Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Tioga County (PA) 1908 Directory
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Numbers on the Map correspond to road as given in the line entry. Note that the road # changes at each intersection as the road names did until PenDOT renamed them all in modern times (mostly incorrectly, I might add). Town in address on line entry corresponds to PO which may be in another township or even another county.
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 Osceola Borough Directory
Postoffice Osceola unless otherwise designated.

Albee, Eunice wid Eleazer bds Church St.
Aldrich, Mary A. bds Tuscarora St.
Allen, Charles E. (Laura A.) laborer T H Tuscarora St.
Baker, Aaron E. (Ann C.) farmer (O 40 Nelson & O 90 Farmington) O 70 Osceola R 2 Osceola H 14 F T
Baker, Albert L. (Jenniet H.) Baker Mercantile Co. Cowanesque St T H Tuscarora St.
Baker, Frances E. student dau Robert C. R 2 Osceola H 8
Baker Mercantile Co general merchandise Cowanesque St.
Baker, Robert C. (Phebe B.) farmer O 275 R 2 Osceola H 8 F T
Baker, Stanley H. clerk son Albert L.
Baker, Wm (Rebecca) farmer WOS 62 R 2 Osceola H 13 F T
Baldwin, Minnie wid Henry D. O 30 R 1 Osceola H 4
Barker, George farmer (O 200 N Y) O 95 Osceola
Barker, Harriet S. wid Charles T. O H&L Cowanesque St.
Baxter, De Witt (Emily B.) station agent N. Y. C. R. R. O H&L Cowanesque St.
Beard, Fred (Nellie) laborer O 2 H&L Church St.
Beard, Guy laborer son Fred
Beckwith, Oren E. (Elizabeth) carpenter O H&L Cowanesque St.
Bennett, Charles L. laborer emp Ezra Gleason R 2 Osceola H 12
Bernauer, Francis S. (Estella A.) Baptist Evangelist T H Cowanesque St.
Blanchard, Henry laborer T H Tuscarora St.
Blanchard, Ray laborer son Henry
Bonham, Edward H. farmer son Myron L. Osceola H 8
Bonham, Emily P. son George bds Holden St.
Bonham, Myron L. (Susan A.) farmer O 170 Osceola H 8 F T
Bosworth, Henry L. (Myra B.) farmer O 80 R 2 Osceola H 8 F T
Bosworth, Urbane A. (Anna) farmer O 75 R 2 Osceola H 8
Bowen, Benjamin bds George Morris Osceola H 9
Brass, George B. (Amanda) laborer T H Morris St.
Brimmer, Agnes W. sch teacher bds Bosard St.
Brimmer, Ethel sch teacher bds B. W. Holley Main St.
Brimmer, John A. (Elsie) ret farmer O H&L Bosard St.
Brimmer, Sarah M. bank clerk bds Bosard St.
Buckley, Charles (Cordealia G.) farmer O 350 R 2 Osceola H 8 F T
Burdic, Charles (Susie) laborer T H Tuscarora St.
Burdick, Effie housemaid Charles Buckley R 2 Osceola H 2
Burdick, Myron C. (Ida E.) laborer T H Osceola H 2
Burnside, G. W. farmer (O 50 Clymer) bds H 8 P O Sabinsville & Osceola
Burnside, S. Watson (Rosalia) (O 50 Clymer) WOS 150 R 2 Osceola H 8
Butler, Norris (Betsey A.) farmer O 80 R 2 Osceola F T

Cadogan, Augustus U. mechanic O store & dwelling T H Tuscarora St.
Cadogan, Bert A. carpenter son Lucien
Cadogan, Lucien B. (Elsie) carpenter & plumber O H&L Cowanesque St.
Calkins, Charles (Amelia A.) ret farmer O H&L Church St.
Carl, Lorenzo D. (Charlotte E.) (farmer O 57 Deerfield) R 2 Osceola H 17
Carr, Fred E. (May E.) laborer T H Cowanesque St.
Carr, Merritt P. (Nancy M.) gardener O H&L Tuscarora St.
Chamberlayne, Rev. De Forest O. (Nora B.) pastor Osceola & Elkland M E Churches parsonage Holden St.
Chamberlayne, Margaret B. sch teacher Holden St.
Champlain, Emmet farmer O 244 R 1 Osceola H 3
Champlain, Joseph farmer O 25 R 1 Osceola H 3
Chestnut, G. Fred section hand N. Y. C. R. R. bds Holden St.
Chestnut, Wm O. (Nellie M.) laborer T H Tuscarora St.
Christian, Oscar (Melvina) farmer O 30 R 1 Osceola H 2
Cilley, Clark M. (Amy A.) carpenter O H&L Tuscarora St.
Cilley, Walter H. laborer son Clark M.
Clark, Wm H. (Minnie O.) farmer WOS 133 R 2 Osceola H 10 F T
Coffin, Sarah wid Enoch T H Church St.
Cole, John (Mary C.) laborer emp Champlain Bros R 1 Osceola H 3
Cole, Matilda C. wid Parley T H Osceola R 1 Osceola H 4
Cole, Mabel housemaid C. L. Wells Osceola H 15
Colegrove, Willette S. ret farmer O H&L Tuscarora St.
Colvin, Alfred W. (Susie E.) laborer T H R 2 Osceola H 8
Colvin, Charles laborer O H&L Holden St.
Cook, Egwart (Clarisa) ret farmer O H Main St.
Costley, Howard L. laborer son Rachel
Costley, Lee laborer son Rachel
Costley, Rachel wid Moses T H&L Cowanesque St.
Cowanesque Valley Bank F. G. Seely President E. M. Tucker Vice. Pres. Cowanesque St. F T
Cowen, Nathan C. (Phebe M.) shoe repairing O H&L Holden
Crandall, Ada wid Truman M. O&L Tuscarora St.
Crandall, Albert S. (Olive E.) (A. S. & G. B.) General Merchandise Cowanesque St. O H&L Holden St.
Crandall, A. S. & G. B. Dealers in General Merchandise Cowanesque St. F T
Crandall, George B. (A. S. & G. B.) General Merchandise Cowanesque St. H Holden St.
Crandall, Ina L. dau Albert S. Holden St.
Crandall, Julia wid Russell O H&L Holden
Croft, Clarence D. (Jennie) saw mill man O portable mill T H Cowanesque
Croover, Daniel (Ella) laborer T H H 2
Culver, Orin J. (Mary) emp Charles Buckley R 2 Osceola H 8
Davis, Leroy P. (Surrenda) ret cabinet maker O H&L Holden St.
Doan, Joseph F. (May J.) section hand N. Y. C. R. R. O H&L Tuscarora St.
Dodge, Ray V. (Lula M.) farmer WOS 80 R 2 Osceola H 16 F T
Donlon, Wm P. Asst agent N. Y. C. bds L. B. Cadogan (Home Antrim.)
Doty, Fred laborer bds Betsey Meads Holden St.
Elliott, Augusta dressmaker bds John W.
Elliott, Bernice E. clerk dau Wm. H. Holden St.
Elliott, Catherine student dau Emma R. H 7
Elliott, Emma R. wid Wm C. O 165 H 7
Elliott, Eveline dressmaker dau Emma R H 7
Elliott, Frank B. insurance agent son John W.
Elliott, John W. (Sarah M.) ret painter T H Tuscarora St.
Elliott, Marion M. dau Wm H. Holden St.
Elliott, Margaret A. trained nurse H 7
Elliott, Mayme R. dressmaker dau Emma R H 7
Elliott, Perry R. farmer son Emma R. H 7
Elliott, Wm. A. (Florence W.) carrier R F D No 2 Osceola O 80 H 7
Elliott, Wm. H. (Wilhelmina) caroneter & thresher O H Holden St.
Faulkner, Bert (Addie L.) farmer WOS 120 R 2 Osceola H 18 1/2
Fisher, Frank A. (L. Maud) laborer T H Church St.
Flanders, Anna E. wid John H. tobacco grower (4 acres) O 17 Mill St.
Flanders, Beatrice E. dau Anna E. Mill St.
Flanders, Norman N. ret millwright bds F. W. Stevens Main St.
Freeland, Henry (Lizzie H.) emp tannery T H Tuscarora St.
Gardner, Leonard (Sarah) farmer WOS 180
Gardner, George W. farmer WOS 180 bds Jacob H 1
Gardner, Jacob (Lizzie) farmer WOS 180 H 1
Garoy, Charles (Emma) farmer WOS 50 R 1 Osceola H 1
Gee, George (Nora N.) laborer T H Osceola
Gee, George H. (Sarah) laborer T H Holden St.
Gibbs, Edward H. student son E. W. Main St.
Gibbs, Edward W. (Clara A.) farmer (O farm N. Y.) O H & 5 Main St.
Gleason, Charles A. (Lucy A.) emp Charles Tubbs O H&L Holden St.
Gleason, Ezra (Sarah S.) farmer O 152 R 2 Osceola H 12 F T
Gleason, Harry M. farmer son Ezra H 12
Gleason, James T. (Jennie M.) farmer O 115 R 2 Osceola H 10
Gleason, P. Warley son James T. H 10
Gleason, Raymond (J. May) laborer T H Cowanesque St.
Green, Charles O. barber O H & shop Main St.
Hammond, John W. (Adelaide M.) dealer O H Tuscarora St. S R
Hauber, Clarence L. (Ina L.) T H Holden St.
Heinrich, Charles blacksmith shop Cowanesque St. O H&L Holden St.
Heysham, George (Leafy A.) farmer WOS 80 R 1 Osceola H 2
Holden Brook School H 2
Holley, Byron W. (Maud L.) general merchant T H & store Main St.
Horton, Luella A. housekeeper Anna B. Hoyt Holden St.
Houghtaling, Leroy (Luna) laborer T H H 4
Howard, Jacob (Nancy) O H&L Church St.
Howe, Isaac (Sophronia) mechanic O H&L Tuscarora St.
Hoyt, Anna B. wid Chester B. T H Holden St.
Hoyt, Charles D. (Mary E.) farmer emp E. R. Tubbs H 3
Humphrey, Mary B. wid Dr. Wm T. housekeeper G. Barker Main St.
Hutchinson, Eliza wid Scott O H&L Holden St.
Jeffery, Samuel (Emeline M.) laborer T H Holden St.
Kimbell, Laverne L. (Julia A.) O H&L Tuscarora St.
Kizer, Gilbert (Jane) farmer O H&L Cowanesaque St. & M R 6
Lent, Fred W. (Adelia M.) farmer WOS 130 R 1 Osceola H 2
Long, Wm. H. (Sophrona) constable O H&L Church St.
Ludlow, George W. (Melissa) mason O H&L Tuscarora St.
Luther, Marteain carpenter T H R 2 Osceola H 11
Meads, Betsy wid Eli bds Holden St.
McDonough, Wm. D. (Carrie P.) agent for Erie R. R. T H  Holden St.
Miles, Daniel laborer T H Tuscarora St.
Moranos, Samuel M. (Anna L.) mill operator for Anna E. Flanders Mill St.
Morgan, Coral W. (Fanny L.) farmer dealer & feed mill O H Main St.
Morris, George A. (Nettie M.) laborer T H H 9
Morris, Wm. H. (Jennie L.) farmer WOS 300 H 1
Mosher, Benjamin F. laborer son Wm. H. Mill St.
Mosher, Horace (Ida) laborer T H Holden St.
Mosher, Levi H. glass cutter bds Wm H. Mill St.
Mosher, Wm. H. (Pollie C.) farmer & fireman WOS 17 Mill St.
Mosier, Polly E. wid Warren bds Tuscarora St.
Newmans, Mrs. Emogene T H Church St.
Nickerson, Mrs. Bertha dau N. C Cowen Holden St.
Northrop, Naoma wid Clement D. housekeeper Rev. Charles Weeks Main St.
O’Bryon, J. Thomas (Mary) farmer WOS 2 H 1
Odle, Alvin J. (Ella A.) farmer O 158 Farmington T H&L Tuscarora St.
Osceola Presbyterian Church services every Sunday 10:30 A M evening service alternate Sundays
Parsels, Elias S. (Anna H.) farmer WOS 300
Perry, Oliver H. ret wagon maker bds W. D. McDonough O H Holden St.
Radeker, Nettie L. dau Mary J. Seeley R. 1 Osceola H 17
Ray, Jason D. (Emma F.) ret merchant T H Tuscarora St.
Reber, George (Della) O H&L Tuscarora St.
Rice, Asahel E. (Jane) auctioner & farmer O 150 Brookfield & O 36 R 2 Osceola H 9 F T
Rice, Isaac M. laborer T H Osceola H 1
Rice, Lucy L. dau Asahel H 9
Robinson, Mrs. Ella M. bds Tuscarora St.
Robinson, Robert L. (Ella) carpenter O H R 1 Osceola H 4
Rowley, Nelson P. (Martha) farmer O 30 & O H Morris St.
Ryon, John A. (Jennie S.) laborer T H Tuscarora St.
Scott, Joseph J. (M. Elizabeth) section foreman N. Y. C. R. R. T H Tuscarora St.
Seamans, Guy W. (Lelia S.) farmer WOS 40 & O 32 R 2 Osceola H 11 F T
Seely, Allen ret farmer O 1/2 164 bds Jud A. Seely Holden St.
Seely, Charles (Adelia) farmer O 80 R 2 Osceola H 16-1/2 F T
Seely, Frank G. (M. Augusta) Pres Cowanesque Valley Bank Vice Pres Knoxville Banking Co Also Farmer & Traders Bank Westfield (O 240) O H&L Cowanesque St.
Seely, Fred D. son Myra B. bds Tuscarora St.
Seely, George (Nettie) farmer O 80 R 2 Osceola H 9
Seely, Gertrude D. dau Frank J. sch teacher Cowanesque St.
Seely, Grant (Della) farmer O H Tuscarora St.
Seely, Harriet wid Morgan O H & 3 Cowanesque St.
Seely, Helloise dau Grant Tuscarora St.
Seely, A. Morris farmer O 135 R 2 Osceola H 17
Seely, Jacob D. (Jennie R.) farmer O 61-1/2 R 2 Osceola H 26 F T
Seely, Judd D. (Mary H.) assessor farmer & O 1/2 164 O H Holden St.
Seely, Merl C. son Myra B. bds Tuscarora St.
Seely, Myro B. wid Joel J. O 200 Nelson Borough & O H&L Tuscarora St.
Seely, Sarah dau Frank G. Cowanesque St.
Seely, Samuel A. (Betsey P.) farmer WOS 175 H 7
Silsbee, Clark (Ida M.) carpenter R H
Smith, Augustus (Helen) postmaster O H&L Holden St.
Spoor, Addison (Eva) farmer O farm N Y O H Holden St.
Stanley, Harry N. farmer son Sylvester H 16
Stanley, Sylvester H. (Eliza J.) farmer O 85 H 16 R 2 Osceola
Steadman, Jess (Ruby) farmer WOS 200 R 2 Osceola H 8
Stevens, Amanda wid Miles bds Cowanesque St.
Stevens, Charlotte wid Hiram O H&L Tuscarora St.
Stevens, Flora M. dau Amanda bds Cowanesque St.
Stevens, Frank H. (Amy E.) photographer T H Main St.
Stevens, Frank W. (Luna) traveling salesman T H Main St.
Stevens, L. Uleta student dau Frank W. Main St.
Stevens, Phoebe A. dau Amanda bds Cowanesque St.
Taft, Wm. H. (Minnie) teamster T H Church St.
Taylor, Benjamin F. (Sarah) laborer O H&L Tuscarora St.
Taylor, Capt. Charles justice of the peace T Holden St.
Taylor, Mark (Louisa) farmer O 285 R 1 Osceola H 2
Teachman, Charles D. farmer son John R 2 Osceola H 13
Teachman, Esther wid John W. O 62 R 2 Osceola H 13 F T
Teachman, John (Mary) farmer O 75 R 2 Osceola H 13 F T
Thomas, Charles laborer bds Cowanesque St.
Tinney, Emma wid Sylvester bds Young’s Hotel
Toles, Ira (Kittie) emp saw mill O H&L Holden St.
Tubbs, Anna M. dau Henry H 9
Tubbs, Benjamin P. laborer emp W. H. Clark R 2 Osceola H 10
Tubbs, Hon Charles (Sylvina B.) attorney (O 500) H Cowanesque St.
Tubbs, Diantha C. wid John bds Cowanesque St.
Tubbs, Edward R. (Nellie) farmer & speculator (O 200) H Tuscarora St.
Tubbs, Frances S. wid Albert L. O H &L Tuscarora St.
Tubbs, George (Jane) farmer O 133 R 2 Osceola H 10 F T
Tubbs, Henry (Myra B.) farmer (O 600) H 9
Tubbs, John R. son Edward R. Tuscarora St.
Tubbs, Lee S. (Mary E.) laborer T H Main St.
Tubbs, Ruth clerk post office dau Samuel Holden St.
Tubbs, Samuel (Eunice A.) ret farmer T H Holden St.
Tubbs, Sara dau Samuel Holden St.
Tyler, Elvin (L. Jessie) farmer & telegraph operator O 59 R 2 Osceola H 17
Upman, Joseph (Emmetta) farmer (O 90 NY State) O H&L Holden St.
Van Dusen, Frank (Della) traveling salesman (O 210 Farmington) H&L Tuscarora St.
Van Dusen, Fred (Hattie M.) ret farmer (O 150 Farmington) T H&L Tuscarora St.
Van Dusen, D. Herbert (Adell) farmer O 150 R 2 Osceola H 26 F T
Van Dusen, Harold farmer D. Herbert H 26
Van Dusen, Julia M. wid Daniel L. (O 180 Deerfield) O H Holden St.
Van Dusen, Laura sch teacher dau D. Herbert H. 26
Van Dusen, O. Adelbert (Anna C.) farmer (O 234 Farmington) O H & 16
Van Zile, Am (Economy Broom Co.) bds Cowanesque St.
Van Zile, Isaac P. grocer O H & store Cowanesque St.
Van Zile, Mina dau Isaac
Van Zile, Morton laborer son S. Henderson
Van Zile, S. Henderson (Myrtle) laborer T H Tuscarora St.
Vastbinder, Charles T. (Louisa) ret farmer O H Tuscarora St.
Ward, Dr. Ernest L. (Adelaide L.) physician & surgeon O H&L Cowanesque St. Both Phones
Week, Rev. Charles ret minister (O 300 Farmington) & O H Main St.
Week, Charles L. (Lillie) farmer emp Hon Charles Tubbs O H H 15 F T
Wilson, Mary A. sch teacher bds Charles Seely R 2 Osceola H 16-1/2
Wiswell, Mary J. wid Orin O H&L Church St.
Works, Esther M. bds J. M. R. R 1 Osceola H 2
Works, Justis M. R. (Hattie B.) farmer O 300 R 1 Osceola H 2
Young’s Hotel L. D. Young Prop (rate $1.25 per day)
Young, Louis D. (Martha L.) Prop Young’s Hotel & farmer (O 62 Woodhull, NY.) O H Cowanesque St.