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Scanned & Formatted by Joyce M. Tice 
Retyped by Janice Walker


For explanations, &c., see page 13.
Postoffice address Delmar, unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis.)

Abel Herman (Stokesdale) r 20, farmer, 32

Aikens Edward (Marsh Creek) r 13, farmer, 56

Ainsworth Martha (Knapp) r 108

Allen David (Stokesdale) r 20

Allen Ernest (Stokesdale) r 20, tanner

Allen Frank (Stokesdale) r 20, tanner

Allen William (Stony Fork) r 105 cor 90, manuf of oils, h and lot

Anderson Frank E (Antrim) off r 118, miner and farmer 38

Andrews Abram D (Marsh Creek) off r 10, laborer

Andrews Francis M (Marsh Creek) r 10, apiarist 25 colonies, millwright and farmer, 47

Andrews Frank M (Marsh Creek) r 10, farmer

Andrews Fred B (Marsh Creek) r 10, school teacher

Andrews Raymond (Marsh Creek) r 10, school teacher

Ansley Marvin (Wellsboro) r 35, farmer

Ashley Eleazer (Kennedy) r 80, farmer, 25

Ashley George A (Kennedy) r 80, farmer, 55

Ashley Thomas E (Kennedy) r 80, farmer,

Austin Hill School No 10 (Balsam) r 61

Avery Walter (Wellsboro) r 36, laborer

Bacon C William (Wellsboro) r 36, carpenter

Bacon George H (Wellsboro) r 36, carpenter

BACON OLIVER, (Wellsboro) r 62, breeder of thoroughbred Ayrshire cattle, dairy 12 cows, farmer, 375

BACON SIMEON, (Wellsboro) r 57 cor 58, breeder of Fresian Holstein cattle, dairy 19 cows, 40 sheep, farmer, 230

Bacon Walter A (Wellsboro) r 62, farmer

Bailey Elmeron H (Wellsboro) r 33, farmer on shares for Alex Balfour, 60

Bailey John L (Wellsboro) r 53, farmer, 50

BALDWIN ALFRED M, (Wellsboro) r 35, (C V & A M Baldwin) farmer, 260

BALDWIN CHARLES V (Wellsboro) r 36, (C V & A M Baldwin)

BALDWIN C V & A M (Wellsboro) breeders of Clydesdale horses, proprs stock horse Liddington (621) 352 (see adv page 121)

Baldwin Run School (Stokesdale) r 1

Baldwin School No 15, (Wellsboro) r 35, cor 36

Baldwin Thomas A (Wellsboro) r 36, carpenter, farmer, 62

Balfour Alex (Wellsboro) r 35, farmer, 60

Balfour Richard J. (Wellsboro) r 33, farmer, 46

BARNES JOHN L, r 45, portable saw mill and farmer 12, and h and lot owned by wife

Bartholomew Herman A (Stokesdale) r 3, station and express agt at Stokesdale Junction, farmer, 100, celery grower 4 acres

Bartle Arthur (Stony Fork) r 89 cor 87, farmer, 60

BARTLE FURMAN, (Stony Fork) r 109, farmer, son of R D

Bartle Jacob C (Stony Fork) r 85, farmer, 72

BARTLE RANSFORD D (Stony Fork) r 109, farmer, 265

Bartle Thomas W (Stony Fork) r 86, feed and planing mill

Bartley Oliver C (Tiadaghton) r 99, laborer

BATES GEORGE A, (Stokesdale) r 8, celery grower 40 acres, tobacco grower 8 acres, farmer, 60, and works for C E Grinnell, 60, and for Mrs C C Grinnell, 60, and leases of T A Evans, 50

Beauter George W, (Knapp) r 108, farmer, 23

BECKMANN CHRISTOPHER, (Niles Valley) r 4, farmer, 89

Beckwith Howard P (Tiadaghton) r 99, postmaster and general merchant

Beebe James (Marsh Creek) r 14, laborer

Beeman Emer L (Marsh Creek) r 14, farmer, 75

Beeman George W (Marsh Creek) r 12, dairy 10 cows, farmer, 80

Belette Joseph (Stokesdale) bds off r 20, emp tannery

Benauer Charles (Wellsboro) r 53, farmer, 150

Benauer Clarence (Wellsboro) r 39, farmer

Benauer Joseph T (Wellsboro) r 39, dairy 8 cows, farmer, 100

Benauer William J (Wellsboro) r 39, farmer, 50

Bendle Frank (Antrim) off r 118, farmer, 25

Bendle Orin (Knapp) off r 108, woodsman

Benjamin Elmer (Balsam) r 54 cor 53, auditor and farmer, 80

Benjamin Sarah (Balsam) r 54 cor 53, widow Minor

Bennett C Adelbert (Stokesdale) r 16, farmer, 57

Bennett Daniel (Stony Fork) off r 116, laborer

Bennett Mason S (Stokesdale) r 16, farmer

Besley Clayton M (Kennedy) r 81, farmer, 60

Blair James O (Wellsboro) r 23, farmer with Lewis M, 100

Blair Lewis M (Wellsboro) r 28, farmer with James O, 100

Blodgett Charles (Marsh Creek) r 11, laborer

Boatman John (Stony Fork) off r 107, farmer, 60

Boatman School Dist No 14 (Stony Fork) r 110

Boatman William S (Stony Fork) r 86, meat market, farmer, 439

Bockus George (Stokesdale) r 6, laborer, h and lot

Bodine Abram L (Wellsboro) r 40, farmer, 180

Bodine William T (Wellsboro) r r 40, farmer, 100

Bolton Devillo (Wellsboro) r 38, laborer

Boose Frederick (Stony Fork) off r 107, farmer, 100

Boose Henry (Stony Fork) off r 107, laborer

Borallo Vincent (Stokesdale) r 20, tanner

Borden Albert (Stokesdale) r 18, farmer, 54

Borden Charles A (Tiadaghton) r 99, farmer, 215

Borden Irvin D (Tiadaghton) r 99, farmer, 59

Borden Julian (Wellsboro) r 28, blacksmith

Borden Lewis (Tiadaghton) r 95, farmer

Borden Walter, r 45, laborer

Bostwick Clayton (Wellsboro) r 53, farmer, 100

Bostwick David E (Stokesdale) r 7, tobacco grower 5 acres, farmer, 141

Bowen Galusha (Wellsboro) r 25, farmer, 125

Bowen Leroy (Stony Fork) r 88, farmer, leases Miles Steele, 110

Bowman Miles (Stony Fork) r 117, laborer

Boyden Addison Sr (Wellsboro) r 37

Boyden Addison C (Wellsboro) r 27, asst assessor, farmer, 50

BOYDEN ALFRED, (Wellsboro) r 37, agt for Great Eastern Fertilizer Co., breeder of Shropshire sheep, wool grower, 50 sheep, farmer, 100

Boyden Charles M (Wellsboro) r 27, grist mill, buckwheat flour, meal, &c, also shingle mill

Boyden Melvin (Wellsboro) r 27, agt for M Rumely & Co threshing machines, saw mills and engines, and Frank X Maurer & Co hay presses and horse powers, farmer, 87

Boyden School No 21, (Wellsboro) r 32

Bremmen Peter (Stokesdale) r 8, tanner

Brewster School No 12, (Wellsboro) r 20 cor 28

Brills Frederick (Knapp) off r 71, laborer

Brills Peter (Knapp) off r 71, farmer, 50

Brooks Frank W (Wellsboro) r 36, farmer, 58, owned by wife

Brown Carvey (Stony Fork) r 116, laborer

Brown Charles (Stony Fork) r 116, laborer

Brown Henry (Stony Fork) r 116, laborer

Brown Hiram (Stony Fork) r 116, laborer

Brown Judson J (Draper) r 102, laborer

Brown Melissa (Stony Fork) r 116, widow Spencer

Brownell Charles T (Stokesdale) r 7, celery grower 12 acres

BROUGHTON LUCY, (Knapp) r 108, widow Rial

BUCK ALBERT H (Marsh Creek) r 14, glass flattener, and farmer, 123

Buck Henry M (Marsh Creek) r 14, glass flattener

Buckley Anderson (Stony Fork) r 73, farmer 76

Buckley John H (Draper) r 92, dairy 10 cows, farmer, 103

Buckley Ruth A (Draper) r 92, widow Peter

Burnett Frank (Olmsville) r 113, farmer, 130

Burton Christopher (Draper) r 111, laborer

Burton John (Olmsville) r 113, farmer, 150

Burton Thomas (Draper) r 111, dairy 21 cows, farmer, 200

Butler Allen (Stony Forks) r 86, farmer

Butler Charles G (Stony Forks) r 64, farmer on shares for John M, 150

Butler Francis (Olmsville) r 113, farmer 100

Butler Francis H (Draper) r 114, farmer 160

Butler George F (Stokesdale) r 16, farmer 50

Butler John M (Stony Forks) r 86, dairy 12 cows, farmer, 140

Butler John W (Stokesdale) r 16, farmer with Oliver W

Butler Lester H (Stokesdale) r 4, farmer 60 and 97, owned by wife

Butler Oliver W (Stokesdale) r 16, farmer with John W on shares for Mrs C C Grinnell 130, and for Mrs R A Pierson of Knoxville 130

Butler Walter (Stokesdale) r 1, laborer

Butler Weldon (Stokesdale) r 1, farmer, 25

Butler Wilber (Marsh Creek) r 10, farmer 40

Button Willis E (Stokesdale) r 20, farmer 29

Caffo Alex (Stokesdale) r 20, emp tannery

Caffo F (Stokesdale) r 20, tanner

Caffo Paul (Stokesdale) r 20, tanner

Callahan Andrew A (Stony Forks) r 116 cor 110, farmer 76

Callahan Elery E (Wellsboro) off r 36, farmer 75

Callahan Melvin H (Stony Forks) r 116 cor 110, laborer

Camillo George (Stokesdale) r 20, laborer

Campbell Ambrose L (Wellsboro) r 34, farmer 56

Campbell Edward (Stony Forks) r 90, farmer 60

Campbell Edwin (Wellsboro) r 48, carpenter and farmer 50

Campbell Frank (Tiadaghton) r 99, laborer

Campbell George W, r 42, farmer 10

Campbell James (Stony Forks) r 90, 86 years old

Campbell Linda (Stony Forks) r 107, widow William Jenkins

Campbell Mary E (Stony Forks) r 86 widow Lucius, h and lot

Campbell Milton (Wellsboro) r 53, laborer

Campbell Newell (Wellsboro) r 53, farmer 160

Campbell Oscar (Stony Forks) r 104, farmer 97

Campbell Robert (Stony Forks) r 104, farmer

Campbell Samuel L (Wellsboro) r 42, farmer 40

Campbell Sarah Mrs (Knapp) r 108

Campbell School No 25, (Stokesdale) r 9

Campbell William, r 64, refused information

Campbell William P, (Wellsboro) r 53, farmer 190

Campbell Willis E, r 43, apiarist 40 colonies, h and lot

Carlson Augustus (Antrim) r 119, miner

CARPENTER ARTHUR B, (Stokesdale) r 1, manufr and dealer in pine and hemlock shingles, also feed mill, breeder of registered Shropshire sheep and Cheschire swine, also Belgium hares, Brown Leghorn fowls and farmer, 200 (See adv page 121)

Carpenter Howard (Sweetbriar) r 52, farmer, 92

Carpenter Nelson (Wellsboro) r 66, laborer

Carpenter Silas E (Stokesdale) r 1, teamster

Carr Charles H (Stokesdale) r 20, carpenter

Carrigan William (Stokesdale) r 1, farmer, 50

Carson Richard M (Sweetbriar) r 69 1-2, farmer, 130

Carvey Edwin (Draper) r 92, farmer, 50

Catlin La Verne A (Tiadaghton) r 89, farmer, 100

Cavanaugh Patrick (Marsh Creek) r 9, track walker

Chamberlin Lyman, r 42, farmer, 15

Chapell Joseph H (Stony Forks) r 90, laborer, h and lot

Childs John H (Wellsboro) r 37, propr sand bed and farmer, 56

Childs Joseph S (Wellsboro) r 31

Christian Jay E, r 44, farmer, 25

Clair Morris (Stokesdale) r 20, tanner

Clark Archibald (Sweetbriar) r 69, farmer, 50

Clark Arnold (Antrim) off r 118, farmer, 25

Clark Charles (Wellsboro) r 52, farmer, 80

Clark David (Knapp) r 70, laborer

Clark Fraizer (Knapp) r 70, widow Thomas, farmer, 40

Clark George (Knapp) r 108, woodsman

Clark John (Wellsboro) r 70, farmer, 50

Clark Ralph (Wellsboro) r 52, farmer, son of Charles

Clark Thomas (Sweetbriar) r 69, farmer, 70

Claus Mary (Wellsboro) r 68, widow Eugene, farmer, 74

Clement Canedo (Stokesdale) r 20, tanner

Close Gilbert B (Balsam) r 63, farmer 140 and lumber dealer and owner of cheese factory

Cole Daniel (Knapp) r 108, bartender

Cole Edwin V (Stony Fork) r 105, laborer, h and lot

Cole Jacob (Knapp) r 108, laborer, h and lot

Cole Jacob (Knapp) off r 108, farmer, 75

Colegrove David (Wellsboro) r 40, farmer, 50

COLEGROVE FRED A, (Wellsboro) r 40, (Colegrove & Putney)

COLEGROVE & PUTNEY, r 40, (F A C & F J P) threshers and hay pressers

Coles Manderville S (Stony Fork) r 86, general merchandise and farmer, 40

Collins Daniel (Stokesdale) r 20, tanner

Compton Henry (Draper) r 105, laborer, h and lot

Compton John (Draper) r 105, laborer, h and lot

Cook Sarah (Stokesdale) r 7, widow Frank

Coolidge Benjamin F (Wellsboro) r 52, farmer, 100

Coolidge Charles O (Sweetbriar) r 69, farmer on shares for William Coolidge

Coolidge Edward (Sweetbriar) r 70, farmer, 92

COOLIDGE FRED C (Sweetbriar) r 69 cor 70, postmaster, manuf cheese and grocer

Coolidge Gilbert (Sweetbriar) off r 66, farmer leaser of Patterson estate, 112

Coolidge School Dist No 9 (Sweetbriar) r 70 cor 69

Coolidge Walter (Sweetbriar) r 70 cor 67, dairy 10 cows, farmer, 130

Coolidge William (Sweetbriar) r 69, farmer, 100

Copestick Charles (Stony Fork) r 72, farmer, 70

Copestick John (Stony Fork) r 88, school teacher

Copestick Thomas (Stony Fork) r 88, farmer, 125

Corey Adelbert (Marsh Creek) r 13, laborer

Covert Minnie (Knapp) off r 108, widow William

Craig David (Knapp) r 108, farmer, 20

Cross Addie (Wellsboro) r 24, farmer with Emma, 45

Cross Emma (Wellsboro) farmer with Addie, 45

Cross Philip (Wellsboro) r 24, laborer

Culver Charles F (Marsh Creek) r 12, laborer

Dale Albert (Knapp) r 108, pensioner

Dale Arthur W (Wellsboro) r 71, farmer, 13 1-2

Dale James (Stony Fork) r 117, laborer

Dale William E (Balsam) r 55, farmer, 10

Damiano Gustave (Stokesdale) r 20, tanner

Dart Chauncey F, r 31, refused information

Davies Church E (Wellsboro) r 36, farmer

Davies Edward (Wellsboro) r 36, farmer

Davis Camille (Stokesdale) r 20, tanner

Davis Hiram G (Knapp) r 69 1-2, farmer, 80

Davis Martin N (Knapp) r 89, farmer, 64

Deane Edward (Wellsboro) off r 48, laborer

Deane Edward E (Wellsboro) off r 48, laborer

Deane’s Hill School (Wellsboro) r 49

Decker Warren (Stokesdale) r 20, laborer

DELMAR COAL MINES, (Antrim) r 119, A J Lundquist & Co props

Derbyshire Charles (Wellsboro) r 24 1-2, farmer, 52

Derbyshire Ethelyn (Wellsboro) r 24, school teacher

Derbyshire Mary O (Wellsboro) r 24, school teacher

Derbyshire William (Wellsboro) r 24, farmer 112

Derbyshire William T (Wellsboro) r 24

Dewey Gilbert E (Wellsboro) r 49, farmer on shares for Sarah Russell 75

Dexter Chloe H, r 58, widow Lewis, farm 33

Dexter Devillo A, r 58, farmer 33, owned by Chloe H

Dexter School No 19, r 42

Dexter William H, r 58, laborer

Dibble Calvin (Draper) off r 111, farmer, 50

Dibble James (Stony Fork) r 107, laborer

Dibble John C (Draper) r 92, private Co K 5th Pa Vols

Dillon D Alexander (Draper) r 92, farmer on shares for Charles Sabins 90

Doane George (Stony Forks) r 105, pastor Middle Ridge and Dexter M E Church

Dobbs Rosetta (Marsh Creek) r 14, widow Isaac

Dodge Edgar L (Wellsboro) r 22, thresher and farmer 50

Donnelly George (Stokesdale) bds off r 20, tanner

Donnelly John H (Stokesdale) off r 20, tanner and boarding

Donnelly William (Stokesdale) bds off r 20, emp tannery

Dort Bros (Stony Fork) (O A and W J) general merchants

Dort Julius (Stony Fork) r 90, h and lot

Dort Oren A (Stony Fork) (Dort Bros) farmer 31

Dort Russell (Stony Fork) r 104, farmer 65

Dort William J (Stony Fork) (Dort Bros)

Draper School No 3 (Draper) r 111

Eberenz Ferdinand (Wellsboro) r 36

Eberenz John (Wellsboro) r 36, farmer 40

Eberenz William B (Balsam) r 47, dairy 12 cows, farmer 210

Ellis Alexander (Stony Fork) r 116, farmer 126

Ely Edward (Wellsboro) r 30, farmer 105

English Lee (Stony Fork) r 110, farmer 50, owned by wife

English Mae I (Wellsboro) r 35, school teacher

English William W ( Wellsboro) r 35, farmer 50

Evans Carrie J (Stokesdale) r 7, widow Thomas E

Evans Reese R (Stokesdale) r 7, farmer

FALL BROOK RAILWAY STATION, (Tiadaghton) r 99, George B Horton agent

Fararo Pasqual (Tiadaghton) r 99, section hand F B R R

Faulkner John (Marsh Creek) r 14, farmer 75

Fellows George L (Wellsboro) r 32, farmer 110

Ferando Peter (Stokesdale) r 20, tanner

Ferris Freeman (Stokesdale) r 5, farmer, 40

Field Amy (Wellsboro) r 49, widow Moses

Field Darwin S (Wellsboro) r 49, farmer, 70

FIELD FRANK E, (Stony Fork) r 86, manuf and dealer in full cream cheese, factories at Stony Fork and Balsam, also cider mill, also Sec’y of the State Board of Agriculture for Tioga county

Fields Daniel (Wellsboro) off r 48, dairy 10 cows, farmer, 100

First Baptist Church (Stony Fork) Rev. Philander Reynolds pastor

Fischler Joseph (Wellsboro) r 33, farmer, 50

Fisher Albert C (Wellsboro) r 35, farmer, 105

Fisher Daniel (Wellsboro) r 35

Fisher Henry S (Wellsboro) r 34, farmer, 118

Fisher John (Wellsboro) r 35, farmer, 112

Fisher Joseph E (Wellsboro) r 36, thresher and farmer, 123

Fisher Simon (Wellsboro) r 35, farmer, leases of John 112

Flynn Michael R (Stokesdale) r 8, laborer, 2 houses and lots

Focht John (Wellsboro) r 66, farmer, 100

Focht Thomas (Wellsboro) r 66, farmer, 100

Ford Cassius M (Draper) r 115, farmer, 101

Fowler George (Knapp) r 108, woodsman

Fowler Thomas (Knapp) r 108, farmer, 50

Fowler William (Knapp) r 119, jobber

Francis Avery D (Kennedy) r 81, farmer, 25

Francis George F (Balsam) r 55, carpenter and farmer, 60

Francis Lydia A (Kennedy) r 81, widow Samuel, farm 35

Francis School No 5 (Balsam) r 47

Free Will Baptist Church (Kennedy) r 82

French Edward S, r 76, mason and farmer, 22

Fries Henry (Wellsboro) r 38, farmer, 60

Fuller Elijah (Marsh Creek) r 25, farmer, 50

Fuller Frederick (Stokesdale) r 9, laborer

Fuller Polly (Stokesdale) r 9, widow Benjamin

Fuller Theodore (Stokesdale) r 9, farmer, 50

Furman Wilkes (Stony Fork) r 74, farmer, 53

Furman William B (Wellsboro) off r 37

Gee Alida (Marsh Creek) r 11, widow Fred, farm 40

Gee Amasa (Marsh Creek) r 11, farmer, 42

Gee Frederick (Marsh Creek) r 11, farmer estate of Fred Gee

Gee George (Marsh Creek) r 113, farmer, 35

Gee Joseph (Marsh Creek) r 25, farmer, 100

Gentry E Blanche (Stony Fork) r 86, school teacher

Gentry John M (Stony Fork) r 86, physician and surgeon

Gerth William (Stokesdale) r 20, tanner

Gifford Omar (Stokesdale) r 20, clerk

Gitchell William (Draper) r 111, laborer, h and lot

Gitchell William H (Draper) r 105, farmer, 5

Glasso John (Stokesdale) bds off r 20, emp tannery

Gleason Charles (Olmsville) off r 100, farmer, 50

Gleason George (Olmsville) r 113, farmer, 50

Gleason Henry (Olmsville) off r 100, farmer 50

Gleason Isaac C (Wellsboro) r 37, farmer 75, and works on shares for E Matson 218

Gleason Levi (Sweetbriar) r 67, laborer

Gleason Simon (Sweetbriar) r 67, laborer, h and lot

Gleason W Nelson (Marsh Creek) r 34, farmer, 40

Goiler William (Knapp) r 106

Goodall Samuel (Stony Fork) r 117, farmer, 150

Goodreau Charles (Kennedy) r 95, farmer, 61

Goodwin George A (Stony Fork) general blacksmithing

Goodwin J Wesley (Stony Fork) r 86, farm in Charleston 40

Goodwin Leroy (Draper) r 114, farmer, leases of John Hastings 80

Gorrie Clarence A (Wellsboro) off r 66, market gardener and farmer, 110

Gorrie David (Knapp) r 108 cor 89, farmer, 125

Goslie George (Stokesdale) r 20, tanner

Granger John (Stokesdale) r 6, farmer

Grealo Leander (Stokesdale) r 20, tanner

Green School Dist No 1 (Knapp) r 66, cor 71

Green William (Sweetbriar) r 70, town auditor, carpenter and farmer, 10

Griffin Harriet (Sweetbriar) r 69 cor 70

Grimes Joseph A (Wellsboro) r 33, farmer, 100

Grimes School Dist No 26 (Wellsboro) r 33

Grosjean Arthur L (Wellsboro) r 37, telegrapher

Grosjean Edward E (Wellsboro) r 37, farmer

Grosjean Henry E (Stokesdale) r 8, clerk Stokesdale Junction

Grosjean Sirquet M (Wellsboro) r 37, farmer, 92

Gross M Adelbert (Kennedy) r 80, laborer

Gross John D (Kennedy) r 81, laborer

GROSS MARTHA C (Kennedy) r 83, dressmaker

Gross William (Kennedy) r 80, farmer, 63

GROSS WILLIAM D (Kennedy) r 83, blacksmith and farmer, 140

Grover Otis (Stokesdale) r 1, laborer

Grover Reuben (Stokesdale) r 1, laborer

Guile James (Marsh Creek) r 34, farmer, 15

Hackett John (Niles Valley) r 3, farmer, 30

Hakes Edward (Stokesdale) r 1, farmer, 60

Hakes George, r 45, laborer

Hakes Ross (Balsam) r 56, laborer

Hall Albert L, r 76, farmer, 75

Hall Jacob (Stokesdale) r 20, farmer, 16

Halstead Edwin H (Olmsville) r 100, farmer, 50

Hamm Henry, (Stokesdale) off r 7, laborer

Hampton W Emerson (Stokesdale) r 6, laborer

Hanson Oscar (Stokesdale) r 8, laborer

Harding B Eugene (Wellsboro) r 24, farmer, 45

Harding John (Wellsboro) r 24, farmer, 40

Harran Charles (Stony Fork) r 110, farmer, 83

Harran Elmer (Stony Fork) r 110, laborer

Harrington Charles (Marsh Creek) r 16, teamster

Harrington Smith (Marsh Creek) r 16, farmer, 15

Harris Charles (Stokesdale) r 20, tanner, h and lot

Harris Henry (Stokesdale) r 20, laborer

Harris William D (Kennedy) r 81, farmer, 40

Harrison William, off r 80, farmer 80

Hart Charles H (Marsh Creek) r 10, laborer

Hart Joseph M (Wellsboro) r 38, laborer

Hartman Daniel (Knapp) r 108, farmer, 28

Hasker John (Marsh Creek) r 9, farmer, 60

Hastings Arthur (Olmsville) off r 100, farmer, 60

Hastings Charles L (Kennedy) r 96, laborer

Hastings George (Stony Fork) r 62, farmer, leases of John W, 83

Hastings John W (Stony Fork) r 86, farmer, 368

Hastings Lewis P (Kennedy) r 96, farmer 144

Hatherill George T (Wellsboro) r 49, farmer on shares for John Hatherill, 113

Hatherill John (Wellsboro) r 49, farm, 113

Hawkins James B (Stokesdale) r 9, farmer, 27

Heath Frank P (Wellsboro) r 36, farmer, 59

Heath Jefferson (Wellsboro) r 53, supervisor, farmer, 80

Hebard George W (Wellsboro) r 9, farmer, on shares for Sarah E Love of Morris, 90

Heise Clayton E, r 44, laborer, h and lot

Hiese Edward D (Wellsboro) r 224, farmer, 70

Heise Rhoda, r 44, widow John

Heise School Dist No 7 (Wellsboro) r 37

Hemker Christopher (Stokesdale) r 5, farmer, 114

Henderson Minor J (Tiadaghton) r 99, laborer

Henry David H (Wellsboro) r 30, laborer, h and lot

Herrington Charles (Wellsboro) r 50, farmer, 100

Herrington John (Wellsboro) r 51, farmer on shares for Henry Wolf, 50

Hilboldt Charles (Wellsboro) r 19, farmer, 60

Hilboldt Claude (Wellsboro) r 28, farmer

Hilboldt Joseph (Wellsboro) r 30, farmer 20, and leases of W Hathaway of Elmira 55

Hilboldt Linus (Wellsboro) r 29, farmer, 20

Hildreth Jenerva (Stony Fork) r 64, farmer, 59

Hildreth Julius (Stony Fork) r 64

Hildreth Thomas G (Balsam) r 57, farmer, 67

Hoag Andrew J (Wellsboro) r 71, farmer on shares for William Moyer, 50

Hoag Edward (Wellsboro) r 71, laborer

Hoag Stephen L, r 44, school teacher and farmer, 10

Hodder James, off r 58, farmer, 100

Holliday Delos (marsh Creek) r 10, farmer, 16

Holliday Samuel I (Marsh Creek) r 10, farmer, 10

Hollenback Ernest L (Stokesdale) r 1, farmer

Holm Gustav (Stokesdale) bds r 20, tanner

Hopkins Patrick (Kennedy) r 94, farmer, 50

Horton Burt (Balsam) r 63, farmer, works estate of Hector Horton, 100

Horton Comfort B (Kennedy) r 80, farmer, 3

Horton Daniel S (Tiadaghton) r 99, section hand F B R R

Horton Ezra (Balsam) r 83, farmer, 91

HORTON GEORGE B, (Tiadaghton) r 99, station agent F B R R, American Express and Western Union Telegraph agt

Horton James K (Stony Fork) r 86, school teacher

Horton Marietta (Balsam) r 63, widow Thomas C, farmer, 70

Horton William F (Stony Fork) druggist

Hosier Peter (Wellsboro) r 7, farmer, 19

Hotchkiss Charles M (Stony Fork) r 105, dairy 6 cows, 15 sheep, farmer, 130

Hotchkiss Ira D (Wellsboro) r 50, farm 90

Hotchkiss Lyman (Stony Fork) r 105, farmer, 20

Hotelling Elfierce (Stokesdale) r 20, laborer, h and lot

Hotelling Francis E (Stokesdale) r 6, section foreman

Houghton Charles (Stony Fork) r 86, wagon maker and justice of the peace

Houghton Thomas H (Stony Fork) r 62, farmer, 90

Howe Homer B (Wellsboro) r 40, farmer, 68

Huck Alvin (Stony Fork) r 107, farmer, 35

Huck Myron (Stony Fork) r 107, farmer, 108

Huck School District No 22 (Stony Fork) r 107 cor 118

Hughes David J (Wellsboro) r 29, dairy 10 cows, farmer, 100

Hughes Edwin (Wellsboro) r 29, farmer

Hughes Reese R (Wellsboro) r 29, mason

Hugler Nickolas (Stokesdale) r 20, tanner

Hunt William (Marsh Creek) r 11, farmer, 97

Huyler John (Wellsboro) r 41, farmer, 75

Hyde Norman B (Sweetbriar) r 68, farmer, 50

Ingerick Alfred (Draper) r 92, farmer, 30

Iddings Millard F (Stony Fork) r 86, laborer

Impson Eleanor (Wellsboro) r 33, widow Uriah

Impson Ernest (Wellsboro) r 33, laborer

IVES VELORIOUS G (Olmsville) r 102, prop of stage and mail route from Olmsville to Wellsboro, farmer, 65, and in Charleston, 75

Jackson Henry (Stony Fork) r 107, farmer, 63

Jackson Hiram (Stony Fork) r 107, laborer

Jackson Nahum (Stony Fork) r 107, farmer, 100

Jackson Sarah Mrs (Stokesdale) r 20, farmer, 50

Jennings George (Sweetbriar) r 70 cor 68, farmer, 100

Johnson A Gustav (Stokesdale) r 20, tanner

Johnson Albin (Stokesdale) r 20, tanner

Johnson Charles, r 43 1-2, farmer, 75

Johnson Edward (Wellsboro) r 52, laborer

Johnson Frank (Stokesdale) r 20, tanner

Johnson George (Stokesdale) r 20, laborer

Johnson Gustav (Stokesdale) bds r 20, laborer

Johnson John O (Draper) r 104, tailor, h and lot

Johnson Olf (Knapp) off r 108, farmer, 38

Jones Rumsey (Knapp) r 10, laborer

Jones Walter (Knapp) r 70, laborer, h and lot

JUDD JOHN N (Stokesdale) r 20, foreman tannery

Kane John (Stokesdale) r 20, tanner

Kane William E (Marsh Creek) bds r 14, emp glass works

Karr Robert (Wellsboro) off r 71, farmer, 80

Keck Jacob (Stokesdale) r 9, carpenter and farmer, 284

Keeney Zilla (Stokesdale) r 1, widow Simon, school teacher

Kendrick Louis (Stony Fork) r 86, laborer

Kendrick Samuel (Stony Fork) r 86, farmer 70

Kennedy Charles F (Kennedy) r 96, farmer 50

Kennedy Edward (Kennedy) r 81, farmer 125, with William A

Kennedy Hosea H (Kennedy) r 97, farmer 96

Kennedy Lewis W (Kennedy) r 79, farmer 132

Kennedy Mary (Kennedy) r 81, widow George W, farm 70

Kennedy Nellie (Kennedy) r 81, (Mrs Noble) postmaster

Kennedy Noble (Kennedy) r 81, hay presser and farmer for Mary, 70

Kennedy Russell (Kennedy) r 81, stage driver and farmer 65

Kennedy Samuel W (Kennedy) r 79, laborer

Kennedy School No 13 (Kennedy) r 82

Kennedy William A (Kennedy) r 81, farmer 125 with Edward

Kerr Washington (Tiadaghton) r 99, farmer 70

Ketchum Charles (Wellsboro) r 49, farmer 130

Kilborn Charles L (Stony Forks) r 73, carpenter and farmer 48

Kizer Warren H (Balsam) r 38, laborer

Knapp George (Knapp) r 108, laborer

Knapp Julia (Knapp) r 108, widow Daniel, farmer 37

Knapp Samuel (Knapp) r 119, woodsman

Knous Christian (Stokesdale) r 16, farmer, 70

Knous Martin (Stokesdale) off r 31, tanner and farmer 40

Knous Martin Jr (Stokesdale) off r 31, laborer

Knowlton Eugene F (Olmsville) r 101, farmer on shares for Edward and Abbie Wilcox, 161

Krausey Edward (Stony Forks) r 118, laborer

Krausey Gustavus (Stony Fork) r 118, farmer 37

Krausey John (Knapp) r 108, farmer 10

Krausey Ransford (Stony Forks) r 118, farmer 37

Kreisler Elias E (Stony Forks) r 104, farmer 87

Kriner Andrew (Knapp) r 119, miner

Kriner Charles (Knapp) r 119, miner

Kriner William D (Wellsboro) r 48, farmer 53

LaCount John (Stokesdale) r 4, farmer 42 and 42 owned by wife

Landis Albert (Marsh Creek) r 26, farmer 35

Landis George (Wellsboro) r 33, farmer in Shippen 83

Landrus John L & Co (J L Landrus) (Stokesdale) r 20, postmaster and merchant, h West ave, Wellsboro

LaPoint Joseph (Wellsboro) r 48, farmer 24

LaPoint Nellie (Wellsboro) r 48, photographer

Lattin William (Teadaghton) r 99, section foreman F B R R

Lawton Edgar (Stony Fork) r 91, stone mason, farmer, 91

Lawton Francis R (Draper) r 92, farmer, 120

Lawton Gelderoy H (Kennedy) r 98, farmer

Lawton Noyes (Kennedy) r 98, farmer, 40

Lawton Thomas R (Stony Fork) r 91, laborer

Lawton Warren (Kennedy) r 97, farmer, 125

Learn Arthur S (Balsam) r 65, laborer

Learn E L (Balsam) r 65, laborer

Learn Peter (Balsam) r 75, farmer, 72

Lloyd Andrew (Olmsville) r 100 1-2, farmer, 130

Lloyd Eli B (Olmsville) off r 100 1-2, farmer, 40

Lloyd Fred J (Balsam) r 61, butcher and dealer in live stock

Lloyd Robert (Balsam) r 61, farmer, 106

Lockwood Clarence (Tiadaghton) off r 99, laborer

Lockwood Lester (Tiadaghton) off r 99, lumber jobber

Lockwood William (Tiadaghton) off r 99, laborer

Losinger Frank (Marsh Creek) r 16, laborer, h and lot

Losinger Isaac (Stokesdale) r 18, farmer, on shares for M Lounsberry, 50

Losinger James (Wellsboro) r 24, emp glass works

Losinger John (Stokesdale) r 18, laborer

Lounsbury D Milton (Stokesdale) r 20, bookkeeper, farmer, 50

Luddington Frank (Kennedy) r 82, stone mason and farmer, 7

Luddington Matilda (Kennedy) r 81, widow Manely, farm, 75

Ludlam Thomas (Sweetbriar) r 69, farmer, 50

LUNDQUIST ANDREW J (Antrim) r 119, A J Lundquist & Co

LUNDQUIST A J & CO (Antrim) r 119, (A J Lundquist John Lundquist and J F Soderquist) prop Delmar coal mines

LUNDQUIST JOHN, r 119, (A J Lundquist & Co)

Luther Alonzo (Stokesdale) r 5, farmer

Lyon Harriet H Mrs (Stony Fork) r 105

Lynch John (Wellsboro) r 36, farmer, 50

Lynch William J (Stokesdale) r 7, tanner

Lyon Orra E (Stony Fork) r 105, laborer

Lyon Ralph A (Stony Fork) r 105, laborer, h and lot

Makin George (Knapp) off r 89, farmer, 107

Makin George Jr, (Knapp) off r 89, laborer

Makin Walter (Knapp) r 69 1-2, farmer, 30

Mandeville Jackson (Stokesdale) r 1, farm 57

Mangan Patrick (Kennedy) farmer, 80

Marsh Creek Baptist Church (Marsh Creek) r 16 cor 24

Marsh Creek School Dist No 20 (Marsh Creek) r 12

Marshall Herbert H (Stony Fork) off r 107, farmer, 52, with J F

Marshall Jeremiah F (Stony Fork) off r 107, farmer, 50, with Herbert H

Marrow Abram (Stony Fork) r 107, farmer, 97

Mason Edward (Marsh Creek) r 10, farmer, 40

Mathers George B, r 36, farmer, leases of Mrs Nettie Avery of Wellsboro 50

Matson Edwin (Wellsboro) r 24 1-2

Matson School Dist (Marsh Creek) r 14 cor 24

McCarter Elisha (Stony Fork) r 105, farmer, 6

McCarthy Jeremiah (Wellsboro) r 50, laborer

McCarthy John (Wellsboro) r 50, farmer, 70

Meacham Albert (Sweetbriar) r 69, apiarist 25 colonies, farmer, 22

Meacham Lyman (Sweetbriar) r 69

Methodist Episcopal Church (Wellsboro) r 68, Rev Harry Wilkins pastor

Mickle John W (Stokesdale) r 8, blacksmith

Mickle Nathan (Stokesdale) r 32, farmer 100, and on shares for Mrs L H Butler 97

Middle Ridge School Dist No 8 (Stony Fork) r 85 cor 74

Miller John R (Wellsboro) r 27, farmer on shares for John Miller of Wellsboro 100

Miller Levi (Kennedy) r 83, farmer, leases 60

Miller Lorenzo (Kennedy) r r 95, farmer, 40

Mitchell Henry J (Stony Fork) r85, dairy 18 cows, farmer, 131, and leases J C Bartle 72

Mitchell Joseph (Stony Fork) r 90, farmer, 73

Mitchell William (Stony Fork) r 1, farmer, 59

Moffatt William (Stokesdale) r 1, farmer, 59

Monks John A (Stokesdale) r8, dairy 8 cows, 25 sheep, farmer, 83

Monks Stephen B (Stokesdale) r 8

Monroe A Lincoln (Balsam) r 57, laborer

Moore C Adelbert (Olmsville) r 100 1-2, farmer 100

Moore Wilborn I (Stony Fork) r 92, farmer, 53

Moore William S (Stony Fork) r 92, farmer, 65 and 333 wild land and 82 owned by wife

Morris Frank (Knapp) r 70, farmer, 60

Morrow James, r 73, laborer

Morrow James (Stony Fork) r 90, farmer, 50

Morrow Morgan (Stony Fork) r 90, laborer

Morrow Robert, r 73, farmer 97

Morrow William, r 73, laborer

Morrow William E, (Stony Fork) r 89, farmer, 50

Morseman William (Sweetbriar) r 67, laborer

Mosher Daniel E (Stokesdale) r 7, laborer

Moshier Herman (Marsh Creek) laborer

Mosier Charles W (Balsam) r 63, blacksmith and farmer, 38

Moseman Jacob (Stony Fork) r 73, laborer, h and lot

Moseman William (Stony Fork) r 73, laborer, h and lot

Moyer Charles W (Stony Fork) r 109, cider mill, and farmer, 60 owned by wife

Moyer William, r 44, carpenter and gunsmith, farmer, 50

Mudge Edgar R (Wellsboro) r 42, farmer, 45

Mudge Loren, r 45, farmer, 40

Munroe Barton (Draper) r 105, laborer

Musleno Blaze (Stokesdale) r 20, tanner

Musanno Joseph (Stokesdale) r 20, laborer

Mussano Secundal (Stokesdale) r 20 laborer

Navil Orrin J (Kennedy) r 97, apiarist 60 colonies, farmer, 80

Navil Samuel (Kennedy) r 97, farmer 25

Noelk Henry (Wellsboro) r 27, thresher and farmer, 100

Neptune Charles (Stokesdale) r 20, fireman tannery

Niles Gibson (Stokesdale) r 1, farmer 31

Niles Jasper S (Niles Valley) r 3, farmer, on shares for Russell Niles of Middlebury, 60

Niles Lewis E (Draper) r 115, laborer

Nobles Ferdinand (Wellsboro) r 36, farmer, 50

Nobles George W, r 44 farmer, 100

O’Connor John W (Stokesdale) r 20, wool grower, 120 sheep, farmer, 165

Ogden Daniel (Stony Fork) r 86, carpenter

OGDEN FRANK K, (Wellsboro) r 48, carpet, rugs and blanket weaving, h and 3 acres. (See adv page 121)

Ogden Hiram H (Olmsville) r 100 1-2, carpenter

Oleson Fred (Stokesdale) bds r 20, laborer

Olmstead Charles E (Stony Fork) r 96, thresher and shingle mill

Olmstead Francis H (Kennedy) r 97, farmer, 54

Olmstead Jacob R (Kennedy) r 98, farmer, 120

Olmstead James (Olmsville) r 100 1-2, farmer, 125

OLMSVILLE & WELLSBORO STAGE LINE, (Olmsville) r 102, V G Ives propr, leaves Olmsville 8 a m, arrives at Wellsboro at 11 a m; leaves Wellsboro at 2 p m, arrives at Olmsville at 5 p m, leaving mail at Baldwin, Stony Fork and Draper

Orr Charles (Stony Fork) r 92, dairy 30 cows, farmer, 230

Orr Harry (Stony Fork) r 92, farmer

Orr Robert J (Stony Fork) r 74, farmer

Orr Thomas (Stony Fork) r 90, h and lot

Orr Thomas J (Stony Fork) r 74, farmer, 167

Orr William M (Stony Fork) r 92, school teacher

Osborn Albert (Draper) r 105 opp 92, postmaster and jeweler

Osborn Frank (Tiadaghton) r 99, laborer

Orsley George (Stokesdale) r 20, tanner

Orsley John (Stokesdale) r 20, tanner, h and lot

Packard Frank (Kennedy) r 83, laborer

Palmer Harry (Draper) r 105, blacksmith, h and lot

Palmer Jerusha (Draper) r 105, widow Nathan, h and lot

PARK LUTHER T (Wellsboro) r 29 (Park & Cummings of Wellsboro) farmer, 24

Pavese John (Stokesdale) r 20, tanner

Peake David (Wellsboro) r 38, laborer, h and lot

Perkins John G (Stokesdale) off r 7, celery grower, 40 acres

Peters Emile (Knapp) r 106, farmer, 45

Peters Orville (Marsh Creek) r 34, laborer

Peterson Axel (Antrim) r 118, miner

Peterson Charles (Antrim) r 118, miner and farmer, 38

Peterson Lars (Sweetbriar) r 69, farmer, 68

Phelps U Grant, r 59, farmer on shares for M D Howe, 183

Phippen Loren (Wellsboro) r 23, farmer, 50

Pierson School No 16 (Stokesdale) r 7

Plano Serillo (Stokesdale) r 16, farmer, 63

Playfoot Edward J (Kennedy) r 83, farmer, 52

Playfoot William H (Kennedy) r 83, farmer, 140

Plumley Harlan (Stony Fork) r 110, laborer

Plumley Manning (Stokesdale) r 1, farmer, 50, owned by wife

Powers Orville F (Stony Fork) r 86, cooper, h and lot

Priset John (Wellsboro) r 16, carpenter and farmer, 75

Putman Andrew J (Stony Fork) r 86, harnessmaker

Putnam Chester (Olmsville) r 100, farmer, 35

Putnam Emeline (Olmsville) r 100 1-2, widow John, farm, 65

Putnam George (Olmsville) r 99 1-2, farmer, 80

Putnam George M (Olmsville) r 100, farmer, 35

Putnam LeRoy (Olmsville) r 100 1-2, farmer, 50

Putnam William (Stony Fork) r 107, farmer, 90

Putney Frank J, r 44 (Colegrove & Putney) farmer, 25

Quimby Francis (Knapp) r 108, widow Robert

Quimby Joshua (Balsam) r 55, farmer, 45

QUIMBY MINOR E, (Knapp) r 108 cor 89, postmaster and grocer

Raish George F (Stony Fork) r 25, lumberman and farmer, 30

Rappleye Abram (Wellsboro) r 53, laborer

Rankin Edward (Balsam) r 48, teamster

Redfield Hamilton (Stokesdale) r 4, carpenter and farmer, 70

Reed Harry (Marsh Creek) r 14, laborer, h and lot

Reed Henry (Marsh Creek) r 14, laborer, h and lot

Reed Horatio L (Wellsboro) r 49, farmer, 40

Reed Victor L (Draper) r 105, farmer, 6

Regis Albert (Stokesdale) r 20, tanner, h and lot

Repard Charles (Wellsboro) r 70, farmer on shares for John Clark, 50

Repard Edwin (Knapp) r 108, laborer

Repard George (Knapp) r 108, farmer, 85

Reynolds Philander (Wellsboro) r 86, pastor of First Baptist Church of Stony Forks

Reynolds Walter (Niles Valley) r 4, laborer

Rice Fred (Draper) r 109, laborer

Rice Ira (Draper) r 109, laborer

Rice Peter (Draper) r 108, laborer

Richar William (Sweetbriar) r 69, apiarist 22 colonies

Richardson Elisha J (Stokesdale) r 9, farmer 44

Richardson Norris (Wellsboro) r 9, laborer

Robbins David (Marsh Creek) r 11, laborer

Robertson George (Stony Forks) r 89, farmer 50

Robertson Jane Mrs (Wellsboro) r 71

Robertson Thomas A (Balsam) r 71, farmer 29

Robertson William (Balsam) off r 65, farmer 65

ROBLYER HERBERT (Balsam) r 47, sec’y Tioga county Grange, Mutual Fire Insurance Co, dairy 12 cows, farmer 101, also sec’y Tioga county Pomona Grange

Roe Erastus C (Wellsboro) r 32, farmer with Sheldon N, 50

Roe James M (Wellsboro) r 32, farmer 50

Roe Sheldon N (Wellsboro) r 32, farmer with Erastus C, 50

Rogers Sylvester (Stokesdale) r 20, tanner, h and lot

Roland Frank (Wellsboro) r 66, farmer 140

Roland Sarah (Balsam) r 55, widow Henry C, farm 23

Root Eugene (Stony Fork) r 116, mason and farmer 18

Root Frank (Stony Fork) r 116, laborer

Root Joseph (Wellsboro) r 50, mason

Root Oscar (Stony Fork) r 91, laborer

Rosettie Blaze (Stokesdale) r 20, farmer 40

Roti Domenick (Tiadaghton) r 99, section hand F B R R

Rounsville Wesley (Stokesdale) r 7, laborer

Rouse George W (Stokesdale) r 7, celery grower

Russell John M (Wellsboro) r 38, carpenter, farmer 85

Russell Lewis (Wellsboro) r 37 cor 39, farmer on shares for Eliza of Wellsboro 75

Sabin Charles (Stony Fork) r 105, postmaster and constable and collector, farmer 108

Sanco John (Stokesdale) bds off r 20, emp tannery

Satterly Robert (Wellsboro) r 49, farmer 2

Scanlon Patrick H (Olmsville) r 100, farmer 163

School District No 17, (Knapp) r 108

Scott Edward (Stokesdale) bds off r 20, emp tannery

Shannon Frank (Stokesdale) r 6, laborer

Shepard Jesse D (Wellsboro) r 31, brakeman

Shepard Silas E (Wellsboro) r 31, farmer 96

Sherman Eugene E (Kennedy) r 98, farmer 175

Shirk James (Knapp) r 108, woodsman

Short Tony (Wellsboro) r 48, farmer on shares for Ransom Field 30

Shumway Darwin W (Stokesdale) r 18, farmer 36

Shumway Devillo B (Wellsboro) r 42, farmer 49

Shumway School Dist No 27 (Stokesdale) r 18 cor 22

Shumway S Delancy (Wellsboro) r 22, farmer, 100

Simmons Chester H (Draper) r 92, farmer, 18

Simmons Eli (Wellsboro) r 36, farmer, 40

Simmons Grant (Knapp) r 118, farmer, 94

Simmons Mary E (Stony fork) r 118, widow Franklin L

Simmons Peter (Knapp) r 107, laborer

Smedley Lemuel W (Sweetbriar) r 69 cor 70, farmer, 2

Smeedman Maria (Antrim) r 65, farm 6

Smith Catherine (Wellsboro) r 24 1-2, widow Henry M

SMITH CHARLES (Wellsboro) r 24, farmer, 100

Smith Claude (Tiadaghton) r 99, laborer

Smith Enos (Marsh Creek) r 13, laborer, h and lot

Smith Frank (Wellsboro) r 24 1-2, farmer, 94

Smith Harvey (Sweetbriar) r 69, farmer, 10

Smith Harvey R (Sweetbriar) r 69, farmer, 50

Smith Henry B (Wellsboro) r 36, farmer, 58

Smith Henry H (Wellsboro) r 36, farmer, 50

Smith John B (Wellsboro) r 33, farmer, 50

SMITH JOHN W (Wellsboro) r 37, wool grower 40 sheep, farmer, 150

Smith Leonard (Sweetbriar) r 69, laborer

Smith Lewis B (Wellsboro) r 22, farmer, 36

SODERQUIST JOHN F (Antrim) r 119, (A J Lundquist & Co)

Spencer Carl (Wellsboro) r 29, farmer

Spencer C Edgar (Wellsboro) r 23, farmer, 56

Spencer Charles A (Wellsboro) r 21, farmer, 60

Spencer Henry (Wellsboro) off r 29, farmer

Spencer James C (Wellsboro) r 29, farmer 32

Spencer James E (Wellsboro) r 22, farmer, 55

Spencer Jesse L (Wellsboro) r 31, carpenter, h and lot

Spencer Lyman A (Wellsboro) r 23

Spencer Richard R (Wellsboro) r 29, laborer

Spencer S Albert (Wellsboro) r 31

Spencer William (Wellsboro) r 29, farmer

Starkweather Darwin (Wellsboro) r 52, laborer

Starkweather Elijah (Sweetbriar) r 69, laborer

Starkweather Elisha (Wellsboro) off r 52, farmer, 50

Starkweather Nelson (Sweetbriar) r 67, laborer

Statts George, r 44, laborer

Statts Henry W (Wellsboro) r 41, farmer, 75

Statts John (Wellsboro) off r 35, farmer, 120

Statts William (Wellsboro) off r 35, farmer

Steele Charles (Wellsboro) r 35, auditor and farmer, 100

Steele Miles (Stony Fork) r 88, assistant assessor and farmer, 110

Steele R Elwin (Stony Fork) r 90, farmer, leases of Robert E Steele 60

Steele Robert E (Stony Fork) r 90, farmer, 60

Stermer George, r 42, wool grower 40 sheep, farmer, 78, and in Shippen 60

Stewart Clarence (Wellsboro) r 67, farmer, 100

Stewart Theodore (Stokesdale) r 18, farmer, 67

Stickley William A (Tiadaghton) r 99, section hand F B R R

Stocum Cyrus (Stokesdale) r 1, laborer

Stone Eugene H, r 43, farmer, 114

Stone Israel G (Balsam) r 56, agent

Stony Fork School Dist No 4, (Stony Fork) r 62 n 86

Stradley James (Sweetbriar) r 69 1-2, farmer, 45

Stradley Rice H (Sweetbriar) r 69 1-2, town clerk and treasurer

Stradley Richard D (Sweetbriar) r 69 1-2, laborer

Stradley Ulysses (Sweetbriar) r 69 1-2

Stratton Arthur (Olmsville) r 100 1-2, farmer on shares for A N Webster, 176

Strawn Samuel J (Niles Valley) r 3, laborer

Stubbs Dewitt D, r 44, postmaster and merchant

Symonds Benjamin (Draper) r 105, blacksmith and farmer, 101, owned by Cynthia

Symonds Cynthia (Draper) r 105, widow Job W, farm 101

Symonds George (Draper) r 105, well driver

Symonds Herbin (Draper) r 105, laborer, h and lot

Tallman Jacob H (Wellsboro) r 9, tobacco grower 4 acres, farmer

Tarszowecz Frank (Wellsboro) off r 49, farmer, 170

Taylor Archie (Tiadaghton) off r 99, laborer

Taylor Harry (Olmsville) r 101, laborer

Taylor Roy (Olmsville) r 101, farmer, 7

Taylor W Andrew (Olmsville) r 93, farmer, 150

Taylor W Ray (Olmsville) r 93, farmer

Thomas Benjamin (Stokesdale) r 5, farmer, 40

Thomas David W (Stony Fork) r 107, miner

Thomas John (Knapp) r 66, farmer, son of Thomas M

Thomas Thomas M (Knapp) r 66, farmer, 225

Thompson Amy (Marsh Creek) r 11, widow Alanson

Thompson Lena (Marsh Creek) r 11, widow Alonzo, farm, estate of Alanson, 100

Thornton Edmund L (Marsh Creek) r 34, farmer 50

Thornton Hiram (Marsh Creek) r 34, laborer

Thornton John (Marsh Creek) r 34, laborer

Thornton John J (Stokesdale) r 16, farmer 50

Thornton Lewis E (Stokesdale) r 16, farmer 73

Thornton Silas M (Stokesdale) r 16, farmer 65

Tiadaghton School Dist No 24 (Tiadaghton) r 99

TIOGA COUNTY GRANGE MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, (Balsam) r 47, C L Beiver of Farmington Hill pres, H Roblyer sec’y, main office Mansfield, Pa

Tipperman Henry (Wellsboro) r 33, farmer on shares for John B Smith 50

Tipperman Warren (Wellsboro) r 33, laborer

Tomb Hiram (Draper) off r 111, farmer, 40

Tombs Robert L (Stony Fork) r 90, laborer, h and lot

Torne Albert (Knapp) r 70, farmer 110

Torne Arthur (Knapp) r 108, laborer

Torpy Albert H (Draper) r 115, farmer 100

Torpy Luther (Wellsboro) r 24, farmer, 52

Torpy Phebe J (Draper) r 115, widow Augustine S, farmer 100

Torpy Ralph A (Draper) r 115, farmer

Towle Leroy (Wellsboro) r 16, farmer 86

Tuttle Edwin J (Wellsboro) r 50, school director and farmer, leases of Ira D Hotchkiss, 90

Union Tanning Company (Stokesdale) r 20, E G Schieffelin supt, manufs of sole leather

Vail Willard (Marsh Creek) r 11, laborer

Vail Willis A (Marsh Creek) r 13, farmer on shares for Ezra Horton 100

Valentine George C (Wellsboro) r 48, farmer 10

Valentine Helen Mrs (Wellsboro) r 48, farmer 50

Valentine William K (Stony Brook) r 89, laborer

Valsing Clara (Stony Fork) r 105, widow George, farm 50

Valsing Hattie L (Stony Fork) r 105, music teacher

Valsing Nellie J (Stony Fork) r 105, school teacher

Valsing School No 11 (Draper) r 105

Valsing Walter (Stony Fork) r 105, butter maker

VanCise David E (Wellsboro) r 37, laborer

VanCise George M (Wellsboro) r 33, farmer 83

VanCise R Lewis (Tiadaghton) r 99, farmer 70

VanCise William (Wellsboro) r 37, laborer

VanDergrift Harvey (Stony Fork) r 110, laborer

Van Dergrift James (Stony Fork) r 110, farmer, 100

Van Dergrift John H (Stony Fork) r 109, farmer, 90

Van Order Henry (Stokesdale) r 7, laborer

Van Order Henry (Stokesdale) r 1, farmer

Van Vliet Albert (Draper) r 102, farmer, 150

Van Wort Chester (Stokesdale) r 9, farmer, 25

Wakeman John (Stokesdale) r 16, farmer, 30

Walbridge Arthur (Balsam) r 61, farmer on shares for Robert Lloyd, 106

Walbridge Bion (Stony Fork) r 65, laborer

Walbridge George B (Stony Fork) r 96, now serving in Battery A, Pa Vols

Walbridge Luther P (Stony Fork) r 87, farmer, 94

Walbridge Robert S (Stony Fork) r 96, farmer, 100

Walbridge William R S (Stony Fork) r 65, farmer, 130

Waldron Joseph (Antrim) r 119, miner

Walker Charles (Balsam) r 48, supervisor and farmer, 100

Walker Jennie S (Balsam) r 48, (Mrs Charles) postmaster

Walker Sarah A (Stony Fork) widow Peter G

Warner Bert (Olmsville) r 113, farmer, 25

Warner Howard (Olmsville) r 113, farmer, 50

Warner James N (Draper) r 105 opp 92, grocer, h and lot

Warner Orrin N (Draper) r 105, laborer

Warren George (Stokesdale) r 16, laborer

Warriner Bert ( Draper) r 111, farmer, 10

Warriner Howard (Draper) r 111, farmer, 30

Warriner Ira M (Draper) r 92, carpet weaver, h and lot

Warriner Joseph (Draper) r 115, farmer, 43

Warriner Stephen (Draper) r 111, farmer, 10

Watkins Carlos (Wellsboro) r 52

Watkins Ernest (Wellsboro) r 52, lumberman and farmer, 257

Webb George W (Olmsville) r r 113, farmer, 66

Webster Alvin M (Olmsville) r 100 1-2, farmer, 100, wife owns 76

Webster Homer G (Marsh Creek) r 10, laborer

West Branch School District No 6 (Olmsville) r 100 1-2, cor 101

West Clinton, r 75, farmer

Wetherbee Anna (Balsam) r 45, widow La Fayette, farmer, 55

Wetherbee Edward (Balsam) r 63, laborer

Wetherbee Ira (Wellsboro) r 38, farmer, 85

Wetherbee Jarvis (Balsam) r 63, laborer

Wetherbee Walter (Wellsboro) r 38, farmer, 42, and works on shares for Ira, 85

Wetmore Orrin (Stokesdale) r 20, laborer

Whaling Dennis (Knapp) r 89, farmer, 37, also on shares for M N Davis, 64

Wheeler Alanson (Wellsboro) r 68, farmer, 150

Wheeler Arthur B (Wellsboro) r 48, school teacher

Wheeler Edgar (Wellsboro) r 68, farmer son of Alanson

Wheeler Frank J (Stony Fork) r 86, farmer, 50

WHEELER HARRY D (Wellsboro) r 48, dairy 17 cows, farmer, 150

Wheeler School No 18, (Balsam) r 48

White Chester (Niles Valley) r 6, farmer, 35

Whiting Charles (Wellsboro) r 48, laborer

Whitney Claude (Stokesdale) r 20, laborer

Whitney George B ( Wellsboro) r 48, farmer, on shares for Emily Wheeler, 100

Whitney Willis (Stokesdale) r 4, farmer, 52

Wilcox Artelissa C (Stony Fork) r 91, widow Edwin, h and lot

Wilcox Charles C (Wellsboro) off r 49

Wilcox Charles O (Wellsboro) r 49, farmer, on shares for Allie Steel, 108

Wilcox Edward (Olmsville) r 96, farmer, 100

Wilcox Edwin (Olmsville) r 101, farmer, 30

Wilcox Galusha B (Stony Fork) off r 65, farmer, 140

Wilcox Hiram E (Stony Fork) r 86, agricultural implements

Wilcox Jeannette (Olmsville) r 101, widow Clarence, farmer, 100

Wilcox Orlando (Olmsville) r 100, farmer, 100

Wilcox Palmer (Stony Fork) r 90, farmer, 25, owned by his children

Wilcox Phillip (Olmsville) r 101, breeder and dealer in Jersey cattle, and farmer, 130

Wilcox Sarah M (Olmsville) r 102 cor 101, widow John D, postmaster and farmer, 87

Wilcox School Dist No 23, (Balsam) r 65

Wilcox Simon G (Olmsville) r 1123, farmer, 63

Wilcox Stephen A (Wellsboro) r 49, laborer

Wilcox Wellington W (Wellsboro) off r 49, farmer, 230

Wilcox William D (Stony Fork) r 74, farmer, 50

Willard Adelbert (Olmsville) r 94

Willard Alfred (Marsh Creek) r 34, farmer, 50

Willard Caroline ( Balsam) r 55, widow Joseph

WILLARD EDGAR W, (Balsam) r 55, assessor and farmer, 50

Willard Hiram (Wellsboro) r 9, mason and farmer, 80

Willard Joseph U (Olmsville) r 94, farmer, 65

Williams Hannah (Olmsville) r 101, widow George

Williams Isaac (Stokesdale) r 7

Williams John J (Stokesdale) r 1, laborer, h and lot

Wilson Alvira (Olmsville) r 113, widow Piteus

Wilson Baxter (Kennedy) off r 80, farmer, 80

Wilson Charles L (Stony Fork) r 92, farmer, 95

Wilson Daniel J (Kennedy) r 80, farmer, 12

Wilson Ellis B (Wellsboro) r 38, thresher and hay presser, farmer, 50

Wilson Frank, r 59, farmer, 100

Wilson George B (Stony Fork) r 102, farmer on shares for George Raish, 120

Wilson Grant L (Stony Fork) r 64, farmer, 10

Wilson Henry B (Balsam) r 56, farmer, leases 50

Wilson Ira C (Stony Fork) r 84, dairy 17 cows, farmer, 200

Wilson James (Wellsboro) r 31, farmer, 40

Wilson Milan D (Kennedy) r 82, farmer, 60

Wilson Robert, r 42, farmer, 10

Wilson Robert (Stony Fork) r 87, laborer, h and lot

Wilson Robert L, r 42, apiarist 40 colonies, farmer, 110

Wilson Samuel, r 59, laborer

Wilson Wilson (Balsam) r 48, laborer

Yahn Louis F (Wellsboro) r 32, butcher and farmer, 103

Yandis Jacob (Wellsboro) r 58, works on shares for S Bacon 130

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Dr. A. B. EASTMAN, oldest established office in the county. A large stock of artificia teeth to select from. Quickly mounted on any kind or style of plate desired. Best results guaranteed.
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