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Scanned & Formatted by Joyce M. Tice 
Retyped by Janet Loftus

Elk Township Directory

For explanations, &c., see page 13.

Postoffice address Elk unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis)

Amacher Pete (Leetonia) off r 6 emp tannery

Amer Jacob (Leetonia) r 6, emp tannery

Amer John (Leetonia) r 6, emp tannery

Anderson Andrew (Leetonia) r 6, woodsman

Anderson James (Leetonia) r 6, woodsman

Anderson William (Marshfield) r 3, laborer

Antrim John (Leetonia) r 6, emp tannery

Bailey James (Leetonia) r 6, jobber

Bailey John (Leetonia) r 6, laborer

Beauman John (Leetonia) r 6, emp tannery

Becker John (Leetonia) off r 6, laborer

Berlin August (Leetonia) off r 6, emp tannery

Brmieger Frank (Leetonia) r 6, emp tannery

Campbell Edward (Leetonia) off r 6, woodsman

Campbell John E (Marshfield) r 1. veterinary surgeon

Campbell Joseph (Leetonia) r 6, woodsman

Campbell William (Leetonia) r 6, woodsman

Card John (Leetonia) r 6, teamster

Cargill William (Leetonia) r 6, carpenter

Cargill James (Leetonia) r 6, millwright

Cedar Run Tannery (Leetonia) r 6, James L. Snyder supt

Champaign Franklin P (Marshfield) r 5, farmer, son of Peter

Champaign George (Marshfield) r 5, lumberman

Champaign Peter (Marshfield) r 5, farmer 172

Colegrove Hiram L (Marshfield) r 9, farmer 70

Colegrove John C (Marshfield) r 10, farmer 46

Dewey Rupert A (Marshfield) r 7, farmer 83

Duggan Catharine (Marshfield) off r 1, widow John

Duggan Daniel (Marshfield) off r 1, farmer 53

Ebert William (Leetonia r 6, laborer

English Edward (Leetonia) r 6, woodsman

Fahrenz Peter (Leetonia) off r 6 woodsman

Fegley Frank (Marshfield) r 10, farmer on shares for Martha A, 50

Fegley, Martha A (Marshfield) r 10, widow of Reuben, farm 50

Fenner John (Leetonia) r 6, stage route and boarding house

Freligh Edgar R (Marshfield) r 5, auditor and farmer 50

Freligh John E (Marshfield) r 4 cor 5, farmer 168

Freligh Wilbor (Marshfield) r 4 cor 5, farmer son of John E

Gillespie Thomas (Leetonia) r 6, emp tannery

Gordon Joseph (Leetonia) r6, town clerk and supervisor, outside foreman tannery

Grimm Joseph (Marshfield) r 1, school director, farmer 90

Gross Gustav (Marshfield) r 9 cor 7, supervisor and school director, farmer 60

Haeselbarth F H (Leetonia) r 6 shoemaker

Harvey Joseph (Marshfield) r 6, laborer

Huggler Andrew (Leetonia) r 6, emp tannery

Huggler Elizabeth (Leetonia) r 6, widow John

Huggler Michael (Leetonia) off r 6, emp tannery

Hubers Frederick H (Marshfield) r 4, farmer 91, with J Henry

Hubers J Henry (Marshfield) r 4, farmer 91, with Frederick H

Husted Henry (Leetonia) r 6, teamster

Jackson Charles (Marshfield) r 6 sawmill, manuf lumber

Kehrley Alexander (Marshfield) r 7, farmer, 175

Kehrley Charles (Marshfield) r 7, farm laborer

Kelley William J (Leetonia) r 6, teamster

Kern Abram (Marshfield) r 3 1-2, farmer 50

Kern Henry Jr (Marshfield) r 3 1-2, farmer 50

Kline Michael (Leetonia ) r 6, emp tannery

Klinegardner William (Leetonia) r 6 barn boss tannery Co

Knapp John (Leetonia) r 6, teamster

Knight Edward (Leetonia) r 6, teamster

Kool David (Leetonia) r6, emp tannery

Kratzer John (Marshfield) r 5, laborer

Krowski Albert (Leetonia) r 6, emp tannery

Kubetch Jacob (Leetonia) r 6, emp tannery

Leuthold Andrew (Leetonia) r 6, emp tannery

Leuthold john (Leetonia) r 6, emp tannery

Lockwood Leslie (Leetonia) off r 6, woodsman

Lorenz Arthur (Marshfield) r 10, collector and farmer, 90

Loucks Aaron (Leetonia) r 6 teamster

Lowe Wilson (Leetonia) r 11, farmer, 50

Marsoleno Joseph (Leetonia) r 6, emp tannery

Mattison Hoyt M (Marshfield) r 1, farmer, 175

Maynard Reuben G (Marshfield) r 1, farmer, 175

McCracken Benjamin (Marshfield) r 5, farmer, 70

Miller Augustus (Leetonia) r 6, emp tannery

Misner George R. (Leetonia) r 6, woodsman

Misner Millard (Leetonia) r 11, woodsman

Misner William (Leetonia) r 6, woodsman

Moore Jeremiah Jr (Marshfield) r 6, laborer

Muchler Charles (Leetonia) off r 6, emp tannery

Naegly John (Leetonia) r 6, foreman tannery

Naegly Michael (Leetonia) r 6 emp tannery

Nesbit Richard (Marshfield) r 7, farmer 35

Nessler Loudwick (Leetonia) r 6, emp tannery

Ogden Marshal S (Leetonia) r 6, auditor, emp tannery, wagon shop

Parker John W (Marshfield) r 10, farmer, 56

Pauke Michael (Leetonia) r 6, emp tannery

Purhan Elizabeth (Marshfield) r 9, widow Frank

Purhan Louis (Marshfield) r 9, farmer, 120

Purhen John M (Marshfield) r 2, farmer, 35

Raisor David (Leetonia) r 6, woodsman

Reinwald Augustus (Marshfield) r 4, farmer, 197

Reinwald Frederick H (Marshfield) r 4, farmer son of Augustus

Rezitski Thomas (Leetonia) r 6, emp tannery

Reiff George (Leetonia) r 6, clerk Shaut & Co

Reiff George (Leetonia) r 6, butcher

Riddell William S (Leetonia) r 6, clerk Shaut & Co

Brecher Casper (Marshfield) r 7, laborer

Brecher Henry (Marshfield) r 7, farmer, 80

Brecher Henry Jr (Marshfield) r 7, soldier, son of Henry

Roarbaugh Harry T (Leetonia) r 6, woodsman

Roth Michael (Leetonia) r 6, laborer

Rozick Michael Leetonia) r 6, emp tannery

Rumsey William R (Marshfield) r 3, farmer, 29, owned by wife

Ryan Malachi (Leetonia) r 6, emp tannery

Schanbacher Fred (Marshfield) r 5, retired farmer, 88 years old

Schanbacher William T (Marshfield) school director, assessor and farmer, 110

Schramm Bartlett (Leetonia) off r 6, emp tannery

Schramm Flora (Marshfield ) r 7, school teacher

Schramm Mary (Marshfield) r 7, widow Martin, farm 82

School District No 1 (Marshfield) r 7 cor 4

School District No 2 (Marshfield) r 4 cor 5

School District No 3 (Leetonia) off r 6

School District No 4 (Marshfield) r 10 cor 9

Schwab Alfred (Leetonia) r 6, emp tannery

Schwab Gottleib (Leetonia) r 6, emp tannery

Schwab John (Leetonia) r 6, emp tannery

Shaut Charles M (Leetonia) sect and treas Shaut & Co

Shaut & Co (limited) (Leetonia) r 6, C M Shaut Sect and treas, general merchants and meat market

Sintchler Silas (Marshfield) r 5, farmer, leases of L Wetmore, 100

Snyder Annie E (Leetonia) r 6, widow Augustus R

Snyder James L (Leetonia) r 6, pastmaster and supt Cedar Run tannery

Snyder Robert (Marshfield) r 10, laborer

Snyder William McD (Leetonia) r 6, justice of the peace, bookerkeeper Cedar Run tannery

Spiker Lena (Leetonia) r 6, widow Howard M

Stickler Dwight (Marshfield) r 6, farmer, 60

Stobanski Thomas (Leetonia) r 6, emp tannery

Townsend D E (Leetonia) off r 6, farmer, 100

Turner Case (Leetonia) r 6, blacksmith

Turner Eugene (Leetonia) r 6, teamster

Watkins Albert (Marshfield) r 7, laborer

Welch William (Marshfield) r 10, farmer, 22 owned by wife

West Arthur (Marshfield) r 10, laborer

West Norman (Marshfield) r 10, laborer

Wheeler Charles J (Marshfield) r 1, farmer on shares for V Whitemore, 100, on r 19, Gaines

Wolpers Carl (Germania) r 9, farmer, 70

Yaggy John (Leetonia) r 6, emp tannery

Zimmerman John F (Marshfield) r 3, farmer, 154, owned by wife