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Hanford's Tioga County (PA) 1899 Directory
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Scanned & Formatted by Joyce M. Tice 
Retyped by Janice Walker


For explanations, &c., see page 13.

Postoffice address Liberty.

Bastian Frank, butcher, h Water

Bastian John, butcher, bds High

Bastian Joseph, h High

Bastian William W, meat market and undertaker Williamson, h High

Bennett Amos W, physician Main, h do

Brian G Frank, boro clerk and carpenter, h Shaffer Hill

Brian Henry, laborer, h High

Brian John W, councilman clerk for B F Werline, h Shaffer Hill

Cochran Kate, widow Ambrose W, h Main

Cohick Charles, clerk Sebring house, bds do

Cohick Scott, driver C A Miller, h off Main

DANDOIS G FRANK, physician and surgeon Water, h do

Dice Lyman M Rev, pastor Liberty circuit United Evangelical church, h Williamson

Dudley Nancy, widow, h Water

Ferguson Levi H, furniture Williamson, h High

Fick Albert, music teacher, farmer 8, owned by wife, h High

Fick John, bds High

Foulkrod John E, restaurant and grocer Main, h do

Foulkrod William, auditor and farmer 74, h Main

Fox Harvey F, laborer, h Shaffer Hill

Freer Charles, hostler Sebring House, bds do

Freer Henry, high constable and carpenter, h Main

Fuller Israel, h Main

Goldburg George, peddler, h Main

Guernsey James W, blacksmith Water, h Main

Hartman Samuel, h Water

Hartsock Daniel O, general merchant Williamson, h Main

Hartsock Julia, widow Richard, h Williamson

Hartsock May, dressmaker Williamson, h do

Hartsock Quintillis, prop grist mill Williamson, h do

Hartsock Walter, clerk Williamson, h do

Heyler Charles F, tailor Water, h High

Heyler Frank, laborer, bds High

Heyler Kate, widow Daniel, h High

Keagle Abram B, school director and dentist Main, h do

Keagle Charles L, musician, agent, Main, h do

Keagle Elmer, carpenter, h Water

Keagle G Frank, principal Liberty school, bds Main

Kimball Jacob S, blacksmith Water, h Williamson

Kimball Niles L, painter, bds Williamson

King Sarah, widow William, h Main

Kohler James, farmer 5, h Canton road

Kohler John, farmer 65, h off Main

Kreger Jonathan, saw and planing mill Williamson, h Water

Lau David B Rev, pastor Evangelical Lutheran church, h High

Levergood Elizabeth, widow John, h High

Long Peter, laborer, h and lot Water

Louenschlager John H, laborer, h and lot Water

Mackey James, painter and paper hanger, bds Main

Manevill Ada, bds Water

Maneval Charles U, burgess, dealer in clothing, Main

Maneval Susan, widow Peter, h Water

Mathews Thomas M, hostler, h Main

McCracken George W, school director, h Water

McCracken Homer B, clerk C A Miller, h Main

McVoy Christina, widow James, h Main

McVoy Henry E, farmer, 5, h Williamson

Merithew Cora, milliner Main, h do

Meyer Edward H, prop mail route to Blossburg, h Williamson

Miller Bert L, clerk C A Miller, h High

MILLER CHARLES A, postmaster, boro collector, general merchant and druggist Williamson, h do

Miller Fred B, clerk C A Miller, bds do

Miller John O, barber, tobacco and cigars, Main

Miller Levan L, h off Main

Moore Maria, widow, h Main

Morris Archie, laborer, bds High

MOTT MATTHEW B, machine shop and job printer Water, also foundry and machine shop and cider mill Main, h Water

Narber Charles E, general merchant Main, h do

Ostrom Daniel, farmer, 8, h Main

Ostrom Walter O, mason, h off Main

Paul Callie, bds Water

Paul Elizabeth, widow Mathias, h Water

Raker David, laborer, h Williamson

Raker Mary, widow John, h Water

Raker William J, laborer, bds Water

Reed Robert, wagonmaker Water, h do

Reeser Isaiah J Rev, pastor M E church, h Water

Schartle Daniel, sect board health and painter

Schiek Moses, harnessmaker Williamson, h Main

Searles William M, carpenter, h Main

SEBRING GRANT, school director, prop Sebring house, dealer in wagons and agricultural implements Main. See adv page 326

SEBRING HOUSE, Grant Sebring prop, Main. See adv page 326

Semsey Alfred, prop Semsey House, Williamson

Semsey House, Alfred Semsey prop, Williamson

Sheffer Alpheus, blacksmith Main, h High

Sheffer Harry, h Main

Sheffer Harry G, blacksmith, bds High

SHEFFER ISAAC F, planing mill and cabinetmaker Water, h High

Sheffer James, cabinetmaker High, h do

Sheffer John J, boro health officer, furniture and undertaker Main, h do

Sheffer Michael, wagon maker, Main, h do

Sheffer Milton, laborer, bds Main

Smith Artie, law student, h Main

Smith Bertha, school teacher, h Main

Smith George A, school director and physician and surgeon, Main, h do

Smith Miles H, barber, dealer in tobacco and cigars, Williamson, bds Semsey House

Sweeney Joseph M, harnessmaker, bds Semsey House

THOMAS ELLIS B, painter and paper hanger, bds Sebring House

TOMLINSON CHARLES E, veterinary surgeon, Semsey House, bds do

WERLINE BENJAMIN F, hardware, tinware, stoves, agricultural implements &c, Main, h do

Werline Charles H, livery, Main, bds do

Werline David R, councilman, repairer and dealer in boots and shoes, Main, h do

Werline Isaac B, councilman, harnessmaker, Williamson, h High

Werline Jacob J, justice of the peace and civil engineer, h Williamson

WERLINE MARION M, auditor and bookkeeper B F Werline, h Water

WHEELAND ISAAC F, justice of the peace, jeweler, Main, h Water

Wheeler Chauncey, bartender Semsey House, bds do

Winder William H, restaurant and grocer, Water, H Main

Woodruff William, school director and street commissioner, h Williamson

Wygant George, bds Main