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Scanned & Formatted by Joyce M. Tice 
Retyped by Janice Walker


For explanations, &c., see page 13.

Postoffice address Knoxville

Abbott Myron D., laborer, bds S First

ADAMS CELESTIA, widow John S, prop Adams House, and 3 acres, E Main cor S Water

ADAMS CORDELIA J. widow David L, painter and paper hanger, h and lot Case

ADAMS HOUSE, Mrs J S Adams propr, Charles D Owen, mgr, F H Foster Clerk, E Main cor S Water

AMERICAN EXPRESS CO. F C Campbell agent, Fall Brook depot

Angell Althea H, school teacher, h N Water

Angell Ellen I, bookkeeper and stenographer 17 and 19 W Main, h 26 W Main

Angell Jennie E, William D Angell manager, dealer in groceries, boots and shoes, crockery and notions, farm 50 in Burlington, Bradford Co, 20 W Main, h 26 W Main

Angell Malinda S, widow Edward, farm 13, h N Water

Angell William D notary public, manager J E Angell 20 W Main, h 26 W Main

Arnold Elvira, widow Christopher, h Seely

Arnold Maryette, widow Abbott, h Seely

Ashton & Colegrove (Henry A A and Herman W C) general fire life and accident insurance agency 1 E Main

ASHTON HENRY A (Ashton & Colegrove) attorney and counselor at law, quarter interest in farm 160 in Chatham, office E Main cor N Water, h W Main

Atherton Andrew E, emp sash and blind factory, h 16 S Water

Atwell Volnew W, teamster, h N Water

Austin Harriet, widow William, h 23 N Water

Avery Emma, housekeeper 18 W Main

Avery Willis R, marble worker, bds 26 W Main

Baker S Harvey, brick and stone mason, h Case

Balch Henry R, laborer, h Case

Balch Nevada, printer, h Case

Barnes Rhodema M, widow John, h 15 E Main

Barnum Angeline, widow Isaac, housekeeper 18 S First

Bates James H, farm laborer, h 16 S First

Bates Kate, widow James, h 16 S First

Bates Lorrin H, tinner and plumber, h 16 S First

Bates Lorrin L, carpenter and builder and tinsmith, h 16 S First

Bates Mary, school teacher, h 16 S First

Bates William J, clerk, h 16 S First

Beach Effie L (Mrs Otis D) owns res E Main, other real estate, also interest in farm 225 on r 13 n 12

Beach Otis D, carriage and bicycle repository, and agricultural implements 29, 31, 33 W Main, h E Main

Beach O D & W F, dairy 33 grade Holstein cows and farmers in Brookfield 350, off r 3 in Deerfield

Beach Sidney, retired merchant, h E Main cor Seely

Beach Willis F (O D & W F B) clerk, h E Main

Bogert John, section hand B & S R R, h S East

Bois John, section foreman Fall Brook Ry, h Railroad, cor Case

Bonear Daniel W, cutter sash and blind factory, h 27 N Water

Boom Charles S, farmer, one-third interest in farm about 125 on r 8, Deerfield

BOOM GILES S, meat market, oysters and fish, cattle buyer with Lucy & Otis farm 165 on r 8 Deerfield, 12 cows, tobacco 3 acres, market S Water h Alba

Boom Julius, laborer, h S East

Boom Lucy, widow Menzo, farm with Giles and Otis, 165 113 E Main

Boom Mary E, widow Charles C, seamstress, h and 1 acre off N Water

Boom Otis W, farmer, h 113 E Main

Boom William F, marble worker, bds Dunham House

BOOTH DELMER H, general blacksmith, 6 N First, bds Adams House

Boardman Alice L, widow Morgan J, h 31 N Water

Bostwick & Hastings (Mrs W W B and Myra A H) dressmakers, 12 S Water

Bostwick Phoebe (Mrs W W) (B & Hastings) 12 S Water, h do

Boswick Walker W, livery stable, dealer in farm produce, farmer 75 in Chatham and 81 in Westfield, S Water, h 12 S Water

Bosworth Charles H, physician and surgeon, farm 200 in Woodhull N Y, h 17 S Water

Bosworth Ford E, clerk, h 17 S Water

Bottum George W, com trav, h 21 N Water

Breese Louis N, drayman for Thomas C Campbell, h Railroad

Brewster Horace I, dealer in hay and grain, manager estate of Charles F Billings, about 125 acres, h E Main

Briggs Fred D, laborer, h 43 S Water

Brock Flora A, widow William E, h 29 N Water

Brock Martha J, dressmaker, h 41 S Water

Brock Mary E, school teacher, h 41 S Water

Brock Thomas, farmer 5, 41 S Water

BROWN ABRAHAM (Harris & B) h W First

Brown Benjamin F, section man Fall Brook Ry, h over 29 W Main

Brown Fred G, school director, emp sash and blind factory, h S First

Brown Minnie C, laundress, h 66 N Water

Brown Rosa, widow Charlie, laundress, h 66 N Water

Bruce Anthony M, barber, sewing machine supplies and repairs, 2 N Water, h E Main

BRUGLER CHARLES E, editor and publisher of Knoxville Courier, and job printer, 3 E Main, h &0 W Main (see adv)

Brugler C Harry, printer, son of Charles E, h 70 W Main

Brugler Lewis J, printer, son of Charles E, h 70 W Main

Bruno Carmalo, scissors grinder, h N East

Brutsman William W, laborer, h 120 E Main

Buck N Leon, clerk A Waldo Lugg, bds N First

Buckbee Daniel H (D H Buckbee & Son of Elkland) dry goods, groceries, boots, shoes, and furnishings, 1 E Main, h S Water

Budson Esther, h S Water, n W Main

BURCH & CONKLIN, (J H B, and Vincent C) props Knoxville roller mills and saw mill, steam and water power, head W Main

BURCH JOHN H, (Burch & Conklin) h S Main

Butler Angeline C (Mrs Israel U) carpet weaver, 118 E Main, h do

Butler Israel U, laborer, h 118 E Main

Butler James R, barber, law student, 8 W Main, h do

Campbell D Finley, poultry dealer, foot of Case, h do

CAMPBELL THOMAS C. station agt Fall Brook Ry, agt American Express Co, magr Long Distance telephone, shipper of grain and farm produce, dealer in coal, lime, salt, &c, Fall Brook depot, h S Main, cor Railroad

Carr Claude L, clerk A W Lugg’s Sons, bds N First

Case Art L, teamster sash and blind factory, h 4 N First

Case William M sawyer and stationary engineer, h Alba n Seely

Chamberlain Clara M (Mrs George E) dressmaker E Main, h do

Chamberlain George E, farmer and agt, h E Main

Chappell John C, lumberman and teamster, h 76 W Main

Chappell William W, painter and paper hanger, W Main, beds 12 S Water

CHASE JOEL H, general blacksmith and horse shoer, Main, n grist mill, h 68 E Main

Cheesman Victor B, emp sash and blind factory, h S East

Clark Andrew J, laborer, h S First

Cleveland Henry M, clerk Waldo Lugg, h 22 Alba

Cogswell Abbie, widow Simeon, h 22 Seely

Colegrove Herman W (Ashton & Co) h E Main

Colegrove Willett S, retired farmer, h E Main cor Knox

CONKLIN VINCENT, (Burch & C) h W Main

Coon Maud S, school teacher, h 30 S First

Coon Orville M, stationery engineer, h 30 S First

Cornwell Julia E, teacher graded school, h S Water cor Alba

Cornwell Mary J, h S Water cor Alba

CORNELIUS CHARLES H, attorney and counselor at law, surveyor, 19 W Main, h W Main

Costley Frank, section hand, B & S R R, h N East

Costley Frederick E, works on shares for Hiram farm, 100, 6 1-2 acres tobacco, h Seely

Costley N Burtice, asst to his father William M, h Case

Costley William M, pile driver, bridge builder, building mover and general jobber, h Case

Crandall Silas G, retired, h 21 N Main

Crawford George O, turner at Edgcomb’s, h 18 S First

Curran George W, farmer, 212 , h 102 E Main

Cushing C Helena, school teacher, h N First

Cushing Harriet A, widow Charles H, h N First

Cushing M Alice, dressmaker, N First, h do

Cushing Nannie J, school teacher, h N First

Davis Eugene S, emp sash and blind factory, h 3 Maple

DAY A WAYNE, general mason, h 19 Seely

Dearman Albert, general merchandise, farmer, 55, and in Chatham, 52 in Troupsburgh, N Y, 266, in Iowa, 160, W Main cor N Water, h E Main

Dearman Charley G, clerk Albert, h E Main

Dearman Everett J, clerk for Albert, h E Main

Deerfield Baptist Church, Rev C F Frame pastor, Alba cor Maple

DeForest George, pensioner, h 106 E Main

Doane Fay C, drug clerk and insurance agt, 4 E Main, h 23 Seely

Doane John P, farmer, h N East

Dodge Alvin R, carpenter, farmer with John B George, leases of Mrs Sarah A Faulkner, farm about 72, on r 3 1-2 in Deerfield, h and lot E Main cor S East

Dodge Van Rensselaer, painter, h S East

Dorance Lester, retired farmer, h Alba n Case

Dorrance Susan C Mrs, farm 130 in Woodhull, N Y, h Alba cor Case

DUNHAM A MURRAY, constable, solicitor for Republican Advocate of Wellsboro, h 106 E Main

Dunham Edwin R, restaurant 21 S Water, h do

DUNHAM HOUSE, William S Rumsey proprietor, 35 S Water

EDGCOMB A E & CO, (Alfred E E and Giles Roberts) hardware, paints and oils, plumbing and roofing, furnaces, stoves, tin shop, etc, 19 E Main

EDGCOMB ALFRED, (I M Edgcomb’s Sons) (A E Edgcomb & Co) farm 22 on r 8 Deerfield

Edgcomb Ira M, resident, h N Water

Edgcomb James A (I M Edgcomb’s Sons) h S First

Edgcomb’s Sons I M (Waldo H, James A and Alfred E) manuf sash doors and blinds, farmers, 156, factory S First opp railroad

Edgecomb Waldo H (I M Edgcomb’s Sons) h N Water

Edgett Oliver J, shipping clerk and glazier, h 24 S First

Ellis Eliza, widow Alonzo, h 28 N First

Ellison Fred, blacksmith, h 10 W Main

Ellison William, laborer, h S East

Erway Oscar E, laborer, bds N East

Erway Philip, farmer in Chatham, about 160, h S First

Everitt Jesse, carpenter and builder, h Alba cor Case

Everitt Lora, Mrs W C, dressmaker, Alba cor Case

Everitt Noah, retired farmer, h Alba cor Maple

Everitt Peter, painter, h Freeborn’s lane

EVERITT WILLIAM C, bicycle repairer and nickel plating Alba cor Case, h do

Farrand William A, harnessmaker, h Case

Faulkner Sarah A, widow Levi, real estate owner, h 15 E Main

Fisk Charles H, W U telegraph manager, and clerk B & S Depot N Water, h N First

FISK GEORGE W, station agt V & S R R, agt Wells Fargo & Co’s Ex, dealer in coal, lime, cement, brick, grain, potatoes, salt and hemlock bark, etc, V & S Depot N Water, h N First

Fitch David B, clerk 2 W Main, h 39 E Main

Fitch John E (F & Wainwright) farmer 107, h 39 E Main

Fitch Sally, widow John, h S Water cor Alba

Fitch & Wainwright (John E F and Chauncey J W) general merchandise, W Main cor S Water

Fitch William G, school director and treasurer, member board of health, farm 180 in Brookfield, 16 cows, 2 acres tobacco, h 28 Allen

Ford Earl, emp sash and blind factory, h N Water

Ford James C, carpenter, emp I M Edgcomb & Sons, h 64 N Water

Ford John J, carpenter, h N First

Ford Sarah S (Mrs James C) laundress 64 N Water, h do

FOSTER FRED H, clerk Adams House E Main cor S Water, h S Water

Fowler George H, clerk 20 W Main, h 33 E Main

Frame Clement T Rev., Baptist clergyman, h 32 S First

Frame Jennie W, housekeeper 32 S First

Francis Ida E (Mrs Walter R) h 33 E Main

Francis Lee M, medical student, h 33 E Main

Freeborn Brothers (Fair D and Faun W) iron founders and machinists off E Main

Freeborn DeLancy, retired machinist, h 51 E Main

Freeborn Fair D (Freeborn Bros) interested in farm 70 acres and farm 214 in Deerfield, h 51 E Main

Freeborn Faun W (Freeborn Bros) interested in Farm 70 and farm 214 in Deerfield, h 51 E Main

Freeborn Harriet, widow Hiram D, h 6 Main

Garner Sylvia A, widow David W, h 31 N Water

Gilbert Elizabeth, widow Truman, h 10 W Main

Gilbert Eugene H, emp Edgcomb & Sons, h W Railroad

Gilbert Frank L, school director, drugs, books and wall paper 3 E Main, h 19 S Water

Gilbert Lillian S, (Mrs E H) music teacher, h W Railroad

Gleason Caroline, widow Thomas, h 24 Alba

Gleason James, carpenter, h 24 Alba

Goodwin Sarah, canvasser, h 120 E Main

Graves Daniel S., shingle maker, h 28 S First

Graves Fred P, emp sash and blind factory, h 38 S Water

Graves Hartford, glazier, h N First

Graves Martha E, widow Anthony B, millinery 18 W Main, h do

Griffin Eugene M, farmer 50 in Brookfield, owned by wife Josephine M, h Ray lane

Guild Hiram A, carpenter and builder, h Maple

Hall Edwin G W, M E clergyman, h Alba n Seely

Hall Fay, emp Bostwick’s livery, h Case

Hall Ray, laborer, h S East

Hall Sidney C, carpenter, h S East

Ham Milan, h 23 S Water

HARRIS & BROWN , (Ellis H Harris & Abraham Brown) clothing, gents furnishings, hats and caps, boots and shoes, 15 W Main

HARRIS ELLIS H, (Harris & Brown) bds Adams House

Hasting Myra A (Bostwick & H) 12 S Water, h do

Hendricks J Dayton, painter, h N First

HITCHCOCK ANDREW B, general insurance, represents 10 fire and 1 life ins cos, 17 W Main, h and lot S Water

Hoagland Burr, clerk, h 15 W Main

Hobart Henry H, general blacksmith and horsehoer, 53 E Main, h do

Hobart William H, blacksmith, h 53 E Water

Holbert Charles, stationary engineer, h 7 Maple

Hopkins Mary E, widow Chester, h 16 and 18 W Main

Hoyt Harmon E, clerk A W Lugg’s Sons, h W Main

Hunt Daniel W, Freewill Baptist clergyman, h Alba cor Case

Hunt John B, farmer in Troupsburg N Y, 200, dealer in carriages and buggies, h Alba cor Case

Husted Amelia Fredrika (Mrs Joseph) h W Water

INGHAM ANSEL G, (J S Ingham & Sons of Deerfield) h 13 S East

Ingham Thomas, pensioner, bds 5 Case

Jacobs Fannie B, 3 houses at Academy Corners, h N Water

Jeffers Amer, laborer, bds S East

Jeffers Schuyler, laborer, h S East

Johnson Eliza A, widow Thomas O, dressmaker, h N East

Johnson Laverne J, travelling agent Deering Harvester Co, h 18 S Water

Johnson Leverette A, pres of school board, lumberman, tobacco 10 acres, farmer, 120 and in Broome Co N Y 250

Jones Henry B (Wells & J) h W Main

Jones John J, emp sash and blind factory, h N First

JUDD CHARLES R, watch maker, jeweler and optician, agent for White sewing machines, 1 E Main, h 23 Maple

Judd Lovina H, widow Henry, h 23 Maple

KELSEY FELIX, Boro councilman, shoemaker, Kelsey big 27 W Main cor N First, h rear do

Kelts Guy R, bookkeeper I N Edgcomb & Sons, h N Water

Kelts Horace, farmer and driver for Edwin of Deerfield, h E Main

Kelts M Abbie, h Alba

Kelts Mary E, widow Frank M, h 27 Maple

KIBBE ALONZO, physician and surgeon, graduate College of Physicians and Surgeons Baltimore, 9 W Main, h 54 E Main, died Nov 1, 1898

King Leslie, laborer, h N Water

King Preston R, farmer, works farm 162 for his father Samuel P. bds Alba n Case

King Samuel P, farmer, 162, h Alba n Case

King Sarah, widow Lewis B, owns farm 200, h 39 S Water

KNOXVILLE COURIER, Charles E Brugler editor and propr 3 E Main (see adv page 126)

Knoxville Graded School, George B Strait principal, Seely cor Alba

KNOXVILLE POST OFFICE, John C White postmaster, Mrs Laura M White asst postmaster, 9 W Main

Kuhl Glen, son of John H, soldier in Co G, 12th regiment, Penn Vol, h 100 E Main

Kuhl John H, meat market, 8 W Main, h 100 E Main

LaBar Julia, widow Stephen, h N Water

LaBar Marion A, carpenter, h 23 S Main

LaRoy Dell E, machinist and carpenter, h 46 N Water

Lawrence Charles E, prest boro council, dealer in hardware, tinware, stoves and furnaces, plumber &c 13 W Main, h 7 S First

Lines Sylvester H, laborer, h Seely

Lugg Anna K, widow of Anthony W, h 20 N First

LUGG A WALDO, (A W Lugg’s Sons) dealer in groceries and crockery, 34 W Main, h 20 N Main

LUGG CHARLES H, (A W Lugg’s Sons) h 21 S First

LUGG’S SONS A W, (Charles H and A Waldo) dry goods, carpets, cloaks and shoes, 32 W Main

Markham Albert, harness maker and horse furnishings, 25 W Main, h 10 S First

Markham Walter E, harness maker, h 10 S First

Martin Clarence E, cutter sash and blind factory, h 28 N First

Matteson Effie M, school teacher, h W Main

MATTESON FLOYD L, farmer and asst undertaker, h W Main

Matteson Fred S, (Matteson & Stevens) h 21 Maple

Matteson Lizzie R, dressmaker, W Main, h do

MATTESIN LUCIUS O, tobacco grower 3 acres, dairy 7 cows, 50 sheep, and farmer, 100 h W Main

Matteson Norman F, blacksmith and farmer, h S Water

Matteson & Stevens (Fred E M And Wallis H S) groceries, crockery, boots and shoes, 46 E Main

McDonough Martin M, section foreman B & S R R, h N Water

McDonough William, son of Martin M, N Water

McNinch James N, propr Knoxville laundry, S Water n Main, h do

McPeek Cyrus, carpenter and builder, h N First

Methodist Episcopal Church, Reverand G W Hall pastor, Alba n Case

Miller H Samuel, live stock dealer and farmer in Chatham, h 15 S East

Miller William N, tinsmith A E Edgcomb & Co, h S Water

Milo William H, granite and marble works 5 and 7 E Main, h Case

MOON AMASA J, painter and paper hanger, h N East See adv page 118

Morgan Julius G, h and lot, S First

Morse J Fred, school teacher, h 82 E Main

Morse L Benjamin, contractor and builder, h 82, Main

Mott Amanda P Mrs, tailoress, h 21 N First

Mott Elijah F Rev, clergyman, bds Dunham house

Murdock Edward P, owns farm about 147 in Brookfield, 124 3-4 acres in Troupsburg, N Y, agent for Deering Harvester Co, h and lot Ray lane, 3 acres tobacco

Myers Jesse V, h 11 E Main

Myers R Emma, milliner, h 11 E Main

Newton Emery C, nursery agent and farmer, 12 h 33 N East

Northrop George W, retired physician, has life lease of farm 103 in Troupsburg, N Y, wife, Mariot M, own farm, 77, in same town, h S East

Oakley William, h 117 E Main

Osborn Alva M, barber 2 W Main, bds Case

OWENS CHARLES D, manager Adams House, E Main cor S Water

Parks Lee, emp Edgcomb’s factory, h over 18 W Main

Paul Charles A, emp sash and blind factory, h 40 N Water

Peet Charles A, farmer, h 22 Seely

Peet Edgar, coachman, h 22 Seely

Peery William, emp sash and blind factory, h over 31 W Main

Perry William S, planer at sash and blind factory, bds 4 N First

Pierce Zenas, farm in Brookfield 111, h Alba cor Maple

PLAISTED JAMES G, wagon making and repairing rear 7 W Main, owns farm, 10 on r 8, Deerfield township and owns Plaisted bldg 13 and 50 W Main, h 13 do

Plaisted Orville, laborer, h 13 W Main

Plank Martha, widow Spencer B, life interest in husband’s farm estate in Brookfield, h Alba cor Maple

POLEY GEORGE W, harnessmaker and horse furnishings 50 E Main cor Case, h 12 First

POSTAL TELEGRAPH CO, Charles R Judd, mgr, 1 E Main

Pride Albert W (C R Pride & Sons) h 19 S First

Pride Chester R (C R P & sons) h 38 W Main

Pride C R & Sons (Chester R, Albert W and Joseph D) furniture dealers and undertakers 40 W Main

Pride Joseph D (C R P & Sons) h 38 W Main

Pride Mary S (Mrs A W) dressmaker 19 S First, h do

Ray Jason D, retired farmer, h 70 E Main

Reuning Ernest, baker and confectioner 23 W Main, h do

Roberts Florence E, widow Jacob P, h 46 N Water

ROBERTS GILES, (A E Edgcomb & Co) justice of the Peace, h E Main

Rogers James A, pensioner, h 5 Case

Rogers J Burton, painter, bds 5 Case

RUMSEY WILLIAM S, propr Dunham House, physician and surgeon, graduate Baltimore Medical College and of University of Pennsylvania, 35 S Water, h do

Seely House, Nat Seely propr, W Railroad

Seely Luman D, retired farmer, h S Alba cor Case

Seely Nat, propr Seely House, W Railroad

Sensabaugh William E, emp sash and blind factory, h N First

Shewman Omar C, telegraph operator Fall Brook Ry, h Case

Short Henry G, tobacco 6 acres and farmer 30, h 93 E Main

Slocum Lavina, h S Water n W Main

Smith Freeman H, clerk, 29 E Main, h 44 N Water

Smith Lockwood C, street commissioner, farmer, 121 in Chatham, h 14 S First

Smith Walter G, farmer, h 14 S First

Spencer Joseph, tobacco grower and farmer, 84 in Jasper N Y, h N First

Starner Edgar L, butcher, h 92 E Main

Stephenson Hattie Mrs, h Alba n Maple

Stevens Charles, emp sash and blind factory, bds 33 S Water

Stevens Wallis N (Matteson & S) breeder of Buff Leghorn, Barred and White Plymouth Rock, S S Hamburg and white crested Black Polish fowls, h 22 Maple

STRAIT GEORGE B, principal Knoxville graded school, h Alba

Sweet Maria, widow Hiram, h Alba n Maple

Taft Mijamin A, gardener, h 29 N Water

TELEPHONE PAY STATION, T C Campbell manager F B Ry station

Thompson Charles, laborer, h Seely

Thompson Charles A, laborer, wife Melissa A owns farm 87 in Brookfield, h Seely

TREXLER CHARLES A, physician and surgeon, graduate Jefferson Medical College Philadelphia, 9 E Main, h 109 E Main

Trowbridge Cora I, widow Samuel, farm in Clymer, about 340, h 5 N First

Tuttle Ellis L, laborer, h E Main cor S East

VAN DUSEN CHARLES H, boro councilman, owns farm 150 n r 19 Deerfield, worked on shares by Eugene Sprague, h and lot 109 E Main

Walker Davis, tinner and plumber for C E Lawrence, h Maple

Wainwright C Edward, emp sash and blind factory, h 23 Alba

Wainwright Chauncey J (Fitch & W) owns farm 140 n r 1 Deerfield, 12 grade Jersey cows, h on the farm

Washburn John, lamp lighter, h 42 S Water

WASS DAVID, retired farmer and capitalist, owns 125 acres hemlock land in Chatham and farm 7 on r 25 in Deerfield, h 66 E Main

Wass Permelia G, widow Robert bds 66 E Main

Watkins Evan N, carpenter, h S Water cor Alba

Weaver Albert C, emp sash and blind factory, h 24 Alba

Weaver Horace P, emp sash and blind factory, h 24 Alba

Wells Helen C, (Wells & Jones) h W Main

Wells & Jones (Helen C Wells and Henry B Jones) furniture dealers and undertakers, W Main

Westbrook Cora, school teacher, h 20 Seely

Westbrook Harriet B, widow James T, h 20 Seely

Westfall Lorenzo J Rev, pastor Christian Church, N Water, h 25 W Main

WHITE JAMES B, tobacco grower and farmer, 87, off r 9, h and 2 acres E Main cor Knox

WHITE JOHN C, postmaster, h and lot 11 Knox, present res at P O, 9 W Main

WHITE INMAN, physician and surgeon, 9 W Main, h 54 E Main

WHITE LAURA M, (Mrs John C) asst postmaster, 9 W Main

Whitenack Charles J, watch maker and jeweler, 21 W Main, h rear do

Whitenack Fred L, emp sash and blind factory, h 48 N Water

Wilson Dell R, teamster G W Fisk, bds N First

Woodbury Augustus, laborer, h Alba

“Nothing is too Good for Our Customers.” F. A. Brooks, Prop’r., Candy Kitchen, Wellsboro, Pa.
Wellsboro Carriage Co.
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Photos. In Natural Colors at Ernest H. Kemball’s 15 West Main Street, Westfield, Pa.
Hotel Wilcox
The people’s favorite home when in Wellsboro. Rejuvinated. All Improvements.

J. W. SULLIVAN, Prop’r.

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