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Scanned & Formatted by Joyce M. Tice 
Retyped by Cindy Duffek

Fallbrook Borough Directory.

For explanations, &c., see page 13.

Postoffice address Fall Brook.

Armstrong Hugh, miner, h 6 Catawissa

Armstrong William, track layer, h 7 Main

Batulic Anthony, miner, h 17 Catawissa

Batulic Joseph, miner, h 4 Second

Batulic Michael, miner, h 8 Second

Becker Rolan, miner, h 50 Canton

Benger William, h 36 Canton

Benson Charles, miner, h 35 Canton

Bland Joseph, miner, h 40 Canton

Bland Summerson S, councilman, miner, h 22 Main

Booth William, track layer mines, bds manager’s house

Brann James, laborer, h 12 Water

Brann John, laborer, h 14 Sackville

Brown William, miner, h 25 Canton

Buman Henry, woodsman, h 20 Canton

Burwick Thomas, miner, h 17 Fallow

Clarkson Benjamin, miner, h 8 Main

Clarkson James, auditor and miner, h 5 Catawissa

Clarkson William, miner, bds 26 Water

Clarkson John Jr, miner, h 7 Mill Row

Clarkson John, miner, h 26 Water

Colson Charlie J, laborer, bds 52 off Canton

Cook Amy, widow George, h 19 Fallow

Cook James, auditor and miner, h 19 Fallow

Cook John, miner, h 19 Fallow

Darling George, councilman and carpenter, h 19 Canton

Davis Towland W, asst postmaster, collector of taxes and bookkeeper F B Coal Co office

Main, bds Fall Brook Hotel

Dowd Electa Mrs., milliner 3 Water, h do, h and lot in Mainesburg

Dugan John, section hand F B Ry, h 15 Sackville

Dwyer John M, boro clerk and miner, bds 18 Sackville

Dwyer John S, laborer, h 18 Sackville

Dwyer Mary, widow Patrick, h 5 Catawissa

Early Michael, miner, h 10 Canton

Estep Lewis, miner, h 31 Canton

FALL BROOK COAL CO, John Magee of Watkins pres, John H Lang of Corning sect and asst treas, Daniel Beach of Watkins treas, Anton Hardt of Wellsboro gen supt, Robert Russell supt of mines, Samuel Heron cashier, David Nicoll foreman of mines, Edgar McEntee outside foreman, miners and shippers of coal and manuf of lumber, dealers in general merchandise, Main, general office, Corning N Y

FALL BROOK HOTEL Isaac S McNeal propr, Main

Files Richard, dump boss at chutes and shoemaker 38 Canton, h do

Forsyth Robert, miner, h 46, Canton

Frisk August, laborer, h 2 Dublin

Frisk William, miner, h 7 Dublin

Gannon Martin, miner, h 9 Sackville

Gardner James, miner, h 39 Canton

Gardner Thomas, miner, bds 39 Canton

Griffin Elizabeth, widow James, h 18 Canton

Hadley Isaac, miner, h 16 Canton

Harrison Henry, miner, h 21 Canton

Hatherill John, school director and miner, h 8 Canton

Hay Robert, miner, h 6 Canton

Heiser William H, physician and surgeon, h 3 Main

Hendy Andrew, miner, h 6 Mill Row

Heron Samuel, postmaster and cashier Fall Brook Coal Co and mgr F B C Co’s store, treas boro, school director, Main, h 16 Main

Hogan John, miner, h 17 Canton

Howe Ada M, stenographer, bds with James A

Howe Charles H, fireman mines, bds with James H

Howe Frank E, clerk in market and setter at saw mill, bds with James H

Howe, James H, engineer in mines, h off Fallow n mines

Howe Thomas L, emp saw mill, h Catawissa

Hurley Dennis F, school director and laborer, h 25 Main

Jacobson Lars, laborer, h 8 Dublin

James Joseph, miner, h 24 Canton

Johnson Albert J, miner, h 52 off Canton

Johnson John E, blacksmith, h 30 Dublin

Johnson John, miner, h 2 Fallow

Jones David E, miner, h 30 Canton

Jones James, miner, h 47 Canton

Jones John G, weighmaster, shipping clerk F B C Co, telegraph operator, h 19 Main

Jones W Mortimer, teamster, h 12 Canton

Judge Brown, miner, h 16, Sackville

Junk Lewis J, baggagemaster B & S R R Austin, h 3 Mill Row

Kane John, miner, h 23 Canton

Kane Malachi, chutesman, h 5 Main

Keefe Dennis L, school director and blacksmith, h 1 Catawissa

Keefe Katharine B, school teacher and milliner, bds 1 Catawissa

Kennedy Charles, clerk, bds 4 Main

Kennedy Charles F, clerk F B Coal Co’s store, bds 4 Main

Kennedy Frank M, clerk F B Coal Co’s store, bds 4 Main

Kennedy Helen Mrs., h 4 Main

Kennedy Thomas, miner, bds 4 Main

Kitson Thomas, woodsman, h Water

Kitson William P, shoemaker 4 Water, h do

Klinger Perry, constable and hostler, h 21 Main

Klinger Sylvester, bds 21 Main

Knowlton Leonard I, principal Fall Brook Graded School, h 43 Canton

Kress Canzonette, widow George, h 5 Main

Leonard James, miner, h 27 Canton

Lewis Ann, widow James, h 11 Sackville

Lewis Hugh, miner, bds 8 Canton

Lewis James J, mule driver, h 49 Canton

Lowry Thomas J, miner, h 9 Catawissa

Lyon Charles T, woodsman and farmer in Ward, about 95, h 1 Main

Lyon Cola W, school teacher, bds 13 Water

Lyon Ed, bds 13 Water

Lyon Hiram, laborer, h 13 Water

Lyon Mary R, school teacher, bds 1 Main

Lyon Nellie E, clerk F B Coal Co’s store, bds 1 Main

Mallon Edward, miner, bds 27 Canton

Mallon John, miner, h 5 Sackville

Martin Robert, councilman and miner, h 34 Canton

Martinson Mary Mrs., h 11 Dublin

McCann Frank, asst foreman mines, h 4 Sackville

McCann John, h 24 Main

McCarty John, laborer, h 32 Dublin

McEntee Edgar A, outside foreman Fall Brook Coal Co, office Canton, h 20 Main

McEwen Annie, widow James, h 7 Sackville

McEwen James, miner, bds 7 Sackville

McEwen John, miner, h 25 Water

McEwen Matthew, miner, bds 7 Sackville

McGrath John, miner, h 6 Sackville

MCNEAL ISAAC S, propr Fall Brook Hotel, Main

Mitchell Edward, miner, bds 7 Catawissa

Mitchell Katharine, widow Edward, h 7 Catawissa

Mitchell Michael, miner, bds 7 Catawissa

Mitchell Thomas, miner, bds 7 Catawissa

Moore Enos D, clerk F B Coal Co’s store, h 6 Main

Muir John, bartender Fall Brook Hotel, bds do

Murray William, miner, h 22 Sackville

Nicol Annie F, teacher Fall Brook Graded School, bds 18 Main

NICOL DAVID, mine foreman Fall Brook Coal Co, h 18 Main

Nicol Jeannette C, dressmaker 18 Main, bds do

Nicol Robert, fireman mine locomotive, bds 18 Main

Nicol William B, assessor, clerk Fall Brook Coal Co’s office, bds 18 Main

Nielson Andrew, miner, h 10 Dublin

Noon John, miner, bds 11 Sackville

Noyd Gust, laborer, h 8 Dublin

Nugent Michael A, engineer mines, h 3 Sackville

Olson S Andrew, woodsman, h 3 Fallow

Peters Dennis, blacksmith’s helper, bds 12 Sackville

Peters James, mule driver, bds 12 Sackville

Peters John, miner, bds 12 Sackville

Peters Mary, widow James, h 12 Sackville

Perry Harry, miner, h 44 Canton

Perry Henry, miner and mason, h 32 Fallow

Pierson Charlie, laborer, h 51 Caton

Pierson Ella, school teacher at Arnot, bds 14 Canton

Pierson Hector, miner, h 10 Sackville

Pierson William, miner, h 14 Canton

Quimby James F, clerk Lackawanna Lumber Co at Cross Fork, h 3 Mill Row

Reid John, miner, h 11 Water

Richardson John, miner, h 15 Canton

Rowe Murray, school director, councilman and carpenter, h 23 Main

Russell Duncan F, miner, h 15 Canton

Russell John, track layer, h 5 Canton

RUSSELL ROBERT, burgess, school director, supt of mines, h 17 Main

St. John’s Catholic Church, Rev George J Lucas pastor, Catawissa

St Thomas Episcopal Church, Rev Mr. Marshall, pastor, Main

Saxe William, laborer, h 3 Canton

Shearer John, miner, h 4 Fallow

Shepard John, foreman mule drivers, bds manager’s house

Shepard Lysander C, justice of the peace, h 2 Main

Somerville Duncan C, miner, h 45 Canton

Somerville John, miner, h 1 Canton

Somerville Robert, councilman and miner, h 32 Canton

Sticklin Frederick, section foreman F B Ry, h 7 Canton

Taylor Thomas, miner, h 24 Water

Thomas Frederick, miner, bds 28 Canton

Thomas William L, miner, h 28 Canton

Vaughan William, lumberman, h Fallow

Walker John , laborer, h 8 Sackville

Walker John Jr, miner, bds 8 Sackville

Walker Thomas, councilman and miner, h 22 Canton

Webster Roswell I, deliverer, h 11 Canton

Wells Nelson A, carpenter, h 1 Sackville

Whitehouse Joseph, h 7 Water

Whitehouse John, miner, h 18 Fallow

Wictowski Joseph, miner, h 8 Catawissa

Wood William, miner, h 48 Canton

Woodward Dorothy, widow Daniel, h 2 Water

Zuchowski Paul, miner, h 41 Fallow

Ward Township Directory

For explanations, &c., see page 13.

Postoffice address Ward unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis)

Alexander Willis J (Mainesburg) r 1, propr mine with Mahlon Allen

Anderson August (Mainesburg) r 1, miner and farmer, 41

Arnold Charles (Canton) r 23, emp acid factory

Arnold David (Canton) r 23, emp acid factory

Arnold James J (Canton) r 23, emp acid factory

Beardslee Bros & Rhoades (I N & F Beardslee and J P Rhoads of Canton) r 23, proprs acid factory, manufrs of wood alcohol, acetate of lime and charcoal

Blackman Adolphus (Fall Brook) off r 15, woodsman

Bolt David (Covington) r 1 1-2, farmer, about 100

Boyd Euphyamie (Canton) r 26 1-2, school teacher

Boyd Peter L (Canton) r 26 1-2, farmer, 125

Breese Harmon W (Canton) off r 25, farmer, 52

Brown George W (Canton) r 26, laborer

Burlingame Orrin M (Canton) r 25, cor 24, teamster

Chapman George (Canton) r 23, emp acid factory

Chapman James (Canton) r 24, laborer, h and about 5 acres

Chase Charles W (Fall Brook) r 17 cor 16, mechanic, son of Wallace

Chase Mary M (Fall Brook) r 17 cor 16, dressmaker

CHASE WALLACE (Fall Brook) r 17 cor 16, justice of the peace, town clerk and secretary school board, propr saw, feed and cider mills, manufr lumber and shingles

Comfort William T (Fall Brook) r 15, woodsman

Coons Aaron P (Canton) r 26, school director and farmer, 30

Coons Ira P (Canton) r 26, teamster, son of Aaron P

Coons Ruth E (Canton) r 26, dressmaker

Estep James (Covert) r 6, farmer, 92

Evans Edward (Fall Brook) r 21, laborer

Field School Dist No 5 (Mainesburg) r 1

Fletcher Selah G (Canton) r 18, farmer, 160

Frost Arthur (Covington) r 1 1-2, laborer

Furman Alfred W (Canton) r 26, farmer, son of Thomas P

Furman Anson H (Canton) r 19, town treas, farmer, 145

Furman A Willis (Canton) r 24, constable and farmer, 200

Furman Thomas A (Canton) r 19, farmer, son of Anson

FURMAN THOMAS P (Canton) r 26, school director and farmer, 180

Gafford John (Sylvania) off r 5, farmer, 48

Gardner Herbert H (Covington) r 1 1-2 laborer

Garlick Albert J (Covert) r 9, farmer, son of John D

Garlick James H (Mainesburg) r 3, farmer, 56 1-2

Garlick John D (Covert) r 9, farmer, 165

Goff Elmer E (Canton) r 26 1-2, farmer, 41

Gough James (Fall Brook) r 16, farmer, 50

Griswold Ambrose A (Canton) r 17, retired farmer

Gronowski John (Blossburg) r 1 1-2, farmer, 100

Herrigan Richard (Covington) r 1 1-2, miner

Hill Charles A (Canton) r 23, laborer

Hill Harriet (Canton) r 25, widow Osburn, farmer, 40

Hill Henry J (Canton) r 25, farmer, 225

Hill Wilson C (Canton) r 24, farmer, 65

Horton James (Fall Brook) r 15, farmer on shares for Mrs Jane Thomas, 95

Isaac Henry (Fall Brook) r 16, farmer, son of Richard

Isaac Richard (Fall Brook) r 16, farmer, 100

Johnson William J (Canton) off r 25, mason

Jones John E (Fall Brook) r 10, farmer, 130

Kelts Elli (Covert) r 9, farmer, about 100

Kiff Frank C (Canton) r 17 opp 18, farmer on shares for Susanna 98

Kiff H Burton (Canton) r 25, supervisor and farmer, 100

Kniffen Daniel O (Alba) r 17, farmer, 94

Kniffin Darius (Covert) r 7, farmer, about 200

Kniffin James A (Canton) r 18, farmer, 25

Kniffin S Nelson (Canton) r 18, farmer, 44

Leonard Elisha C (Canton) r 26 1-2, farmer, leases of Mrs. Sarah Blanchard about 75

Leonard Sumner A (Covert) r 6, farmer with Lewis E Wilber on shares for John L Ferguson, 350

Lowre Campbell (Fall Brook) r 17, school director and farmer, 200

Lowre Campbell Jr (Fall Brook) r 17, farmer, son of Campbell

Lowre George (Fall Brook) r 17, farmer, son of Campbell

Lowre Hugh W (Fall Brook) r 17, farmer, son of Campbell

Lyon Harry L (Covert) r 6, son of John H

Lyon John H (Covert) r 6, school director, farmer, 84

Lyon Layton R (Covert) r 9, farmer, about 100

Lyon School Dist No 3 (Fall Brook) r 16, opp 17

Mandeville Arthur F (Canton) r 26, farmer, son of Millie

Mandeville Millie (Canton) r 26, widow Virgil A, farmer, 108

McIntosh School Dist No 1 (Covert) r 9

Miller Lemuel S (Canton) r 20, farmer, leases of Mrs Gray, 100

Miller William (Canton) r 20, bds with Lemuel S

Patterson Jewett A (Fall Brook) r 10, miner and farmer, 71

PAYNE ISAAC, (Fall Brook) r 19, supervisor and farmer, 75

Pepper Raymond D (Covert) r 16, farmer, 120

Peterson Hans Lawrence (Fall Brook) r 16, laborer

Pierce John (Covert) r 10, laborer

Pierce Lewis (Sylvania) r 5, farmer, 94

Pierce Warren C (Fall Brook) r 17, laborer

Preston Arthur (Fall Brook) off r 16, farmer, 63, and wood lot, 262

Purvis Allen (Fall Brook) r 4, farmer, 73

Purvis George F (Mainesburg) r 10, farmer with William H

Purvis Orson (Mainesburg) r 10, woodsman and farmer with William H

Purvis Samuel J (Mainesburg) r 10, farmer, 100

Purvis William A (Mainesburg) r 10, farmer, 100

Reed George (Morris Run) r 12

Rhoads J Percival (Beardslee Bros & Rhoads) (Canton) r 23

Rice Almiron H (Canton) r 31, bds with Wilder E

Rice Wilder E (Canton) r 21, farmer, 55

Rulison Frank E (Canton) r 23, foreman acid factory

Schrader August A (Canton) r 26 1-2, laboror, son of Frederick C

Schrader Frederick C (Canton) r 26 1-2, farmer, 100

Segur Daniel T (Canton) r 25, farmer, 75

Segur Frederick (Canton) r 25, farmer, 70

Segur School Dist No 2 (Canton) r 25, opp 24

Segur T Eugene (Canton) r 25, farmer, 200, also works on shares for Frederick, 70

SMITH CHARLES L (Canton) off r 26, carpenter and farmer, 55 1-2

Smith Cole (Fall Brook) r 17, laborer

Smith John (Canton) r 26, farmer, 20

SMITH LYDIA M, (Canton) off r 26, school teacher

Stenowski William (Fall Brook) farm laborer

Tanner John Z (Mainesburg) r 3, son of Oliver P

Tanner Oliver P (Mainesburg) r 3, farmer, 74

Teeter Andrew J (Canton) r 18, assessor and farmer 75

Teeter Charles W (Canton) r 18, blacksmith and farmer, on shares for Andrew J, 75

Thomas Jane (Fall Brook) r 15, widow William L, farmer, 95

Thomas John L (Fall Brook) r 15, farmer, 85

Thomas Thomas C (Fall Brook) r 17 cor 22, tax collector and farmer about 180

Thompson Henry (Mainesburg) r 4, farmer, 84

Trumbull Andrew (Morris Run) r 12, miner and farmer about 50

Trumbull Thomas (Morris Run) r 12, miner

Trumbull William (Morris Run) r 12, miner

Vroman Grant (Canton) r 23, teamster and farmer in Granville, Bradford co, 90

Vroman Otis (Canton) r 23, teamster

Ward Methodist Episcopal Church (Canton) r 25, Rev -----Smith Canton, pastor

Ward School District No 4 (Fall Brook) r 10 opp 4

Wilbur Emery (Canton) r 23, teamster

Wilber Lewis E (Covert) r 8, farmer, with Sumner Leonard on shares for John L Ferguson, 350

Wilcox Henry R (Canton) r 19, farmer, 90

Wolverton Cora L (Morris Run) r 11 opp 10, dressmaker

Wolverton William (Fall Brook) r 11 opp 10, school director and farmer, 50, also works on shares for Elbert Connelly of Covington, 147

Woodward Daniel (Canton) r 25, farmer 32

Woodward Frank S (Canton) r 25, farmer, 100

Woodward John B (Canton) r 18, farmer 67

Woodward Nathan S (Canton) r 25, farmer, 27