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Scanned & Formatted by Joyce M. Tice 
Retyped by Nancy Spain

Jackson Township Directory

For explanations, &c., see page 13

Post office address Jackson, unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis.)

Adams Floyd (Millerton) r 49, farmer, works on shares for J.L. Sedinger, 100

Adams James (Daggett) r 41, laborer

Adams Robert S. (Trowbridge) r 58, farmer, 70

ALLEN FRANK J. (Millerton) r 9, dairy & cows and farmer, 165

Allen Lorenzo (Jackson Summit) r 24, h and lot

Ames Elisha (Millerton) r 26, farmer, 95, h and lot

Andrews Allen (Trowbridge) r 35, farmer, 90

Andrews Charles E. (Somers Lane) r 1, dairy 14 cows and farmer, 80

Andrews Lisher D. (Millerton) r 34, farmer, 50

Andrews Luther (Millerton) r 27, farmer, 30

Andrews William B. (Trowbridge) r 36 cor 44, general merchant

Andrews William H. (Millerton) r 26, supervisor, dealer in hay, farmer, 15

Armstrong John (Millerton) r 26, laborer

Ayers Eugene L. (Jobs Corners) r 68, apiarist 140 colonies, dairy 20 cows, farmer, 200

Ayers Thomas (Millerton) r 12, laborer

Ayres George W. (Jobs Corners) r 68, farmer, 3 owned by wife

AYRES LYMAN (Trowbridge) r 58, stationary engineer and farmer
BAILEY EDWARD J. (Rainey & Bailey) h Canton Pa

Baker Clinton (Jabs Corners) r 55, farmer, 30 and 74 owned by wife

Baker Orville (Daggett) r 41, blacksmith

Baker Perry (Mitchell Creek) r 61½, farmer, 40

Barlow Frank (Daggett) r 33, laborer

Barnes J. Emmett (Millerton) r 26, thresher and feed mill, h and lot

Barnes Merritt (Trowbridge) r 49, dairy 8 cows and farmer, 42

Barnes William E. (Millerton) r 26, agt for Deering harvesting machinery, fertilizers and threshers

BARNHART AUSTIN E. (Trowbridge) r 49, dealer in live stock, breeder of thoroughbred Durham cattle and OIC swine, dairy, 15 cows, farmer, 154

Barret Frank (Millerton) r 27, farmer, 14

Beard David (Trowbridge) r 44½, farmer, 44

Beckhorn Henry P. (Millerton) r 37½, farmer, 80 owned by wife

Beeman Elisha (Millerton) r 14, laborer

Belknap Catharine (Trowbridge) r 36, widow Justin, farm, 38

Belknap Ernest (Trowbridge) r 45, laborer

Belknap Justin C. (Trowbridge) r 45, farmer, 100

Belknap Willis A. (Trowbridge) r 36, farmer, 14

Bement George T. (Millerton) r 18, farmer, 60

Berry George L. (Pipeline) r 44, butter maker

BICKELL ULYSSES G. (Daggett) r 52, physician and surgeon, office hours 8 to 9 a.m., 12 to 2 and 4 to 6 p.m.

Bloom William (Millerton) r 23, farmer, 10

BLY ALBERT L. (Millerton) r 39, farmer with Charles V.

Bly Alvin B. (Jackson Summit) r 61½, portable saw mill, farmer, 224

BLY CHARLES V. (Millerton) r 39, with Albert works on shares for Giles, dairy 13 cows, farm, 204

Bly Ellsworth A. (Millerton) local M. E. preacher, wool grower, 200 sheep, farmer, 325

BLY GILES (Millerton) local ME preacher, wool grower, 200 sheep, farmer, 325

Bly John T. (Jackson Summit) r 61½, stationary engineer

Bowman Hiram D. (Millerton) general blacksmithing, Main

Bowman Lou A. (Millerton) r 14, dressmaker

Bowman Osro A. (Millerton) r 14

Brace Edson M. (Painter Run) r 61½, farmer, 50

Brewer Jesse (Millerton) r 12, farmer, 107

Brewster Clarence F. (Jackson Summit) r 50, farmer, 40

BRINK JEROME W. (Millerton) prop Millerton Hotel, Main

Brown Grown (Jackson Summit) r 47, laborer

Brown William (Daggett) r 41, blacksmith

Brown William (Jackson Summit) r 35, laborer, h and lot

Bryant Nathan (Daggett) r 41, laborer

Buchanan Fremont (Millerton) r 13, works on shares for Jesse Miller, 96

Bull Phillip J. Rev. (Millerton) pastor, M. E. church

Burgess Cory L. (Job’s Corners) r 68, painter

Burgess Sally (Job’s Corners) r 68, widow James

Burley Loie (Millerton) r 23½, farmer, works on shares for John F. Cleveland, 75

Burnett Wallace P. (Millerton) r 14, laborer

Burton Laura (Daggett) r 41, widow Lyman, farm 50 (SRGP 58420)

Button Edward (Mitchell Creek) r 61½, farmer, leases of John Putman of Tioga, 360

Button Henry (Mitchell Creek) r 60, works on shares for Alonzo Gaige, 80

Button William (Mitchell Creek) r 61½

Button W. Lavern (Daggett) r 42, tobacco 2½ acres and farmer, on shares for Fred Jennings of Elmira, NY, 81

Canfield Andrew (Daggett) r 41, laborer

Canfield Merwin (Daggett) r 41, laborer

Capwell Robert M. (Millerton) r 25, farmer in Caton, 100, h and lot

Carey Erwin (Pipeline) r 48, laborer

Carley Clarence J. (Jobs Corners) r 67, farmer

Carley John (Jobs Corners) r 67, dairy 16 cows, farmer, 115

Carr Philoma Mrs. (Jobs Corners) r 34

Cary Alfred F. (Somers Lane) r 20, farmer, 60

Cary David N. (Somers Lane) r 20, laborer

Cary Benjamin S. (Somers Lane) r 20, laborer

Chamberlin John (Millerton) r 32, laborer

Champney Loren R. (Millerton) r 15, teacher

Chapman Lewis (Millerton) marble cutter, First

Clark Abbie Mrs. (Millerton) First

Clark James H. (Jackson Summit) r 45, laborer, h and lot

Clark Wells (Millerton) laborer, First

Cleveland Edward (Millerton) r 33, farmer, works on shares for M. K. Retan, 115

Cleveland John F. (Millerton) r 23½, farmer, 75

Cleveland William E. (Jackson Summit) r 34, farmer, 70

Cobb George (Somers Lane) r 32, farmer, 40

Cole Charles (Jackson Summit) r 35, blacksmith

Cole William (Millerton) r 3, farmer, leases 110

Cook John H. (Millerton) r 26, farmer, leases of Henry Cook of Knoxville, 50

Cook Luther (Millerton) r 26, laborer

Cooper Frank E. (Jackson Summit) r 45, laborer

Corey Frank L. (Jobs Corners) r 67, mail carrier Jobs Corners to Seeley Creek N. Y.

Corey William (Jackson Summit) r 45, farmer, ha dn lot

Cornell John (Trowbridge) r 30, farmer, 48

Corwin Andrew J. (Millerton) r 26, live stock dealer and farmer in Southport N. Y., 40, h and lot

Corwin Gideon E. (Millerton) r 15, general blacksmith and wagon repairing

Corwin Martha (Millerton) r 26, widow Seth, h and lot

Corwin Noah (Millerton) r 2, farmer, 72

Corzette Charles (Millerton) farmer, 30, h First

Corzette Jacob (Millerton) r 15

Corzetter Sadie C. (Millerton) school teacher, bds First

Criss Bert J. (Daggett) r 41, laborer

Criss Fred G. (Daggett) r 41, laborer

Criss Miranda (Daggett) r 41, widow Samuel

Criss Samuel (Daggett) r 41, farmer, 100

Crumb Elizabeth (Millerton) widow, h and lot

Crum George L. (Jobs Corners) r 54, farmer, works on shares estate of L. B. Shelve, 100

Cummings Samuel L. (Millerton) r 18, farmer, 23

Curran Harey H. (Jackson Summit) r 46, mason, h and lot

Curren William (Millerton) r 7, dairy 10 cows, farmer, 127

Daggett Cyrnelius (Daggett) r 41, laborer

Daggett Lewis (Daggett) r 31, diary 15 cows, farmer, 160

Daggett School Dist (Daggett)

Dailey Edwin E. (Millerton) r 18, laborer

Deming Eugene (Somers Lane) r 1, farmer, 65

Deming Lucien B. (Somers Lane) r 19, farmer, 35

Dewitt Andrew B. (Millerton) r 43, farmer, 63

Dewitt Frank (Millerton) h and First

Dewitt Frank (Millerton) h and lot First

Dewitt John B. (Trowbridge) r 28, farmer, 31

Dewitt Leman (Daggett) r 41, laborer

Dewitt Williams (Trowbridge) r 44½, farmer, 44

Dickinson Joshua S. H. (Somers Lane) r 19, farmer, 100

Dickinson Miles O. (Somers Lane) r 19, farmer

Dickinson Walter H. (Millerton) r 18, farmer, 60

Dix George E. (Jobs Corners) r 54, postmaster and merchant, farm in Rutland 120

Doty Edward A. (Jobs Corners) r 54, carpenter

Doty Howard C. (Jobs Corners) r 54, carpenter

Doty James A. (Jobs Corners) r 54, carpenter and farmer, 12

Doty Melvin W. (Jobs Corners) r 68, farmer, works on shares W. K. Harris, 200

Drake Charles J. (Jackson Summit) r 35, farmer, 85

Dunn Thomas J. (Millerton) section foreman, h and lot, First

Edsall Damon H. (Millerton) r 10, laborer

Edsall William M. (Millerton) r 10, farmer, 46

Eiffert Henry (Jackson Summit) r 33½, laborer

Eighmey George W. (Daggett) r 41, propr. Daggett Hollow Mills and farmer, 62

Elliott James (Somers Lane) r 2, laborer

Elliott S. Burton (Jackson Summit) r 32, laborer

Ellis Clayton (Jobs Corners) r 51, thresher

Everett Frank (Millerton) r 15, laborer

Everitt Adelbert H. (Millerton) barber and dealer in groceries, cigars and confectionery, Main

Everitt Anna (Trowbridge) r 64, widow Daniel, farm 90

EVERITT ESTLE S. (Trowbridge) r 44, breeder and dealer in thoroughbred Shropshire sheep 25 head, farm 63

Everitt Fred J. (Pipeline) r 63, farmer, works on shares for Henry Furman 160

Everitt M. Lee (Trowbridge) r 64, farmer, 90 owned by Annie

Everitt Naomi (Trowbridge) r 58, widow Edward, farm 120

Everitt William J. (Trowbridge) r 58, farmer, 76

Faburn Hathaway (Millerton) r 26, mason, h and lot owned by wife

Ferguson William (Daggett) r 42, h and lot

Fish William (Trowbridge) r 45, mason

French William H. (Trowbridge) r 64, farmer, 30

Friends Anna I. (Millerton) r 27, dressmaker

Friends Charles H. (Millerton) r 16, dairy 11 cows, farmer, 100

Friends Ernest W. (Millerton) r 15, farmer

Friends George (Millerton) r 4, farmer, 100

Friends George (Millerton) r 27 cor 29, farmer, 6

Friends Henry (Millerton) r 33, farmer, 68

Friends Henry (Trowbridge) r 28, farmer, 50, and works on shares Elisha Ames 100

Friends James (Trowbridge) r 29, farmer, works on shares for S. R. Friends 114

Friends James K. (Millerton) r 33, dairy 10 cows, farmer, 104

Friends Jane (Millerton) widow Daniel, h and lot Main

Friends Jay L. (Jackson Summit) r 34, farmer, 96

Friends J. Porter (Millerton) r 27, dairy 13 cows, farmer, 130

Friends Lewis (Trowbridge) r 30, apiarist 41 colonies, farmer, 38

Friends Louise E. (Millerton) r 24, school teacher

FRIENDS MONROE M. (Trowbridge) r 30, dairy 10 cows, farmer, works on shares for J. P. Friends 100

Friends Samuel R. (Millerton) r 27, farmer, 150

Friends School District (Millerton) r 16

Fulkerson Wilber E. (Millerton) clerk Millerton Hotel

Furman Harry (Pipeline) r 63, dairy 12 cows, wool grower 75 sheep, farmer, 160

GAIGE ALBERT M. (Jackson Summit) r 48, dairy 12 cows, wool grower 100 sheep, farmer, 200

Gaige Davis W. (Trowbridge) r 63, farmer, works on shares for George M. Hurd of Buffalo, dairy 40 cows, farm 350

GAIGE EDSON B. (Jackson Summit) r 48, school teacher

Gaige Elizabeth (Jackson Summit) r 48, widow Perry

Gaige Fred J. (Jackson Summit) r 48, farmer, 100

GAIGE HERMAN H. (Jackson Summit) r 48, school teacher

Gaige Wilson E. (Trowbridge) r 48, dairy 6 cows, breeder of Shropshire sheep, farmer, 80

Garrison Abram B. (Jobs Corners) r 65, dairy 14 cows, farmer, 112

Garrison Caroline A. (Jobs Corners) r 54, widow Edmund, farm, 85

Garrison Chester F. (Jobs Corners) r 67, dairy, 8 cows, farmer, 90

Garrison Clyde S. (Jobs Corners) r 57, laborer

Garrison Edward N. (Jobs Corners) r 57, laborer

Garrison Eveline (Daggett) r 41, widow John W., farm, 57

Garrison Jesse E. (Millerton) r 14, farmer, 120

Garrison Joel D. (Millerton) cigarmaker and justice of the peace, Main, h First

Garrison John (Pipeline) r 58, laborer

Garrison Justus J. (Jobs Corners) r 54, farmer, 65

Garrison Levi W. (Jobs Corners) r 57, farmer

Garrison Nelson W. (Jobs Corners) r 54, farmer, h and lot

Garrison Richard (Jobs Corners) off r 56, farmer, works on shares for Harriet A. Sheive, 87

Garrison R. Wilbert (Jobs Corners) r 54, dairy 10 cows, farmer, 97

Garrison Tartulas J. (Pipeline) r 49, dairy 13 cows, farmer, 100

Garrison W. Henry (Jobs Corners) r 68, dairy 18 cows, farmer, 175

Gifford Jesse A. (Millerton) r 15, farmer in Wells, 160

Gilbert Elias (Jackson Summit) r 34½, farmer leases of Grant Storms of Wells Pa, 21

Goodwin Samuel I. (Jackson Summit) r 45, farmer leases, 100

Graham Charles E. (Millerton) r 2, farmer, 65

Graham George T. (Millerton) r 2, farmer, 144

Graham Helen (Millerton) r 31, (Mrs. Wm. H.) groceries

Graham Joseph (Millerton) r 14, farmer

Graham Mary Mrs. (Somers Lane) r 19

Graham William H. (Millerton) r 31 cor 32, farmer, 100

Graves Fritz K. (Millerton) telegrapher, bds depot

GRAVES HARRY T. (Millerton) editor and publisher Millerton Advocate and job printer Main, h depot (See adv.)

Gray Albert (Millerton) r 14, laborer

Gray James (Millerton) laborer, h First

Gray James C. (Daggett) r 42, laborer

Griffin Henry (Trowbridge)r 35, farmer, 100

Groom Henry (Millerton) r 22, works on shares for M. K. Retan, 150

Grover Joseph (Millerton) r 23, farmer, 26

Guthrie Claude B. (Millerton) jeweler and bicycle repairing, Main

Hall Aaron (Jackson Summit) r 46, farmer, 70

Hall Charles (Millerton) off r 18, farmer, 20

Hall George (Jackson Summit) r 33½, laborer

Hall John (Trowbridge) r 44, farmer 80

Hall Ralph (Jobs Corners) r 54, laborer

Hallett Leroy W. (Millerton) prof of penmanship, h Hallett

Hamilton George H. (Jackson Summit) r 48, farmer 136

Hamilton James (Trowbridge) r 44, farmer 43

HAMILTON JAMES G. (Millerton) r 26, butcher and farmer 75

Harris Willard K. (Jobs Corners) r 67, supervisor and farmer 123

Havens Nahum (Millerton) r 43, farmer 40f

Hazen School (Millerton) r 31

Heermans Annie (Jackson Summit) widow Philip H., r 35, postmaster, dressmaker and milliner

Henry John (Millerton) r 24, laborer

Higgins Eliza H. (Somers Lane) r 33, farm, 40

Higgins Gideon M. (Somers Lane) r 32, laborer

Hill Daniel B. (Trowbridge) r 44, feed and shingle mill, farmer 30

Hill John (Jackson Summit) r 20, laborer

Hodge John S. (Millerton) r 15, teamster

Hogaboom Floyd F. (Jobs Corners) r 51, dairy 10 cows, farmer 84

Hogaboom Margaret (Jobs Corners) r 52, widow Elam A.

Hogancamp Benjamin (Millerton) r 3, farmer 25

Hollands William (Millerton) r 16

Holton Eugene (Jackson Summit) r 34, farmer, leases of J. Wilson 70

Horton Daniel S. (Trowbridge) r 45, farmer 80

HOUSER PENROSE W. (Millerton) physician and surgeon, Bachelor in the Elements and Master in Electro-Therapeutics, office hours 1 to 3 p.m., h Main

Hudson Joel E. (Millerton) r 31, farmer 150

Hudson William H. (Somers Lane) r 32, farmer 130

Huff David D. (Jackson Summit) r 46½, farmer 46

Hughes John (Jackson Summit) r 60, farmer 150

Husted Frank W. (Millerton) r 26, butcher

Impson John (Jackson Summit) r 60, farmer 50, owned by John Hughes

Impson Lawrence (Pipeline) r 45, laborer

Inscho Albert W. (Jackson Summit) r 60, dairy 11 cows, farmer, 140

Inscho John J. (Jackson Summit) r 60

Ireland David (Jackson Summit) r 35, carpenter

Isbell Edward (Trowbridge) r 22, laborer

Jackson Center Creamery (ltd) r44 (Trowbridge) Joseph L. Sedinger pres, Lemuel Trowbridge sect, manufs of choice Tioga Co separator butter

Jackson Summit School District (Jackson Summit) r 46

Jackson William W. (Millerton) r 14, farmer, leases 100

Jewell Cyrus (Jackson Summit) r 48, dairy 10 cows, farmer, 90

Jewell Floyd (Jackson Summit) r 48, telegrapher

Job’s Corners School District (Job’s Corners)

Johnson Charles H. (Pipeline) r 59, postmaster and merchant, farmer, 150

Jones Thaddeus C. (Trowbridge) r 44, farmer, 10

Kelly John S. (Millerton) r 18, farmer, 65

Kelly Uriah (Millerton) r 14, barber and mail carrier, h and lot

Killigrew James (Millerton) r 2, farmer in NY state, 50

Kimball Irving (Daggett) r 50, laborer

Kinner Garrett M. (Millerton) r 14, laborer, h and lot

Kinner Jacob (Trowbridge) r 35, farmer, 18

Kinner James (Millerton)r 14, laborer

Kinner Leman M. (Trowbridge) r 35, mason

Kinner Nathan F. (Millerton) r 15, farmer, 70

Kirkendall Samuel E. (Millerton) attorney and counselor at law, farm in Lawrence, 50, ha dn lot, Main

Kumm Amelia (Millerton) compositor, Main

Lain Elvira A. (Jackson Summit) r 46, widow David B., general merchant

Lain Fred J. (Jackson Summit) r 47, farmer, estate of D. B. Lain, 115, breeder Oxforddown sheep, 50 head

Lain John (Jackson Summit) r 45, farmer, 70

Lain John D. (Jackson Summit ) r 46, clerk

Lane Charles H. (Job’s Corners) r 66, farmer

Lane Ezekiel G. (Job’s Corners) r 66, dairy 8 cows, farmer, 95

Lefler Max R. (Job’s Corners) r 68, student

Lefler Machal G. (Job’s Corners) r 68, farmer, 79

Lewis Oliver (Trowbridge) r 45, laborer

Lobdell Fred N. (Millerton) r 15, live stock dealer and butcher

Logan David (Jackson Summit) r 34½, farmer, 100

Lucas Frank U. (Millerton) carpenter, First

Luckey George (Jackson Summit) r 61, farmer, works on shares for Margaret Vickers

Lucas John W. (Pipeline) r 64, blacksmith, and with E. J. Lucas dairy 27 cows, farmer, 105

Maher Patrick (Millerton) r 2, farmer, 51

Mann Boardman (Millerton) r 31, blacksmith and farmer, 100

Mann John H. (Millerton) r 31, farmer, 75

Mann School District (Millerton) r 31

Maple Ridge School District (Pipeline) r 59

Marvin Samuel (Millerton) r 31, h and lot

Matthews James B. (Millerton) r 31, laborer

McCLURE JAY D. (Pipeline) r 48, town clerk, breeder of Durham cattle, dairy 12 cows, farmer, 100

McCall Lewis (Millerton) r 18, laborer

McClure Sheff (Pipeline) r 49, dairy 16 cows, farmer, 155

McGory Edward P. (Trowbridge) r 298, farmer, 38

McIntyre John (Jobs Corners) r 68, laborer

McIntyre William S. (Millerton) r 27, farmer, 71

McKibbin Eugene (Millerton) printer’s apprentice, Main

McKibbins William T. (Millerton) r 26, farmer, 50

McMullin Seth (Jackson Summit) r 34, farmer on shares for P. C. Sisson 50

McSoley James (Millerton) off r 13, farmer, 35

MERRICK ALVA R. (Millerton) dentist and breeder of thoroughbred game fowls, h First

Messing Walter (Millerton) r 36 cor 37, farmer, works on shares for Bert Seeley 20

Middaugh Thomas (Somers Lane) r 20, farmer, 60

Mifelt John (Somers Lane) r 20, farmer, 40

Miller Alvin (Millerton) r 12, farmer, works for Mary 50 and owns in NY state 38

Miller George M. (Millerton)r 14, upholsterer and painter

Miller Jonas (Millerton) r 12, farmer, works on shares for Mary 50 and owns in NY state 62

Miller James H. (Millerton) cler, Main

Miller Jesse B. (Millerton) postmaster and dealer in general merchandise, hay, garin &c, farmer, 125, Main

Miller Jesse W. (Millerton) r 14, farmer, 60, h and lot

Miller Martha (Millerton) (Mrs. J. H.) dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, boots and shoes, wall paper, dairy supplies &c, Main

Miller Mary A. (Millerton) r 26, widow George K. farm 100, h and lot

Miller Monroe (millerton) funeral director and embalmer, h Main

Miller Ray W. (Trowbridge) r 30, farmer, 46

Miller Walter (Trowbridge) r 29, farmer

Miller Wellen J. (Millerton) r 15, farmer, in Caton N. Y., 50

Miller Welthy (Millerton) r 14, widow Martin, h and lot

Miller William (Millerton) r 14

Miller Willis H. (Millerton) r 15, tobacco grower 3 acres, farmer, 250

MILLERTON ADVOCATE (Millerton) Harry T. Graves editor

MILLERTON HOTEL (Millerton) Jerome W. Brink propr, Main

Millerton School District (millerton)

Mitchell Albert (Millerton) farmer, h and lot Main

Mitchell Edward R. (Somers Lane) r 32, farmer, 50

Mitchell Franklin (Millerton) r 31, tobacco grower

Mitchell George W. (Millerton) r 22½, saw mill, farmer, 160

Mitchell Sarah (Millerton) r 31, widow Austin, farm, 56

Mitchell Thaddeus I. (Millerton) farmer, 50, h and lot Main

Montgomery Alexander (Millerton) r 22, farmer, 75

Moody Winfield H. (Millerton) harnessmaker Main, h do

MORRILL LOTT W. (Jackson Summit) r 35, manuf of vegetable crates, farmer, 145

Morrill Orville B. (Jackson Summit) r 46, fruit grower 7 acres

Morris Charles (Daggett) r 52, peddler

Mosier Alanson E. (Millerton) r 16, laborer, h and lot

Murdough Wells (Pipeline) r 49, farmer on shares for C. H. Johnson, 150

Nichols Eliphet (Millerton) r 9, laborer

Nichols James (Jackson Summit) r 62, laborer

Osgood Abraham A. (Jobs Corners) r 65, dairy 15 cows, farmer, 80

Owen George W. (Daggett) r 41, wagon maker and gardener, h and lot

Owens Phebe Mrs. (Millerton) First

Paris David (Jackson Summit) r 33½ farmer, 80

Parmenter Lewis D. (Daggett) r 41, laborer

Parmenter School District (Millerton) r 38

Parmerter LaFayette S. (Trowbridge) r 44, farmer on shares for John Hall, 80

Payne Charles (Millerton) r 22, laborer

Payne Elizabeth (Jackson Summit) widow John

Payne George W. (Jackson Summit) r 35, farmer, 172

Perry John C. (Millerton) r 44, blacksmith

Pettingill George (Jobs Corners) r 52, laborer

PETTY PHILIP (Daggett) r 41, prop stock horse Bay Selam, and agt, h and lot

Phillips Edward (Jackson Summit) r 61½, farmer 54

Pierce George (Trowbridge) r 44, laborer

Pierce John (Millerton) r 43, farmer 60, owned by wife

Price Frank (Millerton) r 23½, blacksmith

RAINEY & BAILEY (Millerton) (C.E.R. and E.J.B.) dealers in granite and marble monuments, works at Millerton and Canton, Pa, Main (See adv page 300)

RAINEY CHARLES E. (Millerton) (Rainey & Bailey) h Main

Rathbone Albert (Millerton) laborer

Rathburn Ashburn R. (Millerton) painter and paper hanger, Main

Retan David M. (Millerton) farmer 50, Main

Retan Lucretia (Millerton) widow Wm. A., h and lot Main

RETAN MATTHEW K. (Millerton) tobacco grower 4 acres, farmer 300, h Main

Rogers Stephen W. (Jobs Corners) r 54, blacksmith

Rogers William W. (Daggett) r 52, blacksmith

Roosa John C. (Jackson Summit)r 61, farmer 100

Roosa Reuben B. (Jackson Summit) r 61, laborer

Rumsey Draton (Millerton) r 31, laborer

Rumsey Jerry (Jackson Summit) r 34, h and lot

Rumsey Ripley (Jobs Corners) r 49, laborer

Russell Stephen (Jackson Summit) r 35, h and lot

Satterlee Charles E. (Millerton) r 33, wool grower 35 sheep, farmer 155

Satterlee Dan L. (Somers Lane) r 21, farmer 76

Satterlee Leroy (Millerton) r 39, laborer

Scofield Henry (Daggett) r 41, farmer 13

Scott Harold (Daggett) r 52, painter and paper hanger

Scott Joseph R. (Jobs Corners) r 51, laborer

Searles Frank V. (Daggett) r 42, carpenter and farmer 10

SEARLES JOHN A. (Daggett) r 42, tobacco grower 2½ acres, farmer 100

Sedinger John E. (Jobs Corners) r 57, farmer with J.L. 90, and works on shares for Joseph L. 225, dairy 21 cows

Sedinger Joseph L. (Jobs Corners) r 57, farmer 250, and with J. E. 90

SEDINGER WILLIAM E. (Millerton) constable and collector, h First

Seeley Benjamin F. (Trowbridge) r 44½, farmer 44

Seeley Bert (Millerton) r 9, hay presser, dairy 9 cows, farmer 20, and works on shares for F. L. Seeley of Boston, Mass, 125

Seeley Hattie (Millerton) r 9, widow John, farmer 30

Seeley Jonas A. (Millerton) r 9, dairy 10 cows, farmer 95

Seely Samuel (Millerton) r 18, farmer, 140

SEELYE LYLE G. (Jackson Summit) station and express agent and telegraph operator

Shanley James (Millerton) r 11, farmer, 45

Sheffer Frank (Millerton) r 27, farmer, 9

Sheive Alanson N. (Daggett) r 41, groceries and provisions

Shieve Casner E. (Daggett) r 52, farmer, 56

Sheive Charles H. (Daggett) r 53, justice of the peace, farmer, 97

Sheive Daniel (Daggett) r 52, laborer

Sheive Frank H. (Millerton) r 43, farmer, 57

SHEIVE FRANKLIN W. (Jobs Corners) r 44, farmer

SHEIVE GEORGE W. (Jobs Corners) r 55, dairy 8 cows, farmer, 74, breeder of Chester white swine

Sheive Harriet A. (Millerton) r 14, widow Charles 2d, farm 87, h and lot

Sheive Jane (Daggett) r 52, widow Levi

Sheive Joel E. (Daggett) r 52, shoemaker and hay presser

Sheive Jordan D. (Jobs Corners) r 55, lumberman

Sheldon George A. (Millerton) r 26, tinsmith, h and lot

Sheldon James R. (Jackson Summit) r 35, apiarist 93 colonies, propr Keystone suspension fence, farmer, 125

Sheldon Walton C. (Jackson Summit) r 35, student

Shelman Riley W. (Jackson Summit) r 34½, farmer, 90

Shepard Erving A. (Millerton) r 16, leases of Wm. Tillinghast 100

Shepard George (Millerton) r 12, laborer

Sibel William (Jackson Summit) r 35, blacksmith

Signor John (Trowbridge) r 29, carpenter and builder, farmer, 50

Sisson Abram (Jackson Summit) r 61, laborer

SISSON JAMES A. (Jackson Summit) r 46, farmer, 60

Smith Alexander (Millerton) r 27, tobacco grower 2 acres, farmer, 150

Smith Amelia E. (Millerton) r 31, widow, James C., farm 134

Smith Benjamin (Trowbridge) r 25, farmer, 80

Smith Charles (Jackson Summit) r 34, farmer, 100

Smith Charles H. (Jackson Summit) r 45, laborer

Smith Clark B. (Jackson Summit) r 45, laborer

Smith Ford C. (Millerton) r 27, laborer

SMITH FRANK (Millerton) physician and surgeon and dealer in drugs, paints, oils, brushes &c, also breeder of thoroughbred Jersey cattle, Shetland ponies, Indian game, rose comb Leghorn, Plymouth Rock and Wyandotte fowls, 65 acres berries, farmer, 220, Main, hr 26

Smith Fred H. (Jackson Summit) r 60, dairy 9 cows, farmer, 140 owned by wife

Smith Henry (Millerton) r 38, farmer, works on shares for Robert Alexander of Elmira, N.Y., 265

Smith Jackson (Millerton) r 22, farmer, leases 100

Smith Joel b. (Millerton) r 31, farmer, works on shares for J. E. Hudson, 150

Smith Lewis L. (Millerton) r 26, bookkeeper

Smith Nathaniel 2d (Millerton) physician and surgeon, farmer, 84, h Main

Smith Roy J. (Millerton) r 34, farmer, 66

Smith William H. (Millerton) r 37, farmer

Snell Elmer K. (Job’s Corners) r 68, laborer

Sornberger C. Melvin (Daggett) r 51, farmer, 76

Spencer Andrew J. (Jackson Summit) r 35, farmer, 126

Spencer Ernest (Jackson Summit) r 45, dairy 17 cows, farmer, 90, owned by Libbie Spencer

Spencer F. A. & J. J. (Millerton) r 25, agricultural implements, tobacco growers 4 acres, breeders of Jersey cattle, dairy 20 cows, farmers, 300

Spencer Fred D. (Daggett) r 42 farmer, works on shares for James Collins of Elmira, 68

Spencer Frank A. (Millerton) r 26, (F. A. & J. J.)

Spencer Jerome J. (Millerton) r 26 (F & JJ)

Spencer Libbie (Jackson Summit) r 47, widow Archibald G., farmer, 95

Spencer William (Jackson Summit) r 45, farmer, 51

Stafford Bert (Millerton) r 32, laborer

Stafford Emmet (Trowbridge) r 30, farmer, h and lot

Stafford Floyd (Trowbridge) r 30, laborer

Stafford Theodore (Millerton) brick and plaster mason, h and lot owned by wife, First

Stephens Archibald (Trowbridge) r 49, farmer, works on shares, 70

Stephens I. Emmet (Trowbridge) r 44, farmer, 85

Stephens Sir William (Jackson Summit) r 62

Stewart Charles b. (Somers Lane) r 19, farmer, 22

Stewart George W. (Jackson Summit) r 46, agent

Stilwell A. Emmerson (Pipeline) r 57, fruit grower and farmer, 106

Stilwell Frank S. (Trowbridge) r 44, farmer, leases of Paul Smith 31

Stickler Leroy (Millerton) laborer, First

Stilwell Richard J. (Pipeline) r 57 cor 58, dairy 12 cows, wool grower, 24 sheep, farmer, 80

Strock Guy (Jackson Summit) r 34, farmer, 60, owned by wife

Sturdevant William D. (Job’s Corners) r 68, farmer, 20

Swartwood C. Warren (Jackson Summit) r 46½, farmer, 82, owned by wife

Swayze Henry F. (Daggett) r 52, postmaster, general merchant

Swect John (Daggett) r 42, laborer, h and lot

SWEET WILLIAM H. (Daggett) r 42, laborer, h and lot

Taber Leander (Daggett) r 40, farmer, 21

Taber Loam T. (Millerton) r 43, dairy 10 cows, farmer, 85

Taber Samuel (Daggett) r 42, tobacco grower 2 acres, farmer, 18

Thorp Frank (Millerton) r 26, farmer, 105

Thorp Horace (Jobs Corners) r 66, farmer leases of James Holden of Rutland, 160

Ticknor William (Jobs Corners) r 69, carpenter

Tillinghast Charles L. (Millerton) r 13, farmer, 85

Tillinghast J. Buren (Millerton) r 26, butter maker

TILLINGHAST MARTHA RETAN MRS. (Millerton) r 14, artist, bds Main

Tillinghast William (Millerton) r 16 farmer, 100, and works on shares for H. S. Redfield of Ithaca N.Y. breeder of thoroughbred Jersey cattle, dairy 40 cows, farmer, 375

Tobey Eugene L. (Millerton) r 2, dairy 10 cows, farmer, 170

Traver School District (Jackson Summit) r 2, cor 19

Trowbridge Henry (Millerton) r 27, farmer, 80, owned by wife

Trowbridge Lemuel A. (Trowbridge) r 36, postmaster, sect. Jackson Center Creamery Co. (Ltd.) dairy 15 cows, farmer, 135

Trowbridge School District (Trowbridge) r 45

Updike Austin H. (Jackson Summit) r 45, school teacher

UPDYKE CHARLES L. (Daggett) r 50, breeder of thoroughbred Holstein cattle, diary 20 cows, farmer, 170

Updike Charles P. (Jackson Summit) r 45, dairy 9 cows, 20 sheep, farmer, 150

Updike Dayton (Jobs Corners) r 66

Updike Fanny B. (Jackson Summit) r 45, school teacher

Updike Walter (Trowbridge) r 36, dairy 8 cows, farmer, 80

Van Gorder James (Millerton) r 18, farmer, 3

Vickers Margaret (Jackson Summit) r 62, widow Samuel

Voorhees Ellis J. (Daggett) r 53, farmer works for John M., 70

Voorhees Floyd A. (Daggett) r 53, tobacco grower 2 acres, farmer works for John M., 70

Voorhees Jesse (Daggett) r 52, tobacco grower 3 acres, fruit grower and farmer, 46

Voorhees John M. (Daggett) r 53, farmer, 140

Wales Alice (Jackson Summit) r 33½, widow Blake, farm, 50

Walker Samuel (Daggett) r 52, laborer

Walters Orson E. (Jobs Corners) r 51, thresher and farmer, 107

Webster Bert R. (Jobs Corners) r 67, laborer

Westlake George (Millerton) r 35, farmer, 62

Webster James K. (Millerton) farmer, Depot

Webster Marvin (Millerton) farmer, Depot

Webster Mary J. (Millerton) widow Alexander, h Depot

Webster Myron L. (Jobs Corners) r 67, farmer, 68, and in Rutland, 50

Wells Lewis E. (Daggett) r 52, farmer 130

Wells School District (Daggett) r 56

Westlake Burr (Millerton) r 33, farmer, 50

Wheeler Jason C. (Millerton) r 33, farmer, 50

Wheeler John E. (Millerton) r 27, farmer 80, owned by wife

Wheeler Lewis (Millerton) r 31, farmer, works on shares for Ross Mitchell of Wellsboro, 80

Wheeler Marion H. (Millerton) r 33, farmer, 62

Wheeler Marshall (Millerton) r 18, farmer, works on shares for Maria Gustin of Mansfield, 100

Wheeler Osee W. (Millerton) r 27, hay presser, farmer, works for Rhoda E. Wood, 23

WHIPPLE WARREN J. (Jackson Summit) r 34½, thresher and feed mill, farmer 100

White Mahlon T. (Trowbridge) r 28, farmer 110

Whitlock Leonard M. (Jobs Corners) r 65, machinist

Wilcox George (Somers Lane) r 32, farmer 30

Wilcox George (Trowbridge) r 27, farmer, 25

WILCOX GEORGE F. (Millerton) station and express agent, telegraph operator and dealer in coal, agricultural implements and shingles, h depot

Wilcox Walter (Jackson Summit) r 33½, laborer

WILSON DELL (Millerton) carpenter and builder, h Main

Wilson Jay W. (Millerton) r 23½, laborer

Wilson John H. (Somers Lane) r 22, farmer, 60

Wilson Phillip (Daggett) r 53, farmer on shares for O. J. Wylie of Elmira, 108

Wilson Thomas (Pipeline) r 44, apiarist 25 colonies, farmer, 163

Wood Arba (Somers Lane) r 1, dairy 15 cows, farmer, 180

Wood Jesse (Somers Lane) r 1, thresher

Wood Lavern (Pipeline) r 48, school teacher

Wood Rhoda E. (Millerton) r 26, widow Aaron, farmer 23

Wood William (Daggett) r 52 laborer

Woodard Benjamin (Jackson Summit) r 34, blacksmith

Woodard Leman (Somers Lane) r 2, laborer

Woodard Levi (Jackson Summit) r 20, farmer, leases 50

Woodard Samuel (Jackson Summit) r 20, laborer

Woodford Fred E. (Trowbridge) r 28, station and express agent dealer in hay, potatoes and buckwheat, farmer, leases of Thomas Ames of Elmira, 40

Woodford Harriet M. (Somers Lane) r 21, widow William

Woodford Jasper (Millerton) r 36, farmer, leases of Frank Beeman of Elmira, 70

Woodford Lee A. (Trowbridge) r 28, farmer on shares for D. H. Horton, 120

Woodford Rebecca A. (Trowbridge) r 28, widow James D.

Woodhouse John B. (Millerton) farmer 25, owned by wife, First

WOODS SAMUEL (Millerton) r 23½, general blacksmith and wagon maker and watch repairing

Youmans Addison (Jobs Corner) r 68, laborer