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Scanned & Formatted by Joyce M. Tice 
Retyped by Christine Keel

Hamilton Township Directory

For explanations, &c., see page 13.

Postoffice address Hamilton, unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis.)

Abernethy & Co (Lewis Nearing and Ralph Abernethy) wholesale wines and

liquors, Pleasant Hill. n Railroad, also meat market Main

Abernethy Ralph (Abernethy & Co) h 25 Water

Anderson Andrew (Morris Run) laborer, h 3 Castle Garden

Anderson Lars (Blossburg) r 4, emp saw mill, h and lot

Anderson Swan (Morris Run) laborer, h 53 Water

Andrews John (Morris Run) laborer, h 24 Rookery

Atkinson Henry (Morris Run) miner, bds 3 Odd Fellows Row

Atkinson Matthew (Morris Run) miner, h 3 Odd Fellows Row

Atkinson Matthew Jr (Morris Run) miner, bds 3 Odd Fellows Row

Atkinson Thomas (Morris Run) miner, bds 3 Odd Fellows Row

Atkinson William (Morris Run) miner, bds 3 Odd Fellows Ros

Austin Zeleons J (Morris Run) barber Main, h 25 Mill

Auton Leonard (Morris Run) miner, h 34 Middle Row

Auton Robert (Morris Run) miner and musician, h 8 Front

Bachman John (Morris Run) miner, h 33 Haskin

Backstrom Matt (Morris Run) woodsman, h 8 Castle Garden

Baim Adam (Morris Run) laborer at chutes, h 11 High

Bairman John (Morris Run) miner, bds 33 Haskin

Baman Andrew (Morris Run) miner, h 6 Garvey

Baylor Charles H (Morris Run) carpenter, h 15 Water

Beaderman Andrew (Morris Run) miner, bds 28 Front

Beaderman Hedwic (Morris Run) widow Andrew, h 28 Front

Bednarek Ludwik (Morris Run) miner, h 6 Cornue

Beechey Morgan (Morris Run) miner, h 39 Summit

Bell Thomas R (Morris Run) bartender, bds 12 Main

Bergman Peter (Morris Run) laborer, h 2 Mill

Bernuski Frank (Morris Run) miner, h 24 High

Bevitz Frank (Morris Run) MINER, H 4 Kelly

Bombaski Michael (Morris Run) miner, h 23 Rookery

Booth Frank (Morris Run) miner, h 7 Water

Boyd James (Morris Run) h 1 Main

Brawerski John (Morris Run) miner, h 5 Castle Garden

Brooks Daniel (Morris Run) miner, h 11 Odd Fellows Row

Brooks James (Morris Run) woodsman, h 4 Dutchtown

Brooks Thomas (Morris Run) miner, h 26 Mill

Bryant Charles M (Morris Run) woodsman, h 12 Haskin

Browoski Frank (Morris Run) laborer, h 10 Kasmark

Budnick Anthony (Morris Run) miner, h 12 High

Butcher Michael (Morris Run) miner, h 10 High

CALDWELL HENRY E (Morris Run) physician and surgeon and druggist,

office hours 1 to 2 and 6 to 7 p m, 4 Main, h do

Campbell Alexander (Morris Run) miner, h 19 Summit

Carr James (Morris Run) miner, h 30 Water

Carr John (Morris Run) photographer and miner, h 36 Water

Carr Joseph (Morris Run) miner, h 1 Haskiin

Carr William (Morris Run) miner, h 39 Front

Catholic Church (Morris Run) Rev Luucas of Blossburg rector

Childs William (Morris Run) miner, h 15 Front

Christopher David (Morris Run) miner, bds 11 Haskin

Christopher James (Morris Run, miner, h 11 Haskin

Christopher James Jr (Morris Run) miner, bds 11 Haskin

Chrzan John (Morris Run) mule driver, h off Hagertown

Chrzan Joseph (Morris Run) miner, h 5 Middle Row

Chrzan Joseph (Morris Run) chutesman, h 1 Kasmark

Church Anthony (Morris Run) bds 1 Mill

Church Martin (Morris Run) miner, h 1 Mill

Cobeski Lawrence (Morris Run) miner, h 10 Middle Row

Colburn Herbert (Morris Run) miner, bds 18 Front

Coleman Austin (Morris Run) miner, h 31 Summit

Coleman Patrick (Morris Run) miner, bds 31 Summit

Coleman Thomas (Morris Run) miner, bds 31 Summit

Colson Edward (Morris Run) r I, miner and farmer, about 50

Colson John (Morris Run) carpenter, h 29 Water

Coogans Hugh (Morris Run) miner, bds 11 Garvey

Coogans James (Morris Run) miner, h 11 Garvey

Cook Emily (Blossburg) r 4, widow Andrew

Cook Martin (Blossburg), r 4, lumberman

Cook William H (Blossburg) r 4, lumberman

Cooley Andrew (Morris Run) laborer, h 3 Log Row

Cornish Thomas P (Morris Run) miner, h 7 Odd Fellows Row

Cornish William (Morris Run) miner, bds 7 Odd Fellows Row

Cummings School (Blossburg) r 4

Czaklski John (Morris Run) miner, h 8 Office Row

Dalgren Gust (Blossburg) r 4, laborer, h and lot

Davis Edward (Morris Run) miner, bds 14 Main

Davis John J (Morris Run) miner, h 28 Middle Row

Davis John W (Morris Run) miner, h 14 Main

Davis Sarah A (Morris Run) widow George, h 12 Odd Fellows Row

Davis William J (Morris Run) miner, bds 7 High

Decker Charles (Morris Run) teamster, h 1 Odd Fellows Row

Devaney Anthony (Morris Run) miner, bds 35 Haskin

Devaney Anthony (Morris Run) clerk Abernethy & Co, h Main Row

Devaney Michael (Morris Run) miner, h 25 Haskin

Dickinson William D (Morris Run) miner, bds 1 Odd Fellows Row

Donovan Timothy A, foreman of mule drivers, bds 34 Water

Doolan John (Morris Run) bds 8 Cornue

Doolan Patrick (Morris Run) laborer, h 17 Summit

Doughty Frank (Morris Run) student, bds 24 Front

Doughty James (Morris Run) miner, h 24 Front

Doughty Thomas (Morris Run) fireman mines, h 34 Frong

Dowling Bryan (Morris Run) miner, h 12 Cornue

Dowling William (Morris Run) miner, bds 12 Cornue

Driscoll Anna, teacher Morris Run graded school, h 34 Water

Driscoll Michael, mine foreman, h 34 Water

Driscoll Patrick (Morris Run) miner, h 15 Summit

Duggan Daniel (Morris Run) miner, h 8 Pleasant Hill

Duncan Robert (Morris Run) miner, h 10 Log Row, rear

Dunlap Hugh (Morris Run) miner, h 3 Garvey

Dunn John (Morris Run) miner, h 27 Mill

Duvankowski Joseph (Morris Run) miner, h 14 Rookery

Dwyer Thomas (Morris Run) miner, h 11 Summit

Dyson Ann (Morris Run) widow John, h 7 Haskin

Dyson Henry (Morris Run) miner, bds 7 Haskin

Eddie John (Blossburg) florist and grower of vegetables, plants, farm, 5

Edwards George (Morris Run) miner, h 49 Water

Ellsworth King (Blossburg) r 4, night watchman saw mill

Emms Herbert (Morris Run) miner, bds 18 Mill

English Robert (Morris Run) miner, h 4 Pleasant Hill

English Robert C (Morris Run) miner, bds 4 Pleasant Hill

Erickson Isaac (Morris Run) woodsman, h 9 Castle Garden

Erickson John (Blossburg) r 4, miner

Esaiahs William (Morris Run) miner, h 7 High

Esaias Evan Thomas (Morris Run) miner, bds 41 Summit

Esaias Ivan (Morris Run) miner, h 30 Summit

Esaias Mary J, widow John (Morris Run) h 41 Summit

Esaias Richard (Morris Run) miner, h 2 Summit

Evans James (Morris Run) miner, h 21 Summit

Evans John (Morris Run) laborer, h 41 Front

Evans Thomas B (Morris Run) miner, h 31 Middow Row

Evans Thomas J (Morris Run) miner, h 21 Summit

Evans Roland (Morris Run) miner, h 29 Middle Row

Fairman William C (Morris Run) woodsman, h 100 Odds Fellows Row

Feller Michael (Morri Run) laborer, h 4 Hagartown

Fifer Joseph F (Morris Run) miner, bds 5 Summit

Fifer Martin F (Morris Run) miner, h 5 Summit

Fogarty Daniel (Morris Run) h Main

Fogarty Daniel (Morris Run) driver, h 7 Main

Fogarty John ( Morris Run) driver, h 7 Main

Fogarty Margaret (Morris Run) teacher Morris Run graded school,

h 7 Main

Frawley Jerry (Morris Run) laborer, h 24 Mill

Fred John (Morris Runn) woodsman, h 14 Mill

Friday (Morris Run) miner, h 24 Dutchtown

Fuich Harold (Morris Run) miner, bds 6 Front

Fuller Arintha M, widow Curtis P h 15 Middle Row

Fuller Ida J, clerk postoffice, h 15 Middow Row

Gagan Mary Mrs, h 27 High

Gardner Elmer E (Blossburg) r 4, lumberman

Garvey Michael (Morris Run) trackman, bds 13 Garvey

Garvey Patrick (Morris Run) trackman mines, h 13 Garvey

Garzynski Joseph (Morris Run) miner, h 16 High

Giles George (Morris Run) miner, h 18 Mill

Gilmartin William J, shoemaker Main, bds 7 Pleasant Hill

Gilmour Agnes B, clerk for M Tucker agt, bds 7 Front

Gilroy John, clerk for M Tucker agt, h 13 Front

Glenwright Thomas (Morris Run) miner, h 7 Mill

Graffouliere Baptiste (Morris Run) chutesman, h 5 Front

Graffouliere John (Morris Run) miner, h 5 Pleasant Hill

Graham John (Morris Run) miner, h 10 Summit

Grenda Joseph (Morris Run) miner, h 22 Hugh

Grikoski Stan (Morris Run) laborer, h 20 Rookery

Gruver Ellis (Morris Run) woodsman, h 8 Dutchtown

Gunberg John (Morris Run) miner, bds 40 Water

Guy Samuel (Morris Run) h 7 Office Row

Haddow Alexander (Morris Run) miner, h 2 Main

Haddow J Campbell (Morris Run) mine foreman and weigh master,

h 11 Pleasant Hill

Hadley James B, mine laborer, bds 12 Pleasant Hill

HADLEY JAMES C, (Morris Run) sect school board and mine foreman,

h 13 Pleasant Hill

Hadley William (Morris Run) mine laborer, bds 12 Pleasant Hill

Hayes Bernard (Morris Run) miner, bds 13 Pleasant Hill

Hayes David Sr (Morris Run) miner, h 7 Pleasant Hill

Hayes David A (Morris Run) miner, bds 7 Pleasant Hill

Hayes David F (Morris Run) miner, h 7 Summit

HAYES EDWARD F (Morris Run) foreman, tinsmith, plumber and steam fitter for M Tucker, agent, h 10 Front

Hayes John (Morris Run) laborer, h 13 Pleasant Hill

Hayes John (Morris Run) miner, tinsmith’s apprentice, bds 7 Pleasant Hill

Hayes J Peter (Morris Run) miner, bds 13 Pleasant Hill

Hayes Mary T (Morris Run) school teacher, bds 7 Pleasant Hill

Hayes William G (Morris Run) miner, h 32 High

Hayes William J (Morris Run) salesman for M Tucker, agt, Main, bds

7 Pleasant Hill

Heatherton Ellen Mrs (Moris Run) h 17 Front

Heatherton John (Morris Run) miner, bds 17 Front

Heatherton William (Morris Run) miner, bds 17 Front

Heighlang John (Morris Run) laborer, h 3 Dutchtown

Highland Gust (Morris Run) woodsman, h 22 Water

Highland John (Morris Run) fireman mines, h 11 Main

Hill Thomas (Morris Run) miner, h 33 Front

Hindmarsh George (Morris Run) miner, h 52 Water

Hindmarsh John (Morris Run) laborer, h 8 Middle Row

Holmes Elizabeth (Morris Run) widow James, h 30 Middle Row

Holt Harriet (Morris Run) widow Peter, h 25 Front

Holt W Daniel (Morris Run) h 19 Water

Howells David T (Morris Run) miner, bds 25 Mill

Hude George (Morris Run) miner, h 6 Water

Huggar Charles J (Morris Run) miner and farmer, about 50

Hughes David (Morris Run) miner, h 29 Summit

Hughes John (Morris Run) miner, bds 6 Summit

Hughes Thomas (Morris Run) miner, bds 6 Summit

Hughes Thomas R (Morris Run) miner, h 6 Summit

Hurka Josepph (Morris Run) miner, h 2 Garvey

Hurley John F (Morris Run) miner, bds 5 Odd Fellows Row

Hurley Michael J (Morris Run) miner, bds 5 Odd Fellows Row

Husted Adelbert (Morris Run) miner, h 42 Front

Husted Frederick S (Morris Run) clerk meat market, bds 9 Front

HUSTED JAMES F (Morris Run) liveryman and constable, deliver of coal

and wood, 9 Front, h do

Janeski John (Morris Run) miner, h 3 Cornue

Jankoviak Mike (Morris Run) miner, h 11 Cornue

Jaskouwski Isaac (Morris Run) laborer, h 3 Hagertown

Jenkins Ann (Morris Run) widow William G, bds 2 Log Row

Jenkins John X (Morris Run) miner, h 31 Front

Johnjack Andrew (Morris Run) miner, h 5 Hagartown

Johnjack Michael (Morris Run) miner, h 5 Haskin

John James (Morris Run) miner, h 10 Main

Johnson Andrew (Morris Run) chutesman, h 46 Water

Johnson August (Morris Run) laborer, h 6 Mill

Johnson August M (Morris Run) laborer, h 6 Haskin

Johnson Charles X (Morris Run) chutesman, bds 38 Water

Johnson Gust (Morris Run) h 21 Mill

Johnson Gust (Blossburg) r 4, section hand F B R R

Johnson John (Morris Run) mine carpenter, h 40 Water

Johnson John E (Morris Run) r 1, miner and farmer, 40

Johnson Joseph (Morris Run) school director, bookkeeper for M Tucker,

agt, h 15 Main

Johnson Nelse P (Morris Run) miner, h 26 Water

Johnson Nils (Morris Run) chutesman, h 42 Water

Johnson Rasmus (Morris Run) driver, bds 42 Water

Kaiser Michael (Morris Run) miner, h 7 Haskin

Kalovitch Peter (Morris Run) miner, h 16 Middle Row

Kanowski Pheonix (Morris Run) miner, h 34 Dutchtown

Kasmark Thomas (Morris Run) laborer, h 2 Kasmark

Katewski Joseph (Morris Run) miner, h High

Karewski Carl (Morris Run) miner, h 2 Office Row

KEEFE THOMAS V (Morris Run) shipping clerk The Morris Run Coal Mining

Co, agent for Erie Railroad Co and of Wells Fargo & Co’s Ex, manager

W U Tel C0, office at depot, bds Hamilton house

Kelly John W (Morris Run) driver mines, bds 8 Summit

Kelly Mary (Morris Run) widow Owen, h 1 Kelly

Kelly Owen (Morris Run) chutesman mines, bds 1 Kelly

Kicinski John (Morris Run) miner, h 4 Log Row

Kiley John (Morris Run) physician and surgeon and druggist Main, h do

Kilmartin Michael C (Morris Run) laborer mines, h 2 Castle Garden

King Jack (Morris Run) miner, h 10 Mill

Kinieciak Joseph (Morris Run) miner, h 11 Castle Garden

Kirckwski John (Morris Run) laborer at chutes, h 9 High

Kizer Lawrence (Morris Run) h 26 High

Kliber Thomas (Morris Run) h 25 High

Klimack Jacob (Morris Run) miner, h 1 Office Row

Knapp Harry (Blossburg) r 7, teamster

Knapp Sarah (Blossburg) r 7, widow James

Koiubke Simon (Morris Run) miner, h 37 Summit

Koomes Andrew (Morris Run) miner, h 5 Garvey

Koomes Michael (Morris Run) mule driver, bds 5 Garvey

Kostielney Anthony (Morris Run) miner, h 1 Middle Row

Kowaski Casper (Morris Run) miner, h 38 Summit

Kowaski Polly (Morris Run) widow Matthew, bds 38 Summit

Kowalski Stanislaus (Morris Run) chutesman, h 8 High

Krolak Frank (Morris Run) miner, h 18 High

Krolak John (Morris Run) miner, h 12 Garvey

Kruger Frank (Morris Run) miner, h 20 Front

Krzynski John (Morris Run) laborer, h 11 Mill

Kujawa Joseph (Morris Run) miner, h 4 Garvey

Kutchmarrn Roy (Morris Run) driver mines, h 17 Rookery

Kuwaja John (Morris Run) miner, h 8 Garvey

Labuski Albert (Morris Run) farmer, 10, h 20 Dutchtown

Labuski Felix (Morris Run) carpenter, h 9 Garvey

Labuski Joseph (Morris Run) miner, h 13 Mill

Labuski Lewis (Morris Run) miner, h Dutchtown

Labuski Patrick (Morris Run) miner, h 10 Castle Garden

Lake August (Morris Run) chutesman, h 11 Rookery

Landon John N (Morris Run) miner, h 2 Water

Larson August (Morris Run) miner, h 32 Middle Row

Larson Charles J (Morris Run) chutesman, h 40 Front

Larson John (Morris Run) miner, h 2 Dutchtown

Laskoski Leon (Morris Run) miner, h 13 Summit

Laskosik Stanislaus (Morris Run) laborer, h 6 Kelly

Lawsan Adam (Morris Run) miner, h 28 Water

Lazeski Michael (Morris Run) miner, h 12 Middle Row

Le Barron Alonzo (Morris Run) h 1 Dutchtown

Le Barron Lewis (Morris Run) woodsman, h 5 Mill

Lee John A (Morris Run) miner, h 19 Front

Leese Anthony (Morris Run) laborer, h 35 Summit

Letroski Val (Morris Run) laborer, h 22 Rookery

Levindofski Michael (Morris Run) miner, h 27 Middle Row

Lewis Thomas E (Morris Run) miner, h 23 Summit

Lewis William (Morris Run) miner, h 14 Summit

Lindie Robert (Blossburg) r 4, miner

Lobeck John (Morris Run) miner, h 1 Garvey

Looney Michael (Morris Run) miner, h 2 Front

Lopinski Mary (Morris Run) widow Thomas, h 8 Rookery

Lucas Joseph (Morris Run) miner, h 13 Haskin

Lucas Joseph Jr. (Morris Run)v miner, bds 13 Haskin

Lukes George (Morris Run) miner, h 2 Cornue

Lynn John (Blossburg) r 4 laborer, h and lot owned by Amanda

MacDongal Malcolm , clerk at Market, h 7 Front

Maczkovak Mrs (Morris Run) h 8 Cornue

Majkowiak Thomas (Morris Run) miner, h 8 Main

Maley Warren Rrr (Blossburg) r 4, teamster

Manikwoski Joseph (Morris Run) r 2, miner and farmer, 60

Manley Jurve R (Morris Run) woodsman, h 8 Water

Marshall John (Morris Run) miner, h 40 Summit

Marshall Robert (Morris Run) miner, bds 40 Summit

Martin Charles (Morris Run) miner, h 37 Front

Martin James (Morris Run) miner, h 9 Log Row rear

Mason Ambrose (Blossburg) r 4, laborer, h and 5 acres

Mason George H (Morris Run) teamster, h 10 Water

Mason Lawrence (Morris Run) teamster, h 1 Water

Matoski Michael (Morris Run) miner, h 11 Kasmark

Mattriski George (Morris Run) h 8 Rookery

Matushak Martin (Morris Run) chutesman, h 6 Kasmark

Mazakavitch John, miner, h 18 Middle Row

McBlane Alexander (Morris Run) miner, h 22 Summit

McBlane Robert (Morris Run) miner, h 29 Front

McBlane Samuel (Morris Run) miner, bds 22 Summit

McGarvey Thomas E (Morris Run) miner, h Haskin

McGerry Bernard (Morris Run) h 4 Haskin

McGory James (Morris Run) laborer, h 5 Dutchtown

McIntosh William (Morris Run) mule driver and barber n store, h 2 Haskin

McIntyre William (Morris Run) track layer mines, h 2 Rookery

McLaughlin William (Morris Run) miner, h 12 Summit

McMahon Bernard (Morris Run) laborer, h 2 Kelly

McMahon Peter (Morris Run) laborer, h 2 Kelly

McMahon Thomas (Morris Run) blacksmith, h 2 Kelly

Mecum Burt P (Morris Run) teamster, h 14 Water

Mehalock Martin (Morris Run) miner, h 7 Cornue

Meleski Stan (Morris Run) miner, h 4 Castle Barden

Metzger William (Morris Run) laborer, h 4 Mill

Middaugh Joseph (Morris Run) miner, h 3 Summit

Middaugh Oscar (Morris Run) miner, h 3 Office Row

Middaugh William (Morris Run) chutesman, h 1 Castle Garden

Minchen George (Morris Run) miner, h 32 Front

Moriarity John (Morris Run) laborer, h 27 Water

Moriarity John (Morris Run) mule driver, bds 27 Water

Moriarity Michael (Morris Run) laborer, h 8 Haskin

Moriarity Patrick (Morris Run) mule driver, bds 27 Water

Moriarity Patrick (Morris Run) mule driver, bds 8 Haskin

MORRIS RUN COAL MINING CO The, John Magee of Watkins Pres, Daniel

Beach of Watkins Treas, W S Nearing Supt, miners and shippers of

semi-bituminous coal and manufacturers of lumber, office Mill

Moses John (Morris Run) miner, h 27 Front

Munro Charles W, butcher Abernethy & Co, h 26 Summit

MUNRO HENRY A, clerk for M Tucker Agt, h 13 Main

MUNRO NEIL, propr Hamilton House, liveryman, Front cor Main

Murphy William (Morris Run) miner, h 5 Odd Fellows Row

Naylor Henry (Morris Run) miner, h 54 Water

Nearing Lewis (Abernethy & Co) postmaster, h 20 Mill

NEARING WINFIELD A, Supt The Morris Run Coal Mining Co, Pres

Cottage State Hospital at Blossburg, Treasurer School Board,

h 19 Mill

Nelson John (Morris Run) laborer, h Haskin

Nowicki Frank (Morris Run) miner, h 19 High

Nowicki William (Morris Run) miner, h 34 Summit

Novicki Martin (Morris Run) r 1, miner and farmer, 60

Novkowski Joseph (Morris Run) r 2, farmer, 75

Nyland Edward (Morris Run) miner, h 6 Castle Garden

O’Dea Simon (Morris Run) laborer, h 14 Front

O’DONNELL BROS, job printers, 11 Dutchtown

O’DONNELL JOHN F, collector of taxes for Hamilton township, paymaster

The Morris Run Coal Mining Co, h 11 Dutchtown

O’Donnell Maria, widow Patrick F, h and 9 acres 11 Dutchtown

O’CONNELL ROBERT J, clerk The Morris Run Coal Mining Co, ticket

agt Ff B Ry Co, h 11 Dutchtown

O’DONNELL STEWART J, photographer 11 Dutchtown

O’DONNEL WILL F, town clerk, bookkeeper The Morris Run Coal Mining Co,

h 11 Dutchtown

Ogden Andrew D (Blossburg) r 4, emp saw mill

Ogden David (Morris Run) laborer, h 3 Water

Oleson Andrew D (Blossburg) r 4, emp saw mill

Oleson Otto (Morris Run) miner, h 48 Water

Olson Emanuel (Morris Run) chutesman, h 41 Water

Oman Jacob (Morris Run) miner, h 56 Water

Orton Charles (Morris Run) miner, h 28 Summit

Orton Joseph (Morris Run) miner, h 12 Front

Owens John H (Morris Run) miner, h 19 Front

Owens Watkins (Morris Run) miner, h 26 Front

Palmer Hannah (Morris Run) school teacher, bds 20 Summit

Palmer John (Morris Run) weighmaster, h 20 Summit

Parcell John G (Morris Run) miner, h 36 Front

Parfitt George (Morris Run) miner, h 25 Summit

Parfitt John (Morris Run) miner, h 4 Front

Patterson Francis F (Morris Run) miner, bds 9 Office Row

Patterson Ida F (Morris Run) bds 9 Office Row

Patterson James M (Morris Run) miner, h 9 Office Row

Patterson John (Morris Run) miner, h 44 Water

Patterson William L (Morris Run) woodsman, h 10 Dutchtown

Paulhamus James S (Morris Run) h 7 Castle Garden

Paulhamus William H (Blossburg) r 4, teamster

Paulock Martin (Morris Run) miner, h 12 Castle Garden

Pawlak George (Morris Run) miner, h 2 Middle Row

Pawlak Jacob (Morris Run) miner, h 17 Middle Row

Pawlak Joseph (Morris Run) h 2 Middle Row

Payne Alfred (Morris Run) miner, h 9 Haskin

Payne Isaac (Morris Run) miner, bds 36 Summit

Payne William (Morris Run) miner, h 36 Summit

Peach Charles (Morris Run) miner, h 37 Middle Row

Peach John (Morris Run) miner, bds 37 Middle Row

Pedalty James (Morris Run) miner, h 50 Water

Pendergast Richard (Morris Run) inspector of election and miner, h 18 Summit

Perlaski Peter (Morris Run) miner, h 22 Middle Row

Phillips Thomas (Morris Run) h 12 Dutchtown

Pieckowak Stan (Morris Run) miner, h 36 Water

Podleski John (Morris Run) miner, h 26 Middle Row

Polish School (Morris Run) n Odd Fellows Row

Polcyn Stan (Morris Run) h 6 Hagartown

Porter Robert (Morris Run) miner, h 7 Dutchtown

Powlak John (Morris Run) miner, h 5 Kasmark

Price Jacob (Morris Run) miner, h 25 Middle Row

Primitive M E Church, Rev W H Russell pastor, Front

Prosper John (Morris Run) laborer, h 22 Mill

Puhotyzki Stanislaus (Morris Run) miner, h 4 Cornue

Purdy Myron (Morris Run) laborer, h 11 Odd Fellows Row

Raplee Julius (Morris Run) teamster, h 16 Mill

Reblick Michael (Morris Run) miner, h 14 High

Reese Marvin B (Morris Run) laborer, bds 11 Water

Reese William B (Morris Run) laborer, h 11 Water

Remawalski Frank (Morris Run) miner, bds 3 Kelly

Remawalski Samuel (Morris Run) driver mines, bds 3 Kelly

Rencwalski Joseph (Morris Run) laborer, h 2 Hagartown

Richards James (Morris Run) laborer, h 27 Summit

Ridge Harry (Blossburg) r 7, lumberman

Ritman Simon (Morris Run) laborer, h 3 Kasmark

Robaezen William (Morris Run) miner, h 5 Office Row

Romala Joseph (Morris Run) miner, h 10 Cornue

Rombaski George (Morris Run) miner, h 1 Hagertown

Rudmitzki Rudolph (Morris Run) r 2, teamster, farmer, about 112

Rundell Belle (Blossburg) school teacher, bds with B Jefferson

Rundell B Jefferson (Blossburg) r 4, emp Morris Run Coal Co and farmer, 30

Russell William H (Morris Run) pastor Primitive Methodist church, h Front

Rytman Stanislaus (Morris Run) miner, h 7 Kasmark

Saporowski Martin (Morris Run) miner, h 3 Kelly

Saporowski Simon (Morris Run) h 5 Kelly

Schurtz Frank (Morris Run) miner, h 3 Rookery

Schultz Herman (Morris Run) miner, h 28 Mill

Scife George (Morris Run) miner, bds 33 Middle Row

Scife John W (Morris Run) miner, bds 33 Middle Row

Scife Thomas (Morris Run) miner, bds 33 MiddleRow

Seaburg John A (Morris Run) miner, h 43 Water

SECHRIST EDWARD R (Blossburg) r 4, stonemason son of John

Sechrist John (Blossburg) r 4, stone mason and farmer, 18

Seika Rudolph (Morris Run) miner, h 55 Water

Shaffer Frank (Morris Run) miner, h 20 High

Sheffer Alexander (Morris Run) miner, h 6 Middle Row

Skullney Frank (Morris Run) miner, h 1 Log Row

Slattery Mary Mrs (Morris Run) h 30 Front

Smith Almon E (Blossburg) r 7, fireman saw mill

Smith Arland (Blossburg) r 4, laborer

Smith Benjamin F (Blossburg) r 7, laborer

Smith Henry W (Blossburg) r 7, blacksmith

Smith Jasper (Morris Run) teamster, h 1 Odd Fellows Row

Smith Permella (Blossburg) r 7, widow Josiah M

Sonbert Gust (Blossburg) r 4, miner, h and lot

Squires Bart (Morris Run) miner, h 5 Cornue

Squires Martin (Morris Run) r 2, miner and farmer, 61 1-2

Stachoski John (Morris Run) miner, h 19 Middle Row

Stachowski Stan (Morris Run) miner, h 10 Haskin

Stachoweski Stanislaus (Morris Run) chutesman, h 10 Garvey

Stahovk Frank (Morris Run) miner, h 24 Middle Row

Stashcski Andrew (Morris Run) miner, h 3 Middle Row

Steika August (Morris Run) miner, h 51 Water

Steika John (Morris Run) laborer, h 43 Front

Sterling James (Morris Run) miner, h 35 Middle Row

Sterling John (Morris Run) miner, h 4 Middle Row

Stevenson John (Morris Run) blacksmith, h 23 Water

Stevenson John (Morris Run) blacksmith h6, Odd Fellows Row

Stevenson John J (Morris Run) miner, h 23 Water

Stokes George (Morris Run) laborer, h 25 Dutchtown

Stoll John (Blossburg) r 4, laborer

Stratton Charles I (Morris Run) laborer, h 16 Water

Strum Frederick C (Morris Run) miner, h 13 Pleasant Hill

Strum Sophia (Morris Run) widow John, h 9 Main

Sullivan Dennis (Morris Run) miner, h 8 Odd Fellows Row

Sullivan Eliza (Morris Run) dressmaker, 2 Odd Fellow Row, h do

Sullivan James (Morris Run) mule driver, bds 13 Pleasant Hill

Sullivan John F (Morris Run) miner, h 2 Odd Fellows Row

Sullivan Timothy (Morris Run) boss of drivers, h 6 Front

Summers George (Morris Run) miner, h 16 Summit

Swedish Church (Morris Run) Mill

Swenson Aaron N (Morris Run) miner, h 39 Water

Swenson Alfred (Morris Run) miner, h 38 Water

Swenson August (Morris Run) chutesman, bds 38 Water

Swenson August (Morris Run) miner, bds 40 Water

Swiatowa Mary (Morris Run) widow Patsy, bds 4 Log Row

Swincick Joseph (Morris Run) r 2, miner and farmer, 50

Swinsick John (Morris Run) miner, h 9 Summit

Symarek George (Morris Run) miner, h 13 Middle Row

Tebo Thomas (Morris Run) woodsman, h 9 Dutchtown

Terry Oscar S (Blossburg) r 4, emp saw mill

Terry Thomas (Blossburg) r 4, emp saw mill, son of Oscar S

Thomas Ellen (Morris Run) dressmaker, h 2 Log Row

Thomas John O (Morris Run) night watchman, h 6 Office Row

Thomas Thomas L (Morris Run) engineer mines, h 3 Pleasant Hill

Tipton William (Morris Run) town clerk, bookkeeper Morris Run Coal Mining

Co, h 12 Front

TREAT HOMER E, foreman of saw mill and overseer of the machinery Morris

Run Coal Mining Co, h 11 Pleasant Hill

TUCKER M, agent (Mark) wholesale and retail dealer in dry goods, carpets,

clothing, hats, caps, boots and shoes, wall paper, groceries and

provisions, crockery, hardware and furniture, hard coal, oils and paints,

tinsmith, plumber, steam fitter, Main, bds Hamilton House

VAN VECHTEN JOHN C, principal Morris Run Graded School and of the

Cummings School, h 23 Front

Vatuchki Ida (Morris Run) dressmaker, bds 6 Summit

Vetuchki Val (Morris Run) chutesman, h 5 Summit

Waddell Magaret (Morris Run) widow John, h 3 Front

Walkowik Victoria (Morris Run) widow Andrew, h 9 Mill

Walski Theodore (Morris Run) miner, h 8 Cornue

Ward John (Morris Run) hostler, h 15 Mill

Ward Orris (Morris Run) teamster, h 17 Mill

Waters William (Blossburg) r 4, laborer

Waters William (Morris Run) teamster, h 4 Office Row

Watkins Anna (Morris Run) widow William , h 38 Front

Watkins James (Morris Run) miner, h 38 Front

Watkins William (Morris Run) miner, h 36 Middle Row

Welch Church (Morris Run) off Front

Welch Frank (Morris Run) teamster, h 18 Water

Wellock Jacob (Morris Run) miner, h 4 Kasmark

Wellock Paul (Morris Run) laborer, h 9 Kasmark

Wendell Charlie (Morris Run) h 33 Summit

Wesneski George (Morris Run) miner, h 12 Mill

Wesneski Val (Morris Run) miner, h 15 High

Westerberg Fred (Morris Run) miner, h 9 Pleasant Hill

Wesozki Stand (Morris Run) laborer, h 5 Water

Wetsel David (Morris Run) outside foreman, h 23 Mill

Wetsel Thomas H, clerk for M Tucker, agent, h 16 Front

Wetuchki Michael, clerk for M Tucker, agent, h 4 Odd Fellows Row

Whalen John (Morris Run) laborer, bds 6 Front

Whalen Mary Mrs (Morris Run) h 6 Front

Whalen Thomas F (Morris Run) miner, h 8 Summit

Whalen William (Morris Run) laborer, bds 6 Front

Wheeland George W (Morris Run) woodsman, h 5 Water

Wicznoski George (Morris Run) miner, h 8 Kkasmark

Wiles William (Morris Run) woodsman, h 13 Water

Wilkinson Edward (Morris Run) laborer, h 12 Main

Wilkinson Thomas (Morris Run) laborer, bds 12 Main

Williams William J (Morris Run) laborer, h 12 Water

Winner Anna (Morris Run) dressmaker 24 Summit, bds do

Winner David (Morris Run) miner, bds 24 Summit

Winner Isaac (Morris Run) miner, h 24 Summit

Witzel Thomas (Morris Run) driver store, h 16 Front

Woodhouse James (Morris Run) school director and blacksmith 22 Front h do

Woodhouse Samuel (Morris Run) justice of the peace h 6 Main

Wozoski John (Morris Run) miner, h 13 Dutchtown

Yerzak Martin (Morris Run) miner, h 1 Summit