean John A (Crooked Creek) r 5, farmer

Decker Abram N (Crooked Creek) r 11 1-2 laborer

Delany Patrick (Crooked Creek) laborer

Denison Gerould D (Wellsboro) r 16 cor 2, wool grower 22 sheep, farmer, 50

Dewell Leonard (Wellsboro) r 46, emp county farm

Dewey William (Wellsboro) r 16, farmer, 5

Dewey Herbert B (East Charleston) r 27, laborer

Dockstader Arthur (Wellsboro) r 37, farmer, 51

Dockstader David (Wellsboro) r 37, farmer, 53

Dockstader Jeremiah (East Charleston) r 27, farmer, 127

Dockstader Robert G (Wellsboro) r 37, farmer

Dockstader School, District No 11 (Cherry Flats) r 37

Douglass William (Cherry Flats) r 38, farmer, 50 owned by Aaron

Doumaux Edmond J (Wellsboro) r 37, farmer, 85

Doumaux Eugene (Wellsboro) r 37, farmer, 100

Dunham Cora (Cherry Flats) r 43, farmer, 12

Drew Charles D (Wellsboro) r 28, dairy 10 cows, 25 sheep, farmer, 100

Drew William H (Wellsboro) r 45, laborer

Eaton Arthur L (Cherry Flats) r 41, cheese maker

Eaton Frank (East Charleston) r 24, mason

Edwards Benjamin F (Wellsboro) r 50, hay dealer and farmer, 55

Edwards Morgan (Round Top) r 56, miner and farmer, 40

ELLIS EDITH V (Wellsboro) r 20, widow George, school teacher, h and lot

Ellis Oscar F (Wellsboro) r 19, resident

Ely Adelbert J (Wellsboro) r 16 1-2, farmer, leases of Mary A, 70

Ely Florence E (Wellsboro) r 43, owns with Sadie L, farmer, 66

Ely James H (Wellsboro) r 16 1-2, farmer, 45

Ely Mary A (East Charleston) r 25, widow Calvin, h and lot

Ely Russel A (Wellsboro) r 43, farmer 110

Ely Sadie L (Wellsboro) r 43, owns with Florence E, 66

Eli Willis H (Wellsboro) r 16 1-2, farmer, 55

EMBERGER JOSEPH (East Charleston) r 5, county auditor and farmer, 80

Emberger Wilson C (Cherry Flats) r 41, clerk

English Leslie (Cherry Flats) r 41, laborer

English William S (Cherry Flats) r 41, laborer

Erway Albert P (Wellsboro) r 15, farmer, 54

Erway Floyd C (Wellsboro) r 16, carpenter and dairy 10 cows, farmer, 96

Escott Ann (Cherry Flats) r 54, widow William, farm 100

Escott Thomas (Cherry Flats) r 54, farmer

Evans Daniel (Cherry Flats) r 42, farmer

Evans David (Brownlee) r 64, miner

Evans David E (Round Top) r 57, dairy 7 cows, farmer, 120

Evans Edward D (Wellsboro) r 34, undertaker

Evans Fred (Cherry Flats) r 50, farmer, 103

Evans John B (Wellsboro) r 44, farmer, works 80 owned by Fred Evans

Evans John J (Round Top) r 59, farmer, 60

EVANS SAMUEL D (Wellsboro) r 49, assessor and constable, dairy 15 cows and farmer

with Wm A, 170

EVANS WILLIAM A (Round Top) r 49, farmer with Samuel D, 170

Everts Thomas G (Cherry Flats) r 52, works on shares for Kate Morris of Mansfield, 120

Farman Frank A (Brownlee) r 63, laborer

Ferry School Dist No 12 (Mardin) r 6

FLEITZ EDWARD J, r 21, dairy 8 cows, farmer, 50, and works on shares for J Gillis

Dartt, 90

Fleitz Wiliam H, r 21, farmer

Fletcher William (East Charleston) r 25, farmer, leases 39

Fox Charles F (Wellsboro) r 16 1-2, farmer, 81, and runs portable saw mill owned by

wife Henrietta, and 19 acres owned by Elizabeth Francis

Francis Elizabeth (Wellsboro) r 16 1-2 widow Robert, farm in Delmar, 19

Francis Ellsworth (Wellsboro) r 36, with C A Scott, dairy 12 cows, farmer 294

Fries William (Wellsboro) r 15, farmer 100

Fulkerson Nelson (Cherry Flats) r 43, farmer 56

Fuller Charles W (Niles Valley) r 2, thresher, supervisor and farmer 50

Gerow Dewitt C, r 31, farmer 60

Gerow James (East Charleston) r 25, farmer, works on shares for John Fuller, 24

Gerow Leon C, r 30, farmer works on shares for L M Johnson, Wellsboro 160

Gerow Walter (East Charleston) r 26, laborer

Glennon Michael (Niles Valley) r 1, farmer 60

Goodwin Abiah (East Charleston) r 13, widow Charles V, farm 12

Goodwin Alfred (East Charleston) r 13, farmer for J Wesley of Delmar 40

Goodwin Charles A (Wellsboro) r 3, farmer 61 and works on shares for W R Coles of

Wellsboro 155

Goodwin Frank, r 13, laborer

GREENE FRANK L (Wellsboro) off r 32, milk dealer, dairy 14 cows, farmer 137

Green Melville (East Charleston) r 25, farmer

Griffin Henry, r 30

Griffin Josiah B (Round Top) r 61, farmer 150

GURNSEY GEORGE H (East Charleston) r 26, general blacksmithing, horseshoeing &c

Hall Judson J (East Charleston) r 25, farmer 75

Hardie School District No 17 (Round Top) r 61

Harkness Charles H (Cherry Flats) r 41, carpenter h and lot

Harkness Karl (Cherry Flats) r 44, carpenter

Hart A Wellington (Cherry Flats) r 52, farmer 55

Hart David (Wellsboro) r 45, farmer 10

Hart Hiram J (Wellsboro) r 45, farmer 80

Harrington David P (Wellsboro) r 2, farmer 90

HAZLETT CHARLES W (East Charleston) physician and surgeon and county coroner,

office hours from 8 to 10 a m and 1 to 2 and 7 to 9 p m

Heath Orlando T (Cherry Flats) r 42, farmer 24

Henry Edward J (East Charleston) r 26, farmer manager for M F Bailey of Wellsboro,

dairy 12 cows, farm 75

Hilboldt William (Wellsboro) r 18, farmer 65 and 14 in Delmar

Holden Margaret (Mardin) r 9, widow George, h and lot

Holden Willard R (Mardin) r 9, laborer

HOOD FRANK L (East Charleston) r 24 cor 25, deputy postmaster and dealer in dry

goods, groceries, boots and shoes, hardware, &c

Hopkins Cassie (Wellsboro) r 46 emp county farm

Hopkins William (Arnot) r 66, farmer 50

Housel Edward (Wellsboro) r 31, laborer

Housel Matilda L (Round Top) r 45, widow Levi D, h and lot

Howard Daniel (Wellsboro) r 45, laborer

Howard Daniel H (Wellsboro) r 45, farmer, h and lot

Howell Ephriam C (Cherry Flats) r 42, farmer, 75

Husted William H (Mardin) r 9, wool grower 84 sheep, farmer, 146

Ingalls Elihu (Cherry Flats) r 41, h and lot

Ingerick Ellen M (East Charleston) widow Elmer, h and lot, farmer, 94

Ingerick George E (East Charleston) r 24, grocer, farmer, 12

Ingerick Olin L (East Charleston) r 10, farmer 96

Ingerick Willie L (East Charleston) r 2 laborer

Irvine Joseph (Wellsboro) r 14, farmer, 46

Ives Edward L (East Charleston) r 24, dairy 8 cows, farmer, works on shares for

Velorious G of Delmar, 70

Ives Versal M (Niles Valley) r 1, works on shares for Mary C Carpenter, 72

Jackson Clara M (Cherry Flats) r 51, school teacher

Jackson Henry M (Cherry Flats) r 51, farmer, 48

Jackson Margaret (Cherry Flats) r 51, school teacher

Jackson Martin V (East Charleston) r 26, farmer, 100

Jacobs Duffy (Round Top) r 47, farmer

Jacobs Orlando (Wellsboro) r 31, farmer, 5

Jenkins Ann (Wellsboro) r 32 (Mrs. Richard) farm, 100

Jenkins Leonard (Wellsboro) r 32, farmer

Jenkins Mary (Cherry Flats) r 32, widow Griffith

Jenkins Richard (Wellsboro) 4 32, printer, h and 5 acres

Jenkins William O (East Charleston) r 25, school teacher

Jennings Charles (East Charleston) r 26, carpenter, h and lot

Johnston Electa (Round Top) r 45, widow Frank I, farm 130

Johnson Leonard F (Wellsboro) r 31, cigarmaker

JOHNSON LUTHER H (Wellsboro) r 32, apiarist, 75 colonies, fruit grower, manager of

Pomona picnic at Wellsboro, farmer, 14

Johnson Lydia (Wellsboro) r 18, widow Jacob

Johnson Theodore (Wellsboro) r 31, farmer 137 (200

Jones Albert M (Cherry Flats) r 41, works estate of John J Jones,

Jones, Daniel (Round Top) r 57, farmer, 125

JONES DAVID J (East Charleston) r 23, live stock dealer, dairy 15 cows, fruit grower,

1200 apple, 200 pears and plums, farmer, 152

Jones David J (Cherry Flats) r 41, merchant

Jones David L (Cherry Flats) r 41, farmer, 50

Jones David S (Round Top) r 64, farmer, 50

Jones Elizabeth (Cherry Flats) r 41, widow John J

Jones Jerry (Round Top) off r 48, laborer

Jones Louisa A (Cherry Flats) r 41, school teacher

Jones Orlando P (Niles Valley) r 1, farmer, 95

Jones Richard D (Cherry Flats) r 40, farmer, 125

Jones Thomas L (Cherry Flats) r 41, farmer, h and lot

Jones William R (Round Top) r 64, justice of the peace and farmer, 60

Jorden John (Whitneyville) r 2, laborer

Jorden John O (Crooked Creek) r 4, laborer

Kean Edward (Wellsboro) r 45, farmer, 12

Keeney School Dist No 6 (Crooked Creek) r 4

Kelley Charles T (Cherry Flats) r 42, farmer, 96

KELLY JOHN C (Crooked Creek) r 5 1-2, tobacco grower, 6 acres, lumberman, dairy

8 cows, wool grower, 90 sheep, farmer, 280

Kelly Sylvester (Cherry Flats) r 42

Kephart Andrew J (Wellsboro) r 17, farmer, 25

Kimball Charles H (Round Top) r 45, farmer, 140

Kimball Chester F (Round Top) r 61, laborer

Kimball Clark T (Wellsboro) r 16, farmer, 116

Kimball Everett (Round Top) r 61, laborer

Kimball Jacob (Round Top) r 64, farmer, 170

Kimball Sterry E (Wellsboro) r 44, farmer, 85

Kimball William (Wellsboro) (Inscho & Kimball of Tioga) r 46, superintendent of county

farm and poor house, 317 acres

Kittell Adelbert E (East Charleston) r 24, carpenter, h and lot

Klock Andrew (Wellsboro) r 44, farmer, 100

KLOCK FRANK A (Wellsboro) r 53, farmer, 65

Klock Hiram (Wellsboro) r 33, resident

Kohler George (Mardin) 4 8, farmer, 6

Lagerbom John (Brownlee) r 63, farmer, 12

Lake Charles C (Round Top) r 61, farmer, 118

Lamont Angus R (Round Top) r 45, farmer

Lamont Archie (Round Top) r 45, laborer

Lamont Julia A (Round Top) r 45, widow Archibald, farmer, 100

Lebarron Edwin A (Mardin) r 6, farmer, 85

Lebarron Frank (Mardin) r 6, laborer

Lent Edwin L, r 30, laborer, h and lot

Lent Frederick S, r 30, laborer

Lent Walter E, r 30, laborer

Lester John W, r 21, feed mill and farmer

Lester Nathan, r 21, feed mill, dairy 12 cows and farmer, 250

Lester Thomas, r 13, farmer, 40

Lewis Elizabeth (Round Top) r 49, widow Evan, farm 120

Lewis John E (Round Top) r 49, farmer, 120, owned by Elizabeth

Lewis Morris (Mardin) r 8, farmer in Morris, 53, works on shares estate of John

Cruttenden, 73

Lewis Thomas M (Cherry Flats) r 42, farmer, 42 and works estate of John J Bowen, 200

Locey John N (Mardin) r 8, laborer, h and lot

Locey Vine H (Wellsboro) r 15, farmer, 28, owned by wife

Lockwood Denison A (Crooked Creek) r 4, farmer, 36

Longbothum Addie F Mrs (Crooked Creek) r 4, farmer, 30

Lovell Bert C, r 31, laborer

Lovell Eli G, r 31, farmer, 13

Lovell Fred (Wellsboro) r 18, laborer

Ludlam John A (Wellsboro) r 34, farmer, 56

Ludlow John W (Brownlee) r 63, farmer, 54

Lyon Henry (Crooked Creek) r 4, farmer 65

Lyons Arthur (Wellsboro) r 15, works on shares for Asaph Wilkinson, 80

Mann Byron (Round Top) r 62, farmer, 16, owned by C C Lake

Marble Cordie E (East Charleston) r 26, farmer, 20

Marble James E (Wellsboro) r 34, laborer

March William (Cherry Flats) r 52, farmer, 40

Marks Charles H (Round Top) r 59, fruit grower and farmer, 50

Mastin Selah M (East Charleston) r 24, carpenter, h and lot

McConnell Charles (Brownlee) r 64, farmer, 30

McEntee Nancy (Crooked Creek) r 4, widow William, farmer, 270

McInroy Edward (Middlebury Center) r 1, farmer, 86

McInroy Hugh (East Charleston) r 5, farmer, 20, owned by daughter Maggie

McInroy Maggie (East Charleston) r 5, farm, 20

McInroy School District No 16 (Niles Valley) r 1

McKernan James (Mardin) r 6, farmer, 100

MILLER LEONARD (Cherry Flats) r 39, farmer, 40

MILLER WARREN C (Cherry Flats) r 39, dairy 20 cows, 130 sheep and farmer, 220

Mills Benjamin (Round Top) r 63, laborer

Mills Samuel (Round Top) r 48, farmer, 113

Mitchell Eddie M (Niles Valley) r 1, saw filing and saw smithing

Mitchell Lorenzo D (Niles Valley) r 1, farmer, 150

MOORE FRANK C (Wellsboro) r 16, blacksmith and farmer, leases of Charles N Moore,


Moore Frederick H, r 30, laborer

Moore William H, r 30, laborer, h and lot

Morgan Holman (East Charleston) r 24, h and lot

Morgan Samuel (Round Top) r 45

Mosher Harvey (Mardin) r 7, farmer

Mott George W (East Charleston) r 26 1-2, h and lot

Moyer Walter (Cherry Flats) r 40, laborer

Murry S James (Niles Valley) r 1 1-2, laborer

Neal, Clarence J (East Charleston) r 12, farmer with Floyd E, 119

Neal Floyd E (East Charleston) r 12, farmer with Clarence J, 119

Neal Horatio N (East Charleston) r 22, live stock dealer, hay buyer and farmer, 57

NEAL WILLIAM S (East Charleston) r 22, carpenter, saw fitting and smithing, farmer,


Nelson Ernest (Cherry Flats) r 54, farmer, 109

Nelson John (Wellsboro) r 44, basket maker

Newell A Lincoln (Wellsboro) r 19, laborer

Newell Henry (Round Top) r 49, laborer, h and lot

Niles Erastus (Crooked Creek) r 3, farmer, leases 60

Niles Fred H (Niles Valley) r 1 1-2, farmer, 96 and works for Nathan H 240

Niles George E (Niles Valley) r 1 1-2, farmer, 60 and works for Nathan H 240

Niles Nathan H (Niles Valley) r 1 1-2, farmer, 400

Norman Fred (Arnot) r 65, miner and farmer, 110

Osgood Nathaniel N (Crooked Creek) r 5, farmer, 2 and works on share for Clayton

Thomas of Tioga 65

Parsons George S (Cherry Flats) r 41, farmer, 100

Patrick Charles (East Charleston) r 24, laborer

Patrick Joseph (East Charleston) r 24, stone mason

Patterson William (Cherry Flats) r 40, farmer, 100

Patterson William (Landrus) r 65, miner

Peake Alonzo H (Wellsboro) r 34, laborer

Peake Chester E (Round Top) r 63, works on shares for Hiel, 84

Peake Elias (Arnot) r 66, farmer, 100

Peake Frank C (Wellsboro) r 33, farmer, 75

Peake Hiel (Round Top) r 63, farmer, 84

Peake Julia (Round Top) r 59, widow Willis

Peake Mark (Round Top) r 60, farmer, 50 and works for E M Johnston of Corning 130

Peake Nancy (Wellsboro) r 33, widow Elijah, farm 69

Peake Seth (Round Top) r 45, farmer, leases 25

Peaslee Franklin W (Wellsboro) r 16 1-2, farmer 55

Peaslee George W (Wellsboro) r 16 1-2, farmer

Peck George M (Mardin) r 5, farmer with Lucine 70

Peck Lucine (Mardin) r 5, farmer with George 70

Petrie Lucina (East Charleston) r 24, widow Henry, h and lot

Petrie Louis (East Charleston) r 13, laborer

Pitts Almon (East Charleston) r 26 1-2, farmer 8

Pope Fletcher R (Wellsboro) r 18, farmer, works for Alonzo Johnson of Wellsboro 65

Potter Lyman H (Wellsboro) r 16, farmer 60

POTTER LYMAN P, r 21, live stock dealer, dairy 10 cows, wool grower 50 sheep,

farmer 100

POTTER PEARLY C, r 20, dairy 9 cows, 20 sheep, farmer 108

Potter Talmage D, r 21, thresher and farmer

Pratt Arthur S (East Charleston) r 26, farmer 81

Reese Alexander C (Wellsboro) r 16, wool grower 60 sheep, farmer 60

REESE & AUSTIN (W D R & C T A) (Wellsboro) r 16, manufrs full cream cheese

Reese Freddy H (Wellsboro) r 16, farmer on shares for A C Reese 36

Reese George W (Wellsboro) r 15, works on shares for James Badman 106

Reese Herbert R (Wellsboro) r 15, farmer

Reese Hill School, District No 13 (Wellsboro) r 15

Reese James C (Wellsboro) r 16, farmer 33

Reese John J (Round Top) r 48, dairy 19 cows, farmer 170

Reese Martha (Cherry Flats) r 52, widow David T, farmer 118

Reese Matilda (Middlebury Center) r 14, widow Josiah

Reese & Potter (W D R & L P P) dealers in live stock

REESE THOMAS M (Cherry Flats) r 52, county commissioner and farmer 116, owned

by Martha Reese

REESE WATSON D (Wellsboro) (Reese & Austin, Reese & Potter) r 16 farmer 79

RICHARDS ALFRED J (Cherry Flats) r 41, postmaster and dealer in dry goods,

groceries, hardware, boots and shoes, drugs, crockery, gents’ furnishing goods,


RICE ALVA D (Niles Valley) r 1, apiarist 11 colonies, dairy 10 cows, 50 sheep, farmer


Rice Wilbert (Wellsboro) r 31, farmer, works for Esther Hudson 63

Ridge John (Round Top) r 57, farmer 12, owned by wife

Roach James (Crooked Creek) r 5 1-2, farmer 103

Robb School Dist No 21 (Round Top) r 63

Robbins Bert (Wellsboro) r 32, laborer

Rockwell Silas S, r 21, farmer, 70

Rogers William J (Cherry Flats) r 49, farmer, 114 and in Covington 116

Rose David B (Cherry Flats) r 39, school teacher and farmer, works for Mary E 77

Rose Mary E (Cherry Flats) r 39, widow Daniel, farm 77

Rose Rolland D (Wellsboro) r 28, leases of George S Dartt 73

Round Top School Dist No 8 (Round Top) r 59

Rouse Ambrose (Wellsboro) r 15, farmer, 45, and estate of Joshua A 94, dairy 10 cows

Ryan William E (Niles Valley) r 16, laborer

Sampson Anna (Crooked Creek) r 4, school teacher

Sampson James R (Crooked Creek) r 13, farmer, 50

Sampson John (Crooked Creek) r 4, dairy 8 cows, wool grower, 100 sheep, farmer 150

Sampson Ralph (Crooked Creek) r 4, farmer, 180

Sampson Robert A (Crooked Creek) r 5, farmer 103

Satterlee Leonard (Cherry Flats) r 52, laborer

Saxbury Wesley L (Wellsboro) r 15, farmer, 32

Scarf Charles (East Charleston) r 28, laborer

Schimpf Qlbert (Wellsboro) r 44, farmer

Schimpf Charles (Wellsboro) r 34, farmer, 72

Schimpf Fred (Wellsboro) r 44, farmer

Schimpf Leopold (Wellsboro) r 44, farmer, 170

Schusler Charles F (Wellsboro) r 20, laborer

Schusler Frederick W (Wellsboro) r 20, h and lot

Scott Charles A (Wellsboro) r 36, with Ellsworth F. Francis, dairy 12 cows, farmer, 294

Scott Lewis T (Cherry Flats) r 39, farmer, 50

Scouten Andrew (East Charleston) r 24, apiarist 50 colonies

Scouten Charles H (East Charleston) r 24, justice of the peace and farmer 62

Sheely Matthew (Wellsboro) r 3, farmer, 60

Sheiffelin Alfred (Crooked Creek) r 4, farmer

Shove George (Wellsboro) r 34, cor 44, laborer, h and lot

Shumway George (Round Top) r 45

Shumway Luther H (Wellsboro) r 28, resident

Shumway School Dist No 3 (Wellsboro) r 46

Shumway William P (Wellsboro) r 60, farmer, 200

Skelton John (Round Top) r 115, farmer, leases of Nancy Peake 69

Smith Amelia G (Crooked Creek) r 4, widow Darius W

Smith Arthur (Cherry Flats) r 36, farmer, 35

Smith Delbert W (Wellsboro) r 43, farmer, leases of William Rogers, 50

Smith Ernest (Crooked Creek) r 4, works with Grant B estate of Darius W, 164

Smith Ezra (Cherry Flats) r 42, farmer, 13

Smith Fulton (Cherry Flats) r 53, farmer, 96

SMITH GEORGE C (Wellsboro) r 30, farmer, works 225 acres owned by Jason E

Smith George T (East Charleston) r 11, laborer

Smith George W (Cherry Flats) r 42, farmer, leases estate of Wm D Jones, 118

Smith Gerald (Cherry Flats) r 37, farmer, 133

Smith Grant B (Crooked Creek) r 4, works with Ernest estate of Darius, 164

Smith H Edward (Cherry Flats) r 52, laborer

Smith Henry E (East Charleston) r 26 1-2, h and lot

Smith Jason E (Wellsboro) r 30, farmer 250

Smith Jennie A (Wellsboro) r 30

Smith John E (Wellsboro) r 19 cor 50, farmer 40

Smith Llewellyn H (Wellsboro) r 19 cor 30, farmer

Smith Lewis (Wellsboro) r 20

Smith Morris (Round Top) r 48, farmer, 80

Smith Nelson (Cherry Flats) r 37, laborer

Smith Newton (East Charleston) off r 37, farmer, 50

Smith Orris C (East Charleston) r 24, farmer, 100

Smith Peter (Wellsboro) r 43, carpenter

Smith Vincent M (East Charleston) r 26

Smith Wilbert M (Round Top) r 48, leases of Louisa Allen of Elmira, 100

Smith William (Round Top) r 48, laborer

Soures William (East Charleston) r 25, farmer, works on shares for H H Nickerson of

Wellsboro, 80

Spear Waldo (East Charleston) r 24, postmaster and farmer, 80

Steam Mill School District No 15 (Round Top) r 58

Steele Raymond M (Wellsboro) r 33, school teacher, h and lot

Swanson Charles J (Arnor) r 66, farmer, 100

Taylor Edward D (Mardin) r 7, farmer, 50

Thomas Frank (Crooked Creek) r 4, laborer

Thomas Griffith R (Arnot) r 65, laborer

Thamos Jacob (Arnot) r 65, farmer, 240

Thompson Joshua (Cherry Flats) r 52, farmer, 47

Thompson Lyman E (Cherry Flats) r 52, farmer, 180

Thompson Lyman W (Cherry Flats) r 52, collector and farmer, 50

Thompson Moses A (Cherry Flats) r 52, farmer, 80

Tifft William (Wellsboro) r 17

Tipple Abram (East Charleston) r 26, carpenter and farmer, 16

Tipple Arthur L, r 23, butcher, wool grower 30 sheep, farmer, 79

Tomb Harvey H (Wellsboro) r 16 1-2, works on shares for Frank Welch 67, h and lot

TOMB HENRY W (Wellsboro) r 16 1-2, farmer, 50

Tripp Avery N (Cherry Flats) r 67, laborer

Van Horn Perrin C (Wellsboro) r 60, dairy 8 cows, farmer, 110

Van Ness Fannie L (Wellsboro) r 20, seamstress

Van Sice John (Wellsboro) off r 32, h and lot

Van Sice Ulysses (Wellsboro) off r 32, laborer

Walker Archibald (Round Top) r 47, farmer, 110

Walker Chester (Wellsboro) off r 46, laborer

Walker Fred J (Round Top) r 47, farmer, works 110 owned by Archibald Walker

Warner Louis L (Wellsboro) r 46 1-2, laborer

Warren Cloid E (East Charleston) r 9, farmer

Warren David H (East Charleston) r 9, town clerk, dairy 7 cows, farmer, 50 and works on

shares for R W Bailey of Wellsboro 108

Warren Elijah (East Charleston) r 24, h and lot

Webster Newell (Crooked Creek) r 5, farmer, 200

Wetherby Harry D (Round Top) r 59, blacksmith

Wetmore Charles L, r 21, farmer 80

Wetmore Ezra (Wellsboro) r 31, laborer

Wetmore Julius, r 21, postmaster

Webb Lott W (Wellsboro) r 31, farmer, 53

Wetmore Warren (Cherry Flats) r 65, laborer

West Abigail (Wellsboro) r 31, widow George W, h and lot

Wheeler Clyde E (Cherry Flats) r 41, cheese maker

Wheeler Clinton M (Wellsboro) r 44, wool grower, 30 sheep, farmer, 130

Wheeler Isaac (Cherry Flats) r 50, farmer, 75

Wheeler Noah J (Cherry Flats) r 42, farmer, 62

White William (Niles Valley) r 1, laborer

Whittemore Frank (Whitneyville) r 2, farmer, works for W Francis 105

Whittemore Fred (East Charleston) r 25, farmer, leases of Margaret Douglass of

Wellsboro 68

Whitney Capt Nelson (East Charleston) r 25, farmer, 50

Whitney Seymour (East Charleston) r 25, farmer, 110

Wilcox David (East Charleston) r 23, live stock dealer, h and 4 acres

Wilcox Eliza J (Cherry Flats) r 42, widow Rodman, farm 19

Wilcox School Dist No 7 and 19 (East Charleston) r 24

Wilkins Harry (Round Top) r 61, pastor M E and Cong churches

WILKINS SAMUEL B (Wellsboro) r 32, breeder of registered Jersey cattle, milk dealer

and farmer, 192

Wilkins Lyman (East Charleston) r 28, farmer

Wilkinson Ann J (Wellsboro) r 20, widow James M, h and lot

Wilkinson Asaph (Wellsboro) r 15, farmer, 80

Wilkinson George (Wellsboro) r 2, manuf dry air refrigerators, farmer 33

Wilkinson Jonas (Wellsboro) r 2, refrigerator builder

Willard Alpheus R (Wellsboro) r 46, thresher and farmer

Willard John (Round Top) r 59, farmer 20

Willard Marion (Wellsboro) r 61, laborer

Willard Nathan (Round Top) r 61, laborer

Willard Oliver (Wellsboro) r 46, farmer 165

Willard Wesley (Round Top) r 61, farmer 51

Williams Isaac (Wellsboro) r 45

Wilson Ernest R (Wellsboro) r 16, farmer 43

Wilson George P, r 30, apiarist 30 colonies, farmer 37

Wilson Maria (Wellsboro) r 16, widow Robert J, h and lot

Wingate Francis (Wellsboro) r 35, farmer 87

Wingate George (Wellsboro) r 45, farmer 66

Wingate James (Wellsboro) r 36, farmer, leases of Eugene Demaux 100

Winne Delos (Wellsboro) r 45, farmer 9

Winne Demont (Round Top) r 59, laborer

WINTERS EDWIN D (Wellsboro) r 13, dairy 30 cows, tobacco grower 4, farmer 200

Winters Fanny, r 13, widow John

Worden Hiram E (Cherry Flats) r 52, farmer 50

Wyman O C (Arnot) r 66, laborer

Young Clark P (Wellsboro) r 20, laborer

Young Harvey (Wellsboro) r 20, h and lot

Young Jeremiah (Wellsboro) r 20, h and lot

Young School, District No 1 (Wellsboro) r 33

YOUNG THOMAS L (Wellsboro) r 19, electrician and farmer 35