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Scanned & Formatted by Joyce M. Tice 
Retyped by Christine Keel

Farmington Township Directory

For explanations, &c., see page 13.

Postoffice address Farmington unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis).

Abbott Christopher C (Nelson) r 7, laborer

Ables Arthur A (Tioga) r 53, farmer. 20

Ables James S (Tioga) r 53, farmer. 43

Allen Ernest (Osceola) off r 1, laborer

Allen Ernest (Farmington Center) r 35, farmer of M F Cass

Allen Frank (Osceola) off r 1, laborer

Allen Moses (Elbridge) r40, laborer

Ashdown Grant L (Farmington Hill) r 49, carpenter and farmer, 93

Bailey George (Tioga), r 54, farmer, 100, owned by wife

Baird John (Nelson, r 23, farmer, 113

Baird William (Farmington Center) r 21, farmer on shares for Albert Redfield of

Rubermont, Va, and Mrs. Mary V Bolton, 300

Baxter Alva (Nelson) r 7, tobacco grower, 2, farmer, 125

Baxter Edwin A (Nelson), r 7, farmer, 60

Beiver Charles L (Farmington Hill) r 16, collector and farmer, 250, pres Tioga

County Grange Mutual Fire Ins Co

Beiver Eliza (Farmington Hill) r 16, widow Lewis

Blanchard Chester H (Farmington Hill) r 47, auditor, farmer, son of O H

Blanchard Oliver H (Farmington Hill) r 47, farmer, 250

Bliss James (Nelson) r 21, laborer

Bliss George (Nelson) r 12, laborer

Block School District (Odle’s Corners) r 31

Bosard Eleanor (Nelson) r 21, widow Malachi

Bowen George W (Farmington Hill) r 45, farmer, 124

Bowen Volcott E (Farming Hill) r 45, physician

Bowdish James (Nelson) r 9, farmer, 130

Brimmer Charles (Elkland) r 23, farmer, 24

Bross George (Osceola) r 25, laborer

Buck Alic (Farmington Center) off r 21, carpenter and farmer on shares for L D

McIntyre 91

Buckbee Charles (Farmington Hill) r 49, farmer on shares for Esther Buckbee,


Buckbee Esther (Farmington Hill), r 49, widow Alanson K, farm 100

Burtch Oscar (Tioga) r 55, farmer, 100

Burtch Alvira (Farmington Hill) r 50 cor 49, widow George M

Burtch Charles (Farmington Hill) r 50 cor 49, farmer, 60

Button William (Osceola) r 27, laborer

Butler Emmet A (Nelson) r 10, farmer, leases of Mrs Buell Babcock of

Nelson, 125

Butler Harvey M (Nelson) r 12, farmer on shares for J B Leonard, 57

Butler Rufus (Nelson) r 10, laborer

Butler William (Farmington Hill) r 49, farmer 80, owned by wife

Cady Edwin (Elkland) r 24, farmer 80

Cady James A (Elkland) r 23 cor 6, farmer 63

Cady Jerush (Nelson) r 12 widow Henry, farm 12

Cady John (Elkland) r 5, farmer 35

Cady Milton (Elkland) r 23, farmer 115

Cady School District (Osceola) r 27 cor 25

Cady William E (Nelson) r 12, carpenter

Carey John R (Tioga) r 53, farmer 22

Carl J Charles (Farmington Center) r 32, farmer on shares for O A Van Dusen,


Carpenter Luther (Keeneyville) r 34, farmer 60

Casbeer Daniel e (Elkland)r 24, farmer 150

Cass Elizabeth A (Farmington Center) r 35, widow Marcus W, postmaster,

farmer 65

Cass Eugene L (Farmington Center) r 35, farmer son of Herbert

Cass Fred (Farmington Center) r 35, laborer

Cass Herbert (Farmington Center) r 35, farmer 101

CASS MARION F (Elkland) r 35, breeder Jersey cattle and farmer 300,

principal Elkland school, res Elkland

Cass Zephenia A (Farmington Center) retired farmer

Cass School District (Farmington Center) r 35

Chamberlin George (Osceola) r 6, laborer

Chamberlin William (Nelson) r 22, farmer 53

Clark George (Farmington Hill) r 14, farmer on shares for C E Thomas, 100

Close Daniel P (Farmington Hill) r 45, farmer 97, owned by wife

Close Edward W (Farmington Hill) r 45, town treas, farmer 270

Close Mead P (Tioga) r 47, farmer, son of R H

Close Reuben H (Tioga) r 47, farmer 100

Close William E (Farmington Hill) r 16, farmer with J H Merritt 150

Colegrove Andrew J (Tioga) r 55, retired farmer

Colegrove Morgan (Tioga) r 55, farmer on shares for A J Colegrove, 160

Colegrove Taber (Tioga) r 54, farmer 95

Collony Adeline Mrs (Farmington Center)off r 21

Cook Frank (Osceola) r 25 cor 27, manager West Farmington cheese factory

Copley Florence Mrs (Elbridge) r 41

Corwin Amos (Elbridge) r 38, retired farmer

Corwin Charles S (Elbridge) r 38, farmer, 40

Costley LaFayette (Farmington Center) r 25 cor 22, laborer

Cottrell George M (Tioga) r 25, propr cheese factory

Crippen George P (Farmington Hill), r 46, farmer, 90

Crippen Leonard H (Farmington Hill) r 46, farmer, 100, on r 53 1-2

Croft John S (Odle’s Corners) r 30, farmer, 50

Cummings School District (Nelson) r 16 cor 12

Dailey James K (Tioga) r 54, farmer, 10

Davenport Beverly J (Osceola) r 7, farmer on shares for Charles Weeks, 140

Davenport Charles F (Nelson) r 9, tobacco grower 3 acres farmer

Davenport Frank (Nelson) r 9, tobacco grower, 2, and farmer, 92

Davenport Louis E (Nelson) farmer son of Frank

Davenport S Nelson (Nelson) off r 9, laborer

Davis Benjamin (Nelson) r 19, thresher, hay presser and farmer, leases of

J Bottom of Elkland, 220

Davis Joel B (Nelson) r 19, farmer son of Benjamin

Davis Ray (Nelson) r 11, farmer rents of Mrs A C Evans, 125

Dickinson George (Farmington Center) r 36, laborer

Dickinson James (Farmington Center) r 36, farmer, 25

Dimmick Fred E (Elbridge) r 41, farmer on shares for J Maurey, 130

Dixon Fred (Tioga) r 48, laborer

Doan Frank J (Nelson) r 11, farmer, 123

Doud Charles (Tioga) off r 55, farmer, 64

Dunham Frank (Farmington Hill, r 44, farmer, 140

Edwards Ernest (Odle’s Corners) r 30, laborer

Elkhorn School Dist (Tioga) r 45

Farr John L (Tioga) r 55, laborer

Farr Susan (Tioga) r 55, widow Jacob N

Farr William H (Tioga), r 55, laborer

Fish Hiram (Elbridge), r 35, farmer, 110

Fish Jerome (Farmington Center) r 36, farmer, 25

Fish Polly M (Elbridge) r 35, widow Edward D

French David D (Tioga), r 54, laborer

French Reuben (Tioga) r 54, farmer, 83

French Stephen L (Tioga) r 54, farmer son of Reuben

Gee Henry (Tioga) r 54, laborer

Gee School District (Tioga) r 40 cor 42

Gleason Alfred (Tioga) r 53 1-2 cor 53, farmer, rents of Judson Butler 57

Gleason Guy (Nelson) r 12, farmer, son of Henry

Gleason Henry (Nelson) r 12, tobacco grower 1 1-2 acres, farmer

Gleason Thomas (Elkland) r 24, farmer on shares for Edwin Cady, 80

Goodrich Daniel (Tioga) r 55, laborer

Grover Betsey (Odle’s Corners) r 26, widow Soloman

Grover Frank (Odle’s Corners) r 26, farmer, 50

Hall Edwin J (Elbridge) r 39, assessor and farmer, 33, also on shares for

G M Hall 167

Hall George M (Elbridge) r 59, farmer, 167

Hall Nettie (Farmington Hill) r 49, farm 100

Hall School District (Farmington Hill) r 47 cor 45

Harrington Dora Mrs (Elbridge) r 39

Harris Josiah W (Nelson) r 9, farmer on shares for Warren Phelps, 115

Harrison Abram (Nelson) r 19

Harrison Charles (Nelson) r 19, laborer

Harrison Joel (Nelson) off r 11, farmer on shares for Frank Seely of Osceola

Harrower Charles E (Farmington Hill) off r 46, farmer, 50

Harrower John L (Farmington Hill) off r 46, laborer

Hills Frank (Tioga) r 54, farmer

HILLS JAMES (Crooked Creek) r 43, farmer, 130

Hills Thomas E (Tioga) r 54, school director and farmer, 100

Hogancamp Eleanor, widow Daniel (Farmington Center) r 21

Hood Frank L (Elkland) r 24 cor 3, farmer in Nelson 15

House Adelia (Farmington Center) r 35, widow Carlos

House Willie C (Farmington Center) r 35, farmer, 130

Howe Josiah H (Tioga) r 54, breeder Hampshier sheep, stock dealer and

farmer, 350

Hoyt Alanson (Elbridge) r 40 farmer, 80

Hoyt Charles (Elbridge) r 40, farmer

Hoyt Joseph E (Elbridge) r 40, blacksmith and farmer, 55, also on shares for

Alanson Hoyt, 80

Hoyt Lockwood (Elbridge) r 40, supervisor and laborer

Hoyt Morgan (Elbridge) r 40, farmer, son of J E

Hunt John W (Odle’s Corners) r 31, farmer, 50

Ives John W (Tioga) r 55, farmer, 40

Jackson George (Nelson) r 18, farmer, 50

Johnson Charles (East Chatham) r 31, farmer, son of O G

Johnson Niles (Tioga) r 53 1-2, farmer, 25

Johnson Orange G (East Chatham) r 31, farmer, 142

Johnson Willis H (East Chatham) r 31, farmer, son of O G

Jordan Polly (Tioga) r 51, widow Samuel

Keeney Herman R (Odle’s Corners) r 30, farmer, 73

Keeney Richard M (Odle’s Corners) r 30, farmer, 62, died since canvass

Kelley Charles W (Osceola) r 3, laborer

Kemp Almert D (Nelson) r 18, school director, farmer, 160

Kemp Bert J (Farmington Hill), r 15, farmer, son of D C

Kemp David C (Farmington Hill) r 15, farmer, 245

Kemp Lee (Nelson) r 46, farmer on shares for A D Kemp, 160 canvass

Kemp Harry C (Farmington Hill) r 50, town clerk, tobacco grower, 3, and farmer,


Kemp John A (Farmington Hill) r 15, farmer, son of D C

Kemp School District (Farmington Hill) r 50

Kirk William (Nelson) r 22, farmer, 50

Kizer Clarence (Nelson) r 7, farmer, 100

Kizer Henry (East Chatham) r 29 cor 28, farmer on shares for Emma Lindes, 143

Kizer Leon (Odle’s Corners) r 30, farmer, 2

Klippel Henry (Elbridge) r 40 cor 39, postmaster, general merchant

Knapp Eli (Farmington Hill) r 47, farmer, 125

Knap Erastus H (Farmington Hill) r 46, farmer, 127

Laport Joseph (Odle’s Corners) r 30, laborer

Leonard George W (Elbridge) r 40, farmer, son of Justus

Leonard James B (Nelson) r 18 cor 17, farmer 56

Leonard James N (Nelson) r 18 cor 17, farmer, 146

Leonard Justus (Elbridge) r 40, justice of the peace, farmer, 100

Leslie John A (Elbridge) r 42, farmer, 90

Lime Kiln School District (Nelson) r 8

Linder Emma (East Chatham) r 29 cor 28, widow Henry, farm, 143

Martin Lawrence S (Odle’s Corners) r 33 cor 31, farmer, 175

Maynard Philena (Nelson) r 12, widow Luke B

McCallum Charles E (Elbridge) r 41, carpenter, farmer, 35

McCallum Elizabeth (Elbridge) r 41, widow Joseph G, farm, 80

McCallum James B (Elbridge) r 42, thresher and farmer, 100

McCallum Marion J (Nelson) r 16, carpenter

McIntyre Lorenzo D (Farmington Center) off r 21, retired farmer

Merritt John P (Farmington Center) r 16 cor 46, grocer

Merritt Josiah H (Farmington Hill) r 53, farmer, 65

Moore Elson (Tioga) r 55, farmer, 64

Moore James W (Elkland) r 7 dairy 26 cows, farmer on shares for E L Peck

of Coudersport, 200

Moore William (Farmington Hill) r 53 cor 49, farmer, 3

Mourey Charles W (Nelson) r 21, farmer on shares for H S Mourey of Nelson,


Mourey Daniel (Elbridge) r 41, laborer

Mourey Daniel (Farmington Center) r 21, farmer 100

Mourey Ira H (Nelson) r 21, farmer 96

Mourey Isaac (Elbridge, r 40, farmer 60

Mourey Jacob (Eelbridge) r 41, farmer 130

Mourey Wheeler O (Osceola, r 23 cor 25, farmer 3

Mourie Elmer (Elbridge) r 18 farmer

Northrop Clement D (Elkland) r 6, lecturer state agricultural department,

auditor, farmer, leases 160

Ouderkirk Lintsford (Elkland) r 24 cor 3, farmer 78

Odle De France (Odle’s Corner) r 27, farmer 36

Odle Mary (Odle’s Corners) r 29 cor 30, postmaster, general merchant

Odle S Alfred (Odle’s Corners) r 29 cor 30, farmer 50 in New York, also on

shares for Stephen E Oodle 140

Odle Stephen E (Odle’s Corners) r 29 cor 30, retired farmer

Owen Frank (Tioga) r 52, laborer

Palmer Frank (Nelson) r 19, breeder Holstein cattle and farmer on shares

for J Bottom of Elkland, 200

Palmer Lucien B (Farmington Hill) r 48, farmer on shares for Lyman Hall, 112

Palmer Mary (Farmington Hill) r 48, widow Reuben

Parsels William T (Nelson) r 20, farmer, rents of Mrs J D Campbell, 200

Pease Walter (Osceola) r 25, farmer 130

Perry Oliver H (Tioga) r 54, laborer

Persing Alphonso (Nelson) r 8, farmer on shares for J. H. Campbell, 100

Petticru Richard (Tioga) r 55, farmer 65 Died since canvass

Petticru William (Tioga) r 53, farmer 80

Phelps Fred (Nelson) r 9, farmer 55

Phelps Warren (Nelson) r 9, farmer 115

Pierce Freeman (Nelson) r 20, farmer 60

Pierce Hiram (Farmington Center) r 32, farmer 125

Place Andrew (Elbridge) r 38, farmer 80

Preston Amos M (Nelson) off r 12, apiarist 100 colonies, and carpenter

Preston James (Nelson) r 12, breeder of Devonshire cattle, dairy 20 cows,

sawmill and farmer 250

Preston Mark (Nelson) r 16, laborer

Preston Watrous (Nelson) off 12, breeder Polled Angus cattle and farmer, 130

Price Adelbert (Elbridge) r 41, farmer, 25

Price G Albert (Nelson) r 14, laborer

Price Isaac C (Nelson) r 14

Quackenbush Charles (Tioga) r 52, farmer on shares for E and W Utter, 80

Quackenbush William (Tioga) r 52

Redfield Joseph B (Farmington Center) r 33, thresher and farmer 150

Reynolds Charles F (Tioga) r 54 1-2, farmer, 50

Rice Benjamin D (Elbridge) r 39, mail contractor Tioga to Knoxville

Rice Clarence (Farmington Center) r 21, farmer on shares for A Rice, 80

Robbins Ely (Farmington Center) r 26 cor 32, laborer

Rowley Nelson P (Odle’s Corners) r 26, school director, farmer, 50

Russell Catharine (Odle’s Corners) r 30, widow Orin

Russell Mary (Nelson) r 21, widow Jonathan, farm 50

Russell Philip (Elbridge) r 33, laborer

Russell William (Elbridge) r 37, farmer, 100

Sawyer Henry (Tioga) r 54, farmer, 100

Seeley James H (Osceola) r 2, farmer, 40

Shaff James W (Farmington Hill) r 13, laborer

Shaw Albert G (Farmington Hill) r 47 cor 44, carpenter and builder and farmer,


Shellman Jerome (Tioga) r 54, laborer

Shipman John P (Farmington Hill) off r 46, farmer, 275

Shipman William M (Farmington Hill) r 48, farmer, 100

Short Manerva (Farmington Center)r 34, widow Perry

Short Marshall (Farmington Center) r 33, laborer

Short Morris (Farmington Center) r 34, farmer, 120

Smith Amos E (Tioga) r 51, farmer 51

Smith Daniel D (Nelson) r 17, farmer, 40

Smith Horace G (Farmington Center) r 34, laborer

Smith John R (Osceola) r 3, farmer, 200

Smith Mary M (Mrs A E) (Tioga) r 51, carpet weaver

Smith Sarah (Farmington Hill, r 47, widow Herrick

Soule Clarendon I (Nelson) r 22, laborer

Soule Julian F (Nelson) r 22, farmer, 61

Soule William (Nelson) r 22, laborer

Spencer Thomas L (Tioga) r 48 cor 54, farmer, 60

Starr Charles H (Osceola) r 2, supervisor and farmer, 170

Steadman Carlton B (Osceola) r 6, farmer on shares for Fred Gleason, 80

Stevens Abram (Elbridge) r 43, farmer on shares for J Green, 200

Stevens Edgar M (Farmington Center) school director, farmer, 175

owned by wife

Stevens William W (Nelson) r 11, breeder Hampshire sheep and farmer, 100

Sutton Rosina (Tioga) r 48, widow Jason

Sutton William R (Farmington Hill) r 13, laborer

Sylvia Jerry (Tioga) r 48, farmer, 146

Taylor Burt (Elkland) r 23, laborer

Taylor David (Osceola) r 23, laborer

Taylor Morgan (Elkland) r 23, farmer, 60

Taylor Phillip (Elkland) r 23, farmer, 87

Taylor Thomas (Osceola) r 23, laborer

Teachman David (Osceola) r 3, farmer on shares for John R Smith, 200

Teachman Frank C (Farmington Center) r 22, veterinary surgeon and

farmer, 100

Teachman Sidney (Osceola) r 1, farmer on shares for David Teachman, 50

Thomas Charles E (Farmington Hill) r 15, farmer son of Ezekiel

Thomas Ezekiel (Farmington Hill) r 15, farmer, 180

Thorn Bottom School District (Nelson) r 9

Tongue Robert (Farmington Center) r 21, laborer

Treat Lewis (Farmington Hill) r 47, farmer, 140

Upham Alhanon (Oosceola) r 23, farmer, 15

Upham Hannah (Odles Corners) r 26, widow Jared

Upham William (Odles Corners) r 26, farmer, 40

Van Dusen Byron (Farmington Center) r 32, laborer

Van Dusen Emily (Oosceola) r 3 cor 1, widow William

Van Dusen Frank (Osceola) r 8 cor 1, farmer William Van Dusen estate, 200

Van Dusen Fred (Osceola) r 27, farmer, 147

Van Dusen Walter S (Odles Corners) r 26, farmer, 68

Van Winkle Charles (Elbridge) r 42, laborer

Van Zile William (Osceola) r 5, laborer

Webster Charles (Farmington Hill) r 49, farmer, 50

Weeks Frank (Nelson) r 7, farmer, 100

Weeks John R (Nelson) r 7, farmer, 60

West Farmington Cheese Factory (Osceola) r 25 cor 27, E A Bean propr

West Edward W (Keeneyville) r 34, farmer, 100

West Fred (Farmington Hill) r 45, laborer

Wheaton John M (Odles Corners) farmer, 50

Wheaton Silas B (Oodles Corners) farmer on shares for John M. 50

Wheeler Ashabel C (Nelson, r 18, farmer, 165

Wheeler James (Nelson) r 14, farmer, 50

White Charles E (Farmington Hill) r 47, asst postmaster

White George (Farmington Hill) died since canvass

White Joseph E (Nelson) r 18, commercial traveler and farmer, 50

White Louisa (Elbridge) r 42, widow Jasper

Whitman Marion L ( (Tioga) r 55, school director and farmer, 75

Whitney Charles (Tioga) r 54, farmer, 125

Whitney Jeremiah (Tioga) r 54, farmer, 10

Whitney Richard (Farmington Hill) r 48, laborer

Wilcox Edward (Odles Corners) r 30, farmer, 8

Williams Oscar (Odles Corners) r 30, farmer, 37

Woodward Morgan (Odles Corners) r 33 cor 31, laborer

Young Elmer (Tompkins) r 51, farmer, 50