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Scanned & Formatted by Joyce M. Tice 
Retyped by Cindy Duffek


For explanations, &c., see page 13.

Postoffice address Lawrence unless otherwise designated in (Parenthesis)

Aldrich Jesse T (Nelson) r 24, tobacco grower 5 acres and farmer, 123

Allen Norman (Lawrenceville) r 7, laborer

Allen Zelotus P (Tompkins) r 26, laborer

Andrews Levi O (Somers Lane) r 12, farmer, leases of James Hopkins 100

Andrews Levi S (Somers Lane) r 12, farmer, 53

Austin George (Lawrenceville) r 19 1-2, farmer on shares for H B Colegrove, 80

Bacher, Daniel (Jackson Summit) r 38, farmer

Bacher Fred (Jackson Summit) r 38, farmer

Bacher Henry (Jackson Summit) r 38, farmer, 100

Bacher Jacob (Somers Lane) r 39, farmer, 34

Bailey Frank (Nelson) r --, farmer, 34

Bailey William (Tompkins) r 23, veterinary surgeon

Baker Charles (Lawrenceville) r 3, retired

Baker George (Nelson) r 1, farmer, rents of A Odell 80

Baker Jane E (Lawrenceville) r 3, widow Bradley

Baker Leroy (Lawrenceville) r 3, farmer, 100

Baker Rebecca (Nelson) r 1, widow Orlando

Baker Samuel (Nelson) r 1, farmer, 86 owned by his mother

Baldwin Lucy D (Lawrenceville) r 6, photographer

Baldwin Mellicent H (Lawrenceville) r 6, widow Moses S

Baldwin Mose S (Lawrenceville) r 6, tobacco grower 5 acres, farmer, estate of Moses S Baldwin, 150

Ball Henry (Tompkins) r 24, carpenter and farmer, 13

Ball Herbert E (Lawrenceville) r 23, farmer on shares for F Camp, 50

Ball John (Tompkins) r 26, tobacco grower 3 acres, farmer on shares for Mary Phillips, 75

Barber Eli (Rising) r 42, farmer, 50

Barber Nathan (Rising) r 41, tobacco grower 10 acres, farmer on shares for Eli Barber,250

Bates Alfred (Tompkins) r 24, farmer on shares for W H Bills, 73

Benson Benjamin F (Somers Lane) r 39, mason and farmer, 100

Benson Charles E (Somers Lane) r 39, laborer

Bellinger Philo (Lawrenceville) r 5, farmer on shares for C Blackwell, 75

Bills Philo (Somers Lane) r 13, farmer, 75

Bills William H (Tompkins) r 24, farmer, 73

Borwe Bigelow (Jackson Summit) r 89, farmer, 100

Borwe Kiley (Somers Lane) r 39, farmer, 100

Borwe William (Somers Lane) r 39, h and lot

Bostwick Fred E (Rising) r 18, agent harvesting machinery

Bostwick Truman (Lawrenceville) farmer, 19

Bostwick William (Nelson) r 27, farmer, 100

Bostwick William Jr (Nelson) r 27, farmer, 64

Boulton William (Lawrenceville) r 8

Brant Bruce N (Lawrenceville) r 4, tobacco grower 2 and farmer, 60

Brisco George (Nelson) r 27, farmer, 25

Brisco Nathan (Nelson) r 27

Brock Augustus (Rising) r 41, section hand F B R R

Brockway Daniel (Lawrenceville) r 30, farmer on shares for H Wheeler, 120

Brockway Frank (Lawrenceville) r 18, section hand F B R R

Brown Charles (Lawrenceville) r 15, laborer

Brown Dewitt A (Somers Lane) r 35, farmer

Brown Henry (Rising) r 41, farmer in Middlebury 80

Brown Lyman (Jackson Summit) r 38, farmer, 1 1-2

BROWN MERRITT B 1st. (Somers Lane) r 35, apiarist 300 colonies, farmer, 67

BROWN MERRITT B, (Somers Lane) r 33, town auditor, agt for Lackawanna Fertilizer Co, dealer in hides, breeder of Percheron horses, stock horse "Colonel," tobacco grower 6, farmer, 100

Brown William W (Lawrenceville) r 7, farmer

Buck Willis E (Lawrenceville) r 7, brakeman

BUCKBEE FRANK (Lawrenceville) off r 15, farmer, son of Hannah

BUCKBEE HANNAH (Lawrenceville) off r 5, widow John H, farmer, 75

Burdett John W (Somers Lane) r 17, farmer, 19, tobacco grower 2 acres

Burditt Goolie (Rising) r 18, portable saw mill, tobacco grower 4 acres, farmer, 100

BURDITT RICHARD L (Rising) r 18 cor 39, dealer in agricultural implements, shingle mill, pile driving, thresher, tobacco grower 5 acres and farmer, 100

Button Jesse H (Lawrenceville) r 7, laborer

Cady Minor (Lawrenceville) off r 4

Cady William (Tompkins) off r 22, tobacco grower 2 acres and farmer on shares for H Davis, 120

Califf Stilson S (Lawrenceville) r 9, farmer, 85, breeder of thoroughbred Devonshire cattle

Campbell David (Tompkins) r 1 1-2, farmer, 60

Campbell Eliza (Tompkins) r 22, widow Charles

Campbell Jerome (Tompkins) r 22, mason

Campbell John (Tompkins) r 22, mason

Cary Bert (Somers Lane) r 14, laborer

Cary James N (Somers Lane) r 12, farmer, 75

Cary William (Somers Lane) r 12, farmer, 17

Carlton Burdell (Tioga) r 31, farmer on shares for H Smith estate, 180

Carlton Catherine (Tioga) r 31, widow Amasa

Carlton Levi (Tioga) r 31, farmer, 123

CASE CHARLES (Lawrenceville) r 4, farmer with Stephen DeGroff

Case John (Tompkins) r 24, apiarist, tobacco grower 3, and farmer, 67

Case Nathan (Tompkins) r 27, farmer, 57

Churchill Enoch (Lawrenceville) r 16, brick layer

Clark Clarissa (Lawrenceville) r 4, widow Hiram

Cleveland Charles F (Lawrenceville) r 7, butcher and dealer live stock and poultry

CLISHAN ELIZABETH K (Somers Lane) r 33, deputy postmaster

CLISHAN STEPHEN T (Somers Lane) r 33, postmaster and general merchandise,

section foreman Erie R R, Tioga Division

Close Grover (Lawrenceville) r 21, farmer, 125

Cole Francis (Tompkins) r 22, widow Thomas

Colegrove Delbert (Lawrenceville) r 19, farmer, 85

Colegrove Delos (Tompkins) r 22, tobacco grower 3 acres and farmer, 70, and rents of H B Colegrove, 30

COLEGROVE HENRY B (Lawrenceville) r 5 cor 19 County Commissioner, farm, 150

Colegrove School District No 5 (Lawrenceville)

Conley Alex (Somers Lane) r 33, laborer

Corey John (Jackson Summit) r 39, farmer, 100

Corwin Ernest (Somers Lane) r 10, laborer

Corwin John N (Somers Lane) r 10, farmer, 50

Croffut Frank (Tompkins) r 20, farmer, 100

Croffut John (Tompkins) r 2, school teacher and farmer, 60

Culligan Michael (Lawrenceville) r 18, farmer, 100

Cummings John (Somers Lane) r 39, laborer

Curlett Frank (Somers Lane) r 35, pastor East Lawrence Christian Church

Dailey William (Lawrenceville) r 7, laborer

Deats Bert (Nelson) r 1, farmer, son of Joseph

Deats Clarence (Nelson) r 1, farmer, son of Joseph

Deats Joseph (Nelson) r 1, farmer, 38

Deats William (Lawrenceville) r 8, laborer

Decker Holmes A (Tioga) r 30 cor 31, farmer, 111

Decker James H (Tioga) r 30, cor 31, farmer son of H A

Decker School District (Rising) r 31, cor 21

DE GROFF STEPHEN (Lawrenceville) r 4, tobacco grower 5 acres and farmer, 69

Doud Lorenzo (Lawrenceville) r 10, agent

Doud Philomon R (Lawrenceville) r 10, farmer 37

Duel Phebe (Lawrenceville) r 19, widow Bradley, farmer, 19

Durfey John (Lawrenceville) r 19, farmer on shares for Adelbert Stage, 33

Eastman Mary A Mrs (Tompkins) r 23

Eiffert Fred W (Somers Lane) r 35, farmer, 85

Eiffert John (Rising) r 31, farmer, 90

Elliott William (Nelson) r 1 cor 1 1-2, laborer

Farr Czar N (Rising) r 39, laborer

Finch Alonzo (Nelson) r 26, farmer on shares for Samuel Finch, 60

Finch Frank J (Lawrenceville) r 6, farmer, leases of Baldwin estate 30

Fisher Frank (Lawrenceville) r 18, farmer on shares for Charlotte Inscho 12

Fowler George (Tompkins) r 22, laborer

Fowler Henry (Nelson) r 27, laborer

French Samuel (Somers Lane) r 35, farmer 32, and 30 owned by wife

Fuller Charles M (Somers Lane) r 34, farmer, 80

Garrison Ebeneazer R (Rising) r 40, laborer

Gee Albert (Nelson) r 28, laborer

Gee James A (Nelson) r 28, farmer, 70, son of Robert

Gee Mary (Lawrenceville) r 19, widow Andrew

Gee Robert (Nelson) r 28, farmer, 145

Gee Thomas (Nelson) r 28, farmer, 2

Gibbs Arthur H (Lawrenceville) r 7, laborer

Gibbs Frank A (Lawrenceville) r 7, leases of Harrison 80

Gibbs Harrison (Lawrenceville) r 7, farmer, 80, tobacco grower 3 acres

Gifford Herman (Lawrenceville) r 7, farmer, 40

Gleason Andrew J (Tompkins) r 22, tobacco grower 1 1-2 acres, farmer, 116

Graham Charles L (Somers Lane) r 35, laborer

Graham William (Lawrenceville) r 10, farmer, 51

Green John W (Lawrenceville) off r 22, constable and collector, farmer, 20

Grover Henry (Lawrenceville) r 10, farmer, 50

Grover Rebecca (Tompkins) r 22, widow Thomas

Grover Soloman S (Tompkins) r 1 1-2, farmer, 36

Guile Leonard G (Lawrenceville) r 18, tobacco grower 2 acres and farmer, 76

Hall Fred (Jackson Summit) r 38, farmer, 20

Harrington George (Tioga) r 31

Harrington Leon (Tioga) r 31, farmer, son of Polly

Harrington Polly (Tioga) r 31, widow J Heman, farmer, 120

Harris Elizabeth Mrs (Rising) r 39

Head Lorenzo D (Lawrenceville) r 4

Head Lyman (Lawrenceville) r 4, laborer

Hearld Christina (Rising) r 18k, widow Elias, farmer, 53

Hearld Villa Mrs (Lawrenceville) r 18

Higgins Simeon S (Somers Lane) r 35

Hill Albert (Lawrenceville) off r 7, laborer

Hill Charles (Lawrenceville) r 7, laborer

Hill Cruger (Lawrenceville) r 7, laborer

Hill James (Lawrenceville) off r 7, laborer

Hill Polly Mrs (Lawrenceville) r 7

Hitchcock David (Somers Lane) r 34, laborer

Hitchcock Ezekiel (Somers Lane) r 34, farmer 4

Holton Samuel L (Rising) r 39, carpenter

Holton William (Lawrenceville) r 19 1-2, farmer 2

Hooker Arney (Somers Lane) r 39, laborer

Hooker Orrin E (Somers Lane) r 39, laborer

Hopkins James (Rising) r 39, laborer

Horton Chauncey (Lawrenceville) r 7, farmer estate Elias Horton 110

Horton Emma (Lawrenceville) r 7

Horton Hannah (Lawrenceville) r 5, widow Hiram

Horton Mary (Lawrenceville) r 7

Howe Jesse (Lawrenceville) r 5, farmer 60

Hoyt James P (Tompkins) r 26, laborer

Hughes Frank (Somers lane) r 32, tobacco grower 4, farmer 75

Hulslander Benjamin F (Somers Lane) r 33, farmer 50

Hulslander Watson (Somers Lane) r 33, farmer 75

Hurlbut John (Nelson) r 24, tobacco grower 5, and farmer estate of George, 213

Hurlbut Jane Mrs. (Tompkins) r 24, widow George

Hurd Sherman (Somers Lane) r 35, farmer 67

Inscho Charles (Rising) r 41, section hand F B Ry

Inscho George (Rising) r 41, farmer 3

Irvin John (Lawrenceville) r 17, ex-sheriff and farmer 200

Jackson Agnes (Rising) r 18, widow Joseph

Judson Judson R (Somers Lane) r 12, farmer 90

Kachele John (Lawrenceville) off r 5, farmer 4

Kennedy Joel G (Somers Lane) r 39, farmer 50

Kirkendall Erastus (Somers Lane) r 33, farmer 50

Kirkendall Horace C (Somers Lane) r 33, farmer

Kirkendall James (Rising) r 18

Knapp Fred F (Somers Lane) r 32, tobacco grower 12 acres, cabbage 3 acres, farmer 40

Knapp Harry (Tompkins) r 26, laborer

Knapp Julia (Lawrenceville) r 4, widow Crel

Koon Joseph O (Lawrenceville) r 7, farmer 85

Koon Samuel (Lawrenceville) r 8, farmer 30, owned by daughter Kate of Philadelphia

Kriner Andrew J (Tioga) r 31, farmer on shares for John Stevens, 200

Lamphier Alonzo M (Lawrenceville) off r 4, farmer 50

Landon Andrew (Lawrenceville) r 17, leases of J M Smith of Mansfield, 140

Lee Frank (Lawrenceville) r 5, supervisor and farmer 4

Lent John (Farmington Hill) laborer

Lewis Grant A (Lawrenceville) r 8, laborer

Loughridge William F (Somers Lane) r 33

Lowery John (Rising) r 18, blacksmith, tobacco grower 2 1–2 and farmer, 50

Mapes School District (Tompkins) r 23

Mattison Ralph H (Nelson) r 24, farmer with J T Aldrich

Mattison Willis (Tompkins) r 26, tobacco grower 3 and farmer, rents of N Preston, 116

McAvoy John (Somers Lane) r 40, tobacco grower 4, farmer, 75

McCallum William H (Tompkins) r 22, farmer, 150

McDowell James (Rising) r 18, carpenter

McKinney George S (Somers Lane) r 34, local preacher M E church, farmer, 72

McKinney Lewis H (Somers Lane) school teacher

McLean George (Lawrenceville) r 18, tobacco grower 3 1-2 and farmer, 40

McNaughton William D (Tompkins) r 25, postmaster, general merchant

Middaugh Jane (Rising) r 18, widow Henry

Middaugh Truman C (Lawrenceville) r 11, farmer, 30

Middaugh Willard (Rising) r 18, postmaster, tobacco grower 3 and farmer on shares for D Kelts, 60

Middaugh William G (Somers Lane) r 12, mason and farmer, 106

Miller Albert (Lawrenceville) r 7, laborer

Miller Adam (Lawrenceville) r 20, laborer

Miller Norman H (Lawrenceville) r 20, farmer on shares for H B Colgrove, 112

Miller Stephen (Somers Lane) r 39, laborer

Miller William G (Lawrenceville) r 3, farmer, 100

Morris Andrew (Somers Lane) r 34, laborer

Morris George (Lawrenceville) r 10, laborer

Morris William (Lawrenceville) r 14, laborer

Moshier Charles (Tioga) r 21, farmer, son of Henry

Moshier Henry (Tioga) r 21, farmer, 100

Moshier William (Lawrenceville) off r 18, laborer

Mosier Bert (Lawrenceville) off r 7, laborer

Mosier Charles (Lawrenceville) r 1, farmer, 25

Mudge Marshall M (Lawrenceville) r 15, leases of C S Smith, 90

Niles Harry H (Lawrenceville) r 15, farmer, 45, owned by wife

Niles Lewis (Lawrenceville) r 15, farmer, 48, owned by wife

Nims James E (Farmington Hill) r 29 1-2, farmer, 110

Odell Catharine Mrs (Somers Lane) r 34

Odell Seymour (Somers Lane) r 34, laborer

Odell William E (Somers Lane) r 34, farmer, 46

Orcutt Charles K (Lawrenceville) r 5, tobacco grower 5 and farmer on shares for

Clarenee Horton, 250

Orcutt Frank (Lawrenceville) r 4, farmer, son of C R

Orcutt John E (Lawrenceville) r 5, farmer, son of C R

Owen William H (Somers Lane) r 35, farmer, 10

Paris Byron (Jackson Summit) r 37, farmer, 120

Parker Edward (Rising) r 18, laborer

Parmelee Charles (Lawrenceville) off r 4, section foreman F B R R

Parsels Elias (Nelson) r 2, farmer on shares for H Harrison, 150

Patchin Andrew J (Somers Lane) r 32, tobacco grower 2 acres, farmer, 200

Patchin Mart K (Somers Lane) r 32, farmer

Paul Susan (Tompkins) r 22, widow Hiram

Perry Had (Lawrenceville) r 19 1-2, laborer

Phillips Loren E (Tompkins) r 25, farmer, 60

Porter Allen T (Lawrenceville) r 19, farmer, 135

Preston, Fred (Nelson) r 29 1-2, farmer, 100

Preston Robert (Nelson) r 29, farmer, 120

Price Eugene (Nelson) r 29 1-2, farmer, 34

PRITCHARD LEWIS G (Lawrenceville) r 4, tobacco grower 2 acres and farmer, 45

Pritchard Speedy (Lawrenceville) r 4, widow William

Quackenbush Benjamin F (Rising) r 18, section foreman F B R R

Reed Gurden (Tompkins) r 22, laborer

Reep Andrew J (Somers Lane) r 17, farmer

Reep George W (Somers Lane) r 33, tobacco grower 2 acres, farmer, 46

Reep Henry K (Somers Lane) r 17, farmer

Reep Horace (Somers Lane) r 17, tobacco grower 2 acres, farmer, 100

Reep Levi F (Lawrenceville) r 16, farmer

Reep Louisa (Somers Lane) r 17, widow Daniel, farmer 36

Reep Michael B (Somers Lane) r 17, flagman

Reep Peter (Lawrenceville) r 16, farmer, 100

Reep William (Lawrenceville) r 7, laborer

Reep William (Somers Lane) r 17, farmer, 128

Reep Willis F (Somers Lane) r 32, justice of peace, school director, tobacco grower 3

acres, farmer, 5, leases 30

Richardson Charles A (Nelson) r 27, farmer on shares for N Preston, 150

Roberts Eli G (Lawrenceville) tobacco grower 8 acres, farmer leases of John Irvin, 200

Robins Lewis (Tompkins) r 24, laborer

Robins Wilson (Tompkins) r 24, laborer

Robinson Barney (Nelson) r 1, laborer

Robinson Charles C (Lawrenceville) r 20, section hand F B R R and farmer, 8

Robinson George (Jackson Summit) r 37, farmer, 100

Robinson James (Lawrenceville) r 20, laborer

Rockwell Charles S (Lawrenceville) r 11, stump puller, farmer, 40

Rockwell Edward E (Lawrenceville) r 10, assessor and farmer, 85

Rockwell Joseph W (Lawrenceville) r 10, town clerk and farmer, 47, and works for Samuel 67

Rockwell Samuel (Lawrenceville) r 11, farmer, 67

Rowley Chandler (Lawrenceville) r 21, farmer, 50

Rozell Joseph (Somers Lane) r 35, farmer, 50

Russell Hadley (Rising) r 18, laborer

Russell William (Lawrenceville) off r 4, tobacco grower 5 acres, and farm on shares for R W Stewart, 222

Ryan David H (Lawrenceville) r 7, tobacco grower 6 acres, farmer, 87, and estate of George L Ryan 97

Ryan Frank W (Lawrenceville) r 22, farmer on shares for Norman H Ryan, 250

Savey Clarence (Lawrenceville) r 16, leases of P L Califf 100

Saxbury George (Somers Lane) r 33, laborer

Saxbury Harlan C (Somers Lane) r 33, laborer

Schenck George (Rising) laborer

Seely Frank (Lawrenceville) r 7, insurance

SHEPHERD CHARLES H (Somers Lane) r 32, tobacco grower 3 acres and farmer, 56

Shoemaker Eunice B (Lawrenceville) r 5, widow Sylvester

Shoemaker Lyman E (Somers Lane) r 13, farmer, 64, and leases 75

Shulenburg Charles (Lawrenceville) r 10, butcher and stock dealer, farmer, 50

Smith Charles H (Tompkins) r 23, carpenter and farmer on shares for Miss M A Eastman, 60

Smith Lucian M (Rising) r 41, apiarist 25 colonies, dairy 15 cows, tobacco grower 8 acres and farmer, 150

Stafford Wallace (Somers Lane) r 35, laborer

Stafford Walter (Somers Lane) r 35, farmer, 25

Stafford William J (Somers Lane) r 35, farmer, 75

Stage Bert (Lawrenceville) r 22, farmer on shares for N H Ryan, 100

Stage William (Lawrenceville) r 7, laborer

Starr George W (Tompkins) r 1, farmer, 106, owned by his mother

Starr Polly C (Tompkins) r 1, widow Valorus D

STEELE FRANK O (Mitchell Creek) r 40, tobacco grower 2 acres, dairy 14 cows, farmer, works on shares for C & J M Breed, Big Flats, N Y, 200

Stephens William M (Rising) r 18, farmer, 2

Stewart Myron (Lawrenceville) r 9, farmer, 130

Stoddard Charles (Tompkins) r 1 1-2, farmer, 76

Storm Calvin (Jackson Summit) r 37, farmer, 20

Strait Moses S (Somers Lane) r 40, tobacco 4 acres, farmer, 70

Tenbroeck Edward (Somers Lane) r 39, carpenter

Tenbroeck Fred (Lawrenceville) r 18, butcher, tobacco grower 4 acres and farmer, 9

Tenbroeck George (Rising) r 18, tobacco grower, 1, and farmer, 7

Thomas LaFayette (Tompkins) r 24, tobacco grower, 1, and farmer on shares for Kinner & Phillips, 75

Thomas William R (Tompkins) r 26, farmer, 180

Tilford Archibald C (Lawrenceville) r 10, stump puller, farmer 40

Tilford Lewis (Lawrenceville) r 10, h and lot

Travis Isaac (Lawrenceville) r 7, laborer

TREMAINE CHARLES H (Somers Lane) r 39 cor 40, tobacco grower 4, agt for Milsom

Rendering Fertilizer Co, Buffalo, N Y, farmer, 100, and 200 wild land

Tremaine Frank B (Rising) r 40, telegrapher

Tremaine Levi J (Rising) r 18, laborer

Tompkins School District (Tompkins) r 29 cor 22

Vincent Dinah Mrs (Lawrenceville) r 7

Walker Emma (Lawrenceville) r 5, widow Frank

Walker George N (Rising) r 32

Walker John P (Rising) r 32, dealer in general merchandise

Wells Fargo & Co’s Express (Somers Lane) r 40, Tioga Junction G R Wheeler agt

Wheeler George R (Somers Lane) r 40, station and Wells Fargo & Co’s Express agt

WILCOX WILLIAM S (Lawrenceville) r 7, manuf of cheese box material and shingles

Winfield John (Somers Lane) r 17, laborer

Winfield John E (Somers Lane) r 17, laborer

Winter Washington M (Somers Lane) r 17, farm 6, owned by wife

Wood Dallas (Tioga) r 30, farmer, rents of J Smith, 109

Wood John F (Lawrenceville) r 4, farmer, son of W H

Wood William H (Lawrenceville) r 4, tobacco grower 4 and farmer, 180

Woodhouse Charles (Somers Lane) r 12, farmer with Thaddeus, 40

Woodhouse George (Somers Lane) r 12, farmer, 48

Woodhouse Thaddeus (Somers Lane) r 12, farmer with Charles, 48

Yelverton Henry (Somers Lane) r 12, laborer

Young Hazard (Nelson) r 28 cor 29, farmer, 220, with John

Young John (Nelson) r 28, farmer with Hazard, 220