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Scanned & Formatted by Joyce M. Tice 
Retyped by Janice Walker

Morris Township Directory.

For explanations, &c., see page 13..

Postoffice address Morris, unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis).

Abramson August, r 14, miner

Ames Gurden, r 4, farmer, 50

Anderson Charles (Antrim) r 2, miner

Apgar Wilson, r 14, laborer

Abplanalp Andrew (Hoytville) r 14 1-2, emp tannery

Abplanalp Andrew, r 7 1-2, laborer

Ayers Eugene (Nauvoo) r 8 1-2, farmer, 55

Bailey Charles (Hoytville) r 14 1-2, emp tannery

Bailey William (Hoytville) r 14 1-2, teamster tannery

Baker Wilhelmina, r 14, widow Lewis W

Balcevicz John Rev, r 14, rector Morris R C Church

Baltz Henry (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Banfield Edwin, r 6, farmer, 130

Banfield Ezra, farmer, 70

Banfield School District (Nauvoo) r 10 1-2

Bartlett A Edward, r 7 1-4 (Bartlett Bros) farmer, 100

Bartlett Bros (A E & C) r 7 1-2, tannery

Bartlett Charles, r 7 1-2, (Bartlett Bros)

Bartlett George (Hoytville) r 12, emp tannery

Bartlett Thomas, r 7 1-4, retired

Bartlett William, r 7 1-4, farmer, 100

Barton Fred A (Lloyd) r 17, woodsman

BARTON JEREMIAH H (Lloyd) r 17 1-2, prop Blackwell House, general merchant and livery

Beauge Frederick E (Hoytville) r 14, bookkeeper tannery

Becker William (Hoytville) r 13, farmer on shares for I F Black, 125

Bednorick Michael (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Beecher Nathan, hostler Park hotel

Beeman Lewis, r 12, laborer

Bergstrom Herman, r 14, stone cutter

Bermingham Patrick, section foreman Erie R R

Besancency John, r 9, farmer, 50

Biddle Elizabeth, r 14, clerk M Roberts

BIRMINGHAM THOMAS J, r 7, postmaster and general merchant

Black Isaac S, capitalist, bds Black’s Hotel

Black Jeremiah, r 7, farmer, 70

Black Mortimer, r 7, laborer

Black Thomas, r 7, woodsman

Black Walter, r 7, laborer

BLACK’S HOTEL, r 6 cor 7, E A Kennedy, propr

Blackwell Alfred (Hoytville) r 15, farmer, son of James

BLACKWELL ENOCH, (Lloyd) r 18, lumberman and farmer, 50, and timberland 3500

BLACKWELL EUGENE B (Lloyd) r 17 1-2, postmaster and grocer

Blackwell George (Hoytville) off r 13 1-3, farmer, 75

BLACKWELL GEORGE M (Lloyd) r 19, lumberman and farmer, 35

BLACKWELL GURDON S (Hoytville) r 12 1-2 cor 10 1-2, butcher and farmer, 65

BLACKWELL HORACE W (Lloyd) r 16, farmer, 140

BLACKWELL HOUSE (Lloyd) r 17 1-2, Jeremiah H Barton propr

BLACKWELL JAMES (Hoytville) r 15, school director, lumberman and farmer, 120

BLACKWELL JAMES L (Hoytville) r 13, farmer, 25, timberland 160

Blackwell John H (Hoytville) r 13 1-2, farmer, 75

Blackwell Martha (Hoytville) r 13, widow John M

Blackwell Miles (Lloyd) r 17, laborer

Blackwell School District (Lloyd) r 17

Blackwell Sylvester (Lloyd) r 17 1-2, lumberman

Blackwell Thomas (Lloyd) r 18, lumberman

Blackwell William (Lloyd) r 18, physician and druggist and farmer, 100

Blackwell William H (Hoytville) r 15, farmer, 75

Blakely John W (Hoytville) r 14 1-2, town clerk, foreman tannery

Blakely Willard (Hoytville) r 14 1-2, emp tannery

Blossburg Coal Co, r 5 cor 6, Harry Pearce foreman of saw mill, manuf lumber

Blozek Joseph (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Boger Frederick M (Nauvoo) off r 10, farmer, 80

Bohnert Frank P (Lorenton) r 11, farmer, 75

Bohnert Joseph H, r 14, clerk

Bonnell Ellen (Nauvoo) r 8, widow George, farmer, 60

Bonnell School (Nauvoo) r 8

Bozek Joseph (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Brach Antony (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Brach Frank (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Bradley Frank J (Lloyd) stonecutter, bds Gillespie House

Breed Chauncey r 12 1-2, farmer, 10

Breed School District, r 11

Brewer Catherine (Hoytville) r 14, widow Peter

Briggs John E (Lloyd) r 17, engineer saw mill

Briggs Lucian C (Lloyd) r 17, carpenter

Briggs William F, r 11, farmer, 28

Briggs William S, r 11, farmer, 46

Brock Jacob (Hoytville) r 34, emp tannery

Brog Andrew, emp tannery, h Railroad

Brog John r 14, shoemaker, h Railroad

Broughton Alfred, r 12 -12, farmer, 30

Broughton Charles, off r 12 1-2, laborer

Broughton Darius, off r 13 1-4, farmer, 25

Broughton James E, r 12 1-2, laborer

Broughton LaFayette, r 12 1-2, farmer, 100

Broughton Lucinda (Hoytville) r 13 1-4, widow Horace

Broughton Nathan, off r 13 1-2, farmer, 59

Brown Clayton (Nauvoo) r 10 1-4, farmer on shares for Mary, 100

Brown Ella (Mrs Harry) (Lloyd) r 17 1-2, dressmaker

Brown Garrett (Nauvoo) r 8, farmer, 105

Brown George (Hoytville) r 1, laborer

Brown Grant (Hoytville) r 1, laborer

Brown Harry (Lloyd) r 17 1-2, woodsman

Brown John (Hoytville) r 1, laborer

Brown John (Nauvoo) r 8, school teacher

Brown John , r 10 1-2, farmer on shares for Ezra Banfield, 70

Brown L (Nauvoo) r 9, farmer, 65

Brown Joseph A (Hoytville) r 15, teamster

Brown Mary (Nauvoo) r 10 1-4, widow Gottleid, farm 100

Brown Rebecca (Nauvoo) r 10 1-4, widow Frederick, farm 150

Brown Richard (Nauvoo) r 8, laborer

Brunswick tannery (Hoytville) r 14 (C T C0) A R Spicer supt

Budd Rev (Hoytville) r 14, pastor Hoytville M E Church

Bulas John (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Burdick Joseph (Lloyd) r 18, laborer

Burdick Mrs (Lloyd) r 17 1-2

Burrell Gustave (Lloyd) r 17 1-2 section foreman F B R R

Butler Ira F (Hoytville) off r 14, farmer, 5, owned by wife

Butters Cornelias F, r 9, farmer on shares for A Plank 50, also owns 63 acres on r 7 1-2

Butters David, r 9, farmer, 57, also 130 owned by wife

Butters Grant (Nauvoo) r 9, farmer, son of David

Campbell Amos (Hoytville) r 15, laborer

Campbell Aethne, r 13 1-4, woodsman

Campbell Benjamin, r 7, woodsman

Campbell Daniel, r 9 1-2, woodsman

Campbell Edward (Hoytville) off r 10 1-2, farmer with George, 50

Campbell Frank, r 9 1-2, woodsman

Campbell Frederick, r 13 1-4, farmer 62

Campbell George (Hoytville) off r 10 1-2, farmer with Edward, 50

Campbell George, off r 12 1-4, farmer with Edward, 80

Campbell James (Lloyd) r 17 1-4, farmer, 31

Campbell James (Hoytville) off r 13 1-4, farmer, 27

Campbell Jeremiah (Lloyd) r 17 1-4, farmer, 48

Campbell Jeremiah Jr, (Lloyd) r 17 1-4, laborer

Campbell John (Hoytville) r 15, laborer

Campbell John, r 13 1-4, woodsman

CAMPBELL MICHAEL C (Hoytville) r 15 1-2, farmer, leases of Homer Webster of Delmar, 50

Campbell Ramsford (Nauvoo) r 9, farmer, 10, owned by wife

Campbell Robert, off r 10 1-2, farmer, 25

Campbell Samuel (Hoytville) r 15 1-2, laborer

Campbell School District, r 13 1-4

Campbell Silas P (Hoytville) r 14, teamster tannery

Campbell Thomas, r 9 1-2, woodsman

Carlson Andrew, r 14, general merchant

Carmine Los (Lloyd) r 17, section hand F B Ry

Casbeer Catharine (Nauvoo) r 8 1-2, widow William

Casbeer Daniel W (Nauvoo) off r 9, farmer, 100

Casbeer Fred D (Nauvoo) off r 9, laborer

Casbeer Lemuel (Nauvoo) off r 9, laborer

Casbeer Robert (Nauvoo) r 8 1-2, farmer, 50

Cenova Frank (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Central Hotel, r 14, Peter Kline prop

Clark Belle, r 14, milliner

Clark G Frank, r 14, wagon repairer and lumber jobber

Clark Jesse C, r 14, laborer

Clark Joseph W (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Clark Martha, r 14, widow Sanford

Cole Thomas, r 13 1-4, woodsman

COMPTON MONTGOMERY (Lloyd) r 16, farmer, 75

Comstock Amy (Hoytville) r 10 1-2, widow Samuel, farmer, 65

Comstock Charles N (Hoytville) r 10 1-2, farmer, 50

COMSTOCK EDWARD G (Nauvoo) r 10, justice of the peace, prop saw mill, farmer, 90

Comstock Ellis (Hoytville) r 10 1-2, laborer

Comstock Loran (Hoytville) r 10 1-2, laborer

Comstock Matthew (Hoytville) r 9 1-2, farmer on shares for William Thomas, 75

Comstock Porter (Hoytville) r 10 1-2, laborer

Conlon Edward F, r 14, barber, bds Central Hotel

Conlon James, (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Conlon John H, ticket agt Erie R R, bds Central Hotel

Conlon Lawrence B (Hoytville) r 14, station agent Erie R R, Wells Fargo & Co’s express, W U Tel Co, also agent at Morris

Conway Terrance, r 12 1-4, farmer, 55

Coolidge Otis L, r 14, jobber

Collidge Owen B, r 14, supt for Drake, Landrus & Drake

Cordel John (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Crick William, r 5, manager J E Thomas livery

Crum Floyd, sawyer, bds Central Hotel

Cummings & Hyleman Co (Lloyd) r 18, shingle mill, office Williamsport, Pa

Cunningham Nancy (Hoytville) r 14, widow Isaac 11

Curtin John, r 14, laborer

DARBY DELBERT H (Hoytville) r 14 1-2, foreman in tannery

Darby George W, (Hoytville) r 14 1-2, assistant supt tannery

DARBY SAMUEL D (Hoytville) r 14, postmaster and general merchant

Davis Hiram N, r 4 1-2, laborer

Dennison James (Nauvoo) r 9, propr saw mill, feed mill and farmer, 90 in Liberty

Dennison J Frederick (Nauvoo) r 9, farmer, son of James

Descoski Jacob (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Desmond Jerry (Nauvoo) r 10, farmer, 150

Desmond John B, r 14, clerk Tunney House

Dibble James (Lloyd) laborer, bds Gillespie House

DIBBLE THOMAS M (Lloyd) r 17, station agent F B Ry, American Express Co, W U Tel Co

Dillon Phillip, r 4, woodsman

Doane Frank E (Hoytville) off r 17, propr saw mill, manuf of lumber, farmer, 264

Doane School District (Hoytville) r 14 cor 1

Dodd Mary A, r 14, widow George M

Duffer Samuel, (Lloyd) r 17 1-2, laborer

Duffey Mary (Lloyd) r 16

Duffey Emanuel (Lloyd) r 16, farmer, 17

Duffey William (Lloyd) r 16, farmer, 33

Dytche Louis (Hoytville) r 14 1-2, emp tannery

Dytche Rudolph, woodsman, Railroad

Dzuidan Dorman (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Egan Michael, r 14, laborer

ELLERSICK HENRY, r 14, carriagemaker, bds Park Hotel

Emick George V (Hoytville) r 12, farmer, 10

Emick Jacob K (Nauvoo) off r 8 1-4, farmer with Jasper W, 50

Emick Jasper W (Nauvoo) off r 8 1-4, farmer with Jacob K, 50

Emick Robert (Nauvoo) r 8 1-4, laborer

Emick Samuel, off r 6, laborer

Emick Thomas, r 13, laborer

Emick Wesley (Lorenton) 12 1-2, farmer, 50

Emick W Henry (Lorenton) r 11, farmer with G W Granham

Emick William (Lorenton) r 11, farmer, son of William D

Emick William D (Lorenton) r 11, farmer 50

Emmick Alfred, r 12 1-4, farmer 50

Emmick Harry E, r 12, carpenter

Emmick John I, r 12, laborer, h and lot

English Charles, r 12, teamster

English James, r 12, laborer

English James (Hoytville) r 13 1-2, farmer 20

English John R (Hoytville) r 15 1-2, farmer 100

English John W (Hoytville) r 13, laborer

English LaFayette (Hoytville) r 15, prop saw mill

English Robert C (Hoytville) r 13, blacksmith and farmer, 50

English Stewart P (Hoytville) r 13, farmer on shares for R C English 50

English Thomas W, r 12, laborer

English Willis L, (Hoytville) r 14, school director, foreman in woods

ERICKSON LARS M (Antrim) r 2, prop Mitchell coal mines

Erickson Peter (Antrim) r 2, miner

Erie R R Station (Hoytville) r 14, L B Conlon agent

Erie R R Station, r 7, John H Conlon agent

EVANS ALVIN S (Hoytville) r 10 1-2, farmer 50

Failling Edward, bds Central Hotel, emp tannery

Fall Brook R R Station (Lloyd) r 17 1-2, Thomas M Dibble agt

Fechner Martin (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Feeney Charles, laborer

Fick Hulin I (Nauvoo) r 8, farmer 80

Finnigan John (Hoytville) r 14 1-2, emp tannery

Finnigan John M (Hoytville) r 14 1-2, emp tannery

Finnigan Patrick (Hoytville) r 14 1-2, emp tannery

Fish Susan, r 12, widow Peter

Fish William (Lloyd) r 17, lumberman, farmer 96

Fitch Alice Mrs, r 12

Flynn Luke (Hoytville) r 14, teamster Tannery Co

Flynn Margaret (Hoytville) r 14, widow Mark

Flynn Michael, r 14, laborer

Foulkrod Charles H (Hoytville) r 14, propr Hoytville House

FRANKLIN BURTON B, (Lloyd) r 17, retired

Franklin Burton (Lloyd) r 17, farmer, son of Burton B

Franklin Ertell E (Lloyd) r 17, farmer, son of B B

FRANKLIN RANSOM L (Lloyd) r 17, propr grist mill, manuf and dealer in flour, feed, &c., shingle mill and farmer, 570

Franklin Samuel (Lloyd) r 17, farmer, son of B B

Frederick John (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Frutiger Daniel (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Frutiger Henry (Hoytville) r 14, barn boss Tannery Co

Frutiger John (Hoytville) r 14 1-2

Fulkerson William (Lloyd) r 17, carpenter

Gavitt Warren T, r 14, laborer, oysters and confectionery

Gentry Clarence C (Hoytville) r 14, physician and surgeon

Gilbert Delbert (Hoytville) r 12, laborer

Gilbert Lydia (Hoytville) r 14, widow Enoch

GILLESPIE HOUSE (Lloyd) r 17 1-2 cor 17, J M Gillespie, propr

GILLESPIE JOHN M (Lloyd) r 17 1-2 cor 17, propr Gillespie House and livery

Goga Louis (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Goga Peter (Hoytville) emp tannery

Goldman Stanley, section hand Erie R R, h Railroad

Gordon Abraham (A Gordon & Bro) bds Black’s Hotel

Gordon A & Bro, r 6, clothing and shoes

Gordon John (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Gordon Julius (A Gordon & Bro) bds Park Hotel

Gorenski Andrew ( Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Gorney Stephen (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Graham Anna (Hoytville) r 14, widow Rev J Bruner

Graham Casper E (Lorenton) r 11, farmer, 50

Graham George W (Lorenton) r 11, farmer, 85

Graham Irwin (Lorenton) r 11, farmer, son of G W

Grover Daniel Rev (Lloyd) r 17, pastor Blackwell M E Church

Gryski Martin (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Gubla Joseph (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Gurski Anthony (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Gurski John (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Guy Henry, r 9, farmer 65, also miner

Guy Samuel, r 9, farmer, son of Henry

Guyer William, r 7, miner and farmer 30

Haley Bridget (Nauvoo) r 9, widow Daniel

Haley John (Nauvoo) r 9, farmer 100

Hanley John E (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Hardie George, r 12 1-2, laborer

Hart Archer, farmer 58

Hart Arthur, r 5, blacksmith

HART LUTHER W, r 5, collector and general blacksmith

Hart William, r 7 1-2, woodsman

Harty Charles, r 12, stage driver

Hatfield Lydia (Hoytville) r 15, widow Henry

Hemmer John (Nauvoo) r 8, farmer, 50

Heyd Charles (Nauvoo) r 10, laborer

Heydmann Gustave (Hoytville) r 14 1-2, emp tannery

Heyler Fred J (Nauvoo) r 10, farmer 200

Heyler William (Nauvoo) off r 10, farmer 150

Hogan Thomas, section hand Erie R R, bds Park Hotel

Holcomb Chasus M (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Holcomb Morty D (Hoytville) r 14, laborer

Holcomb Roy C (Hoytville) r 14 1-2, emp tannery

Houghton Edgar, r 14, auditor and carpenter

Hoytville House (Hoytville) r 14, C H Foulkrod prop

Huber Henry W (Hoytville) r 14 1-2, emp tannery

Huzie John (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Hunt Reuben, r 5, clerk J E Thomas

Hurley David, r 12 -14, farmer 83

Jahnke Susan (Hoytville) r 14, widow

Jenkins Evan (Hoytville) clerk Hoytville House

Johnson Charles (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Johnson Charles, r 14, laborer

Johnson Clark A (Hoytville) r 14, farmer 40

Johnson Daniel, off r 6, laborer

Johnson Erick (Antrim) r 2, miner

Johnson Frank (Lloyd) r 18, section foreman F B R R

Johnson Hiram (Hoytville) r 15, laborer

Johnson John, r 12, laborer

Johnson John, laborer

Johnson Robert (Lorenton) r 15, farmer, 100

Johnston Maggie Mrs, r 7

Jones Hiram E, r 14, emp saw mill

Jones Vincent K, r 14, general merchant

Jusbin Simon (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Keeley David (Hoytville) r 14, night watchman tannery

KEEN ABRAM (Lloyd) r 15, farmer, 80

Keen Abram Jr, (Lloyd) r 15, woodsman

KENNEDY EDWARD A, r 6 cor 7, propr Black’s Hotel

KERR ROBERT A, r 5, contractor and builder

Ketcham Robert M, r 4, retired

Ketcham Willard S, r 4

Kilpatrick Joshua (Lorenton) off r 11 1-2, farmer, 50

Kingsbury Ernest L (Hoytville) r 14, outside foreman tannery

Kingsbury Sherwood W (Hoytville) clerk A D Darby

Kline Peter, r 14, propr Central Hotel

Knipe Charles (Hoytville) r 9 1-2, laborer

Kohler Andrew (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Kreger George, r 7 1-2, laborer

Kreger Samuel, r 7 1-2, farmer, 75

Kuna Martin (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Kuzara George (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Leisenring LeRoy (Nauvoo) r 8 1-2, laborer

Leisenring William H (Nauvoo) r 8 1-2, carpenter and farmer, 8

Leithold John, emp tannery, bds Railroad

Leonard Abial, r 14, treasurer Leonard & Co

Leonard Fannie (L & Co) r 14

Leonard & Co (Fannie B and Harry E) r 14, general merchants

Leonard Harry E (Leonard & Co) h Cating Summit, Potter Co.

Leonard Mary (Hoytville) r 14 1-2, widow William

Letoski Anton, r 14, shoemaker

Levine Andrew (Hoytville r 14, emp tannery

Levine Edie (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Lewis Charles D, r 12 1-4, farmer with Morris of Charleston, 77

Lewis Ellen (Lloyd) r 17, widow Washington

Lewis Elmer (Lloyd) r 17, farmer, 60

Lewis James W, r 12 1-4, jobber

Lewis Marion (Lloyd) r 17, woodsman

LEWIS RICHARD C (Lloyd) r 17 1-2, blacksmith and farmer, 10

Lewis Warren, r 12 1-4, retired

Linck Brothers (D F & J F) (Nauvoo) r 10, farmers, 400

Linck Daniel F (Linck Bros) (Nauvoo) r 10

Linck John F (Linck Bros) (Nauvoo) r 10, school director

Linck School District (Nauvoo) r 10

Lloyd Clarence C (Lloyd) resident, bds Blackwell House

Lloyd Jacob (Lloyd) r 19, farmer, 200

Lloyd James (Lloyd) r 19, farmer, son of Jacob

Lloyd Thomas (Hoytville) r 1 cor 17, lumberman and farmer, 236 owned by wife

Lloyd Thomas (Lloyd) r 19, farmer, son of Jacob

Long George (Nauvoo) r 10 1-4, laborer

Lord Bert (Lloyd) off r 15, laborer

Loszki Jacob (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Louke Frank (Lloyd) r 17 102, section hand

Love Andrew (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

LOVE ELI, r 13, farmer, leases of Tannery Co, 47 1-2, also owns 90 in Delmar and 130 in Lycoming county

Love School District (Lloyd) r 16

Lundell John (Antrim) r 2, miner

Lupole George, r 4, laborer

Lusk William, r 7, woodsman

Lustyk Matthew (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Lyttle Mary, r 8, widow John

Lyttle Mary, r 8, farm, 60

MACK ARTHUR C, r 5, carriage painter, h r 14

Madigan Thomas, barber, bds Central Hotel

Mann Elmer E, r 14, photographer

Mroczkowski Frank (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Mattoon Edwin J (Lloyd) r 17, carpenter, and farmer, 15

Mattoon Hiram G (Lorenton) r 11 cor 15, postmaster, confectionery, tobacco and cigars, &c, and farmer, 10

Maxwell Edward (Hoytville) r 12, emp tannery

Maxwell John (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

McCaushaway Rebecca (Lloyd) r 17, widow James H

McClosky William (Hoytville) off r 14, emp tannery

McDonald Alexander W, r 7, laborer

McInroy Clarence G (Hoytville) r 14, clerk S D Darby

McInroy George (Hoytville) r 14, clerk S D Darby

McMahon James (Nauvoo) r 9, farmer, 67, also 53 acres in Liberty

McMahon James B (Lloyd) night operator W U Tel Co, bds Gillespie House

McMichael Edward (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

McMullen Charles, r 14, laborer

McMullen David, r 4, laborer

McMullen Solomon, off r 4, night watch saw mill

McNaught John, r 12, woodsman

McVannan Benton W (Nauvoo) r 8 1-4, farmer, 68, owned by wife

Mecum Charles W, r 14, laborer

Mericle Charles (Hoytville) r 15, farmer, 10

Merritt Robert, r 14, variety store

MERZ BARTHOLOMEW, r 16, furniture and undertaker

Merz Christian P, r 14, driver bakery wagon

Merz Joseph C, hostler Black’s hotel

Meyers William, r 4, laborer

Mihonski Walter J, r 14, photographer

Miller Bros (J J & H R) (Nauvoo) r 10, steam threshers

MILLER CHARLES C (Hoytville) r 14, meat market

Miller Henry R (Nauvoo) (Miller Bros) r 10, also farmer, 46

Miller Jacob (Nauvoo) r 10 (Miller Bros) and farmer, 104

Mills Anton, r 14, harnessmaker

Mills Lewis, r 14, harnessmaker

Montell Antony (Lloyd) r 17 1-2, section hand F B Ry

Morris Thomas, r 4, laborer, h and lot

Morris Graded School, r 14, Raymond Steele of Charleston, principal

Moyer John H (Nauvoo) off r 9, laborer and trout pond

Mruz John (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Mruz Michael (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Murray Thomas (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Myers John C (Hoytville) r 14, engineer tannery, also bicycle repairer

Naegely Peter (Hoytville) r 4 1-2, emp tannery

Naval Betsy (Lloyd) r 17 1-4, widow Jacob

Nauvoo Cheese Factory (Nauvoo) r 10, F E Zimmer propr, A S Wilson manager

Nead Martin (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Nelson Edward (Hoytville) off r 14, emp tannery

Neptan Lizzie, r 12, widow Andrew

Neufer John, r 7 cor 7 1-2, laborer

Nicholson John (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Nicholson Martin (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Nordstrom Adolph P, r 14, general merchant

Nordstrom Emel, r 14, clerk A P

O’Connor Loftus, r 12, woodsman

O’Connor William, r 12 1-4, laborer

Ogrodowczyk Antolny (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Olif Charles (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Olsen Jonas, laborer, bds Black’s Hotel

Orhel Jacob (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Ostrander John, r 13 1-2, farmer, 50

Pack Elmon Z (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

PARK HOTEL, r 5, C H Portz propr

Parker Charles B, r 6, (E M Parker & Son) engineer saw mill

Parker Emma, r 6, clerk M Roberts

Parker E M & Son (E M & C B) r 6, wool carding and feed mill

Parker Ellis M, r 6 (E M Parker & Son)

Pearce Harry, r 14, foreman Blossburg Coal Co’s saw mill

Petchy George (Hoytville) r 12, emp tannery

Peterson John (Hoytville) r 12, laborer

Phillips Charles, r 12, emp tannery

Phillips Frank, laborer

Pierce Joseph (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Pink John (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Pink John (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Plank Abram, r 7, farmer, 50

Plank Francis, r 7, apiarist and farmer, 65

Plank John, r 7, resident

Plank William, r 9, school director, grocer and farmer, 100

Ponkowski Martin (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

PORTZ CHRISTOPHER H, r 5, propr Park Hotel

POTTER HERMAN M, r 14, jeweler, dealer in watches, clocks, jewelry, &c.

Potter Maria C, r 14, widow John W

Powell David, r 7, miner and farmer, 30

Price Catharine (Nauvoo) r 9, widow Martin

Price Martin (Nauvoo) r 10, laborer

Reppard Harry (Nauvoo) r 8, farmer, leases of O Quick, 91

Repard Jerry M (Nauvoo) r 8 1-4, farmer, 65

Reynard David W, r 14, justice of peace

Reynolds John M (Hoytville) r 9 1-2, laborer

ROBERTS FRANK, r 14, mgr for M Roberts, dry goods, etc

ROBERTS M (Mrs Frank) r 14, dealer in dry goods, millinery, clothing, gents furnishings, boots and shoes

ROBINSON RICHARD F, r 14, school director, physician and surgeon and druggist

Rogers John (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Rogers Lawrence (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Rogers Lawrence H (Hoytville) r 14, clerk S D Darby

Rogers Thomas (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Rood Mortimer (Nauvoo) r 10 1-2, carpenter and farmer, 50

Root Elizabeth (Nauvoo) r 9, widow Harrison

Root George C (Lorenton) r 11, farmer, 88

Root Quintilas, r 9, laborer

Roth Henry (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Rown Michael (Lloyd) hostler Gillespie House

Rozewiecz George (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Rozewiecz John (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Ryan Ella Mrs (Nauvoo) r 10

Ryan Joseph (Nauvoo) r 10, laborer

Ryan Thomas (Nauvoo) r 10, laborer

Safford Samuel, off r 6, farmer, 5

Safford Walter, off r 6, laborer

Safford Wilford, r 6, laborer

Sanford Claud S (Hoytville) r 14, com trav

Sautter Peter (Lorenton) r 11, farmer, 50

Scarborough William E, r 14, clerk Hugh Tunney

Seamen Augustus G (Nauvoo) r 10, retired

Seaman William W (Nauvoo) r 10, farmer, 200

Seiefle Charles (Nauvoo) r 10, lumber jobber

Sharping Lizzie, r 14, widow Gustus R, general merchant

Sheffer Valley, r 5, blacksmith

Sheifen Charles (Hoytville) r 14 1-2, emp tannery

Sherwood Charles (Hoytville) r 14, teamster

Sherman William (Lloyd) woodsman, bds Gillespie House

Shultz Michael (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Sierant John (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Signar John (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Sine Samuel H (Hoytville) r 14, laborer

Sine Samuel W (Hoytville) r 14, physician

Sipa George (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Skelly George (Nauvoo) r 9, farmer, 44

Skog Christiana, r 14, widow Andrus G

Smith Albert (Lloyd) r 17, woodsman

Smith E Frank, r 12 1-2, laborer

Spicer Albert R (Hoytville) r 14, supt tannery

Stage Albert F, r 12, veterinary surgeon

Stage Fred M, r 12, laborer

Stanton Otis F, r 14, laborer

Staron George (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Steele Abram, r 12, laborer

Steele Abram A, r 12, carpenter

Steele Hannah Mrs, r 12

Steele Ulyssus M, r 12, mason

Strayer Daniel H, stage driver, bds Black’s Hotel

Suchocki Anthony (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Sureie Edward (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

TELEPHONE PAY STATION (Hoytville) at S D Darby’s store

TELEPHONE PAY STATION, Black’s Hotel, E A Kennedy agent

Thomas Betsey (Nauvoo) r 9, widow Huntington W

Thomas Chester H (Hoytville) r 14 1-2, emp tannery

Thomas Daniel W, r 10 1-2, farmer, son of G A

Thomas Darwin, r 12, laborer

Thomas Earl, r 12, laborer

Thomas Frank (Nauvoo) r 9 102, laborer

Thomas Fred (Lorenton) r 11 1-2, farmer with Loren, 40

Thomas G Adelbert, r 10 1-2, farmer, 55

Thomas George R (Nauvoo) r 9, farmer, 125

Thomas Homer E, r 5, member 27th reg U S Inf

THOMAS J EDGAR, r 5, hardware, tinware, stoves, agricultural implements, etc, livery, also owner Blackwell stage route

Thomas Jeanie, r 12, widow George

Thomas Loran, r 10 1-2, farmer, son of G A

Thomas Pearl, off r 6, laborer

Thomas Robert, r 12, laborer

Thomas School (Nauvoo) r 9

Thomas Walter, r 8 1-2, farmer, 40

Thomas William, r 12, laborer

Thomas William E, r 14, livery, Blackwell mail route and farmer, 71 1-2 on r 9 1-2

Thompson Robert, r 12 1-2, farmer, 240

Toblanski John, r 14, laborer

Tracy Edward (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Tracy James, r 14, clerk Thomas J Birmingham

TUNNEY HOUSE, r 14, Luke Tunney, prop

TUNNEY LUKE, r 14, prop Tunney House, dealer in hardware, tinware, stoves, agricultural implements, etc

Van Zandt Thomas J (Nauvoo) r 9 1-2, farmer, 100

VAUGHN BENJAMIN, r 5, grocery, confectionery, bakery, &c

Vinsiski Stanley, r 4, farmer, 25

Wagoner William (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Wahlin Mary, r 7 1-2, widow John, farm, 100

Walker Barton, r 14, hostler

Walker Benjamin, r 14, laborer

Wanstron Peter G (Hoytville) r 14, teamster tannery

Warner Dell (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Wasicki Martin (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Wasowicz Ignacy (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Watson Frank, laborer, bds Central House

Webb Eli D, r 10 1-2, farmer, 50, owned by wife

Webb Burton G, r 10 1-2, farmer, 30

Webster Augustus S, r 12, carpenter tannery

Webster Daniel, r 12, blacksmith

Webster Harry E, r 13, clerk for Walter

WEBSTER J EMICK, r 13, assessor and farmer, 58

Webster Lowell E, r 13, woodsman

Webster Walter, r 14, hardware, stoves, tinware &c

Webchen Frederick (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Welch Willis, r 5, emp J E Thomas livery

Welliver Evans D, r 14, barber, dealer in tobacco, cigars, confectionery, feed, hay, straw, coal &c

Wells, Fargo & Co’s Express (Hoytville) r 14, L B Conlon agent, also agt at Morris

Welshus George (Lloyd) r 18, woodsman

Wesolowski Jacob (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Western Union Telegraph Co (Hoytville) r 14, L B Conlon agt

Wheeler Charles, off r 6, farmer, 7

Wheeler Charles J, r 5, wagon maker, bds Park Hotel

Wheeler John (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Wilcox Leon, clerk Black’s Hotel

Wilkins William, r 14, laborer

Williammee Alfred (Hoytville) r 13, farmer

Williammee Darius, r 9 1-2, laborer

Williammee Frank, r 9 1-2, laborer

Williammee John (Hoytville) r 13, resident

Williammee John T (Hoytville) r 13, farmer, 155

Williammee Martin (Hoytville) off r 12 1-2, farmer, 104, owned by wife

Williammee Orange, r 9 1-2, farmer, leases of J E Thomas 63

Williammee Orson (Lorenton) r 11 1-2, painter and farmer, 87 1-2

Williammee Roscoe (Hoytville r 13, laborer

Williammee Thomas (Hoytville) r 13, farmer, 145

Williams Casper, off r 6, miner and farmer, 95

WILLIAMS WALTER S, r 7 1-2 cor 9 1-2, farmer, 5

WILSON A STEWART, (Nauvoo) r 10, manager Nauvoo Cheese Factory

Wilson Frank (Nauvoo) r 10, painter, h and lot

Wilson John (Hoytville) r 14 1-2, emp tannery

Winder Andrew A (Hoytville) r 11 1-2

WINDER CHARLES W, r 14, blacksmith

Winder Clayton A, r 14, blacksmith

Winder Henry F (Hoytville) r 14 1-2, blacksmith

Wood Herbert (Hoytville) r 14 1-2, emp tannery

Woodhouse Frank (Nauvoo) r 8 1-4, farmer, 50

Wright Jennie (Nauvoo) r 9, widow Walter V D

Young John, r 12, laborer

Zaborowski Michael (Hoytville) r 14, emp tannery

Zurher John, r 12, laborer, h and lot