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The text of this 1908 Directory will be included in its entirety. A sampling of box advertisements will be included as illustrations for the individual pages
Covington Borough 1908
Covington Township 1908
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COVINGTON BOROUGH Anderson, Augustus bds State St.

Avery, Lloyd N. (Amelia) barber shop State St T H Main St.

Bailey & Connelly (W. S. B. & D. A. C.) blacksmith shop State St.

Bailey, W. S. (Alta) blacksmith T H Williamson St.

Baker, George H. (Katie H.) barber & undertaker State St 0 1-1 Main St F T.

Ballard, Ethel bds B. F. Doud Main St.

Baptist Church Main St.

Beebe, Agnes dau R. A. bds Hirams Lane.

Beebe, Bessie dau R. A. bds Hirams Lane.

Beebe, Maggie dau R. A. bds Hirams Lane.

Beebe, Richard A. (Wealthy) master glass factory T H&L Hirams Lane.

Bird, John laborer bds Main St.

Bird, Mrs Mary T H Main St.

Blanchard, Carl glass worker son S.

Blanchard, Fred J. (Lucy) glass worker T H Gerould Ave.

Blanchard, George (Ella) glass worker (0 Farm twp) T H Main St.

Blanchard, Solomon (Susan) blacksmith 0 H&L Williamson St.

Blanchard, Wm A. (Ruth A.) farmer (0 100 Covington twp) T H Main St.

Bradley, John W. (Harriet M.) grocer 0 H & store Main St.

Browne, John E. (Margaret) justice of the peace (Vital Statistician) 0 H & 2

Williamson St F T.

Browne, Martha L. teacher dau John E. bds Williamson St.

Campbell, Blanche A. telephone operator bds State St.

Campbell, Ella bds G. A. -Spring State St.

Clemons, David farmer (0 108 in boro & twp.) H State St.

Clemons, Fred carpenter T H State St.

Clemons, Holland (Martha) ret 0 H&L State St (0 Farm Covington twp.)

Clemons, Mrs Eva M. wid J. W. 0 H&L State St.

COVINGTON BOROUGH DIRECTORY. Cleveland, Elias S. (Lucinda A.) ret farmer 0 H&L 'Alain St (0 116 Richmond twp.)

Cleveland, Maud clerk dau S. G. bds Trout Alley.

Cleveland, Silas G. (Phoebe) 0 H&L Trout Alley.

Cleveland, V. A. (Orpha) farmer 0 70 Williamson St.

Cleveland, Verne son V. A. Williamson St.

Cleveland, Wayne son V. A. Williamson St.

Coe, Bert (Lelia) glass worker T H&L Main St.

Connelly, Adelaide student dau G. W. Main St.

Connelly, Dean A. (Jennie) blacksmith 0 H Main St.

Connelly, George W. (Elimina) farmer 0 H & 25 Main St.


Covington Post Office C. C. Redfield P M State St.

Culver, V. S. carpenter bds Gardner St.

Cunningham, Harold E. barber son R. C. State St.

Cunningham, Robert C. (Rosella) laborer 0 H&L State St.

Dacy, Margaret clerk T H Gerould Ave.

Dartt, Mrs Emeline 0 H Main St.

Dartt, Ralph (Mabel) clerk T H State St.

Davis, Calvin (Lottie) laborer T H Main St.

Doud, Benjamin (Anna M.) broom maker 0 H Main St.

Doud, Isaac R. (Betsey L.) Prop Hotel Doud 0 H & 4 Main St.

Douglas, Win A. (Allie) grocery & restaurant State St H do.

Dyer, Belle H Main St. Dyer, Frances H State St.

Dyke, Mrs S. A. wid Reuben 0 1-1 & I Gardner St.

Erie Depot State St.

Fick, Ettie V. dau Harriet bds Main St.

Fick, Harriet wid Henry F. 0 H Main St.

Gaskill, Dr. S. Adelbert (Addie) physician & surgeon 0 H&L State St.

Gardner, J. E. blacksmith, wagon repairing & horse shoeing 0 H&L Gardner St.

Gardner, Melvin L. (Elizabeth) laborer T 1-1 State St.

Gardner, Roy student son J. E. bds Gardner St.

Gerould, Otis G. (Mary) justice of the peace 0 H Main St.

Green, John D. (Elizabeth) (Mitchell & Green) shippers farm products 0 H&L Main


Harding, Mrs Ann wid Simeon T H Williamson St.

Hartman, Jacob bds G. A. Spring State St.

Herrmann, Fred bds Main St.

Herrmann, Harry H. (Eva A.) glass worker 0 H Main St.

Herrmann, John W. (Lora B.) glass worker 0 H Main St.

Herrmann, Mrs. Julia 0 H&L Main St.

Herrmann, Win (Sadie) glass worker T H Main St.

Horton, Mrs Edith wid Win T. H Gardner St.

Horton, Wealthy wid John bds State St.

Hotel Doud I. R. Doud Prop Main St.

Hotel Bartlett (vacant Jan 1st 1909.)

Howard, Frank (Alice R.) laborer 0 H Main St.

Howland, Charles (Martha) ret (0 80) R 1 Covington State St.


Howland, D. Francis son R. F. glass worker (Fredonia Kansas.)

Howland, Ransford F. (Anna) laborer T H Gardner St.

Ide, Mrs Edith M. bds S. Maynard Main St.

Ingalls, Alvin H. (Mahitahle) ret farmer 0 H&L Main St.

Jackson, Rev T. C. pastor of Church of Christ H Williamson St.

Jeliff, Charles B. (Jennie M.) teamster (0 4) Main St.

Jeliff, Ernest laborer son C. B. Main St.

Johnson, Alonzo L. (Catherine) farmer & carpenter 0 H&L Main St.

Johnson, Nellie dressmaker & trained nurse dau A. L. State St.

Johnson, Win F. (Lettie) carpenter 0 H&L Williamson St.

Keene, Mrs Katherine bds Main St.

Kelsey, Alfred G. farmer son Charles E. Main St.

Kelsey, Charles I-. (Almeda) ret farmer (0 75 twp) & 0 H&L Main St.

Kelts, E. G. laborer son Mrs. Julia L. Williamson St.

Kelts, G. E. son E. G. Williamson St.

Kelts, Mrs Julia L. wid George W. 0 H&L Williamson St.

Kelts, Roland H. teacher son Julia L. Williamson St.

Kendrick, John (Clara) ret (0 H & 5) State St.

Kiff, James L. grocer State St H do.

Kilbourne, Fred M. R F D carrier R 1 Covington son Mrs Kate Williamson St.

Kilbourne, Mrs Kate wid Henry 0 H&L Williamson St.

Kilbourne, Katherine typesetter dau Mrs. Kate Williamson St.

King, Ellen bds Main St.

Kingsbury, Harry H (Tressie) jeweler & optician 0 H&L State St.

Kingsbury, Ruby dau Harry H. State St.

Kittell, Adelbert E. (Minnie) farmer Wks 90 T H State St.

Klock, Edwin (Charlotte) ret farmer 0 H Main St.

Knowlton, Ross (Bertha) glass worker T H Williamson St.

Krise, Charles B. (Donia) general merchant 0 H & store Main St.

Landgraff, James B. (Lucy E.) glass cutter 0 H&L Main St.

Landgraff, Pearl dau J. B. Main St.

LaValley, Volney G. son V. M. cheese maker Main St.

LaValley, Volney M. (Adda) carpenter 0 H&L Main St.

(See also LeValley.)

Lee, Eugene Mfgr soft drinks Gerould Ave H do.

Lee, Rev James R. (Sarah) parsonage Main St.

LeValley, Henry G. (Ella) glass worker 0 H Gerould Ave.

We are Dealers in Carriages, Wagons, Sleighs, in fact all kinds of Vehicles. 
Also Harness and Horse Furnishings. General Repairing a Specialty. 

LeValley, Horace W. (Marv J.) glass contractor (0 150 Covington) 0 H Main St

LeValley, Iva B. student dau Horace W. bds Main St.

LeValley, Lucy telephone operator bds Gerould Ave.

LeValley, Lynne (Sadie) glass worker T H Williamson St.

Lewis, Catherine sch teacher dau Mrs. Sara 0 H&L Williamson St.

Lewis, Cynthia wid John .0 H&L Main St.

Lewis, Ethel sch teacher bds Main St.

Lewis, Mrs Sara wid David Williamson St.

Lutes, Charles F. (Olive A.) address Fredonia Kansas.

Marvin, Albert (Mrs) ret farmer 0 H&L Main St.

Marvin, Richard T. (Mary) butcher & retailer of dressed meats 0 H&L Williamson St. (0 50 twp

Maynard, Harley H. laborer Main St.

Maynard, Shurble A. (Ida) blacksmith & stone mason T H Main St.

McCoy, Katherine L. 0 H Main St.

McGrath, Mrs Esther bds Main St.

Methodist Episcopal Church Main St.

Miller, Jerry gardener bds Harriet Fick Main St.

Mitchell & Green (S. H. M. & J. D. G.) shippers of farm produce office at Erie Depot.

Mitchell, Samuel H. (Sibyl G.) agent Erie R R & Wells Fargo Express dealer in coal etc (Mitchell & Green shippers) 0 H Main St

Odd Fellows Hall Main St.

Patchen, Thomas (Phoebe) hardware merchant State St 0 H Trout Alley.

Patterson, John (Orilla) laborer 0 H&L State St (refused information.)

Peck, Mrs Amy bds W. S. Bailey Williamson St.

Presbyterian Church Main St.

Putman, Samuel 0. (Mary) ex-county commissioner & farmer 0 H Williamson St (address Jan '09 Charles St Wellsboro

Quail, Elizabeth bds Williamson St.

Richards, Alfred J. (Cora) (Richards Bros) general merchandise T H Main St

Richards Bro ' s (A. J. & C. E.) general merchants State St.

Richards, Charles E. (Margaret) (Richards Bros) general merchants T H Main St

Richards, John E. (Mary) farmer 0 91 Williamson St.

Richards, Ray L. (Josephine) glass worker Main St,

Richards, Wm student son J. E. bds Williamson St.

Ridge, Alvah W. (Emma) carpenter 0 H&L Williamson St.




Robbins, Mrs Harriet wid Dr. E. S. bds State St.

Robbins, Maud student bds State St.

Robinson, Charles painter & paper hanger son M. L. bds Williamson St.

Robinson, Fred (Jennie) painter '& paper hanger 0 H Main St.

Robinson, Hattie compositor dau M. L. Williamson St.

Robinson, Merritt (Laura J.) ret 0 H&L Williamson St.

Rumsey, Dr. P. (Laroka) physician & surgeon & druggist (0 120 Cov ington twp) 0 H&L Main St.

Scaife, Thomas J. (Martha M.) blacksmith & wagon maker 0 3 Main St.

Schanbacher, D. H. (Sarah) farmer & butcher (0 93) Gardner St.

Schanbacher, Norman farmer son D. H. Gardner St,,

Slocum, Edwin T H near Main St.

Slocum, Mrs Nellie T H Trout Alley.

Smith, George W. (Zylphia) carpenter 0 H&L State St

Smith, Jasper E. (L. Kate) teamster T H State St.

Smith, Mrs Mary wid N. A. weaver T H Gardner St.

Snyder, Harry T. (Lottie) farmer T H & 3 Williamson St.

Spring, George A. (Ruth E.) ret 0 H&L State St.

Steele, Taylor M. (Mary R.) carpenter T H State St.

Sunmer, Flora wid Rufus 0 H State St.

Sunmer, Mrs. Sarah bds Williamson St.

Thomas, Dr. Clayton dentist (0 66 C Charleston) T H & Office State St.

Van Dyke, David A. (Sarah) ret blacksmith 0 H Main St.

Velines, Rev Robert pastor State Road & Covington Baptist Churches bds T. M.Steele State St.

Videan, Sarah wid Richard 0. H Hirams Lane.

Vincent, Anna housekeeper bds Gardner St.

Walker, Rev. Thomas pastor M E Church Covington & Lambs Creek bds I. Doud.

Watkins, Fred (Grace) laborer (0 5) Williamson St.

Weeks, Mrs Christina S. wid R. B. T H Main St.

Weeks, Josephine dau Mrs C. S. Main St.

Whiting, Mrs Laura wid J. W. 0 H&L Hirams Lane.

Wilcox, Margaret dau Paris State St.

Wilcox, Paris veterinary 0 H&L (0 10 Covington twp) State St.

Wilcox, Pearl dau Paris bds State St.

Wilson, Mack (Lavina) painter bds H. T. Snyder Williamson St.

Williams, Daniel glass worker son Stephen Williamson St.

Williams, Stephen (Kate) glassworker 0 H&L Williamson St.

Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Tioga County (PA) 1908 Directory