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Scanned & Formatted by Joyce M. Tice 
Retyped by Janice Walker


For explanations, &c., see page 13.
Postoffice address Middlebury unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis).

Adams Henry P. (Hammond) r 19, tobacco grower, farmer 10

Adamy Abram (Niles Valley) r 48, tanner

ADAMY GEORGE R, (Niles Valley) r 48 1-2 cor 49, dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, flour, feed and coal, farm produce, manuf and dealer in lumber and shingles, farmer 45 and in Chatham 85

Allen Norman w, (Elbridge) r 8, farmer 75

Ames Elijah J (Crooked Creek) r 26, farmer 60

Ames Nathaniel (Keeneyville) r 29, farmer 90

Ames Simeon (Crooked Creek) r 26, farmer 55

Ames Walter M (Keeneyville) r 19, carpenter, farmer 27

Anderson Alfred (Middlebury Center) r 44, laborer

Anderson Charles (Middlebury Center)

Andrews Augustus A (Keeneyville) r 36, farmer 15

Andrews Dennis (Keeneyville) r 36, farmer 40

Andrews Robert S (Keeneyville) r 36, laborer

Andrews Roma D (Keeneyville) r 36, laborer

Applebey Jackson (Keeneyville) off r 32, farmer, 25

Applebey Seamer (Keeneyville) r 32, laborer

ARCHER THOMAS M (Crooked Creek) r 41, prop Central Flouring Mills, tobacco grower 5, farmer, 180 (See page 339)

Avery Albert (Niles Valley) r 48, tanner

Avery John (Niles Valley) r 48, tanner

Badman Samuel (Middlebury Center) off r 47, laborer

Bagley Edward (Niles Valley) r 47, tanner

Bailey Edward (Crooked Creek) r 41, works on shares for E Burley of Chatham, 40

Bailey Jerome (Keeneyville), laborer

Baker George W (Crooked Creek) wagon maker and shingle mill, h and lot

Baker John A (Crooked Creek) R 44, tobacco sorter, h and lot

Baker Judson (Tioga) r 17, farmer, 58

Baptist Church (Crooked Creek) Rev C A Bennett pastor

Baptist Church (Keeneyville) Rev J C Warren pastor

Barnes Allen (Niles Valley) r 48 tanner

Barnes Edward L (Hammond) r farmer, 50, owned by Philena Barnes

Barnes Elibe M, (Hammond) r 19, laborer

Barnes William (Crooked Creek) r 43, farmer, 50

Beard Lewis C (Keeneyville) r 32, laborer

BECKWITH HENRY (Middlebury Center) prop Middlebury hotel and livery, manager E S Davis & Sons hay barn

Beers James L (Crooked Creek) r 42, physician and surgeon

Bennett Luther C (Niles Valley) r 50, farmer, 200, owned by wife Anna O

Bennett Mortimer F, (Niles Valley) r 50, farmer, on shares for Anna O Bennett, 200

Bennett William L (Middlebury Center) junk dealer, bds Starkeys hotel

Bixby C Vincent (Keeneyville) laborer

Bixby Vincent L (Keeneyville) r 36, laborer

Boton Thomas (Middlebury Center) r 44, section foreman, farmer, 18

Borden Shelton G (Crooked Creek) off r 43, farmer, 106

BRIGGS ALI B A, (Middlebury Center) r44, dealer in organs and pianos and musical instruments of all kinds and also fertilizers, also tobacco grower, farmer 120

Briggs Bert J (Crooked Creek) r 25 laborer

Briggs Charles W (Keeneyville) clerk and farmer, 138

Briggs Ebenezer H (Crooked Creek) r 14, farmer, 115

Briggs Ira (Crooked Creek) r 25, farmer, 136

Briggs Perry G (Crooked Creek) r 14, farmer, 60

Brimmer Abbie (Keeneyville) r 34, widow George, farm, 8

Brimmer Peter (Niles Valley) r 18, tanner

Brown Edward (Keeneyville) r 32, laborer

Brown George W (Middleburg Center) r 46, laborer

Brown Gilbert J (Keeneyville) r 31, laborer

Brown Hannah M (Crooked Creek) r 25, widow James B, farm 90

Brown H Arthur (Keeneyville) r 37, carpenter

Brown James H (Keeneyville) r 38, farmer, 25

Brown Jane A (Keeneyville) r 37, widow Orlando, farm, 30

Brown John (Keeneyville) r 5, farmer, 40

Brown Miles O (Niles Valley) r 50, laborer

Brown Poleman E (Crooked Creek) r 25 (Hayes & Brown) farmer, 88, works for Hannah M, 90

Brown Richard (Keeneyville) r 38, farmer, 80

Brown William L (Crooked Creek) r 43, miller

Bryant Alonzo H (Crooked Creek) r 43, farmer, 23, owned by wife

Bryant Calvin R (Middlebury Center) r 45 cor 47, general blacksmithing

Bryant Frank (Hammond) r 23, farmer, 300

Bryant James E (Keeneyville) r 28, farmer, 100

Bryant James H (Crooked Creek) r 25, farmer with Mary A, 30

Bryant John M (Keeneyville) r 27, farmer, 50

Bryant Mary A (Crooked Creek r 25, farm with James H, 30

Bryant N Emmer (Crooked Creek) r 24, farmer, 100

Bryant Niles E (Crooked Creek) r 24 cor 25, farmer, 212

Burrell Lorenzo (Niles Valley) r 50, farmer, leases of Wm Bates of Wellsboro, 65

Butler Jared E (Crooked Creek) r 25, farmer in Farmington, 57, and works on shares for George Westbrook of Wellsboro, 136

Button Charley B (Keeneyville) r 37, farmer, 80

Button Harmon (Niles Valley) r 50, works estate of Mrs Hiram Button, 50

Button Hiram (Niles Valley) farmer

Button Walter (Keeneyville) r 2, works on shares for Gilbert Owlett, 260

Button William (Keeneyville) laborer

Cady Sala V (Keeneyville) r 36, farmer, 137

Carleton John P (Hammond) r 42, laborer

Carlton Charles E (Hammond) r 18, tobacco grower, farmer, 50

CARLTON WILLIAM H, (Hammond) r 22, cor 18, postmaster, dealer in groceries, also feed and shingle mill

Carpenter Charles E (Middlebury Center) r 45, tobacco grower, farmer, 75

CARPENTER JAMES D, (Middlebury Center) r 45, tobacco grower, farmer, 50

CARPENTER TRUMAN E, (Starkey & Carpenter) (Middlebury Center) millwright and farmer 50, res Charleston

Catlin Lorenzo (Niles Valley) r 50, h and lot owned by wife

Cavanaugh Patrick (Niles Valley) r 48, tanner

CENTRAL MILLS (Crooked Creek) bet r 42 and 43, T M Archer prop, Jesse Compton mgr (See adv page 339)

Churchill Byron E (Keeneyville) r 4, farmer

Churchill Chad (Keeneyville) r 34, mason, h and lot

CHURCHILL DANIEL, (Keeneyville) r 2, farmer 100

Churchill Frank (Keeneyville) r 4, farmer 63

Churchill Morgan J (Keeneyville) r 2, farmer 50

Churchill Philo A (Keeneyville) r 2, farmer

CLARK JOHN E (Tioga) r 15, farmer, leases of Mrs Sarah E Nichols of Wellsboro, 270

Clark Virgil (Chatham Valley) r 33, farmer 64

CLOSE ARTHUR C (Keeneyville) postmaster and dealer in dry goods and groceries, boots, shoes, &c, also manuf and wholesale dealer in full cream cheese (See adv page 339)

Cloos Luther N (Keeneyville) physician and surgeon

COLE GEORGE L (Hammond) r 19, tobacco grower, farmer 172

COLE OSCAR E, (Hammond) r 18, farmer, works for G L Cole, 105

Colegrove Dennis W (Tioga) r 17, farmer 220

Colegrove George T (Elbridge) r 8, farmer 180

COLESTOCK ARTHUR J (Crooked Creek) r 24, carpenter and builder

Colestock Emerson D (Crooked Creek) r 24, farmer 100

COLESTOCK HARRY G, REV D D, (Crooked Creek) r 24

COLESTOCK JACOB H, (Crooked Creek) r 24, apiarist 16 colonies, breeder of Chester White and Yorkshire swine, farmer 54

Combs Orville R (Keeneyville) r 4, farmer on shares for A E Rowley, 50

COMPTON JESSE (Crooked Creek) bet r 42 and 43, manager Central Mills, dealer in flour, feed and grain and custom grinding (See adv page 339)

Conley Jefferson B (Keeneyville) r 36, farmer 140 and leases of T E Roe 91

Coolidge J Wesley (Keeneyville) r 30

Cooper Horace J (Niles Valley) r 48, bookkeeper

Copley Amos L (Crooked Creek) r 43, farmer 100

Copley Clarissa (Crooked Creek) r 43, farmer 23

Copley William C (Crooked Creek) farmer 176

Corsaw Devillo S (Niles Valley) r 47 cor 50

Costley Leroy (Keeneyville) saw mill, shingle mill and feed mill, dealer in lumber and shingles

Coville Nora (Crooked Creek) r 44, widow Charles, h and lot

Cramer George (Crooked Creek) r 44, h and lot

Croft Wayne M (Keeneyville) organizer K O T M, h and lot

Cruze Samuel H (Middlebury Center) hostler

Cummings Cassius B (Keeneyville) r 36, farmer, 68

Cummings C Gurdon (Crooked Creek) r 25, 300 sheep, 50 head cattle, farmer, 400

Cummings Claude (Crooked Creek) r 24, farmer, 80

Cummings Dwight (Keeneyville) r 36, farmer, 250

Currier Fred (Niles Valley) r 48, tanner

Dahms Paul (Niles Valley) r 48, tanner

Dailey Edward (Crooked Creek) r 25, laborer

Daly Orlando (Hammond) r 23

Dan Gee School (Crooked Creek) r 24

DAVIS ELWIN W, (E S Davis & Son) (Middlebury Center) r 44

DAVIS ELIPHAZ S (E S Davis & Son) res Little Marsh

DAVIS E S & SON, (E S D & E W D) (Middlebury Center) dealers in hay, grain and produce.

Davis Jared (Keeneyville) r 36 1-2, farmer, 80

Day Solomon (Keeneyville) r 32

Day William D (Keeneyville) r 32, mason and farmer, 86

Dibble Jane Mrs (Keeneyville) r 36 1-2

Dickinson Andrew J (Crooked Creek) r 25, farmer, 37, and 75 owned by wife

DICKINSON ASAHEL L (Keeneyville) r 3, farmer

Dickinson George W (Keeneyville) r 32, school teacher and farmer, 140

Dickinson Grant W (Crooked Creek) r 26, laborer, h and lot

Dickinson James (Keeneyville) r 32, laborer

Dickinson Jasper (Hammond) r 17, farmer, leases of Fred Prutsman of Woodhull N Y 110

Dickinson John J (Keeneyville) r 10, farmer, 160

Doan Jacob (Crooked Creek) r 24, farmer, 80

Doan Orie (Keeneyville) r 4, laborer

Doran Henrietta Mrs (Niles Valley) r 47

Doran James (Niles Valley) r 48, tanner

Doran Theodore (Niles Valley) r 47, farmer, 6

Downing Albert H (Hammond) r 18, farmer, 15

Downing Clarence L (Hammond) r 21, laborer

Ellison William W (Niles Valley) r 48 1-2, carpenter

Farr Czar (Hammond) r 17, laborer

Farr LaFayette (Hammond) r 22, carpenter, tobacco grower and farmer, 115, leases estate of A C Cowles, 175

Farr Purley H (Hammond) r 17, farmer, 36

FERRY RALPH W, (Keeneyville) physician and surgeon

Ferry Robert B (Niles Valley) postmaster and station agt, tobacco grower and farmer, 11

First Baptist Church (Hammond)

Fish B Albertus (Keeneyville) r 31, works on shares for Eleanor Losey, 50

FLETCHER JOHN A (Niles Valley) r 48 1-2, court crier and tipstave, h and lot

Frank Charles W (Crooked Creek) r 41, farmer, 40

Fredericks Fred (Niles Valley) r 48, tanner

Free Will Baptist Church (Crooked Creek) Rev Jasper Warren, pastor

French Charles A (Keeneyville) r 24, works for Rosanna, 50

French David J (Crooked Creek) r 24, farmer, 100

French Dwight C (Crooked Creek) r 24, farmer

French Flora Mrs (Keeneyville) r 3, farm, 57

French Hill School (Keeneyville) r 3

French Nathan T (Keeneyville) r 3, farmer, 57 and works for Annette Smith, 57

French Rosanna (Keeneyville), r 4, widow Moses, farm, 50

Fuller Hylar S (Keeneyville) r 36, laborer, h and lot

Fuller Rodolphus (Crooked Creek) r 44, farmer, 20 owned by wife

Gee Clark (Keeneyville) r 38, supervisor and farmer, 63

Gee Frank (Keeneyville) r 38, laborer

Gee Leander G (Keeneyville) r 38, dealer in carriages, surreys, farm wagons and agricultural implements, tobacco grower 4 acres, farmer, 200

Gee Morgan (Crooked Creek) r 43, tobacco grower, farmer, 57 and works for A L Westbrook, 250

Gee Nancy (Keeneyville) r 38, widow Walter, farm, 45

Gleason Lester W (Keeneyville) r 34, laborer

Goodwin C Adelbert (Middlebury Center) r 44, farmer, 170

Goodwin Calvin S (Keeneyville) r 36, works on shares for Fannie P 50

Goodwin Charles (Middlebury Center) r 44 1-2, laborer

Goodwin Fannie P (Keeneyville) r 36, widow Milo, farm, 60

Goodwin Frank (Middlebury Center) r 47, farmer

Goodwin George H (Crooked Creek) r 44, farmer, 56

Goodwin Orrin A (Middlebury Center) r 49, farmer, works on shares for C A Goodwin 170

Green Ernest H (Keeneyville) r 4, school teacher

Green Lewis N (Keeneyville) r 4, constable and collector, farmer, 50

Greenfield Quartus D (Keeneyville) h and lot

Greenfield Wendell J (Keeneyville) barber and telegrapher

Griffin Frank W (Keeneyville) r 36, tobacco grower 4 acres, farmer, 83

Groom Arden (Tioga) r 17, farmer, 30

Grover Saterlee (Crooked Creek) off r 25, laborer

GUILD ADELBERT D (Keeneyville) manuf of hand made harness and dealer in horse furnishing goods, farm in Clymer 45

Halahan William (Hammond) section foreman, farmer, 27

Hamm Henry M (Hammond) r 21, laborer

Hammond Arthur G (Hammond) r 19, tobacco grower and farmer, 160

Hammond John J (Crooked Creek) r 43

Hammond School (Hammond) r 9

Handy John (Keeneyville) r 32, laborer

Hansen George (Hammond) r 18, laborer

Hardenburg James H (Crooked Creek) r 44, mason, h and lot

Harkness Fred G (Middlebury Center) r 46, farmer, works on shares for M W Carpenter of Cedar Run 70

Harris Henry (Crooked Creek) r 24, laborer

Hart George (Niles Valley) r 48, tanner

Hayes Arthur G (Middlebury Center) r 44, laborer

HAYES & BROWN (H L H & P E Brown) (Crooked Creek) r 44, proprs cheese factory

HAYES HENRY L (Crooked Creek) r 44 cor 41, postmaster and dealer in general merchandise, coal &c, farmer 115

Hayes Samuel A (Middlebury Center) r 44, assessor, h and lot

HAYES SAMUEL I (Middlebury Center) r 44, propr shingle and cider mill, dealer in flour, feed and meal and custom grinding, tobacco grower, farmer, works for H L Hayes 70

Hazen Joseph (Crooked Creek) r 43, laborer

Herbert Frank (Niles Valley) off r 47, laborer

Hickey Phidelia (Keeneyville) r 36 1-2, widow George K

Hilliker Edward (Niles Valley) off r 47, laborer

Hill Irvin W Rev (Keeneyville) pastor M E Church

Hills Creek School (Crooked Creek) r 43

Himes Clara (Tioga) r 17, widow Fred, farm 50

Himes Horace W (Crooked Creek) r 12, farmer, works on shares for E H Biggs 115

Hoagland John M (Middlebury Center) r 44, resident

Holiday Daniel (Crooked Creek) r 44

Holiday George M (Crooked Creek) (H P & G M H) r 44, tobacco buyer

Holiday H P & G M (Crooked Creek) r 44, farmers, 100

Holiday H Porter (Crooked Creek) r 44, tobacco grower, farmer 184

Holiday Milton D (Crooked Creek) r 43, track walker, h and lot

Holiday Thomas N, (Crooked Creek) r 41, farmer 27

Holiday VanBuren (Crooked Creek) r 41, station agent

Holliday Ephraim (Crooked Creek) r 24, laborer

Holliday Fred (Crooked Creek) r 24, laborer

Hollidaytown School (Crooked Creek) r 41

Horton Jesse a (Hammond) r 18, laborer

Hotchkiss Chester (Crooked Creek) r 43, laborer

Hotchkiss O Dayton, (Keeneyville) r 30, farmer 6

Hotchkiss Orange (Keeneyville) r 6, farmer 48

Houghtaling Ellis (Niles Valley) r 50, farmer 60 owned by wife

Houghtaling Elwin (Niles Valley) r 50, farmer, leases of Charles H Houghtaling, 50

Houghtaling Henry S (Keeneyville) r 4, farmer, life lease 25

Houghtaling Newell (Keeneyville) r 4, laborer

Houghtaling Salmon E, (Keeneyville) r 34

Houghtaling Theron B (Keeneyville) r 34, farmer 104

Howe Jesse L, (Crooked Creek) r 24, farmer, leases of Sarah A 110

Howe & Kimball (W H H and W M K) (Hammond) props steam sawmill and lumber dealers

Howe Sarah A (Crooked Creek) r 24, widow Jesse, farm 110

Howe Will H (Howe & Kimball) Mitchell Creek, farmer 50

Hymes Alice M Mrs, (Hammond) r 18, school teacher, h and lot

Hymes Mary (Crooked Creek) widow G W, h and lot

Ives Ersking W (Hammond) r 18, farmer 40

Ives Francis M (Hammond) r 18, farmer, h and lot

Ives Samuel H, (Hammond) r 17

Ives Vergel M (Niles Valley) r 48, carpenter

Jackson Delos, (Niles Valley) r 50, laborer

Jackson James (Niles Valley) r 50, farmer, leases of C Avery 74

JACKSON JERRY (Keeneyville) r 32, blacksmith and apiarist 50 colonies, h and lot

Johnson Lavina (Keeneyville) r 4, widow Philo, farm 70

Keeler Edward A (Chatham Valley) r 36, farmer 48

KEENEY ARTHUR M (Keeneyville) meat market and dealer in live stock, prop hotel, farmer 132 owned by wife

Keeney Burton L, (Keeneyville) court stenographer and farmer 200

Keeney Cassimer P (Middlebury Center) r 44, carpenter, h and lot owned by wife

Keeney Henry S (Middlebury Center) r 44

Keeney Henry S Jr (Middlebury Center), r 44, farmer 50

Keeney Mortimer (Hammond) r 19, laborer

Keeney Ransom (Middlebury Center) r 44

Keeney Thomas (Crooked Creek) r 44

Keeney Victor E (Crooked Creek) r 41, farmer, 80

Keeneyville Methodist Episcopal Church (Keeneyville) Rev Irvin W Hill pastor

Keeneyville School District (Keeneyville)

Kenneda George W (Hammond) r 42, tobacco grower, 7 acres

Kenneda Melvin D (Hammond) r 23, tobacco grower 2, farmer 60

Kenneda Robert (Hammond) r 22, tobacco grower, farmer 31

Kerrick Arthur (Niles Valley) r 48, fireman

Kerrick Fremont (Niles Valley) r 48, tanner

Kinnan Edward H (Crooked Creek) r 26, farmer, 60

Kirkpatrick James (Niles Valley) r 50, laborer, h and lot

Kirkpatrick John (Niles Valley) r 50, laborer

Kumm George (Niles Valley) r 48, tanner

Lapoint Irving (Keeneyville) r 32, laborer

Leet Clark (Hammond) r 18, tobacco grower, farmer, 125

Leet Emeline Mrs (Hammond) r 22, farm, 10

Leet Frank T (Hammond) r 18, farmer

Leet Frederick H (Hammond) r 18, farmer

Leet Thomas (Hammond) r 22, laborer

Lewis Valentine W (Crooked Creek) tobacco grower, farmer, 200

Lloyd Lettia (Niles Valley) r 47 cor 48 1-2, widow George W, h and lot

Long Claude H (Keeneyville) r 30, grocer

Losey Creek School (Keeneyville) r 32

Losey Eleanor (Keeneyville) r 31, widow Isaac, farm, 50

Losey Jesse B (Keeneyville) r 31, farmer 25, owned by son Ona

Losey Moses D (Keeneyville) r 31, farmer, 115

Ludlam George (Crooked Creek) r 43, tobacco grower, works on shares for W H Rowland

Lyon Abram (Niles Valley) r 47, farmer, 100

Lyon John J (Niles Valley) r 47, works on shares for Abram, 100

Mack I Johnson (Keeneyville) r 32, farmer, 5

Manning Edwin C (Middlebury Center) r 46, farmer

Manning Joseph (Niles Valley) r 44 1-2, farmer

Manning William A (Middlebury Center) r 44 1-2, farmer, 63

Marks Lynn E (Keeneyville) cheese maker and clerk

Marvin Claude A (Middlebury Center) r 46, farmer

McCallum Joshua M (Crooked Creek) r 13, blacksmith and farmer, 10

McCaslin Charles W (Hammond) r 19, laborer

McCord William H (Middlebury Center) r 44, farmer, works on shares for A B A Briggs 120

McInroy Samuel F (Middlebury Center) r 45, station agt, express agt, mgr Western Union Telegraph Co

McLEAN JOHN A (Hammond) general blacksmithing, tobacco grower, farmer, 23

McWhorter James (Crooked Creek) r 442, farmer, 274, h and lot owned by wife

McWhorter Thomas (Crooked Creek) r 42, farmer

McWhorter William (Crooked Creek) r 42, farmer

Methodist Episcopal Church (Niles Valley) Rev Irvin W Hill pastor

Middlebury Tannery (Niles Valley) r 48, A H Moore foreman, manufrs of Union sole leather

Miller Francis G (Crooked Creek) laborer

Miller Ross H (Crooked Creek) butcher, h and lot

Mitchell Alonzo (Crooked Creek) r 43

MITCHELL EDSELL (Crooked Creek) r 43, tobacco grower, farmer, 30

MITCHELL EDSELL JR, (Crooked Creek) r 43, tobacco sorter

Mitchell T Jefferson, (Crooked Creek) r 42, farmer, works on shares for Daniel White 50

Mitchell Thomas E, (Crooked Creek) r 42, farmer, 49

Mitchell Walter B (Crooked Creek) r 43, tobacco grower, farmer, 153

Mitchell William (Crooked Creek) r 42, farmer, 70

Monks Edward (Keeneyville) r 36, laborer

Moore Arthur H (Niles Valley) r 48, foreman Middlebury tannery

Morse Merritt (Keeneyville) r 28, farmer, h and lot

Morse William (Middlebury Center) r 47, tanner

Morsman Joseph (Crooked Creek) r 24, farmer, 23 owned by wife

Morton George E (Keeneyville) r 36 1-2, agt Syracuse Chilled Plow Co, tobacco grower 2 1-2 acres, farmer, 91

Mosher Frank S (Niles Valley) r 50, farmer, 82

Mosher William H (Keeneyville) r 36, laborer

MULFORD URI (Keeneyville) pastor M E Church, moved to Addison N Y

Namroy William (Niles Valley) r 48, tanner

Neal Leroy E (Keeneyville) r 39, farmer, works on shares for C W Briggs 135

NEWHALL W FRANK (Niles Valley) r 49, farmer, owns in Charleston 155, tobacco grower, works on shares for J B Niles of Wellsboro 300

Niles Erastus (Niles Valley) r 49, farmer, 26

NILES ERASTUS M (Niles Valley) r 47, apiarist, 30 colonies, farmer 226

Niles Geary (Keeneyville) r 6, farmer 41

Niles James H (Keeneyville) r 28, farmer 100

Niles Moses (Crooked Creek) r 43, h and lot

Niles Russell (Niles Valley) r 49, farmer 10 and in Delmar 56

Niles Sarah (Niles Valley) r 47, widow Philander, farm 40

Niles Valley School (Niles Valley) r 47

Nolan Joseph W (Keeneyville) r 38, farmer 35

Norris Brook School (Niles Valley) r 50

Owlett Benjamin (Keeneyville) farmer 162, h and lot

Owlett Gilbert B (Keeneyville) farmer, 225, and in Chatham 75, h and lot

Palmer Jane C (Keeneyville) r 38, widow Chauncey K, farm 110

Palmer School (Keeneyville) r 30 cor 7

Pease Frank (Hammond) r 23, farmer 65

Pease Henry (Crooked Creek) off r 25, farmer 70

Pease Joseph (Crooked Creek) off r 25, works on shares for Henry 70

Pease Morgan (Hammond) r 23, farmer 30

Peck Eli (Middlebury Center) r 44, laborer

Peckham George W (Crooked Creek) r 44, tobacco grower, farmer 25 and 100 owned by wife

Peckham William E (Crooked Creek) r 44, laborer

Peters Clarinda Mrs (Crooked Creek) r 42, h and lot

Peters Lee (Crooked Creek) r 44, laborer

Phillips Oscar J (Hammond) r 18, tobacco grower, farmer, works on shares for LaFayette Farr, 115

Plastir Charles (Niles Valley) r 48, tanner

Plastir Henry (Niles Valley) r 48, tanner

Playford Jane E (Hammond) r 18, farm 19

Poggendorf John (Tioga) r 17, farmer 48

Potter Burt (Middlebury Center) general merchandise

Potter George W (Keeneyville) r 36 1-2, farmer 80

Potter Jerome V (Middlebury Center) r 44, musician

Potter Joseph T (Keeneyville) r 36, farmer, h and lot

Potter L Albert (Middlebury Center) r 44, farmer 50

Potter Lewis (Keeneyville) clerk

Potter Mortimer C (Keeneyville) general merchant, lumber dealer also hay and grain, farmer 180

Potter School, r 44

Prutsman Emma (Crooked Creek) r 24, farm 200

Prutsman Jacob (Crooked Creek) r 24, laborer

PUBLIC TELEPHONE PAY STATION (Middlebury Center) Starkey’s Hotel

Purvis Harriet E (Niles Valley) r 47 cor 50, widow John T, h and lot

Quick Daniel W, machinist, bds Wilcox House

Ramsdell William J, (Middlebury Center) r 47, tobacco grower, farmer in Tioga, 50 and works on shares for J B Potter Washington, D C, 174

Rawson Edgar D Rev (Crooked Creek) r 41, farmer, 82

Reynolds Elmer J (Niles Valley) r 48 1-2, blacksmithing

Richardson Ira A (Keeneyville) r 36, farmer

Richardson John (Crooked Creek) r 43, works for Wm Barnes, 50

Richardson Robert (Keeneyville) r 36, works on shares for Dwight Cummings, 250

Roe Henry T (Keeneyville) r 28, farmer, 100

ROE JOSEPH W (Keeneyville) furniture and undertaking, clocks, draperies, silverware, carpets, lamps, etc (See adv page 12)

Roe John (Keeneyville) r 32, laborer

Roe John E (Keeneyville) r 32, laborer

Roe John O (Keeneyville) r 37, farmer, 51

Roe School District (Keeneyville) r 32

Roe Solon J (Keeneyville) r 3, farmer, 65

Roe Thomas E (Keeneyville) farm, 91, h and lot

Root George W (Crooked Creek) r 43, farmer, 130

Root Isaiah T (Crooked Creek) r 43, laborer

ROOT JAMES F (Crooked Creek) r 43, tobacco grower, farmer, 35

Root John R (Crooked Creek) r 43, works on shares for H P Holiday

Root Thomas H (Crooked Creek) r 43, tobacco grower, farmer, 90

Root William S (Niles Valley) r 50, farmer, 100

Rose Charles (Niles Valley) r 48, tinner

Rowland William H (Crooked Creek) r 43, tobacco grower, farmer, 130

Rowley Amos E (Keeneyville) r 4, farmer, 50

Rozell George H (Crooked Creek) r 44, farmer, 11

RUDE GEORGE (Keeneyville) r 34, feed mill, shingle mill, hay presser and farmer, 60

Rude Lucy (Keeneyville) r 34, widow George

RUDE ORSON (Keeneyville) r 34, shingle mill and farmer, 75

RUTTY SAMUELL (Crooked Creek) r 43, violinist and farmer, works on shares for Elnora Stevens, 400

Rutty Wayne E (Crooked Creek) r 43, farmer

Sailer Christain (Niles Valley) r 48, tanner

Sample Fred (Niles Valley) r 47, laborer

Sample Jerome B (Keeneyville) blacksmith, farmer, 82

Sample William (Niles Valley) r 47, laborer

Saxbury Binajah (Keeneyville) r 4, laborer, h and lot

Saxbury Eugene A (Middlebury Center) r 47, laborer

Saxbury Orson (Keeneyville) r 4, laborer

Saxton George (Niles Valley) r 50, laborer

Seamans David P (Keeneyville) Laborer

Seamans Lizzie (Keeneyville) h and lot

SHAFF ALONZO D (Keeneyville) r 3, farmer, 134, and works on shares for Stephen Shaff 90

Shaff Freeman (Keeneyville) r 4, farmer, works on shares for Lovina Johnson 70

Shaff Henry J (Keeneyville) r 3, farmer, 204

Shaff James R (Keeneyville) thresher and hay presser

Shaff Porter D (Keeneyville) r 3, farmer, 207

Shaff Stephen (Keeneyville) r 3, farmer, 90

Shaw Samuel J (Keeneyville) r 9, farmer, 118

Shaw W Judson (Keeneyville) r 30, farmer, 110

Sherburn H Bert (Keeneyville) r 41, laborer

Short Eli (Niles Valley) r 50, farmer, 30

Short Ellis H (Keeneyville) r 38, laborer

Short Reuben (Keeneyville) r 36, laborer

Simonds Harry (Middlebury Center) tobacco grower

Simonds Oscar (Hammond) r 23, tobacco grower 1 1-2 acres, farmer, works for S A Johnson 111

SIMONDS WAYLAND D (Hammond) r 19, tobacco grower, farmer, 15

Smart Lemuel F (Keeneyville) r 36 1-2, justice of the peace, h and lot

Smith Alonzo G (Keeneyville) r 32, farmer on shares for Eliza Robinson of Wellsboro 50

Smith George W (Keeneyville) r 6, farmer, leases of Sophia Erway 45

SMITH HELEN M (Keeneyville) (M J Smith & Co) widow Almon J, farm 200, h and lot

Smith Ira E (Keeneyville) r 28, farmer, 52

SMITH MARION J (M J Smith & Co) (Keeneyville)

SMITH M J & CO (Keeneyville) (M J & Helen M Smith) dry goods, groceries, clothing, hardware, boots and shoes, crockery, glassware &c, (See adv page 339

Smith Milford (Crooked Creek) r 12, farmer

Smith Nelson (Crooked Creek) r 12, farmer, 60

Smith Samuel (Keeneyville) r 9, laborer

Spaulding George B (Hammond) r 20, tobacco grower, farmer, 10

Spaulding Sem B (Hammond) r 21, tobacco grower, farmer

Spaulding Sem P (Hammond) r 21, farmer, 250

Spaulding Simeon B (Hammond) r 21, farmer

Spencer Harman C (Middlebury Center) r 45, farmer

Spencer Lewis E (Middlebury Center) r 45, farmer

SPENCER MASS (Middlebury Center) r 45, carpenter and tobacco grower, farmer, leases of M W Carpenter of Cedar Run, 100, patentee and manuf of automatic wagon brakes

Springer Frank W (Keeneyville) r 4, laborer, h and lot

Springer William N, (Keeneyville) r 4, laborer

Stafford Frank (Keeneyville) r 36 1-2, laborer

STARKEY & CARPENTER (Frank W S & Truman E C( (Middlebury Center) dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, hats, caps, etc, also dealer in coal, lime, cement, agricultural implements.

STARKEY FRANK W (Starkey & Carpenter) (Middlebury Center) postmaster, town clerk, farmer, 40

Starkey Fred L (Middlebury Center) clerk

Starkey Gilbert L (Keeneyville) r 30, farmer, 60

STARKEY JOHN (Middlebury Center) prop hotel and livery, lumber dealer, farmer, 900, 175 in Charleston

Steadman Robert (Hammond) off r 22, laborer

Steele J Frank (Hammond) r 19, carpenter, h and 7 acres owned by wife

Stevens Albert (Keeneyville) r 6, farmer, 40

Stevens Charles C (Keeneyville) r 5, farmer, 30, and 60 owned by wife

Stevens Charles H (Hammond) r 19, works for Frank Hammond of Slate Run, 115

Stevens Daniel G (Hammond) r 22

Stevens Elizabeth Mrs (Hammond) r 19, farm 40

Stevens Elnora (Crooked Creek) r 45, widow Martin, farm, 400

Stevens George H (Keeneyville) r 6, laborer

Stevens Horace L (Hammond) r 22, tobacco grower and wool grower, farmer, 230

Stevens James (Keeneyville) r 6, farmer, 50

Stevens Judd H (Hammond) r 21, farmer, 100, and leases of John Starkey 75

Stevens Reuben (Keeneyville) r 6, farmer, 90

Stevens William C (Keeneyville) r 36, farmer, 40

Stowell Rebecca Mrs (Keeneyville) r 36 1-2, h and lot

Stratton Charles W (Crooked Creek) r 24, farmer, 6

Stratton Edward (Crooked Creek) r 24, farmer, 6

Stratton Fred A (Niles Valley) r 47 cor 48, general merchandise

Sweet Abner (Niles Valley) r 45, tobacco grower, farmer, 100

Sweet Abner E (Niles Valley) r 50, h and lot

Sweet Charles S (Middlebury Center) r 44 1-2, farmer, 25

SWEET CLARK F (Middlebury Center) r 44, carpenter and builder, h and lot

Sweet Henry (Middlebury Center) r 44 1-2, farmer 60

Sweet Jude (Niles Valley) r 48, farmer 100, tobacco grower

Sweet Leroy (Niles Valley) r 50, carpenter and builder

Sweet Thomas (Niles Valley) r 48 1-2, tanner

Tator Harrison D (Middlebury Center) r 44, mgr J L Robb’s hay barn

Thomas Even A (Middlebury Center) r 44, laborer

THURSTON ANSON K (Hammond) r 18, mail carrier, farmer 15

Thurston Frank A (Hammond) r 18, telegrapher

Vanderhoof George (Keeneyville) r 33, farmer 150

Warner Fred E (Keeneyville) r 37, portable saw mill

Warner Rhoda A (Keeneyville) r 32, widow Carlton D, h and lot

Warren Bion s (Keeneyville) r 36, farmer 2 and works on shares for Philo S, 90

Warren J C Rev (Crooked Creek)

Warren Philo S (Keeneyville) r 36, farmer 90

Webster Delbert (Crooked Creek) r 16, laborer

Webster N Jerome (Crooked Creek) r 44, farmer 9

WEDGE ANDREW (Niles Valley) r 47 cor 48, tobacco grower and farmer, works for H S Wedge, 125

Wedge Henry (Niles Valley) r 47, millwright, h and lot

Wedge Henry S (Niles Valley) r 47, farmer 150

West Aaron (Middlebury Center) r 44, laborer

West Adelbert (Crooked Creek) r 25, farmer 140

West Alfred C (Keeneyville) r 32, farmer 55

West A Jeff (Keeneyville) r 3, farmer 50

West Arrilla Mrs (Middlebury Center) r 45, farm 140

West Burt D (Crooked Creek) r 24, hay presser and farmer 250

West Charles E (Middlebury Center) r 47, laborer

West Corydon D (Keeneyville) r 4, laborer

West Hobert P (Middlebury Center) r 45, section foreman, h and lot

West Ira (Crooked Creek) farmer 148

West John E (Keeneyville) r 32, farmer 340

West Lavell L (Crooked Creek) r 44, farmer

West Luther A (Crooked Creek) r 41, farmer 23

West Nathan T (Keeneyville) farmer 45, mason, farmer, leases of Arrilla West 140

West Nathan T (Keeneyville) farmer 45, and works on shares for Helen M Smith 200

West Orrin D (Crooked Creek) r 44, tobacco grower and farmer 47

West Philander A (Keeneyville) off r 32, farmer, 60

West Philander A Jr (Keeneyville) r 36, laborer

WESTBROOK ABRAM L (Crooked Creek) r 42, tobacco grower, 18, farmer, 716

Westbrook Edgar L (Crooked Creek) r 25, works for Rachael M, 100

Westbrook Rachael M (Crooked Creek) r 25, widow Horace F, farm, 100

Westbrook Roy S (Crooked Creek) r 42, farmer

Westbrook School (Crooked Creek) r 25

Wheeler Edward (Niles Valley) r 48 1-2, laborer

Whitcomb Charles S (Middlebury Center) r 44, h and lot

White Albert L (Crooked Creek) general blacksmithing

White Daniel (Crooked Creek) r 42, farmer, 50

White Milford G (Crooked Creek) r 42 cor 41, general merchandise, tobacco grower and farmer 124

White Waldo W (Crooked Creek) r 41, carpenter, h and lot

Whitney George D (Farmington Hill) r 16, laborer, h and lot

Whitney Ira (Crooked Creek) off r 25, farmer, 50

Whitney James (Keeneyville) r 39, works for William, 47

Whitney Jeremiah M (Crooked Creek) r 25, thresher and farmer, 80

Whitney John W (Middlebury Center) r 46, farmer on shares for Augustus Niles of Wellsboro, 296

Whitney Lester (Keeneyville) laborer

Whitney Riley (Middlebury Center) r 47, h and lot

Whitney William (Middlebury Center) r 36

Wilcox Leverett L (Crooked Creek) r 44, farmer, 60

Wilcox Linus (Crooked Creek) r 44, farmer

Wilcox P E (Keeneyville) r 30, feed and shingle mill, farmer, 25

Wilcox Ransom E (Keeneyville) r 38, carpenter and farmer, 65

Wilson Marion L (Keeneyville) blacksmith and farmer, 22

Wood Marion (Keeneyville) r 36, farmer, 18

Wood William H (Keeneyville) r 36, farmer, 60

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