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Scanned & Formatted by Joyce M. Tice 
Retyped by Janice Walker

Roseville Borough Directory.

For explanations, &c., see page 13.

Postoffice address Rutland

SRGP ID Added in parentheses by Joyce M .Tice if included in her Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project. If you are researching or descended from any of those so designated, it is requested that you share your research with Joycs's SRGP if you have not already done so. That is the price I ask for making this site available. It is your opportunity to share in the cost of creating this site and reward Joyce just a tad for making this enormous body of resource available to you. It is a way to pay your dues in a small way for use of this site. Please reference the SRGP ID and the page you found this on the site, when you write to me. For women listed under a married alias, I have provided her real name, if I know it. If an individual listed here does not have an SRGP ID, then I need to know about them as well. SRGP records ALL ancestors (both female and male lines) and decendants to the present day of our local population. 

Adams Nellie, r 21, clerk (SRGP 18534)[Photo FAB file]

Adams Uriah, r 21, mason (SRGP 18535)[Photo FAB file]

Argetsinger Emma (Mrs F W) r 24, milliner (SRGP 13790 Emma Andrus)

Argetsinger Frank W, r 24, farm, 160 in Rutland (SRGP 14850)

AVERY FRANK C, r 25 cor 31, boro councilman and propr Avery House (SRGP 14901)

Avery Harry B, grain dealer, bds Avery House (SRGP 28624)

AVERY HOUSE, r 25 cor 24, Frank C Avery, propr

Ayers Lucy, r 14, school teacher

Benson Anthony, r 21 farmer leases of Lyman, 55 (SRGP 8835)

Benson Bert H, r 33, farmer, 114 (SRGP 37483)

Benson Emma, r 31, widow Jerome (SRGP 37481 Emma Jane Rose)

Benson George, r 31, laborer  (SRGP 26832)

Benson LeVern, r 31, laborer (SRGP 8554)

Benson Mary, r 31, widow Simeon, farmer, 30 (SRGP 26920 Mary Elizabeth Brando)

Benson Nancy, r 31, widow Elijah (SRGP 3814 Nancy Reynolds)

Blood Henry L, r 25 cor 21, dealer in general merchandise (SRGP 65850)

Brundage Silas G Rev, r 31, pastor Baptist Church

Canedy Lewis M, r 24, boro councilman (SRGP 30507)

Carpenter William G, r 31, mgr Rutland cheese factory (SRGP 66102)

Clark Joel, r 31, clerk (SRGP 7311)

Dix Thomas, r 25, shoemaker (SRGP 18751)

Garrison George E, r 25, clerk (SRGP 4936)

Gee Fred, r 21, laborer

Gee Samuel, r 21, laborer

Gillett Anna, M, r 31, widow Thomas S (SRGP 76545)

Gillett Frank, r 33, laborer (SRGP 76548)

Gott Samuel, r 31, laborer (SRGP 18541)

Hall Frank, r 21, laborer  (SRGP 9701)

Hall Leonard, r 24, farmer (SRGP 6404)

Hall Sarah H, r 31, widow William (SRGP 10119 Sarah A. Bailey)

Hanyen Cornelius B, r 24, postmaster and general merchandise, h do (SRGP 8659)

Henyen Cole B, r 24, school teacher (SRGP 8663)

Henyen M Louise, bds r 24, school teacher (SRGP 8660)

Jacques William Rev, r 25, pastor Roseville M E church

James Anna, r 24, widow Daniel (SRGP 9587)

KELLY CHARLES W, r 25, justice of the peace and boro councilman, served in 207th Pa Vols in civil war (SRGP 76553)

Kelley George, r 25, laborer (SRGP 14505)

Kelley Warren W, r 31, laborer

Lane Admiral, r 31, blacksmith

Longwell Charles L, r 31, laborer  (SRGP 18699)

Longwell John D, r 24 (SRGP 65362)

Longwell Phebe A, r 24, widow Timothy (SRGP 76554)

Longwell William H, r 31, laborer (SRGP 18700)

Longwell William T, r 24 (SRGP 65363)

Love Ered, r 24, blacksmith

Mansfield Hattie A, r31, widow Amos (SRGP 2926 Mehitable Ann Dewitt)

Monroe Eldridge G, r 25, laborer (SRGP 7280)

NYE JOHN H (O S & J H) r 31 (SRGP

NYE ORIN S, r 31 (O S & J H) school director and farmer, 108 (SRGP 18470)

NYE O S & J H, r 31, physicians and surgeons

Oldryd Henry, r 24, clerk (SRGP 14735)

Perry Barney, r 24, laborer

Perry Elmer, r 24, laborer

Perry Fred, r 24, laborer (SRGP 38887)

Pierce LeRoy, r 21, carpenter  (SRGP 18774)

Reynold George W, r 24, shoemaker (SRGP 6984)

Rose Arnot, r 31, hostler  (SRGP 8559)

Rose Martin, r 24, laborer (SRGP 18270)

Rose Susan, r 31, widow Warren (SRGP 8570 Susan Hall)

Roseville School, r 31

Rutland Cheese factory, r 31, W G Carpenter, mgr [Photo FAB file]

Sherman Charles W (Sherman & Wilcox) r 31, farmer, 56

Sherman Clarina, r 31

Sherman Sarah Mrs, r 21

Sherman & Wilcox (C W S and J F W) wagon makers and planing mill

SMITH BURDELL F, r 31 cor 21, dealer in dry goods, boots and shoes, hats and caps, groceries, hardware, &c, bds Avery House

Smith Willard E, r 21, laborer

Spaulding Ellsworth A, r 25, variety store

Soper Heman, r 25, laborer  (SRGP 14688)

Soper Kate, r 24, dressmaker (

Stout Addie, r 21, widow David W (SRGP 14526 Adeline Thorpe)

Stout John T, r 21, assessor, school director and blacksmith  (SRGP 14523)

Stout Josephus, r 24, justice of the peace and laborer (SRGP 6701)

Stout Leon, r 24, laborer (SRGP 6704)

Sweely Curtis, r 31, laborer (SRGP 13425)

Ten Eyck John, r 21, carpenter, h and lot

Ten Eycke Merritt, r 31, laborer

Ten Eycke William, r 21, laborer

Thorp William, r 21, mason

Vance John, r 21, laborer (SRGP 18390)

Van Nocken Moses B, r 21, carpenter (SRGP 10028)

VEDDER LLOYD A, r 24, boro councilman, wagon makers and general blacksmithing, h do (SRGP 18451)

Watson Clarina, r 31, widow Daniel, farmer, 100 [Photo FAB file]

Watson D Ernest, r 21, farmer (SRGP 13625)[Photo FAB file]

Watson Ida R, r 31 (SRGP 6570)[Photo FAB file]

Wilcox Cornelia V, r 21, widow John H, carpet weaver

Wilcox J Fred (Sherman & Wilcox) r 25, burgess, Main

Wilson Emily (Mrs H H) r 21, carpet weaver (SRGP 1958 Emily Smith)

Wilson Hiram H, r 21, laborer (SRGP 1959)

Wilson LaFayette L, r 21, laborer (SRGP 3829)

Wood Joseph, r 21, stage driver (SRGP 8773)

Wood Viania, r 24, widow Ezra (SRGP 1419 Vianna Benson)

Worden George H, r 25 (SRGP 69887)

Worden Henry, r 21, laborer (SRGP 6970)

Young Austin C, r 24, laborer (SRGP 76381)

Young Mary E (Mrs Austin C) r 24, millinery and ladies furnishing goods (SRGP 76555)