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Scanned & Formatted by Joyce M. Tice 
Retyped by Janice Walker


For explanations, &c., see page 13.

Postoffice address Covington.

Anderson Augustus, laborer for Dr Gaskill, bds do

AVERY LLOYD N, barber E State, h S Williamson

BAKER GEORGE H, barber and undertaker, h S Williamson

Baker Parmelia, widow John, h with T M Steele

Barber Lorenzo, farmer, 180, h N Williamson

Bartlett House, G A Spring propr, N Williamson

Baker S Minerva, widow George F, h and lot, S Williamson

Besely Susan M, h Trout alley

Bird John, glass gatherer and farmer, about 6, h S Williamson

Bird John Jr, glass gather, h W Williamson

Blair James S, farmer and laborer, h S Williamson

Blanchard Charles, E, glass gatherer, h W Williamson

Blanchard Clara Mrs, dressmaker, W State, h do

Blanchard Franklin J, glass gatherer, h W State

Blanchard Frederick J, glass gatherer, h W Williamson

Blanchard George W, glass gatherer, h S Williamson

Blanchard & Hager (Solomon B and Hiram A Hager), general blacksmiths, W State

Blanchard Solomon (Blanchard & Hager), h W Williamson

Blanchard William A, glass blower, h W State

Bloom Nathaniel, retired farmer, h S Williamson

Bradley John W groceries and notions, W State, h do

BROWNE JOHN E, justice of peace, h and lot W Williamson

Browne Martha L., school teacher, h W Williamson

Carroll Stephen R., glass cutter, h W State

Church of Christ (Disciples) Rev Leon J Reynolds pastor, W State

Clark Jane, widow Horace, h and 1 acre, S Williamson cor Barber

Cleveland Elias S, farmer in Richmond, 116, in Sullivan, 100, h N Williamson cor Gray

Cleveland Silas T, laborer, h and lot Trout alley

Cleveland Van A, farmer, 70, h W Williamson

Cochran Ezra, emp Glass Factory, bds Gerald

Coe Burt E., glass gatherer, h S Williamson

Copp Fred P,. carpenter and builder, h and lot, West

Copp Harrison, laborer, h West

Correll James W, agent, h W Williamson

Covington Cheese Factory, F E Zimmer of Mansfield, propr, R B Jerman mgr, W State

Cunningham Robert C, emp glass factory, h and lot, W State

Dacey Daniel, glass gatherer, h Gerald

Dacey John, emp glass works, h S Williamson

Dacey Timothy, invalid, h and lot, Gerald

Daly Ellen C, widow Michael, farm, 80, in Covington, h E State

Daly Gertrude L, music teacher, h E State

Daly Mary E, telegrapher, h E State

Darling Stephen W, carpenter, h N Williamson

Dartt Emeline K, widow Eli, h N Williamson

Deming Albert U, principal Covington Boro School, farm in Jackson 30, h Hiram’s lane

Dibble Alvin, widow Orlando, h S Williamson

Doud Betsy L (Mrs Isaac R) milliner, N Williamson, h do

Doud Isaac R, h and lot, N Williamson

Doud Lorenzo, agent fertilizers, h and lot, N Williamson

Dunsmore Jennie, widow John, h with William A Morris

Dyer Francis A, h S Williamson

Dyer Isabella T, h S Williamson

Dyke A Sadilla, widow Reuben, h and lot, West

Eames John H, emp glass factory, h and 2 acres, N Williamson

Evarts Clara, widow John, h S Williamson

Fick Etta E, h S Williamson

Fick Harriet, widow Henry, h and 3 acres, S Williamson

Forrest Arthur H, laborer, h W Williamson

Forrest Emma A, widow Sylvester, h and lot, W Williamson

Forrest Josiah H, h W Williamson

Gaskill Sullivan A, physician and surgeon, Pres Board of Health, E State, h W State

Gerould Otis G, retired farmer, h S Williamson

Gerow Bailey A, bds S Williamson

Graves George G, carriage repairing, N Williamson, h and lot do

Green John D, cured meats, oysters, fish, etc, painter and paper hanger, collector and constable, W State, h and lot S Williamson

Greene Georgia A, compositor, h S Williamson

Hager Hiram A, (Blanchard & H) h West

HARDING GEORGE S, burgess, farmer, 115 on r 15, Covington, 45 sheep, h and 5 acres, W Williamson

Harding George W, carpenter and builder, h and lot, W Williamson

Hartman Jacob (H & Spring) h and lot, E State

Hartman & Spring (Jacob H and George A S) mfrs and bottlers of mineral waters, office Public Square cor N Williamson

HERRMANN CASPER L, glass blower, h and lot, S Williamson

Herrmann Harry, apprentice glass gatherer, h S Williamson

HERRMANN JOHN W, glass gatherer, h S Williamson

HERRMANN JULIA A, widow Caspar, h and lot, S Williamson

Herrmann Rinchart, glass gatherer, h and lot, W State

Herrmann William B, glass gatherer, h S Williamson

Horton John W, manufacturer of brooms, W State, h and lot do

Horton William M, son of John W, broom maker with John W

Howard Frank, porter Bartlett House, bds do

Howland Charles, farmer, 85, h W State cor West

Howland Ransford F, glass packer, h and 6 acres, West

Husted Floyd P, glass blower, h S Williamson

IRELAND CHARLES C, glass blower, h S Williamson

Jelliff Mancy N, widow Benjamin, h E State

Jerman Homer, cheese maker, bds W State

Jerman Robert B, cheese maker, h W State

Johnson Alonzo L, farmer, 50, h W State

Johnson Margaret, widow Anson L, h S Williamson

Keene Katharine D, widow Henry E, h S Williamson

Kelts Ellsworth G, farmer, bds W Williamson

Kelts Julia L, widow George W, h W Williamson

Kelts Roland H, school teacher, h W Williamson

Kendrick John, prest of boro council, meat peddler, farmer 7, h E State

Kendrick Robert, blacksmith, h N Williamson

Kiff James L, grocer and harnessmaker W State, h N Williamson

Kilbourne Kate, widow Henry, h W Williamson

King Ellen D, widow E DeWitt, h S Williamson

KINGSBURY HARRY H, jeweler, sewing machines, picture framing, &c, and graduate optician E State, h do

Klock Cora M, bookkeeper at Covington Glass Works, h S Williamson cor Barber

Klock Edwin, manager Covington Glass Works, farmer 207, h S Williamson cor Barber

Knowlton Matthew S, school teacher and farmer, leases of Mrs Charles F Lutes 40, h W Williamson

La France Dana S, carpenter and builder, and farmer 24, h Gray

Landgraff James B, glass cutter, h and lot N Williamson

Lawrence Benjamin F, glass cutter, h S Williamson

Lawrence Wesley S, glass cutter, h S Williamson

Lee Eugene, laborer, h Gerald

LeValley Henry G, emp of Hartman & Spring, h Hirams lane cor Gerald

LeValley Katharine A, asst postmaster, h N Williamson

LeValley Leonard C, h Hirams lane

LeValley Lynn C, glass gatherer, h Hirams lane

LeValley Volney M, carpenter, h N Williamson

Lewis Catharine S, school teacher, h W Williamson

Lewis Cynthia, widow John, interest in farm 126, h S Williamson

Lewis Sarah, widow David, h and lot W Williamson

Lutes Arthur M, glass cutter, bds S Williamson

Lutes Charles A, laborer, bds S Williamson

Lutes Charles F, glass blower, president Covington Glass Works, h S Williamson

Lutes Frank B, glass gatherer, h S Williamson

Marvin David F, farmer 115, h S Williamson

Marvin Isabelle C, school teacher, h S Williamson

Marvin Mary, widow Hollan J, h W Williamson

Marvin Stillman T, farmer 86, h N Williamson

Marvin Tillie R, meat market W Williamson, h do

Maynard Frank, glass blower, bds with C L Herrmann, S Williamson

Maynard Orwell W, carpenter, h W Williamson

McCoy Frank L, glass blower, h S Williamson

McCoy Kittie L Mrs, dressmaker, h N Williamson

McGrath Esther A, widow George B, h S Williamson

Methodist Episcopal Church, S Williamson

MITCHELL SAMUEL H, station agent, Erie R R, Western Union Tel manager, Wells, Fargo & Co’s Express agt, coal dealer, office at depot, h and lot, S Williamson

MORRIS WILLIAM A (Robinson & M) school director, farms 160 acres, owned by John Dunsmore estate on r 20, Covington, owns h and store, Public Square

Newberry Ada M, widow James A, h Trout alley

Patchen Christianna, widow Ira, h Trout alley

Patchen Frank H, clerk, son F M, do

Patchen Frederick M, general merchant, W State and Public Square, h and lot, S Williamson

Patchen Lula Inez, clerk for T W, Trout alley

Patchen Thomas W, hardware, agricultural implements W State, h Trout alley

Patchen W Howard, clerk, son of F M, h do

Post Ira, farmer, h W Williamson

Presbyterian church of Covington, S Williamson

PUTNAM SAMUEL O, boro councilman and school director, breeder of Hambletonian and Golden Rule trotting horses and farmer, 75, h W State

Quail Elizabeth, widow James, milliner for Mrs Robinson, bds do

Redfield Augustus, attorney and counselor at law, justice of the peace, Gerald, h and lot do

Redfield Charles C, editor and proprietor “The Sun” and job printer, W State, h do

Redington Edward, emp glass factory, h W Williamson

Redington William, laborer, h N Williamson

Reynolds Leon J Rev, pastor of Church of Christ, bds with T M Steele, W State

Richards Charles E, clerk F M Patchen, bds do

Richards John E, milk route in Blossburg, farmer, 47, W Williamson, n boro limits

Ridge George, carpenter and builder, livery, N Williamson, h and lot, do

Robbins Enos S, physician and surgeon, W State, h do

Robinson Charles C, clerk for Robinson & Morris, h S Williamson

Robinson Merrit L, h W Williamson

ROBINSON & MORRIS, (Waylon W R and William A M) general merchants, Public Square, cor E State

Robinson Warren W, carpenter, h and lot, Railroad cor E State

ROBINSON WAYLON W (Robinson & Morris) boro councilman, h E State

Robinson Katherine (Mrs W W) milliner, E State, h do

Rumsey Philemon, physician and druggist, stationery, etc, W State, h and lot S Williamson n Public Square

Scaif Thomas J, general blacksmith N Williamson, h and lot do

Schanbacher Daniel H, dairy ten cows, farmer, 93, h off West

Smith George W, carpenter, h E State

Smith Mary C, carpet weaver, h E State

Snyder Thomas, h with Mrs O Post

Soper Leland L, portable saw and shingle mill and threshing machine, h N Williamson

Spring George A (Hartman & S) boro treasurer, proprietor Bartlett house, N Williamson

Steele Taylor M, carpenter, h W State

Stickler Gilbert E, emp glass factory, h N Williamson

Sumner Rufus H, laborer, h E State

Sumner Verne C, laborer, E State

Sun, The, Charles C Redfield propr, W State

Taylor Rufus J, carpenter, h W Williamson

Thomas Lydia, widow Sheldon, h W Williamson

Weeks Christiana S, widow Royal, h Gray

WILCOX PARRIS, veterinary surgeon, agt agricultural implements, h and lot, Railroad

Williams Mary, widow Charles, W Williamson

Williams William M, mason, h and lot, W Williamson

WILLSON WILLIAM H, postmaster, farm, 133, on r 26, Covington, and owner with Albert M Bennett of Elmira, two farms, 117, and 136, in Richmond, h W State

Wynkoop Albert H Rev, Baptist clergyman, h S Williamson