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Scanned & Formatted by Joyce M. Tice 
Retyped by Nancy Spain

Shippen Township Directory

For explanations, &c., see page 13.
Postoffice address Shippen unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis)

AMERICAN EXPRESS CO (Ansonia) r 2, Louis G. Davison, agent

ANSONIA HOUSE (Ansonia) E J Bradley, prop, r 1, cor 2

Ashley Allen (Delmar) r 6½, retired

Ashley Franklin (Delmar) r 6½, retired

Ashley Willard (Delmar) r 6½, farmer, 53

Bacon Philip (Ansonia) r 3, carpenter and farmer, 20

Bacon Walter (Delmar) r 3, laborer

Baker Charles L (Ansonia)r 2, farmer, 113

Baker Chauncey (Ansonia) r 2, retired farmer

Baker Zury W (Asaph) r 2, laborer

Bartle Eli (Delmar) r 9, school director, carpenter and farmer, 100

Beckwith Albert (Asaph) r 2, laborer

Beckwith James (Asaph) r 2, laborer

Bevier Cornelius (Delmar) r 6½, farmer, 80

Bowen Alonzo L (Delmar) r 8, farmer, 90

Bradley Clarence (Asaph) r 2, farm laborer

BRADLEY ELBRIDGE J (Ansonia) r 1, cor 1, prop Ansonia House

Bradley Elijah B (Asaph) r 2, farmer 20

Bradley Frank (Asaph) r 2, woodsman

Bradley Peter W. (Ansonia) r 3½, farmer, 65

Broughton Emmet W. (Ansonia) r 1, market gardener and farmer, 40

BUTLER CLAYTON (Asaph) r 2, justice of the peace and farmer

Butler Edward H (Asaph) r 2, supervisor, farmer, 48, also on shares for C G Osgood, of Wellsboro, 150

Butler Daniel (Asaph) r 2¼, postmaster, laborer

Butler Lavern (Asaph) r 2, laborer

Butler Leon (Asaph) r 2¼, town clerk and treasurer, farmer, 30

Butler Wilbur (Asaph) r 2, laborer

Button Alonzo F (Marsh Creek) r 2, shingle mill, house and lot

Callahan John W (Ansonia) r 3, farmer, son of U M

Callahan Ulysses M (Ansonia) r 3, farmer, 67

Campbell David (Delmar) r 5, cor 7, laborer

Campbell Edwin L (Delmar) r 5, cor 7, laborer

Campbell Eli (Delmar) r 5, cor 7, laborer

Campbell John M (Ansonia) r 2, car inspector, F B and B & S R R

Campbell Lewis (Ansonia) r 3, farmer, 44

Campbell Robert (Delmar) r 3, farmer, 30

Campbell Stephen (Delmar) r 3¼, farmer, 75

Carbo Joseph (Ansonia) r 2, section hand

CARNETT ADDISON B (Ansonia) r 1, timber agt for Pa J L & L Co

Carnett John B (Ansonia) r 1, medical student

Cleveland N Rudolph (Ansonia) r 3½, farmer, 86

Cleveland Ora A (Marsh Creek ) r 3½, glass flatener and farmer, 30

Cook Daniel (Ansonia) r 1, farmer, leases of D L Whitman, 50

Cooley George (Ansonia) r 3, farmer, 30, also shares for Samuel Gibson, 50

Copp David L. (Ansonia) r 5, farmer, 115

Copp James W (Ansonia) r 5, farmer, 5

Crans Wilbur A (Delmar) r 5½, section hann F B R R

Danks Titus (Ansonia) r 1, laborer

Darling Durias (Delmar) r 4½, farmer, 100

Darling Joseph A (Delmar) r 4½, farmer, 130

Dart Elihue J (Delmar) r 6, farmer, 100

Dart John (Delmar) r 6, farmer, 137

Dart Mary C (Delmar) r 6, widow Harris

Dart Port (Delmar) r 6, blacksmith

DAVISON LOUIS G (Ansonia) r 3, agt F B and B & S R R and American Express Co

Day George (Delmar) off r 6½, laborer

Dean Cora (Ansonia) r 3½, housekeeper for Peter W Bradley

Dimmick Abigail (Ansonia) r 1, widow William

Dimmick Ambrose (Ansonia) r 1, farmer, 33

Dimmick George (Ansonia) r 1, farmer, 28

Dimmick Milton (Ansonia) r 1, farmer, 65

Doane Ellen M (Ansonia) r 3½, widow James

Doane Fred J Rev (Ansonia) r 3½, pastor Ansonia charge M E church

Douglass Daniel (Ansonia) r 3½, farmer, 30

Duell Philo (Gaines) r 1, widow William E

Duell William G (Gaines) r 1, farmer, 60, owned by mother

Edwards Eberenz (Asaph) r 2, laborer

English Eugene (Delmar) r 8, supervisor, farmer, 190

Estes Frank (Delmar) r 7, farmer, 25, owned by wife

FALL BROOK & B & S R R STATIONS (Ansonia) r 2, L G Davison, agent

Fisher John L (Ansonia) r 3½, farmer, 80

Focht Daniel (Ansonia) r 2, blacksmith, farmer, 50

Ford Byron (Delmar) r 4, farmer, 43

Ford Chalmer E (Delmar) r 5, farmer on shares for Frank Ford, 40

Ford Delos (Delmar) r 5, farmer, 20

Fowler Benjamin (Asaph) r 3½, farmer, 53

Francis Robert J (Delmar) r 5½, farmer, 30

Frost Adeline (Delmar) r 9, widow Ashtel

Furman Edward E (Delmar) r 7, laborer

GEE RAYMOND F (Ansonia) r 3, postmaster, general merchant and farmer, 200, also 65 in Potter Co

Gee Samuel (Ansonia) r 5 ½, laborer

Geroy John (Delmar) r 5½, farmer, 176

Gibson Samuel (Ansonia) , farmer, 50

Hall George (Ansonia) r 4, farmer, 24

Hamilton Frank (Marsh Creek) r 3½, woodsman

Hamilton James (Ansonia) off r 3½, farmer, 80

Hawk Arthur E. (Asaph) r 2, woodsman

Hawk Hiram (Asaph) r 2¼, farmer, 3

Hazeton William (Delmar) r 9, farmer, 63

Herrington Droy (Ansonia) r 1, farmer, 40

Hoadley Ellis (Asaph) r 2¼, farmer

Hoadley George (Asaph) r 2¼, laborer

Hoadley Louis (Ansonia) tel operator F B Depot

Hoadley William (Marsh Creek) r 2, woodsman

Horn Michael (Ansonia) r 3½, section hand F B Ry

Horton Lucy A (Delmar) r 10, widow Hiram, 89 years old

Horton Thomas H (Delmar) r 10, farmer, 60

Hulslander Elijah (Marsh Creek) r 2, sawyer

Ingerick Frank (Ansonia) r 3½, farmer, 65

Jackson Andrew (Ansonia) r 1, farmer, 80, owned by mother

Jackson Lois (Ansonia) r 1, widow Barney

Jackson Wallace (Ansonia) off r 1, farmer, 50

Johnson Luke (Asaph) r 2¼, farmer, 50

Johnson Victor (Delmar) r 3¼, farmer, 80

Jones Caroline (Delmar) r 7, widow Granville

Jones Charles A (Delmar) r 5, farmer, 100

Kennedy Alexander (Delmar) r 5½, retired farmer

Kennedy Charles (Delmar) r 6½, farmer, 15

Kennedy Isaac (Delmar) r 5½, farmer, 100

King Lewis (Delmar) r 7, farmer, 10

Knowlton Benjamin F (Delmar) r 10, farmer, 125

Knowlton Chester (Delmar) r 8, laborer

Knowlton Frank (Delmar) r 10, farmer, son of B F

Knowlton George (Delmar) r 8, farmer, 70

Knowlton Julian P (Delmar) r 7, farmer, 40

Knowlton Leander (Delmar) r 10, photographer

Kreisler William (Marsh Creek) r 3½, woodsman

Landas George (Marsh Creek) off r 3, farmer, 70

Losinger Arthur (Marsh Creek) r 2½, woodsman

Losinger John (Marsh Creek) r 2, woodsman

Louden David (Ansonia) r3, school director and farmer, 70

Lovell John R (Delmar) off r 5, farmer, 40

Lovell Orim (Delmar) off r5, laborer

Marvin James (Ansonia) r 4, farmer, 20

Mason William G (Asaph) r 4, farmer, 20

MATSON EDWIN (E Matson & Son) (Marsh Creek) r 2

MATSON EDWIN JR (E Matson & Son) (Marsh Creek) postmaster, tobacco grower 15 acres, market gardener 30, res Wellsboro

MATSON E & SON(Marsh Creek) r 2, propr saw mill, planning mill, manufrs lumber and general merchants

Maynard Chene C (Delmar) r 7, farmer, 80

Miller Bert (Delmar) r 9, farmer, 30

Morrone John (Ansonia) off r 2, laborer

Mosher Elsworth (Ansonia) r 1, farmer, son of R J

Morrow John (Delmar) r 11, farmer, 140

Mosher Rodophus J (Ansonia) r 1, farmer, son of P J

Mosher Seth R (Ansonia) r 1, farmer, son of P J

Navle Jacob (Delmar) r 4, farmer

Nigger Henry (Ansonia) r 2, section foreman B & S R R

Oaks Gilbert (Ansonia) r 3, farmer, son of James

Oaks James (Ansonia) r 3, farmer, 68

Oaks Jerome (Ansonia) r 3, farmer, son of James

Oaks Selam (Ansonia) r 3, farmer, son of James

Oaks Sidney (Ansonia) r 3, farmer, son of james

Parker Joseph (Ansonia) off r 5, retired

Parker William (Ansonia) off r 5, farmer, 115

PETERSON SANFORD A (Ansonia) r 1, farmer, leases 85

Peterson William (Ansonia) r 1, farmer, 8

Phillips G Dean (Delmar) r 12, farmer, 50

Playford George (Ansonia) r 3, farmer, 40

Plumley A Darius (Delmar) r 6, farmer 20, owned by wife

Plumley Daniel (Delmar) r 5½, school director, farmer 100

Plumley Fred (Delmar) r 12, farmer, leases of L. Torpy 55

Plumley Luman (Delmar) r 12, retired

Rece Edward (Asaph) r 2, farmer leases of George and Robert Derby 75

Reymand William C (Delmar) r 4½, farmer 41

Richards William F (Ansonia) r 1, farmer leases of Mrs. Anna Thompson 80

Sanders Charles (Marsh Creek) r 2, wagon maker

Sanzo Joseph (Ansonia) r 2, section hand B & S R R

Sanzo Nickdango (Ansonia) r 2, section hand B & S R R

School dist No 1 (Ansonia) r 1

School dist No 2 (Ansonia) r 1, cor 2

School dist No 3 (Delmar) r 11

School dist No 4 (Asaph) r 2½

School dist No 5 (Ansonia) r 4½

School dist No 6 (Delmar) r 5½

School dist No 7 (Ansonia) r 3

Schoonover Chester (Ansonia) r 8, farmer 115

Schoonover Marcus (Ansonia) r 8, farm laborer

Schusler Carrie (Ansonia) r 1, widow William

Scranton Chester L (Marsh Creek) r 2, blacksmith and farmer 50

Scranton George M (Ansonia) r 1, grocer and farm, 23

Scranton Samuel (Marsh Creek) r 2, farmer 100

Scranton Stephen (Marsh Creek) r 2, school director, farmer, 50

Scranton Walter (Delmar) r 4½, farmer on shares for George Scranton 23

Sensabaugh Mary A. (Ansonia) r 3½, widow Rev. Peter

Shanbacher Henry (Ansonia) r 1, auditor, farmer, 152

Shelley Daniel M (Delmar) r 6, farmer 50

Sherman Abram (Delmar) r 11, farmer 50

Sherman Amy M (Delmar) r 11, widow David

Sherman Arthur (Delmar) r 4, collector and constable, farmer 25

Sherman Samuel (Delmar) r 5½, farmer 37½

Sherman Lorenda (Delmar) r 6, widow Tyler

Sherman Orin D (Delmar) r 11, farmer 34

Simmons John (Ansonia) off r 5, laborer

Simpson Jerome (Delmar) r off 5½, farmer 4

Smith Charles R (Delmar) r 4½, laborer

Smith Enos (Marsh Creek) r 3½ woodsman

Smith Lewis (Delmar) r 4½, laborer

Staats Lewis (Ansonia) r 3, farmer, 74

Stryker Isaac (Ansonia) r 1, farmer, 15

Suhr Charles F (Marsh Creek) r 2, woodsman

Swope Nelson (Ansonia) r 1, justice of the peace, farmer, 40

Tamany Richard (Ansonia) r 3½, woodsman

Taylor Edward L (Delmar) r 12, farmer, 122

Taylor Edwin (Delmar) r 11, farmer, 25

Taylor Henry (Ansonia) off r 5, laborer

Taylor LeRoy B (Delmar) r 12, laborer

Taylor Uri S (Delmar) r 12, auditor and laborer

Taylor William R (Delmar) r 12, laborer

Terwilliger Isaac (Marsh Creek) r 2, laborer

THRALL BYRON W (Marsh Creek) r 2, tobacco grower on shares for E Matson Jr, 15

Van Gorder Alvord (Ansonia) r 3½, section foreman F B R R

Van Gorder Leonard (Ansonia) r 3½, section hand F B R R

Walker Benjamin (Delmar) r 5½, farmer, 25

Walker David (Marsh Creek) r 2½, woodsman

Walker James B (Asaph) r 2 cor 2 ¼, laborer

Warren Louis C (Ansonia) r 2, telegraph operator F B and B & S R R station and farmer, leases of J Fleitz 97

Warren Solon L (Ansonia) r 2, farmer

Warrener Asa (Asaph) r 2, farmer, 50

Warrener Eleanor M (Asaph) r 2, widow William L

Webster James D (Delmar) off r 3½, farmer, 84

Webster Judd L (Delmar) r 5¼, farmer, leases of G Derby 23

Webster Murwin M (Delmar) r 5¼, farmer with Walter M on shares for J D

Webster Walter M (Delmar) r 5¼, farmer with M M on shares for J D 84

Welhaf Henry F (Marsh Creek) r 2, shoemaker

Western Union Telegraph Co. (Ansonia) r 2, B & S R R station, Louis C. Warren, agent

Wilson Eugene, (Delmar) r 12, assessor and farmer, 50

Wilson Harry (Delmar) r 3, laborer

Wilson Mack (Delmar) r 3, farmer, 25

Wilson Robert (Delmar) r 3, laborer

Wilson William F (Delmar) r 6, laborer

Wolfe Charles (Asaph) r 3½, sawyer

Wolfe Clarence (Asaph) r 3½, laborer

Wolfe Jacob (Asaph) r 3½, farmer, 100

Wood James (Marsh Creek) r 2, laborer

Woodruff La Fayette (Ansonia) r 1, farmer, 50

Woodruff Lyman, (Ansonia) r 1, farmer, 150